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 Full Dive Test Run

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Full Dive Test Run Empty
PostSubject: Full Dive Test Run   Full Dive Test Run EmptyThu Dec 10, 2015 9:20 pm

The wind rushed at high speeds around him as he stood on the board grinding along the pipe line flying at speeds that should one frighten any sane person and two.....should not by any means be humanly possible as there was no where to do this. However.....he was. It was a fun assignment for him really enter the MMORPG Avalanche Run and play the game. Find the player Killer and stop them and while that didn't seem like a problem as in many MMORPG's there were player killers heck even he was in Rowdy if they tried to pilfer him. But right now he had a converted account. Was playing the game running in one of the gauntlet races and trying to find the PK who was not just killing off Avatar's and causing a default reset to last save point. This person and or persons was team killing inside and outside of game....when the Avatar died so too did the player but what made this so hard was that the Avatar's players were not just in Japan, they were in Russia, China, America and all within hours of each other. If one player died at two in the afternoon at three in the afteroon the first who died in japan for example the second in america with no way to transverse that distance in that short time unless they were like him....and very very few were like him.

Although he had not full dived in Arclight tower for one thing Arclight that Sassy computer tended to want to regulate the amount of time he was full dived. Two.....for this job he was server jumping and going through player accounts for all he knew at the moment he was in somewhere in one of either Japan's or even Russia's servers China's....who knew he didn't care right now he was grinding to the next check point and on some level he was certain.....not only was Cyber in here but Nerve may have taken the job as well and if that was the case he may nor may not run into his cousin soon enough.....The board jumped track and after spinning through the air he landed hitting the grind rail and moving again flying in a half circle and then going straight.....yeah.....he was heading to Brama 646 the City on the outskirts of this level's map to check information and leads there playing a Tracker Hunter in the game there version of a Bounty Hunter.....well if it did would draw the enemy to him.
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Full Dive Test Run
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