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 A walk through the sands

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A walk through the sands Empty
PostSubject: A walk through the sands   A walk through the sands EmptyThu Jan 07, 2016 1:27 pm

Kirua swore he had rotten luck very, very rotten luck very rarely did he have to deal with others usually taking solo missions but here he was with Him of all people having been asked to take a partnered mission and that the partner would meet him half way there.....And he did meet......Ugh he thought mentally here we go.....of all the people it was Ko.....

"It's so hot out...." he complained as he fanned himself. "Why the hell did they send me to the desert of all places?" he asked in annoyance as he walked with his spear slung up over his shoulder.

Kirua looked at him and sighed pinching the bridge of his nose. "You of all people are complaining about the heat?" He said annoyed as he looked at Ko who was fanning himself due to the heat. He found it annoying they were on there way to the location and here was Ko seemed like he was always complaining about something.

Floating along with them on the astral plane listening in and finding it absolutely amusing to no end....was Kim and he was laughing if only the white haired kid knew he was complaining in part to get that irritation out of Kirua knowing that Kirua would never take the time to look deeper.

Ko blinked as Kirua said "him of all people". Just who the hell was he supposed to be? "Yes I'm complaining about the heat. Sweating in these clothes too much will make them worthless..." he said coldly as he stood there a few feet away from Kirua.

Kirua looked over at him. "I meant I thought you were from a desert area like this one and used to the heat...." he said looking at him. "THat it would be the one thing you'd be happy about." he said annoyed. Boy was this frustrating since it seemed anything said to him annoyed Ko to no end no matter what one did they were on the wrong end with him it was really annoying.

KIm was dying of laughter as he floated along above them looking down able to hear the conversation and just feel the emotions going crazy in Kirua and then Ko's were good as well all that cold anger towards Kirua it was soo much fun and soo amusing.

Ko looked at Kirua legitimately confused. "Huh?" he said. Not the best thing to say to make him seem more intelligent, but oh well. "I'm not from the desert," he said as he looked at Kirua like he had lost his mind.

Kirua looked at him. "I'm soo going to kill that idiot when I we get back." he said as he had asked about Ko once and had been told by another well established A ranked member that Ko was from the desert. "Slowly....very, very slowly....." He said as he looked at his hand. the guy who ran the register of the A Ranks had told him that Ko was from the desert. "Your not huh....Jin is dead...." He said obviously where he got the information from that made him so annoyed about Ko complaining about the heat.

Kim chuckled as he looked down...might help if he got his information straight from the source but being an assassin's child meant he had to have good sources of information that bad 'lead' was going to cost Jin dearly.

Ko sighed and closed his eyes. "I'm from Yemen in the Arabian Peninsula. My home country is mostly mountains and forests...." he explained lowly as he brought his free hand up to pinch the bridge of his nose. People were so stupid these days.

"I had not directly had much involvement with you and the bit I always seemed annoyed with everyone and everything so when I asked." he looked at him out of the corner of his eye. "I was told you where some Arabian prince form the deserts. Of course I let it go until now." He looked out at the expanse of desert. "Although being deceived comes with a price with me." he said highly annoyed an angry. He had not really had the time to look into it or talk to Ko since Ko usually didn't stick around any longer then he did. "Mountains and forests doesn't sound so different then home...." He said meaning he lived grew up in a large mansion on top of a huge mountain that one had to travel through highly booby trapped forests to get to. Oh yeah lovely time there.

Kim floated along appearing somewhat in the material world as he drifted above them having been with Gungen enough to balance the power inside of him to the point he could use it without blacking out he was listening and loving the anger and agitation flying back and forth. Kirua sighed though.

"Your friend? Is interesting..." Kirua said able to sense and feel the odd presence around them.

"Prince?" he repeated. "I'm not a prince. My father was just a rich business man who barely even spent time with me as a kid," he said lowly as he opened his eyes to look coldly at Kirua. "That's the reason I leave so gives people less time to assume things about me..."

Kirua looked at him. "See now I'm not trying to assume." he said shrugging and he wasn't although the information he got was wrong and for that he looked the part of the fool and he hated that. But until now he really had not had chance to speak with him. But he did pause as Ko looked straight up and he looked up not seeing who Ko was looking at and then suddenly before him was Kim dressed as oddly as he was as a priest his feet on the ground in the sand and chuckling.

"So mean Ko!" Kim said as he appeared walking with them backwards not losing a step his staff resting in the crook of his arm as he tipped his head. "Is the heat not to your liking Ko?" He asked bemused knowing that his friend was no doubt annoyed with how hot it was...of course Kim could do something about it but heat meant higher tempers flaring but.....

Kirua just stared as he appeared eyes closed and smiling playfully. "Hey..." he said and watched as he hopped over something behind him a slow setting cactus as they walked as if it wasn't a problem despite not seeing it.

"MM was there something you needed?" Kirua shook his head no in answer.

Ko sighed and shook his head. "Everyone always assumes things about me so I normally don't care what they say, but when I'm one on one with someone who might actually be worth a damn to have as a friend...I don't mind to tell them things about myself," he said as he snorted at what Kim was saying. "Yemen is actually really hot, just not desert no, the heat doesn't really bother me as much as you'd for me being mean? Oh well..."

Kirua looked at him and nodded then looked ahead again. "I'm just the opposite really...." he said looking at the sands before him. "The mountains I'm from....are ice cold at the peek so this intense." Which was why his complaining had served to irritate Kirua so much because he was hot sweating and hating this trek with a passion through the desert although hearing Ko complain about it when he was trying to ignore it had just aggravated him to no end.

Kim chuckled and opened his eyes making a tsking sound. "Ah but know I don't mind you being mean." He said laughing as he walked one eye cracked open to look at them. He would of course not interfere but these long could they get along then again....if he understood Kirua. "Little Kirua is sure interesting."

"Oh shut the hell up..." Kirua growled annoyed and irritated although he was highly capable of bickering back and forth for fun if nothing else.

Ko sighed and closed his eyes. "When it rains, the temperatures drop for a while, but they always go back up during the day. But at night, the temperatures are either comfortable or get really cold..."

Kirua nodded as he walked along slide glancing at Ko. "I don't know about the heat but I do know about the cold. The mountain peek was always cold...but at night it would be down right bone freezing as a child to 'toughen me up' I was put out there all night long locked on a balcony with no way down or out and told to survive the night." He said looking at him. "I can handle the heat only because the next morning I'd be locked in the furnace room with it cranked up insanely high till night fall the cycle would continue....among other things." He shrugged as he walked along to make him able to handle extreme heat and cold.

Kim moved and hoped up and sat down on the staff as he floated along listening to them again...really it was interesting tid bits wasn't entertaining.

Ko just shook his head. "I wasn't left in the freezing cold or scorching heat as a kid, but I managed to learn a lot after I left home...I learned how to fight and survive when I was 15. Other than certain areas, I'm really not as skilled as you are...not that you'll believe me...I do wear an S/5 tag after all..."

Kirua looked over at him. "I wanted this rank." He said looking at him. "So I purposely held back." He looked ahead again. "But even with that the skill set of an assassin wasn't what I wanted to bring to the table. Your skills might be different then mine Ko but that doesn't mean there weaker. Obviously if you hold that rank you've earned it through the trials just like anyone else who did." He said looking at him. "I'd be a fool to think your not capable just because your background isn't as......dark as mine."

Kim floated along listening to them as Kirua stated that Ko held the position he did because he earned it not because of money or influence but rather because he had the skills to hold it on his own.  To make it his own. There was a acceptance of his strength there that Kirua wasn't saying out loud.

"I've found in my time that usually those who 'complain about the small shit' do it to keep anyone from bothering them they don't think are worthy.....I can't help but think your not nearly as spoiled as you make yourself out to be, more like it's a game to see who is actually worth your time and who is worthless."

KIm found the silver haired kid.....amusing.

Ko actually smiled at Kirua's words. "It's been a long time to hear anyone say that I was putting on airs..." he said as he walked along. "The last time anyone told me I wasn't a spoiled brat, I was getting my tags and it was Neo who told me that."

Kirua looked over at him and smiled. "Yeah well Neo I've been told sees more about people then people think he does." He said shrugging. "Me I just got really good at reading people and it actually upset you more when I said what I did in response the actual 'complaint' about the heat as if you were baiting me to see what I would do." he said looking at him and smiled. "Honestly I don't mind the banter back and forth Ko...." He shrugged as he walked along. "It makes these things far less boring."
Kirua actually found he didn't mind Ko at all something about him reminded him of Bara...that sharp tongue and attitude that said he took shit off of no one and no body. And he loved Bara. His Rose with thorns as it were.

Kim was amused even though it wasn't the darker aspects of the emotions there was the fact that Ko seemed to be making a friend among the hunters guild for the first time since joining. It was entertaining to see them interacting Kirua who let so few in was letting Ko in....he just wondered if Ko would let Kirua in?

"Neo is an asshole..." he said, but couldn't help but burst into laughter after saying it. "He might be an asshole, but he's the only reason I've kept this job..." he admitted. "Not having any friends in the Association makes me question my sanity at times..."

Kirua looked over at him nodding. "Neo has this way about him....he aggravates you and yet makes you want to be around him at the same time." he said admitting that Neo even drove him crazy at times then sighed as he walked along. "I can't say much about have one now if you want it." He said as he walked along he had been dreading this because he was told Ko would do nothing but make his life miserable but....he found he actually liked him.

Kim smiled as he floated then dropped down behind them shifting his staff behind his neck and walked along eyes closed and listening it wasn't warm mushy feelings neither man was emitting those but acceptance and it was tolerable. But hardly a decent meal. Although he knew Ko would not disappoint once they got there.

Ko looked at Kirua and nodded. "The man can drive you crazy at times, but he's such an interesting character that you can't help but like him," he admitted before he smiled. "you're the first to be my friend among the Hunters..."

Kirua looked at him and tipped his head nodding. "Then it's settled then we're friends." He said looking at him and smiling as he looked at Ko walking along. "I have family in there but honestly your my first friend as well." Mugo and Kil were his family he didn't really know anyone else and tended to be a loner. "Honestly I'd like it to have one." He said and he really did in a way remind him of Bara.

Kim walked smiling despite himself Ko needed this no human could go through life alone despite his own cravings for the darker emotions he knew Ko needed to be able to connect with someone.

Ko chuckled, but didn't disagree with Kirua. He would be fine with having a friend among the Hunters. He would need it later he was certain. "I don't have anyone among the Hunters except for you...Kim isn't a hunter so he's outside of their grasp..."

Kirua nodded as he walked with him. "Sounds good to me." He said about being friends and then paused. "I know he arrived with you one day but no one really knows who he is." Kirua said glancing back at Kim who smiled and chuckled.

"Oh hmm me? I'm not one to worry about I'm just a Trickster Priest Kimyona Kannushi." He said happily and Kirua blinked....

"With an introduction like that who would not worry?" He said finding the irony in such an introduction why introduce himself as Trickster Priest.

Kirua looked at him. "Although something tells me he won't take the hunters exam...."

" would be too.....boring." Kim said shrugging and it would be having to obey certain rules to would be so dull.

"That sounds like something Mugo would say..." he said, rolling his eyes. "He's just like you in a lot of...damn scary ways Kim..." he said as he looked at Kim.

Kim paused and looked at him opening his eyes and tipping his head. "Mm more so then you realize perhaps. But he struggles with it because he was born human I suppose." He said shrugging as he started walking again. "And it would be dull....and boring." He shrugged as he looked at Ko. "Not to mention sickening with all that desperation and hope floating about I'd really rather not if it's all the same to you although I suppose if it's something you really want......" Kim opened his eyes to look at Ko as he walked along. "I can try to section off that part of myself until it's over.....but I can't guarantee what will happen the moment I let it loose again."

Kirua wasn't overly sure what they were talking about or what he meant about Mugo only that Kim seemed like an oddity and did seem a lot like Mugo. In many ways. "Have you met Mugo?"

"Indeed he is quiet interesting." Kim said looking at them. "Such a intense bundle of negative's like a buffet table." Kim said shaking his head. "Although to be compared to different having met him I can see there are many differences between us."

Ko sighed and shook his head. "Now I see why so many people are terrified of him...explains a lot really..." he said lowly as he looked at Kim. "He's not done yet though, is he Kim?" he asked as he walked along. "He's not fully like one yet..." he said, which explained a lot more than Kim probably realized.

Kim looked at him and shook his head no. "No not yet." He said as he walked along and brought his staff down to his hand. Walking with it seemingly normal. He sighed though. "He's not cross the point of no return he still has his humanity to him albeit buried deep and although he is for the most part a bunch of negative emotions, with the capability of truly caring about a few people at his core the human nature of his still sleep quiet and nearly broken into nothing but if one can see the human boy they all but nearly destroyed to create him....and the process is not something that can be undone rather...its happening slowly wither or not Mugo ever wanted it to." Kim said as he walked with them.

Kirua was not happy to hear that someone he actually felt like a brother to....actually cared about as family was according to what Kim was saying becoming something or someone that would no longer care about his family about...

"Oh come now...don't fret so much it's not like he'll be incapable of keeping those close to him close Mazoku do feel such things as love and fondness after's just not an overly desirable sensation as it can be quiet nauseating and is usually reserved for a select few so to gain it means you mean something to them." He said as he walked along his hair brushing his shoulders as he tipped his head and looked at them. "But it is hard to say how much longer he'll have that human aspect to him. Even then...he fully plans to hold onto who he is which I can say with certainty will not be an easy road."

"With as much fondness as he has for Killian and Kirua...I doubt he'll care," he said as he looked from Kim to Kirua. "If he finishes and becomes something other than half, which I imagine is what will happen in the end...he'll be able to make a explains why he's so unwilling to let go of the few he is truly fond of..."

Kim nodded. "Indeed." He said looking at him. "Bonds made while still human are far easier to maintain and keep then anything made after becoming a demon. It's much harder to develop those feelings but it's not impossible. So he's no doubt holding onto what means something to him now so as to keep it after the change." he said as he walked along. "Although wither he is becoming a mixed half breed or a full breed I am unsure his body hasn't denoted the full direction as of yet. But that is why he craves the fighting and the sexual release the way he does.....his body is craving a substance that can not be gained any other way."

Kirua looked over at Kim quietly as he spoke and then asked the question nagging at him for all he knew as a Satsujin he didn't know or understand this and finally asked the question bothering him during this entire conversation. "How do you know so much about what is happening to Mugo?"

"Mm well I would just tell you it's became I'm Cambion, but that is hardly the truth and while it would be amusing to deny you....being a friend of Ko's I'll tell you...I had to dig the information out of few lesser demons since it's not information that is normally shared freely and normally if asked the answer would be Sore wa Himitsu desu....however....I dug deep enough to get the information although I'm almost certain a few will be bothering me now that I played so roughly with them." He said dismissively.

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PostSubject: Re: A walk through the sands   A walk through the sands EmptyThu Jan 07, 2016 1:28 pm

"In a way, I can see why Mugo acts so's because he is a child...a demon child..." he said as he came to a stop to look at Kim. "Judging by the way he acts, I'd say he's in the child phase of becoming a full demon...I honestly feel bad for him...knowing that what's left of his humanity will one day be gone..." he said as he looked over at Kirua. "With how he's progressed and how he refers to himself as the "dead me" and the "this me"...I'd say he's nearly right....the Mugo you know and are so fond of...likely won't exist much longer..."

Kirua nodded as he stood there. "I can sense and feel it but there is nothing I can do about it or anyone for that matter. All I can do is hold onto the fact that somewhere in the midst of all of this.....he is still the brother that was adopted into my family and still family to me." He said looking out at the sands before him and sighing. What else could he do? "There is no way to reverse it as far as I know."

"You would be correct in that....there is no way to undo what was done to him." Kim said as he stood there looking at the duo. He looked out at the desert before him. "The humanity buried deep inside of him is slowly fading and dying away, hence the 'dead me' but at the same token......the other him....will not fully be a cold heartless demon either. There were always be traces of the human inside of him because he started out being human....."

Ko smiled sadly at Kirua. "There's no way to reverse his transformation, and for that I am sorry Kirua..." he said lowly as he looked at his new found friend. "But there is a bright side to this transformation of his."

"The Mugo who was so soft and gentle won't suffer at the hands of the Mugo who is none of that any more. He won't have to be afraid of what he's doing, or have to cry anymore..."

Kirua nodded as he listened to him.  'Yeah..." He said lowly looking at the sand before him. "But at the same token it means something inside of him has been slowly killed off over time....that he's had to suffer." He sighed closing his eyes. "It's not an easy pill to swallow that knowledge."

Kim looked over at him and sighed as he looked ahead at the distance before them. Mugo was suffering though this as the human in him slowly died and was absorbed by the demon he was becoming. He knew in the end.....that parts of the man they all loved and cared about would be gone forever but that wasn't something that could ever fully be explained and understood not really. He had seen all the way to the depths of his being but....he knew that gentle dying human inside of him wasn't going to last all that much longer at this rate. It was....even for him a Cambion sort of sad to see.

Ko looked out across the sands in silence. What could he say? He couldn't change the fate that had been brought on for Mugo. He had no power to stop it, no power to change a person's fate. He wasn't able to truly grant wishes or change reality. He wasn't a god and he couldn't play as would only hurt others much worse than they were already hurting. He was just a human with special powers…and whatever Djinns he used…were just the product of his powers. Unfortunately for him, they weren’t real Djinns.

“It’s not an easy pill to swallow for me either…to know that a human can truly become a demon under the right circumstances…it’s scary really…” he said lowly, finally breaking his silence. “I know I seem like I hate him…but…I don’t hate Mugo. I just hate that he picks at wounds that are already festering…but…it’s not his fault…I know that…”

Kirua nodded. "It's because of what was done to him." He said and closed his eyes. "It would take changing reality changing everything to save him..."

"Ah but there in lays the problem. Would you truly be saving him at all?" Kim asked looking at the two. Then held up his hand his finger in the air as he tipped his head. "As painful as it is for him this is the life he has known and although the humanity in him cries if one was to have a take the demon out of would destroy what is left of his humanity...."

Ko looked at Kim and nodded sadly. "I know," he said lowly. "Removing a demon from a soul they've already nearly devoured does more damage than good..." he said lowly as he looked at Kim. "It would leave Mugo half empty and make him a prime target for other demons who want a host."

Kim nodded. "If I can do anything for is directing it but even that is slim to none as honestly I'm not much more.....then him." He said meaning in touch with his demon side although he was not so painfully unbalanced anymore he still wasn't completely balanced. But now it wasn't a constant threat of the headaches and nose bleeds only if he over exerted himself as opposed to using a bit of power to quickly. He looked at them and sighed softly. "The thing is.....the demon isn't consuming him so much...." He said looking out at the distance taking a deep breath and closing his eyes. "Not in the sense one thinks...."

Kirua looked at him and tipped his head. "How can it not be consuming him?"

"Ah...that is not an easy thing to explain......there are two ways for this to happen one is by consumption the other is.....well.' He sighed. "The demon isn't consuming so much as becoming one with him absorbing the human into and keeping parts of his humanity alive's why he seems so unstable at times."

"Splitting a soul in too dangerous a task for even the most experienced of holy men...even the most powerful of demons won't try it..." he said lowly as he looked from Kim out at the desert beyond. "If we tried...we would just kill all of him...demon and human alike..." he said as the realization finally settled on him. "We'd be making an empty vessel...."

"Bin~go!" Kim said smiling brightly as he started floating and nodded. "And that is exactly what is wanted....The state of his too unstable and if removed it would indeed create that void inside....that nothingness destroying the human that is Mugo and allowing a perfect host for something much stronger to come and attain a human form. Which no doubt was the purpose of the monks who originally gained him in childhood was to create a vessel for something much stronger in order to achieve there over all goals Mugo was there sacrificial lamb. However they were not excepting the boy to fight back the way that he did and thus create the long road that he is on." He said. "Nor were they expecting the great tsunami that washed away all of there activities." He said as he looked at both Kirua and Ko.

"So your saying one would have to be able to time travel to stop this from happening to Mugo."

Kim looked at him and frowned his eyes narrowing. "Such things are best not to be tempered with....even if it was prevented then...there is no telling what would have happened after messing with the flow of things can be quiet......dangerous."

Kirua sighed somehow he figured that even if there was a way to help much Kim would not do it not this way perhaps the demon in him would want it to remain although he had no idea at all what it meant to be a Cambion.

"No....that is not the best answer however.....there is always a chance...the human in him can override the demon and become the more dominate......" Kim said shrugging.

Ko shook his head. "I don't think that will ever happen...Mugo isn't...the type to like being vulnerable..." he said lowly as he looked back at Kim. "The Mugo I've seen doesn't want to be vulnerable in many cases at all..."

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PostSubject: Re: A walk through the sands   A walk through the sands EmptyThu Jan 07, 2016 1:30 pm

He looked back, out over he sand. "The Mugo I's almost like it's protecting the softer half...making him tough and cold...almost as if...he wished this on himself in a way..."

"That's why I said....he's not being consumed." He said looking at them both. He had bore all the way down to the core of his being seeing the soft fragile core of his being underneath it all Mugo kept saying it was the 'dead me...' it was such an interesting way to put something it was there deep inside. Buried under walls and protection. "One can become something else if they desire the human soul is capable of changing and becoming something else." he said looking at them both  then shrugged. "Honestly, I'm certain wither or not Mugo admits it the two haves are working on finding a way to co-exist. To become a 'half breed' of sorts."

KIrua looked at him. "Is that even possible?"

Kim tipped his head. "Who knows? I do know he was....absolutely excited when we met.....and he learned I was Cambion.....the duel polarity that exists inside of me."

Ko didn't say anything, in fact, he didn't really care. He wasn't attached to Kim, so whatever he did with Mugo wasn't his concern. "He chose to become a demon..." he said lowly, almost whispering it. "Mugo chose to become what we see now...because of whatever happened to him as a child..."

"Bingo." Kim said as he set down and began walking with him again. "Depending on the method changes the outcome. I am certain that above all else this is something he wished for. No doubt his was a tortured existence and he chose to change it by becoming something that they could no longer touch." He said as he walked with them.

Kirua sighed as he walked along to know that Mu did this to himself that this was a far better outcome then the one that he was forced to endure.

He closed his eyes and shook his head. "A human who lead such a tortured life to wish to become a's such a sad story..." he said as he opened his eyes to look at Kim. "He literally traded his soul for become a demon so they couldn't hurt him anymore?"

Kim shook his head no. "No." He said looking at him. "If such was the case the human inside of that body would be gone by's not well known at all but there are other methods to bond with one.....chances are one fell in love with the suffering child seeing his plight and opted to bond with him out of love a purer emotion which is why he's shifting now between the demon aspect and the human when the demon's rage and hunger subside." He sighed. "A demon can make a contract out of love....chances are the one that bonded with Mugo was dying having been attacked by some holy man and found him tortured and wishing for an existence in which he could not be hurt. So the demon no doubt made the contract.....out of love for him to protect him and give up the last of its own existence...." He sighed as he walked along talking about that side more. "Taking the fractured remnants of the human soul and the dying demon's existence and made them one and the same the demon fiercely protects the fragile human inside but because of it Mugo no doubt has come to think of it as his 'dead me' or the side that will never be at the forefront again because if it is he becomes vulnerable to others and can be harmed again. Where as the demon doubt seeks to shield him endlessly to protect the fragile child at his core."

Kirua looked at him quietly. "What if you’re wrong?"

"If I am....the human inside of Mugo would have been devoured long ago. The more he would have fed the demon the more he killed the weaker and weaker the human inside who cries at what the demon does, would have been devoured long ago too soft and gentle a soul to have survived this long.......demons are not normally so merciful with there meal and playing with dinner isn't something they do if they are the sort to 'eat souls'....they'd want it as quickly as possible."

KIm looked at him. "But in the end it's a theory I was not there when he gained this aspect.'

"If what you're saying is true...there's a chance Mugo will never become one soul..." he said as he looked at Kim. "If one side keeps protecting the other, or the other never wants to go away completely...there will never be a whole matter the type of being it would become..." he looked from Kim to Kirua. "Oh...this is much worse than one soul merging with another...this is a soul fighting to remain two halves of a whole...this is...Cambion...."

Kirua stopped walking and paused looking at him. "Is that even possible?"

Kim sighed. "Yes." He said as he stood there and then looked at them both. "If there was a demon parent somewhere in his parental line on either his mother or father's side. If that is the case....then it's not so much a 'contract' as we've been talking about as the events that caused all of his tragedy and heartache in the past....caused the demon blood in him to awaken. In which case he's not truly demon or human but like me both." Kim sighed as he walked along. "And if that is the case where as I am shifting constantly between my two aspects he tends to lean towards the demon inside because that is safer less vulnerable and can't be harmed as easily. Loves to play and to.....feed on the emotions of others." He said looking at him. "As well as....the cravings for the sexual energies." he looked back out over the sands the expanses of it stretching out as far as the eye could see. "I'm pretty sure....he's Cambion he became balanced...for a while in my presence....the light and darkness inside of myself...balanced his own out." He said looking at them both. "If it were a normal presence would not have done nearly so much for him."

Kirua looked at them both then at Kim and sighed. "Is it dangerous?"

"No...not really but it depends on how he wishes to live if he gives up his humanity he will become a full demon but still maintain human form and go to the abyss...if he chooses to become human he'll loose a good majority of his powers.....and if he chooses to become....neither and walk that fine line...he'll remain as he is." He said pausing. "But he's not a direct Cambion it's somewhere in his which case his younger brother would have it as well...." He looked at them and then took a deep breathe. "I suppose the best answer would be.....There 'Divine Family' There bodies become something else when they use that power.....and then there is there strength and different things that come into play......they could be two to three times removed and still.....have more then enough of the demon be Cambion and to access it."

Ko shook his head, his gaze becoming sad. "I've heard it mentioned before...their birth...or when they were awakened...their home city was destroyed by a tsunami..." he said as he looked from Kirua to Kim and then back to Kirua. "This whole time...I never figured it out because I never thought hard enough about it. Mugo and Karega's birth...they never mentioned their father...only their mother...they never had a true father...did they...?"

"No." Kim answered him as he looked at them both. "They had a 'Father' in the sense there mother was part of the temple that they were brought up at. Mugo was expected to become a high standing Monk where as Karega was expected to follow his mothers example and support and take care of the shrine. But the boys were full of mischief....doing things that didn't.....'fit' with them picked on and out casted because they were mischievous and could not let go of there playful natures. So they were constantly punished. Mugo's safety was anywhere that was away from people he would flee them to find nature. Where as Karega who was slightly younger would fall into riddles so they considered him 'dumb' and left him alone....but he suffered just as much when Mugo wasn't there he was at there mercies Mugo knowing this never strayed far." Kim leaned his staff against his shoulder. "When the brothers awoke they were both in great pain and terrified not of the voices of the power begging them to 'wake up' but of the humans who were supposed to there caretakers the Tsunami crashed through there upon there awakening....Mugo was in a safe place and where Karega was should have been safe but his mother to appease whatever gods had summoned up the Tsunami......lifted Karega after hitting him in the head and threw him into the water with weights on him in order to stop it...figuring if she returned one of her children that it would stop the raging waters...." He looked over. "Mugo survived and for a long time thought he was alone it wasn't until later he found Karega who should not have survived....he had been drowned after all but....while he survived it....he himself blacked it all out not remembering anything that happened that day." Kim sighed as he stood there. "The brothers.....when they awoke....they could not be anymore then seven and eight each..."

Kirua nodded. "Mugo....was still really young but angry and full of mischief when he was brought to our home.....he lived with the butlers for a while not allowed around us as dad sought to give that rage direction.....and then Killian found him and bonded with him much to our fathers chagrin....Kil said there was nothing about Mugo that needed to be changed."

"Because there was nothing about Mugo that anyone could change...not without making him choose a side..." Ko said as he looked at Kim. "Mugo never wanted to choose a side, so this whole time...his body has grown...but his soul...has remained the same..."

Kim nodded. "Yes." He said lowly. "Which in the end may perhaps be my fate as I refuse to choose a side myself." He sighed as he looked ahead. "Killian perhaps knows exactly what Mugo is....what is happening to him but not the name of it and instead of telling him to choose a side...tells him instead that he will always have Killian no matter what he doesn't need to be or do's perhaps that absolute acceptance which allows Mugo to continue as he is." he said looking at him. "In the end Mugo there's perhaps an underlying fear of loosing to the demon inside but that's not actually possible unless one chooses. Both aspects are the Cambion as one it yields to a split personality at times but in the end neither side will seek to destroy the other. Even if one leans more to the darker aspects the 'dead' side as he tends to call it will never be consumed or destroyed by him but he'll seek to find different ways to protect it if he believes it's becoming more and more vulnerable. Where as Karega isn't going through the battle of the changes because neither side of his aspects remembers what he is and that perhaps is what Concerns Mugo the most about his he is now....he's is even more unstable then I am."

Kirua was just listening at this point finding it amazing and not sure how this oddly dressed priest knew so much.

"The demon in Mugo is concerned because his little brother...doesn't even remember who...or what he's afraid that someone from either side will find out and trick Karega into choosing a side..." he said as he realized why Mugo was so desperate to make Karega remember everything. "Mugo's trying to get Karega to remember his he can tell Karega not to choose a side without his help..."

Kim nodded. "Exactly because if he does....if he becomes human and chooses that side....the demons will find and kill him for betraying them....and if he chooses the side of the demons he'll be nothing more then there 'dog' of sorts sent out to kill what they want and then come back a toy and pawn to be played with. Staying in the middle keeps one out of that whole big mess.....but it's not an easy place to be in." He took a deep breathe. "At the moment though Karega is very vulnerable I....could perhaps try to jog his memories but....the problem is he may very well upon awakening to them cause a second 'event' to trigger....or nothing at all there is no way to know. At the moment though he has not chosen.' He said looking at them. "But....even Mugo is aware...he's running out of time. There looking for me solely right now so there attention isn't on the brothers because I'm younger than them...but...." He took a deep breathe. "That won't detour them form him forever."

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Kirua looked over at him. "Something tells me to do it the way your thinking will be painful...."

"No...not particularly means...exposing him to his own time lines past which if the trauma is too much...."

"It'll make him choose the other side regardless..." Ko finished lowly. "If Karega can't take the pain...he'll say yes to whatever demon is closest...."

Kim nodded as he looked at him. "Yes." He said frowning. "It will which is why....when I sensed him a while ago after coming to the tower didn't even attempt it....Mugo is working to slowly awaken him trying to  bring out more and more of him little by little and giving him time to adjust....and he is." He said looking at them. "He is remembering things for a brief moment or two before forgetting but some things are lingering and growing stronger but the one thing he never forgot was Mugo's face or voice. He held onto those despite everything else since he holds to it....there is a chance the only one who can work him back out of the memory loss is Mugo himself. As he's doing it little by little. However I believe your Neo is aware of it....of what Karega is and is using the tower to shield him hence the reason those who hold that rank that he does don't really leave the tower unless there is a task to be done and then he's returned to it shielded away while he's so vulnerable to both sides of the endless war."

Kirua looked at them and then blinked and tipped his head. "So the end of this conversation is that....Mugo has no plans to choose sides."

"At the moment fact when I met him he was excited to learn that I am Cambion which means he is no doubt very much aware of what he is and his brother as well and to know....that like him and like he wishes for his brother not to choose sides they are not alone in that choice."

"Mugo wanted to know that he wasn't a freak...even among his own kind...he wanted to know that he had a way out..." he said as he lowered his spear into the sand to rest there. "Mugo wanted to know that he wouldn't be judged by his own kind as an oddity..." he said. "A half demon who wanted normal..."

Kim nodded as he looked at him. "He didn't realize what I was at first having been the first he's met the same as me." He said looking at him. "But the moment I said he was Cambion after taking the time to interact and get to know with him he brightened up, there was an overwhelming almost gagging sense of relief....but I didn't leave him there when he felt it as if he had done something wrong I stayed around and let him bask in those feelings." Kim looked ahead. "Perhaps because....I refuse to choose sides myself wishing to remain as I am now." He said shrugging. "I am the child of two parents not one I have no desire to chose one side or the other at all." He looked at them. "And there is nothing wrong with his choice to remain as he is....He was happy and content. That it was alright for him to be normal. To want a normal life."

"Even if his idea of odd for someone else in this world..." he said as he looked from Kim to the sky. "Mugo wanted to feel like he was truly, wholly normal for once in his life. He wanted to be accepted by someone who was...for all intents and purposes...exactly like him..."

Kim nodded. "Yes." he said as he shifted and sat down on the air. "Even if they are once removed or two doesn't matter to me his sense of normal is not so drastically different then mine....except he'd rather get his hands dirty directly while I enjoy watching." He said shrugging. "It's not all so different really its still the same energy pool." He looked over at Ko and Kirua before shifting his staff about so that he was sitting on it. "But yes....while I was with him I treated him as if he was truly no different them me. He's not....there's nothing wrong with him....well not for me anyways. " He said shrugging as he sat there he could answer so much of this with that is a secret but these were answers that were needed if they were to understand Mugo at all.

Kirua looked over at him and sighed. "Mugo is family to me so it's hard to think of him as anything else then okay and normal....." He said through all the oddities but then again Kirua's home life was poisoning and all sorts of other things to make a perfect him Mugo was very much alright.

Kim glanced over at him and sighed. "It's not that's almost to the point of being demanded of a Cambion at the age of either thirteen or fourteen that we choose one way or another there is almost never an option to choose the middle ground your expected to either choose humanity and give up your power making yourself vulnerable and get killed because you betrayed your heritage and the other? You choose it and suddenly become a lap dog that is what is expected of you period.....few Cambion don't awaken to their powers and it's those who end up having kids and down the line....which is how children like Mugo and Karega can be once or twice removed or the end the moment the darker power wakes in their blood there almost always expected to choose and denying that choice is not an least not one that they believe any Cambion would be trapped forever in the middle."

"It's hell on earth...or in their case...hell in their own minds..." Ko said simply as he looked down and over at Kirua. "A cambion who stays as they are without choosing a damning themselves to an eternity of their own personal hell..."

Kirua looked at him and then looked at Kim who shrugged and nodded. "It's as he says however the others choices aren't as pleasing....we're meant for one purpose when we choose something else it's isn't always as fact it can be downright painful at times but...." He sighed as he opened his eyes so that they met Kirua's. "I"d rather this then the other.....I was born this way...I intend to stay this way but that's just me."

Kirua took a deep breath as he looked from Kim to Ko and then out at the desert and sighed. "So if Mugo remains the way he is...he tortures himself but if he chooses sides....he's either going to be killed for betraying something he never choose to begin with or be made a lap dog because of his choice none of which sounds like fun options they are....still people still human and still have rights to choose....."

"What if...there was another option?"
Ko asked as he looked from Kirua to Kim. "What if...Mugo and you had another way out?"

Kim tipped his head and looked at him. "Another way out? There are the only three that I know of." He said looking at him. "So anything you may have an idea about is news to me....." He said a bit curious.

Kirua looked at him and then at Kim curious as well he didn't want to loose his loose anyone in his family and here he was worrying about it.

"Demons can make contracts with humans and even angels if they choose, right?" he asked lowly. "What if another demon can make a contract with a cambion?"

"I've never heard of it being done." Kim said shrugging. "But your right a Demon can make a contract with anyone they wish." He said looking at him. "The whole point behind them is an unbreakable oath with absolute payment." He said looking at them both tipping his head and curious as to where Ko was with this....

Kirua was curious as well.....he wasn't sure what Ko was thinking about but the whole angel comment had him....curious.

"If a demon can make a contract with a cambion...they could make a contract without a'd just have to find the right demon..." he said as he smiled a sly smile.

Kim actually lost his balance on the astral waves and hit the sand with a grunt and sighed. "Itai....." He breathed pulling his staff out from underneath him and then side glanced at Ko. "Finding a demon to make a contract without payment.....?" He mused looking at him.

Kirua blinked and looked at him. "Right because the Cambion is already half demon so he's not likely to be pulled by the contract the same....but to find the right demon..."

"OH I have a pretty good idea about the right demon....I'm pretty sure he'd do it just because of who it'd piss off....." He said finding that concept amusing himself. But glanced up at Ko. "Although....for some reason I'm unsure of what the goal would be..." But then again it wasn't often the demon in him got confused enough to interfere with his train of thought.....a contract without payment had it rolling about trying to figure that out.

"The goal would be to create a new order..." he said as he looked at Kim. "Gungen is the heir to his father's throne...if he creates an order where he accepts cambion and even angels as his brothers, as his friends...there would no longer be a war...demons and angels would finally be on the same side..."

Kim nodded. "And it would create a place where people like Mugo and I can live without being forced to become something we have no desire to be." He said as he got up. "Because there is no price for our service we'd be serving him out of loyalty to the bond we formed with him as opposed to the knowledge of the other." Kim stood up and nodded. "Gungen would do it.....he has no desire to play pawn to his father."

Kirua looked over and tipped his head. "Alright so if the contract would work how would he find angels willing to form this link with him?"

"He technically already has....." Kim said looking at them. "And earth bound angel is often referred to as a poltergeist because there presence there power is beyond that of a human without wings....he, his lover is a living breathing spirit given mortal form. He is an 'earth bound angel' or earth bound I'm correct he'll do it because it will create a place where....there is middle ground a place where the war is no longer needed and he can live in peace with his lover."

"He'll do it if for no other reason...than to amuse the sickness inside of him..." Ko said in actuality. "Gungen is still a demon, regardless of if he can love or does love...he'll do it if for no other reason than because he simply can."

Kirua looked at him and then at Kim who was now standing up brushing his clothes off knocking the sand off of his clothes. He looked over at them as he took in that information. "Then when we get through this....we should check it out and see how Gungen feels about it as well as talking to Mugo about it and trying to see about getting Karega in there as well.....before something happens to him that can't be taken back."

Kim nodded. "It would be the best bet.....under those circumstances we would allowed to be who we are....and more than that we would then if we so wished be able to make contracts without the soul binding in order to protect those that we are....for lack of a better way to put it...fond of."

"There's one problem with this theory..."
Ko said as he looked at Kim and Kirua. "Mugo..."

Kirua looked at him confused."I don't would Mugo be a problem with this theory?" He asked looking at them if it gave Mugo a way to remain as he was without worry.....he didn't get it....and was looking at them curious.

Kim sighed as he once again jumped up and landed on the astral current deciding to sit this one out since Kirua was likely to take any information about better from Ko. "This is all yours...." Kim said calmly.

"Mugo only answers to those higher in power than he is..." he said lowly as he looked at Kirua. "Gungen is strong...but who ever is Mugo's stronger..."

"Alright....that is a problem so then.....Mugo may not go along with this at all." Kirua said lowly looking down at the sand beneath his feet how did he help Mugo if Mugo would not.......

Kim sighed. "In the's up to Mugo giving him the options and letting him choose himself....may be the only answer...especially if it'll protect Karega." He shrugged. "if not then it's still up to him."

"Mugo does after all return the tower several times a week to speak with Karega and try to jog his memories..." Kim said shrugging. "But truthfully.....I have no idea how he'll truly react."

"If Mugo has a choice, he'll say no to Gungen...but...he may be persuaded to say otherwise..." he said lowly as he looked from Kirua to Kim. "Gungen has his interest, no?"

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"Yes he does." Kim said looking over at him as Kirua shrugged not sure he knew.

"Mugo has people who mean a lot to him....who he cherishes deeply I do believe he made a point of getting Gungen's phone number."

Kim looked over at them and chuckled. "Gungen has his interest in many ways....I've touched his emotions all of them his core he did not hide it from me made no point to even sensing I was very much like him."

"Mugo may be persuaded...if he gets a taste...." he said lowly, simply as he looked back at Kirua.

Kirua blinked and looked at him then nodded. "I get what you’re saying." He said realizing it what it was that perhaps it was the only way to get Mugo interested.

Kim nodded. "As long as Gungen is interested as well in that case. And won't be concerned about his lover being upset and not forgiving him for anything that occurs."

"We'll have to talk to them both...and explain our theory, but I think...we can get them both to understand...mostly...because Gungen...doesn't eat much..."

Kim nodded...."It will be an interesting conversation to say the least." He said looking at them taking a deep breathe then looking ahead what they were doing......if Mugo agreed, if Gungen agreed it would all be interesting and yet they were holding still.

Kirua nodded. "Well we can't get any of this done until we get done we need to finish this up quickly then...."

Ko nodded. "Right..." he said as he lifted his spear from the sand and leaned it against his shoulder once again. "We'll have to do one job at a time..."

Kim looked at him and nodded as he sat there on the current on his staff more or less and then looked over at them. "Well then....." He said looking at them both and then looked ahead chuckled. "Well then...things are certainly interesting."

Kirua chuckled as he looked at them and then ahead again. "So are you going to be..."

"Watching." Kim answered. "You two can have all the fun....we're about half an hour away from your goal I believe...."

"Might as well keep walking..." Ko said as he moved ahead and began to walk once again.

Kirua walked along with him heading towards the place that they were heading and finding it interesting that they were heading there, that things were changing and perhaps they found a way to give Mugo wanted he be who he was without losing any part of himself who knew but as they covered the distance he could start to see the building in the distance and could feel a certain level of excitement. The funny thing about this contract....they didn't have to take them alive in fact it was the opposite...these guys were a criminal base of operations that could not be taken out by normal means.

Kim chuckled. "Mmm lunch shall so be served soon." He said happily not bothering to hide the fact that there fear, anger, aggression and so many other negative emotions about to be stirred up were going to make for a lovely meal....

He couldn't help but chuckle as he walked along, a dark amusement in him that perhaps spelled certain doom for him once he died. "As always...I won't disappoint...."

Kim smiled. "Of course not you know how to cook up one delicious meal after all." he said as he landed and walked with him. He let his staff rest on his shoulder and looked at him then ahead again. "Oh soo lovely...I can't wait." He said delighted.

Kirua looked over and chuckled. "No wonder he enjoys being around you....." He said smiling. "Your always 'on'...."

"I'm not everyone's least favorite person for no reason..." he said lowly as he looked at Kirua. "I'm not exactly butterflies and rainbows..."

Kirua chuckled. "Perhaps it's that very reason I like you....I'm not good with butterflies and rainbows...." He said looking at his hand. "They tend to easily once I cut loose." He said glancing at Ko. Although he doubted Ko was all storm clouds and mal-intent either something of a mix of elements but that was perhaps why.....Kim liked him. Kim who was neither light nor dark but both.

Kim chuckled as he walked along with them the three approaching and at the moment the people there were unaware of their arrival despite walking straight up he may not involve himself in the fight....but he could....certainly set the stage. The guards on the base walked without being aware that there impending doom was fast approaching. "Mm you'll have fun.....they won't realize the game has begun until after it is in....progress." He said bemused since he wasn't in the mood to fade out just yet and float above watching it would be more see there horrified surprise and taste it once they arrived at the front doors.....

Ko chuckled as he walked along. "Perhaps it's time I...suit up...." he mused lowly, coldly as he paused in his steps to look at Kim and Kirua.

Kim smiled. "By all means I so enjoy seeing you playing and the end result is certainly wonderful." He said happily as he looked at him. "They won't do anything until you’re ready." He said looking at them both.

Kirua looked at them and then took a deep breathe before exhaling and his entire persona seemed to suddenly change as he turned on....he went from being the sweet late teens kid that had been talking to them to the Satsujin heir pride and joy as he looked ahead his eyes looking more akin to a demons in the blood lust.....he brought a finger up to his lips as he watched the building for a moment before glancing at Ko. "Sure thing....sounds like fun..."

He closed his eyes and took a deep breath as he brought his spear down and out to his side. "Djinn House..." It was all he said before his body began to change. His hair began to float around him, falling out of its oddly done ponytail and about him as his skin began to turn black and he gained a third eye in the center of his forehead. Black butterfly like energy began to float around him, flitting about as if they were real creatures. When the transformation was complete, he opened his eyes to look at them both. His skin had faded from black to a pale ivory color and he was floating now. His spear was now a scythe and he looked...dark. "Dark Djinn..."

"Oh my.....I so love it when you decide to use that one..." Kim said delighted as he looked at Ko knowing he had the others as well but when he went for that one....well.....Kim floated up into the air and chuckled as they were before the building before the front doors and then dropped what he was doing. "It makes that all the more fun!" He said amused as the shouts of anger, fear, horror and panic rang out along the walls everyone trying to scramble and no one prepared for it all.

KIrua snorted as one moved to ring the alarm on the wall only to fall over as he was kneeling there it was no fun if any had the chance to escape and it would simply mean having to track that one or two down He stood there as the body fell holding the bloody cloth with the heart between two fingers the death had been quick but startled and panicked for was absolutely delicious.

"Have fun....I've lifted it enough to frighten them but as you move in Ko.....they'll see you without having the chance to run from either one of's no fun at all if they get away after all." Kim said delighted.

He didn't even move. Instead, it was as if he had teleported into the doorway of the building, he barely hovered about the ground, barefoot now as he looked into the building. " something they can't do now..." he said lowly, coldly as his red eyes stared in at a huddled, crying mess of a man.

Kirua was moving about the upper wall silencing them before they even had a chance to fight back that sudden spike of fear and then oblivion was wickedly wonderful to Kim a real treat but the best was right here as he was floating behind Ko who was dealing with that man there.

Kim chuckled and licked his lips as he had set down on the floor and the man looked at him screaming save me and Kim tipped his head and touched his lip as if pondering something before chuckling and shaking his head. "Sorry but I'm not that sort of Priest...." He said shrugging and looking at him as the guy's roller coaster of emotions was so wonderfully thick...and the meal had just started. It was wonderful really as far as Kim was concerned as the guy on some quest for self-preservation went to run into the building and away from if that would spare him. Ko was perfect to Kim......he so enjoyed tagging along on his missions they always....always provided the best meals.....

Ko didn't try to stop the man, only let his gaze follow him until he couldn't see him anymore. "They always run..." he mused lowly, coldly as he began to move forward, his feet never touching the floor, as if it were too filthy for him to even think about.

As he moved through the building though, he let go of his scythe, letting it move on its own, his powers allowing him to wield it without moving his own hands and arms. Instead, all he had to do was move his eyes. When he finally found the one who had ran from him, he chuckled and looked at him, huddled in the corner and sniveling like a small child.

Kim could not help but lick his lips oh was it coming off of him in troves the fear was almost tangible on the air he could almost reach out and touch it lifting it as if it was threads before him it was incredible how much the man was sniveling and whimpering when he had committed some of the most terrible of crimes. "Oh how wonderful...." He breathed and it was....that fear was such a cocktail mixed in with the panic and terror up there the occasional spikes of shocked horror and confusion as they realized that Kirua was holding their heart and that they were dead even before the blood stopped flowing to their heads.....These two were cooking up quiet the meal for him and they had barely gotten started!

But the man who was faced with Ko who was floating looking like some sort of avenging spirit....well close he was in the state of a Djinn after all was cowering in the corner shaking like a leaf begging to be spared. "Oh my......he's almost oozing it out of him...." He said chuckling....the fear it was soo sweet....

"Don't get too excited...I don't want you to get full prematurely..." he mused lowly as he looked coldly, almost hollowly down at the man who was cowering in the corner, huddled down in a heap as he cried and pleaded for his life to be spared. "Stop asking for me to spare your life you worthless piece of trash...I'm not forgiving enough to give you something you don't deserve..."

"I won't.' Kim said happily as he looked at Ko if he did he disappeared and then Ko got annoyed he swore Ko enjoyed this so much more knowing that Kim savored every little morsel he gave him. "It's like a nice piece of candy but...certainly not the main course." Kim said as the guy looked over at Kim going wide eyed and saying huh?

Kim grinned as the guy in his fear looked at them as Ko would not spare him said as much and Kim was talking about candy and main course. Kim laughed at him. "Oh come now surely you can do better then huh?" He said looking at him as he stood there. The guy started trying to move out of the corner crawling away he wasn't sure which was the true demon now but he looked at Kim. "Your a priest aren't you exercise that thing!"

"Oh my you have the wrong idea about me all together....I'm a priest true but a Trickster Priest..." He said waving his hand and smiling. "And exercise Ko? Oh no...Not at all you see..." Kim opened his eyes and looked at the man. "He's the best chief I've found by far....his cooking is absolutely delicious....." The guy chocked.

"Cooking? What are you talking about cooking he's here to kill us!"

"Bin~go!" Kim said brightly laughing. "See there is a tiny bit of intelligence glimmering in there somewhere!"
Ko lowered his scythe, not letting the guy run again. "I'm human...for now..." he mused lowly as he looked down at the man who was trying anything and everything to avoid death. "Him though...well...he's not entirely human..."

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The guy looked between Ko and Kim as Kim stood there relaxed and watching. "Your human and he's not entirely human? What are you joking? This is some joke to throw me off my game right?" He said trying to recollect himself.

Kim snorted looking at him and tipped his head shaking his head and smiling. "Ko is soo lovely I enjoy his company more than anyone else. " he said clapping his hands and then looked at the man tapping his upper lip and smiled. "Ah no not at all entirely fact I think you'll find....I'm the last one alive that would ever lift a finger to save you!"

Ko chuckled and licked his lips. "I'm not the joking type sweetheart..." he said snidely. "I'm telling you the truth for sure. Kim a cambion, the son of a demon. He's a lovely example of a demon without all of the ugly," he mused as he looked at the man in the floor. "Me though...well...I'm simply his chef...I stir up everyone's dark emotions or make them have dark emotions and then feed Kim before I kill my targets..."

The guy went wide eyed as he stared at them both. "He's a demon?" He breathed then smirked. "Side with me forget him and I can give you...."

"OH you'll give me exactly what I want all right just before you die." Kim said bemused. "There isn't anything you could offer me that I would want from you other then see.....I found someone who can cook up those lovely dark emotions so lovely and in such a decadent bouquet that it is delicious every time." He said amused to no end.

"But I'll do more for you he said you’re a demon I can get you followers...." Kim rolled his eyes so boring he didn't want nor need them. The guy in a last ditch effort pulled his gun in full panic and shot Kim with the full load figuring that if he was dead then Ko would have no reason to continue only to blink when Kim said.

"Itai...." as if he was really hurt before laughing and holding up the bullets in his hand. "Not.....really that's not going to hurt me although you're not doing well at buying yourself life....." He said dropping them to the floor.....really it was always funny when they thought that would work....

Ko chuckled, highly amused. "Oh dear, not turning out the way you thought it would?" he asked as he floated there, his bare feet not even grazing the floor. "Too bad for you...maybe things would have been different...had you not been trash," he said as he moved his gaze to the scythe and then back to the man, the black metal weapon lifting on its own. "Say hi to the devil for me..." he said before he moved his gaze down and the scythe swung its final time for the man.

Kim smirked as the man screamed unable to get out of the way of the down swinging scythe and not having any sort of power to defend himself. He stood there tipping his head as he shook it. "Why does the trash of the world always think the moment they find out what I am....that they can trade places with you?" He mused looking at him and smiling. Ko wasn't trash he wasn't like them oh true he was dark and cruel but he had other qualities as well that made him well delightful to Kim neither truly light or dark for a human and that was a rare place to find one like him. The base was still full of others though as Kirua was having fun with the trash upstairs serving up a nice side salad by all rights but it was what Ko would do down here once they got the main room where everyone else was that would be the main course. Kim could not wait.

Ko made a face of disgust and slung the blood from the blade of his scythe to clean it and looked at Kim. "They think that you're a petty enough demon to be willing to trade one human for another..." he said simply, as if that was all there was to it.

"There stupidity then."
Kim said shrugging as he stood there shaking his head. "I finally found one I'm......fond of. I'm not about to trade off any time soon." he said shrugging. "You'd have to get dreadfully boring and that not something your capable of." Kim said as he looked at him and then at the halls as he knew the others were yet unaware he wanted that sudden surprise of seeing Ko floating there....that sudden fear of knowledge that they were powerless before him. It was all so wonderful.

"Kirua by the way is doing a wonderful job of keeping any alarms from being sounded they die before they even realize there dead....without interfering with anything you’re doing down here." Kim let him know as he smiled down the hall. "The rest are in the main room gathered around for...'meal time'....." He said finding that point the most amusing of all as meal time for him it was indeed.

Ko chuckled as he floated there. "Kirua is a skilled kid...he's good enough to get rid of anyone who would sound the alarm before they can even utter a sound...quite amusing really..." he mused as he tilted his head to the left and then was gone, appearing before them all in the main room, floating in the center as if he were unafraid of their scattering.

Kim was highly amused as they did just that tried to scatter the rush from that room was almost enough to knock him over if emotions carried a force behind them. Oh it was incredible the way he did that when Ko appeared and set them off like that a tidal wave of panic,, terror, fear and aggression came crashing from that room in troves. Mixed in with surprise horror upset at the idea that the alarm never sounded to alert them of an intruder. Kim appeared in the room in the air above them all as they knocked down tables and chairs some pulling weapons and guns as if they thought that would help them from the Djinn there. Another group was jangling the doors in an attempt to get away screaming about them not opening.....of course not there fear would lesson if the who group could get away but that wasn't Kim's doing it was their own as they had in their rush to get out slammed a large amount of bodies against the door damaging the hinges. One of them thinking to get a panicked state of bold started firing at Ko....pity for them his Djinn state protected him....but for Kim it was all so amusing and he was savoring every last drop.....and Ko had only just appeared. He couldn't wait for him to get going!

Ko let the bullets hit him, if only for the sake of making them even more terrified of him. When they hit, they did indeed go through him, making it cleanly through his body and into the wall behind him. He just stayed there though as the black butterfly like energy rose from the ground below him and rushed into his wounds, sealing them as quickly as they formed. "Oh come can do better than that..."

Kim was delighted as they tried oh did they try panic and discord ran rampant in that room as one guy charged in desperation at Ko swinging a blade down to try to cleave him in two another rushed up from the side to stab him.....more pulled out guns. A few formed weapons out of thin air P.K abilities no doubt and came at him with them figuring even if they cut down there friends in there state of panic at least then they'd get Ko and the rest of them would be alive.....But the turmoil of emotions starting to really building in that room as everyone was experiencing different degrees....was enough to make his mouth water so to speak. Boy could Ko cook up a lovely dark cuisine unlike any other and he was just right now putting all the ingredients in the pot!

The leader just looked at Ko. "What is your problem coming in here and doing this for no reason what are you after?" He hollered figuring it could bribe him to leave if it was some rival gang his group could get out of there in one piece.

Ko didn't even flinch when the weapons and attacks went through him. Instead, as soon as the weapons and attacks were through his body completely, the black magoi rushed to fill the wounds, closing them up and regenerating the parts of his body that were cut off or injured. "What am I after?" he repeated, hollowly echoing the leader. "I'm not after anything. I'm just doing what I was paid for..."

"Oh what if we pay you more to leave and not come back. I have treasures riches golds and jewels women anything you could ask for I could pay it a million times over if you stop this and leave right now." The leader said. "If all it is, is money then I can give you as much as you could possibly want and hope for." he said gesturing as he looked at him. "Surely whatever you're getting paid I can beat." he said.

Kim shifted in the air and looked down at him annoyed how very annoying bribery? His amusement seemed to catch at that moment as the entire room filled with sort of a panicked hope and that was not a sensation he was overly happy with at all if it got more positive he'd hit the floor gagging....his eyes half open he glared at the leader...

Ko snorted and closed his eyes, the third eye remaining open and allowing him to still see them all. "Don't be ridiculous. I'm not doing this for the money anyway..." he said coldly. "I'm doing this because it's fun."

The leader looked at him and smirked. "Then join us and cast aside the rules others would place on you. You could have all the fun and drink you wanted." He said as the desperate hope turned to hope as he figured he had it. Kim who was near Ko landed with a thug and gagged as the rest in the room followed suit figuring there boss could work out a deal with Ko. "With your power and our numbers we'd be an unstoppable force they'd all cower before us."

KIm was certain that hope could not be any more twisted as he brought his hand up before his face and covered it looking through the crack in his fingers to glare at the man who was staring at him.

"We'd even make a place for your friend there. You'd both be well fed." The leader said as he felt confidence in his skills hope and a bunch of other stuff and those around them were more than happy with the boss's new direction figuring this problem was going to solve itself.

"Ugh...if he starts singing life is great...." He said lowly. "I'm going to be pissed...." Kim groaned honestly what was it with this weird sort of surreal vibration of positive energy? THe only reason he wasn't fully gagging was because of what Kirua was doing and he knew Ko would turn this around so he wasn't leaving but was so gross to him it was making his skin crawl.

Ko opened his eyes to look coldly at the leader. "I'm not doing this because I want to leave the Hunters or because I want to drink and fuck myself into oblivion...." he said coldly, with true malice in it this time. "I'm doing this because I want all of the trash like you...dead."

The leader went a bit wide eyed as his men went back into states of fear and climbing panic. They all looked at each other rearming themselves getting ready for the fight of a life time with him and one they were beginning to worry about the boss could not barter with him at all. "Trash like us? You’re not better than us waltzing in here with the Hunter's license and acting all superior and in case you didn't notice your alone your little friend there seems to be sick to his stomach."

KIm glanced up as the fear was building and smiled. "Oh don't worry about me at all I'll be fine in a moment or two." Kim waved him off as if he was nothing and perhaps the funny part was he was nothing but trash. The man narrowed his eyes as he summoned up his weapon a huge meat cleaving ax and looked at them both.

"If you won't be persuaded then you leave me no other choice but to kill you." He said and Kim sighed. "If not you then your little friend first? You can't possibly take us all down before we end him." Kim in answer lowered his hand and smiled with his eyes closed oh that was an amusing thought...they were going to kill him? They with their mediocre powers and strengths....really the things trash said these days.

"Go ahead...if you can kill all means...go for it," he said as he motioned to Kim without batting an eye. "I must warn you though...he'll bite back..."

The leader looked at him and then sneered racing forwards and swinging down the ax hitting and cutting deep into Kim's shoulder and chest cutting down. "Ahh Itai!" Kim cried out before laughing as he knelt there and then was gone no longer kneeling there before the leader hit the wall bouncing off of it and down while Kim himself set down with not a mark on him. "Oh my was that actually supposed to do something to me?" He said as the leader spitting out a bit of blood form a busted lip turned and glared at him. Kim smirked and took his astral form becoming ethereal and tipped his head as the body seemed to invert on itself and then he was standing there and several went wide eyed at the the....

"D...demon? He's a demon?" The leader said staring. "A Djinn and a Demon working together?"

"Mmm almost correct in your assumption there. I'm not really here for the fighting....the meal of course but then I think you'll find he's quite good at what he bad you'll only get to enjoy it once." He said as another tried to shoot him but in this state all they did was pass through. "Oh how terribly boring of you without a holy weapon I'm afraid you can't touch me in this state...and the other well.....I think you'll find he's more of your concern then I am....after all....I'm more then patient enough to wait for him to finish cooking."

They all looked at Ko as Kim stood there long black jacket sweeping the floor fur trim around the ends his black hair short around his head white bangs and the rams horns. He tapped his lip as golden eyes took them all in. "Say think there not quiet realizing just how the situation truly is yet?" He asked bemused. "Or how futile there attempts at life are?"

Ko looked at Kim and snorted. "They're dense humans with nothing but greed and sex on their minds...don't expect too much from them Kim." It wasn't exactly a lie, but the fact that he said humans, instead of people was really just an accident. He hadn't meant to make himself seem like he wasn't a human.

Kim's eyes went a touch wide as he smiled playfully and then was before Ko. "Mmm dense human's huh?" He said smiling as he looked at him into those eyes of his he really did enjoy this. "Oh I don't there purpose won't be much longer, but the greed and sex oh yes..." He tipped his head. "I felt that hit nearly the same moment I shifted." He was a creature born for desires of flesh thanks to his father. Even though he wasn't interested even remotely in any of them they were all starting in a strange mix of pending fear, desire or lust really panic, terror, a sense of hopelessness as they realized they weren't getting out of the was an interesting mix and the funny thing was the desire was the least of their concerns at the moment the human instinct to survive overrode even that emotion. Kim though moved behind him floating on the astral currents and leaned in touching Ko without concern. "Mmm although the greed is most predominate their desire to save their own necks at the cost of there so called friends is climbing there not so much afraid of what Me a demon will do to them but's really quiet amusing and entertaining." He mused lightly as he looked at them all and they moved attacking Ko with everything they had they might not be able to kill the demon but the thought they could kill Ko....and have a chance at survival not realizing if one of them got stupid lucky and managed to hurt Ko.....Kim was not a force they wanted to deal with at all.....

He leaned back into Kim and closed his eyes as he relaxed. "Mm...yes well, I slipped up in saying humans...but I suppose the word choice is partially due to the fact that I was talking about Gungen and Mugo a while ago..." he said as he stayed there for a while, not worried about the attacks coming his way.

Kim chuckled. "I certainly don't mind the slip." He said lowly as he smiled when Ko leaned back into him relaxing as he was so close. Kim slipped his arms around his shoulders seemingly holding him in place for the hits and they did hit the attacks wither or not the fools realized it would have the same effect as before. They could not hurt Kim this way and well they should have realized they were pointless against Ko and yet they continued on as fear built and terror which was amazing as they realized they could not hurt these two at all.....that they were helpless. "Oh Ko you really do know how to spoil me..." He breathed savoring it as it drew on.

"Mm...anything for you my dear," he mused as he opened his eyes to look up at Kim as his wounds once again sealed and he regenerated. "Nothing is too good for you. You're what keeps the lights off after all..." he said as he looked at Kim, those red eyes of his empty and dark in the depths, as if he were hollow somehow.

Kim smiled at such a statement and leaned in nuzzling along his neck a simple affection really as he stood there. "Mmm horrible little things really they ruin so much fun..." He said although he wasn't choosing and Ko was certainly delightful seeing the seemingly hollow. But he smiled none the less as he happily held him. "Are you having fun?" He mused since they were doing the same things over and over again had Ko had enough and wished to wrap this up oh Kim was savoring every last drop as he cuddled with Ko like this....and they there emotions were a roller coaster spiral of negative energy that it was like pea soup in the room. Kim reached out his hand and touched it making that deep dark miasma of negative emotions become something tangibly seen and it was this he was absorbing eating more or less devouring and savoring. The only thing Kim didn't say....was 'your mine' he didn't allow the demon which was at the forefront to get that possessive.

"They do indeed..." he mused as he looked down at them all as they floated in the center of the room still. "Mm...I'm having so much fun...they're still so easy to play with," he mused as he looked at them all in the room. "I should stop playing with your food's not very polite to play with food after all..." he said as he looked over at his scythe which he had left floating idly when he leaned back into Kim. "Should I finish them all now for you?"

Kim tipped his head as he held on. "Oh I suppose it is bad manners to play with one's food isn't it?" he said as he tipped his head. "Although truthfully I really don't mind you playing with's fun to watch." He sighed. "You can, but do you think it possible to keep just a few....I want to savor a few....a bit more..."

Ko looked back at Kim as he said that he supposed Ko was right. "You suppose?" he asked as he leaned there, perfectly at ease. "A few to keep as the main course would be....doable I suppose..." he mused as he looked back down at the people who were so full of terror, greed, anger, hate...the list of negative emotions went on and on. "Do you want to pick one or two yourself?"

Kim while cuddling tipped his head. "Mm the leader...." He mused and tapped his lip then pointed at the two biggest guys there beside the leader. "And those two...should be more then enough....they still have a touch of arrogant belief they can get out of'll be so much more when they realize their wrong." He said bemused. "And I do suppose...since I like playing with my food that would be considered....rather bad manners...." Kim said chuckling and it was true....he enjoyed playing with these guys it made those negative emotions all the more better.

He chuckled at Kim's words and nodded. "All right...I can keep them a little longer I suppose..." he mused as he moved his gaze to his scythe and then to the crowd of people in the room, ignoring the ones who had been pointed out by Kim. "It is considered bad manners...but...I'm not always the most well-mannered person..." he said lowly.

Kim nuzzled him a bit as he was cutting down everyone but those three and the feelings spiking in the room were intense and soo much fun. He was loving it but those three were slowly backing up to get away from them...away from this scythe that was cutting them all down without a hand holding it. Kim licked his lips. "Mmm but that's one of things I like about you." He said happily as he held him. "Thank you for keeping a few to play with a bit longer." He said happily.

He closed his eyes and turned his head into the crook of Kim's neck for only a few moments, long enough to take in his scent and then he turned his attention back to those who were being cut down, trimmed away as if branches on an overgrown hedge. "Anything for you my lovely cambion..."

The leader just stared as he backed into the wall staring at them. "What is he your pet’re so tickled pink to be doing things for him." He breathed just starting to sweat and shake. He took a deep breathe looking at the two before him as they seemed to be cuddling during all of this as if relaxed and nothing wrong....the other two were also backing up now as those dark feelings were beginning to feel the weight of the things they were trying to avoid...that fear, that it crept up slowly inside of them.

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KIm looked at them and smiled. "Yay." he said happily as Ko said anything for him. He loved his own way. But he opened his eyes tapping his lips and smiled. "Mmm you could say he's perfect the way he is to me and not be wrong.....since he only takes the jobs that have a 'take no prisoner's sorta feel to it.....or rather opts to clean up the trash like you and well....trash like you really only truly has one purpose to someone like me....." He said chuckling. "Dinner....."

"You’re wiping out all of us we're obviously no match for the likes of you!" The Leader protested.

"Of course never stood a chance against Ko....but the sooner you realize that.....the sooner your nightmare will end!" Kim said waving to him as he held to Ko.....

"I believe you have this mixed up, no?" he mused lowly, coldly as he stayed put in Kim's arms. He was content with being close to his new found demonic friend. "If I'm doing things for him to please him, wouldn't it be more appropriate to assume that I'm his pet?" he asked as he looked down at them with cold, unfeeling eyes.

The leader went wide eyed at that idea. "You can't mean.....that you serve him willingly??" The leader said as the other two gasped and looked at each other they were thug’s criminals and killers but they never dreamed of working for something like Kim.

KIm hummed and smiled as he nuzzled Ko. "You're so wonderful." He said happily and he was Ko just soothed the darkness in him so nicely and never let him down when it came to things like this.

The leader looked at Ko. "Listen we're criminals we're bad guys but we've never sold ourselves to a creature like can get out from beneath's not too late to join us..."

"Oh how dull..." Kim cut him off. 'You think I made him give me anything of his? I don't make Ko do anything at all.....he's so wickedly delightful all on his’re the fools who really don't understand be a pet to a Cambion means he has my favor and woe be the demon fool who tries to take him from me." Kim said nuzzling Ko which was the truth.....Kim....was a powerhouse he just didn't use it because it caused his headaches and dizzy spells in the past and now? Well he didn't have a need even though he was more towards balanced between his two polar opposites. "Besides a chief like sweet Ko here is soo hard to takes a special sort of person to be able to cook a dish like this!"

He snorted as he finally moved, not breaking free from Kim's grasp, but rather, taking him along for the ride as he slowly descended down to float face to face with the leader. His cold red eyes stared hatefully at the man before him. "I serve no one. I bow before no king and no god. I'm not a slave. I'm doing all of this because I want to...." he said lowly, coldly as he glared at the leader. "You people are pathetic excuses of hunters and people are all worthless..."

The leader went wide eyed and was horrified as Ko came over without dislodging Kim. Who was still cuddling up to him. "You serve no one.....but you...."

"Mmm it's beneficial to both of us really....see I don't really care for fighting but I have to eat and your emotions are the best.....but Ko? Darling sweet Ko doesn't care for your filthy trash cluttering everything up so....he comes removes the likes of you and I get a lovely meal....without interfering in what he wishes to do....." Kim smiled as he waved at the leader who was shaking and trembling as Kim more or less stated.....he wasn't here to do anything but enjoy Ko's work.....

"You won't win, you have to know there are demon hunters out there who will learn your harboring a demon and come after'll lose if even...if even not to me you'll still loose that Cambion...." His voice was trembling though like a leaf.

Ko chuckled and shook his head. "That's the beauty of it though..." he said lowly, his third eye still open and letting him see. "I will win..." he said and opened his eyes to look at the leader. "Demon hunters or none. I could really care less if they come looking for Kim or whoever they won't matter anyway...because he'll have an infinite well of power to draw from..." he said as he looked at the man before him who was shaking and so terrified. "Soon, Kim will be joining the ranks of a newly forming where he'll be stronger than ever..."

The man went wide eyed and looked at him. "Joining a newly formed army......more powerful than ever....why would you make him even more powerful?" He said as he curled into the wall looking at them wanting to get away and fade through the wall.

Kim smiled and just nuzzled Ko. This was so much fun now they were getting so very scared and mortified that those lovely dark emotions were bubbling up and overflowing making Kim hum at the flavor of them.

"Why protect him?"
The leader almost screeched. "Why side with that thing? Your human!"

"Why not?" he asked as he looked at him. "If Kim is going to be with me, why not make him powerful enough to kill demon hunters if they're threatening enough?" he questioned.  "If you were attracted to someone, or cared about them in some way, wouldn't you want to protect them and make them stronger?" he mused as he leaned down to look at the leader, their noses nearly touching. "Mm...yes...I suppose I am human....but the question still remains...for how long am I wholly human?"

The leader went wide eyed and stared at him. "You’re doing make him stronger to protect him.....why he's a demon."

"Cambion you fool I'm not a part of any of the three worlds truly at least not yet..." Kim said shrugging slightly as he held on. "Not to the world of man and not to the world of demons. But Ko? Ko is special unique and one of a kind...."

"The rumor is...that if a human is dark enough, full of hate and malice towards anything...and they warp it just enough...they'll become a demon...interesting, no?" he asked as he looked at the leader. "I've found out recently, that it's possible to do, but it take a lot of hard work...a lot of negative emotions and dark energy..." he mused as he stayed still while his scythe cut down more people. "So, to answer your question simply...I'm making him stronger so that I can become a demon..."

He went wide eyed...."You’re doing this so that you'll become a demon....your making him stronger so that he'll change you?" He said staring. "Why....would you want to become something like that?" He said trembling.

KIm tipped his head careful all this time to not hit Ko with his horns not because it would hurt Ko but because they were sensitive to the touch and well a headache was not good right now. He looked at him and chuckled. Very happy to be hold him like this.

He shook his head. "He won't have to do anything. I have to do all of the work really. I've gotten started, but the amount of negative energy I just not easy to I've found that I've got to make my own in some cases..." he said lowly as he looked at the leader. "Becoming a demon is for my protection...if I remain human, it'll be rather annoying...being able to die and's such a pain..."

The leader pointed at him. "The error of your theory is because you’re feeding that negative energy to him.....he's collecting it not you..." he said laughing hysterically.

Kim tipped his head and started laughing shaking his head. "Oh not at all you see I told you I feed on emotions negative emotions. The negative power he collects that power at the moment of your death that dark what his body is collecting...." Kim said happily warmly as he nuzzled Ko again.

Ko chuckled lowly as he tilted his head to the side. "Darkness is created by evil acts...the first original sin was murder...or don't you remember?" he asked as he looked at the leader.

The Leader went wide eyed. "You mean to tell’re doing all of this giving him our emotions and then taking in.....what sort of monster are you?" He screamed into the room.

Kim chuckled and looked at him. "Mmm looks like you’re finally starting to figure it out." He said amused to no end. This was the best that look in his eyes as he realized what his purpose was to Ko why Ko was doing was amusing to see that look of horror absolute horror entering the crooks eyes....what it was...and even more so because he was a criminal that....that darkness was even more intense then had Ko just killed an innocent. WHo would have been pure when killed. It was funny really but this man's actions made him the best source of power for Ko...

"I'm the worst kind of monster...I'm the man made kind," he answered simply. "I'm this generation's Cain and all of the people I kill...they're my Abel."

The leader scrambled then to get away from Ko wanting to keep his head on his shoulders his life. "No no...." He said looking at the distance there had to be a weapon that he had somewhere that he could use to defeat them. He raced trying to figure out if he had some secret stash of weapon or something and didn't know......if he stood a chance but if he killed him would he stand a chance.......

Kim sighed as he tipped his head watching him run in fear with his tail more or less between his legs. "Oh now he's playing the game...." He said chuckling.

Ko chuckled as he cut down the last person and slung the blood from his scythe. " would appear so..." he mused lowly as he floated back up above them all. "He'll not get far though...I put up a barrier of black magoi..."

Kim chuckled. "Shall I let you go so you can go play with him?" he asked as he floated along behind him still holding on to him and floating along with him. But this would be fun.....

The leader made it out of the room running down the hall trying to get away but kept finding the different black walls in his way that stopped him from getting anywhere and having to take a different hall basically running in a large circle in his own base.

Ko chuckled and closed his eyes. "Here in a few moments..." he said lowly. "For now, we just have to sit still and wait...he'll be returning soon enough..."

Kim started laughing softly as he relaxed there and looked ahead. He took a deep breath and chuckled as the Leader froze in the doorway to the room they were in stared at them and then turned around running again...he was going to exhaust himself soon being a large heavy man he seemed to make the return three more times before the fifth and final time he fell in the doorway breathing heavy.....trembling as he tried to get his air back but his emotions were such a chaotic mix of darkness it was amazing...."Mmm soo good....." Kim mused happily.

He chuckled as he nodded. "All you'll get your last meal for the day..." he said lowly as he finally moved from Kim's grasp and floated down to hover just above the floor in front of the fallen leader. "I do hope you got enough exercise..."

"I hate you....." the leader said to Ko looking at him and shaking trying to get up. "You won't win even if he survives you can be killed."

"MM not exactly..." Kim said amused he could if something managed to actually hurt Ko remove the injury if he so choose and well honestly he wasn't about to let Ko get away because he died. That would not be fun at all.

"Yes...hate me...that one emotion alone is enough to give birth to a demon inside of you..." he said lowly as he held out his hand and his scythe came to him. He gripped it and lowered it down to his side. "You people don't understand true evil...true desire to change the world..." he said lowly. “The saying is...that the road to hell is paved with good intentions...and it's very true..."

The man looked up at him. "Your....gonna loose..." He repeated not sure what else to say or do but he was losing ground fast and he hated he was so angry and full of despair as he tried to get up again shaking as he looked at him.....trying to get away...

Kim smiled and started floating looking at them and chuckling in a moment or two it would be over and Ko would get all that lovely hate.

He smiled now, finally making an expression. "Maybe I will...but you won't be around to find out..." he mused before he rose his scythe and swung it, lopping off the guy’s head.

Kim watched as he didn't even have a chance to scream. His head hitting the floor and that lost moment in death that horrified terrified peek was the best course. Kim sat down and once again took on the appearance of the monk grabbing his staff out of seemingly nothing but the pocket he had created to hold it and then walked up to him looking at the fool on the ground. "Mmm you really are the best chief out there." He said showing that he had savored every last bite today it had been soo much fun. He looked over at him. "We should find Kirua now and head out I do believe it's all done.....the place is barren of any life now except for us." he said amused and content.

He smiled and nodded. "Yes...when we leave, I'll destroy everything..." he said lightly now as he had taken in the darkness he needed from this place.

Kim smiled as he started walking leading them towards Kirua so that he wasn't caught up in this place since he was the first and only one in the hunters who sought to make friends with Ko. No need to remove that friend soo soon after making one. He walked humming a 'happy' tune although it wasn't all that happy. Just a bit of fun on his part.

Kirua was leaning against the wall towards the exit looking at them both and rose an eyebrow. "So big fat and ugly was running in scared circles for a while.....he was the last of them in there right?" Kirua asked as he saw them approaching. Indicating everyone above was long dead and collecting flies.

Ko nodded at Kirua's question. " appears he wasn't as smart as he believed he was...." he mused lowly as he held onto his scythe. "The leader was the last of them left."

Kirua chuckled. "Well then it's time to go..."

"Almost there's just one more thing..." Kim said happily. "But that can wait until we're outside." Kirua looked at him raising an eyebrow having never worked with Ko before he didn't know what Ko did to tidy up the mess but he moved to walk out with them.

Ko chuckled, and walked outside, and waited for everyone to make it safely out. "When I finish my jobs, I make sure to leave no traces behind..."

Kirua looked over at him. "Interesting but not sure how you do it." He said curious never the less. Ko didn't bother him he was honest about himself and everything he was. He did look at the base.

Kim smiled as he stood there staff leaning against his shoulder and found it amusing because if one did somehow get missed in there which was not even possible with Kim being able to tell where they all made sure they died anyways! But....right now all that was left was corpses and a moment not even the building with their stink would remain. "He has a fun way to take care of trash removal I certainly like it at least."

Kirua glanced over at Kim and chuckled. "Then it should be interesting."

Ko sighed and closed his eyes as he concentrated before his scythe reverted into his spear and he opened his eyes, a that cold nature once again falling about him. He held out his spear's end towards the building and let out the breath he had been holding. When he did, black flames shot out of the end of his spear.

Kirua watched the black flames rush forwards flames that burned everything and could not be put out by any means until they were sent away by the one casting them. "Black flames...." he said somewhat in awe having heard of them once or twice but never seeing them not until now.

Kim smiled. "Mmm hmm.." he said happily. "They devour everything even water and other flames nothing.....nothing of that trash will remain behind....." he said amused and later after the black flames energy left the land it would grow clean soil from where the trash had been or in this case the sands blew it all away.

Ko lowered his spear and chuckled as he watched the flames begin to burn and consume everything. "They'll clean the land of debris and make it clean. When the flames die out, they'll leave room for plants to grow and water to'll be an oasis in this barren place..."

Kirua nodded. "Where once only death bringers roamed." He said knowing that that had been why they were sent here this group of bandits and criminals had been terrorizing and killing the villages surrounding them. Tormenting people and now it would be gone and in it's place....a place wary travelers could seek refuge.

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Kim shrugged. "It's as you matter how much time passes trash like them will always surface. They will always be around to terrorize others people can lead all the crusade's they want to try to reach and reason with them but they won't change." Kim tipped his head. "Those sort of people would have killed me at birth had they known or tried to corrupt me as they did with Mugo and his brother it's things like that that make it so hard."

Ko nodded. "Self-righteous holy men and clergy make this world we live in now worse than the times of King Arthur and King Solomon...." he said lowly as he watched the black flames burn. "Crusades have made people like Mugo who were once so gentle...turn into twisted, tortured souls. They'll never stop..."

Kim shook his head. "No they won't.....had they not done what they did...chances are the blood line in him would have never woken him or his brother but because they showed signs of it....those monks tormented them to try to make them into some weapon or power to further their goals and religions....I was also in a temple but.....while they started to try but....felt it was too dangerous so before I knew it I was on my own. The powers awakening in me....the headaches nose bleeds as the duel sides became more and more unstable." He sighed. "I was the evil one despite the fact I wasn't hurting anyone...."

KIrua shook his head. "It's not right." He said lowly.

"No. It's not about revenge not for me it's about feeding the hunger inside I don't need to kill to's a very nice spice at the end." He said shrugging. "And I certainly don't mind tagging along with's incredible."

"Mugo's desire to kill stems from his awakening..." he said lowly. "Mugo's method of awakening...was when he murdered for the first time in order to protect himself...his awakening...triggered the destruction of the temple he was living in...and that destruction...triggered the tsunami..."

Kirua nodded. "So your saying that Karega hasn't awoken yet...." He said looking at them.

"No he has awoken...." Kim said shaking his head. "But in an odd way he's.....still half asleep....Because he was thrown into the tsunami it caused a 'hiccup' in the awakening and due to that.....he's in an odd state not in either part not the human, not the demon and not even between they seemed to be smashed awkwardly together." He said lowly as he watched the fires burn.

"I wonder..." he said lowly. "When my awakening will begin..." His words were likely confusing to Kirua, who knew Ko was human, but he wasn't worried about Kirua's thoughts or questions.

Kirua glanced over at him. "Your awakening do you have demon in your blood line somewhere?" He asked puzzled.

Kim chuckled as he watched the flames. "No not exactly however....there is more than one way to become a half demon."

Ko shook his head as he floated just above the sands. "No...I was born fully human, to human parents..." he said as he watched the flames burn. "But, a human can become a half demon or a full demon if they know the right method..." he said as he turned to look at Kirua. "The first demons, demons like Asura, were once human...but like Cain, they committed the sin needed to become a different creature all together...."

Kirua nodded as he stood there. "Which is what you’re going after." He said as he realized it that he was looking for the change. He didn't back away though as he looked out then lifted his hand and his fingers shifted deforming of sorts showing off the clawed fingertips perhaps. "I can't help but wonder sometimes...." he said looking at them. A skill that no other human seemed to have but his family. But who was Kirua to judge heck they survived things that should not be possible.

Kim watched the flames burning and smiled. "Mm what I'm curious about is how much of a demon you're going to become." He mused.

"The goal is to become a full blood..." he responded to Kim lowly. "So that I can stand beside Gungen as the second demon in his army..."

He nodded as he listened to him. "Second huh?" He said not overly concerned about it although Kirua looked over worried suddenly they'd be at odds but Kim just shifted and started floating on air again relaxed. AS if nothing really mattered to him.

"Don't you have any goals Kim?"

"Not to be forced into being something I'm not is about the only goal I really have." Kim said shrugging looking at Kirua. "Joining up with Gungen aside.....I'm not exactly the sort to fuss over details." He said and that made him blink if such was the case then Kirua found it interesting but at the same time confusing....there was no fighting streak in Kim. It wasn't that he was lazy he just wasn't gunning for anything but to stay himself.

Ko sighed and closed his eyes as he finally made the flames die out. "His only other goal would be to protect me until I can awaken to whatever bloodline I'll be awakening to...the fighting spirit you're no doubt looking for isn't there because he hasn't got a reason to fight right now..."

Kirua looked at them. "Right but after that?" He said looking at them. "After you wake up Ko....what happens to Kim then?" He said and Kim shrugged.

"Who knows?" Kim said lightly chuckling as he looked at Kirua. "You're worried."

"No just trying to figure things out."
Kirua retorted and then glanced at the two of them so was Kim sent then to watch over Ko until he woke and then what.....where did he go was he going to leave Kim after that? Somehow by that time Kirua was certain that Ko would be furious if Kim just up and dumped him then as if he had no further use for him.....but....

Kim watched the fires die out and then set down taking in the cleaned sight before him. "I have a very long time to worry about I don't. It's not in my nature to worry about such things and when it starts....I'll safeguard Ko. After that well what will happen will happen."

"If Kim ever decides that he's going to choose a side, I'll let him choose. It's not a matter of if he's my partner or if he's my contract holder or if he's anything to me at all..." he said as he opened his eyes to look at Kirua once more. "I'm not in any one sort of relationship with him...if he wants to sleep with someone else, he's free to do so. If he wants to leave me and be on his own, he's free to..."

Kirua looked at them the two of them.....quietly a moment or two then nodded as he looked back at the place before turning and nodding. "Alright." he said. Kim stayed by his side for the most part but perhaps it was because he had gone and played with Mugo that Ko was holding to that? But that was Mugo and it was hard to explain it wasn't about loving that man it was about answering a hunger.....

Kim tipped his head. "How quickly did we want to get to Gungen and Mugo?" He mused looking at them as he could turn around and be back in Japan but.....he wasn't overly fond of the idea of getting into a metal flying plane although traveling back on boat might be fun but it would certainly take longer. Either way.....Kim tipped his head and looked up. "Oh the sun is setting.....the sky looks....happy tonight." He mused.

Ko looked up at the sky when he heard Kim say that the sun was setting. For the moment, his eyes softened and the humanity in him could be seen. The warmth of his soul could be seen, but not felt as he reverted back to his normal state, landing lightly on the sand below him. "Just a little while longer Kim...I want to watch the sun set..." he said lowly, but his voice was warm and held feminine tones to them.

Kim looked at him and nodded. "Always." He said he would not take this from him, he knew this was his mother's greatest gift to him his name it's meaning and what the sunset meant to him and while normally such warm emotions would make him gag they weren't bad coming from Ko. He walked up behind him and sent his staff away before holding him letting him know he wasn't going to disappear and leave them but hang around so that Ko could watch it. The one moment in the day when his softer gentler nature could be seen and Kim loved it as much as he did the darkness whatever Ko became.....this was the one thing he never wanted him to loose.

Kirua turned as well and looked up at the setting sun noting the difference in his manner of speaking and not minding. But he remained silent just watching the colors wash over the sky line and it was almost tranquil relaxing to see it....and if he thought about it when was the last time....he paused and watched a sunset? He hadn't.....not since he was a child this was the first time in a long time.

When the colors splashed across the sky, he couldn't help but smile as he looked at the oranges, reds, yellows and purples. He began to sing lowly to himself, "Shailoh Shailoh, yatreet ka...
Shailoh shna.. otvit ka...
Hahla Hahla.. ahlah hah....
Shailoh washnee
fortee ney....
Shailoh Shailoh, yatreet ka...
Omen nio hah....
Shailoh Shailoh, yatreet ka...
Shailoh shna.. otvit ka...
Hahla Hahla.. ahlah hah....
Shailoh washnee
fortee ney....”

Kirua didn't know what else to do but to stand there and listen remaining quiet. This was his time, and he was allowing Kirua to have a small part of it. So he remained quiet not sure what it was he was singing but....the words sounded pretty.

Kim didn't hang on him but just relaxed letting his chin rest on Ko's shoulder as he watched the sun setting hearing him as well but closed his eyes never the less. He was in no hurry to go anywhere and Ko never shook him off when he got 'clingy' like this.

Kirua side glanced able to hear him having been trained to hear the barest of sounds but didn't know if Ko would get angry if he said something even if that was just 'That sounds pretty'

When he stopped singing the words, he just hummed the same melody before he closed his eyes and just stood in the silence as it once against washed over them. When he had stood there and the sun had set completely, he opened his eyes to look at Kirua and smiled at him. "It's a lullaby from a language long's something I remember from my childhood..."

Kirua looked at him and then nodded as he looked at the night sky. "It sounds beautiful." He said being honest and it did, he had found during listening that he didn't feel like speaking and it seemed to make the whole sunset even more beautiful to watch. There was so much more to Ko that people didn't know never took the time to know the moment he 'complained' they outed him and tossed him aside.

Kim had listened to them taking as he rested there letting them have this time being what he was he had all the time in the world really but it was these.....these moments where he made a connection to people regardless of the path that they wished to take that he wished to hold onto. That part of him that was human didn't want to let go and maybe it was.....foolish but he didn't want to give up the power he had either because when he found someone like Ko...he wanted the power to keep them safe....

"It's one of the only memories I have of my mother..." he said lowly as he looked from Kirua, up to the moon. "Her voice was like the voice of an angel to me then..." he said as he reflected on one of the few memories of his mother he had. Her face he didn't remember, no matter how hard he tried he just couldn't. "I was told that she was like a gift from the warm, like the warmth of the as black as night and eyes the color of rubies..."

Kirua looked at him as he spoke about his mom. The way she was said to look, the way she sounded. The way he described her. "She sounds like she was beautiful. Truly beautiful." He said thinking about what Ko said about her. His mother...he could not tell anyone the color of her eyes for as long as he could remember she wore a visor that allowed her to monitor the entire estate everything going on. Her voice was always screeching as she was always screaming or haughty about something. She fed him poisons and other make him strong as an assassin. His father? HIs father was happy to go along with it all in order to make them inherit the family business. "It...Makes me wish I could have met....someone like her just once." He said lowly looking at his hand to have a normal parent or even to meet one to see something so warm like he described her.

Kim tipped his head as if to look at Kirua. He didn't say anything it wasn't his place. He knew in his own right that these two each had their own things to deal with. He was quiet as they took this time to talk to each other. His mother? His mother died during childbirth, his father had been a no show he didn't even know what she looked like other than he was told he shared her hair color and eye color when he opened them. But....that was neither here nor there. Right now he just hugged Ko and listened. Anytime he did this Ko let him wither that was because of the nature of his father or because Kim himself even without words needed that physical connection....Ko allowed him.

"I'd like to think that she was...but even now, I can't remember her face no matter how hard I try. The memory just won't form..." he said as he stood there and looked down at Kirua. "For as long as I can remember, I've never been able to see her face in my memories...all I can remember is her voice...nothing else..."

Kirua looked at him and tried to figure out what he could say and didn't know. He couldn't associate any fond memories of his own. Anything that would allow him to know what to say to someone who could remember nothing but a voice.

Kim just sighed as he reached up and brushed his fingers against Ko's temple not solid memories nothing from his past but upon flickering his fingers forward ever so slightly she appeared having pulled it up from old nearly forgotten memories, pulling up and restoring a very very old memory a face standing under the moonlight the woman wasn't real just a hologram a projection of an image nothing more nothing less.....But when he did he let go of Ko since such skills usually got him into nothing but trouble for one and two he didn't think Ko would appreciate the blackish red blood dripping onto his shoulders that was one of the skills that was a bit harder to use and often left him with a headache but having just fed it caused a nose bleed instead. Kim went to float up and away give them some space he'd still take them there and of course dodge should he go to swing with that spear.

Ko just stood there as he turned his gaze to look at the hologram Kim had created. He couldn't remember it on his own, so Kim gave him the gift of pulling it from a memory that was so long buried that Ko couldn't pull it up himself. "She...looks so much like me..." he whispered as he looked at her face. Pale ivory skin that was flawless, a small nose and perfect cheek bones. Her hair was as black as Ko's own, and longer than his own, reaching down to the floor and pooling slightly behind her. Her eyes were indeed the color of rubies, and sparkled like diamonds. He reach out his hand and held it ever so slightly above the surface of her face, knowing that he couldn't touch her, not for real. Oh how he wished she were tangible. Just so he could smell her scent and feel her warmth. Just once would be enough. "Judicandus homo reus, huic ergo parce...."

Kirua stared. "She's beautiful...." He said softly seeing her and seeing Ko's reaction to her the soft subtle longing. He was surprised to see her so suddenly there.....and had no idea that this was just a tip of Kim's powers that he was doing this creating her letting Ko see her.

Kim could feel it so clearly the desire for just a touch more to remember he and reached his hand forward again brushing the deep memories nearly forgotten or rather stored so deeply that they did not surface. He touched deeper more about her from the memories touching Ko's own Genetic Memory the memories contained within in him and brought them about. He was using up a bit of power but he hadn't for any reason used much lately so....the soft breeze blew and there was a scent, he bent power giving her a semi living form it would not last long, but her scent was there....her warmth everything from within his deepest memories blending and using powers he was ignoring the slight annoying buzz in his own ears as he used his powers for something other than tormenting someone. The scent everything was a memory from him but her form was real enough to touch and Kim bumped his hand up slightly to touch her...the warmth. He could....technically call her back from the dead but.....that was never a good option those who died and were gone this long came back a half tortured existence and he would not do that to Ko to his mother but to allow him this small piece to be able to remember see her, breathe in her scent again to be with her in spirit if even for a few moments......he could give him that.

"It's least form your memories I cannot bring her back....if I would hurt her...but....this is your memory of her....of who she was everything.....for a little bit at least...." Kim said lowly.

When the breeze blew, he smelled it and his eyes, for a moment, went wide and he let his hand close that final distance, touching her cheek and he smiled. Such a sad smile. "Mom..." he whispered as his voice wavered and tears began to fall. He closed his eyes and just felt for the first time in a long time. The tears fell as he felt the warmth of his mother wash over him. The smell of sunshine on her skin and in her hair. The feel of the sun's rays on his hand and on his skin. "Huic ergo parce, Deus..." he heard the words she spoke and his eyes flew open, going wide as the tears fell. Have mercy on him, Lord...

Kirua wasn't sure how this was happening didn't know it was Kim. He wasn't sure if what she was saying was something that would hurt Ko, or if they were words that Ko needed to hear. What he did know was that Ko had been so happy to see her the scent everything he tried to remember....He stood quietly to the side watching.....Her spirit was there....she was there for a moment or two and it seemed like some sort of miracle but did such things really happen? Could they really happen?

Kim looked over pulling a handkerchief out of his pocket and having it balled up in his hand to catch the slight nose bleed it was taking a bit to hold this and while he didn't mind since Ko didn't mind his company he tipped his head.....'Have mercy on him, Lord....' he didn't Ko would react in the next few moments feel wounded or what he would do but if and when he indicated he'd begin to let it all go back to where it came but not take it from him again...Kim was not that cruel to those he cared about unless Ko asked him to.

Kim looked at him and took a deep breathe. "Ko?" He questioned had he done something wrong?

He lowered his hand and closed his eyes as he stood there. He had never heard his mother say those words to him or anyone else. For a moment, just a moment, she really had been there. "Forgive me..." he whispered as he stood there and cried. His hands hung limply at his sides as he just stayed there. "I'm sorry..." he said and then when he heard Kim, he looked over at him, tears staining his cheeks. "That's's enough..."

Kim nodded and then she was gone, her spirit everything leaving this place he had called her up without meaning to fully called her spirit here and she had spoken to him. Was such a thing even possible for someone like him? Kim floated there watching him as he let her go hand before his mouth and face the cloth tucked up under his nose and if he had accidently summoned her spirit here for a explained the nose bleed.

Kirua was quiet what was he going to say whatever she said it had really upset Ko, really dug deep into him because the tears were tears of sorrow and pain. But her tone had not been harsh or mean but gentle and sad. As if even now she loved him and wished him well wanted to save him. But when he said to forgive him Kirua didn't know what else to do....what to say to offer comfort having been trained all his life to kill.....helping was not something he could do.

Kim sat down on the ground and looked at him quietly as he had watched her fade into dust and light. "She's returned." He said which was as simply way of putting he let go and she went back to where she was watching over him still no doubt but no longer able to speak to him here.

He looked so sad, so hurt and he knew he did. His mother had asked for mercy in his stead. Even though she knew that he wouldn't ever ask for it himself. "Thank you Kim..." he said lowly, his voice still shaky. "She was just as beautiful as they said she was...all the way down to her soul..." he said, closing his eyes and slowly sinking down to the sand on his knees. "She...asked for mercy...on me..."

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Kim looked at him as he walked up to him and then knelt down as he was thanked for it....for bringing her here for him. He reached out and touched his tears looked into those incredible ruby eyes and sighed softly. "Being what I am....thank you's are not something I tend to hear." He said looking at him as he had finally gotten the nose bleed to stop and hid away the cloth he was used to them at least this one wasn't as bad as the ones in the past. He looked at Ko at the sadness in his eyes, at how hurt he was. "She was beautiful you've gained that from her." He said looking at him but at the same token Ko knew he'd argue his own soul was not as beautiful as hers.

Kirua was quiet not getting involved in this. But to thank Kim meant that Ko knew it had been Kim who gave that to him even though it made Ko's heart hurt, Kirua knew that for Ko to be able to see her again to hear her voice to be in her presence if even for a made even this little bit of pain worth it.

Ko didn't argue, he didn't feel like it. "A thank all I can manage right now..." he said as he closed his eyes. "I can't get the other feelings to surface right please...just...thank you..."

Kim nodded. "In that case you’re welcome." He said letting it go at that one. He looked at him and then side glanced at Kirua. "If you need some time we'll step to the side and give you some time...." He said as he looked at him not sure if Ko wanted needed some time to sort out his feelings. This was a lot to take in. Kim started to stand regardless to give him some space anyways his hand moving back as he did.

Kirua had stepped off a bit still in line of sight but giving them privacy. He figured Ko needed this time it wasn't everyday one got to speak with a lost loved one for a moment and that loved one....showed that they still loved them and watched over them. It was a lot to take in. He'd be jealous but one could not ask for who their parents were and he was glad....happy for Ko that he had a mother who loved him so dearly.

Ko shook his head. "No...I'll be all right...just give me a minute to collect my thoughts..." he said as he sat there. He felt so sad, but it wasn't because he had seen his mother. It was because he couldn't answer her wishes. He couldn't stop going down the path he had chosen. Not now.

Kim nodded and looked at him. "I'll be close." He said as he disappeared going to the astral plane knowing that with those words when Ko was ready he'd call and Kim would appear of course but for the moment it allowed that static in his head to clear and the nose bleed to completely calm when he returned it would be as if it never was.

Kirua waited for signs they were ready to leave but for now he just waited knowing that Ko needed the time he knew the conflicting emotions he must be feeling to see her must have been wonderful but that sadness...he had chosen this path no protect Kim to gain the power to do so....and he had to wonder if Ko would ever regret the path he had chosen and back down off of it before the change but....if he was right he could not turn back now he had gone too far into it.

He closed his eyes and brought his hands into his lap to rest there lightly.

"Lacrimosa dies illa,
Qua resurget ex favilla
Judicandus homo reus.
Huic ergo parce, Deus,
Pie Jesu, Domine...

Judicandus homo reus.
Dona eis, requiem! Amen!
Pie Jesu, Domine...

Kirua looked over at him as he spoke his hand in his voice he could hear as he looked at him and had to wonder if he was alright he seemed to be singing or speaking to himself in his native tongue again it was not a tongue that Kirua knew. But he remained there waiting to the side giving his partner in this time to recoup and watching keeping guard while Ko was so vulnerable and yet he was also irritated since it seemed Kim bailed on them getting up and leaving. It looked as if Kim had abandoned them.

Kim floated in the astral plane recovering and listening for the sound of their departure hearing Ko and knowing he needed time but he had felt no ire directed at him. Thank you was indeed what he felt even with his sorrow. All he could do now was listen and wait.

When he opened his eyes, he looked up at the sky and a star fell, streaking across the sky. "That star is the tear of a warrior. A lost soul who has finished his battles somewhere on this planet. A pitiful soul who could not find his way to the lofty realm where the Great Spirit awaits us all...." he said as he stood up and looked back at Kirua.

Kirua looked at him as he walked over. "So what does that mean for us?" He asked looking up since they weren't warriors they weren't fighting for glory or honor...they weren't fighting for...he was an Assassin he was skilled at killing it was his best skill. And then there was Ko who was going down this dark path. That he could not defer from. "And where did he go?" he pondered not sure where Kim took off to and if they were on their own now.

He looked up at the sky again and then back down at Kirua. "When a star falls for means that someone has given up on their faith and lost their way...they're the tears of the angels watching over them...." he said as he turned and began to walk away from Kirua. He hadn't needed to say it that way, but he couldn't keep from it.

Kirua looked up and nodded as he studied the sky....a shooting star never crossed the sky for him. "Well then....I know one will never fall for me....because my family....would never go there to begin with." He said closing his eyes. He shoved his hands in his pockets and shrugged. "There is no angel who would cry for me." He mused then looked at him. "It just are well loved." He shifted not sure if they should start walking.

Ko chuckled as he began to walk. "There is an angel for everyone...perhaps they're just not up there, and down here instead..." he said lowly.

Kirua looked over at him and was quiet for a moment before smiling. "If that's the case.....then he's already shed enough tears for me." he said thinking of Bara....Bara whose life was torn apart when his family made Kirua die or it was him and in Kirua's case while he'd still live they would have taken Bara from this world forever. "I've already found him and wounded him enough yet...." Yet Bara would be furious if Kirua disappeared on him again.

Kim appeared in the air before them and Kirua sighed. "Does he always do that?" He said seeing him floating a bit away giving them time to talk and catch up but at the same time....Kim was lost in thought as well.

"Angels who are wounded are still angels..." he said as he walked. "They still have their wings to fly..."

Kirua nodded as he listened to him. "Alright." He said as he walked along for Bara....for Bara he tried like heck to not get drug back into being a Satsujin sent out to kill because someone was targeted he took Hunters jobs like this one which settled better with Bara but still he didn't like it if Kirua was just going in and killing people all the time so he often took guard jobs. He walked with Ko as they drew closer and closer to Kim who wasn't moving just sort of hanging there as they approached. Kim had said he'd take them back and he would. But this was a conversation between them. Kirua looked at him then and at Kim. "So it makes me wonder....if an angel can fly out of the darkness and into the light..." He said Kim seemed to be a conflicted being neither good nor evil perhaps somewhere in the middle?

"Why would they remain in the darkness?"
he finished and looked at Kirua. "Because they have found someone to guard and to love so unconditionally that it would be more than they could bare to leave them..." he said lowly.  "An angel's love is said to be one of the purest forms of love and mercy there is in existence."

Kirua looked at him. Bara....had been angry and hurt by his actions but didn't hate him when he should have. That would have been a normal reaction but instead he had told Killian he was taking him back and then Mugo made certain no matter what Killian had to give up...had to let him go home to Bara. He looked up at the Cambion who floated there and nodded. "I think I understand what your saying.....until I met this person...I never knew what that was like...." He said to be loved like that. He would go home to Bara, always.

Kim tipped his head eyes closed as he floated there 'looking' down at them and remaining there quiet when they were ready he would know until then....he let them go. This was a thing that he was not a part of....there talk of angels he was Cambion....the closest he had to an 'angel' was walking down there right now....

He sighed and closed his eyes. "It's not an easy thing for them though...falling and being earth takes away almost all of their powers and leaves them almost just as human as you or me..."

Kirua nodded as he looked at him. "I've met two people in my life...who seem to be that way...." He said looking up at Kim as he walked. "The first I found when I was running from my family he gave me a place when I thought I had none and took me back after I was made to hurt him....took a light way to put it...he told my brother that I was coming back into his life period..." He said looking at Kim. "Bara....." he looked down at his hand. "He always knew what I was and I could never bring myself to tell him...but he knew he kept hoping I'd tell him..." He took a deep breathe. "The other is Gungen's partner Narumi....Naru....according to information that my family gathered looking into him....Gungen and he when they met were dealing with a bunch of kids who did something stupid but there actions bought out the demon in Gungen to save everyone....and keep Gungen who he was....Naru gave up his energy to him and has stayed by his side ever since." Kirua sighed as he walked along.

"There are a few more out there...but I've never met any more but Narumi..." he said lowly.

He nodded as he walked up with him noting...that Kim was more or less hovering the same distance from them now. He actually sighed and looked at Ko. " unique among everyone that is for sure.' He said and then sighed. "I'll have to make it up to Bara for being gone for a while. He's not thrilled if he thinks it has to do with my family tends to get angry....not that I can blame him."

He chuckled and nodded. "Understandable though...especially if your family is anything like Mugo..."

"No...Mugo is tame compared to my family....." Kirua said looking ahead. "He's wild true but....compared to them.....they're much worse...." He closed his eyes and then looked at Ko. "If I so much as hold a knife to my mothers throat and threaten to kill her she gushes about my growing up and making her proud.....the first time I left...I had nearly killed her she managed to pull through but instead of being angry with me she's proud. And encourages me to do it order to become head of the Family..." Kirua closed his eyes as he paused in walking and let his fingers deform. "She'd rather I was....'On' all the time. Love is a weakness I am not to love not to care about anyone or anything to find a partner for the sake of producing the next strong line of Satsujin.....because....I'm the only one who put my father into a three year comma.....I'm the only one that stopped his heart. and they had to bring him back....because I left." Kirua took a deep breathe. "That is my family.....I am there prodigy. There perfect Assassin or so they keep telling me....."

"You are perfect," he said frankly. "You can switch between your job and your home life. There is a difference and you can tell it. You're a perfect product..."

Kirua looked over at him and nodded. "That's why they want me back so bad.....because the rest can't." he said lowly. "They can't tell to them it's always 'On' always in that mindset.....but...." He sighed. "I don't want to be on all the time." he said glad that Ko understood the reference to 'On'. He sighed as he shoved that hand back in his pocket. "The perfect killer....I can do my job then go home and hold my lover without ever feeling a drop of remorse or guilt....."

"It's different for me though. I feel no remorse or regret for choosing this path...what I do regret is not getting to let my mother know why...but in her own way, I think she knows..."

Kirua looked at him as he spoke that his only regret was that he couldn't tell her why. Why he chose this path. He looked at him then looked up at Kim who was maintaining a distance so that they could speak in private no doubt. "For Kim.....?" He asked not sure what other reason he could choose to go down this path. To create a world help create one that Kim would not be forced to become a demon pawn or be killed because he choose to become human. Where he could be allowed to exist and those like him who didn't want to choose....didn't want to take up there role as harbinger of doom......who just wanted to live. It was the most recent conversation but he wasn't sure.

"Sore wa himitsu desu..." he responded lowly. He wasn't ready to admit his goals to anyone, not even to Kim. This was something that he wanted to wait to see if it panned out first.

Kirua blinked. "That is a secret?" He repeated blinking not realizing that it was Kim's favorite saying when he didn't want to answer something and he often used it at the tower. He looked up at Kim and then sighed. "I suppose you have some sort of signal for him to know when it's alright to come back?" he asked seeing as how Kim was floating and yet staying close by in case Ko needed him. Although he wasn't a Hunter....."He’s not a Hunter but he is a partner?"

Kirua said meaning work partner.

"Sore wa himitsu desu," he said as he looked at Kirua. He wasn't sure if he was anything to Kim just yet. They hadn't bonded very much other than sharing the energy that Ko stirred up.

Kirua started laughing and shook his head. "You’re not going to answer either way...." He said shaking his head instead of getting annoyed but let it go at that being in his line of work he was used to 'need to know' information and that was obviously need to know. "Most things are answered it seems with...."

"Sore wa himitsu desu...." Kim said suddenly appearing before Kirua finger before his lips leaning in and one eye partially open which got him to react started and swing which had Kim back bending and laughing as he disappeared and then appeared a touch ahead of them. "Ah that wasn't very nice." Kim said teasingly and Kirua looked at him nails in the 'kill' state and sighed.

"That was a reaction nothing more nothing less." Kirua retorted and Kim chuckled.

"Mmm true but those are the most fun!" He said looking at him and then tipped his head eyes closed. "Everything alright now?"

Ko nodded. "Yeah...I'm good," he said as he looked at Kim. "I'm ready to go whenever you are..."

Kim smiled and winked. "It's simply a matter of perspective on the going thing..." he said as they were standing in the middle of the desert one moment and the next they were home. He looked at him and tipped his head as he looked about the space around them back in the familiar lands of Japan again he stretched.

Kirua looked at them and then took a deep breathe. "So how do we do this? I mean I can try talking to Mugo about it but I don't know how easy it will be to get in touch with Gungen...without going through Narumi." He said.

Kim chuckled. "I can find Gungen easily as easily as Mugo. But for now might I suggest waiting until morning? I think the both are no doubt with their respective partners tonight."

Ko nodded. "Yeah...they're probably in least one of them is..." he said, thinking about Mugo and his...appetite.

Kirua nodded if he thought about it that was most likely. "Then we approach this later." He said and looked at them. "How do I get in touch with you if we're to do this?" he asked looking at them. Help Kim, Mugo, and Karega as well as speaking with Gungen.

KIm looked at him and tipped his head. "I can always find you unless of course you'd rather exchange phone numbers."

"Let's just exchange cell phone numbers..."
he said lowly as he pulled out his cell phone.

Kirua nodded and as he pulled it out gave him his number. Pulling out his own as well. Figuring it was best this way since having Kim running around like that wasn't always a good thing and Bara probably won't like Kim suddenly appearing in their home not to mention the silver fox girl who might just go nuts when he appears. It was no doubt for the best.

Kim waited staff gone and hands folded behind his head as he looked up at the stars he didn't have one a cell phone but then again he knew when someone was looking for him could feel it sense it and who it was.
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