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 Taming the beast

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Taming the beast Empty
PostSubject: Taming the beast   Taming the beast EmptyTue Sep 08, 2015 7:50 am

Chaos had erupted in the tower...actual chaos. Both the man and the power of. Neo was not a happy man for sure as he watched this single solitary man tear his way through the S/4 and S/5 ranks as if they were nothing more then tissue paper. Sena moved to restrain him the veins coming up out of the floor only to watch as he broke them grabbed then and then started whipping Senaste around by the veins. In a total blood lust frenzy Neo was about to kill him about to end this man once and for all when a voice he was not expecting spoke up.....making him pause and look at him.

Nerve likely had said, "Don't kill the beastie just yet...I want to see if he'll play...."

Neo groaned And looked at him and say. "And if he doesn't want to play you're dead'
All the while Chaos killed four more and then grabbed the vines Senaste used to tie him up broke them ripped the roots out of the ground and whipped Sena around the room throwing him.

Not that Nerve cared.He would have likely just looked dead at Neo and gave him the 'seriously?' look.kind of like, do you not realize who you're talking to?

Neo would have sighed. "Do as you like...before he snaps Sena like a twig...but don't get yourself killed if he won't play then put him down like the beast he....appears to be."

"If he can leave..." he would have said simply before he walked over to stop Chaos from killing Sena and just looked at Chaos before he moved, bringing up his arms to wrap around Chaos' neck and whispered in his ear, "If you stop now pretty beastie, I'll give you a lovely reward for not killing my'd like a reward for all of the people you've killed, right?"

To which Chaos would have simply let go of the Vine getting a 'Ah Shit' out of Sena who would have twisted and flipped hitting the wall and sliding down as Choas would have looked at him and spoke. Showing sanity despite his massive killing spree. "A reward?" As if being called a beastie didn't matter to him and it didn't. But he didn't dislodge Nerve and he didn't attack him just looked at him.

To which Nerve would have smirked and leaned in again, whispering, "You can do anything to me as long as you don't break my arms..."

To which Chaos would have moved his arm wrapping one around Nerve and then shoving his other hand into his pocket as if that was the end of it all. "Just your arms huh? With this your mine....and mine alone boy...I'll allow no other to have you..." Would have been his answer and warning. He'd kill anyone who attempted to take him away.

Nerve would have smiled and nodded. "Just my can break my legs, my ribs...anything but my arms..." he responded as he just stayed there, arms wrapped around the killing machine's neck. "No other can have me...I offered to you and you alone..."

Chaos would have just stopped then. Not moving to attack anymore stopping just like that. Neo would stare and sigh as Nerve made the deal and stopped the killing machine. Too dangerous to be a normal hunter he'd sigh. "He's a bloodhound"

"He'll need a retainer" Neo said as he walked over to check on Sena now that Chaos had been stopped. Chaos would just watch them move but make no move to attack because Nerve was holding him.

"I'm his..." Nerve said lowly as he stayed there, making it a point to remain so dangerously close to Chaos while he was held like that. "Or are you deaf?"

Neo looked over. "No, I'm not deaf." He said looking back at Nerve. "But I wanted to be certain you were willing and ready to take that position and what it means....." Neo said as Sena brushed him off.

"Then make the tags..." he answered lowly as he looked at his father. "I made this system...I know exactly what I'm getting into...and I want it...."

Neo nodded as he looked at him. "So be it." He said looking at them. "He's perhaps the most dangerous bloodhound we've ever had."

Nerve snorted and closed his eyes. "He's not dangerous...he's a very lovely beastie..." he retorted, obviously unhappy about his father calling his newfound 'love' dangerous.

Neo sighed and nodded. "I'll have the tags made up and sent to your room within the hour........" He respond knowing that debating it with Nerve was pointless then looked over at him. Then nodded. "And it will take a while to clean up this mess....go on and take him out of here before some idiot provokes him again."

"Perhaps it would be wise to wait until I call you..." he said as he looked at Neo. "I did say that I would see if he wanted to play...and I promised him a reward...father..."

Neo looked over at him. "Then I'll wait to send them to you but they will be ready within the hour." He retorted looking at Nerve. "This will be the first time someone of your rank has ever held a Bloodhound. But as you said you know the system and what it means....." He said shaking his head. "Go on I'll be busy here for a bit." Sena once again brushed him off ignoring the nice side cut in his head as he could heal it with his plants.

He smiled at Neo and closed his eyes. "Regardless of what rank he is...I found what I needed..." he answered lowly as he opened those eerie, lime green eyes of his. "This is the happiest I've been in a while...I finally can sedate this part of me...once and for all..."

Neo looked over at him as he said that and sighed. "You do pick em. Chaos there is unofficially a Rank S/3. Officially he is a Rank S/4.....but although I have to wonder if he should have been put higher after this display but regardless....that's his rank and he won't go higher, I'm not in the mood to find out how much more carnage will happen....." He said looking at them.

Nerve frowned at Neo's words. "You sure do pick your children..." he retorted coldly. "You're the one who picked a damaged machine..."

Neo sat up and looked at him sighing as he put his hand on his leg. "Nerve. None of my children are damaged."

He snorted and looked away. "Say what you want old man...but you know I'm not normal..."

Neo looked at him. "Neither am I." he answered as he looked at them. "Neither am I, and to be frank.....if  you were normal would never have caught my attention it's because you are you that I took you in."

Chaos who they all called 'Chaos' and didn't know his name....looked at Nerve. "Nekkyo Ryoken." Was all that he said.

He sighed and shook his head. "You aren't like me...none of them are..." he said lowly before he opened his eyes to look up at Chaos and smiled at him. "Kanpekina Gijutsu..."

"Kanpekina.....huh?" He repeated and looked at him. "Kan...." He looked over at Neo and the others before suddenly at that moment began to move to leave the room with him done with all of them before he got annoyed with them and killed them all. Lifting Kan was easy.

He chuckled as he was lifted and called Kan. In that moment, everything felt perfect to him. Even if this man, this beast could tear him apart effortlessly, this man was his now. "I'm also called Nerve..."

"Nerve huh?" He said as he started walking and then left the room not wanting to stick around there. "You know what they call me but me "Beastie" don't you?" He said as he walked. "Your the only one.....allowed that one."

He smiled and nodded. "I call you Beastie because you remind me of a character from a story I was read as a kid..." he answered lowly. "When I was really little, the orphanage mother would read me a story about a man in the body of a beast...and you remind me of him..."

Chaos chuckled. "Then that is yours alone." he said as he looked at him and then kept on walking the halls thankfully empty.

He nodded and leaned in, resting his head against Chaos' shoulder. "Mm...I'll be sure to love you my beastie..."

"Love?" He asked unaware of what that was. "What is love?" He questioned looking at him wondering just what that was. " not something I'm familiar with..."

And yet.....Nerve was the one he didn't want to hurt.

He opened his eyes to glance up at Chaos from where his head rested on his shoulder. "Love is...something you experience when you find someone who means more than life itself to'd give up anything, even your own beating heart just for them..."

Chaos looked down at him. "I see." he said lowly as he walked down the halls. "To give up anything for...." Did that mean the felt this love for Nerve? He a man who crushed all in his path carried Nerve so gently.....he didn't want to hurt him. "I suppose it is something I will need time to learn and understand."

Nerve chuckled and closed his eyes again. "Mm...seems you have to learn a lot...but that's okay...I'll teach you what I lovely beastie..."

He looked at him as he said that he had much to teach him. "The only thing I know how to kill."

"Do you at least know how to lay?" he asked lowly as he opened his eyes to once again look up at Chaos, this time a little bit concerned.

Chaos started chuckling. "If your asking can I preform the answer is yes...." He said looking at him. "Killing and sex tend to go hand in and hand."

He sighed, a bit in relief, and let his head fall back to rest on Chaos' shoulder again, closing his eyes. "Thank god..." he breathed lowly. "I was worried for a second..."

At that Chaos could not help but laugh as he walked down the hall he pulled his hand from his left pocket easily carrying him supported on his right arm. He took Nerve's hand and brought it down without hesitation to his own need and snorted as he let him see just what a promise of a reward did to him. "Rewards have only ever been one thing.....hopefully you don't disappoint."

Nerve, for as innocent and small as he seemed, actually licked his lips at the feeling beneath his hand. "Then I am the best person for your rewards...all I've ever done is give them..."

Chaos looked at him as he said that he was the best person for his rewards because it was all he had ever given. "Then it should be good." he said looking at him meaning all the way around for them both.

He nodded as he moved his hand to let is rest back in his lap. "My room is the door at the end of this hall...I'll have to unlock the door for you..."

Nerve sighed. "I don't like having to replace them though..." he responded lowly before he looked up at Chaos. "If you want to keep'll have to be a good boy for me...okay?"

"If you don't them shorting then you have to get them on a frequency not sensitive to me." he said looking at him. "Chaos is more then just my name it is what I am.....Chaos. Such things short out around me the closer I get."

He sighed, almost pouting and looked at his computers. "Those are important to me...don't break them..." he said lowly. Not a command, more like a request. Technology was the only thing besides sex and drugs that Nerve did well.

Chaos sighed. "Is there an area I can move to that you don't have a wall of highly sensitive technology?" he asked. "Or should I just stand dead center of the room?" The slight irritation was clear....of course he would have to end up with someone so connected to computers and be a walking source of Chaotic energy.

He pointed to the empty room off to the side. "That's the only room that's empty...except for a bed..."

He pointed to the empty room off to the side. "That's the only room that's empty...except for a bed..."

"Fair enough." Nek said as he walked dead center of the room and to the door he pointed to before entering it and closing it behind him once there he could not longer feel the current of the computers against his skin. "They should be safe now."

He smiled and curled into Chaos. "Thank you..."

"Your welcome." he said as he walked over and  then sat down on the bed. "But to keep them safe.....I should stay in this I said I get to close....they will no longer work."

But then again he had never had to control the Chaotic energy that he held. IN fact it was always the opposite. But he did know there was a frequency that his energy had no effect on the bracelets they injected the drugs for so long worked just fine.

Nerve shook his head. "I'll adjust you can come watch me," he said lowly.

"Alright." He said looking at him and then chuckled as he tipped his head and laid it down on his head.

He smiled and sighed contently before he opened his eyes. "Mm...beastie...I do've stirred me..." he mused lowly as he shifted a little, unable to feel the pain, but the material restricting him made it very difficult to move now.

Chaos moved shifting until he was able to set him down on the bed leaning over him. He looked at Nerve. He brought his hand up and ran it along his side before leaning in and kissing him.

Nerve hadn't said a word after that, simply took the cues he was given and responded in kind. It was as if this was a mechanical response. Trained since a young child to do as he was directed, he responded to the simplest of sexual cues.

Chaos looked at him as he seemed to.....he looked at Nerve breaking the kiss it wasn't that it was flawed the kiss the energy of it was....on autopilot. Sneering he grabbed him and suddenly over to lay on his back pulling Nerve on top of him. "Not this may be intended on as my reward but you? You aren't allowed to function on Autopilot you want it do something." He said. "I want your energy to be as chaotic as the act is."

He blinked, confused as he looked down at Chaos. "I don't one else has ever asked for anything other than me to be still..." he said lowly.

Chaos looked at him. "You were concerned about me? It's about the energy but if I do anything at this point you'll go back to 'auto' so've received it enough so you should be able to mirror what was done to you...." Nek looked at him. "This'll get to be the control of your own body."

Nerve looked down at Chaos, shaking his head. "I was just doing what I was trained to do..." he admitted lowly. "I was always be still and let them do what they wanted to me..."

He reached up and grabbed his chin stopping him from shaking his head. "But what I you....your energy your everything crashing with mine." He let his hand move down to touch Nerve lower. "Kan if you hold still then there's nothing. I might as well be playing with a dead doll....for all the energy given off. You though? Are anything but...."

"If not....then don't bother offering me a reward and get off...." He narrowed his eyes. "I don't care for a listless being beneath him."

He sighed and closed his eyes, taking a deep breath and opened his eyes again to look at Chaos. "Then...I'll try to forget my training...and...follow your request to the fullest..."

Chaos looked at him. "Fair enough since you seem to be the opposite of my training..." He looked at him. "You intend to reward me for not killing? Then you have to do more then lay there since right now.....I'm being ripped apart for disobeying my first masters training and orders." He looked at him. "To kill everything and anything I come across...."

Nerve nodded. "Not killing is keeps my father from getting mad..." he responded as he moved, getting up so he could take his clothes off, revealing a pale, cream colored skin which held hidden secrets. Piercings in his belly button and lower...much lower. He moved back over to Chaos, not leaving him for more than a few moments. Without saying anything else, he climbed back on top of the beast of a man and turned around, his backside facing Chaos' face as he freed the very aroused beast and leaned in, taking him in his mouth. Another surprise held in his mouth- yet another piercing in the dead center of his tongue.

He was happy as the one before him started moving. Getting undressed before climbing back on top of him showing off piercings there and sat down on him he had been hit by the others without flinching or feeling any pain but the moment Nerve took him into his mouth revealing the tongue ring he groaned his head falling back and his fingers coiling into the bed sheets. He had not been joking when he said he was in pain.....his body was trained thanks to drugs to not feel pain but to have all sensation go down to another place. When he was killing it was a euphoric feeling until release when he didn't kill and was engaged the pressure from the blows the fighting everything kept building up without an outlet. Punishment and pleasure....or reward.

He took that sound to mean that he had chosen correctly and began to pleasure Chaos, using the things he'd been taught since young to bring Chaos to and even more aroused state before he released him with a resounding 'pop' and shifted, moving to position himself over Chaos' need and...joined himself with the beast of a man, closing his eyes he groaned. He had never been allowed to feel the pleasure of the things he had bee trained to this was a new experience for him.

Chaos groaned as he his head fell back having been responding to what he was doing but this....he tensed a bit as his head tipped. "Fuck yes..." breathed if Nerve needed any clue at all that he was on the right path that was it. To feel there sudden union against his body which was hyper sensitive in only one place he shivered and held still a moment before looking up at him.

He opened his eyes slowly, not intending to make it seem seductive, but did just that, to look down at Chaos, his breathing already becoming labored slightly. He himself was very sensitive to this sensation, hyper sensitive to the emotions around him, it was like a current running through him. "Shit..." he groaned as he closed his eyes again and began to move on his own, being allowed to give himself what he wanted for the first time ever.

Chaos groaned and looked at him then moaned as his head fell back his breathing deep as he clutched the material before reaching up and not stopping Nerve but letting his hands resting on the man's hips wanting physical contact. He breathing coming more and more labored as this one moved to feel his energies rising and crashing against Chaos's own the thrill of it. "Don't stop..." he breathed as he thrilled in it. In everything that Nerve was willing to give him.

He moaned, the first time he had ever heard that sound come from himself. It sounded odd to hear such sounds coming from his own voice. But he didn't stop, couldn't bring himself to. It felt so be allowed to move on his own.After a while though, he was breathing heavy and opened his eyes to look down at Chaos. "More...deeper...its not...not deep enough..." he breathed.

Choas looked at him and at this point moved and brought his hands up to rest on his strong stomach, before shifting both of them so that the next time Nerve came down Chaos was felt him join completely deeply with each other. "Push your hands against my stomach you can't hurt me....." He said lowly as he moved with him so that the thrusts impacted deep. Giving him what he wanted and what Chaos himself wanted.

Nerve cried out at the unexpected sensation of complete pleasure, his head falling back a little even as he did as he was told and moved to rest his hands flatly on Chaos' stomach to steady himself, his head lulling down when he was once again given those sensations and cried out again.

Chaos licked his lips those sounds....everything and then he began moving driving deep and going as Nerve indicated his own breathing deep as his stomach muscles moved and coiled feeling the heat gathering there but not yet....he'd handle the other for a while longer he wanted to bring this one what he had been denied to going into autopilot he didn't enjoy it....simply went through the paces, or rather he didn't enjoy it as much as he should.

His eyes closed, head bowed, his breathing came labored and with each new thrust, his body shook with the pleasure as it rippled through him. He felt his legs shake each time, his body threatening to betray him, legs threatening to give out on him. Yet somehow, he dredged up enough will power to keep his feet planted firmly on the bed, on either side of Chaos' hips and continued to move right along with the beast beneath him. He didn't know when though, his hand had moved to wrap around his own need and pleasure himself as he cried out again and again, making such new and strange sounds to himself.

He looked up at him and chuckled as he watched Nerve moving to pleasure himself even as Chaos himself made certain to give it to him to impact with enough force to rock Nerve even as he watched the full physical responses and then the heat coiling in his stomach began to drop lower and he groaned before he felt it come upon him the release as his hands tensed on his hips brushing and cracking bones a bit as he felt himself find that release that he had been denied.

Nerve cried out, not having felt the heat or tension coiling inside of himself, finding his own release and he panted, his body shaking, quivering as he rode out the waves and ripples of his first ever experience with true pleasure.

Chaos himself cried out as he found release his breathing deep as he as he shook ridding out the pleasure after wave of pleasure his breathing deep as his head tipped back as groaned and then finally collapsed beneath him.

He had moved his other hand that he had been using to pleasure himself with to help steady himself, letting his hands rest on Chaos' stomach as he worked on trying to breathe as he rode out the seemingly endless waves of pleasure as his body quivered.

Chaos laid there breathing heavy as he looked at him his breathing deep and shaky as he looked at him. Having ridden out wave after wave of pleasure but this? He looked Nerve who was in bliss...."Yes." He breathed. that was what he wanted.

Nerve opened his eyes to look down at Chaos, his eyes glazed over with pleasure as he stayed there, breathing heavily. "I...did good?" he asked lowly, shakily as he tried to make sure he had done exactly right.

Chaos licked his lips as he laid there and then nodded. "Fuck yes..." He breathed as he laid there panting having gotten release. "You were perfect." He looked at Nerve who seemed so timid but that was fine....he'd open up more and more. Chaos dropped his head and his hands laying there regaining his breathe as his body thrummed and hummed with pleasure.

He looked down at Chaos' stomach, the blush, even if he couldn't feel it, creeping up in his pale complexion. "I've never....made those sounds before...and never..." he breathed, trailing off as he kept his gaze down for a few moments longer before looking up at Chaos. "Never came..."

"Then it wasn't right." He said looking at him. "If you are going to reward me that is what I want to see and much more from you.'

He nodded silently at Chaos' words. "I'll remember that for the future..." he said lowly but looked down at his hips at the bruises. "Mm...seems you've bruised my skin and cracked some bone...I wonder if I can move..." he mused lowly, almost hollowly.

Chaos went wide eyed slightly. his immense strength....."it was not my intention to harm you....not you..."

Nerve sighed and shook his head. "Harm...implies that I could feel the pain..." he corrected lowly. "You simply damaged..."

"Damaged?" he repeated. "Even still I had not been trying to damage you it would seem your more fragile then I first thought."

He chuckled and nodded. "I said you could do anything...if it hinders my movement...then you'll simply have to lift me up and off of you..." he said lowly and closed his eyes. "Trying to damage me is easy...trying not to damage me...that's a trick..."

Chaos  nodded as he listened to him and tipped his head. "A person isn't   born in such a way....."

He opened his eyes to look down at Chaos. "I wasn't born this way, you're right. I made myself this way...over the course of three or four years..." he said lowly as he tried to move and managed to remove himself from Chaos and collapsed down beside him, sitting up on the bed. Small bursts were all he could manage at the moment it seemed. "I'm going to have to be attended to it seems...I'll have to call Neo it seems..."
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Taming the beast Empty
PostSubject: Re: Taming the beast   Taming the beast EmptyTue Sep 08, 2015 3:32 pm

Neo will just sigh and walk in lift him up and walk to the bathroom. Not even commenting on him 'doing it to himself again' meaning damaging himself

Toki would flush and be all thumbs.

Natsu would tease him relentlessly

Sena would tease him endlessly

And Kagera is hard to understand but he'd probably get a good chuckle out of it.

Nerve would just be silent when Neo came to get him likely embarrassed that he was in that situation

Neo would say nothing until in the bathroom only then would he ask the most relevant question in his mind. "How bad is the damage?"

Nerve would mumble mostly, too embarrassed to speak plainly, "Fractured pelvis...and bruised ribs..."He'd paused for a minute and then shake his head. "Broken pelvis and bruised ribs

Neo would just sigh and look at the top of his head after turning on the water and getting him lifting him and setting in him the tub of warm water once full. "Broken pelvis and bruised ribs....." He shake his head and look at him. "Well you can heal the long way naturally or I can open your Chakra and manipulate it to heal the damage your choice....but you'd have to be laying on your stomach so we'd have to clean you up first."

Sighing, he looked away from Neo, turning his head completely away this time. "Chakra is the fastest way to let me walk and do my job as a retainer..."

Neo nodded. "Then after we get you cleaned up I'll use your Chakra to heal and fix it....and." he said looking at him as he sighed and moved to sit down. "Let me know if you need any help Kan....." He said looking at him. "I'll also manipulate your Chakra so that it heals any damage after....within fifteen minutes to half an hour depending on how bad it is." He said knowing that this would be hard on Nerve.

He finally looked over at Neo. "I'm not going to complain...I asked for what I'm getting into...I wanted something of my old life back..." he told his 'father' lowly. "Just fix me so that I'll heal on my own after this isn't a common event in the future..."

Neo looked at him and nodded. "I'll do it. Only because I know you need it." he said looking at him. He knew his son needed it. "Nerve as much as you don't like it.....I don't mind being needed by my sons once and a while."

"I know...but when you're raising tells you to be as independent as's hard to break the habit..." he told Neo as he looked at him with those lime green eyes of his.

Neo sighed. "You are very independent. Probably the most of all of my boys." he said looking at him. "But once and a while even if it's just to annoy can need me."

He smiled at Neo and nodded. "I'll try to
need you more in the future..."

Neo would just look at him and smile shaking his head before leaning back against the wall and closed his eyes. "Let me know if your need anything Kan, or when your ready to get out...we'll settle for that for now." he said say relaxed. Pushing help on him was a good way to agitate him.

He nodded as he picked up the was cloth and soap. "I'll finish as soon as I can..."

Neo rolled his eyes as he opened them. "There's no rush. It's not like I have tons of stuff to do right now."

Nerve fell silent as he just focused on running the washcloth lathered up with soap along his arms and over his torso and then the silence was broken as Nerve sighed in annoyance. "Hey old have to lift me up and clean..." he lowered his voice then, mumbling the rest, "my lower half...."

He rose an eyebrow there he was...there was Nerve cranky and demanding but it was a relief to hear him like this. Neo got up and walked over to tub then reached down and easily lifted him up. "Yeah yeah..." Neo said as he walked up and easily lifted Nerve up to rest against him before lifting holding out his hand for the soaped up wash was so funny one would believe he wasn't that much older then them all these kids somehow he became dad to them. "Hey brat.....I left the tags on your dresser for you and your partner " He said partner in a way that made it clear that what he had wasn't what he had in the past it was more.
Neo sighed softly and leaned back against the wall closing his eyes again. "Speaking of things don't let me forget there's something that I need to give you."

Nerve sighed and handed Neo the wash cloth. "Whatever..." he grumbled lowly.

Neo snorted as he took the wash clothe and began cleaning up his lower half working quickly. "Alright Cranky your still running the beta verison of Rowdy. I suppose you don't want the Full Release...." He said shrugging as Nerve was being himself closing up and locking down. Neo worked on finishing up and then set him down to rinse off gently. Last update Rowdy's full version was only coming out in Half Dive....Neo gave them the funding in exchange for a master copy of it with Full Dive. That hadn't been press released yet....just pressed this morning.

He frowned, groaning in exasperation. "Give me a break. This is already embarrassing enough old man..."

"What is bathing you? You've gotten worse then this fighting and I"ve had to tend to you." Neo said shrugging. "It's not like I haven't seen your ass piercings and all a thousand times or more over the years. You have this uncanny habit of getting into fights with your brothers." He said making light of it. "Besides just because you tripped doesn't mean the end of the world." He said saying the word trip on purpose making it clear that as far as Neo was concerned it was none of his business how exactly the injury happened or when. He was just being dad and helping his kid.

He furrowed his brows, but didn't complain further. "Just...don't tell them...I don't need their relentless torture..." he grumbled as he wrapped his arms mindlessly around Neo's neck and rested his head on his shoulder.

Neo chuckled. "I never do." he said he easily supported him and put his hand on his head, then after a moment and Nerve was all cleaned up lifted him out of the tub, then helped him carefully dry off. Once finished he with towel wrapped around him walked back into the room and bedroom where Chaos dressed from the waist down was waiting.
Neo didn't cast judgement on either of them but carefully laid Nerve down mindful of his broken pelvic bone and then rolled him onto his stomach.
"Despite the dulled pain sensory this is going to hurt." He said looking down. "Or rather burn Kan...I can't stop that....I'm inverting forcefully a large flow of Chakra to heal this....your nerves are going to light up..."

He smiled though as he heard those words. "Anything resembling a welcomed sensation...after not feeling it for eight's a very welcomed feeling..."

Neo sighed. "Alright." He said looking at him and then moved his hand down towards the chakra he needed before pressing it flat and opening it but after opening it........was when he flooded that Chakra over charging it and making that energy rush into him.....only it hurt wasn't a simple matter of getting right to the point but flooding the whole body to heal the damage. Neo watched as that energy glow wrapped up Kan.
Chaos went a touch wide eyed and went to move but found he could not.....he was helpless against Neo.
"Now now be a good boy.....I wouldn't want to upset Kan because I took you away from him....But I won't be held accountable for what I do to you should you attack me to maim or kill....especially when this? This is nothing...but a very rough healing technique."

He drew in a sharp breath and closed his eyes. So that was what it was like to feel even a small amount of pain. "Shit..." he breathed lowly, gritting his teeth. "I had forgot that it was torture to feel pain..."

Neo sighed. "Only because I've got your entire nervous system." he said looking down at him. "And I mean entire not just the pain sensory but the part that makes you so unique and that's currently overloading....if that makes any sense." He said as he moved his hand and other hand with it catching his hips and then without warning jerked them back into place and held them there. As the glow grew brighter it healed the was a rather violent way to heal was effective.
Once that was down he moved his hand instantly back and pressed it down on that Chakra point. "Now hold still....If I don't change the current right your not going to like me in the morning." He said as he began to adjust and rework the flow to give him that healing he had promised in the bathroom. But the intense burning calmed down."

Chaos held still looking at Nerve.....He wanted to say if you harm him....but he was the one who did the damage in the first place and Nerve seemed relaxed and unafraid of this man.

He grit his teeth as he was treated so seemingly roughly. "Fuck...damn it old've always wanted to do that so that I could feel it haven't you?" he ground out lowly.

Neo chuckled. "Yes well your so reckless and usually I take the back lash for you...." He said looking down at him. "But since you have this thing with acting like you don't need anyone or anything. I had suppose finding a way to spank you might have seemed an amusing prospect." Neo said as he pulled his hand back closing the gates. "You'll heal now as I said." Neo paused chuckling. "And now you sound like your self.....a spit fire who speaks his mind." He said chuckling as if that didn't bother him in the least.
Musaboshi sighed as he paused then reached into his pocket pulled out a hard jewel case and thacked it into the back of Kan's head. The cover had 'Master Edition' In gold filigree on the cover. 'Rowdy FD' in Big bold print it had just been cut and released this morning. "Besides you brat cost me a large fortune...." Neo said as he turned his back to him and held the jewel case in the air with the coveted disc....only 4 were released to the public and Neo made certain that one belonged to Nerve who almost never asked for anything not even this.

Nerve growled in annoyance. "You asshole..." he grumbled as he stood up to fix his towel and glared at Neo as he grabbed the game disk away from Neo in a flash and moved over to the computers and sat down in the floor, not even bothering to put on clothes.

Neo laughed shaking his head and walked out. "Your welcome." he said as he walked for the door leaving Nerve to his game. Knowing that he had wanted that more then anything and the 'asshole' comment amused Neo to no end.

Chaos walked up to the door to the room and leaned against it all the more he'd enter right now and rose an eyebrow as Neo left. "That was your father?"

"That was indeed..." he said as he sat there loading the new data for the upgrade.

Chaos tipped his head. "He....seemed bent on torturing you a bit.....and looked amused when you started cursing him."

Nerve glanced back at him as the game was updating. "Mm...he was mad at me for being so he was punishing me.."

Chaos looked over at door that Neo had left through. "That seemed a rather cruel way to punish...." he mused although he was one to talk....the way punishment worked for his body. But he shrugged and looked at Nerve. "Yet you don't seem at all troubled." But he supposed there was more to it then he knew.

He smiled at Chaos. "Neo is an odd man...but he's not cruel...not truly..." he mused lowly.

He shrugged at the thought of Neo being amused because he was being cursed. "He likes it when I'm more like amuses him when we stand up to him sometimes..."

Chaos looked over at him and paused. "I suppose I wonder because I've never seen..." and he trailed off what it was like to interact with a father...with a parent he had none. Born in a lab from a tube....trained for one purpose. He was trying to understand this and yet Neo looked about there age and yet Nerve called him 'old man' and Neo just smiled. "Everything I've hard would paint him to be a tryant of a man who enjoyed toying with others. Yet when you called him you barely got out the words and he said he would be here shortly."

Nerve chuckled lowly and shook his head. "He's not really my father...he just adopted me even though we're around the same age..." he explained lowly. "I don't have any real parents, I was raised as an orphan in an orphanage and then on the streets..."

"And yet took you in." He said surprised. "It's not something I'm familiar with....he's right around your age and yet he acts as if he is a father and has been all of his life..." he looked at Nerve. "He took you from the streets? Then I'm glad...." He said because it meant he could meet him.

He stopped there though, unwilling to tell anyone else about his past life as a prostitute. "I was a junkie for years before Neo got me straightened out..."

He looked at him quietly a moment or two before sighing he could not walk over or risk frying his computers. He looked at him and tipped his head as he said that. "So he saved you?" Chaos felt a bit be saved or wanted when was the first time he felt wanted? Truly wanted like his existence mattered? When Nerve came and stopped him.
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PostSubject: Re: Taming the beast   Taming the beast EmptyTue Sep 08, 2015 4:46 pm

"More to the point...he wanted me to fix what he couldn't...only later did I grow to matter..."

Chaos looked at him and sighed. "But are you certain you didn't matter to him then? He doesn't seem the sort to keep that which doesn't matter to him around him." He said and sighed. "I was not born to I am only speaking by observations...." He looked over. "I suppose the best way is to explain the Pandemonium Project to you."

Nerve sighed and closed his eyes. "Even if what you say is true, I'm not one to believe it until it's spoken or showed to me..." he admitted lowly.

He looked at Chaos though. "Pandemonium was the project created to make a new era of soldiers, of warriors who had no biases at all and would kill endlessly until their enemies were all slain..."

Chaos looked at him quietly then he defined the Project. "I am the sol survivor of that Project. So understanding you....what you wish of me is not easy." He said looking at him. "I killed everything else in the complex with my own hands and upon finding the director he smiled and said 'You are the only one who is Prefect' just before I ripped him apart....I feel no remorse or sorrow in the kill...only the desire for more."

"But as to this Neo? I don't know how to show you only that it's seems to be in the way he acts." He said shrugging.

He smiled at Chaos though. "Perhaps...your understanding will come with time. I had to relearn almost everything taught to me since birth...because none of it was right. I'm a broken machine and have been since I was 11..."

Chaos looked at him. "You are not a machine....machines do not bleed." He said as he looked at him but paused as Neo walked back in after knocking on the door and hearing him say that and shook his head narrowing his eyes as he walked up and without pausing flicked Kan in the forehead so hard to cause him to rock backwards.

"Idiot." Neo breathed holding two binders with updated information form Neo for both himself and Chaos. "Gesu yarō!" He breathed in irritation. The binders came down as Chaos blinked thrown off guard by Neo....or rather the violently glowing eyes of the man. As he called Nerve an asshole. "I would not waste my time on a someone broken and useless to me!" He said sharply. "If your going around thinking your nothing more but a broken machine so help me....I'll kick your damn ass..." He snapped at him holding the binder but Chaos was frozen because he had never seen it.......glowing gem like eyes. One mint green one ruby.

Nerve didn't say anything though. Instead, he sighed and stood up to look at Neo. "I say broken because of what I was. It has nothing to do with what I am becoming now....if you want to beat me, then do it..." he told Neo lowly as he took the binders and sat them down on his desk.

"I'm still messed up, no matter how hard you deny it old man. I'm fucked up in all kinds of ways...if you really need a reminder of what I can do...push me to my limits or fuck off..."

Neo looked at him and narrowed his eyes. "A reminder of what you can do? A Child who was caught up in that city lost and hurt by them? I'm well aware of what you can do." He said looking at Nerve. "Messed up? Like it matters to me how messed up you think you are or aren't but I'll die before I'm the cause that sends you back to that hell ever! I didn't focus so hard to help you out of it just to be the one to send you back to it!" Neo yelled at him as his fist clenched. This one knew how to drive him nuts. "I would not have fought to keep you here when you thought your purpose here was done! It never was I get rid of anything that has no value or meaning to me even if that is my own right arm!" Neo said as he drug his own nails into his palms not caring but focused on keeping the boiling anger calmed or ruin the machines in this room. Which meant to so much to Kan. "I would not have fought to get you the hell off that drug....your not a broken machine. You one of my five precious sons so yes it's going to piss me off when you think anything less of yourself!"

"I grew up thinking that I was nothing but a toy!" he yelled back. "I have been told since I was 11 that I'm a toy to be used and thrown away when I was broken. what else am I supposed to do for you?! You won't give me another fucking job that I'm good at!"

"Because I don't need you to do or be anything but Kanpekina "Nerve" Gijutsu." He snapped back looking at him. "Your not broken and your not a toy to be thrown away and if you ever think that.....that I'm intending to do that...." Neo paused though all he was doing was stirring things up with Nerve endlessly at the moment and stepped back taking a deep breathe and calmed himself when he opened his eyes they were no longer glowing. " are worth more then that. Far more. I don't need you performing or doing something like that constantly Kan. You ask for nothing act like you need nothing, and yet the first thing, or person you've ever shown wanting is Chaos." He looked at him shaking his head. "Don't you get it? All of this?" He gestured to the tower in general shaking his head. "I sealed this tower up remember? No doors no way in no way out. I had no intention at all of dragging any of you any further into my mess. It had cost five people there lives, Natsu nearly lost his eye and you were and the others were in the line of fire trying desperately to watch MY back.....I was willing to seal myself in this tower of stone and wait to die. But these two bratty kids kept leaning against the stone wall and making certain I knew they were out there waiting to be let in. Then Kagera arrived with the other two and you all stood there and demanded entry." Neo looked at him. "Here I was ready to let go before risking hurting the five you too any further and none of you were willing to let me go....your are not a broken Machine or toy to be thrown away....I wasn't willing to let any further harm come to any of five because of me."

"Is here because you are one of the five precious brats who would not let me die here trapped in a cage of my own design."

He sighed and closed his eyes. "The only reason I never wanted because I was taught not to..." he said lowly and opened his eyes to look at Neo. "I wanted three things...constantly and still do...but you don't want me to have two of I've learned to bite my tongue and control myself...but the one would entertain the idea even though none of us are related by blood..."

He sighed and closed his eyes. "The only reason I never wanted because I was taught not to..." he said lowly and opened his eyes to look at Neo. "I wanted three things...constantly and still do...but you don't want me to have two of I've learned to bite my tongue and control myself...but the one would entertain the idea even though none of us are related by blood..."

He moved over to Chaos then and wrapped his arms around the beast of a man. "Then he came along...and showed promise of being what I had been needing..."

Neo looked over at him and nodded. "The one that he fills for you, It's not because I would not entertain it Nerve. It's because I didn't want you thinking that I gave you a place just to use you....I wanted you to be able to move past and find someone who could love you and give you what you needed in that love." He said closing his eyes. "The other two? The dangerous if I let you cut loose like you want to...and if I do you won't be coming back to how you are now." Neo looked over at him. "The last of dangerous and no I don't want you taking it. The reasons are carved deeply into your body."

"I've found an outlet for the needles...but the other...if it comes out...I'll be worse than before..." he admitted lowly. "I don't know if it will be safe to keep me then..."

Neo looked over at him. "I don't care." He retorted. "If and when it comes out I will find to reach the man inside. You crave it I know you do...and I know it all to well because I know what I'm suppressing inside of myself. I was not a good or even kind person Nerve....the five of you make me want to do things differently."

"I suppose what I'm" Neo said as he turned towards the door. "I'm still not letting you go even then. You are and will be one of my sons.....till the day I die."

"Then don't lose me..." he told Neo lowly as he looked at Neo's back.

Musaboshi looked back at him and not as Neo the leader of the Hunter's Association but as the young man who before he knew it had Natsu and then others in his lap as guardian to them turned to face Nerve. "I have everyone intention of holding onto you to the point you hate me for not letting you go......As to loosing you? That would mean there was some point I wasn't paying attention to you.........and that's never....there is never a point I'm not watching over you."

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