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 A moment of peace.

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A moment of peace.  Empty
PostSubject: A moment of peace.    A moment of peace.  EmptyThu Jan 07, 2016 12:30 pm

Killian had been called away for work, had been busy taking care of it the past few days which left his partner alone he hated it when he was called away like that but Mugo always insisted it was fine. So when he came back walked in after taking off his trench coat and hanging it up it was to find Mugo in bed with a deep royal purple haired young man who seemed to be sleeping with his back to Mugo. There was no doubt what had happened and Killian knew well enough to know....Mugo wasn't doing it to cheat on him he needed something and would get sick without it.

"Again?" he mused as he looked at them shaking his head and turning to go make himself a cup of coffee.

Mugo stirred sleepily at the sound of Kil's voice and answered him half asleep. "Kil? Will you lay with me?" he spoke seeing his lover through sleep clouded eyes.

Killian chuckled kicked off his shoes and then walked over and climbed into the bed with him. "I think you know the answer to that one." as he'd lay down with Mugo.

Mugo snuggled back into the blankets and sigh contently. "Mm...I got hungry without you..." he said groggily as he looked behind him at Kim. "He wanted to we're not mad are you?" he asked as he looked back at Killian.

"No." he answered sighing and running his fingers through Mugo's hair. "Not mad. Besides his far different then anyone else whose been willing to play with you. I have a feeling he would have found a way to play..." He said shaking his head as he looked at the sleeping figure. At least he thought he was sleeping. Kim though was simply laying there eyes closed basking in the afterglow of the energy.....sleeping was far and few between being what he was he could but it was more for something to do then need. That and he didn't think Mugo would be all that thrilled with him if he just got up after and walked off...not after that amount of playing.

Mugo relaxed as he was told that Killian wasn't mad. He closed his eyes and smiled. "His's so good Kil...I want to find something like him all the would make me happy~" he cooed sleepily.

"His energy was so good?" Kil mused looking at his partner and lover finding that a bit curious. Not sure what it was about this one that had Mugo so content not even Sena could get him this relaxed it wasn't the same as when he was curled up to Sena. This was if something about the young man answered Mugo in a way that could not be fathomed. "I'm not sure how many people have his kind of energy....."

Kim rose an eyebrow as he laid there back to them as he found the conversation interesting since they were talking about him although he was laying there how many Cambions? Only a handful how many still on the mortal realm....even less besides himself maybe one other but they were still a child the one who was older choose and went with the around twenty well Kim refused he rather enjoyed just being himself. All that that entailed.

Mugo nodded lazily as he rested there in the bed, head half covered by the blanket. "Mm hm...his's something I've never tasted's dark, but light all at the same makes me want to just be me and no one else..." he said as he opened his eyes again to look up at Killian. The first time he had ever said that to anyone. To just be himself, as he was a lifetime of murder and sex...of pain and agony when he didn't feed. Yet here he was, saying that something, someone made him want to stay that way.

Killian looked at him and tipped his head. "Both dark and light at the same is that even possible?" He mused not sure and then heard a soft sigh not from Mugo.

"Cambion." He answered as he laid there eyes closed. "Since your both so content on talking and pondering.....I am's not likely you're going to find many like me.....we aren't born in huge numbers...and I'm perhaps a bit....Unique on top of that." He had no doubt while Killian's sudden surge of confusion at what a Cambion was not at all familiar with it....Mugo being an ex monk would know exactly what he just played with.

Mugo perked up a little and sat up in the bed. "Cambion!~" he cooed as he leaned over Kim and nuzzled him. "No wonder you were such fun~" he mused and then moved to look at Killian. "Cambion is a half demon, half human child~"

Killian blinked. "He's half demon?" he said finding that interesting. Kim though laughed as Mugo nuzzled him the excitement was an interesting rush for him and opened one eye rolling it to look at Mugo.

"You are excited." He noted putting it in the best way possible the sudden surge of emotions despite being what many would consider positive weren't gagging him. Perhaps because Mugo was darkly amused and happy.

Mugo nodded happily. "He's a true half demon. Cambion are the children of either a human mother and Incubus father, or a Succubus mother and human father. They're the harbingers of doom~" he mused lightly and then looked at Kim. "Of course I'm excited! I got to feed from the purest source of both energies possible~"

Killian rose an eyebrow and laughed. "Oh it'll be hard to top that one for you Mu." He said finding it amusing that Mugo had found someone that was both. "A true one huh the harbinger of doom..."

"Blah too boring." Kim said in answer to being a doom bringer what good was that once it was all dead that was it.....boring. Kim though looked at Mugo smirking. "Yes well you were quiet the feast yourself not many are like you." He said meaning all that 'dark energy' just thrilled him to no end. Although looked is putting it loosely his eyes even after going to the main land and balancing out to a point his two aspects he still didn't open his eyes much used to it the other way.

Mugo pouted at Killian's words. "Oh bu~ you're no fun Kil..." he said as he pouted, but perked up when Kim said that he was good too. "Was I?" he asked as he turned to look at Kim once more. "I'm not special though...I'm just me~"

Killian sighed shaking his head. Chuckling but letting it go.

Kim chuckled. "You were......for me things are much different then others...." He said and considering pain and pleasure walked hand in hand if murder and need were any clue and well for Kim......"You are you...but that is perhaps was."

Mugo tilted his head to the side as he listened to Kim. "You only feed on the dark energies...pain, suffering, agony, hate, anger, murder....all of those things are your favorite, right?" he asked confused.

Kim looked at him and nodded. "For the most part yes. THe most positive emotions sour for me." He said as he actually opened his eyes and looked up at Mugo laying there and studying him. "They are as you said my favorite but....during such activities some of the more....lighter emotions can seep through and make it a bit...spicy."

Killian wasn't so sure he liked the tone of this conversation Kim had been feeding on Mugo? What did that mean for Mugo?

Kim sat up though and looked at Mugo who was radiating confusion. "You seem....confused about something?"

Mugo looked at Kim and nodded. "I was confused about why you would say that it's're still like me. You just feed on dark energies and nothing else...." he said as he sat back a little and looked at Killian. "Kil? What's wrong?"

"I'm a bit concerned about his....eating habits...." Killian said and at that Kim laughed.

"Emotional energy." He said looking at him. "I feed on dark emotional energy, despite popular belief about my kind it's not so much the souls as it is the energy the negativity that sustains me." He said looking at Killian. "As it stands I'm supposed to lead souls astray but I don't feed on them. If that was the case the world would be doomed. No..." He shook his head. "Deaths would run rampant in such numbers it would be insane."

"So your saying you...." Killian said concerned about Mugo about his partner...he could be rather possessive if he thought something was out to kill Mugo...yank out his soul.

"I fed off of the energies yes but no different then Mugo himself perhaps....due to the nature of his powers he too takes in the energies of the person he is with....he no doubt felt the combination of the demon and human in me where as I felt the darker nature of his desires which made the whole event....entirely delicious."

Killian nodded but still frowned slightly worried about Kim taking Mugo away from him. Mugo feeding the hunger was one thing becoming lost to him was another.

Mugo looked at Killian, true concern gracing his features. "Kil?" he asked as he moved, getting on his knees, letting the blanket slide off of him as he crawled up to look at Killian, their noses inches apart. "Are you scared of something?"

Killian looked at him. "Loosing you." He answered bluntly. "I'm afraid of loosing you feeding the hunger is one thing.....loosing you because something took you from this world another......I need you Mugo." Killian said looking at him not sure how Mugo would respond to hearing that one. He knew his lover had his tendencies the same time...."Nothing would be worse then that Mu."

Kim rolled his eye looking at them they were bordering on mushy emotions if it went that far he'd be disappearing on them.....still rolling on such a 'good note' for himself. The thrum of the darker emotions rolling through him the sudden influx of positive would make 'lunch' sour but nor could he fault humans for was something they all seemed to need on some level....

Mugo put his forehead to Killian's and closed his eyes, smiling as he laughed. "Kil, you're so silly~" he mused lightly as he opened his eyes and sat back on his legs, sitting as any Japanese person would. "I'm not going to die so easily, nor is anyone going to take me away from where I want to be. That's much too hard to do~"

Killian looked at him as he laughed away Killian's concerns as if he was truly just being very silly. "I know how skilled you are Mu....but against a demon...." especially one that Mugo said was a harbinger of doom and heard the long suffering sigh.

"I'm not stupid you know." He said looking over as he tipped his head. "the human in me may be about roughly twenty but the other half is still in its infancy and well to be frank I'm not exactly dumping my humanity to make it grow up quicker." He said shrugging. "Besides I'd rather not end up playing that sort of game it ends the fun rather quickly." He said dismissively waving his hand.

Mugo chuckled and shook his head. "I could kill him as he is...he's still half human Kil~" he said as he opened his eyes to look at Killian. "I'm strong, not invincible, I know that. I'm just not worried about the people I play with. The only one who has ever come close to killing me is Neo~"

Killian went a touch wide eyed when he said that the only one who ever came close to killing him was Neo....Neo who they worked for. HIs sudden tension agitation and upset was like a buffet to Kim who closed his eyes and savored the sudden turmoil that Killlian felt. He had not realized just how close to death Mugo had been since they all said he'd be fine after wards but.....Killian looked at him. "Neo? You mean that day......" He said not at all happy about that. But he glanced at Kim. "So as long as he remains half human he's vulnerable?"

"Ah-ah no not exactly. There is a way to kill me because of my humanity's not an easy task to do." Kim said shaking his finger at Killian. "Nor would I suggest attempting it.....I'm not likely to play very nice in that case. And it's such a pleasant afternoon." Kim said and Killian blinked barely twitched the needles his answer to the aggravation he was feeling at the moment only to blink when Kim held them up between his fingers. "Now now that's not very nice.....I'm sure you would not want them back the same way no?" Kim said opening his eyes and Killian stared he was an assassin and while they hadn't been aimed at anything vital they had stabbed his arms although Kim caught them....

Mugo sighed and closed his eyes and sat flatly on his butt, pulling his knees up close. "Neo came close, but I avoided most of it...even still...he was really trying that day..." he said lowly as he looked at the bed blankly. "Neo can, which is why I obey him so easily Kil. Those who are my masters...are those who could kill me easily..." he said, finally revealing why he obeys certain figures so well as opposed to others. "Kil, stop trying to hurt him! He's not doing anything wrong!" he said as he sat there, looking at Killian. Sadness, true sadness and worry in his eyes. "You don't have to worry about Neo. I picked my battle and I lost. That's why I pick masters like that maybe one day, I can finally lose for good..."

Killian sighed softly as he looked at Mugo. "So that you can loose for good...." He closed his eyes. "So you can die one day." He said figuring it out as Mugo said it looking so sad. He had been hurt by so many in the past tortured and tormented until he became the way he was. But at his words to stop trying to hurt Kim because he wasn't doing anything wrong he looked hesitantly at him and Kim chuckled.

"Believe it or not I'm not manipulating anything everything going on here is your own doing. I'm just enjoying the benefits and can't blame me for that one....Mu told you what I feed on. You're giving it to me in troves." Kim said opening an eye to look at them then at Mugo.

KIllian sighed as he looked at Mugo. "Just...don't pick that battle soon Mu.....I don't know how I'll handle loosing you.....your the only one in this world I love and care about all that you are as you are." He said Mugo had in the past always asked him if he loved him and he always said yes but this was perhaps one of the few times he'd openly admit it even in front of....he turned his head and blinked all of his defenses everything opening up raw and exposed. "Is this your doing?"

"Mmm no not exactly I'm draining all the negative energy from you both yes but human nature easily dictates that when that emotional energy is spent that underlying truths usually come out to the forefront. You can't hide behind your walls's what makes demons so horrible really.....we cause you to expose your inner self."

Mugo looked at Killian and smiled all the same. "I don't want to be like this for ever you know..." he said as he hugged his knees tightly to himself. To finally be fully vulnerable to the world, well...his world at least. It felt nice. "I wasn't meant to be this me. The me who died...was kind of like who you see now. He was soft and warm. He cared about others a lot more than who I normally am and he loved animals more than anything...he was so gentle and wouldn't have hurt anyone...not for the world..." he said as he smiled, but his voice was wavering a little, like he was holding back tears. "The life I've lived would have made the me who died so sad. He would have cried himself to sleep every night when he didn't have someone to sleep with him..." he said as he closed his eyes and continued to smile, even if it was such a sad one. "I won't die any time soon Kil. I can't. It's not possible...every day, I change and get stronger. Sometimes, I wonder if I'm not turning into something else entirely..."

Killian looked at him and listened as Mugo spoke about becoming something else changing and becoming stronger. He glanced at Kim. "Is that even possible?"
Kim looked at him and touched his lips with his fingertip. "Sore wa himitsu desu." He answered to which Kil's eyebrow twitched about to say something but in this case it was a secret even to Kim he didn't know. And it wasn't that he didn't know because it wasn't possible to know but rather he didn't know because it was information that was kept secret.

Killian looked at Mugo reaching out run his hand gently through his hair. "Mu." He said lightly Mugo looked so vulnerable so exposed right now it was true he had said that the old him had died but here....was hints of the old Mugo before they did all of that to him. "When Kim leaves...." He said lowly.

"The energies will begin to build up in you both again yes." Kim said glancing over at them both. "But right now.....I'm consuming all that negative energy....." He said shrugging and then glanced at Mugo. "Although's hard to say...after all his gifts are not normal among humans."

Mugo looked up at Killian, opening his eyes to reveal the humanity, the soft tenderness that was always pushed down so deep into the darkest depths of Mugo's soul. "Before I started living here, I did cry all the time. Sleep wasn't something that came easy. After I lay down at night, without a person to feed me all through the night next to me, I become this person...he cries himself to sleep when he's alone because of the things he's done, and the things he's seen..." he said and looked over at Kim and smiled. "It's ok though. I don't need him to tell me...I know already. When I stop growing...I'll be something new...I'll be a demon."

Killian closed his eyes. "Is that even possible?" He said surprised at that one.
"Hai." Kim answered sadly. "I've heard of it but never actually seen it.....although I'll live throughout the centuries as I am now unless I take a side because of the nature of my birth but....they say it is possible for a human to become a demon." He said as he sat there looking at them then looked at Killian. "However usually those type still hold dear to those they kept in life. It's...not quiet the same form everything I've heard." He said shrugging his knowledge of that wasn't as extensive but that was because he didn't go there to learn it all.

KIllian sighed as he looked at Mugo. "As long as I don't loose you."

KIm sighed although the sadness was there and Killian's agitation and worry it wasn't strong negative emotions just gentle ones and although it wasn't the same to feed on he knew when he left it would start going the other way, heck it could even now if something upset Mugo enough but he seemed content to be as he was now. Open and honest with the deepest parts of his heart and soul.

Mugo smiled at Killian and shook his head. "Demon or human...none of that matters to me anymore. I just want to be with Kil...forever...." he said lowly as the tears finally began to fall. The first time Killian had seen Mugo cry since he was young. "If the Mugo you love ever goes away...then it'll be time for me to leave. I'll let them hunt me down and it'll be over for good...I can't do it myself, there's no way for me to...but if someone strong enough comes along..." he trailed off though as he smiled through the tears. Parts of him that would never change now that they had been altered.

Killian went a touch wide eyed and then sighed reached forward and tugged Mugo into him holding him. "I'm not leaving you." he said firmly as he held Mugo in his arms anyone else cried on him he'd kill them for being weak. Mugo....he'd hold him for being able to let out the endless pain he was in and hid the sorrow that buried so deep beneath the surface of all that anger and hate and malicious intent. "I'm not going anywhere Mu." He said firmly as he held him running his fingers through his hair only now he was worried about what would happen when Kim left. To leave Mugo in such a state.

Kim shifted and sat there leaning against the wall eyes closed listening to them he'd leave soon...let them have there space but had a feeling right now Mugo was relishing being able to get out what lay so deep inside his concerns and worries his everything at the moment since Kim was so soundly taking everything else away.

Mugo nodded and curled into Killian. He knew that Killian wouldn't leave him, but it still felt good to hear him say it out loud. "Kil...I know you won't leave..." he said lowly as he rested against his lover, his partner as the tears flowed silently. A silent sign of all of the pain he had truly been in. "You promised to love me forever....I know you meant it Kil..." he said and closed his eyes and took a deep breath. "I'll be ok when he leaves you know...I'll just be me again...the me that I am now...will go back to sleep..."

Killian took a deep breathe and nodded. "I wasn't sure if it would hurt you when he left. I know....he seems to be influencing a lot right now." He said glancing at Kim who shrugged.

"I'll go when you want me's not an issue." Kim said lightly meaning when they ready for him to take off and he could despite how much this sorrow tasted sweet to him he wasn't still feeding on it not like he was before taking in all that energy would leave Mugo hollow inside and that was not good. No, he relaxed there looking at them both. "Mugo can ask me to leave whenever or you...I'm not so easy to offend." He said meaning that the only reason he was staying was because Mugo seemed to need this release right now.

Killian glanced at Kim. "As wary as I am of you...until Mu askes you to leave I don't care either way. If he still needs you here for a while longer then you're welcome to stay." Killian said as he ran his fingers through Mugo's hair having a feeling that Kim draining all of that off of Mugo was allowing his lover to release pent up pain.

Mugo shook his head. "Hurting me is a lot harder to do now...when the softer side of me is gone...I feel nothing. The only reason I feel love or affection is because it is one of few emotions that even demons can feel. I don't feel sad or hurt, or lonely when I'm the other me. I only feel the negative emotions. Anger, hate, malice...they're there but nothing else. The light you always see is a lie. The only gentleness in that Mugo is when he's asleep...." he said as he looked at Killian.

Killian nodded. "That doesn't change the fact that you are mine regardless....and even knowing all of that doesn't change how I feel about you at all." he said as he looked at him running his fingers through Mugo's hair not at all caring that he was admitting basically feeling only negative emotions and then the love and that was because even a demon could feel love which surprised him. "I had not thought...."
Kim chuckled. "We's just not...something we broadcast because too much positive energy is sickening." he said shrugging and glanced at Mugo confirming what he said about feeling love that even a demon could. "Although those feelings are more reserved to special few if any."

Mugo smiled and nuzzled into Killian's chest as he was held and pet to an extent. "Mm...even demons need a partner. They don't just come from nothing silly..." he said as he rested there. "Special few. I don't love just anyone...."

Killian nodded as he held him continuing to run his fingers through his hair although now if Mugo did become a demon he'd one day leave him due to old age that worry seemed to be picked up by Kim who rose and eyebrow and snorted. Killian looked at him. "you find it funny my concerns."

"I find it interesting your like a yoyo of emotions right now.....amusing and entertaining really, you seem to be going from one extreme to another....let me put it this way. Pacts can be made and when they are depending on the pact things change. If and when he becomes a demon and a pact made out of love and bond is made a sharing of life you'll live as long as him. It really all depends on the type of pact made." He said offering information.

Mugo was drifting off to sleep. A calm to the dark storm that had been brewing inside of him for so long. "Mm...when I become a demon, Kil will get a contract before anyone else...." he mumbled lowly as he curled up to Killian and sought out his warmth. Without his darker emotions swelling inside, he felt colder than he normally did. Maybe it was because he felt more exposed, but whatever it was, it left him seeking out Killian's warmth.

Kim looked at him and then the blankets shifted up as he himself moved and hit the floor dressed in nearly the same instant but it allowed Killian and Mugo to stretch out a bit. Killian held Mugo in his arms.

"I would accept any one from you." he said looking at Mugo. Looking at the man he loved more then anything as he held him in his arms. He did glance at Kim though as Kim suddenly seemed to hope up and sit on thin air dressed in priest robes and sitting on his staff making a shushing gesture with his fingertip so that Mugo could if he so wished to get some much needed had been an entertaining afternoon he could stick around and keep the heavier emotions at bay long enough for Mugo to get some decent sleep.

Mugo nuzzled into the blankets and shook his head lazily. "Uh uh...Kil will need his soul to live forever with me..." he said sleepily as his breathing was becoming softer.

Killian smiled as he looked at Mugo. "Of course I told you I'm not going anywhere.....that means when you change and become a demon I'm still staying by your side because you're still Mugo." He said to the sleepy figure knowing that in mere moments Mugo would be asleep he was already getting there all snuggled up against him. This man held his heart in a way no one could for all his ups and downs.....Mugo was his world.

"Kil~" he breathed lowly as he started to doze off further into sleep. "Love you...."

He smiled. "I love you too Mu." He said warmly as he looked at him one of the few times when Killian sounded warm about anything then glanced at Kim who nodded he would be there for a while ensuring that Mugo got rest. And sleep began to overtake Killian as well since he was tired but concerned about Mugo had pumped him up a bit. Now though they were both falling asleep and the fact Mugo could fall asleep in Kim's presence meant the boy wasn't a danger to them although he had caught those needles. It just showed him.....that Mugo held firm to how he viewed those around him.

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A moment of peace.
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