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 Twists of Nature

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PostSubject: Twists of Nature   Twists of Nature EmptyFri Aug 28, 2015 8:42 pm

Toki looked up at Mugo who had come by the tower for his weekly evaluation, Neo had a set date that Mugo was supposed to come by every week and he did, only today as he walked in he looked like death warmed over. Pale as a ghost hunched up and dark circles under his eyes. This man was usually full of annoyingly vibrant chaotic energy yet today he looked like it took everything he had just to move. Neo came down and looked at Mugo asking if he needed to play and Mugo didn't really answer him just said he was alright. To which Neo had sighed and handed over four files.

"These should help you some Mugo, they're targets normally given out to the Top three S ranks look like you could use them a bit more right now." Neo said and Mugo smiled.

[color:b8c9=##990033]"Oh Neo~ I love you~" Mugo said happily as he took the files but a few moments after he did Toki watched as the wolf that made him nervous was suddenly there under Mugo's free hand sniffing his pocket as if looking for something and then went on it's hind legs paws on Mugo's chest. But it was Mugo's response that made Toki blink. He smiled and brought his free hand up burying it in the deep crimson red fur and petting the wolf with a smile. "Hell~o boy." He said happily as he pet the very dangerous wolf. Blaise almost as if in answer was nuzzling Mugo's cheek with a low whine. A sort of 'Hello you smell interesting.'

Sena walked up behind Mugo and ruffled his hair as if he were Blaise. Then looked at the wolf and said in a light tone. "Come Blaise stop holding up the Nice Crazy Sohei." And the wolf would walk up to Sen who is nothing but counter dictions Flip-flops, torn apart black t-shirt designer white jacket with chains on the shoulders white jeans a belt around his waist and neck. And a bunch of flowers on his left shoulder. "Mu there isn't feeling well the longer you want pet boy the longer he stays feeling sick right?" And the wolf nuzzled him.

Toki was absolutely floored by Sena's statement. Sena hadn't actually met Mugo yet. If anything he saw him on the way down and just by looking at him had summed up Mugo in a nut Shell.....

Sena continued to pet his wolf kneeling there and then spoke. "Toki be a dear and don't be so quick to judge, You haven't walked a mile in his shoes nor do I believe he would want you to....believe it or not I do believe it would break Mugo's heart if there was anyone else having to go through even a smallest fraction of the hellish past he went through." And then look up at Toki and smile a warm gentle smile despite the fact he's a sadistic homicidal manic. "You can see the signs of what was done to him in his past laced through his body. He must have three or four different conditions because of it. Each one as nasty as the next. And if he starves any of them it's rather crippling." Sena could tell all of that without having actually met Mugo, just watching as Blaise ran up to say hello.

Mugo just smiled happily at Sena and not say a word. A single complaint isn't ever going to pass his lips, at least not about being in pain.

Sena stood up again and placed his hand again on Mu's head ruffling his hair an affectionate thing. "Stop hurting yourself Mugo. Go on and take care of the problem. The longer you put it off and the harder it is to calm it down." He said lowly. "You've got Blaise worried about you."

Sena was concerned about Mugo as he could see all the signs of him suffering and not doing anything about it. He'd ruffle Mugo's hair again not really thinking about what he's doing, and said. "Go on and take care of your problem, your pain's not going to end, and the longer you starve that need the harder it will be to calm it down right?"

Toki was staring because Sena can figure a person out rather quickly without knowing anything about them. He finished up by saying. "Besides Blaise really is worried about you."

Mugo just smiled happily at Sena and move to nuzzle Sena as he hugged him very painfully loosely. "I'll be ok...I've been this way for a long time's not going to change now so it's ok~"

Sena brought his hand up and laid it on top of Mugo's head just playing with his hair and flooring Toki. Sena knew Mugo without killing needs physical contact. Although he's not going after the sexual energy just being allowed to touch someone is a comfort to the pain. A minor one but it's there. He brought his other arm up to hug Mugo and just kept playing with his hair. "If your sure. You're stable. But your not looking good at all much longer and you'll get sick."

Toki was just staring, surprised and wide eyed. He was floored. He knew Sena was sensitive to all things in life being an Ecokenitic but....he was all but embracing Mugo right there. For Sena it's the fact that he's so in tune with nature and knows Mugo's natural balance is off right now and it's already been twisted to maintain it now he has to do things that although he 'enjoys' doing. He doesn't want to always have to do. And Then Sena would expand his Reiki letting that wild turbulent energy of nature both dark and pure, wild and calm all at once ripple around them. Letting Mugo rest in the 'hot and cold' of nature.

Mugo would relax a little, feeling some of the pressure be lifted off of him. "Oh~ Such a lovely make me want to be very naughty~" he mused lightly.

Sena chuckled and continued to play with his hair. "Sounds like fun." he said lightly not at all detoured from offing this man comfort. An ease from the pain by letting him be wrapped up in raw nature. Toki just stared as Sena was opened up to Mugo unblocked un refined he wasn't holding his aura in but letting it wrap around Mugo as Mugo seemed to realx a little just by that. Toki watched standing there silent and confused. Just what did Sena see?

Neo moved to sit down on a bench and just relax no longer needing to be at the top of the tower all the time he let Sena deal with Mugo. Knowing that Sena was as odd as they come but detouring him once he decided on something was impossible.

Mugo nuzzled Sena, closing his eyes as he rested a little. " nice...." he mused happily. If he rested too long, he'd go to sleep, but he was so comfortable when he had Sena lifting some of the pain.

Sena just held him and smiled. "It's fine." he answered to be in pain so long needing to do anything to answer it to quiet it. Perhaps for the first time being able to do nothing but be held? To be....'human' and simply be held without needing to feed any aspect of what was done to him. He said lowly seeing the deeply relaxed state he was in. Sena continued to stroke his hair in a soothing manor. "It's been a long time since you could just relax like this right? It's alright."

Toki went a bit wide eyed at those words. A long time since he could just relax? And then watched as Blaise moved up and laid down beside them on the floor as if to keep guard and protect them both. Toki was quiet....Mugo looked as if he was in a semi peaceful state.

Mugo sighed a little contently. "Mm...since I was four..."

Sena looked about and saw a large couch. "Will you be too terribly upset if I move you to the couch? So you can sit and relax a while not needing to do anything but simply relax?" He said lightly. "The Couch isn't far but it'll be easier for you there."

Toki moved to the side and stared....Sena was....he was taking care of Mugo as if Mugo was a wounded child who needed cared for. HIs hand continuing without a second thought to stroke Mugo's hair and the other arm wrapped around him holding him easily up.

"I'm sorry it took me a while to find's alright to just relax right now."

Mugo nodded as he stayed there, arms wrapped limply around Sena's neck. "Mm can move me...I don't mind~"

Sena smiled. "Alright." he said as he easily lifted Mugo's frame up and then walked over to the couch. Once he sat down he made sure Mugo was in his lap and then moved his hand so that he gently pushed Mugo's head to his shoulder the other arm around his waist holding him still in that aura. Blaise rushed over and climbed up to snuggle next to them.

Toki sat down in a chair across from them seeing Mugo.....a different man then before. He had been doing that when they first met and acted like it was natural normal. But this....he was in the raw power of Sena's aura which many were overwhelmed in and he was....relaxed comfortable looking as if he could take a nap. And Sena was holding him stroking his hair and letting him cuddle.

Mugo nuzzled Sena as he got comfortable in the aura. He was feverish and pale. He ached, but at least he was given even a small amount of stimulation by someone's power. "Mm...this would be even better...if you were fighting me...or playing with me...but nice..."

Sena chuckled. "Really?" he mused leaning in and whispering in Mugo's ear. "Careful keep indicating play and I just might take you up on it. But fighting you? Well.....I tend to be like nature when I play....and fighting well....I enjoy being able to be near someone without having to stay in Zetsu or risk hurting them."

Mugo opened his eyes to look up at Sena. "Oh? You're very interesting indeed...." he mused as he closed his eyes again to rest his head back on Sena. He was too tired to put forth too much effort

Sena chuckled. "Another time or perhaps if your still needing it will I take you up on it Mu, but for now?" He shifted his Aura making it as wild and intense as 'sexual' energy could be, and yet calm and soothing at the same time. The effect he knew would allow this man to sleep and allow his fever to break without him having to struggle through fighting to get enough stimulation to achieve it. "For now, go on an get some rest...I'm not going anywhere until that that fever breaks and color returns to your skin."

Toki blinked he knew Mugo was pale but. "Fever??" He asked and Sena glanced over. "Yes little Toki Fever. He's very sick right now....painfully so. The very things his body needs the 'energy' it needs to build gain can be gained through violence and or sexual stimulation it's an intense energy that can only be transferred at 'peek point of release' however it is also the height of nature's essence all that is. So I can simulate it for him without making him have to do anything but cuddle and relax. Giving him peace for the first time in a long time."

Toki went wide eyed. "I...."

"Your young and with youth comes the need to judge far too quickly."

Anyway Mugo just smiled as he opened his eyes to look over at Toki. "I didn't want to tell you any different. You wouldn't have believed me anyway."

Toki frowned and looked down. "I..."

Sena sighed as he ran his fingers through Mugo's hair. "It's not something easy to understand Toki. And it's no doubt something Mu doesn't like talking about because it doesn't hurt him that damage is done, but it angers him that he had to go through even a little of it."

Toki nodded as he looked up. He his issues his parents....when he was little had been....he closed his eyes and looked away. ""

Mugo sighed and shook his head. "Apologizing won't fix me, nor will it give me a life I can't love's ok to not believe fact, it's likely better that way~"

Toki looked at him and away. "My...parents were butchered and tortured before me by a group of bandits when I was a kid. They finished with them and then turned to do the same to me....Natsu came flying out of nowhere then and stopped the first guy but when they went to grab him...Neo was there." Toki looked up at Mugo. "I watched helpless as it happened.....the other day....reminded me of it."

"I'm not a kind man...but I'm not going to kill you...I like you~"

Toki looked at him. "I've screamed at you that I hate you...." He countered and Sena went wide eyed chuckled and then turned his face into Mugo's hair laughing his ass off.....that sort of 'I hate you' comes across more flustered and embarrassed then holding any true venom. No matter how many times Toki yelled just no doubt made him cuter in Mugo's eyes.

Toki flushed bright red. "Sena it's not funny!"

Mugo smiled happily. "I know you don't hate me To~"

Toki just stared at him. "I've told you have ever chance I get...." he countered staring at them as Sena finally calmed down but let his head against the top of Mugo's.

"Ah to be so naïve..."

Mugo chuckled and closed his eyes. "You just hate that part of you likes me~"

Toki flustered shifted and crossed his arms looking away. "Whatever." he retorted. "I still hate you." He answered flatly. Stubbornly.

Sena snickered. "He could not be more obvious."

"Mm...that's okay~" he mused happily as he rested there.

Toki huffed as he glared pointedly at the far wall. "Good because it's not changing ever." He said in a petulant tone.

Sena smiled as he hugged Mugo holding him. No wonder Mugo liked Toki so much. Toki showed how much he liked Mugo by how much he fought liking him.

Mugo chuckled and nuzzled Sena. "'ll come around To...I love you~" he told Toki lowly as he closed his eyes and began to drift off to sleep.

"Fat chance." Toki countered drawing his knees up. Neo was here in the lobby so the S Rank's rule of 'Two' implied and well Mugo was sick so he couldn't leave. At least that was Toki's reasoning. Neo was however sitting curled up on a small couch reading a book in the lobby.

Sena smiled as he continued to stroke Mugo's hair knowing that right now Mugo needed this more then anything.

As if there whole debate was none of Neo's concern.He idly turned the page and kept on reading.

" you To~" he mumbled as he drifted between sleep and wake.

"Tsk I hate you.' He retorted sulking as he dropped his chin onto his knees and closed his eyes. "' he mumbled knowing that Mugo was falling asleep.

Sena smiled simply as he continued to run his fingers through Mugo's hair soothingly.

"Love you..." he breathed as he finally drifted off to sleep, no longer able to fight the wonderful turbulence of darkness and comfort Sena was giving him.

Sena simply held it. Letting Mugo bask in it and letting him heal. By doing nothing more then being a 'normal human' and getting to sleep off and cuddle when not feeling good. Wither or not anyone understood it he'd do this for Mugo as many times as this one needed it. This wasn't an energy that was easy to come by. Besides it gave him something to do and someone to hold wasn't crushed by his aura. In fact Mugo basked in it.
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Twists of Nature
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