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 Winners and Loosers

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PostSubject: Winners and Loosers   Winners and Loosers EmptyTue Sep 08, 2015 7:30 pm

He walked of his own accord through the complex they had made such a big deal of bringing him back. In the end after six hours he had failed....failed to make it to face *him*.....he had just breached Champion level gotten within the first dome fought his first battle and beat it but that was within the sixth hour. They had said he passed but....his own personal goal? Had been to get to the same level as facing the one personally invited him. Now....he walked down the hall seeing the soldiers and scientists all looking at him as he headed back to 'father'. They would not stop coming until he did. After all as far as they were concerned he belonged to them. He was not a person, he had stopped being a person when he was four, he was an item an object a part of a machine that made the whole thing work so very well.

Upon entering into the anti-chamber that held a single solitary wicked looking chair with wires and needles all over the place he sighed. Dr Warner looked over at him and smiled.

"Ah there you are I knew you would return I told them chasing you was pointless. It's only natural for you to roam and return." Dr. Warner said looking at him.

He would open his mouth to say he would not have returned but it was pointless and he knew it....because in the end he would. Because he was an addict. Because he was addicted to something that they would willingly and easily pump him full of. That that Neo would wean him off of and away from....but if he stopped taking it now? It would kill him.....they had warned him of that. Told him he would go through nasty withdrawals and his system would shut down if he went to long without being Kereblis. They had been injecting him with it since he was four. What they called a low dose....was anything but.

"Come have a seat Cyber it's time you got hooked back up with 'Oberon'....I'm sure father misses you." Dr. Warner said looking at him.

"Tsk Whatever....." Cyber said looking away from him as he walked over and sat down removing his shirt and taking off the long shorts he was wearing. Showing a pair of skin tight biker shorts almost but the fiber optic threads woven in it made them function very differently.

Dr. Warner took an alcohol swab disinfected the skin and inserted the needle with the drip full of Kereblis. And then watched as after it started to enter him he shuddered. The iv needle was inserted into his neck.....

"It's higher...." He breathed.

"Of course it is. You disengaged from it your going to start to go through nasty withdrawals and organ shut order to combat that I have to give you more." Dr. Warner said looking at him.

He looked up as his nerves lit up almost instantly his eyes taking on that digital appearance. He watched as Cyber opened his mouth moved his hand to protest before it fell limp.

"I don't know why your giving it to him, I would have held back until he begged."

"It's not needed." he said grabbing Cyber and pulling him forward while gesturing for the man who spoke. "See this? There new done before he got here but....he won't feel anything if we use them now."

Going down his back a new addition were dermal piercings along his spine on either side...only unlike Nerve they went all the way down. Dr. Warner adjusted the chair.

"See Yamamoto I told you Cyber would come back like a good doll and he'd upgrade himself to make linking easier....and here." He said lifting his hand. Where more studs sat fresh....along his thumbs were three and between the knuckles of his hands sat two a piece one right between the bone the other just behind.

" your saying...."

"It's the way he's been designed....if something isn't working he'll disengage and then return with the upgrade to make it work." Dr. Warner said as he leaned Cyber back against the spinal jack the links moving in as seeming one and hooking into them as well as at his nape the last was a thin needle that inserted at the base of his skull....and in as it stretched out and then suspended him in the air his arms falling to the sides listless. Warner smiled as he lifted them setting in them in the tracks and the links joined there. He stepped back and then grabbed the hood bringing it down and locking it into place he didn't need to see the hood links joining with the piercings at his hips ankles and feet to know they had.

"Tsk the tracking device put him at the Hunters Exam and they didn't let us near."

"Of course they wouldn't. There Cybernetic doll no doubt wanted to link with him but he would never direct link with that other doll.....although I'm willing to bet he did manage to link with Arclight."


"of course even if it was under the pretense of a game....he still got in and no doubt  left a sting of code that will allow him to re-enter whenever he wants. He was designed to be the ultimate super computer after all....and your last order was to find a way to infiltrate and monitor Arclight tower and it's activities. In order to do that Cyber had to go himself to direct link with the computer but to do that....he had to be find a way to be invited without being a threat." Dr. Warner chuckled. "For that?" He paused as he reached out and started petting the deep crimson red locks. "I programmed a set of missions into him directly. He is after all just a pretty cybernetic doll.....he looks so much alive doesn't he? But his neural pathways and network inside is the same as a machines. His brain is like that of a computer able to be programmed at our will if you know how to enter the commands."

"Right but over two thirds of our systems have started having issues since un-jacked this so called machine of yours. You want to put him back in?"

Dr. Warner looked over at the large bottle hanging upside down and smiled. "Yes I can now....half of the Kereblis is in his system....."

"Cyber initiate Linking sequence to 'Father'." Dr. Warner said removing his hand.

For a moment the room held dead silence. Then Cyber spoke as if nothing more then a machine himself. "Initiate Link......Linking in....3....2....1...0....Link sequence engaged." He spoke into the room as he simply laid there suspended. "Scanning....4352 problems located. Initiating repair 3....2...1...0....Repair Sequences engaged......"

Dr. Warner sat down in a normal desk chair and leaned back smirking as Yamamoto watched.

"Repair sequence finished. Scanning drivers and systems.....982 Drivers out of date locating.....found updating system drivers." Cyber spoke in an dead monotone intoning everything as if he was a machine his voice holding a computerized kick back to it.

"Update completed restarting system.........System rebooting in 5....4...3...2...1...0...Oberon on line.....Cyber Link fully engaged awaiting command sequence...." Cyber spoke.

"Cyber is Oberon fully operational?"

"Father is working at 210 percent capacity." Cyber said looking at ceiling seeing not them but the system network as he hung there.

Dr. Warner chuckled as he looked over at Yamamoto taking in the sight of him. "I can full drive him now if you like the drug has been fully put into his system and it'll be easy to do..."

Yamamoto looked at him. "Not yet....I want full control before then hook up the head gear and lets make sure he obeys all system commands before we dive him back into Oberon."

Dr. Warner chuckled as he looked at him. "ah yes always the worry wort." He said as he reached up and grabbed the head gear that Yamamoto wanted.

Warner brought the head gear down and lined it up before slipping it on and watched as his head fell backwards eyes rolled back and the screens went to static.

"What the hell is going on? Is he fighting the head gear?"

Dr. Warner sighed. "No. Its doing exactly what it's supposed's overriding Cyber. At this point he can no longer hear or see us...or anything at this moment unless I give him the commands. I told you he was a lovely doll....and that I programmed him to do certain things."

Yamamoto sighed. "Yes well I'd like it if the system came back on line. I don't like us being vulnerable to Arclight and there cybernetic doll."

Dr. Warner chuckled. "Ah don't worry about that unlike us they don't keep him hardwired into the system. They allow him to believe he's a real boy with wants and desires. Cyber relink with Oberon and wake up the system now."

This time Cyber did not speak but after a few seconds the system came back on line. Dr. Warner looked at Yamamoto. " many soldiers are in the facility?"

"Locating.........425 soldiers are currently throughout the facility." Cyber spoke this time through the system instead of through his own mouth.

"How many scientists?"

"Locating......225 Scientists and Lab workers are currently scattered throughout the building."

"Very good Cyber."

"650 people in this facility General Yamamoto Cyber can access any situation...."


"I beg your pardon?" Dr. Warner said looking down at him.

"Cyber clarify!"

"425 Soldiers are in the facility. 225 Scientists are in the building there are currently  five unknown people in the facility."

Dr. Warner looked at him. "Are they on the guest log?"

"Negative." Cyber responded.

"Cyber are they on any system log?"

"Negative." Cyber repeated.

"Why is the system alarm not going off? Why are you not sounding the alarm?" General Yamamoto yelled at him. "You damn cybernetic doll. Cyber sound the intruder alert."

"Registering voice code authorization...........Voice coding unknown command function denied." Cyber answered.

Dr. Warner narrowed his eyes. "Cyber sound the alarm."

"Registering voice code authorization...........Voice coding Unknown. Command function denied." Cyber answered.

Dr. Warner paused looking at him. "What did you just say? Cyber Dr. Adam Warner Voice code Authorization access DJ433289 Authorize security alarms."

"Access system......Voice code authorization DJ433289 not authorized." Cyber retorted.

The screens were still static.....

Dr. Warner grit his teeth. "Cyber Check system files! Dr. Adam Warner Voice Code Authorization access DJ433289 override."

"Accessing system files....searching......No Authorization access granted for DJ433289. Unknown variable." Cyber retorted.

"Cyber ask father for list of commanding officers." Dr. Warner said as he clenched his fists.

General Yamamoto just stared. "Dr. Warner it would seem our doll is flawed." He said pulling his gun from the harness as Dr. Warner looked up and shouted. "No don't!"

It was then that the security alarms went off, semi automatic weapons dropped and surrounded General Yamamoto who froze with the gun half way out of his holster.

"Hostile identified. System in measures in process.....Hostile Identified.....core chamber beginning clean sweep countdown...."

Dr. Warner grit his teeth as the guns were also pointed at him. "Dam it all.....Cyber override Clean sweep....shut it down....I will have him removed. Cyber...." He shouted only the doors did open as the override was programmed in.

"'s alright General Yamamoto won't hurt him now you can disengage Clean Sweep." Neo said as he walked into the room.

The screen's came up and lit up. A female voice spoke into the room. "Accessing....clean sweep disengaged. Oberon system overridden.....accessing. Welcome to the facility Neo."

Neo chuckled as he reached out and grabbed the gun and crushed it in his hand before walking up seeing the large empty bottle. "I had thought you might do something like that to's going to be a nightmarish mess to walk him off of a lifetime of that shit. If it's even possible. Arclight can Cyber be safely disengaged?"

"Negative. Cyber's neural network is immersed with Oberon. Removal from link chamber risks shutting down neural pathways.....destroying Cyber."

Neo sighed. "Such a pain...." He said shaking his head and looked at Dr. Warner. " of my boys wants him.....I knew I had a problem when he left last night but I didn't think you'd so recklessly thrust him right back into this thing.....I suppose it's a good thing I had Arclight monitor him.....and be ready to intercept if you should try something so stupid as to erase his will is the normal sequence to disengage this damn thing?"

"Fuck you I'm not giving him to can kill me and it would do you no good."

"Oi, Oi....let's not get so melodramatic....." Neo said amused. "Arclight I need to speak with Cyber.....but I need him to acknowledge my authorization.....can you convince him I have authority?"

"Yes." The computer responded unlike what was happening here the A.I. was the computer a learning network that Nerve made. He could jack in but he was separate from it. "Negative. Cyber is refusing all outsider access.....and insider as well....."

Neo sighed. "Arclight as much as I hate to ask him to do something like this.....can you see if Nerve will link and try to reason with him?"

"HIM?? Cyber's is a machine!" General Yamamoto yelled. "So is your Nerve there nothing more then machines given human form..."

" that's the source of the idiots went right back into treating him as a machine so he's denying all access.....and safeguarding himself. Arclight has limited access since she's not trying to destroy fools went and tried to remove his humanity again."

"Neo.....confirmation of assignment with message play back?" Arclight said.

Neo rose an eyebrow and chuckled. "Go ahead."

"About time you gave me a job can bet your ass I'm going after his ass.....just keep those fuckers away from him." Arclight played back and then asked. "Delete or playback again?"

"Neither archive. It's not often he leaves me a message." Neo said fondly.

"Archive completed. Nerve has accessed my systems and is ready to attempt a direct link with Cyber through Oberon continue?"

Neo looked over and sighed. "I don't have another choice....continue....I just hope I don't loose them both because of this...."

"Direct linking to Oberon....error firewall engaged......error error...." Arclight went off as Cyber jerked in the chair his head rolling back as the alarms went off again.

"Oberon security engaged....Unknown access....Unknown access virus detected.....virus detected.....beginning purge of corrupt system files....."

Dr. Warner started laughing. "He'll never navigate to Cyber in time.....he'll dump the system and rewrite it....dumping your boy as well....its what he's designed to do should anything anything at all....attempt to access's not a system dump he is shredding all data and everything within it....completely destroying it...."

Neo walked over and leaned down placing his forehead to Cyber's despite the head gear. "Shush....shush child calm down....he's not a virus....he's not out to hurt know him. You just played with him...." He said letting his mind touch Cyber's but in doing so found nothing there.....and looked over at the system.

"You bastards....he's in a split dive.....Arclight relay the message to Nerve if you can....Cyber isn't fully aware of anything he's been split mind from body.....they took the full dive tech and used it to do just what Nerve was worried someone would do...." To remove the mind from the body and leave the body behind.....Cyber's body was here but his mind was....inside the machine somewhere.

"Relayed message.....answer received....shall I play it back for you?" Arclight answered.


"Full dive him." Nerve's voice came back with only one answer. Neo looked at the screen then at the boy before him. Neo sighed....there had been no debating hesitation on Nerve's part. Full dive him. Send his body to his mind.

"Yeah easy for you to say...."

"Shall I engage full drive system for Cyber now?" Arclight answered.

"Yeah...." He said looking over. "Engage it." he said lowly.

The full gear came into play and after a moment the boy was gone...his body automatically sent to join his mind inside the system......

Neo looked back at the two men in the room. "Now what to do with you scum..." he said lowly and smiled at Natsu and Sena. "Ah yes I think you two will have your puppy hungry?"

"Always." came the duel response.

One took one the other to the other and Neo walked over to the iv drip which sat there with a small amount of the Kereblis left inside he unhooked it and looked at it.....lifting the I.V. line and then pulling a small needle gathering the rest there was only one way for him to know...he had no choice his eyes there was a reason he worked to get people off of it. Inserting the needle he pushed the fluid into his own veins and then put is hand on the counsel as he felt it.....and it was high nearly a max dose. "Hey Arclight tell Nerve he won't hear him at first because he's tripping. He'll have to find a way to reason with him...."


"Hey old did not just pump yourself full of some random shit did you?"

"No." Neo answered fighting all of the urges that came with it he was going to loose himself soon if he didn't....and he pulled a small thin needle out of his pocket and took that one.....the other half of Kereblis. Once in his system he jerked and hit the wall next to the wall of computers sliding down it and burying his face in his hand.

"That was Kereblis wasn't it?" Senaste said.

"Yeah..." He answered.

"I thought you were making sure no one took it..."

"I am. As much as possible..." He answered sitting there.

"Why would you take it then?"

"Because it doesn't have the same effect on never will." Neo looked at them.

General Yamamoto started laughing. "You mean your beloved Neo never told you? He was born in the radiation camps....he was given Kereblis mixed since before birth....through his mothers blood through his fathers and through his own....that red tonic he drinks? Is Kereblis in it's purest keeps his chakra because if he doesn't drink it the high levels of radiation poison in his system is fatal. His life is limited....he's doomed to die at a young age."

"It's like a cancer eating away at him he has probably a year left if he's lucky those born in those camps don't make it past the age of twenty seven." Yamamoto said.

"Your wrong you know....he's not drinking Kereblis." Senaste said shaking his head. "In fact I find it rather disheartening that he had to take any of it back into his system just to figure out what you did to that dear boy." Sena said although his voice was.....rather nuetral. "What he is drinking is made form a rare flower called Solnox. It is enough to keep that poison at bay without harming him....and his life? Is going strong."
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PostSubject: Re: Winners and Loosers   Winners and Loosers EmptyTue Sep 08, 2015 10:38 pm

Nerve unjacked and went there in person knowing he was loosing time but he had to....Oberon was destroying itself and if he pushed from Arclight he'd lose Cyber. There was only one way now and that go there and jack old world style.

"Remove everyone you don't' want dead old man....and then jack me into this shit." He said looking at him then looking at the chair he had walked up to stand before....this thing was nasty. He'd have to trip again start taking it again but if it meant saving Cyber....he'd do it.

Neo did remove them all and then looked at him as Sena spoke. Neo was cursing under his breath the entire time.

Sena looked at him and say "You don't have to do this Nerve we can find another way."

which would get Nerve to shake his head and look at Sena. "This is the only way..."

"Your certain? That old full dive harness you did away with.....can't you access this damn computer without the harness and tripping?"Not realizing....any other way Oberon would continue system meltdown.

He shook his head. "If I don't jack in now...that system will fully shut down and no one, not you or me, will be able to help that boy..."

"I'll become an addict again...I know that...but I've been through the weaning process will be hell, but will be worth going through to save him..."

Neo took a deep breathe. "I never wanted to put you through this again." He said looking at him. "But you know these systems better then any of us so if you say there is no other way to get to him.....then I don't have a choice but to give it to you do I?" he said as he walked over and opened the cabinet pulling the drug out and the I.V. Set up.....he looked back at the chair. "How long before complete melt down?" He said since the screens weren't showing anything and the alarm was quietly going off in the back ground.

"There isn't another way...I tried..." he confirmed lowly. "We have 30 minutes before full meltdown..."

"And if you can't reach him in those thirty minutes?" Neo said needing to know....if he was risking loosing Nerve and yet he knew the risk wasn't was Nerve's and talking him out of this was impossible. "have a seat....I'll get it set up." He said if he was going back onto this damn drug....then Neo wanted to be the one to do it for the reasons that Nerve save the life of that boy.

He looked sadly at Neo. "You know the risks...don't make me tell everyone else..." he told his father lowly. "Jack me in old last time...just like the old days..."

With his words, he moved over to sit in the seat, his nerves jacking into the chair along his spine and at the base of his skull. At his hands and his feet. "Do it..."

Neo nodded as he took a deep breath and then cleaned the skin and inserted the iv. Starting the drip. Then had him lay back in the chair and brought the cap down locking it into place. Starting it as if he knew what he was doing and he did....he had done this for Nerve in the past. He walked up and grabbed the head gear. Connecting it without starting dive sequence he didn't need to. "Listen to me....the dosage they gave him was 5 points short of fatal dosage, he's not tripping he's struggling to separate his awareness from that of the computer when you find him....he may already be lost Nerve."

Nerve drew in a slow, deep breath as it began. "He's there...I can feel him..." he said lowly before his body began to go limp, relaxing as hhis breathing became shallower and shallower. "Link engage...linking in 3...2...1...0...linked..." he breathed lowly, his voice sounding distant and hollow. "Full dive initiate..."

Sena looked not sure what he meant by that until like Cyber, Nerve was gone as his body was drawn into the computer.
Deep inside Oberon he was there sitting among the network information his breathing heavy as his eyes were out of focus he couldn't see the data lines but that wasn't the worst part. Threads of codex and data were piercing into his skin....tangled with him and he was having a hard time thinking separating the computer data from himself as it was trying to swallow him up even as he looked up in the distance that he could see as the data was suddenly lifting up and shattering....destroying itself and crumbling...."Oberon....initiate release sequence."

"Denied." Came the automatic response of the system. He didn't have the strength to stop Oberon no....he couldn't feel Oberon. Whatever it was they did as it ran more and more through his system the less and less he felt the computer. And without that he was loosing control....

Nerve materialized before Cyber, standing there as his breathing was shallow and his pupils were the size of saucers. "Oberon...initiate stop sequence...pause all other functions until otherwise directed..." his voice came out hollow, half mechanical as he looked at only one thing- Cyber. Even though he was tripping, he was focused.

"Accessing authorization....denied....." Oberon answered fighting him a bit as he was an unknown element. The system did pause though as though weighing out wither or not he had system access. Cyber looked up he was being immersed in the system....his nervous system was overloaded he could not sense or feel the system but he looked up and Oberon was speaking through him as if they were one being.....basically Cyber wasn't seeing him so....Oberon wasn't seeing him....Oberon was controlling Cyber not Cyber controlling Oberon and Oberon wasn't allowing Nerve in just yet.

Nerve sighed and moved over to put his hands on Cyber's shoulders. "Oberon, I'm not your enemy. I'm here to help..." he said lowly. "Initiate stop sequence...pause all activity until otherwise notified..."

Upon contact his head fell forward. "Authorizing stop sequences....pausing all activity in hold pattern count down to system shut down halted at 20 Minutes 2.3256 Seconds....." Oberon spoke through Cyber whose head was slightly bowed. "Immersion sequence paused at 75 percent..... system purge at 89 percent completion....awaiting further command sequence."

Letting out a breath of relief, he knelt down on his knees, taking Cyber with him. "Cyber...I know you're there somewhere...come back please. I want you to be my friend. As a person and a fellow Rowdy a human, not a machine..."

Cyber at first didn't respond as he went down with him sitting there....his head bowed after a moment the immense glow and connecting lines of data piercing him remained the same but the over immersion of the drug was holding for a moment before he broke through it and looked at him the glow in his eyes reverting to that digital threads as he looked up at him. "Nerve...." he answered his voice holding the hollow digital threads to it like Nerve's own when in the core system..."Aah.." He breathed looking down as his body was half immersed in the data. "It's....hard to think.....I can't feel Oberon..."

"I've taken control of Oberon for now..." he told Cyber lowly, but the signs were there of his own tripping.

Cyber looked at him. "You immersed through the full dive....matrix....why that thing is brutal." He said as he sat there unable to get any command sequences to go through. "Why would you do this to come here risking deletion when....I lost control of the system."

"Because you're like too many ways that it's painful..." he said as he sat there. "I was an addict and I'm a federal convict...I'm only alive...because Neo wanted me to be..."

"I've been addicted since I was four....if I'm taken off of it now I'll die or so I've been told." He said looking at him as he sat there. "As to federal criminal? I'm not.....I'm nothing more according to them then a Cybernetic doll to hook up to a machine." he sat there and then frowned. "We're running out of time....Oberon is running second security protocol to find your it's remaining drivers when it doesn't find it.....he'll start back up again. Father isn't easy to deal with when it thinks it's being threatened...."

"I'm a hacker...I've already made certain that my authorization is there...long before Oberon or you...could have ever noticed...I ran a backdoor program while you were busy trying to link with Archlight..."

He chuckled. "I know." He said looking at him. "Arclight accessed Oberon a while back that really sent the system into a frenzy." He said then shifted and looked down at the data lines lifting his hand and touching what bit of his legs that weren't part of the system. Then brought his hand back up he was tripping still he knew it...but....he focused on his hand until the threads of light reformed out of the glowing pools. Until his nerves were once again 'condensed' and focused. "Give me one more minute to recollect then I'll retake control of Oberon.....and reverse this's not the first time he's tried to delete me."

He smiled at Cyber. "You'd be much better suited to hell with Archlight...she's not quite as cranky. But she is a sassy little art at times..." he told Cyber as he waited patiently. Oberon had been halted and nothing would happen until either Nerve or Cyber said so.

Cyber chuckled. "Yeah she was trying to block me not erase was a first." he said as he finally regained control of himself which was fun...his body felt like it was superwired at the moment but upon regaining control of himself he took a deep breathe. "Alright I'm going to retake control of Oberon now....."

Nerve nodded. "He's all yours..."

Upon saying so he recollected all of the pathways unto himself. And when he did he lifted his head. "Oberon access authorization drives.....full core authorization Cyber....release immersion sequence." He said and the data released him. He pulled himself free as well and then stood up looking at his legs, standing up on the small amount of data he narrowed his eyes. "Oberon reverse deletion sequence. Access back up protocols Alpha, Delta Sigma. Engage."
And the system was going in reverse on the outside Neo and Sena could hear him speaking through the computer. "Restore primary drive functions. Restore basic functions. Disarm alarm sequence on my mark.....3....2....1....0 disengage." he said and around them what had been falling apart in pause rebuilt itself as the back up files and system restored itself. Cyber sighed as he looked at Oberon. "Oberon grant full access to Nerve."
The digital threads shifted allowing Nerve to be able to access the system as well....without so much arguing.

Nerve took his access happily, feeling the much warmer welcome now that Cyber had given the access order. " be tripping and immersed in cyberspace once again...oh how I've missed it..."

Cyber chuckled. "Yeah." he said relaxed. "Here....I feel more normal I just didn't need the full out tripping before I was immersed." He said shaking his head. "It messed with my link." He looked about the system. "There's not another feeling like it."

"Well...I didn't need to trip before I was immersed...I need it to come back out..." he said lowly. "If my nerves aren't fully body will override the sequence...immersing myself like this without preparation to a new system...requires me to trip..."

He nodded. "It's why I dosed before linking with Archlight....any system. I can go in easily coming out not so easy." he said looking at the digital paths floating in the air as he brought his hand up an then flipped through it. "Wither Oberon or Archlight.....I can't come back out without out....I'll reject the release sequence every time."

"I don't know if I'll be able to link with Arclight without it."

"Luckily...I had trained my body for nearly every other system...over the years, I managed to master coming back from full dive..." he said as he sat there. "I'll have to wait another year before I can link fully with Archlight...she'll reject me as I am now...and now that I've linked with another system with you...she'll be a very sassy one when we try to link after the weaning process..."

He sighed. "So in other words be prepared for a smack down from Arclight again." he said chuckling as he sat down next to Nerve. "Although Oberon highly tempermental Father doesn't like it if you don't do exactly what he wants when he wants. Anything coming in from the outside is grounds for full system purge....I've tried everything to get him to stop doesn't work I've even removed that part and he puts it back." He said gesturing at the grand expanse. "But Oberon isn't just here either.....I think part of the issue is that.....his split between four different government buildings. But only this one has the full dive matrix."

"When we leave this place...Oberon will have to function'll have a stand alone complex..." he said lowly. "Are you prepared to learn my life?" he asked as he sat there.

Cyber looked over at him. "You seen mine....but.....I don't know if I have a place in your life like that..." he said he had been part of the government's computer so long...
"Why is it new kids tend to be so smart and stupid all at once?" Neo ground out from outside the mainframe.
"MMm easy Neo..." Sena said walking over. "It's understandable.....he's been through a lot right now."
"Dam it Sena I know that!" Neo retorted....and then they broke into a deep heated argument which was highly normal for those two.....
Cyber sighed and moved his hand as the camera focused on them....they had been hearing the they could see them standing there arguing back and forth. "I take it he wasn't amused at my hesitation."

"He's not...let me explain why.." he told Cyber. "Before I was taken in by Neo, I was a street rat. I was not only a junkie, I was a male prostitute of all, women...if the money was right and there was interest, I was even a well paid for gigolo....all of this started when I was only 11..."

He looked up at Neo and Sen. The first time Sena had heard this story. "I was kept on a steady supply of Kereblis to keep me compliant...I did everything as directed without any complaints...and never once felt pleasure from my job...I was raped at my first job as a male prostitute...and could never go back since then..."

"My tripping grew worse when I got to be 13...I started overdosing and lost myself...I hacked the government and became a federal convict..." he said lowly. "In prison...I became violent and murdered 10 people...most of which were guards..."

Sena paused and looked at the mainframe. Hearing his brother speaking. Hearing his full story for the first time he shook is head. "Kanpekina." he said in a firm but gentle tone. "That past is incredibly painful does not change the fact that you are my adorable brother. And that we all share one cranky annoying old man.'
"Oi! I'm standing right here!" Neo said annoyed and Sena smiled at him.
"But that also does not change how painful a past it is.....all it does make it more certain that you are my precious brother who has had to deal with more shit then he should have."
Cyber sighed and muted the mic as he drew his knees up. "My story isn't like that....I'm pretty certain you can figure it out even without my saying...." He said here....jacked in for days on a drip. Constantly....the first time he had ever unjacked for more then physicals and maintenance was when he went for the hunters exam. "I started playing Rowdy.....because I wanted to know what it was like to be.....alive."

"It's why I became a Worlder....even though it wasn't the real world to be able to see and explore move about as if I wasn't trapped in a Oberon all the felt more real then real life." He said as he sat there drawing his knees up and resting his chin on them. "The entire time though I had to maintain Oberon's four systems or throw up alarms that I had found a way to get out of the system....." He sighed. "I know you said I passed the Hunter's exam....that I have a place among all of you now. But I never stuck around to find out the rank.....I left before the card and tags were given to me."
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Nerve and Cyber after talking a bit longer both came out of the system to a sight that did not amuse him....that sight was what he saw with Neo....Neo was tripping he had taken enough of the downer that he was functioning but he had missed it going in because Neo had taken measures to hide it long enough to not let him see it....but right now Neo was  holding out alright. But it wasn't good and Nerve knew it....his father had replaced the Kereblis with a natural medication to stop the radiation posioning that was saturated in his body.

Nerve lost it when he came back the moment he felt the change in emotions, he turned to look at the source of it and materialize God's Hammer

Neo will simply sigh and watch although his emotional state will be neutral and look at them saying. 'I warned you to be calm.' And then look at Nerve and say calmly mind you. 'We need to get Cyber back soon, he's on a higher dose then he's used to. And they've never let him come down and off." All the while Dr. Warner would look at Cyber and tell him he needs to jack back in they're going to hurt him by taking him away he's a part of Oberon. Surely he realizes that by what was happening?

Nerve would look coldly at Neo, a dangerous look to him. "Don't tell me things that I already know old man..."

Neo would simply nod. Then walk over to Cyber who is out of the system but he's gonna start crashing hard now that he's not in the system anymore and move to support him. While Cyber would push him back and away not wanting physical contact which Neo would accept as he'd stand up and look over at Warner...."Dam his voice is grating." He'd say calmly but hold out his own hand for his swords leaving Excalibur in the game since using it personal gain is impossible. And shutting up the ones in the room.....would be personal gain.

Nerve would look at Cyber, that same cold look to him. "Don't touch my prey...I don't want to kill you...but I will..."

((lol yeah))
"I could personally care less if you kill them or not I have no personal attachments to them. I'm merely preparing myself for what's on the other side of that door." He said as he put the swords on his back and looked away and he didn't. He wanted nothing to do with Dr. Warner and Yamamoto. "By this time they've no doubt triggered the silent we were exiting the system."

Yamamoto snorted. "Of course we did....Cyber is Government property you can't just take him from here. You'll never make it past the front door with him."

Nerve's lime green gaze moved slowly to look dead at Yamamoto. "I don't think you understand what this drug does to me..." he said lowly, coldly. "I was a murderer by the time I was 13...I killed 10 men while I was in federal prison...all while tripping on Lethal doses of Kereblis..."

A smile spread across his features then. "I'm an adult now...I'll kill every last one of them if they so much as twitch wrong..."

Yamamoto went from anger and rage looking at that look to fear and back himself up against the wall pressing himself flat a soldier he had thought he'd seen everything but.....he'd seen nothing like this. Dr. Warner looked at them he was loosing Cyber, and Cyber was essential to controlling his machine.....he pulled the medical gun while Nerve was facing Yamamoto and fired several shots the answer had been the sudden flashing of a sword blade and movement on Cyber's part but he paused and reached up touching the side of his neck were two had gotten past.....the glass darts not as easy to hit as the doctor had been jerking his wrists torking off the bullet trajectory. He pushed Cyber back up.....high up in that state he was controllable....or so Warner believed. "Ah shit...."

Nerve tilted his head and chuckled lowly. "I'll take that as your open challenge... Cyber...move unless you want to get God's Hammer taken to your head..."

Cyber moved one moment he was standing there the next he was at the door out of the way and leaning against it, Holding his head as he was starting to trip out and trip out bad as he slide against the much did that man just jack him with?

Dr. Warner went a bit wide eyed as Nerve said he'd take that as a direct challenge. "I'm not challenging you I'm attempting to retake control of our doll which you've meddled with!"

That same smile spread across Nerve's features as he shifted God's Hammer on his shoulder. "That was a direct challenge..."

Dr. Warner eyes widened even more in fear as he looked at him hearing his words. "No. You are the one attempting to steal government property! Cyber is a part of the Oberon system . He belongs to the government a unique cybernetic doll." He said sticking to that, that Cyber is not and has never been a living breathing human being that they took out of Gravity City. "He's part of the core processor nothing more."
Neo rose and eyebrow and walked up to Cyber. "Do you remember your name?" He asked him and Cyber looked up at him confused.

"If I had one I have not heard it since I was four." Cyber retorted and Neo despite the raw pain running through his body from taking Kereblis himself in both forms...held out his hand.

"Come Child hand me your hand and I will end there claims by helping you remember it.....and after I'm sure Nerve will enjoy the rest." Cyber took his hand hesitantly did he really have one and after a few moments despite tripping he rose an rather calm eyebrow as he a bit of memory long forgotten heard another young voice the same age calling out....

"Ran.....My name....I had forgotten it...Ran Niwa...." He said calmly as he had not heard it in twenty years....

Nerve chuckled lowly as he lifted the giant hammer off of his shoulder. A feat that was normally a little slow became as quick as a samurai drawing his sword. "You're a piece of meat...I'm going to tear you apart."

Dr. Warner shook his head no. " that is not a boy. I don't know what Neo is doing but he's not a boy....he's not a living breathing human being but a Cybernetic doll." Dr. Warner had convinced himself of that in order to be able to jack a four year old boy into Oberon and make him run the system.

Neo though had pushed himself to his limits and beyond his eyes closed he would no longer be a voice of reason as he collapsed but never hit the floor Cyber tripping out so very bad it was like nothing he had felt before this was Dr. Warner had given him more then double the lethal dose, easily lifted Neo up into his arms.

Sena being the Senior ranked had dumped his emotions the moment he got the warning Blaise next to him and looked at Nerve. "Father needs medical attention....his body is loaded at the moment with Kereblis in order to know what they did Cyber and to help you.....he once again took it into himself....but to keep his mind he took the other half as well...." Sena said simply. "Nerve...Natsu and I will follow you from this place but....I believe he has entrusted his life to you. To get him out of here in one piece."

Sena cursing at the moment because Neo is out cold and that's not good. Neo carried a small dose of the downer which he gave kept him functioning long enough to do what was needed to be done and then spent the last of his strength proving to Cyber once and for all that he was not and had never been a machine which he had forgotten....for Nerve's sake. If Dr. Warner managed to confuse Cyber in that state it wouldn't be good.

Yamamoto glared at him and tell him to just 'leave' already, and tell the doctor that they've lost Cyber at the moment since Cyber is calmly holding and out cold Neo. Dr. Warner though would be startled to see Sena look down at Blaise and smile tell Blaise to come let Nerve have his fun they need to check on Neo and walk away then walk over to check Neo's pulse all the while despite his smile his emotional state is blank.

Knowing that if his emotions run wild he'll provoke Nerve.

Nerve would toss Sena the vile and needle with the antidote in it silently, never breaking eye contact with the two idiots of the government. "Give him the entire vile and take him out of here...everyone who is in the way...will be removed when I start..."

Sena would catch it and look at it then nod. "Fine but you get to deal with him when you come down and he wakes up." Sena said coolly calmly the only warning that Neo would be cranky about it after and did as instructed not even questioning what it was. Once he gave it he moved and opened the door. "Cyber come with me. Once he gets started not even you will be safe in here. Blaise, come."

Cyber would turn after the antidote was given Neo and turn to follow behind Sena not arguing the 'danger' emitting from Nerve is high. It's as if the facility will be cleaned out.

Nerve just smirked and licked his lips. "The old man...will be wise to wait until I come down before he gets upset any at all..." he mused lowly as he stood there, eyes starting to glow as he looked at the two government morons. " two...will be the first..." he mused as he swung God's Hammer out to the side, testing his reaction time with the massive hammer.

It was so fast that it was obvious he had been well adjusted to tripping and killing at the same time.

The two men watched the door close behind the group that left the whole Arclight team plus Cyber who was carrying Neo. They then looked at him Yamamoto slide little by little towards the door that hammer disappeared when Nerve swung it seeming nothing more then an arc of light coming off of his hand.

He smirked as he let his gaze move slowly, eerily over to look at Yamamoto. "Run...and I'll make your death much worse...." he warned lowly, coldly. "I'm not in the mood to dance around like an speeds up the advancement of the down..." he said lowly as he stood there, arm still out to the side.

"The down would slow you down..." Dr. Warner said not realizing at all that it was just the opposite it was the 'down' that his 'family' left about....leaving him to work it off in here on his own time. Rushing it only made him that much more dangerous....Cyber wasn't coming down for a while so it was safe to move him as it was. Even if he was coming down....Sena would still find a way to move him. Without triggering an attack response out of Nerve he really didn't want to play dodge the angry hammer.

Nerve let that smile spread across his features once more as he began to laugh, the sound echoing off the walls. When he stopped, it was an abrupt cut off and he looked at Warner. "For most perhaps...but my would need to be nothing but Kereblis to kill me at this has the opposite effect...not even the Downers slow me down..."

Dr. Warner looked at him. "Not even a high enough dose? You obviously came prepared to come off of it....but instead of gave it to's not like it would have killed him he from the Radiation camps Kereblis has been in his system since before he was even born. You wasted your chance to come down without the you kill us you still have a world of hell to go through."

"I'm prepared for that...I've survived it once already...and I'll survive it again," he responded lowly, coldly. "I've been overdosing on Kereblis since I was 12...I didn't stop until I was the math..."

He licked his lips and smirked. "I've upped the dose to over triple the lethal dosage..."

Warner looked at him. Going a bit wide eyed. "That long? That high? You should be dead...." He said looking at him not realizing coming off of such a low dose wouldn't be hard at all for Nerve it was the wanting to come off of it that would be. "It doesn't change the fact you wasted the tonic on that man. That was a type of downer wasn't it? Something you made in case you ever came across it? You have what you came for and he's obviously out of our reach now......Cyber isn't responding the same after such a short time meeting you."

Nerve's smile widened as he nodded. "I had reached five times the lethal dosage at 18..." he mused lowly. "In my blood...flows the best tolerance to the lethal dosages of Kereblis the world has ever seen...and at the same time...letting me trip on deadly..." he said as he smiled. "That wasn't a was a complete antidote...the only one I had ever made...but I don't need it..."

Dr. Warner went wide eyed and looked at him. "And you gave it to Musaboshi?" he said making the mistake of stating Neo's first name. it was one thing to know he was from the camps, another all together to know Neo's real name....the reason? Dr. Warner a man in his sixties was the doctor that used to give Musaboshi, or rather Neo the Kereblis by the time Neo broke away from the camps and started traveling he was like much like Nerve he could not let him die from it like it was his own destiny to do. But now? Unlike with Nerve taking it back in did nasty things to him. Warner was not a nice man....he only pretended to be. When he could not find a child capable of handling his creation the Oberon system he went looking outside of the camps....and went to Gravity city finding Ran Niwa and taking him but had he found Nerve as well he would have had it made....two to run it side by side.

Nerve moved then, no longer playing around. His hand came out and grabbed the doctor's throat, crushing his windpipe. "Never speak his name. To useless maggots like you...his name is and always will be Neo...." he said lowly, coldly.

The Doctor was gasping for air. He had hit a nerve with this one, pissed him off in a way he could not have imagined as he said. Never to speak his name....that his name to maggots like him is and always would be Neo....He reached up his fingers clawing at the hand holding his throat.
Yamamoto went wide eyed. "Neo.....what sort of demon does he keep?"

Nerve let go of the hammer for only a mere second, his hand moving to tear through clothing and flesh to reach into the good doctor's chest cavity to grasp his heart and tear it out, dropping it on the floor and shifted God's Hammer to his clean hand. He then brought his hand up to look at the blood for a moment before he just smeared a little of it on his face, that smile returning. "Demon?'ve just never seen a human trip so efficiently on Kereblis...until now..."

Yamamoto went wide eyed as he had killed the doctor ripping him apart like he was nothing but a doll made out of tissue paper. "The strength......the power.....boy forget going back to Arclight. We could use you in the military you have a record don't you forever marked on your record? I can make it disappear forever give you a life were you can take out any enemy that corps up." Yamamoto said attempting to buy his life. "You would not have to come down off of it. We'd utilize your skills. You'd be welcomed honored for your skills."

"Forget him he would take away what your good at....what reason would you have to go back to someone who would take away what you desire so much?"

He chuckled lowly as he licked his lips, cleaning some of the blood he smeared there off of them. "What purpose? I have the one known as Chaos...he's mine...and I'll return to him..."

Yamamoto looked at him. "You can bring him here with you." he said lightly. "If that's all that's holding you there then bring him here. Like I said you want the Kereblis you'll have it, you'll have all the things you want."

He snorted. "Bring him here and let him kill my prey? You're not functioning on 100% are you?" he retorted lowly. "The one known as Chaos...was created by your system...born to people like you who created him not in a womb, but a test tube. And you're asking me to bring him back to a place like this?" he shook his head. "Sometimes...humans amaze how stupid they can be..."

Yamamoto went wide eyed a bit as he said born in a test tube....."You mean he's part of the Pandemonium Project? He's from the Pandora's box?" he shook his head. "Then you need to bring him here...the longer he's off of it the more dangerous he becomes you won't be able to handle him not for long. He is not a normal being there are things his body requires without it he will become unstable." Two years off of the drugs without them being able to find and locate him because they never thought to put a tracking device in him. Yamamoto wanted him back on Hellsgate and Serenity. Wanted him back on Penance and Demonblood. The name of the drugs due to the project....on them they could control Chaos all they had to do was lock the bracers back around his wrists. But how to get this one believe him, that Chaos was too dangerous without the controllers? "He'll kill rip apart all in his path constantly without stopping even if you shoot him come at him he will kill you too once he looses control."

Nerve licked his lips and chuckled. "I've found a way...he's willing to listen to exchange for a reward..." he responded lowly.

Yamamoto looked at him. "And how long do you think your feeble reward will work? Nothing compares to what he's used to. What he wants and needs....and when he disobeys you then what? You can't stop one can." He said not at all realizing....knowing that Chaos would not strike Nerve.........would not attack him..........had stopped his attack before for Nerve.

He tilted his head to the side. "If he attacks me...I'll put him in his place...." he responded lowly, simply. "I give him the energy he exchange for his obedience....he won't harm me...if he does, he feels regret and shows remorse....and apologizes..."

"That's not possible....the system should have removed such feelings for him....there idea was to create a being that would kill on command not stop no matter what until the job was done without feelings of remorse or sorrow...." Yamamoto looked at him. "Alright fine it seems I can't get you to join....but let me leave here because I am the Liaison officer between the government and your father. You don't think Neo doesn't know some of the projects we have going on? Of course he does there's nothing to be done because the orders come from above which is what we're following you? whose orders are you following? No one. That just puts you in a bad place....walk out of here and I'll make certain nothing comes of this file it under misunderstanding that was resolved."

He began to laugh lowly at first, before it grew louder until it was at the point of insanity before it began to fade as he needed to breathe. "I'll kill every single person who threatens me...I was challenged directly therefore...I'll kill the threat..." he said lowly as he lifted God's Hammer again. "I'm following the orders I was taught since a child...kill a threat or it will kill you..."

Yamamoto looked at him. "Is there no way to stop you from killing everything you see here? Or was it over the moment Neo collapsed is he the only one alive that could have reasoned with you and collapsed?"

He licked his lips. "Not even him..."

"The moment the needle entered my vein was the moment he lost his control over me...." he mused lowly.

That made Yamamoto blinked. "If he knew that this would happen then why? Why would he give you the drug....he would have refused it. Wouldn't he? If you'd become so unstable a killing force why give someone he so called treasures that drug knowing what it would do to you?"

"Because I wanted it..." he said lowly. "He indulged me in the past until I nearly killed him...then he forced me to quit..." he explained as he stood there.

"So he just figures he'll force you to quit again? And if you don't want to quit using it?" he said looking at him. "You'll go off on him. Not even he is safe from you."

He snorted. "I'm not going to fight him...once my trip is over...I'll begin the process immediately..." he said lowly.

"What why would you come down off of something you obviously enjoy? Don't tell me it's for him or you like living sober. It must frustrate you to no end to not have it."

"For Neo I'll quit and resume my replacement..." he said pointing to the piercings. "It doesn't have to be drugs being pumped into my long as there is a needle entering my body..."

"For Neo? Every Hunter we come across says the same damn thing For Neo." Yamamoto said annoyed. "That man is said to be cruel sadistic mean spirited and heartless." he said. "In my dealings with him he toys with me endlessly.....finding some dark humor in it and yet every single hunter we come across says the same thing. "For Neo......" No one in the government has that much loyalty....that much respect and loyalty....and the do the same as him for the most part......what makes that man so invaluable?"

"Family," Nerve responded lowly as he lowered his bloody hand back down to his side. "The government is a corrupt thing that doesn't understand the value of family...therefore I will never answer to it...not directly..."

"Family?" He said blinking and tipping his head. "Are you telling me that the Hunter's Association considers itself one big happy family? People are slaughtered and die trying to take that exam and yet those who pass swear they would lay down there lives for that man no matter the rank on the dog tag that they proudly display.....Even you here would give up what you desire okay with a difference as long as you still have skin to pierce as long as it's for him? What happens when you run out of free skin to pierce? What happens when he decides he has no further use for you? That day will come surely you must notice it around you when he tires of one of you?"

"Then he can get rid of me...because it means I've outlived my worth..." he answered. To him, who had been raised to believe he was nothing but a toy to be used and tossed aside when it was useless, it wasn't that hard of an answer to give. "Neo took me in and gave me a home when I had none. He rescued me from a life of prostitution and prison..."

Yamamoto sighed as he closed his eyes. "What does he ask of you in return?" He said trying to understand for once in his life of having to work with them....just what it was that drew all of these people to one man....everyone wanted to be a Hunter and for a long time they thought it was for the perks and money but whenever questioned all Hunters would say noting more then the same answer. 'For Neo' It made that man more then annoying even here....the only antidote he had ever made and he gave it to Neo. "I don't understand you at all....for him you gave up the only existing antidote. Like it's only meaning the only reason you created it was in case Neo ever came into contact with Kereblis again you didn't even hesitate...."

"Neo asks for nothing but one thing from all of us..." he answered lowly. "That one thing is for us to be ourselves...his personal request to me...has been to allow myself to want something for myself...and to ask for help..."

Yamamoto went wide eyed. "So he basically asks for nothing...." He said sitting down in the desk chair defeated deflated there was nothing he could offer nothing he could barter with. "He wants nothing from any of you...there is nothing to trade nothing that we can offer you...." he said looking up as he realized the last was not answered....his last question and had a feeling that he would not answer him because...he had made it for Neo...and like all Hunters....they said nothing of importance to someone about to die. Yamamoto sighed. "I'm not going to make it out of this room alive no matter what I say or's pointless to offer to allow you to walk out of'll do that anyways...."

He chuckled and lifted God's Hammer and pointed it towards Yamamoto. "Now you're understanding..." he said as he stood there. "I'll walk out of that door and kill all of your men who stand in my've reached the end of your life..."

Yamamoto sat forwards dropping his head into his hands as he realized he had come to the end of his life facing this hunter who was determined to kill him. A Wife and kids? Sure he had them but he had never once stopped to think about what they were doing to Cyber a boy who had never been allowed to be a boy designated as property and not a living being. Had constantly challenged Neo.....had followed orders. "Let me ask you one more thing before this is Niwa...." he looked at him. "You've been searching for twenty years for him haven't you? Your the boy at the drop site....who was running towards the grab the files screaming his name.....they had shot him full of Kereblis from a distance and then grabbed him the boy was already tripping but according to the records....another small child was running through the streets towards them and they ignored him counted him as meaningless....under Warner's orders they had what they were after they had the child who could be hooked up to Oberon and run it....all other children there were to be ignored....." He took a deep breathe. "You did all of this....everything to find him."

"Who is Ran Niwa to you?" Yamamoto asked. "Warner said that his mind his powers were unique...that the likely hood of there being two was slim to none.....but you have the same power base as him....the same ability with machines even if you manipulate them differently....."

He lowered God's Hammer, letting it rest on his shoulder. "Ran...Ran is my only blood relation..." he answered lowly. "He's the only true relative I've ever known. I learned about him when I was 9 and he was taken away when I was 10..." he said lowly. "I was grabbed by a gang when I was 11...and worked as a prostitute until I was 14....because I couldn't fight them once they started giving me the drug...I tripped constantly...but coming down?'re here now with me...and you're seeing the results..."

Yamamoto nodded. "Yeah I'm seeing them...." He said lowly. "You become focused deadly.....your reasons for all of this for wanting him was to save the only blood relation you have...." he sighed and sat back. "The children of Gravity City are said to be unwanted by anyone they don't have any identification in the system. It was said that there was no family to come for him. Warner argued that we were giving him a greater purpose by making him a Cybernetic doll for the computer..." he glanced over at the full dive chair. "He was wrong." he said lowly. "You searched endlessly for him and when you found him you weren't going to let him go no matter what. But he doesn't know you....being jacked into the computer every day of his life since being taken.....has all but erased his prior memories the fact that Neo was able to bring up even a small amazing but....he's not like you he's never had to fully function in the outside world his life has always been in that chair or full dived into the system....he's managed to function for a bit but once he starts to come down off of the Kereblis it's not going to be good....his body may attempt to shut down."

Yamamoto looked at him. "Perhaps it's my penenace but let me give you one warning...." he said sadly only because now he was realizing his part in all of much of a monster he himself had become. "Cyber has been given a steady stream of high levels of Kereblis all of his life and told it was a low dose....he's never even remotely had to deal with the feeling of coming down off of it.....if your going to save him.....your going to need to either keep him on it....or find a way...Warner never wanted him off of it because then he'd be able to think for himself."

"He's not alone in this...I've been overdosed since I was 13...but I've been on Kereblis since I was young child...coming off of it the first time? I nearly coded in the hospital..." he admitted lowly. "I've been given doses of Kereblis since I was 2 years old...I was told it was to help me...but the dosage was so small, that it only functioned for the time it was meant I feel no sensations of hot or cold...I don't even get to feel when I need the most simple of sexual needs..."

Yamamoto went wide eyed as he said that and then stared. "Are you telling me....that thanks to that drug not only you but your cousin will not be able to feel hot nor cold....that you can't feel.....anything?" He said stunned he had not been told of that side effect. Warner said it was safe to use.

"I feel only pressure...doctors are astounded that I can even still feel the need to use the bathroom on my own..." he admitted as he stood there.

He looked at Yamamoto. "Tell many piercings do you think I have?"

He sat back and closed his eyes...."Then that drug is as nasty as they say....." He said slumping in the chair. "Those are realities that boy is going to have to..."he froze and looked at him. "I have no idea maybe twelve?" he said puzzled.

He smirked and shook his head no. "There are 38 in total on my body...the count is still growing..."

Yamamoto paused. Then went wide eyed. "Wait.....thirty eight total.....Ran just came back with so many piercings and moved about they were touched and Warner even used them.....but he never reacted Warner implied it was because the drug buffered the pain's because he never felt them to begin with...." He said and then horror set in the Radiation camps....Neo who had been saturated with Kereblis and radiation since before birth he looked slowly at Nerve. "Neo the man you call's said he never takes a lover never shows interest in anyone's because he's like you he can't feel anything I've heard rumors he's been stabbed through the chest and kept on's because he can't feel it...anymore then you can....he indulged you but at the same token....he knows what it's done to you....what he was doing to you when he reintroduced it to your system."

He nodded before replying lowly, "That drug...when taken in high takes away everything that makes you human...." He lowered God's Hammer and let it rest on the ground, the weight obvious as it cracked the floor beneath it. "I've had my spine broken, my pelvis broken, ribs fractured, arm broken and much more...but have felt nothing since I began the overdoses..."

Yamamoto closed his eyes. "Do it." he said lowly. "I have been a soldier blindly following the orders of my country and destroying innocent lives....because I never thought to fight it I watched as your cousin was given insanely high doses to keep him complacent and jacked in for long periods of time.....I've made my own I must lay in it."

He just stood there staring at Yamamoto. "To kill you when asked too kind of an act for a man like you. I'll wait...until it's my choice to kill you...for now? You're mine..."

Yamamoto looked at him....then closed his eyes. "Answer me one last thing....Kereblis was supposed to be the answer to the radiation poisoning in the camps but none of them make it past twenty seven...." He looked at him. "By this time there sickly yellowing dying and there hair is falling out because the radiation saturation in there bodies has begun to climb again. Neo is the first person I've seen come from those camps....and not show a single sign of it....but one dose of Kereblis in his system and he looked like he was being killed by it....It's the Kereblis that kills them not the radiation in there bodies."

"The Kereblis reacts to the radiation in their system and causes a violent allergic reaction. It does indeed kill them..." he answered as he stood there, closing his eyes and nodding.

"Had the government waited for me...I could have solved the problem long before now...I was the one who helped develop the proper alternative to Kereblis for radiation treatments..."

Yamamoto looked at him and sat back. "The camps refusal to accept Kereblis any further as an alternative means became available." He said then paused. "That's why you used the antidote on him....Neo poisoned himself." he said surprised and jerked his head towards the door staring. "If he knew what it would do to him....then why risk it? No....never mind he did it so that he could tell you exactly what was done to Ran...." he shook his head and sighed. "Knowing all of this knowing my part in it....and yet now when I'm ready to die.....for what I've won't grant it? You we stole from?"

"You stole from more than just me...your government stole from many of the hunters in the world. You're going to meet a few of them and then you're going to understand the lives you've ruined..." he said lowly as he opened his eyes to look at the door. "I don't care if you want to die or live...because of my free will, I will still do as I please..."

He closed his eyes and nodded. "I will hear them." He said lowly as the intercom went off. The woman's voice saying that his wife and child were there to have lunch with him shall they send them back? "No....have them wait in the car...." He said lowly. Then after a moment looked at Nerve. "I will hear them....because they have a right to be heard and I have to pay the price for what I've done my part in it."

Nerve never even flinched at the mention of a wife and child. He didn't care and probably never would. "Then you'll be wise to wait until I have removed other vermin from my path...or remove it for me..."

Yamamoto stood up and called for a mandatory meeting in the cafeteria. To remove all soldiers in the way. They were just following orders like him and if he could inflect any changes he had to be able to do it by changing these soldiers first. Once done he bowed his head.

"If any lingered...I'm killing them..." he told Yamamoto as he lifted God's Hammer and slung it over his shoulder and motioned for Yamamoto to move towards the door. "Your emotions shift to indicate you're going to run...I'll break your legs..."

Yamamoto looked at him and nodded as he opened the door and began walking at a steady clip. Not to fast not to slow but not running and not allowing himself to even think about it. He knew well enough to know that Nerve was not bluffing.

He followed behind Yamamoto, God's Hammer slung over his shoulder, free hand covered in drying blood.
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"Considering the fact I should be in worse condition then I am I take it you did something?" Neo would speak with a less then amused tone as he's looking at Nerve who is going through withdraws the shaking the vomiting the violent outbursts and no doubt confined heavily to keep from hurting someone else who walks in to  help him. Neo would cross his arms. "Kereblis does not mix well in my system so I was expecting and prepared for the system collapse.....and yet other then my body being stiff I'm fine."

He was shaking and breathing heavy as he felt the dry heaves coming but held them at bay as much as he could. "I gave you...the only antidote I've ever made..." he breathed lowly, his eyes glazed over as he was strapped up to the wall by heavy steel restraints that only reach as far as the bathroom off to his left.

"Why in the world would you do that?" Neo asked eyebrow twitching. "I'm well aware of what it does to me...its not the first time I've suffered through an allergic reaction..." Although it was and could be down right fatal he had pulled through it before....twice. Apparently Nerve wasn't willing to go for round three. "You should have taken it....or at given it to Ran...." He said shaking his head. "I'm fully aware of how dangerous Kereblis is for me and what I had taken upon myself when I injected it." He said looking at him having to go through this again. He didn't tell him Cyber wasn't doing well coming off...they were weening him down of it and on his way here he grabbed the charts before handing them back.......three times his heart stopped and they restarted it...Warner had kept it so steady Ran's system his heart his body wasn't used to be slowed down it was rejecting it if they took it down more then a couple of points at a time and then had to was going to be painfully slow while he laid there.

"To keep you from dying...this time...your heart..." he gagged and closed his eyes as they watered. "Almost stopped..." he finished lowly as he choked back another gag.

Neo closed his eyes. "As I said....I was prepared for that." he said lowly as he looked at him and then shifted the bucket over to him knowing what he was fighting. "I knew the consequences of my actions.....but once again you kids....have ideas contrary to what I'm doing....I seem to recall you all being stubborn the last time I sealed off the tower too.." he said looking at him. "You are perhaps the most stubborn of them all..." Although he could have sworn and he had one heck of a bruise on his chest....someone had been pounding on him while he was out cold wither that was Natsu, Sena, Kagera....Toki or even Kan here himself before they restrained him he wasn't sure.

Nerve shook his head as he gagged again and again, but nothing came up. When the dry heaves had finally subside for a moment so he could catch his breath, he breathed heavily and looked back up at Neo. "I wasn't..." he said as he tried to catch his breath. "You always tell me that its ok to need you...and guess what...I still need you old man..."

Neo went a touch wide eyed but sighed and smiled. "That's fine you can need me all you want." He said looking at him not about to argue that fact with him. He had told him outright that it was alright to need him. Even if that was to just annoy him it was fine. It had not changed. Neo did though reach up and move his jacket exposing the lovely huge ugly black and blue bruise on his chest. "So which one of you do I have to thank for this?" he asked as he leaned against the door frame. "It's got to be at least between a softball and basketball if I didn't know better I'd swear one of you was bent on beating me to death.....while I was out cold." He said bemused.

He smirked as he shook there against the wall, having been restrained the moment the nurses realized Neo was coming for his room. "Someone needed to keep your heart going...I was just a little too angry for it..."

Neo rolled his eyes. "I'll say it's got to be deep to be black and blue this long....if I read my charts right I've been out cold for three days...." He chuckled. "Although since I took the Kereblis into myself I suppose sporting a nice sized bruise is a small price to pay." he shook his head as he looked at him. But Neo closed his eyes. "Thank you." he said knowing full well that a bruise that size and deep was because....his heart had indeed stopped and what kept it beating was who ever had beaten that deep bruise in there.

"Do I need to worry about keeping everyone away from Chaos while your in here or is still doing alright?"

Nerve closed his eyes and lowered his head. "Chaos...doesn't know I'm in here yet...go tell him...for me...that if he wants to come see me...he'll have to understand the rules of this process..." he breathed before he gagged again, this time throwing up a little bit of blood. His throat was so raw from vomiting that it was going to bleed now when he vomited. It had started to get to the violent stages now.

Neo nodded. "I'll tell him I'll also explain the rules to him." he said looking at him. "For your sake if he can't listen to them I will have no other choice but to confine him until you're better for his safety." he said looking at Nerve two years now and they were happy together he saw no reason to break that up but at times Chaos didn't understand things. "Kan....pretty soon here it's going to get nasty for you....make it through this and your next one is on me." He said meaning piercing. He knew Kan enjoyed getting them down.

He looked back up at Neo as he focused on breathing for a moment and smiled at his father. "Tell him...I need him to be good for me...because...I need him too..." he said before he threw up again and closed his eyes, the tears running down his face from the amount of watering his eyes were doing. "I'll be all right old man...don't you worry...I'll keep my sanity...and my life..."

Neo nodded. "I will." He said looking at him about Chaos then paused and looked at him. "You better.....I didn't spend so much time trying to get it through to you.....that your one of my precious sons and always have been...just to loose you now." He said one of the brief times Neo allowed himself to be 'mushy' but he needed to make the point clear.

He snorted, but it wasn't as cold or feisty as it normally was. Part of the bite from Nerve's normal personality had been lowered by the weaning process. "Don't give me that mushy shit old man...I already know..."

Neo snorted and chuckled. "Your such a stubborn brat." he said looking at him and shoved his hands in his pockets. "I'll go locate Chaos and let him know....." he said not wanting to broach the subject of the entire reason Nerve was like this to begin with....and that was Ran. Both no doubt knew that Dr. Warner had made a real mess out of things and that it would not be easy to get Ran off of it.

Nerve nodded as he looked at Neo. "One more thing old man..." he said lowly, his breathing getting a little shallow. "Tell Cyber...that I'll be waiting for he'd better pull through he can meet the rest of the family..."

Neo had paused and looked back at him as he spoke. He made certain to make eye contact with him and then nodded. "I'll tell him. I'll also warn him that if he slips up you'll be more then happy to bring him back even if that means beating the shit out of him. So he better not stop fighting." He said looking at him which was Nerve in a nutshell. "Anything other messages?"

"Tell Mugo...I'll let him play with Yamamoto...when I get better...." he said as he felt the blackout coming on. His head lulled a little and his body started going limp. His heart was slowing down now, and he had been awake for the entire three days, suffering through the body shakes and vomiting. Now came the stages of blackouts, more vomiting, hallucinations and even more violent outbursts.

Neo looked and walked over to stand before him when he spoke it was low. "I'll tell him. But I'm certain he'd rather hear it from make sure to repeat it." he said looking at him and then sighing before turning and leaving the room.
He made his circuit of stops brushing off the nurses concern. He delivered the message to Cyber who was out cold and seemingly catatonic but he didn't need him awake just needed contact mentally which he gained. He scent off a message to Mugo and finally found Chaos and after a few minutes of dodge the upset man before Neo fell not ready for this yet Chaos froze and Neo relayed the message. Chaos ignored him and went to go see Nerve understanding he needed to behave and could not at the moment touch him.

Nerve was in poor condition now, the oxygen mask having to be put on him and now he was sleeping so the nurses could safely insert a fluid drip I.V. into his veins to help ease some of the vomiting and to combat dehydration. He was thinner, and he had dark circles under his eyes and bruises along his arms from trying to break the restraints and instead, being snapped back violently against the wall because he was pulling against the restraints when they retracted.

The heart monitor that had finally been attached to him showed a very slow, and almost nonexistent heartbeat as he hung there limply. Pretty soon, the nurses would have to come in and Inject the lowered dosage of Kereblis into his system and he would be awake and much more violent than before.

Chaos had entered and was sitting quietly against the wall looking athim the Nurses tried telling him to leave but this was Chaos and he listened to no one. He looked at the man hanging there at what Kereblis did to him. He had seen Cyber on the way in and in that room wasn't much better.....he had an unknown skill and that room when the 'raging' part happened he had scorched the living daylights out of the walls....and then there was the nurses concern his heart would stop for the fourth time. Despite Neo's warning. All they could do now was wait and watch. Just as he was doing now.

Nerve was pulling against his restraints unamused and demanding more Kereblis....screaming for it at the top of his lungs.

Chaos would answer him. "You can't." AS he'd be sitting there one knee up arm resting on his knee. "I'll loose you."

Nerve would look at Chaos as he tried to fight the heavy restraints, angry and pulling against his confines. "I need more! It's not enough!" he screamed in anger.

Chaos would just shake his head no. "No." he'd answer looking at him. "Kanpekina.....your trying to come off of it. You made promises."

He looked at Chaos, anger. Nothing but pure anger as he fought and fought against the restraints, wearing cuts into his wrists and ankles. "I need it!"

Chaos sighed as he got up and looked at him then walked forward to stand before him. "Kan look at me."

He fought even still, but his gaze responded to what was requested of him. "What do you want?" he snapped as he fidgeted and felt the dry heaves come. He shook his head and closed his eyes as he gagged again and again, unable to stop them even though he felt them coming.

Nekkyo sighed as he looked at the one who he loved struggling with this. Screaming for more even though they would not could not give it to him. Neo's orders were absolute ween him off no matter how much he screams for more. Nek  rose an eyebrow. "My lover back. No longer sick on this shit. Besides....I believe I promised you I'd get certain piercings...I can't do that if you give in here and now to the answer me are you or are you not My Kanpekina, My Nerve?"

He gagged again and opened his watering eyes to look at Chaos. "I am..." he responded as he tried to catch his breath, breathing heavily.

"Then why are you giving in to something like that? When the man I know gives in to nothing." Chaos asked looking at him meeting his gaze dead on. "I was told you were determined it was once and then off....yet here I see you caving.....My Kan is too stubborn to let something like this rule him again....." He looked at him then without fear of loosing his hand perhaps because if he did....he lost it for him. He touched the side of Kan's face. "Let it go....and you get decide my next piercings....even if that is on my back as long as YOU are there."

Nerve's body shook as he shivered and looked at Chaos with glazed over eyes, pupils as large as saucers. "It hurts..." he breathed lowly in answer to the question of why he was wanting more instead of fighting it.

Chaos looked at him and then leaned his head forward until there foreheads touched. "You can do this." he said lowly he'd shift off the pain if he could and then closed his eyes.....Pain....that kind of pain he was familiar with but if he took it from him....would it give him the strength to get though this? If he bent that towards himself.....he was no stranger to it...had purposely for years made them inject him with the punishment.....just so that his body would shut it down...adept without ever a complaint on his part...."If the pain disappeared would you still want more?"

He looked at Chaos and smiled faintly at him. It wasn't a happy smile, but rather one of hurt and guilt. "I would..."

Chaos looked at to make him want to fight....and then looked right into those eyes tripping out on Kereblis. "And if I take the whole thing from you?" He looked at him. "If I take everything your going through away?"

Nerve shook his head as his eyes started to get heavy again. "I want this...I need to remember..." he breathed lowly. "That I'm still human..."

"Of course you are." He retorted. "You wouldn't be mine if you weren't. I wouldn't love a machine Kanpekina. I wouldn't stop for a machine something that held no life except the spark of when it's plugged in." He ran his thumb careful of the pressure highly careful..."And you would not be so fragile."

He smiled weakly at Chaos as he felt nothing at all, not even the traces of touch on his skin right now. He knew he was being touched only because he could see it. "I'm not're just really strong..." he breathed as he slowly drifted into yet another drug induced sleep.

Chaos sighed as he shook his head. "I wasn't referring to your body." he said to the sleeping figure before him. He turned and walked back to the far wall and sat down, once again in the same position he was so comfortable in. Leaned back against the wall and waited.

Chaos was aware of the passage of time as he watched Nerve sleep through the drug induced sleep. He knew when he woke up he would not be happy......he could hear them saying something in the hall about final stages and nothing.....but not when.

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Ran was less then amused his body felt like shit , everything was stiff all over and his chest? Felt like the good doctors had been putting a heavy weight on it for all the amount pressure that had been there. He looked at the monitor plug that had been put in after his fifth or sixth heart-attack or so they said....apparently his body was as amused as he was now to be told 'No more for you'......The nurses looked at him and tried to stop him worried that Chaos would attack him should he enter the room were Nerve was laid up in the bed on monitors and breathing tubes. Eight months of being beaten up by the medical staff. He walked into the room as Chaos looked up at him and then up to the bed but didn't touch him. "Your an ass you know that?" he said looking down at the bed. "My whole body is stiff and in the midst of it all Your ol man telling me you'd kick my ass if I didn't make it? You better make it through this part. I didn't go through that shit just to find out you logged out in the last stretch."

Nerve would've spoke, but the tubes down his throat kept him from being able to talk. He was awake though, barely alert, but conscious enough to weakly raise his right hand and slowly, shakily, raise his middle finger to Cyber.

Cyber snorted as he was flipped off. "Seems like your going to be In here for a while....wonder if I can beat your high score in Rowdy during that time.." He said and Chaos watched Nerve was responding to him although shakily but his aura didn't shift to uncomfortable or get unstable it was as if the banter between them, Cyber being here was something he wanted to see...that everything he did had paid off.

He narrowed his eyes and flicked Cyber in the arm as he wanted so badly to tell him to get the hell off his game.

Cyber rose and eyebrow and started laughing. "I heard that you know." he said looking at him the moment the touched. "You've never directly linked with someone like us have you?" He said looking at him. "They brought in a low level Technokentic, he could barely manipulate the machines let alone jack in but he grabbed my arm before full dive and created all sorts of problem my commands were jumbled with his." He said looking at him.

He sighed and closed his eyes. Too much effort made him exhausted. He never had linked with anyone like him before because he had never met anyone else like him. He rarely if ever touched anyone, and if he did it was on his terms and his terms alone.

Cyber looked at him and him and nodded. "Don't worry I won't touch your rank. But if I log in I may have to defend it. It's been eight months." He said shrugging. He placed his hand on the bed rail not touching him directly Cyber didn't like touching people the neuro pathways still could send through strong emotions and as he was feeling he didn't want push that off on Nerve. It was enough to 'stablize' his own emotions at the moment but that would be a direct transfer of thought and feelings. "You know when you said to share your didn't tell me you were going to drag my ass through hell and back to get here....."

Nerve smirked at that. He opened his eyes to look at Cyber and pointed at himself a little. 'Welcome to my world...I've went through this twice now...'

Cyber snorted. "Yeah...." he said shaking his head and sighed. "Twice now huh and I was told by the doctors that Neo will make certain to find a way to keep me 'sober'...." He said then sighed he didn't want to tell him about the monitor plug they had surgerically put in because his heart kept stopping.....nor did want to relive it but at the same token. "Shit the worst part? Is the empty feeling inside like something is missing.....and the damn world is so much more annoying this way."

Nerve pointed at Cyber then, eyes narrowed. 'Your ass is staying sober. I'm risking my life because I started back on that shit for you...'

Cyber looked at him quietly then moved his shirt down showing off the large black round plug in his chest. "I can't." he said looking at him. "I have to get past it....because I can't go through the withdrawls again....they said my heart rejected being taken off of it...." He let go of his shirt. "It's not going to come if I do....this thing goes off because it'll jack up my heart......I'm staying sober Nerve. Don't worry about just not thrilled about the after effects once it's out of the system...."

"Apparently it allows them to monitor me now....and make sure I don't....over strain it?" He shook his head. "Darned if I understand the medical staff here."

Nerve sighed and closed his eyes. 'I'm in the same boat. Some of my organs are artificial...the real ones shut down and I nearly died here in this hospital...'

Ran looked at him. "You shouldn't have had to risk to much.....or even taken it in again." He said looking at him.
"If he didn't he wouldn't be Kanpekina." Neo said leaning against the door the doctors concerned Cyber was upset about being taken off. Cyber turned his head. "Kan....has a way about him. You've barely gotten to know him but once you do you'll figure out......when he wants something he'll get it because he's the sort to make it work. Don't worry yourself too much about the state he's in now....most of things that the staff fixed, are Bio organic. In otherwords living tech." Neo walked in and looked down at him then reached out and placed his fingers in the air above the healing chakra in his throat.....

"A month and a half Kan....think you can hang in there a little longer? If I do a cleanse now you'll hate me for it. You have to finish this out the hard way."

Nerve snorted and looked defiantly at Neo. "Bring it on...old man...I'll finish this...just like I did last time..."

Neo chuckled. "I know you will." He said looking at him. "Oh by the way....Arclight is being a Sassy little thing again apparently she's not thrilled you haven't logged in. In fact from the multiple complaints I've gotten every time someone tries to use the elevator she brings them to either one of the basement levels...including Sena's lower garden which has caused quiet a few stopping in the middle of the climb and shutting off...." Neo chuckled. "She's not thrilled you disappeared."

He smiled and closed his eyes. "She's always sassy when I do things like's not surprising..."

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Ran had left to let Nerve rest, taken to his room with boxes and boxes of computer for monitors towers everything he would need. Neo figured it would take him a while to put it together and it did.....all of three hours to build a system in his room hook it up and then Arclight automatically up-linked with it.

So that was....three hours of wasted time as far as he was concerned but it was worth it. Taking a deep breathe he sat down Neo having told him he was granted access to Arclight, which was fine wiht him but what wasn't fine was what he had picked up on on the way here bits and pieces of Oberon were scattered throughout Arclights system and so he sat down hooked up the cables and sighed....not full dive without tripping he didn't know if he could relax enough to get back out but he did stare straight ahead.

"Initiate Linkking sequence." he spoke his voice taking on those machine like qualities as he was doing this without Kereblis the feeling was much different. "Linking in 3....2....1...0....Link Engaged." He said to himself before leaning back into the high back chair and stretching out. Cyber stares at the ceiling and began the long process finding the bits and pieces in the corroded files that Oberon had left behind in Arclight when he began to shut down it had happened because Arclight had opened up and the data stream he had been standing on with Nerve belonged to her the data that had been trying to consume him Oberon. Now he had to sort the mess but he didn't close and lock his door because he was used to being watched perhaps. Although right now he didn't know who it was at the door only that they were less then amused that he was diving even a little bit less then six hours out from the hospital.

"You're wasting your time kid...She will lock you out of every access point possible if she has to..."

Cyber would tip his head and look at him. "If I have to leave here I will. But If I can't jack in I can't relax." He'd say looking at him.

"Then you'd better find a new outlet kid..." he said as he stood there, arms crossed. "We're under strict orders to keep you here how ever we have're not allowed to go back to that place no matter how much you try..."

"Oberon isn't your home or your world. You're a human and from now until the day you die, you're going to live like one..."

Cyber looked at him sitting up. "There is no other outlet." He'd answer looking at him sitting up and taking in the sight of Natsu. "I have to link." He answered looking at eight months on his back with his heart stopping during that time and now he could feel it inside a crawling feeling the same thing that happened every time he couldn't jack in....when they'd take him out to re-up the Kereblis. But this wasn't that....this was raw inside of him his need was because it was what his nervous system knew.

"I spent twenty years jacked into a system If I can't jack....." He said shaking his head. "Don't look at me like a spoiled child! I have never gone longer then three weeks out of system and that was to come here take the exam don't make me regret it..."

"He refused to be put anywhere away from a computer at first...getting violent if we tried to move we even managed to get him to leave the tower when he was younger...I've yet to figure out how Neo done it..."

Cyber looked at him unhooked the wires and brought his wrists together which sparked. "I am not being unreasonable. I'm not trying to full dive or enter the system completely I'm trying to get the damn bio feed back to calm the hell down." he said looking at him. "When I said I spent my time jacked I mean weeks in full dive or longer. So jacked up on Kereblis it wasn't funny. You all of you wish to save me?" Cyber said bringing his hand down. "Then let me adjust my way. You don't get it....I don't want to spend the rest of my life full dived. But if I don't jack in....the bio feed back is nasty and I've already been eight months....I don't feel like getting sick because I can't log let me say it again. I will find some way to leave this place even if you restrain me."

"Then you're going to have to tell Nerve, who spent years at a time full dived, that you're being difficult...he was hoping you'd be more patient...after all...I had come here to tell you that Nerve created a way to fix that..."

"I don't have the time!" Ran yelled and through the piercings energy sparked and arc'd about him. He closed his eyes shaking his head. "I kept coding because I was out of system.. "I didn't come here expecting to be held prisoner. From the way he spoke I would have control of my life for the first time in twenty years......Instead I find myself.....regretting come here more and more with each passing moment."

Natsu moved his hand finally, sending a wave of pure aura, nothing harmful, crashing through the room to calm Ran. "Enough! look at me and listen to what I'm saying or so help me, I'm not going to be gentle anymore!" he exclaimed as he stood there, glaring at Ran. "Take a deep breath and focus for one moment. I'm here to tell you how to fix the feedback without having to jack in. Nerve made a way to stop feedback from building up inside of his body."

Ran looked at him as he felt the aura was over him and the warning that he would not be gentle much longer if he didn't listen. He looked at Natsu narrowing his eyes. Before turning away from him and walking away....a way to fix was more then that and he knew it. He longed for the interface need it like he needed air to breath and even that damn computer locked him out this one he didn't know mouthed off....he put his hand against the stone wall back to Natsu. "Get the hell away from me....." He said lowly angry. "I should never have fucking come here to begin with."

"You're wasting your time getting angry with me..." he said lowly as he stood there. "I'm not here to keep you locked up, but don't you realize that now you're the one who wants to lock yourself away on the net? Nerve wanted to save you so badly that he nearly died for you, and you're getting mad because you're addicted to the net and you're being stopped from logging you not see how hard everyone is working to help you here?"

He sighed and closed his eyes. "I only want to help you, but when you come at me with that anger, I don't have another way to stop you. I don't want to hurt you because you attack me..."

Cyber turned his head and looked back at him. "Help me? Your trying to help me? Don't make me laugh." He said turning around to face Natsu to look at him. "Your not here to keep me locked up really? I'm well aware of what Nerve risked. I can see it and it's not like I'm ungrateful." He said glaring at him. "But it's becoming painfully clear to much more caged I am here. Especially since I was logging on to get Oberon out of your damn system! Oberon may have tried to assimilate me but he NEVER locked me out."

"Claiming it's for my own good......get away from me...." He repeated looking away from Natsu.

"Archlight was created to think for herself. No one is to blame but her," he said as he pointed to the computer. "You're getting angry at me because you think this is somehow my fault, but you're angry with the wrong person.." he said as he shook his head. "You're not aware of this, but Archlight purged Oberon four months ago..."

"I can feel his traces inside the system as I walk through the building." He retorted. "Forget it...just leave." He said narrowing his eyes. "If I'm certain of anything's that I should have never come here."

"You think I care if you like me?" he asked as he shook his head. "Those traces...are from Nerve...he is probably still linked so you won't have to..."

Hearing that only made Cyber that much more angry he reached up and touched the earring in his ear which pulsed the ear cuff. "Oberon." And upon hearing it........."Purge second access." Once he received confirmation and in his state not strong enough to stop Cyber Oberon was no longer linked to Nerve. The red light in the earring locked in his ear glowed. "So I don't have to? Fuck you....his lovely system denies me and then your saying he holds link to the system I spent my life in.....and now I'm trapped in this wretched building unable to link? I don't want anything to do with anyone in this building I want to leave that's all I want."

Natsu narrowed his eyes and pointed to the door. "Then fucking leave, but don't you dare try to blame the people here for your problems. You want to walk out of here, you go see your fucking cousin before you leave..."

Cyber looked at him as if he was insane. "What are you talking about?" He said looking at him having no memories of his childhood. None.....except the faint one Neo brought up his someone calling his actual name.

Natsu pointed to the direction Nerve's room was in. "That man in there spent years looking for you...he's your only blood relation..." he said lowly. "Now you go in there and tell him you hate him and you want to leave..."

"I never said I hated anyone." He retorted glaring at Natsu. "I said I regret coming here that's not the same thing." He looked at him as cold anger boiled through him. "I do want to leave.....because it's become abundantly clear to me quiet a few things." He moved walking towards the door. "I'll tell him I'm leaving but you'll never get me to tell him that I hate him."

"You might as well tell him you hate him while you're there..." he said lowly, his expression changing as he said that. "For all the good it'll do...his entire reason to stop tripping was to find you on his tell him you don't want nothing to do with anyone here like you just screamed at me a minute ago...and he'll ask for more of the same thing that's nearly killed forget the man who feels emotional pain..."

Natsu sighed then and moved to walk over to put a hand on Nerve's desk and look at it sadly. "He'll kill himself if you don't give this a chance...don't you understand? I don't want my brother to die...I haven't ever had a real family...Nerve is one of my best friends... I don't want to see him when you walk out of those doors forever..."
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"His whole reason for living was to be with you again...he was so happy that you were in the room next to him..."

Ran looked back at him. Looked at Natsu as he spoke then looked away again. "Give what a chance? A computer who has a living A.I and will lock me out unless he's there? And entire building wrapped up around him....his family his everything? You don't get it....I don't belong here." HIs hand rested on the door frame. He bowed his head shaking it. "There's nothing here to give a chance to. It's his world not mine."

"You're a fool," he said lowly, bluntly as he turned to look at Cyber again. "His entire world revolves around you and everything involving you...we are the ones who don't belong in his world..."

Natsu sighed and closed his eyes. "He's close to only one man here...and that's Chaos. He even pushes away Neo despite Neo's attempts at getting to be let in. He accepted you the moment he met you even after so long."

Cyber stepped out into the hallway and looked down the direction of Nerve's room....where he was.....and then turned in the opposite direction not ready to say a finale farewell just yet he pushed his hands in his pockets stood facing the other way, he needed to get out of here he was suffocating. "Right...." He said lowly. pausing to pull his hand out and look at the pulsing in his veins he had wasted so much time arguing with him.....he could see it even if others could not. He could not even begin to go talk to Nerve like this the bio feed back loop would hurt him in the state Cyber was in. "Says the man whose younger then me and see's me as nothing more then a spoiled brat throwing a tantrum because I can't log in." he turned his head and looked at Natsu. "Right now I'm leaving.......when I can do something about the fact I can barely breathe. I can barely function right now.....then I'll come back to talk to him if he hear me.....but I won't waste my time sticking around a place that locks me out of everything and tells me 'fuck you now adept to life out of system.'" he closed his eyes. "And I've wasted so much time arguing with you too....tsk...." he turned his head to look back down the hall. "But I don't dare get near him in this state the loop will hurt him."

"Idiot...I'm not looking at you like that because you can't log in. I'm looking at you like that because you've done nothing but get mad at me when it wasn't my fault..."

"Mad at you?" he rose an eyebrow. "Yeah I suppose it seems that way since I'm shouting and yelling...."But I have eight months of current built up inside of me it's not easy to control and keep down......I get agitated easily in this state....last time wasn't nearly so long and I nearly destroyed an entire complex alone." He looked at him. "But I wasn't angry at anyone just angry because of the intense pressure building up in my body a pressure so great I can't breathe." He looked at him. "As I said I'm leaving.....I will find a system that is not Oberon I don't intend on going back to 'Father' not directly and do something about this in a way that I'm familiar with and In a way that will get my nervous system to relax." He looked at Natsu. "Since this towers computer won't do let me do anything unless he's jacked in as well. If I can get this mess inside of me to stabilize.....then I'll return and talk to him....but at the moment there's no point in my staying here. Honestly I don't care if you or anyone else likes me or even understands.....because no one will."

"Stop assuming the worst about the people here...we may surprise you..." he said lowly as he made no move to stop Cyber. He'd already been upset enough. He'd take Neo's beating happily, but by no means would he keep arguing with someone who refused to listen to him.

Cyber stood there feeling the same way not even the computer in this place nothing was willing to listen it was more then just the discharge. He could handle be out of system if he could link off and on...he had discovered that when he unjacked and moved to do the Hunters Exam. Cyber shook his head looking down at the floor before bowing it and moving to walk away. "There is nothing safe or familiar for me here.....and the only thing that is will shut me out with everything breathe I take? My assumption came from the 'I'll restrain you if I have to' ....." He said lowly to he looked up....nothing. "Good bye.' He said simply to his  comment of stop assuming the worst of people here....he was tired his body had so much built up pressure inside of it and......he felt isolated and alone. There was nothing safe nothing familiar and the only thing that was safe and familiar denied him with every breathe he took. What else was he supposed to think?

"Ran, I know you feel like you don't fit in, but there's someone you need to meet sometime...he's...interesting to say the least..."

Cyber would freeze and look at him tipping his head confused and blinking. Not used to hearing his name for one thing and the other someone he had to meet sometime? The most tangable sound he made was 'Huh?"

Natsu sighed and spoke lowly, more gently, "Will you just try the new way? I have the person you will want to meet waiting for's time for his weekly check in..."

"Ah yeah...." Cyber said lowly confused and not sure what the heck was going on at this point. But the current inside of him had shifted as he was thrown so far off center by Natsu. Wither he fully realized it or not what he was agreeing to he wasn't sure just.....out of the clear blue in the middle of all that....some one he had to meet?

He nodded and motioned to the door across the hall. "This way then..." he said lowly as he moved to the door and punched in the code, unlocking the door.

Cyber looked at him following because he was still trying to wrap his mind around the end of that conversation. part of him was still agitated but the other was just plain confused and anything that puzzled him had a natural kick over response to figure it out. And so he walked with Natsu still feeling angry and frustrated isolated and alone.....wanting to jack in but at the same token....he was confused and  wanting to understand that comment about meeting someone as well.

He opened the door and motioned for Cyber to enter. Inside, there was a set up similar to an electrical plant's generators spaced evenly apart so a person could stand there between them.

Cyber looked at the pillars and rose an eyebrow before looking at Natsu like he was nuts. "Um?" He mused not exactly sure what he was supposed to do with to power base cones.....

Cyber walked up looking at the cones and sighed looking back at him. "Power relay cones?" he said finally speaking to Natsu something more tangible then a yeah or huh.

"Nerve made this system so he could survive here without going crazy. He rigged the system so that bionic energy sources would power the tower..." he explained as he stood there not moving from his spot beside the door.

Cyber took a deep breath and sighed. "Right..." He said and walked to the middle of the to towers and turned.....he was used to running at the same time four super computers and playing Rowdy at the same time the only safe way he knew to discharge the power was to link were he could control the output even with just one he could regulate the flow. But this? He looked up at Natsu and then let it go and Bio Feed back electrical storm was cut loose the entire room filled with it even as the towers absorbed it.....his anger and agitation had been trying to hold this in. He let go for a while but reigned it in having spent if he was lucky half of it....but....the energy he looked down at the studs in his wrists and hands which were super heated and burning red.....and he couldn't feel it.

He didn't look at Natsu as he spoke lowly looking at the red studs......."I can't feel them...." He said lowly going wide eyed...."They should be burning but.....I can't feel them."

"Because Kereblis stole your ability to feel hot or took away your ability to feel most forms of pain and possibly even ways of getting to feel pleasure..." he explained as he stood there, arms crossed. "Those men...they took away so much from you and you didn't even know it..."

Ran stood there his memories his ability to feel .....that meant how easily could he gain third and fourth degree burns and never feel it? Frost bite and not know it.....pain? He had nothing that feeling of isolation almost seemed to want to eat him whole now as he closed his eyes and wasn't even aware of the tear that slide down his face. He could not feel physical pain but could still feel emotional.

"This is why I told you...Nerve is never going to be an open book..." he said lowly. "He feels hardly nothing at all...only two years ago did he even show signs of knowing how to feel love..."

Ran looked up at him just staring at him and then closed his eyes. He didn't say anything what was there to say at this point? He looked at the studs seeing the red go out of them his answer was to just get this done and over with and he did.........he let loose the rest of the pent up energy a little over half of what he had left and once finished.....walked towards the door. As he stepped past paused for only a moment before turning his head away. "You wanted me to meet someone?"

But the studs were an angry red........they hadn't been cooled off and he didn't feel it so he didn't know how bad they were but he wasn't about to touch anything either.

Natsu nodded and moved towards the door, inputting the code and unlocking the door before he stepped out and began to walk, leading Cyber towards the large library.

He didn't know what to say to Natsu concerning his cousin but he followed anyways. Not sure where he was being taken. But following anyways. He walked with him quiet as he digested this new bit of information.

"Where are we going?" Cyber asked him not familiar with much in the tower.

"To the tower's library. This is where they're going to be," he answered as he walked along. When he reached the library, and opened the doors, he was greeted by a very perky brown haired monk who was wearing a tight purple, spandex athletic top with baggy lime green jeans and purple athletic shoes. "Tsu~" he called out as he moved over to wrap his arms around Natsu's neck and kissed him in the cheek. "You're so pretty today~"

Natsu sighed and closed his eyes. "Mugo, why is it you're always so falsely friendly?" he asked as he was hugged so loosely.

Mugo pouted at that question, but made no move to remove himself from Natsu. "I'm not being fake...I really do think you're pretty...but a pretty toy..."

Cyber looked at him as he said they and blinked as he looked at Mugo. "Oh...the Proctor that nearly took my eye." he said looking at Mugo and the way he was dressed and acting. But he paused when he heard a chuckle and to Natsu and Mugo a very familiar riddled greeting.

"Feathers and friends together hello! <3" A voice cheerfully full of a bright warmth called out and he looked over and paused tipping his head. On top of light pink hair sat a Pink hat with black trim forming loops going around the hat. Pale blue grey eyes a black jacket with pink accents in the puffed sleeves going down to his wrists, Purple trim with golden embossing on the collar golden buckles that stretched oriental style across his stomach leaving his chest exposed with a high pink and black trimmed collar. A black ascot with pink accents white gloves and the hint of a pink shirt under the jacket that held dark and light vertical stripes. He was wearing black pants with purple accents going down the outside of his legs and what looked like roses attached going all the way down. Cyber blinked as he noted the golden sun shaped buttons that encircled his biceps the large cuffs on the sleeves and black boots with pink and purple accents.

"Um..." He said staring he couldn't help it.....this one was so....oddly dressed they both were.

Karega chuckled as he snapped the book he was reading shut as Mugo was no longer clinging to him demanding he put the book away and pay him attention. "Hello....Mu it would seem little Nat has brought company with him today."<3 Karega said as he sat on the table. Legs crossed. "And I do not look like the Mad Hatter."<3 He  said as if to finish his argument with his elder brother.
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Cyber would just stare at Natsu. "Let me get this straight.....this person you wanted me to meet was the only proctor who tried to keep one of my eyes as a trophy?" Would be his answer to which Karega would chuckle.
"Ah that sounds about right for Mu." As one of the ladies that worked there walked in and set down a tray full of dragon fruit and looked at Karega. "Just like you wanted."
"And why would I want that? I hate Dragon fruit...." Karega said staring. To which she put her hand on her hip. "Give me a break! You were determined earlier this week that we had to get Dragon fruit and it had to be here and prepped for this time today!" She said pointing at the tray. Karega just stared at him. "Why on earth would I do that? I told you....I hate the fruit."

Mugo chuckled and licked his lips as he stayed clinging to Natsu. "Oh~ That little thing?" he asked amused as he looked at Cyber. "I wasn't really trying very hard. If I had been looking where I was putting my hand...I'd have gotten my trophy~"

Natsu sighed and pushed Mugo off of him. "Get off of me for a while're really uncomfortable..." he grumbled, to which Mugo pouted but moved over to pick up the Dragon fruit and began to eat it happily.

"Mm~" he mused warmly as he ate. "My favorite~"

Cyber sighed. "Lucky me." He said a bit sarcastically as he glanced over while the lady was in a heated argument with Karega who slammed his hand down agitated because she was insistent.....but paused when Mu walked between him and the woman and picked up a piece of the fruit and was his favorite. Karega tipped his head. "Oh is it?" The woman threw her hands up and looked at Natsu.

"How do you deal with Hanran?" She said exasperated. "One moment he's going on about something like that and the next he looks at you like your insane...."

Cyber looked at Natsu. "And they are?" He asked figuring one of them was the actual one that Natsu had intended on him meeting but they both looked colorful.

Natsu tipped his head to look at her without a single expression. "I have no idea what you're talking about..." he told her before he looked over at Cyber. "They're the ones you're going to be meeting..."

The woman beyond frustrated at this point walked out shaking her head. "Crazy....absolutely crazy I swear they like messing with me..." She grumbled going down the hall.

Karega sighed as he dropped off of the table. "I'm glad you like the fruit....<3." He said since Mugo seemed to be enjoying himself. He then glanced at Cyber and Natsu. "Mmm Nat-chan how long do you and your friend plan on standing in the door way? I assure you I will not be displeased if you come into the library.<3"

Cyber looked at them. "These two?" he asked puzzled as he watched them....was the one in the top hat just messing with her or was there something more here that he didn't understand?

Natsu sighed but moved into the library and walked over to a plush chair and sat down to look at Karega. "Sorry Han...I forgot that you hate me lingering in the door like that," he said lowly before he turned back to look at Cyber and nodded. "Yes, these two. They're the Mugo brothers...the one in the top hat is Karega Mugo, the one in the sleeveless athletic top is..." he paused a moment as Mugo's aura grew dangerously malicious even though the man himself was still smiling and eating Dragon fruit.

When Mugo swallowed the fruit he had been eating, he looked at Natsu and wagged his finger. "Ah ah...none of that name..." he warned lowly, to which Natsu sighed and nodded.

"That one...he's Mugo...any other name won't get you anything but death..."

Cyber looked at him. "The Mugo brothers and he goes by his last name then?" He said glancing at Mugo who had a moment ago gotten this dangerous Aura to him. As if he was ready to kill if his first name was even hinted at.
Karega looked at Cyber and sighed. "Are you accustomed to being a door stopper?" He asked and Cyber blinked going wide eyed.
"Um no." He answered startled. Karega then gestured to the plush chairs most of the library was his collection of books given a room.....he enjoyed reading. "Then my dear boy come have a seat, share a drink and a tale or two. <3" Karega said and although he was smiling to have to say it twice had a dangerous aura to him of it's own despite the cheerful warm speech not liking the shifting atmosphere Cyber walked in and sat down.
"Ah there much better yes?<3" Karega said as he moved and sat down on table again. But looked at Natsu. "Mm it's quiet alright Nat-chan you've been a while since visiting me here.....quiet a while actually, <3" He said cheerfully but he was pouting. Natsu had as it seemed been avoiding Library of course he could have just been busy too.

Natsu sighed and closed his eyes. "Sorry Han...I've been rather distracted with this one here and Nerve...they became quite the handful..." he said as he sat there.

Mugo, who had finished the entire plate of Dragon fruit by this point, sat there smiling happily at Natsu and Cyber. "I go by a Japanese name actually..." he corrected. "The character I use for it means 'Destruction'," he answered lightly.

Cyber looked at him and nodded. "I see....." He said looking at Mugo and blinking as he realized he had by himself stood there and devoured the whole plate of Dragon Fruit as if in seventh heaven.
Karega sighed and looked at Cyber. "Ah so he is the one Nerve went and got himself into a fix for then?"<3 He said and looked at Cyber then tipped his head. "Ah the dear has the same Aura to him that Kan did all so long ago....."<3 He said then paused and glanced at Mugo. "Hmm I look like you were enjoying oh my...." He said as what he could only assume was a some sot of board flying at Mugo.....Ikki was standing behind the one who threw it at high speeds towards Mugo his hair a mess and looking highly peeved his breathing heavy and Cyber staring as the young man looked ready to scream. Kirua had spent a week tracking Mugo down.....why? Killian was hovering around him again and three times he came around on his way back home ....the problem as far as he was concerned? Mugo wasn't paying enough attention to his brothers actions.
"Are things always this crazy around here?" Cyber asked Natsu and wondered if he would be safer escaping into some closed off network if he had this point.

Natsu opened an eye to look over at the board that went flying towards Mugo's head. "Oh my...seems someone is pissed at you Mugo..." he mused lowly before Mugo was grabbing the board effortlessly from the air right before his face and lowered his arm. "Kir!" he exclaimed as he moved quickly over to wrap his arms around Kirua to nuzzle him happily. "Kir~" he whined as he pouted before his face grew cold and his grip was tightening around the smaller one's throat. "Throw things at me again...and I'll be forced to play with you..."

Cyber went a touch wide eyed as one moment Mugo was all excited to see him and the next was trying to strangle him. He actually was like flipping a switch.
KIrua though his hand came up veins popping in it. His fingers looked like claws.
"Your the one who set HIM loose on me!" Kirua responded with as he changed the muscle structure in his throat to prevent suffocation. He put his hand on his hip and looked into his eyes. "Three times Mu! Three what the heck is HE doing chasing after me again?"

Karega sighed. "Mu.....please don't make a mess in my Library it's a pain to get out of the rug! <3" He said which got Cyber to look over at him as well paling Karega was acting like strangling the kid was no big deal.....just as long as it didn't mess up his carpet??

"He's not! Three time he nearly sent me home in a row! The last time he almost had me at the damn front gates I nearly took his damn head!" Kirua said frustrated. "He must have had an antitoxin with him this time or something." Kirua said as he glared frustrated at Mugo. "Your the only one who can keep him off of me!"

Cyber blinked when Mugo who had been trying to choke the kid one moment was now looking confused and puzzled like a little kid who had been given a toy he didn't understand....just what the heck was going on?

KIrua looked at him as if the whole strangling thing didn't matter and honestly it didn't not when he could manipulate his body to get around it. "If this keeps up Bara is gonna flip and then I'm gonna have to stop HIM! Before Bara does and then it's a whole big mess."

Mugo sighed and reach into his pocket and pulled out his cellphone, flipped it open and hit the speed dial button. He lifted it up to his ear and listened to it ring. When it picked up on the second ring, his expression changed to complete joy, his whole aura changing to reflect it. "Kil~"

Killian had picked up on the second ring seeing it was Mugo. "Hey Mu." he said in answer to him unaware of where he was what he was doing or where the heck Kirua had raced off to....just that Kirua and tried to hang him.....he was growing up so nicely.

Cyber had no idea at all just what was happening in front of him or how very dangerous that white haired boy was and Mugo as well.....just what they did.

"You're very naughty...." he mused lowly as his expression changed again to one of a cold, unkind man. "You're supposed to be sleeping...after all...I gave you such a high dose of sleeping mean of you to use my visit to sneak away and try to hurt little Kil...."

Killian sighed. "Mugo you have to know poisons don't work on my family right? Even a doubling it won't work..."Killian said as he heard his voice. "Naughty? Mm Mu I'm not trying to hurt my little brother....." He said trying to figure out how he knew...and for that matter how Kirua tracked him down.....
Cyber blinked when that happy joyful look instantly changed into one of a very dangerous man even as white haired young man stayed next to him as if that violent look was no big deal.

He narrowed his eyes as he stood there, the itch to kill his lover clear. "You lie to me one more time...I'll kill you...okay?~" he asked, going back to those perky, happy tones as he smiled lightly.

Killian sighed. "Yes, I attempted to follow my fathers orders and make Kirua come home." He said shaking his head as he stood there sighing as he held the cord in his hand. "Not that Kirua was all that thrilled.....he's growing up so nicely Mu....he actually tried to hang me this time." Killian said happily his voice holding notes of sheer love, a smothering love for his brother.
Cyber blinked as Mugo seemed to look like if he could get through that phone he would be killing the man on the other end right about now.

KIrua though shivered and sighed. "If he's doing it again..." he grumbled that crazy......Killian had this thing with.....acting like it was a good thing when Kirua tired to kill him.

Mugo smiled happily. "Little Kir is growing up very nicely indeed~" he agreed. "But...If you keep trying to run him off...I'll get very angry..." he warned lowly, coldly. "If you're done being mean...would you like to come play?~"

Killian sighed. "Your not going to let me bring him home are you? Not likely.....which means Kirua is probably there with you right now tucked in close." He said sighing. "I'm throat is still sore." He said amused and very very happy.

He chuckled lowly and closed his eyes, smiling warmly. "That's much better..." he said lightly before he opened his eyes to look over at Kirua. "Now...come play with me Kir~"

Killian chuckled. "Where are you Mu?" he asked figuring it was easier to ask then try to figure it out.
Cyber was staring as Kirua looked less then amused.
"I'm getting my board and leaving before he gets here..." Kirua muttered starting to move away from Mugo but Ikki realizing it was fine left them alone.

Mugo moved, grabbing hold of Kirua and pulled him back into him and looked down at him coldly. "I'm at Archlight~"

Killian chuckled. "I'll be there shortly.....and Mugo....Hurt Kirua and I will kill you." He said sweetly knowing that his brother could be a handful when he was trying to get away.
Kirua grunted with impact he wasn't expecting it and sighed as he half glanced up and away he was stuck now....his mistake. Mu wasn't going to let him get away so easily especially not after launching his skateboard at him. At the moment he'd have to deal with being tucked into Mugo's arms.....not that he normally minded Mugo was the 'good brother' among his brothers. And he was adopted.
Cyber stared as he watched so many emotions flicker across Mugo's face as if he was flipping pages of a book between talking to the white haired kid and whoever this Kil was on the phone.....and when the kid tried to skirt away Mugo grabbed him and with a severe scolding look made him stay put.
KIrua stood there head bowed as that look didn't spell good things....and he knew that although he could last about thirty minutes against Mugo....that was him without using any power....if he was it was a whole different beat down.

He smiled then and nodded. "I won't kill him, I promise~" he answered back. "However...he did just throw his skateboard at I'm going to punish him a little~" he said before he hung up on Killian and shoved his phone back into his pocket and lowered his gaze down to Kirua. "You knew you'd be paying for it...but you did it you've got to play the game...I can't just start and not know that Kir~" he said lightly before he was swinging, aiming to hit Kirua after having released him so that they could 'play'.

Killian hollered at him but the line went dead cursing he started moving running as fast as his could covering great distance to get there....Mugo's idea of play was likely to end up hurting Kirua....and he needed him in one piece!

Kirua though was no longer standing there but dodging sliding on the carpeted floor out of the way of the swing. He didn't want to full out fight Mugo but he didn't want to stand around and get hit either.
Cyber blinked....can't just start without stopping the fight?

Karega sighed. "Mu<3 Please do not make a mess out of my Library....if you must do this there is a training room!"

Mugo ignored his brother though, already fully immersed in the desire to fight, to bring out the pleasure he needed. "Come now, stay still just a little bit Kir~" he said as he once again swung, fully intending on landing a soild blow on Kirua's head this time.

Kirua moved dodging again not at all amused about the fact he was having to get out of the way of a high fast swinging fist. If he had not spent almost all of his life in training and torture dodging Mugo would not be easy......but Killian had warned him once and only not engage Mugo it's not healthy and he had in frustration threw his board at him.
Killian was at the half way mark and chanting in his head for Kirua to steer clear Mugo's promise of not killing him didn't mean he wouldn't.....he needed that thrill too bad.

Karega sighed. "There goes my carpet...." He said frowning not at all happy about this. But Kirua seemed bent on focusing on dodging Mugo not attacking.

He growled in annoyance as he was getting angry. "I said hold damn it!" he called out, his normally mild mannered speaking turning into one of a much different man as he swung again and again, breaking a table into nothing more than splinters.

Natsu tisked as he opened his eyes to watch the whole ordeal unfolding. "Oh now he's gone and done it..." he mused lowly, highly unamused.

Kirua looked at him breathing heavy but brought his hand up as he something in the back of his mind was screaming at him to run....his brothers needles still firmly in place in his head. Which wasn't helping matters any he was without intending to now provoke Mugo. He shifted his foot backwards to get response that was not entirely his own. Killian still had things in place to force Kirua to run when in a dangerous situation. HIs eyes usually calm focused those of a boy trained to kill were wide and unfocused as was starting to back up as if his life time of training was meaningless.....
Cyber blinked as Mugo seemed to become extremely hostile all the sudden.

Karega looked at the broken table narrowing his eyes. "That was an expensive table...." He said annoyed. This was his sanctuary and at the moment they were trashing it....

He paused in his onslaught, his breathing heavy as his body trembled with anger and frustration. "You started this game...and now you won't fucking play it..." he ground out lowly, coldly. "You're pissing me off Kirua..."

"Oh...full names...not good..." Natsu mused as he still remained sitting in the plush chair. "Kirua's really pushing Mugo this time...if he doesn't land a hit or two soon...that personality of his will cause a lot of problems...especially without Sena to calm the desire in him..."

Cyber looked at him. "Sena?" he said not at all aware that Sena could calm the rage and the wild nature of Mugo rather peacefully.
Karega sighed. "If I must ask Sena to come up from his garden I will....before they destroy everything." He said annoyed looking at his elder brother and at Kirua.
Kirua though looked at him as he got his full name out of Mugo. One moment he was holding his head overwhelmed by a desire to run and the next. Gone as he reappeared his fist hand closed mere inches before Mugo's jaw. His eyes focused as Kirua had fought his way past the fight or flight response aiming more towards flight....he had to fight if he didn't Mu wouldn't hold back.

Mugo had ducked, going low in a crouching position akin to a wild animal's. "Oh~" he mused lightly. "Almost...but not quite there yet..." he mused lowly.

Cyber looked at him. "But you just said if he didn't try to do something soon...." He was utterly confused so which way was it to go?
Kirua flipped backwards breathing heavy as he looked at him it looked as if Kirua himself had been fighting for hours as beads of sweat began to fall and he once again grabbed his head that response again....that need to run.

Karega began flipping his deck of cards shuffling them from hand to hand he wasn't attacking had not intention to but he needed something to keep his hands busy.

Natsu opened his eyes to look over at Cyber. "What I meant by that was...he should hold still and let Mugo get a few hits in...the man is going to destroy the whole building if Kirua keeps trying to fight him like that..."

Kirua just looked at him as he held his head wanting to run from the room and knew that wasn't an option he'd never make it no matter how fast he was to the door. He didn't try attacking again that had been an attempt to distract and get didn't work he almost knew it wouldn't.

Karega sighed. "The boy is obviously frightened for some reason....his responses to this aren't the same as when he took the hunters exam then he was lethal a pro. Here and now? He's responding and rationalizing like a frightened kid. Faced with someone like Mu....he's not thinking about that aspect just the need to 'get away before getting killed'." Karega said looking at them both. Although Kirua wasn't moving right now.

Cyber looked at Natsu. "Letting himself get hit will end this?"

"Letting himself get hit will thrill Mugo and make him calm down a little...but not end..." Natsu answered lowly. "There's only one who will end this...and he's not here just yet..." he told Cyber as he sat there watching Mugo carefully. "The boy's been given quite the problem to deal with...his big brother a very difficult man to control...and his idea of playing? Well...he's been faced with a direct challenge. The reaction to that challenge is to fight and/or kill the one who challenged him. In the act of fighting, somewhere along the way, someone ingrained the desire to seek pleasure through fighting and killing. If he doesn't land a single blow...Mugo's temperament will change drastically..."

Cyber looked at him. "And right now.....Kirua is dodging." he said realizing what Natsu was saying but at the same token to have to stand there and just be pounded on....could even this kid handle that kind of abuse? Killian all but yelled the command to run as he knew Kirua wasn't moving yet and Kirua still didn't move as he stared wide eyed at the carpet now. His breathing sharp as he slide his foot back again. Killian made it there although he felt like he was going to drop and up the steps into the room and looked at him kneeling down and Kirua was covered in sweat.

"Mu!" Killian said as he walked into the room and then stood between Kirua and himself. "You know better then anyone that I will not allow Kirua to fight you Mu. He can't." He looked at him and sighed. "Now calm down unless you want to get the attention of the man at the top of the tower on you."

Mugo turned to look coldly at Killian. "He attacked me...I'm returning the favor..." he said lowly as he turned his attention to Killian now. "If you want to take his place though...come and play with me..."

Killian looked at him and walked forwards. "You know I'll play with you Mu." He said in a low tone not threatening. "But you can't play with Kirua.....I'll deal with his behavior."
Kirua looked up at them as Killian was putting himself there.
"What the hell do you mean you won't allow me?"
Kilian turned and looked right at him. "Be silent and sit down that's enough out of you." And Kirua did, his legs folded under him and he just sat down on the floor looking at the carpet there. if shut down. Killian looked back at Mugo and knelt down to face him. "Shall we play Mu?"

Mugo licked his lips and moved to stand over Killian, eyes cold as he raised his fist and let it come down without warning. "We shall..."

Killian simply took the blow that was coming. He didn't bother dodging it Kirua would not stand up to him wasn't used to Mugo, his strength his desire to hurt and kill. Kilian took the swing like it was nothing even though his head moved with the impact.
Cyber went wide eyed as Killian was getting punched and hit and the boy who moments ago was the cause of all of this sat in the middle of the floor as if he had been shut off unmoving. Karega though was less then wasn't going to slow down at this rate.

Mugo shivered as he raised his fist again and again. "Oh~" he groaned as he licked his lips, closing his eyes. "I need more..."

KIllian looked up at him. "Then what are you waiting for?" he asked just before the fist came reigning down on him over and over again. But it wasn't that Mugo's loosing it hadn't been noticed by Neo. As Mugo swung over and over again Neo was merely watching form a distance at the moment to see if he'd calm down or wind up further.

Mugo's body hummed, thrilling in each blow as he felt the impact ring through his body. The feel of bone and flesh impacting with his bare drove him crazy. He opened his eyes and moved, bringing up his leg to swing it, kicking Killian across the face. Then back, swinging his heel into the other side. "More...more..." he chanted over and over again as he moved to give Killian blow after blow across the face and in the stomach.

After a few moments though, he stopped, breathing heavy and looking down at Killian. "Kil~" he groaned lowly, a husky, sultry tone leaving the once angry, sexually frustrated man. "You're making me so excited...please give it to me..." he said lowly, his baggy pants showing small signs of what lie underneath.

Cyber stared as Killian had taken every blow every hit without batting an eyelash and when Mugo suddenly.....stopped breathing heavy and looked down at him saying that....he stared.

Killian snorted and reached out grabbing Mugo and bringing him down to the ground finally moving. "You are certainly excited today." he said lowly as undid the pants and then looked up at him normally he wouldn't but.....he leaned down wrapping his mouth around Mugo not that Killian didn't have problems of his own to deal with at the moment both physically and a little brother who he would have to put in his place.

Mugo didn't fight Killian, only nodded as he cried out in those "cute" sounds of his when he was taken into Killian's mouth, his hand coming up to tangle in his lover's hair. "Ah...I can't help it...I was so hungry...."

"Your the one who attempted to knock me out over a week ago Mu." He mused as he continued with lips teeth and tongue to bring him pleasure. He rolled his eye and looked at Kirua and when he showed signs of moving he shut him down again.
Cyber looked over at Kirua and then at Killian and Mugo. "Something isn't right here..." he said lowly seeing it but not understanding it.

Mugo groaned as he closed his eyes, his head falling back as he just enjoyed the pleasure.

Natsu though, sighed and sat back in the chair, having been worried for a moment before Killian showed up to reign in his Blood Hound. "You're not seeing the problem here are you?" he asked lowly as he looked at Cyber. "That man over there in the floor...he's probably the most dangerous human you'll ever meet..."

Cyber nodded as he watched not sure what else to say or do at the moment as Killian continued to pleasure him.

Killian worked at Mugo using every skill in the book to bring him the pleasure he wanted and sought out so badly he really didn't care what anyone else thought Mugo was not someone that was easily handled and Killian knew what he had to do.

Karega sighed as he looked at them shuffling his cards to his left hand as he tipped his head Mu was so excited at the moment.

Cyber was trying to understand this situation and then caught sight out the little one who seemed to start the whole need to fight suddenly shaking himself as if waking up and standing up to walk over and grab his board. Killian had his mouth full at the moment and if he stopped was likely to have Mu going off again because of his need. Although Killian did flick his hand back a thin metallic cord could be seen as Kirua braced himself getting hit with his own Yoyo which had been a while back strangling his brother he knew he'd get it back it was just more painful of a return then he was expecting. It sent him flying backwards into the bookshelves which he hit and knocked down one. The books that sat upon that shelf hitting the floor as Karegas' eyebrow twitched.
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Mugo had finished out with Killian all the way around and looked up and over getting up and walking over to the table with his brother. he moved over to wrap his arm around his neck while the other goes down and down, reaching to undo his little brother's pants and then to slip in and start to play there and he'll be pouting, telling Karega, "Re, please don't be mad...I'm sorry~"

Re reached up to grab ahold of his brother. Making a cute sound of his own  as his brother starting playing with him. "Mu.....<3" Karega would retort with his head bowed and for once during all the commotion actually loosing the silken top hat as it'd fall to the floor.

Somewhere between a protest and surrender. Because he wanted to stay upset about the table....the books could be cleaned up.

"Ple~ase Re?" he mused as he leaned in to let his breath brush against his little brother's ear. "I didn't mean to break the know that..."

Re groaned and bowed his head more holding on and shivered. "Mu <3!" he exclaimed and then closed his eyes. "I forgive you...." He answered not sure how much of the teasing he could take unlike Mu he didn't have a lover didn't look actively for one and so his body much to his chagrin was usually helpless when ever they got into a situation like this. Re gave in.

He licked his lips and chuckled lowly. "Mm...I'm so glad~" he mused lowly as he began to work seriously now, taking Karega's need fully out of his pants and worked his hand in a firm, set pace.

Karega moaned and bowed his head into Mugo holding on as his fingers clung to him. HIs breathing was deep and Mugo was not having any trouble getting a rise out of him.
Cyber was staring though because they were supposed to be brothers right and yet Mugo was.....and Karega wasn't fighting him. Altough at the same time Killian was looking at the bookshelf were the books were burying Kirua who wasn't coming out but nor could Killian pull the YoYo back and then the scent of Ozone was in the air and Killian went wide eyed before hitting the ground.
"Dam....hitting me with the business end of my own Yoyo....." Kirua said getting up but he had a roaring headache right now in his  left eye....seriously....why? Just at random now that Killian was on the ground twitching Kirua was capable of generating a higher volt then his brother was used to asked a seeming random question to the room. "How many?" He was asking the only man who would know besides his many needles did Killian stick in his head.

Mugo looked over at Kirua as he continued to work his little brother. " least three~"

Karega groaned and shuttered as the heat moved and he found release at that moment his endurance was almost shameful but it only showed how innocent he was compared to Mu.
Cyber though blinked when the white haired kids hand suddenly deformed again forming those clawed fingertips and then he dove them into his own head pulling his hand away.....He started laughing. "Ah shit Kil got me good this time...there was four." He said having dug them all at once.
Cyber went wide eyed. "He just dove his fingers into his own skull....." He breathed going wide eyed. What was up with this kid? Kirua moved his other hand pulling the YoYo back to himself. "Wake up Kil......I owe you seriously for this one.....I couldn't get your damn voice out of my head telling me to run...." He said closing his hand on the needles the whole reason he kept dodging Mugo.

Mugo moved his hand up and cleaned it, licking the fingers each to make sure he missed nothing. "Oh?" he mused as he made no move to leave his little brother. "Seems he put an extra one in when I wasn't looking...naughty Kil~"

"Tsk.....he's always doing shit like this." Kirua said looking at Kilian who was out cold on the ground.
Cyber blinked. "Um....your head.."
Kirua looked at him. "I'm fine. Kil won't be if he tries to put them back though. Yo Mu I won't be held accountable for how bad I kick his ass if he tries that again!"

Karega's head was resting against his brothers shoulder. "Mu.....<3...." He said shaking his head and sighing. Somehow he always ended up losing to Mugo whenever he pulled this one....his brother had found a way to disarm him.

Mugo smiled and chuckled lowly. "I should say the same Kir. I'm not promising I won't kill my master if he keeps hurting you..."

((lol yup))
Kirua sighed as he looked over. "the problem is he obeys the ol man." He said tossing the bloody needles onto Killian as he looked at him and then blinked when the new kid looked worried. "Tsk...relax it's a small wound."
"Yes....but you just punctured your own skull right?" Cyber said looking at him.
"Mmm this?" he said moving his hair the wound didn't seem to be there.....or it was very very small. the size of his nails in fact it only looked bad because his hair was silvery white. "I'm fine....Mu would have stopped me if it meant I was about to kill myself but Kil wouldn't put them that deep to hard to control that way."

Mugo pouted though. "Mm...maybe I need to visit Zuku..." he mused as he kept Karega leaned into him.

Natsu, at this point, had just closed his eyes and looked away, seeming like he was asleep. All of the sexual energy and sounds had really made it hard to focus.

Kirua sighed. "If you can reason with him you'd be the first Mu.' He said meaning his old man who seemed bent on bringing him home. "And even if you could the ol man does it to please her.' He said looking at them.
Cyber blinked when he noticed Natsu hiding his head for the most part looking away as if something was bothering him and then all that crazy in energy in the room settled down as Sena stood in the hallway. "Seriously? Mu you've got Blaise all wound up he's been howling for the last ten minutes or so."

Mugo looked at Kirua and chuckled. "I should have made that more clear..." he said before he spoke again, "Let me rephrase that. I should pay a visit to Zuku and the bitch~"

When Sena entered the room, his gaze moved over and he perked up and smiled warmly at Sena. "I'm sorry Ena~ I just couldn't wait anymore...I was starving..."

Kirua nodded as he looked at him. "If you can get them to stop coming after me I'd appricate it." He said not wanting to back there he was having fun out here. "I like being off right now..." He said focusing on the ground however if he had to he'd flip that switch on in an instant and then Kirua changed....and it wasn't good.
Sena smiled and walked in shrugging. "It's fine not your fault we had to come up all the flights of stairs because Arclight is being sassy right now." he said shrugging. "Go on and say hi Blaise I'm sure Mu's missed you too." He said looking at the wolf that had Cyber staring Mugo interacted with everyone so differently.

Mugo finally released his little brother and went down on his knees, arms spread wide open. "Come here Lis~" he said warmly, wanting the large wolf of fire to come and give him a hug too.

Blaise a wolf so many were afraid of raced across the room his massive front paws landing on Mugo's shoulders as he whined licking his cheek. Sena walked into the room. He had kept Mugo waiting and that wasn't a good thing but with the elevator down it took longer to get up here. Then again Sena very rarely was in a rush. "He's always happy to see you." Sena noted as he walked in seeing his wolf wagging it's tail happily.
Kirua sighed and moved to the book shelf before grabbing it and with one hand flipped it back up again then began moving at incredible speed putting each book back exactly where it was, since after it was sorta his fault it was knocked over to begin with.

He chuckled and wrapped his arms around Blaise, hugging him as he was licked and nuzzled by the wolf. "I'm good with animals, not people~"

"Mmm do I count as an animal or person then?" Sena asked playfully amused. He didn't take offense it was actually very hard to upset Sena he was calm even when things were going boom around him.
Kirua finished with the bookshelf and turned to see him. "Mmm Mu was always good with animals. They understand each other."
Karega had put himself back together and reached down for his hat he hadn't seen so many people in his Library it seemed to be collecting people today. Had to be because of Mugo.

He chuckled as he stayed there, arms wrapped around Blaise, nuzzling him. "'re special..." he mused as he looked at Sena. "You're like me in some ways Ena, but you're also still not close enough like Chaos~"

Sena nodded. "Fair enough. Are you feeling better Mu?" he asked looking at him since there were times when he knew Mugo had let himself be worn down. Just to feel...even remotely human. And when he was feverish he'd come find Sena so he could simply sleep peacefully. Sena walked up and placed his hand without unleashing his aura yet on Mu's head as if checking for something and he was for any signs of fever.....or him suffering.
Cyber was watching as Sena treated Mugo so gently as if this man that Natsu said was so dangerous and yet Sena treated him as if he was the most fragile person in the room. It was confusing.

Mugo smiled up as he was touched so freely by Sena. "Mm...I'm going to be fine. I have a little fever, but I'm not sick~" he said, admitting he had been holding himself back for a long enough time to get a slight fever.

Natsu though, finally opened his eyes to look over at those words. He was doing it again? Seriously? why did he keep hurting himself? But he sighed. "You're always so fragile aren't you?" he asked as he looked at Mugo. "For all of the power and malice held inside that little're so fragile...even a day without it...and you'll drop into a fever..."

Cyber looked his realization was right.....they were looking at him as if he was fragile.
Sena shook his head as he ran his fingers through Mugo's hair a gentle gesture but the same he'd do Natsu or anyone else he was nursing through a fever. "Mm its to feel something else that you can only feel when you allow this to happen." he said not meaning his power but a quality that Nerve no doubt sought out himself that quality that reminded one despite all that was done to them they were still human. Sena looked at him and sighed. "Even if you say you'll be fine.....I can still release it if you need it. It'll certainly be easier then holding Zetsu all the time."

Natsu sighed and waved his hand. "You're just like wonder he likes you..." he said as he looked away. "You two...will always search for a way to feel even the slightest bit normal...even if it has to kill you..."

Sena looked at Mugo. " need not torture yourself." he said looking at him as he continued to gently run his hand through Mugo's hair. Physical contact.......ironically enough was very important to Mugo.
Kirua sighed as he noted Cyber looked at Mugo as if trying to understand all of this.
"Mu, is special among everyone there is no one else in the world like him." Kirua said lightly.

Mugo closed his eyes and relaxed into the touch finally. "I wasn't...I just wanted a break..." he said lowly as he just stayed there with Blaise in his arms and his hair being 'petted' by Sena.

" putting it mildly," Natsu said as he looked at Kirua and then at Cyber. "Mugo was trained since an early age to respond to touch as if he were an animal. Touch him aggressively, and he'll react in kind. Touch him gently and he'll be like putty in your hands. However, he was also trained to hate his own name, so much so in fact, that for even himself to say it makes him gag and feel physically ill..." he said as he stayed in his chair.

"I also mentioned earlier that he craved to fight and kill. That reaction was also trained into him at an early age. If he's to keep functioning like you or I, he has to fight and kill or his body will become feverish at first, but then it will progressively get worse to the point that he'll be so weak he can no longer walk or even speak. This is because his body functions on a very primal basis. Fighting and killing excites him, so much so that he gets sexual arousal and pleasure from the simple act of drawing blood or landing a single blow...if he doesn't get his excitement out through sexual means, his body won't absorb the energy it needs to continue functioning..."

Cyber listened to him as he spoke and then blinked when Sena sighed. "Indeed and the hardest part is when Mu is being stubborn and wanting to feel that in his body....the denial after so long creates fevers and can even send him into a coma." Sena said as he looked down at him still gently running his hand through Mugo's hair in a soothing manner. Normally Sena was upstairs when Mu arrived not today and that was his fault.
Kirua sighed looking away he knew in his own right Mu still owed him for throwing that board in his direction but at the moment he had a bit of blood running down his forehead.

Cyber watched and tipped his head as Mugo seemed to be melting for Sena who was petting him so gently even hearing the explanation made it seem wild and out there.

Natsu nodded. "If Mugo refuses his now natural desires to fight and kill, his body will build up his own negative energies to the point that it will make him sick. He's like a an adult man's body..." he said as he looked at Cyber and then at Mugo, who was slowly but surely going to sleep.

"He's went through so much he can smile and show anyone else love...I don't understand at all..." he said as he looked at the monk who was suddenly so calm.

Sena looked at him as Blaise wiggled a bit to get comfortable and cuddle up but Sena himself sighed. "I'm moving you Mu, if you fall asleep here you'll wake stiff." he said gently as he easily lifted up both Mugo and Blaise who was laying on him.
Cyber listened to all he was saying as Sena was tending to Mugo. "Because he craves it as much as he craves the killing."
Sena looked over and him and smiled. "And that dear child would be the very core of nature itself. It is primal wild destructive and hungry but at the same token it is mild gentle and loving. For Mugo that very polar opposites exist inside of him but in him is that polarity for the wild chaotic forces of nature stronger then the other it does not mean he can not feel it, it simply means those that he feels it for, are special stand out in the chaos of nature to him in some way that makes them precious. Although among all those around him the one relationship that has perhaps had the most impact on his life at none in this room but a young man waiting for him back home to hear about his journeys. Kichona is a hunter among us the first and only one to make a promise to Mugo and despite what others would tell him never break it."
Cyber blinked. "A promise? But most hesitate to make promises because they are easily broken."

"Not when that something so simple that it should have been made by a child to another child..." Natsu said as he looked at Cyber.

"The promise Kichona made to Mugo there...was to always be his friend even when no one else would be..."

Mugo mumbled lowly in his half asleep state, "No one wants me...because I'm a monster..." it wasn't that he was hearing them, it was that he was dreaming about his childhood.

Sena sighed as he easily sat down in the chair and then kissed Mugo's forehead. "Mmm not true Mu. Remember there is one who has promised to be your friend always he does not see you as a Monster. Nor do I or anyone else here in the tower." He said as he shifted Mugo just enough that his head was resting on Sena's shoulder. Killian stirred holding his head seeing Sena about to say something when Kirua was suddenly there.
"Don't. Let Mu rest, he's had enough for the time being." Kirua said and Killian sighed got up and walked over sitting down not about to get into a fight now.
"I would not dream of it Kir.....he is in a deep sleep to wake Mu now....before he's ready to be woken is highly dangerous. He will not see friend or foe."
Cyber looked at them all and tipped his head. "A promise so simple it should have been made between children...." He said surprised and yet that was what it was....Kichona always welcomed Mugo back with a smile and 'missed you, you've been gone a while.'

"Poor thing...he's been killed so many times...I wonder how many before he becomes nothing more than a single personality?" he mused lowly in a hushed tone. "They've killed that gentleness in him so many times that this new man was created...just to survive..."

Cyber looked over as Sena let his aura roll over his skin but didn't expand it far just letting Mu sleep in it with Blaise curled up on his lap.
"He sleeps so peacefully now." Cyber said lowly looking at the sight before him.
Kirua nodded. "Because of Sena."

"Sena's the only thing that will calm Mugo fully. The nature of his mental stability has come into question numerous many times that he's been given the title of a Blood Hound..." he said lowly. "Sena's the only man who can tame the inner demons inside of Mugo and lull him into such a deep sleep..."

Killian actually sighed. "I can answer some of my partner's needs but.....I never could do what Sena can do and the first time Sena ever did it for him....he saw Mugo knew he was burning up with fever and then apologized for not finding him sooner." He said sighing. "Mu described it as being surrounded by everything he needs all at once." he said as they all watched Sena continued to hold Mugo gently his hand coming up to run through his hair as the arm of the shoulder he was resting against cradled his back. Mugo looked like a small child in Sena's lap.
Cyber was listening to everything they were saying as he looked at him this man who had been so violent earlier now....Cyber sighed quiet.....he was still trying to figure out....why this man was so important for him to meet and the ache to go back into the system still gnawed at his mind since....he still felt out of place here he was more comfortable in a computer then out.

Natsu looked at Cyber. "Tell me Ran, where do you think he belongs?" he asked lowly. "The correct answer is nowhere..."

"Mugo belongs nowhere in this world, yet he's been given a rank among us anyway. There are many...who wish for us to simply insert a needle into his veins and fill him full of a killing drug- to just put him down like an animal..."

Ran turned his head.  "He's not!" He said a touch louder then he meant to then closed his eyes that was stupid.
Sena chuckled. "He'll not wake now. Not until he's had time to heal..." He said as he continued to gently play with Mugo's hair. "But those people would be willing to do anything in there power to see that end done if we let them."

Natsu nodded. "Do you understand now?" he asked lowly. "Your reaction just was human and showed just how much you believe yourself to be just like that one there..." he mused lowly. "If we refuse to put Mugo down like an animal, what would we do for you here?"

Cyber looked over as Sena continued to cradle Mugo like a child. But he himself closed his eyes what would they do for him? Ran looked away.
"Do not look away from him! <3" Karega said suddenly behind him and Cyber found himself looking at Mugo. "See my brother and see what you refuse to see in yourself until you understand. A weak bough will break." he said looking at were his elder brother least the one everyone told him was his elder brother. "I have no memories of him. I can not remember our childhood, who he is to me any of it no matter how hard I try or what is done they will not return and yet Mu who many believe should not care.....refuses to let me forget him. Refuses to let my mind slip away from me again." Karega said the man many called Hanran. "I can not remember him but....I know his face, know it is important to me and the sound of his voice. He holds onto that I think....and then like today. I absolutely abhor Dragon Fruit I can not stand the taste of it.....and yet it's his favorite which leads me to believe I ordered it for him. Although I can not remember the action in and of itself."

Natsu stayed seated, never moving to stop anything from happening. "You said you wanted to be free, but to truly be free, you've got many things to learn and understand," he said lowly. "Mugo wants to be normal, but he'll never be normal no matter how many times he nearly kills himself to feel that way for just a single moment. Neither with Nerve or anyone else here..." he said as he looked at Cyber. "I'm no different...people wanted me dead after I lost most of the sight in my left eye...and people wanted Sena and Mugo, and Nerve and even little Kirua and Killian there dead...all because of who and what we are..."

"The government would have rather we came and killed you in cold blood than taken you from there...but we'd rather bring you home to be part of the family...because here? Here no one will judge you because of who or what you are, what you've done or what you've got to do in order to survive..."

Cyber looked at him as he said that and he knew he was right. Warner would rather Cyber died then end up in there hands. With them. He  looked down at his hands though and closed his eyes wanting to say something but not sure what. "Cyber...has Oberon turned up anything on the Glowing Scarlet eyes?" he asked and Cyber nodded. "Indeed there was multiple references.....all black market."
"In existence right now I believe there are only two of the Feunghaung Kasai clan natives left." He said looking at him. "Neo is half Kasai were Kichona is full. But Kicha when he first became I hunter I've learned lost his temper and his eyes light up like set on fire with scarlet flames."
Cyber looked at him.
"Everyone and I mean everyone in the underground wants him dead because of his eyes alone. They would make them rich, but Mugo that man there who everybody seems to claim to not want was the first to find meet and speak with Kichona." Kirua said showing just how strong the information net work of the Satsujin family was.
"But you...and Killian?" Kirua looked at him and shrugged. "I'm an assassin by birth." He said looking at him. "My name is Kirua Satsujin."

"Both Kirua and Killian are assassins by blood. Their father, the one Mugo calls Zuku, is Suzuku Satsujin. Mugo might call Suzuku by an endearing name, but that's because the man took him in and raised him with Killian and Kirua at a young age. Mugo, like Killian and Kirua was trained to be an effective and dangerous killer. Mugo is immune to most natural poisons and some man made ones. He can withstand up to 6,000 volts of continuous electrical current and 5,000 volts of alternating electrical current. He's immune to almost all forms of physical pain and can withstand enough pressure to be able to leave the inner most layers of our atmosphere without any sort of gear..."

Natsu explained lowly. "The brothers there can withstand even more. Regardless, each one were put through immense torture and abuse...they were poisoned, beat, crushed...and emotionally destroyed countless times..."

Cyber blinked and looked at Natsu before he looked at Kirua and Killian. "But....that would be by there own family...." He said going wide eyed.
Killian tipped his head. "Mm yes. Although out of all of us....Kirua when he's an unstoppable killing force. He's the pride and joy of the family and yet he prefers to stay off..." Killian said disappointed. "And Mu likes to make certain he can stay that way."
Kirua sighed as he looked at him. "You seem to enjoy upsetting Mu. You know what will happen if I go home."
Killian sighed. "Mother misses you."
"Tsk." Came the response as he looked away.
Cyber looked at them as he realized there was a very high tension in the room between them and in fact Kirua and Killian were at opposite ends of the room and Killian was sitting on the floor not moving. Not daring to move towards Kirua although Mugo was sleeping any signs of aggression towards Kirua would trigger a response he'd rather not spend time trying to dodge. "Mu is very protective of you though." Killian said pouting.

Ran closed his eyes as he took a deep breath and looked then looked at everyone gathered here as they all seemed bent on doing the same thing........on convincing him he was something other then a machine. He was fighting the urge to grab at his arms he still wanted as if he craved it more then anything.

Natsu sighed and closed his eyes. "Mugo is protective of those who he seems friend or family...You and Kirua are both dangerous to try to come after right now..." he said as he looked at them. "If I come near you Killian, Mugo will go after me even in his sleep..."

Killian nodded. "Mm its as you say." He said looking over. "But I have a different situation here, see despite that if I make a move towards Kirua he deems a threat he will attack me regardless of who I am to him while waking." He said and Kirua was still bleeding from a wound in his head and he knew why. "Come here Kir....let me tend that injury."
"Get real." he responded with ignoring him.
Cyber looked at them both as they bickered and then looked at Mugo but he brought his hand up and grabbed his arm okay so even if he acknowledged that he wasn't a machine it didn't change what he was going nuts inside about right now. "I get what your trying to say." he said lowly closing his eyes as his fingers bent in. But this was.....driving him crazy he was sitting here meeting these people and yet all he wanted was to leave the room and go jack into a computer.

"I don't think you do," Natsu said lowly as he looked over at Cyber. "You can fight this and anything else that comes your way...because you're a're a rank S/4 hunter to be exact..."
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Mugo would likely cry out, squirming in Sena's grasp. "Please...don't hit me anymore! I'll be good...I'll be good I promise!"

Sena to increase his Aura and then Hanran might surprise them all and start singing a lullbye out of the blue something from there early childhood before Mugo was hurt. ANd he's got one heck of a singing voice.

He squirmed again though, crying a little as the tears fell. "I just want to go go back to the forest..."

Cyber looked up as he said that and there was nothing any of them can do.
Sena though sighed as he reached up into his hair. "Han.....I owe you one."
Hanran sighed. "Mmm it's already been fought in once today I'm going to have to redecorate anyways....just be sure to take them with you when you go alright?" Hanran said and Sena flicked his wrist out in the air was nothing more then seeds....before then started growing in the library tree's and flowers the scents that hung around Sena exploded out further swallowing up the room the difference being he didn't make them hungry beasts but rather a natural forest in full bloom. "Your safe now Mu.....can you feel it around you as you rest it's here your safe."

The tears kept falling even as he calmed in his sleep, a small whimper leaving him. " people..." he breathed as his breathing evened back out and he fell silent.

"There it was...his safe place...he just told us without meaning to..." Natsu said lowly as he looked at Mugo.

Sena looked up at them all and nodded before looking down again. "Blaise...." He said lowly and Blaise shifted crawling on his belly up enough and nuzzled his head in against Mugo's as he rested his head on Mu's shoulder. Everyone seemed to fall silent. Karega was quiet as well but sighed....he knew it wasn't quiet enough because the animals weren't there but the smell of the forest was there...was it enough?

In his sleep, Mugo brought his arms up to wrap around Blaise's neck once again and nuzzled the wolf. "'re so pretty..."

Natsu sighed and closed his eyes. "I'm not sure if it's in my imagination, but it sounds to me like Mugo thinks Blaise is a puppy, or maybe his own pet?"

Another Hunter entered the room not realizing who Mugo is and go at Re, as he always does and Re not thrilled about him being there but he's not allowed to just kill someone because they walked into his library. But the guy knows full well who Karega is and fond of tormenting him but when Karega would glance at Mugo the guy would turn and probably say 'G2?' Huh' Which would get Karega moving instantly abandoning his book his table everything to jump off of the trees and get the hell away from him which would surprise Cyber. Hanran who had been complaining about the expensive wooden table would have moved leaving it really fast and even reaching down to grab Kirua as he moved and yank him out of the way of certain death

Mugo would move to instantly be there to glare coldly at the man who called him by that name. "Call that name out one more time...and I'll cut your tongue out of your skull..."

The guy sneered as he looked at him. "Ah but I was merely commenting is all....after all Karega is so much fun to torment.........G2." He said sneering figuring like him he had Psy-Nen and could hold his own.
Karega though pulled Kirua against himself and backed up further to many trees for a completely clean get away and was moving him away Kirua was too busy staring to fight back at the moment.
Cyber though stared and when it looked like he might repeat it....his natural talent with distinguish stilled his tongue against a potentially hazardous situation.

The guy sneered as he looked at him. "Ah but I was merely commenting is all....after all Karega is so much fun to torment.........G2." He said sneering figuring like him he had Psy-Nen and could hold his own.
Karega though pulled Kirua against himself and backed up further to many trees for a completely clean get away and was moving him away Kirua was too busy staring to fight back at the moment.
Cyber though stared and when it looked like he might repeat it....his natural talent with distinguish stilled his tongue against a potentially hazardous situation.

Mugo shifted from normal, straight into Natraja. "I'm going to tear you apart..."

"Really aren't you worried about getting Re or is it without his memories he's worthless to you?" He asked taunting him. "G2" He said as he formed and summoned his axe a huge nasty thing but paused when realized Karega had slipped into the woods and took the other with him getting the heck out of Mugo's way.

He licked his lips as he stood there, flame wheel spinning as he glared coldly at the one who was taunting him. "You're mine..."That was the only warning before Mugo was moving, all four arms swinging to try to make contact.

The ex-monk was moving himself swinging his axe about trying to take down Mugo and laughing like a mad man. He would do him in. But that plan fell short as it was more on the defense as his blade was beginning to super heat.........from the intense flames of Natraja.....flames that could devour him alive.

He moved, swinging his fist into the blade, shattering it and shifting into Shiva the moment the blade broke to continue his flurry of blows, only this time, his shift was to one who was meant for hard hits. "I'll crush you and your voice..."

HIs blade shattered he tried to jump back but in Sena's woods Mugo had the advantage........why? Because Sena moved the trees.....and he brought his arms up to protect himself. the longer the fight went on the less of Karega's Library survived but.....all knew you didn't do that to Mugo. He'd give one warning it was wise to keep to it.
Cyber went wide eyed as he was watching a fully awake and enraged Mugo fighting.

His fist which was small, came down and created a crater in the floor as it creaked beneath the sheer force of a single blow. "I'm not a kid anymore...I've been trained to do my job effectively...and I'm perfect at it..."

The guy looked at him. "That may be....but your still the same boy as you were when I went to the temple the only thing that's change? Karega doesn't seem to want to remember you!" He said laughing not realizing how wrong that statement wasn't that he didn't want to he couldn't.

Mugo narrowed his eyes. "I'm not the same as then... I won't feel a damn thing when I kill you...or the others..."

With that, he moved again, pulling his fist out of the floor and moved again, this time bringing his fist down, letting it come crashing into the man's skull with enough force to make him bite his tongue clean off and crack his skull.

"I'm not the same little kid...I'm Mugo and my name means me by a letter and a number like I'm cattle...and I'll tear you apart..."

The guy did indeed feel it going all the way through him his skull did not have the strength even as he shifted his aura to try to shield from the blow. In the end it wasn't a even match against a power designed to be a sheer stomping force.

Cyber could only watch as blood sprayed up into the air from the cracked damaged skull as the man himself fell over backwards eyes wide stunned and shocked.

Karega sighed softly. "That man....showed exactly why my brother hates the sound of his own first name." He said lowly looking at Cyber.

Mugo licked his lips as he pulled out his joker card and applied the aura to it to make it into a blade sharper than any sword. "I will destroy those who aren't worth my affection...and I will destroy those who are nothing but worm fodder..."

The guy who had fell looked up at him and threw his arms up trying to defend himself hollering as he could not defend himself against Mugo who was on a whole other level. The guy himself was a rank B/3 and he was messing with Mugo who was a rank S/4 Bloodhound. He was too far way to even be worth the fight more like cannon fodder.

Cyber watched as this man was about to be killed in this room for the offense of calling Mugo like cattle for saying his name in such a way. Mugo had become unhinged dangerous angry with no signs of calming down. Not even Sena at this point moved to stop Mugo. The one who was there and seemed to appear out of no where was Neo who was standing between them the forest gone and the fool who dared to insult Mugo was cowering at his feet as he looked instead at Mugo.

"Mugo, Ran is just out of the infirmary today less then six hours ago your crushing the boy with your energy.....he's no doubt wishing to return to a computer and fade away from humanity even more please calm down now." He said looking at him. "As to this one? I'll have you join us the challenge room where you can do as you wish but not here not were your crushing a boy who is believes he has no right to exist in this world."
Neo left the top floor whenever a situation got out of hand.
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PostSubject: Re: Winners and Loosers   Winners and Loosers EmptyMon Sep 14, 2015 11:09 pm

Mugo at Neo's request reigned in his aura and then in one move took off the head of the man who dared to say that, treat him as if he was livestock or cattle. And he did it with a happy smile in place. Because of Neo's wording Neo would not stop him from dealing with the man who dared to say that. His only real request in there had been to bring his energy in. That wasn't a hard request to honor he did it all the time for little Kicha and he didn't it happily for him over the past two years since meeting him even when the  other still hesitated to accept him Kicha would easily turn his head upon Mugo's arrival and smile welcoming him back warmly without any hidden discontent.

Cyber was surprised when Neo looked at Mugo and smiled. Then said 'Thank you." Because he listened and reigned in his malice and stopped hurting Cyber who was too weak physically to handle that much longer.

Because Neo never said he couldn't touch the guy he asked Mugo to reign in his aura. And he did as asked.

Mugo apologized lightly, telling Neo, "Sorry, I forgot myself for a bit. it won't happen as long as no one uses that name he was screaming out~"

Neo of course would smile back and nod. "I'll make it clear that no one is to use that name or any variation there of......or there will be no further use for them." Neo said warmly to Mugo and to any who knew Neo he was dead serious........should anyone insult or hurt Mugo by using that name form this point forward....would become an offensive limb in need of removal....and would be....instantly.

Mugo nodded as he moved to wrap his arms around Neo and nuzzled him. "Yay~" he cooed happily. "I love you Neo~"

Neo chuckled and reached up to put his hand lightly on the back of Mugo's head. Cyber just blinked as Mugo seemed to get excited when Neo said that it would be considered a capital punishment here to utter that name or any variation of it. Karega shook his head and smiled as Mu was happy, but then sighed as that in the end left quiet the mess in his Library.  "Just send me what you need replaced Karega." He said as he hugged Mugo back. Although Neo was relieved Mugo had calmed back down. At this point neither Sena or Killian would be able to calm him.....would he have to call 'him' at that point and ask him to find a way to get here fast? All the way from there?
He had never seen it....not with Killilan, or even Sena, his other 'master' perhaps maybe but Mu loved challenging him....he had never except during the hunter exam at one point seen Mugo calm down almost instantly when 'he' called his name.
Cyber blinked his fingers pressing in on his left arm....and Neo frowned. "Natsu." he said lowly the boy did not fully not yet understand what was done to him or worse yet....what he could end up doing to himself and never feel it.

Natsu looked at his Old man and then followed his gaze seeing Cyber....Ran.....crushing his own arm unable to feel the amount of pain and pressure he was using on it. Natsu moved and despite his hate of having to touch anyone he did, he put his hand on Ran's stopping him from crushing his left arm.

Ran went wide eyed and looked down as he could feel Natsu's hate of physical contact but more then that how bad he had mangled his own arm.

Ran recoiled and pulled away from him because he'd felt it, then looked away and said in a low tone. "then don't touch me." To that intense feeling of hate of touching people.

Natsu to sigh and close his eyes. "It was for your sake idiot..."

Ran looked at him. "I can feel your hate of touching me the moment you did. If it bothers you that much then don't touch me." Ran retorted standing up and moving towards the door....he knew it wasn't anything personal but.....he was tired being out here in the real world took far more out of him then jacking into the computer....

"I won't stop doing it...not if it will help let me move past my own problems..." Natsu said lowly and looked at Cyber before he moved to touch him again and lifted his arm up. "Because if I don't, you're going to destroy yourself because you can't even tell when you're crushing your own damn arm..."

Ran looked at him then down at his arm....the damage there....his skin was black and blue the tissue crushed in he had....really done a number there and hadn't felt it. But as Ran looked at his own arm he closed his hand. Before looking away from Natsu. He could feel the emotions there but it wasn't enough pressure to....feel him touching at all. He never noticed in the system because was he was jacked in it was programmed to simulate the sensations....and he never shut that down. So his mind automatically kept supplying the feeling but here and now. "I can't even feel you grabbing my arm just the hate of touching me....of touching anyone." Ran looked back at him.

Natsu nodded as he held onto Cyber's arm. "You're lucky Neo noticed...You'd have torn it off and not even noticed..."

Neo sighed as Cyber looked less then pleased. Neo continued though to run fingers through Mugo's hair as he was being nuzzled and cuddled. "Mm everyone...I need someone who is willing to stay with little Ran for a bit. I believe he's used to the synthesized feelings of pain, hot, cold.....right now he has no idea at all how to adept and adjust to this and left alone could seriously hurt himself. I was worried about how much he lost it's clear to me now." He said looking over at Sena. "Sena could you do something for that?"

"Of course." he said and walked over pulling out his plants to help with the healing and bandaging as Natsu held it.

Ran looked at Neo. "What?"

"Mmm perhaps I wasn't clear enough Ran....because at the moment you are the most dangerous person to yourself I can not leave you to your own devices. I need someone to stay with you and help you relearn how to function......"

Mugo smiled as he raised his hand. "I will~"

Ran looked over at Mugo staring as Mugo was the first to raise his hand and say that he would..."Nani?" He said since until this point he had been watching Mugo interact with everyone else....but hadn't really had any involvement with him. Neo sighed. "Mu can you promise me to not play with or kill him? He's someone you'll have to patient with.....This boy was heart of the Government's Oberon system....until eight months ago he hadn't really dealt with people I believe his challenge with you was the first time he fought in the in the real world."

Mugo pouted as he looked at Neo from where he was wrapped around him. "I won't kill him or hurt him. How mean~"

Neo chuckled. "Ah but Mu. Little Ran has quiet the temper right now because he's sacred and everything is brand new to him. So he's pushing people away wanting to go back to the safest thing he knows....he wants to cease to exist here and full dive back into the system don't  you Ran?"
Ran made a tsking sound but still didn't try to yank his arm away from Sena and Natsu because.....he had no idea how firm or light Natsu had ahold of it. Held prisoner by a touch that could be so light it was fleeting and he'd never know the difference.
"He's scared may be here a while." He said looking at him.

Mugo chuckled and smiled. "That's okay~" he mused lightly. "He can be angry with me all he wants. I won't do anything to him~"

Neo nodded. "Alright, I leave Ran with you." He said which might surprise many in the room Mugo who was there most so called 'Unstable' Bloodhound as Killian tipped his head because that meant he too would be sticking around the tower for a while. But Ran looked up and over at them....."What are you talking about?"

Neo looked over at him. "You have what many Call Kereblis Syndrome because they don't know what else to call it but in your case've been denied physical contact with the outside world for so long this world no longer feels real to you. So much so that you've become a danger more to yourself then anyone else. However that being said you can not be left alone not right now your left arm proves as much. You'll be safe with Mugo."

Mugo smiled and waved at Cyber. "Hi hi~"

Ran tensed and looked away from him. "Whatever." He said sourly as he adverted his gaze from Mugo. HIs tone showing much he like the situation in general.

"Ohh? Seems like little Ran isn't all that thrilled at the idea of having to have a guardian around him..." Killian said bemused. "I don't think he's going to warm up to you Mu."

Killian chuckled. "Of course not." He mused knowing Mugo's heart.....the more Ran didn't like him the more no doubt Mugo would work his way in. It was just the way his partner was....the more one tried to shut him out the deeper Mugo got.
Ran closed his eyes then moved his arm as if to take it back now wanting to walk out of this room and go...where he wasn't sure but some where else. He didn't want to be monitored and babysat more....but it looked like he didn't have a choice. But he had no idea how just how much they stole from him.

Mugo smiled and chuckled. "We'll have so much fun~" he mused lightly as he moved to wrap his arms around Cyber.

Cyber went wide eyed as Mugo walked over to him then and wrapped his arms around him. "What are you...." He said not feeling malice in the embrace but it was too hard to distinguish what he was feeling in the touch only that suddenly Mugo had a hold of him.

He chuckled lightly and nuzzled him. "Mm...I hope you will grow to love me...because I love you~"

" me? You don't even know me!" Ran said figuring he meant platonic or as he said to Natsu earlier like a toy he without thinking brought his hands up as if to move to push him away although at the same token didn't want to use excessive force either and provoke something.

He smiled and leaned in, kissing Ran on the cheek. "I know enough to know that I love you~"

Ran tsked and turned his head away from Mugo stiff as a board at the moment form the sudden almost complete physical contact. Neo was enjoying this to no end though. Sena glanced over at there 'father' and sighed mentally certain he like always had found a way to amuse himself.

But as they stood there there and Ran moved his hands up as if to push Mugo away they came into contact with   Mugo and push him away only the moment his hands came up and he could still feel no malice as Mugo hugged and nuzzled him his head would bow as he'd say stubbornly angrily as if a child 'Stop it! You know nothing of me to claim that!" Insistent on that even as his head bowed and he start crying as his shoulders trembling.

Mugo was persistent though. He just shushed him and hugged him close and put Ran's head on him and tell him, "I don't need to know you. I just need to know you're family."

Ran was crying for a while until he finally calmed down but his legs wanted to give out beneath him as he was exhausted at this point and wanted to sit down. But he'd not have the strength to move from Mugo because it's the first time he's ever experienced such high emotions. He was leaning heavily against Mugo almost asleep.

Mugo smiled perfectly content as he kept Ran tucked into his side letting him use Mugo's own shoulder as a pillow. Even as he motioned for Kir to come to him and pointed to himself. "You owe me an apology Kir~"

Kirua nodded and looked at him. 'I know but I was waiting....because Ran needed you first...." He said as he walked up to him while Mugo's holding Ran, not unfamiliar with the way Mugo did things or Killian for that matter in fact Kililan sat forward and grabbed the arm of the chair as Kirua without batting an eyelash slipped his hand into Mugo's pants his hand coming to play there. Wither or not anyone in the room understood there was only one way Mugo would ever accept his apology and believe him. Words were hollow.

Mugo moved his free hand up to cover his mouth to bite the palm of his hand to silence himself. The only sound that came out was a small, quick whimper.

Kirua glanced up as he continued what he was doing his hand moving. "Gomen ne Mu-Nissan....I was so upset with Kil that I wasn't thinking clearly I never meant to challenge you I only wanted to get your attention. " Kirua said as he continued to work Mu with his hand skilled with it as it wasn't the first time he had to apologize to Mu for being a stupid kid.
Killian though was glaring at Kirua if Mugo accepted his apology there was no way in the world he'd be able to punish him he had had to wait to drag Kirua off to do so but now? Kirua knew that if Mu forgave him he wasn't to be touched to be punished it was the way Mugo worked. Once he said it was forgiven that was it. It was forgiven even Zuku had crossed that line once Kirua had done something being a brash kid and had to apologize to Mugo he did but Suzuku went to punish him anyways after. It had severely pissed off Mugo who declared he'd kill anyone who hurt Kir after he apologized properly and was forgiven. Killian held his breathe.

Mugo groaned in a hushed tone and as he closed his eyes and lulled his head back a little, his breathing deepening as he was apologized to by little Kirua. When he moved his hand away, it was bleeding because he had bit down so hard that it broke the skin. "Oh...Kir...You're so naughty~" he groaned as he felt so happy to be handled in such a way by Kirua. "Tell me more...tell me more about how sorry you really are~"

Kirua looked up at him as he was using his hand but knew well enough words started it but....right there before everyone Kirua sighed in a sense of relief that Mugo was accepting his apology and dropped down to his knees if Mu didn't forgive him there was no way to dodge Killian and his needles. But the error had been made against Mugo. "Gomen" He said again as he within the next breathe replaced his hand with his mouth. It was not something he'd ever be able to explain to Bara. But....right now it was about making amends to Mugo.

Mugo's free hand moved to tangle in Kirua's hair, the blood already dry and the wound healing. "Sh..." he breathed, not finishing the word let alone a sentence. "Yes...keep saying it~"

Kirua moved using tongue lips and teeth to bring the pleasure that Mugo was seeking as he apologized although he wasn't actually speaking anymore he kept doing what he was doing because without words he knew he was. Killian though was what he was thinking Kirua if he got the your forgiven could he get away with punishing him still.

"Ah!" he cried out lowly as he gripped Kirua's hair tighter. "So wonderful~" he breathed, that smile gracing his features even as he made hushed cries that were, for lack of a better term, adorable. "I...forgive you Kir~"

Killian grit his teeth and let his head drop back. "Dam it..." he said looking over at Kirua of course he would.
But Kirua knew better then to make a mistake Kil made once. At the your forgiven was not a clue to stop. It meant at that point everything was good and to keep going. And he did. Working to bring that pleasure to Mugo to seal his apology.

He cried out again and again, but not a sound of release, just those sounds that many believed were too cute for a murderer like Mugo to be making. "Kir...please..." he breathed lowly.

Kirua increased his pace and then shifted so that Mu would get the most pleasure of out the experience. Which only made Killian go wide eyed. Kirua continued working to 'finish' him now and bring him that release.

Mugo bent over a little, trying not to hurt Cyber or make him fall even as he breathed heavily and gripped Kirua's hair for dear life. "Ah...Kir..." he breathed lowly before he was speaking again, "Coming...."

It was the last thing he said before he was crying out in release and his body shook as he wanted to drop to the floor, but had to force himself to hold up for Cyber's sake.

Kirua took everything that Mugo had to offer even as he could feel him doubling over above him. He didn't release Mu until the very end and then the loud audible pop was the only clue.....only difference between what Kirua did and his brother. Kirua stayed kneeling as he reached up and ran a finger along the corner of his mouth. He glanced up as Cyber was still out could tucked into Mugo's side and head resting on his shoulder despite all the sounds he made Mugo make.

Mugo was smiling as his body shook a little, riding out the waves of pleasure that had been sent rippling through his body. "Ki~r" he breathed as he stayed there hunkered over Kirua like that. "You're growing up so makes me so proud that you can apologize like that~"

"I'm happy to hear it..." Kirua finally spoke his voice coming out in a slight rasp as he tried to catch his breathe. That he was forgiven that Mugo was happy with him and the way he apologized. To get that....was rare praise.
Killian stood up and looked down at Kirua. He could not punish him for what he did....
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