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 Changing one's fate. Pal Vs Tark

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Changing one's fate. Pal Vs Tark Empty
PostSubject: Changing one's fate. Pal Vs Tark   Changing one's fate. Pal Vs Tark EmptySun Sep 27, 2015 9:19 am

They were back on the Carrier the mission done and Pal was with Tark, while Rwby was in the medical ward and getting treated.....this mission pissed off Pal to no end because if he had not been there that kid.....

"A real leader needs to be in your place. You're sending your men out on suicide missions because you're a coward..." Pal said as he glared at Tark. It didn't matter to him if he was a General....Pal didn't answer to him in the end he was hired for a job and it was done.

He was upset and looked at him and not wanting to accept that at any moment Rwby could go Rogue on him and kill off everyone. Tark would stare at him and look at him. "I don't send my men out on suicide missions." he countered looking at him. "All of the Soldiers of Arc know the dangers of going out there. Know that there risking there lives to clean up messes created by others. So what exactly is it you want?" Tark would retort ignoring the fact that Rwby wasn't in a good state at the moment having come across a monster of a creature even among those things that had beat him down constantly and Beast's blade had bounced off it's hide. Rwby had beat it in the end he had refused to discharge a single ounce of energy until the very end where it went off in a large explosion while Pal had been handling a nest of critters just as dangerous. Pal had in the end found the kid bruised bloodied and a broken arm the one he had channeled all of that energy through....the bones in the arm broke under the strain. Tark was pissed.....not only because Pal was confronting him on the carrier but also because.....Rwby had come back alive.

Pal tisked and snorted. "You're an idiot who doesn't deserve to lead a choir, let alone an army," he said snidely as he looked at Tark. "You send this kid out on suicide missions hoping he'll die, why? Because he's strong? Because you don't understand how his abilities work? Ridiculous."

He jabbed a finger at Tark. "You're pathetic. You send him out on the front lines because you're afraid he'll go awol, but you're failing to realize that each time you send him out in front, you're giving him an opening to go berserk and turn on every one of your men and you!"

Tark looked at him. "What this is about Rwby? He won't go AWOL he's a hard hitter able to handle the worst of situations alone! It's you who doesn't understand at all he can go into a mess like that base and come out." Tark said looking at him. "Those powers of his allow him to be a walking tank." He said gesturing. "It's you who doesn't understand that kid at all."

"You're an idiot!" he retorted in anger. "That kid could have died today had I not been hired to go with him. His ability's limitations make him too slow to be in a front line battle!" he countered. "It takes time and energy to charge his attacks. He's not a damn tank, he's a fucking sniper rifle."

"The kid has a slow start sure but once he's charged up he's a walking juggernaut." He said looking at him. "Had you not been there? Had you not been there he would have kept building the power and been able to waste that base in no time.' He said looking at him. "The whole point of this argument is that you want me to discharge him to you don't you? You want me to release him from Arc?" Tark narrowed his eyes. "I think it's you who underestimates him if you put him on the back lines it would take even longer for him to get the power he needs to fight." Tark side not caring at all that Rwby was in the infirmary at the moment having his left arm set and several stitches as he had a few nice sized gashes. The doctors there knew.........even with a broken arm Rwby would be sent back out onto the front lines soon....they had another mission lined up for him....Tark really didn't allow him to rest.

"What you fail to realize is that Rwby is part of this team and he knows his place among us he's capable of handling whatever I throw at him. I have the utmost faith in him."

"Oh he knows all right...the kid knows you're trying to get him killed," he retorted as he glared cold, hateful daggers at Tark. "He's just a kid you tick-skulled, dumbass motherfucker," he said in anger. "He's not some machine!"

He held up his hand and let a small trickle of blood appear in his hand. "This ability would earn me the same treatment here wouldn't it?" he asked as he narrowed his eyes. "I'll teach you a little something about me...give me someone here you're not worried about losing a chunk of flesh or two..."

He looked at him as much as he'd love to call for Rwby no doubt Pal would have fits. He seemed to want that kid so instead he called over a lower ranked Arc Soldier and told him he'd be compensated for the display. The guy shifted uneasily but looked between them. "Oh really a skill I'm surprised you didn't use with Rwby then? Or do his powers really bother you that much?"

Rwby was done in the infirmary Beast was in his room on the carrier at the moment since the doctor freaked out if Beast was with him not bothering to hide his fear but he was headed to where Pal and Tark were having been told Tark wanted to see him.

Pal snorted and looked at Tark. "I have more respect than that...he's important to me...unlike you," he retorted before he moved over to the one who was shifting around nervously and grabbed his right wrist, jerking his arm up and he leaned in, opening his mouth and sank his teeth in, tearing out a chunk of flesh and let the man's arm drop. Stepping back he began to chew it before he finally swallowed and licked his lips and chuckled as the blood trickled down his chin. "I'm more of a danger than that kid is...since I'm not only strong, but I'm fast and can fight without having to charge up my attacks...."

He smirked as he held out his hand and watched as pieces of broken machines gathered and shaped into a scythe. "I'm the worst kind of monster for people like you..."

Tark went wide eyed as one moment Pal was talking to him and the next biting this low ranking officer and then....using his power. "You gained his powers by biting him...." He said realizing it. "You're right you are the worst sort of monster. You gain powers by absorbing it through he consumed tissue of another living being. As to Rwby being important to you.....why what do you want with him? To consume him and gain his powers?" Tark said as the door slide open and in walked the teen in question.

"That's an interesting point to walk in on." Rwby said rather bored. "Unfortunately sir I have no intention of dying today or any time soon." Rwby said looking not at Pal but at Tark. "Although the doctor said you wished to see me?"

"Yes I'll get to that in a moment." Tark said looking back at Pal. "You can't have him I won't let you consume one of my best warriors."

Pal actually began to laugh as Tark was such an idiot. He left the scythe as it was, but tossed it at Tark's feet. "Don't be ridiculous. I'm not out to eat him. In fact, I'd rather not use that ability much at's too much of a bother in combat..." he explained after calming down enough to speak. "Don't compare me to some mindless beast...I don't go around eating people I want to gain their powers from...I only get to keep one of their damned powers permanently anyway..."

Tark looked at him and narrowed his eyes. "What you don't get to choose it then?" He said looking at him and then over at Rwby. "I know you just got back Rwby but the reason why your here is because there is another mission for you."

Rwby looked at him. "Your serious?" He said annoyed his arm was busted that cut off taking impacts he had to wait for his body to heal for that and the other.

"Absolutely Rwby it's the sort that requires your skill set. I suppose that's why Pal here and I have been arguging he seems to think your too weak to handle it." Tark said glaring back at Pal.

"Strength left arm is broken....." He said he couldn't use the sniper gun function in that state nor could he.....set Beast to feed he had to hold the blade with his left hand and trigger the handle with his right the alternative was to throw Beast behind the creatures and then call it back but throwing Beast away on purpose made the blade unstable.....highly. "Beast Rose is not a blade to be safely wielded one handed Sir...."

"Of course I get to choose which power I want to keep dumbass," he retorted haughtily. "I'm saying that I'm not trying to eat the kid. He's in poor shape and you're trying to get him know hell with it...." he said as he turned to look at Rwby. "Pack your shit, you're coming with me...this idiot is going to get you killed."

Rwby looked at Pal as he demanded that he pack up and go with him....What he had with him was his combat gear which he was wearing and.....He brought his right hand up and to his mouth whistling but there was no audible sound at least not what normal ears could hear and then racing into the room was a large beast of a 'wolf' with several tails before it lifted up shifted and became the massive blade . Swinging it behind himself he put it back behind his back as Tark looked at Pal. "Your taking him? And what? The Hunter's exam isn't for another eleven months yet. You really think your big boss will let him hang around the tower? He's not a Hunter nor according to you is he a front line fighter so how do you figure he'll qualify for being one? His place is here in Arc."

Rwby looked at him in the condition he was in now if he went out there he would die....he wasn't stupid and seeing that Pal was saying was easy. With Beast against his back he walked over to Pal. "This is all I have with me....I don't travel with a lot it only weighs me down."

He snorted at Tark's words. "You're one dumbass motherfucker aren't you?" he asked snidely. "I'm taking him home with me idiot...I don't live in the tower. That's a place for S ranks...I'm just an A/1," he explained lowly, coldly.

Tark looked at him and started laughing. "Oh yes he's much safer living with a admitted Cannibal. I'm sure if you get in the mood he'll be lunch?"

Rwby sighed. "You really don't get Cannibalism at all do you?" He said looking over at him. 'Your implying that the only thing Pal eats is other people when in truth most of humanity wither or not they wish to admit it falls into the that category. Cannibal simply means meat eater. The term was shifted to mean a person who eats other people." Rwby looked at him. "I'm no more worried about Pal eating me then I am about Beast. However your the more problematic one....your actually more dangerous to be around."

Pal licked his lips and motioned with his finger and the scythe he had thrown at Tark's feet moved over to him and he grasped it firmly in his hand before he moved and took a bite out of the metal blade and began to chew it before swallowing it down. "I'm not really what you consider to be a fact...I rather like basic foods...human flesh...isn't really a personal preference. That, my dear idiot, is why I said I'd prefer to not use that ability you just saw..."

Tark went wide eyed as he picked up the scythe and bit down on it eating part of it like it was nothing. "You can ingest that metal?" He said aghast.

Rwby sighed as it was becoming clearer and clearer just how very stupid Tark was. He didn't really deal with him much just got his orders and left. Rwby though looked at Tark and shrugged. "I quit, although in this case since I'm well aware of how badly you wish me dead sir.....I am dead to the Arc Team now....or rather I have no intention of returning. I have 79 stitches in various places, a broken arm and had I been anyone else would have been placed on med leave until healed....I am not a walking tank Just skilled enough to keep my head until now. But now....I quit."

Tark stared as Rwby stated it clearly.

He sighed and tossed the useless scythe down at Tark's feet again. "I have Pica you type of Pica is called Pagophagia. I seek sources of iron, even if they're non-foods to replace the iron in my body. Blood, metal, ice, hard water, rocks...I'll eat anything that I feel would give me what I need. Doctors have tried to help heal me, but the chances of it happening now are slim..."

Tark looked at him. " there's no way to fix you then...." He said shaking his head as Rwby looked away from him. He was simply waiting now for Pal. Tark grit his teeth....even with only one arm and that blade they would be hard pressed to stop Rwby from leaving. "Fine go take him....but you'll find your underestimating him entirely too much. Rwby is highly skilled and not meant to be on the back burner. Pushing him to the death is what is making him stronger and stronger." Tark said even if he wanted Rwby dead each time he came back he was that much stronger. For Rwby though that was only while the energy was pent up inside or hadn't been pushed into the arm bracers yet.

He tisked and shook his head. "Keep far away from the Hunters...they'll tear you apart piece by rotten piece...especially the S ranks or the Blood Hounds...I know one in particular who would have a field day with you..."

Tark looked at him. "Have a field day with me?" He said less then amused.

Rwby sighed. "He means the man hates liars and would make you regret your words."

Tark looked over paling as he looked at them and then grit his teeth. "Go your banded from Arc no longer a member the moment you step off this carrier you will be black listed in Arc."

Rwby rolled his eyes. "I can live with that."

He chuckled lowly, darkly as he licked his lips and looked at Tark with a rather sinister expression. "Maybe I'll introduce you to the one and only monster you'll never be able to kill..." he mused lowly. "I'm sure the Blood Hound will just be so happy to see you..."

Tark looked at him and narrowed his eyes. "I have no intention of meeting with him.' he said less then amused as he looked at Pal. "Especially since he's part of a group who is corrupting my Arc Warriors."

He chuckled as he looked at Tark. "Maybe you won't have a choice...Mu isn't known for his patience...I'm sure he's just dying to see me after I've been gone so long..."

Tark glared at him. "And your planning on taking an injured Rwby with you to someone who would obviously pick him apart?"

Rwby sighed as he doubted he'd be picked apart just because he had a broken arm.

Pal snorted. "Mu will likely just give the kid a cute ass nickname and cuddle him to death..." he said lowly, jabbing his thumb in Rwby's direction.

Tark looked a him and closed his eyes a moment. "a cute nickname and cuddle him to death? He sighed shaking his head and then turned to walk away cutting his losses. "I've lost Rwby that is clear nothing I say or do will keep him here now."

"Mu is weird...but he's dangerous..." he mused lowly as he looked at Tark's back. "I'll be sure to tell him to take a job for you guys next time..."

Tark sneered. "And who said there will be a next time Pal? You are taking from my team the only soldier who flies solo." he said waving his hand as if to dismiss the whole thing now honestly he was just trying to not get killed the Hunters could be dangerous.

He moved to grip Tark's cheeks tightly between his right hand, eyes narrowed. "There will be a next time or I'll just send Mugo here to kill you all...he'd love that anyway...he'd love to jerk off over your dead corpses..."

Tark went wide eyed as he nodded as best as he could. Crazy....they were all crazy and they were taking Rwby no he was, Pal was taking Rwby and form the looks of things had no intention of letting anyone else have the boy now it had been his mistake to let anyone team up with Rwby had he not hired Pal Rwby was still be his.

He sat Tark down gently and patted him lightly on the left cheek. "Good boy..."

Tark blanched but said nothing further. He did glance over at Rwby who was standing there looking out at the distance as if none of this mattered to him.

Right now Rwby was pretty certain he either wanted a good stiff drink to quiet the headache or to leave and get away from Tark who was at the moment the source of his current headache. Leaving him would no doubt quiet it....and Pal was certainly interesting.

He smiled at Tark. "Remember...I'll be sure to send Mugo your way...if you piss him off too much...he'll just kill all of you..." he said as he patted Tark's cheek lightly again with a happy expression before he moved over to stand beside Rwby and draped his arm around the kid's shoulder. "You wanna go do something more fun?"

Tark all but fell to the floor. Rwby thought glanced over at Pal and after a moment nodded not at all worried about the closeness that seemed to make Tark blanch that much more.
Rwby looked at him. "What did you have in mind?"

He smirked before responding, "There's always the option of fucking..." he mused lowly.

Rwby looked at him and tipped his head. Before he chuckled. "Me seriously? Really what did you have in mind..." He said not thinking he was desirable to anyone that way. To used to being feared by everyone due to his powers.

Rwby looked at him. "No fun at all?" He mused then looked ahead. "More like....I'm the undesirable one's" He paused and then looked out at the large ocean before them again. "It's hard to take something like that seriously"

He snorted as he opened his eyes to look at Rwby. "You obviously haven't seen yourself from a sexual standpoint...."

Rwby looked at him. "Nope." He answered truthfully. " I hadn't had the time to humor the idea of having a relationship." he said shrugging.

He sighed. "Basically, you're saying you're a virgin?" he questioned in disappointment.

"yeah" He answered and looked over at him. "Basiscally" He said shrugging as he closed his eyes,.
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Changing one's fate. Pal Vs Tark
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