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 Nekkyō Ryōken (熱狂 猟犬)

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Character sheet
Name: Kichona 'Kicha' Kasai
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Nekkyō Ryōken (熱狂 猟犬) Empty
PostSubject: Nekkyō Ryōken (熱狂 猟犬)   Nekkyō Ryōken (熱狂 猟犬) EmptyWed Sep 02, 2015 11:53 pm

Full Name: Nekkyō Ryōken (熱狂 猟犬).
Meaning of Name: "Frenzy Hunting Dog."
*Nickname: Chaos (カオス), Nek, Kyo, Beastie ((Depending on who is speaking to him...Beastie is reserved strictly for Nerve)).
Sex: Male.
Date of Birth: August 1, 1990.
Blood Type: BO-
Job Class: Hunter Blood Hound.

Organization Affiliation
Organization Name: Hunter's Association.
Breed: Blood Hound.
Rank: Classified as an S/3 unofficially. Officially S/4.
License and Tags:

Nekkyō Ryōken (熱狂 猟犬) Chaoscardfront_zpspew9qzl1

Nekkyō Ryōken (熱狂 猟犬) Chaoscardback_zpsfsymxkn4

Human Appearance
Age: 23 (二十三).
Eye Color: Silvery white.
Hair Color: His hair is a pale golden blonde bordering on platinum white. When he uses his powers the gold in his hair seems to fade out completely and leave him with solid white hair.
Type of Build/Body: Built like a freaking walking tank and yet not so bulky in muscle that it hinders him in any way. To put it lightly Nek is completely and totally ripped.
Height: 6' 0'' (182.88 cm).
Weight: 210 lbs (95.3 kg) of solid muscle.
Distinguishing Marks: Nek has a scar going just below his radix to end middle of each eye, along the right side of his head up near his temple are two more scars one running along and down towards the corner of his eye the other crossing it high up. running down the right side of his face starting in the center of his cheek is a tribal tattoo. On his forehead to the left is another tribal tattoo, which starts level with his temple and like the right travels all the way down to his collar bone along the side of his face and neck. He has two standard Lobe piercings in his right ear a Tranverse Lobe piercing, Anti-tragus, Snug, Inner Conch, Forward Helix and an Obital. In his left ear Sits an Industrial piercing, Helix, Rook, Draith, Tragus, one Upper lobe piercing.

Nekkyō Ryōken (熱狂 猟犬) Ideas_10

He has three piercings on the inside of each wrist sitting in Tribal tattoo's. His nipples are pierced. Wrapping around each wrist under the first tribal is a second smaller tattoo, that goes completely around his wrists. He has several tribal bands that wrap around his biceps. Just beneath his collar bone are a series of odd symbols, beneath that is old latin text whose meaning is lost to any who know it. 'Beware the hound of chaos' is what it says a clear warning on his stay away. Wrapping up the right side of his chest starting at his shoulder and going all the way down to his hip is a tribal dragon. On the left side is a tribal phoenix both of which wrap back around to his back. He has more tribal markings going down his from the bottom of his hips down his thighs towards his ankles. Nek....has a mystic fire amethyst dermal for the eye of the dragon on his chest and a blood red ruby for the eye of the phoenix.

Images For character:
Nekkyō Ryōken (熱狂 猟犬) 15070110

Nekkyō Ryōken (熱狂 猟犬) 15090510

Attitude/Personality: Nekkyo can be a teddy bear to those he feels 'belongs' to him. That is to say if he likes you and claims you as his he will not hurt you. Will not fight you and will not more importantly kill you. Nekkyo is a man whose triggers mentally are all screwed up. He's not the sort of man you want to met in an dark alley and challenge that challenge will have you dead within in moments. Nekkyo when he fights he's not fighting he's killing. It's what he does what he is. He is a Hunter who is on Death Row 325 times over. The problem? He took the Hunter's exam managed to pass it and is protected by the 'Killing Law' in place for the Hunters. That is so long as he is a Hunter of the Hunter Association he has a license to kill and can not be arrested for it so long as he shows his License.

However when he passed he ranked easily as an S/3 or perhaps even higher but Neo saw the insane blood lust that is to say.....saw what wasn't there. No matter the fight even if it was just a duel Nek would kill everyone his eyes set upon....and his eyes said he was doing nothing more then having fun... And upon doing so at the end soaked in the blood of the fallen sigh and complain about them not being any fun. Neo had the tags of the BloodHound pressed for him as a clear and present warning to all Hunters young and old, New and Rookie to NOT challenge HIM ever. Even that would not have been enough to control him if not for the fact that All bloodhounds get a retainer. Chaos went through one ignoring him not caring what he said until one day in amongst all the carnage and blood Nerve had enough and walked up stood before him and told him that was enough.

Chaos had simply dropped the dead body and looked at him all feared for Nerve's life in that moment but Chaos sighed and pouted lifting his hand and looked at the blood. Complaining about them not being any fun to play with and Nerve instead told him to behave and stop and he'd give him a treat later. Chaos had cleaned off his hands and then shoved them in his pockets saying fine. IN that moment he obeyed Nerve where he had not obeyed any other. He had killed all prior Retainers who were assigned this last one screamed at him from a distance. But Nerve Chaos liked....something about him the moment he walked up to him made Choas stop and obey. Neo realizing that he should take it that moment asked Nerve to be his retainer for whatever reason Chaos listens to him were he will not listen to any other.

But at that same token he's wild unpredictable and dangerous he finds the more dangerous the situation the more fun for him it is. The thing with him is you do not betray him once you become his. He will kill you just the same and he had in the past but Nerve does not betray him does not attack or fight with him to get that lust in him going. He has no remorse for the deaths he's caused no regrets other then they weren't any fun. A while back he killed the other blood hound at the time when he found the man crossing an unspoken line. He had threatened and tried to hurt/kill Nerve who belongs to him....he ripped that hound apart. Now though there's a new Bloodhound and this one amuses him to no end. And yet despite all that Chaos has never proctored an exam never been allowed to do many things as it's simply too dangerous to leave him alone with strangers however whenever Nerve goes he goes never far from Nerve's side and what keeps the Hound on his leash among the Hunters is Nerve....if anything happens to Nerve though look out there will be no controlling him. Chaos though can't be fully blamed for how he is....he was the guest of the government born from a 'test tube' probed prodded manipulated given countless drugs, hooked up to a visor and introduced to war and violence over and over again while being given drugs to stimulate a positive response to killing and drugs to hurt him whenever he went to back off as a child in a fight. To this day he hurts if he doesn't finish a fight as if his body seizes up inside and yet he won't complain because he rather enjoys the 'treats' he gets for being good.

Special Abilities:

  • Reiki- The word Reiki comes from the Japanese word (Rei) which means “Universal Life” and (Ki) which means “Energy”. Reiki is the life energy that flows through all living things. Reiki Practitioners understand that everyone has the ability to connect with their own healing energy and use it to strengthen energy in themselves and help others. It is believed that a person’s “ki” or energy should be strong and free flowing. When this is true a person’s body and mind is in a positive state of health. When the energy becomes weak or blocked it could lead to symptoms of physical or emotional imbalance.

Reiki was originally developed as a spiritual healing art. Reiki is not affiliated with any particular religion or religious practice. It is not massage nor is it based on belief or suggestion. It is a subtle and effective form of energy work using spiritually guided life force energy.

  • Psy-Nen- Nen, Psy, Ki, Reiatsu, matter what you call The ability to control his own 'life force' shaping and using it as a weapon to fight back against others. He is able to manifest his P.K in ways that are normally unheard of.  Nen is a unique form of P.K. manifestation among his people due to a unique form of training in P.K. upon testing a child and once discovered they begin learning how to fully open up their minds and bodies to the power.

  • Chaos Manipulation-User can control all the chaotic forces in the universe, allowing them to manipulate probability or manipulate and even shatter reality. They are able to change, mutate, destroy or otherwise manipulate any matter, space/time, living beings, organizations or minds and spirits. Cause technology to crash for no apparent reason. Control Chaos to contain it, so it doesn't spread or spreads only on desired way

  • Paradox Manipulation

-The user is able to surpass and ignore the laws of reality, logic, common sense, etc, making them able to cause anything to happen or not happen.

Basic Abilities

  • Enhanced Speed and Reflexes

- One of the pillars of his distinctive fighting style is his speed, matched with his surgical-like accuracy

  • Enhanced Agility

- Nekkyo is very agile, as he can attack from any position, moving as if he seemingly has not a single bone in his body...he can if he wants to freak people out bend himself in half and roll so that he his torso is coming up between his legs and wave.....what's more he can fight like that.....

  • Enhanced Stamina

- Nekkyo has never been seen tired after any of his fights, even after severe physical effort, mental strain and PK consumption. He has been stuck by himself in a battle that lasted six days without sleep and alternating attackers in the end....he had killed them all without breaking a sweat and enjoying himself....earning him the nickname of 'madman walking'

  • Immense Resistance to Pain-

Nekkyo appears impervious to pain, which seems to leave him unfazed when minimal and bring him pleasure when very intense. Though blows still damage him, they can't slow him down or incapacitate him. His inhuman resistance, coupled with what looks like a total disregard for his own life and an unquenchable battle frenzy, makes him seemingly unstoppable.He can take crippling bleed rending blows to the stomach and keep on fighting.

  • Absolute Strength

- Beyond superhuman levels of strength Nekkyo is perhaps the only human alive who can grab you by both arms by himself and then proceed to within moments rip them out of there sockets. He can crush solid iron in his hands as if it was nothing more then a hollow empty can of soda. There seems to be no limit to his strength and often he's considered a brute because of it.

  • Formidable Coordination

- His coordination may be considered the core of both of his offensive and defensive power. Thanks to it, he can adapt to any fighting style he faces and avoid most of the threats he may encounter. He is able to grab knives out of the air or catch a PK reinforced ball with the destructive capacity of a cannon ball.

  • Immense Perception-

Nekkyo has proven to be able to sense not only the presence, but also the position of people hidden, even Killian's, whose degree of proficiency at it is described by friends as being perfect.  Partially thanks to his vast fighting experience, Kan is capable of discerning a person's potential just by looking at them; on one occasion, he detected a very strong individual nearby and measured his strength without even seeing him.

  • Excellent Strategist

- Nek is very observant and able to guess the amount of strength a person possess, their talent and even future heights by simply looking at them.  Han can often tell what an opponent is thinking and how he will react at his moves. He can plan whole battles beforehand and prepare his victory right after the get-go. Furthermore his deviousness and volatility has prevented many opponents from anticipating his next move, and this has led him to win many battles.

Instead of fearing pain, he sometimes seeks it, as a memento of his opponent. Summed up, what makes Nek such a dangerous opponent is his unpredictability.

PK Abilities

  • Telekinesis

- The ability to move objects with your mind. Often used interchangeably with the term psychokinesis, however psychokinesis is actually the umbrella term under which all the various "kinesises" resides.

  • Levitation-

The ability to cause objects or ones own body to hover above the ground without the use of any type of lifting mechanism.

6th Sense PK Abilities

  • Aura Reading-

The ability to see/feel the energy field that surrounds all living things.

  • Intuition-

A "knowing" of hidden events, often used interchangeably with the term clairsentience.

  • Precognition-

The ability to know the future if those involved stay upon the path they are currently on. It should be noted that the future is not static. Changes can be made today that will change the future that has been forseen.

  • Psychometry-

The ability to sense, read or interpret the energy signal left on an item by someone that has dealt with the item in the past.

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Posts : 397
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Character sheet
Name: Kichona 'Kicha' Kasai
Age: 20
Occupation: Bounty Hunter/Being scouted by Route Troupe

Nekkyō Ryōken (熱狂 猟犬) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Nekkyō Ryōken (熱狂 猟犬)   Nekkyō Ryōken (熱狂 猟犬) EmptyThu Sep 03, 2015 1:12 am

Fighting Skills

  • Champloo
- simply a fighting style that takes bits and pieces from all forms of martial arts and breaking (or break-dancing) while making up the rest on-the-go or 'On-the-fly'. The user must have some knowledge of all forms of martial arts to use this ability.

  • • Taijutsu-  (体術?, literally "body technique" or "body skill")
is a Japanese blanket term for any combat skill, technique or system of martial art using body movements that are described as an empty-hand combat skill or system. The term is commonly used when referring to a traditional Japanese martial art but has also been used in the naming of modern martial arts such as Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu. More specific names than Taijutsu are typically used when describing a martial art, such as Jujutsu (focusing on throwing, grappling, and striking), Judo (focusing on throwing and grappling), Aikido (focusing on throwing and joint locks) as well as Karate and Kenpo (focusing on striking).

  • Hand-to-hand Combat
- (sometimes abbreviated as HTH or H2H) is a lethal or non-lethal physical confrontation between two or more persons at very short range (grappling distance) that does not involve the use of firearms or other distance weapons. While the phrase "hand-to-hand" appears to refer to unarmed combat, the term is generic and may include use of striking weapons used at grappling distance such as knives, sticks, batons, or improvised weapons such as entrenching tools. While the term hand-to-hand combat originally referred principally to engagements by military personnel on the battlefield, it can also refer to any personal physical engagement by two or more combatants, including police officers and civilians.

Combat within close quarters (to a range just beyond grappling distance) is commonly termed close combat or close-quarters combat. It may include lethal and non-lethal weapons and methods depending upon the restrictions imposed by civilian law, military rules of engagement, or ethical codes. Close combat using firearms or other distance weapons by military combatants at the tactical level is modernly referred to as close quarter battle. The U.S. Army uses the term combatives to describe various military fighting systems used in hand-to-hand combat training, systems which may incorporate eclectic techniques from several different martial arts and combat sports.

  • • Street Fighting-
Hand-to-hand combat in public places, between individuals or groups of people.

Unlike sport fighting, a street fight might involve weapons, multiple opponents or revenge and has no rules. The venue is usually a public place (e.g. a street) and the fight often results in a serious injury or even death.

The main difference between street fighting and a self-defense situation is that a street fight is avoidable, whereas a self-defense situation is not. The other main difference is that the fight is consensual between both parties. A typical situation might involve two men arguing in a bar, then one suggests stepping outside, where the fight commences. Thus, it is often possible to avoid the fight by backing off, while in self-defense, a person is actively trying to escape the situation, using force if necessary to ensure his or her own safety.

In some martial arts communities, street fighting and self-defense are often considered synonymous.

  • Shorinji Kempo ("Shaolin Temple Fist Law")-
a Japanese martial art which considered as the modified version of Shaolin Kungfu. It was established in 1947 by Doshin So (宗 道臣), a Japanese martial artist and former military intelligence agent.

Shorinji Kempo is a system of "self-defense training" (護身錬鍛), "mental training" (精神修養) and "promoting health" (健康増進), whose training methods are based on the concept that "spirit and body are not separable" (心身一如) and that it is integral to "train both body and spirit" (拳禅一如).

Through employing a well-organized technical training schedule (科目表), Shorinji Kempo claims to help the practitioner "establish oneself" (自己確立) and to promote "mutual comfort" (自他共楽). The philosophy and techniques of Shorinji Kempo are outlined in their handbook, (少林寺拳法教範) Shōrinji-kempō-kyōhan.

Shōrinji Techniques

Gōhō (剛法)- "Hard methods" or physical attacks which include:

Tsuki (突き)- strikes.

Keri (蹴り)- kicks.

Uchi (打ち)- hammers.

Kiri (切り)- cuts.

Kawashi (かわし)- evasions.

Jūhō (柔法)-  "Soft methods", meaning techniques to use when an opponent grabs hold of you. These techniques include:

Shuhō (守法)- "Defense methods" used to defend against grabbing or grappling techniques.

Nuki Waza (抜き技)- "Release techniques" used to cause the opponent to release the user of this technique when they're grabbed ahold of.

Gyaku Waza (逆技)- "Reverse techniques" used to reverse the opponents hold when they grab the user of this technique, thus making the user the one who has hold of their opponent.

Nage Waza (投技)- "Throwing techniques" used to throw the opponent when  they grab the user of this technique.

Katame Waza (固技)- "Pins" used to pin opponent to keep them from moving when they grab the user of this technique.

Seihō (整法)- This technique's name roughly means "correcting methods" and is techniques to recover the body. In essence, it means acupressure massage and simple forms of bone correcting (primarily the spine).

  • Taijutsu-
 (体術?, literally "body technique" or "body skill") is a Japanese blanket term for any combat skill, technique or system of martial art using body movements that are described as an empty-hand combat skill or system. The term is commonly used when referring to a traditional Japanese martial art but has also been used in the naming of modern martial arts such as Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu. More specific names than Taijutsu are typically used when describing a martial art, such as Jujutsu (focusing on throwing, grappling, and striking), Judo (focusing on throwing and grappling), Aikido (focusing on throwing and joint locks) as well as Karate and Kenpo (focusing on striking).

  • Muay Thai
- 'Muai Thai' is a combat sport from the muay martial arts of Thailand that uses stand-up striking along with various clinching techniques. This physical and mental discipline which includes combat on foot is known as "the art of eight limbs" because it is characterized by the combined use of fists, elbows, knees, shins and feet, being associated with a good physical preparation that makes a full-contact fight very efficient. Muay Thai became popular in the sixteenth century, but became widespread internationally only in the twentieth century, when practitioners defeated notable practitioners of other martial arts.

  • Chinese Kenpo/Kung Fu-
"Kung-fu" is a primarily unarmed Chinese martial art resembling karate.Wudang Martial Arts were created based on the Taoist ideology. Taoism holds that there are basic, everlasting and supernatural principles in the earth which are called “Tao” suggesting softness, quietness, emptiness, unification, fairness and harmony. All these can be presented according to Tai Chi, Yin and Yang, the Five Elements (water, gold, fire, wood and earth) and the Eight Diagrams tactics. Under the direction of these philosophical theories, this Kung Fu style gains good effects in the boxing and sword skills.

  • Jujustsu-
A Japanese martial art and a method of close combat for defeating an armed and armored opponent in which one uses no weapon or only a short weapon. The word jujutsu is often spelled as jujitsu or ju-jitsu. It is also known as Japanese ju-jitsu.

"Jū" can be translated to mean "gentle, soft, supple, flexible, pliable, or yielding." "Jutsu" can be translated to mean "art" or "technique" and represents manipulating the opponent's force against himself rather than confronting it with one's own force. Jujutsu developed among the samurai of feudal Japan as a method for defeating an armed and armored opponent in which one uses no weapon, or only a short weapon. Because striking against an armored opponent proved ineffective, practitioners learned that the most efficient methods for neutralizing an enemy took the form of pins, joint locks, and throws. These techniques were developed around the principle of using an attacker's energy against him, rather than directly opposing it.

There are many variations of the art, which leads to a diversity of approaches. Jujutsu schools (ryū) may utilize all forms of grappling techniques to some degree (i.e. throwing, trapping, joint locks, holds, gouging, biting, disengagements, striking, and kicking). In addition to jujutsu, many schools teach the use of weapons.

Today, jujutsu is practiced in both traditional and modern sport forms. Derived sport forms include the Olympic sport and martial art of judo, which was developed by Kanō Jigorō in the late 19th century from several traditional styles of jujutsu, and Brazilian jiu-jitsu, which was in turn derived from earlier (pre–World War II) versions of Kodokan judo.

  • Karate-
A martial art developed in the Ryukyu Islands in what is now Okinawa, Japan. It was developed partially from the indigenous martial arts of Ryukyu Islands (called te (手, literally "hand") and from Chinese kenpo. Karate is a striking art using punching, kicking, knee strikes, elbow strikes and open hand techniques such as knife-hands, spear-hands,and palm-heel strikes. In some styles, grappling, throws, joint locks, restraints, and vital point strikes are also taught. A karate practitioner is called a karateka (空手家).

Weapon(s) Information

History:After the Nuclear fall out incident many governments sough to protect themselves from the people showing up with powers by creating soldiers of there own. Project Pandemonium was geared around Test Tube babies. Children who were born parentless taken from viable donors grown in a lab and therefore no one would know they existed or miss them. Each child is was coded in white ink glow in the dark ink. Something that would only show up under black lights. Then from an early age they were given drugs to help manipulate them and form them into the perfect fighting and killing machine. If they picked the death/dead they were given a positive injection that made them feel good if they picked something 'sweet and innocent' they were given drugs that made them hurt and feel bad. When they got older the children were taken into a class room given a visor and were told to put it on. Then two Iv's were hooked up. One with a glowing green liquid one with a thick nasty red liquid.

Once the program started for every kill they did the glowing green 'positive' fluid was given to them making them feel even better. For every failure to kill or every time they choose something nice the red fluid was pushed in. Nek was no exception for humans by nature aren't evil they crave and wait love and attention no matter there source of birth and so they stepped things up a bit making the prize and punishment system even more rewarding and painful then before. Leaving them hooked in for hours upon hours.

By the time Nek was sixteen he had taken off of the visor and was put in pits with death row inmates. Two bracelets were put around his wrists. One with the good drug and one with the bad. Then the door would open and he would be told he had so long to make his first kill if he failed to do it in that time....he would be punished and if he did he would be rewarded and get the next fight. At first he had two hours then an hour and a half followed by an hour all the way down to it had better be within five minutes of seeing the man....and finally instantly.

He got really good at it....too good. The drug's had been pumped into his system so much that they had an unforseen result. They triggered the release and shaping of his powers as Nek made a game out of it because he hated them and hated being there he'd purposely allow them to inject large amounts of the red drug into his body until it hurt like no tomorrow could come to take it away and then the the point many believed his blood was the drugs.

Then one day many would say he snapped but snapping was such a wrong way to put it twenty years old he had had enough of there games of having so much of the drugs which they added in to more one a intense blue the other purple He had been getting those four for four years as they had figured out he was building up a resistance and incredible one to the drugs of before they crafted new. In doing so they made it so that he felt nothing but fun.....when killing. When he could not stop without killing or be miserable but....they failed to hook up the drug bracelets right one day that also served to be controls for him. And he took advantage of it killing the lab tech....killing all in his path. One of the lab creations fought back and managed to strike him three times in the face the scars present today.

He took the exam passed became a Hunter and then they made him a BloodHound but at first had a hard finding his the end his Retainer found him and Nerve is the only man Chaos will listen to anyone else if they try to order him is likely going to die an Chaos will not loose any sleep.
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Nekkyō Ryōken (熱狂 猟犬)
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