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 Welcome to the Hunter's exam.

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Welcome to the Hunter's exam.  Empty
PostSubject: Welcome to the Hunter's exam.    Welcome to the Hunter's exam.  EmptyFri Aug 28, 2015 11:36 pm

The starting pit was loaded.....packed to almost shoulder room only. To think so many showed up for this so many.....and yet he found that amusing since out of the 5550 Applicants less then a third perhaps would actually make it to the final exam. He looked at them as they all wore there tags. All of them and among them were so many that were throwing there lives away no where near skilled enough to be able to do this. But test of endurance. Could they keep up? He opened the large shutter and looked at them all as he stood there currently wearing special contacts to make both of his eyes mint green. One clear one mint green toning. He stood there looking at them heavy combat boots, black jeans heavy chains around his waist a long black trench coat falling down to his ankles with fur trim no shirt piercings he didn't look like an Authority figure at all.....but he was all himself.

"Greetings all of you today we have 5550 applicants. More then two thirds of you will not make it to the finals. Some will collapse from exhaustion, some will get themselves disqualified and most of you....will die. This exam is designed to absolutely weed out the strong from the weak. That being said my name is Musaboshi Shizun, and I will be your Phase one Proctor today. To begin all of you need only.....follow me to Phase two...." He said as he turned and started walking and as he began walking and then shifted pace making them speed up a bit. "Oh yes....I should tell you Phase one has begun." He said as he continued.

In the midst of the crowd was a young man with shimmering white hair, as well as a very stern looking young man with jet black hair. Among so many others and they began moving keeping pace. Narumi knew it was a risk to come here.....but there were several demon summoners they had been tracking and tracked them to here. They were strong enough to pass and if they passed.....if they lost them....they would gain a license to kill and that license would make it impossible to stop them. They kept moving and as this proctor picked up speed so to did they adjust an keep adjusting.

Finally making it to the half way point 2500 had dropped......they were already cut in half the bodies laying through the tunnel exhausted were immense. They were not among them and neither was the summoners.

Musaboshi looked at them and chuckled. "Standing before you is the Hangrin Wood better known as Deadman Forest the plants will try to eat you. The animals everything is designed to kill you. There is only one path that is safe and if you wish to make it through alive you will keep this way please." He said turning and leading them again and again they followed. Racing through the woods and as they did sure enough many thought they'd find a short cut and lost there lives more and more were weeded out in the woods as they followed behind Musaboshi of all the nightmares of horrors to lead them through the trees grass plants were either black or had teeth. Where they could not see a man moved running alongside Them alongside Musaboshi calming the tree's and plants so allow safe passage as there was no safe place but......This wood liked Senaste. It would do as he asked even the animals why? This was the woods that Musaboshi and the others originally found Sena in. These plants were his babies. His family his friends. Blaise ran along beside him as they traveled if someone struck one of his trees they met there end. And then they made it to the end to were Phase two was and by the time they got there they had lost another 1000, making it 1500 to face Mugo's Challenge. He turned and looked at them telling them congratulations on making it to Phase two and when they stepped through those gates it would begin.

Before he himself jumped up and disappeared.
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Name: Kichona 'Kicha' Kasai
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Welcome to the Hunter's exam.  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Welcome to the Hunter's exam.    Welcome to the Hunter's exam.  EmptySat Aug 29, 2015 2:30 am

They'd opened the large gates and walk in to see a big open playing field as the 1500 piled into the gates and they closed behind him Musaboshi would run along the upper wall and smirk as he'd sit down in the shadows and decide to watch.

Mugo would just be standing there holding a ball, dressed in his usual odd fashion and humming away with a big happy smile.

They would be looking at him. Staring and one would blink. "You again is this some joke they never have the same proctor two years in a row! I know I've taken it four!" One guy shouted pointing. "And what's with the stupid ball?"
Narumi was standing further back though blinking as he stared. Lin looked at him curious but Narumi shook his head....he figured he'd just keep his mouth shut on the aspect that he knew...this Proctor, worked with him in the past. IN fact Mugo was the reason he got out of that hellish mansion alive.

The Old man had turned out to be a rather nasty creature....the cause of it all....and he had invited them all there for fresh 'meat' to stay alive even longer. Mu figured it out.

Mugo smiled as he turned to look at the ones who were so shocked to see him back. "I happen to be a special case~" he mused lightly, happily as he stood there smiling away.

"A special case? Or a head case?" One quipped laughing. Although Narumi was watching them on of them. One of the Demon Summoners had done something hit him with something and due to it he could not longer sense and feel Gungen but he didn't know what it did to Gungen didn't know where he was only that Lin was certain that if and when that one used the power he obviously stole from Narmui's bond.....that LIn would be able to do something. In the mean time Naru's hands were bandaged and bleeding as if the bond was angry at being attacked by dark Onmyoji.....Narumi normally would not have chosen to join something like this....if not for the fact....he knew whatever happened two days ago....not only hurt him but hurt Gungen through the link they had to fix it. Of course as Narumi looked to the center and looked at Mugo he had to wonder.....was Mugo aware of the Demon Summoner's? And if so....what was going to happen next.

The one who attempted to use dark form of Onmyoji to steal Narumi's immense PK had gotten ahold of something else and he was certain...he'd beat Mugo. So he smirked and looked at him. "So then Mr. Proctor.....I take it you have a game in mind?"

"If I were you...I'd watch my back more carefully~" he said as he stood there, baggy pink jeans on and a skin tight Maya Blue athletic top on. Coupled with pink athletic shoes.

The guy turned and jerked at the same time looking at Mugo. "What the heck are you doing? Messing with us?" he said looking at him. "So what I want to know what the game is nothing wrong with that." he said looking at Mugo.

Mugo chuckled and tipped his head to the side. "Messing with you? Mm...yes...I suppose I am playing with you~"

The guy made a tsking sound attacking Mugo would get him disqualified and so he merely instead sneered at him. He'd win move on get to the end and then he'd attack once he had his license. Until then....he had to play by whatever rules they set down. "Whatever.' He said certain he'd win this....after all he stole a pretty immense power from that white haired kid. He knew the kid was here but the chances of him getting the power back under his control? Slim to none but he had no idea the kid had powerful friends, this one being one of them.

Mugo smiled as he let a little of his murderous intent seep through. "I do hope you'll play nicely...tempt me too much...and I'll be allowed to kill you this time..."

The guy looked at him. "I'll play nicely." He said looking at Mugo. "Although being allowed to kill? Don't you have to have the big guys' permission for that one?" he asked snorting looking at Mugo. "Your like his good dog or something he gives an order and you obey."

Musa rose and eyebrow then covered his mouth laughing his ass off but muffling it....Mugo? A good dog? Not likely that one would be more likely to bite Musa's hand then obey if he didn't like the order. He only followed them now because he liked Proctoring the exams and to do so he had to play by Musa's rules.

Mugo's smile faded and he looked dead at the guy, staring him straight in the eyes. "Never assume that I won't turn on the current master that holds my leash...I may be a dog, but I'm the worst kind of dog..." he said lowly. "I've killed six of my previous masters...turning on another is no difference to me..."

He looked at Mugo. "That right, so does your current master know that you'll one day turn on him and try to kill him?" He asked shaking his head. "That's some loyalty you have there." Across the way shaking his head and muttering idiot was Killian leaning against a post watching. That fool was digging himself a nice big grave with Mugo. Neo had nothing to worry about because Neo very rarely if ever reigned Mugo in. The only time was like now the exams. And all those evaluations? Most of the time it was excuse to call him back to the tower to interact with Re.

He chuckled. "Both of my masters know I will happily turn and bite...yet they let me stay..."

The guy went from laughing to staring wide eyed. "He knows? And he's not at all worried about letting you do your own thing?" He shook his head then staring at him. "They have to be fools to allow someone with such shaky loyalty so close."

Musa was chuckling....his eyes watering. Oh was this ever entertaining Mugo was certainly never boring.

"Neo lets me do nearly anything I want~" he said happily before adding, "Chrono lets me do whatever I want too! They both really love me~"

The guy stared at Mugo going a bit wide eyed. "They....let you do whatever you want?" he said flabbergasted as he stared at him. "They....let you....they both really love you? What are you stupid? They don't care about you. You dangerous so keeping something dangerous on a leash and keeping it under some semblance of control is better then not knowing what it's up don't belong with them they'd try to contain you, are containing you and you don't see it."

Mugo just chuckled and licked his lips. "Let me prove to you how wrong you are..." he mused before finally unleashing all of his murderous intent, the darkness filling the surrounding area, the atmosphere becoming heavy and oppressive.

"Really you don't think Neo won't show up to stop you if you tried to use that intent?" he said breathing heavy under it. The moment it unleashed though Lin lifted a talisman to shield both himself and Naru from it. Without his link to Gungen something like that could hurt him. The guy looked at Mugo. "I haven't done a thing to you to warrant such a hostile reaction if you do let loose Neo will be here instantly."

Neo snorted from where he was sitting wiping off his eyes and looking at the sight as the rest of the applicants pulled away from them giving them a wide circle none wanting to challenge Mugo. Wise....Neo drew up a knee before tipping his head. "Mu just be a dear and remember to not kill every single last applicant there alright?" He said telepathically to Mugo.

Narumi caught it though and glanced in the distance...that voice....he heard it just recently but mentally it was different.....was Neo close by watching?

The guy narrowed his eyes. "So you hold up this years exam to mess with me?" he said annoyed. "Yeah? So he didn't say you couldn't kill a few but I haven't done anything to warrant you being aggressive Mugo merely asked what the game was this time." He said never mind he was one of the first ones last year who.....attempted to do more then just land a clean hit on Mugo he was one of the first to aim for breaking his lower spine.

Not mind you that Mugo would forget the faces of the ones who did the deed.

Mugo tipped his head again and put a finger to his lips. "Mm...I don't think it was just to mess with you..." he said and the smiled a sly, eerie smile. "No...I really do intend to kill you~"

The guy looked at him and rose an eyebrow. "Oh? And why is that?" He said annoyed. "You're probably under some rule that says you can't kill me if I don't threaten your life right? So if I never make a play that could hurt you, you can't touch me." He said smirking. "I figured out the rules just fine see."
Narumi looked that look in Mu's eyes was the same as when he was playing around with the old man. One that promised by the time they were done talking and Mugo got bored of the word games and mental'd be falling over dead.

"Don't you remember silly?" he asked as he smiled at him, that happy tone despite the intent behind his words. "You tried to kill me last year~"

The guy blinked and then smiled a faint smile one of those oh that? "Nah I wasn't trying to kill you. I just thought If I could tag you by surprise I'd win since head on wasn't going to was just a misunderstanding." He said waving his hand as if that was it and it was all good. "I know better then to attack a Proctor in such a way as to threaten there life."

Mugo frowned, a dangerous expression. He didn't have empathy or anything like that, but he did have very scary instincts. "Careful...lie to me like that one more time and I'll end you right here...." he warned lowly, coldly before smiling again. "Okay?~"

The guy went wide eyed as beads of sweat rolled down his an instant that 'cheerful demeanor' was gone replaced by a man who thrilled in the kill in a way that made his group look nice. "Yeah...." He said tearing his gaze away keeping his hands in his pockets. "Anywho....I learned from my mistake....I won't be making such an attack again this year.' He didn't feel he had to....the power he stole should give him the advantage and allow him to win.

He had dropped his killing intent, letting it become perfectly normal again and smiled happily, skipping back over to wrap his arms around Killian. "Kil~ Would you be a dear and help explain the rules?"

Killian snorted and looked at him. "Oh so now your ready to play your game?" he asked amused as he looked down at him then over at them all. "See that ball ladies and gentlemen...and I use that loosely." He said as his arm looped about Mugo and he pointed with his free hand. "Your exam has to do with that pretty little ball.....your allowed to use whatever means available to you get that ball however...YOU can not kill, you can't cheat...." Killian looked down at Mugo..."MMm what where your other rules Mu?"

Mugo nuzzled Killian and smiled, perking up. "You are allowed to fight me with any means. However, try to kill me, and I will be authorized to use lethal force~"

Killian chuckled. "The object is to take the ball from Mugo. Take the ball and you win and move on however each of you will have a time limit in which to achieve this goal. Should you fail to gain the ball in that specified loose. Attack with lethal force you not only loose but as Mu said....he's authorized to return the favor. After last year and you all know who you are when you took advantage of the 'No Kill' order and did dirty attacks this year those attacks will cost you your life so think carefully before using them." Killian said looking at them.

"The means of gaining the ball differ's between each person. So if one person tries something and gets the ball everyone there after can't just mirror them and gain the ball."

Mugo smiled. "Hai~ If you try the same method for'll simply be given a fail and will be told to come back next year."

"The point of this isn't Monkey see Monkey do." He said looking at them. "For example if one person manages to knock the ball out of his hand and catch it by kicking it with there foot and then the next person without really trying anything does the same thing. The second person is automatically failed." He said then paused and chuckled. "Ah yes...I almost forgot, Neo has a rule added into all points of the exam this year. Apparently last year all of the applicants who failed round two went and whined about it. So this year he's asked that you be made of a rule for each and every round here out. SHOULD you fail for any reason and manage keep your life. If you wish to retake the exam next year will accept your failure with the pride and grace of one who has tried. If you submit but one complaint and it comes back to him about failing and it being 'unfair' your name will forever forward be put in the Stricken book. Once there until the day you die you will be banned forever from ever retaking any exam, or portion there of."

"This rule was established because you all complained after attempting to kill Mugo and getting disqualified." Killian looked at Mugo. "Am I forgetting anything?"

He tipped his head in thought. "Mm...ah!" he said, perking up. "If for any reason you feel the need to fight me, I will pause the exam just to fight you~"

Killian chuckled. "However keep in mind that if you take up that offer and choose to fight Mu, you are officially and willing taking your life into your own hands and understand that you depending on your actions may not walk out of the arena again with your life. But at the same token....should you fight him and amuse him and keep your life. You will not be disqualified from the exam."

He smiled happily as he clung to Killian. "Also, as last year, Kil here will be an assistant proctor in this exam. Unlike last year, he'll only be here as a time keeper and referee. Do be kind to him~"

"Wait so he's not actually issuing a test this year?" One guy said blinking he had lost to Killian's having managed to outlast Mugo....just barely last year only to have his stick broken because he tried to tag Killian and messed up...almost getting him in the throat. It had not amused the man at all.

Mugo shook his head, smiling still. "No. Kil has decided it would be wiser to let you play my game and not have to deal with him again this last phase is sure to be a doozy~"

They all looked and nodded as they stared at each other. Killian chuckled. "Ah before I forget so you don't all think you have forever to do this....each applicant has ten minutes to figure out how to get the ball from Mugo. From the moment the buzzer RINGS to the moment it sounds end of round. IF any of you get the itch to jump the buzzer and try for the ball, you will instead be indicating you wish to fight Mu, and the game will be paused while you fight him one on one. Is that clear? Last year several of you jumped the buzzer so this year keeping that in mind? Do so and it's grounds for the fighting not the game automatically no taking it back."
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Welcome to the Hunter's exam.  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Welcome to the Hunter's exam.    Welcome to the Hunter's exam.  EmptySat Aug 29, 2015 4:19 pm

Neo got done laughing and the guy was sneering at Mugo and Killian who just went over the rules. Neo spoke and said. "Mugo.....the one who is challenging you with done with him won't you?" He'd say resting his arm on his knee and his chin on his arm. The words were relayed telepathically....of course he knew Mugo would be tickled pink to get that order.

Then move back over to the guy, drawing out his cards to hold to fight. "Let's play little boy~"

Then move back over to the guy, drawing out his cards to hold to fight. "Let's play little boy~"

The guy stared. "Excuse me?" he said just now realizing that no one had gathered close to him they were all still giving him a wide birth. "You're threatening me? If I recall last year you were worried sick that if you stepped a toe out of line Neo would come and punish you soundly. Now suddenly you want to attack me?" He sneered. "Give me a break you can't step a toe out of line."

He tipped his head and looked at seemingly nothing. "Ne~o...Please make it clear to them, won't you?" he called out.

Musa smiled as he stood up walked along the wall and then dropped down into the center arena. The guy stared. "Musaboshi? Give me a break he cal...." He started when Musa reached into his jacket and pulled out a set of golden dog tags with S/0 Clearly marked on it glittering. "As you were saying?" he said tipping his head then smiled. But there was no warmth in that smile cold, many of his 'darker' nature traits. "You have annoyed me and challenged Mugo endlessly verbally....honestly....they all know when I say to 'be done with someone' means you have outlived your worth." he said as he slipped his tags away. "And you little boy....for all your jabbing have gained such an order to me but if your still confused..." He said as he reached up and pulled out the contract that changed the color of his one eye so that his mismatched eyes were looking at him.

"Mugo, you are being given explicit permission to postpone the Hunter's exam to carry out my Order. This man and three others have outlived there.....worth when you decided to kill the other three is up to you...however this one....End him now."

Mugo smiled and brought up his right hand to kiss the card he had been holding between his index and middle finger before he looked at the guy who had been pestering him. "O~kay."

The guy stared. "You can't be serious you look happy....." He said narrowing his eyes as he began to draw out the power he stole from Narumi but as he did that caused Narumi pain as it was truly his but the one had deceived it onto linking with himself. He was attempting to use the power he stole....Killian moved over to Naru spotting him and then inserted needles into his 'nerve points' causing his hands to go numb. "It's all right little Naru....although your being here is a cause for concern your delicate."

Mugo chuckled and licked his lips. "I am ha~ppy," he said lightly even as his own murderous intent surfaced once again.

The guy began to power up drawing on more and more of the stolen power sneering at Mugo as he was trying to gain control of a power he didn't understand. That of the link to the Asura he had stolen from Narumi.

"Mm...Neo, should I use Shiva on him?" he asked as he stood there, cards drawn and already molded into razor sharp, nearly indestructible blades.

Neo laughed. "Ah you are always amusing Mu, honestly play with him however you like....but he's trying to harness a demon's power to fight if you like....Shiva might just prove a point to him the difference between a mere fraction of the stolen power he's tried to gain and the real thing." he said looking at him.

The guy sneered and stomped down feeling the powers of the Asura he had stolen but....he had no idea he had taken something that he could not control.

Mugo tipped his head to the side and smiled. "Shiva it is then...." he mused lightly even as his skin changed colors, turning to a blueish green color, his hair growing out and becoming a little longer, a third eye appearing where the monk tattoo on his forehead was, replacing the small crimson dot. "If you get to stomp, so do I~" he mused happily as he moved, stomping the ground, sending the ground around him crumbling and cracking, turning into a crag.

The guy went wide eyed his face a twisted mess between something looking like the Asura and man, he was trying to steal the link of a Half breed, while the power would protect Narumi, it wasn't meant for someone like him. And so to control it when the link was not made in the traditional means he was having problems forcing the creatures power to him.

Mugo smiled happily as he drew his foot back from the empty space above what was now a massive crater. "Mm...maybe I overdid it..." he mused to himself as he shook the loose dirt off his shoe.

The guy looked at him and spoke although it sounded like that something half beast. "You fool you may change form but it's nothing like can't beat me." he said as he swung fully intending on connecting.

"Say Killian." Neo said lightly and Killian looked over. "How long do you think?"

Killian laughed. "Against someone like him? About a minute and a half two minutes but Mu will enjoy every minute of it."

"Unless Mu decides to play and drag it out a bit longer then he might much to his horror last half an hour."

The guy would have hollered except the blow knocked all the wind right out of him. He chocked and gasped. Falling staggering back and hitting the ground holding his stomach in pain as he tried to breathe.

Mugo straightened up and lowered his fist, smiling happily. "Oh dear...seems you've fell down...would you like me to help you up?" he asked as he stood there, arms at his sides, smile in place.

The guy wheezing and gasping for air looked up at him....this power he could feel it should give him the power to fight Mugo. "No." he gasped wheezing and then forced himself to stand and once again tried to swing tried to hit him but the arms didn't move right. He had no idea it was an Asura he stole the power link of only that it was a powerful Rank A demon so he had no idea at all that his arms weren't working right because there should be four now not two. And the bending was fighting him at the very shoulder....

The guy wheezing and gasping for air looked up at him....this power he could feel it should give him the power to fight Mugo. "No." he gasped wheezing and then forced himself to stand and once again tried to swing tried to hit him but the arms didn't move right. He had no idea it was an Asura he stole the power link of only that it was a powerful Rank A demon so he had no idea at all that his arms weren't working right because there should be four now not two. And the bending was fighting him at the very shoulder....

Mugo chuckled and jumped back, easily dodging the guy's half-assed swings. "See? This is what happens when you try to fight with something you don't understand~" he mused happily.

He pursed his lips though and looked over at Neo. "Should I step it up to Nataraja?" he asked, obviously highly amused.

Neo smiled. "By all means. From the looks of things he's a damn fool who only took something he thought was very powerful...but didn't understand at all what that power was." He said amused.
The guy staggered then glanced down not even his legs wanted to work right. What the heck was going on. "Just what the heck sorta power did that punk have?" he breathed annoyed.

Mugo tipped his head to look back at the guy who asked about Naru's power. "It wasn't a was a contract...." he said lowly as he looked dead at the guy, his smile gone and replaced by seriousness. "You've tampered with the contract of an Asura...."

"An Asura?? Don't make me laugh there's no way that kid had the kinda power. There's no way an Asura would let it's contractor wander around." He said narrowing his eyes. "Besides I should be able to master it shortly!" he said still trying and couldn't. "Although the damn thing isn't responding right." Narumi sighed....his wasn't a normal contract.....what he gave to Gungen....wasn't what others gave.

Mugo narrowed his eyes. "I'm not joking. I'm serious," he said lowly, coldly.

He looked at him and then paused. "Asura is the King of A Rank demons." he said looking at him. "All others back down and bow before him. They say even a good portion of the S rank and above back down before Asura." he said looking at Mugo. "And that boy....that child tamed and contracted Asura?"

Mugo snorted and shook his head. "Not Asura himself....but his son..."

The guy started laughing. "Ah no wonder I'm having such difficulties." he said looking at Mugo. "because I keep expecting the power to be more then there is. The son is weaker then the father!"

Mugo moved, barely stepping and was once again before the idiot who kept running his mouth. "You're pushing my patience. The son of stronger than Aura himself..."

"What??" he gasped going wide eyed as he looked at Mugo. "More powerful?" But it was there that he lost control of the power he held and some of it leaked back to Narumi who looked down at his bleeding palms. "Fool.." Narumi breathed about the man. He could just now sense Gungen but it was disjointed and he was....alright. That was a relief he had just been blocked. Although now no doubt came confusion as two different pulses were linked to the markings. He looked at Mugo.
The guy blinked. "Stronger then Asura himself? Then I need to force more control over the power..." he said trying to focus more and more to himself and the more tightly he tried to make it obey...the worse he control he had. As he swung at Mugo and the guys energy went wide rushing past Neo.
"Ohh? Such a sloppy fighter." Neo mused.

It felt like he was trying to make the Son of Asura himself obey and not just the power. Naru sighed looking at Killian and Lin. "If he keeps that up he's gonna seriously piss of Gungen...and then I hate to be him between Mu and Gungen it's not gonna be a nice place to be."

Mugo had stood perfectly still, the guy seriously had terrible aim. "Mm..Gun is a very lovely power~ I wouldn't keep teasing him though...he's probably hungry...." he mused lightly as he stood there.

The guy glared. "As if you know anything about what I have." He shouted as he fired at Mugo again and again. Trying to hit him but because he could not control it did not understand how the arms worked anything....he had never seen an Asura, or rather the Asura or his son he kept it up.
Narumi sighed. "Ah yeah.....the he's really gonna piss of Gungen." he said shaking his head, then brought his palm up and kissed his palm, to let him know for sure what was going on...the two different life forces vying for control and Naru knowing this was not pulling on Gungen.

Mugo sighed and closed his eyes. "This isn't very fun anymore..." he pouted, but perked up when he heard the demonic growl. "Oh~ Now you've gone and woken the real son of Asura..."

The guy started laughing. "Nice try that's one of your tricks right?" He said as he stopped firing and then looked at Mugo. Not turning around.

Gungen came walking into the clearing, covered in blueish black fur three eyes fixated on the one who was teasing his senses. He looked like an evil, twisted dog who walked on two legs and had four arms. But attached to each of those hands were long, sharp, nasty claws of a demon. His muzzle? It looked like it has been peeled from his face, nothing but bone left behind as he drooled and growled in anger.

Narumi had....normally when they were fighting against terribly powerful demons though. The guy slowly turned and faced the creature going wide eyed. "Is that...."

Narumi smiled lovingly. "That is my partner, my lover Gungen....and you've managed to seriously piss him off." Narumi said shaking his head. "I was hoping to end your foolishness without your doing anything to him."

He brought a single arm up, curling his long, boney fingers to point a single finger at the one who had been causing him so many problems. Silence was golden right now. He wasn't too keen on speaking while he was in this form anyway, but right now? The only thing that registered was his primal instincts.

Mugo smiled happily, reverting from Shiva to normal and jumped to land beside Killian and Neo. "Oh my...I've never seen him personally challenge someone must have really made him mad~"

The guy looked over. "He's challenging me?" he said taking a deep breathe looking at him and then moved. He fired a blast at Gungen thinking he'd win this not thinking about the fact he was throwing Gungen's power right back at him....or wasn't coming right. Narumi looked down at his hands not complaining but every time that fool pulled on it...his hands burned black lines came forth. It hurt but he bore it for the sake of Gungen.

Gungen stood still, letting the first blast hit him, making a point to prove that he was indeed strong. The blast hit him and just seemed to vanish, absorbing back into him. He tilted his head to the side to look at the guy with his glowing yellowish three eyes.

The guy went wide eyed and panicking fired again and again but each time he did all he did was return the power he was stealing from Gungen but the burns on Naru hurt. He wasn't thrilled and then it was over as his talisman broke. He returned to normal and went wide eyed as he looked at the ground scrambling trying to figure out how to quickly form a summoning circle.

Otherwise....he was gonna loose. Not realizing he had already lost. You can't fight a demon with it's own power.

Gungen smirked, the first expression he had made to indicate that there was something else behind the 'mindless' demon standing there. He licked his lips as he brought his hands up to summon his scythe. Asura's scythe...a present from his father for coming of age and eating for the first time.

The guy was chanting trying to form a circle quickly fast and looking at him. He was running out of time.

He began to walk, taking slow, drawn out steps as he held his scythe in his two right hands. When he was fully upon the guy, he stood there, towering over him. "You should never take my power..." he said lowly, speaking for the first time since arriving.

The guy looked up at him. "I wasn't aiming for your power. It was just a lucky surprise." he said. "At the time not so lucky now....but..." he if he could summon a powerful enough demon....he was only a third of the way through laying down a circle to summon a Kraken figuring that something as nasty and carnivores as that could handle an Asura something that didn't think and simply ate.

Gungen let a twisted smile spread across his features. "I don't like liars...and I like thieves even less..." he mused lowly, coldly.

The guy went wide eyed. "I'm not lying I didn't know he had your sort power....what I was after was something else all together...."
Lin spoke up. "Gungen he was trying to steal Naru's core.....your power blocked him and saved Naru's life." He said which was the truth had the marks of Asura not flared up at the moment that Talisman hit Narumi when the guy walked past him....Narumi would be gone. Gungen's mark had flared up and then started had shielded him.

The guy looked at Gungen and narrowed his eyes. "So you got your power back you've got no further use for me. I'm a summoner of course so no point in killing me when I work with your kind all the time."

Gugen had looked up at Lin when he told him what had happened, but when the guy said there was no need to kill him, his gaze lowered back to the idiot. "You would be wrong..." he mused lowly. "I'm still hungry you see..."

"So what isn't what your contractor is for? To consume him whenever you get hungry and for fill the contract it was to what protect him well you did it and now you can devour him at your leasure.' he said looking at him and pointing across the way to Narumi. Narumi rose and eyebrow and sighed.
"Not exactly my contract wasn't that...." He said shrugging. "Not that someone like you would understand it although you are doing an incredible job of pissing Gun off."

He chuckled lowly, darkly as he stood there. "My contract with Narumi wasn't because I wanted a snack or a contract was because he is my lover...I love Narumi and will protect him every day that he breathes...."

"A lover to a monster? How amusing he summoned you for that?" He said and Narumi sighed shaking his head. "I didn't summon him you idiot. Why do fools like you always crop up?"

Gugen shook his head. "I wasn't summoned to this world. I was born here just like you..."

"What??" He said as he realized he couldn't use any of his controlling talismans on something born here and turned to run from Gungen. Cutting his losses. He aimed for the way past Lin and Narumi. Lin pulled a talisman and instantly a shield went up around them both he didn't need this fool getting close to Naru again. The guy didn't want to die. But was busy casting Talisman's as he ran if he could get one Shikigami to go off before the Asura caught up to him....just one.

Narumi sighed. "Fool Gungen isn't the monster here you are." He said annoyed to him no matter what form Gungen took he wasn't a monster he was his precious lover.

Mugo moved to stand before the one trying to run. "Ah ru~ning," he mused happily.

He looked at Mugo. "Get out of my way! Your not the one he's threatening to eat!" He said as he threw the Shikigami talisman's down and they fizzled and popped. "Why are they not working!"
Lin sighed. "You fool when you used it on yourself and then attacked Gungen you gave him all of your Physic abilities. You feed him your raw energy mixed in with your own leaving yourself with nothing. Now? Your nothing more then a meal on the run." He said shrugging.
"And your fine with it knowing that this guy is threatening to devour me?"
Lin paused and then narrowed his eyes looking right at him. "YOU endangered Naru and messed with a friend of mine. If you attempt to run further and he does not stop you I will....." He said looking at him. "Although it's always interesting to see Gungen deal with someone like you."

Mugo just smiled, arms crossed. "Now now... Don't yell at me. That's not very nice~"

He looked around and then behind him at Gungen before moving again trying to run away from Mugo and Gungen and get to the wall to get out of here and regroup his friends weren't helping him and he threw out several more talisman before one finally took form....a small winged paper bird and he grit his teeth as it burned into black flames and let out a screeching sound he was burning up what little he had left but he turned facing Gungen and Mugo and smirked. "Finally...." he said breathing heavy.

What he was burning wasn't P.K...or anything close it wasn't good....he was burning his own life force to do this but if he went down in the books as the one who took down the son of Asura it was worth it right?

Mugo tipped his head to look over at Gungen. "Gu~n you'd better eat him now or he'll use up all of that pretty life force of his..."

The guy sneered at Gungen. And pointed as the black fire bird raced towards him waiting for it to impact and for him to scream in pain....he had done it right? "Take that..." he said laughing. Neo rose an eyebrow a clear 'take what he hadn't won....'

The guy went from sneering though to dropping to one knee as it went out just before it hit and stared shaking from head to foot....his whole body was trembling. "What....what is wrong with me?"

Gungen chuckled, smirking as he stood there in the same spot. "The moment you fed me an ounce of your PK was the moment you lost..." he mused lowly, coldly. "I've already fed on all of your PK...and now I'm slowly feeding on all of your life force..."

The guy looked up at him as he trembled his breathing labored as he tried in vain to get one breath or another in. "That means you could take you contractors life any time you wanted...." He said as he tried to stand up that foolish attempt to create a Shikigami had zapped his strength. The guy looked back at Naru. "Here that? He can consume you at will...."
"Oh? He doesn't need to....I've never denied him." Narumi said shrugging. "I have more then enough to spare actually, so when he wants it he's welcome to it." Narumi said shrugging but keeping his hands hidden in his sleeves they hurt. The burns in his palms.

Gungen snorted as he looked down at the one who had been so foolish as to grab hold of his contract. "I've fed on Narumi since I've met him...he's going to be perfectly on the other hand..."

The guy moved and then hit the ground flat out....his strength was fading and he couldn't even begin to make a quip or snide remark he struggled to breathe one two more times before it was over and his eyes glazed over staring vacantly out at the distance. Gone. Neo rose an eyebrow Mu lost that one but the other three were his as promised.
Narumi sighed as he looked at the fallen idiot. "His mistake was thinking he could handle stealing something from Gungen." Lin shook his head. "Actually it was thinking he could endanger you even a little and not have to pay for it."

Gungen moved now, sending the scythe away and walked over to kneel down at the fresh corpse and began to eat it. A true demon, he didn't just feed on energy alone.

That had nearly everyone looking away from him. From the sight. Neo found it amusing though to see someone like Gungen in action. But more then that he glanced over at Narumi and Lin. Narumi smiled affectionately at Gungen as he ate to fix the problems that that fool created he stole he did the deed and the damage he paid the price for the power he took now.

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Welcome to the Hunter's exam.  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Welcome to the Hunter's exam.    Welcome to the Hunter's exam.  EmptySat Aug 29, 2015 6:07 pm

Mugo smiled the entire time, completely unphased. He actually had hummed a happy little tune at one point as he watched Gungen devour the corpse, bones and all before the Asura stood up, licking his lips at the happy sensation of being completely full for once.

Mugo smiled as Gungen looked at him and waved happily. "Hi hi~ Long time no see Gun," he mused happily.

Gungen just snorted and looked away from Mugo and turned his attention to Narumi. "Bring your ass over here and let me see your hands..."

Mugo pouted, but didn't say anything else to Gungen. Instead, he turned to look at everyone else. "O~kay now that that's been settled, we can all move forward with the exam."

The crowd was plastered against the wall looking at Gungen and Mugo what they had just seen they had never dealt with before. And yet...they watched as Narumi unafraid sighed softly and then began to walk over Gungen once he was done eating.
Narumi walked up and then looked at him before removing his hands from his sleeves and undid the bandages wrapped around them with a flicker of power moving and bending his hands hurt so he'd rather not at the moment. Then looked at him and turned his palms up and held them out. Burned the fool hadn't  completely taken the link because he didn't know what it was he was grabbing. Narumi looked at him.....His palm was black while the burns went down to his finger tips making it hard to bend his fingers.

Neo watched.....depending on what happened here he may allow Gungen to simply continue from this point forward for the sake if he wished of keeping this little one safe. No need to have the man having to constantly eat the fools who endangered his life.

Gungen took them gingerly into two of his hands and turned them up to look at them and sighed. "You're lucky he didn't know what the hell he was doing..." he grumbled lowly before he leaned down and breathed a blue haze/mist out of his mouth, helping to ease the pain, but also healing a lot of the burns on Narumi's hands. It wasn't usually his forte to heal someone, so he wasn't as good at it but demonic power was hard to manipulate to heal anything other than the demon who owned the power, and sadly, demonic burns couldn't be healed by PK abilities. It was all a matter of time and spiritual cleansing usually...

Narumi closed his eyes. "So Lin said when he first gained it." he said looking at him. "Lin was hoping to catch him before he managed to figure out how to manipulate what he took but we were a little to late." he said shaking his head as he looked at Gungen seeing and feeling some of the burns healing....but knew his hands weren't going to be good for a long time. He looked at Gungen offered no excuses about it. None. He had messed up he hadn't felt the talisman sensed it until the marks on his hands flared angrily about the intrusion.
Neo sighed as he looked at the would be hunters. "Get ready to continue or quit but if you quit now keep in mind all of you will not be allowed to continue you are here to be 'Hunter's' if you think this is the worst you will ever have to deal with think again. Now line up or make your way back through Deadman Forest....take your pick." He said coldly savagely and flatly. This was not a walk in the park.
In answer the men and women who remained all lined up again ready and waiting for it continue once Gungen and Narumi were done and Mugo was ready to get the game going.

Only he was unaware  of how much his hands were healing as they still a little stiff and he couldn't see them past Gungen's Asura form.

When Gungen was finished, he stood up straight and looked at Narumi. "They'll be stiff for a while, but most of the burns have been healed...the crests will help repair the rest..." he told Narumi as he sighed and moved to hug him with all four arms. "You really need to stop this...I can't watch you 24/7 least try to consider me a little more....please..."

Narumi sighed and looked up at him as he hugged Gungen back. "This time I swear I wasn't looking for anything. We weren't even going on a case....Lin insisted on accompanying me shopping....." He said lowly as he sighed anniversary.....that had been the reason he had gone out since they met....He reached into his pocket carefully and pulled out a box. "I was actually doing just that....just trying to shop and not get into trouble."
Neo looked at them as he relaxed there....somehow he was certain now that they were there he might as well let them continue besides it might be fun to see if these three can get the ball from Mugo.

Narumi's fingers were indeed still stiff to move and while they weren't so badly burned it wasn't funny anymore the burns that remained ached, and yet he couldn't and wouldn't complain.

Narumi pulled out the box and opened it for him holding so that Gungen could see it. "It was supposed to be for a surprise for our Anniversary...." he said showing him the black onyx earring with a skull hanging down the eyes the same black onyx and a matching necklace with a heavy chain something that would not break easily but looked right. Narumi let his head rest against Gungen's shoulder comfortable in his arms regardless of his form.

Narumi watched him put the earrings in and then the necklace the whole time getting this silent scolding look that said he was in soo much trouble with Gungen. Sighing he just let his head rest against his shoulder thought about it and then looked at his palm were traces of burns remained and his hands would be sensitive for a while. "I know I know.....I should have come and got you first before chasing after him.....I just thought I could fix it before something happened..."

Gungen sighed and closed his eyes. "That's why I get so upset with always try to "fix" instead of solve a problem...I'm not completely human. You are. If he does something to you, you'll die right away...I won't," he said lowly.

Narumi sighed softly as he closed his eyes this last time his hands....."I'll come to you." he said lowly as his head rested there and Naru was the sort that once he said it he kept his word. Of course the only thing he had a problem with keeping his word on was his powers Lin was constantly yelling about that one. But if Lin had his way Naru wouldn't even use a drop of his P.K. ever again. Gungen was a bit more forgiving he wasn't allowed to go poltergeist but he was allowed as long as Gungen wasn't 'hungry' at the moment and easily distracted.

Neo looked over at Gungen. "Do you have any way to get a change of clothes or should have send for some for you?" He asked. "I ask only because this is the Hunter's Association exam to qualify new hunters, and at the currently have a place holder for the position you just.....took over." He said as he walked up lifted the badge off of the ground and held it up towards Gungen. "And I'm sure Mugo won't mind since he's always up for a bit of fun."
Everyone blinked looking. "You'll let him..."

"I just said as much didn't I? Damn your annoying me just by opening your mouth so let me make something perfectly clear. One more person whines and Mu gets to cut you down.....*I have no use for useless boring things become such and your gone* " Neo said in a dark cold flat tone before looking at Gungen. "The choice is of course yours however I'm almost certain if you wish to....Mugo would vouch that you are certainly capable of handling the first part of the exam in fact it might have been boring to you."

Narumi sighed softly as he closed his eyes this last time his hands....."I'll come to you." he said lowly as his head rested there and Naru was the sort that once he said it he kept his word. Of course the only thing he had a problem with keeping his word on was his powers Lin was constantly yelling about that one. But if Lin had his way Naru wouldn't even use a drop of his P.K. ever again. Gungen was a bit more forgiving he wasn't allowed to go poltergeist but he was allowed as long as Gungen wasn't 'hungry' at the moment and easily distracted.

Neo looked over at Gungen. "Do you have any way to get a change of clothes or should have send for some for you?" He asked. "I ask only because this is the Hunter's Association exam to qualify new hunters, and at the currently have a place holder for the position you just.....took over." He said as he walked up lifted the badge off of the ground and held it up towards Gungen. "And I'm sure Mugo won't mind since he's always up for a bit of fun."
Everyone blinked looking. "You'll let him..."

"I just said as much didn't I? Damn your annoying me just by opening your mouth so let me make something perfectly clear. One more person whines and Mu gets to cut you down.....*I have no use for useless boring things become such and your gone* " Neo said in a dark cold flat tone before looking at Gungen. "The choice is of course yours however I'm almost certain if you wish to....Mugo would vouch that you are certainly capable of handling the first part of the exam in fact it might have been boring to you."

Gungen looked over at Neo though, sighing and looking at him. "I don't have any way to get the clothes, so you'd have to send for them...however...I see no point in making me play that game..." he said lowly, unamused by having to put forth any more energy on playing chase the monk.

Neo looked at him amused, the amusement dancing in his gaze. As he sent off to Sena to bring him a change of clothes. "Ah you misunderstand me. I'll not have you chase after Mugo as much as it may amuse him." he said glancing back at the Monk behind him before looking at Gungen. "Only the end game if you wish. Since....I have a feeling your partner having come this far is about to become....a bit  hard to handle. Call it intuition if you will however Gungen. Should you want to the License I offer grants immunities. One of which is the ability to kill without the authorities coming after you for it." He said looking at him and regarding him quietly. "The other is access to restricted areas. There is much it offers." Neo sighed though as he glanced back at Mugo. "Mu dear feel free to get the exam going whenever you like."

Gungen sighed and closed his eyes. "This had better be interesting...if it's boring, I'm leaving..." he said lowly, coldly.

Mugo though, smiled happily and held out his hands for the ball. "Hai Ha~i!"

Neo nodded as he turned to watch the 'game' and Killian tossed Mugo the ball. Before glancing at those gathered. He walked back over to the time keeper and sat down.
Lin looked at them and walked up to Gungen and Narumi. Knowing that Gungen didn't care for a lot the of games that humans play.
Neo nodded. "Fair enough." He said lightly looking at Mugo. Sena would arrive soon with a change of clothes for him.

One kid walked towards the front and stood there looking at Mugo. "Hey the rules for your game haven't changed now have they? All I gotta do is get the ball before ten minutes is up?"

Mugo smiled as he held the ball in one hand. "Nope. The rules are still the same. Take the ball from me by any means you can think of before ten minutes are up. Attack me with lethal intent and I'm permitted to use lethal force in return. If you wish to fight me for any reason, the game will be postponed so that we can fight, but doing so means that you're going outside of the rules of the exam and thus means that you understand fighting me could result in your death~"

The kid nodded and then walked forwards. "Kay." he said as he looked at him and then held still he had no desire to die but he wanted to try his luck getting the ball he was pretty quick on his feet.
Sena though walked up and held a carefully selected and folded bundle of clothes fitting Gungen, tight black pants a black vest Everything would fight him and would suit his style. "MM should be interesting..."
Narumi looked over and as he rested in Gungen's arms and flexed his hands trying to get enough blood flowing through them now that the needles were out and no longer shutting down his pain sensors for the most part (Killian had removed them before walking back to the time keeper) and trying to get them to bend at least a bit more freely. Before Gungen decided to pull protective lover and yank him out of here.

Gungen took the offered clothes and nudged Narumi over to Lin to hold onto for a little while so he could go change before he turned and went into the bushes. These plants and creatures wouldn't attack him because he was a demon.

Mugo held the ball in his right palm, making no effort to move another hand over it. "Ok Kil~ Let's see how much fun we can have this year," he mused lightly, signaling for the first kid to have stepped up to him to come at him, and for the clock to start.

Naru went over to Lin and Lin wrapped an arm about him. Naru was hurting and he knew it so right now it was a comfort to the younger to be held. And Since Gungen went to get dressed. He'd hold him until Gungen returned knowing that the Sohei would rather have him for the most part. Sena looked back and smiled his plants found Gungen's darker nature charming since they were....mostly demon realm plants to begin with.

The kid looked at Mugo and came forward but didn't start his attack until the bell rang as soon as it did the kid tapped his toe on the ground three times and then was suddenly gone leaving a dust storm only to reappear before Mugo duck down and then swerve jumping up to get the ball out of his right hand the kid had speed on his side for sure the sudden burst not leaving traces to lower level hunters there until he appeared.

Mugo pursed his lips, amused. "Oh..." he mused lowly as he tossed the ball up and jumped over the kid, his foot barely tapping the top of his head as he grabbed the ball out of the air. "Your speed is a nice're certainly not anything below B rank in that regard..."

The kid slid and looked back at him. "Thanks." he said smirking as he brushed his nose with the back of his hand looking at Mugo who had caught the ball having jumped off of his head. Once again the kid disappeared and re-appeared this time below the ball and jumping up from what looked like a laying down position to many with both feet on either side of Mugo's hand to kick the ball straight up into the air. Of course he'd have to figure out his next move really fast if that worked....since Mugo wasn't slow either.

Mugo smiled as he brought his free hand up to block the kid's kick and pushed him back down. He wasn't being gentle at all this time for sure. "Oh my...we'd better be careful...I'll get excited before I even get started..."

The kid landed with a whomph on the ground and laid there staring up at the sky that so did not work. "Dam.....your fast." he breathed before flipping up and looking at him stopping moving for a moment as he tapped his toe again trying to think of what to do next to get the ball....Kicking up didn't work and Mugo warned it was likely to get him excited which was bad. Then.....he moved using that insane speed to just jump straight up above Mugo and twist in mid air trying to grab the ball as he summersaulted over his head....

Mugo chuckled and ducked down low. Doing just the opposite of whatever the kid did. "This is going to take a while it seems..." he mused lowly.

The kid hit the ground and then looked at the ground he was sitting on and blinked before grinning as he moved coming up and going down this time hitting the ground with immense force enough to create a cloud of dirt to act as a smoke screen and kept doing it in a circle around Mugo not attacking the Monk directly but the ground around him trying to remove his ability to see in order to get the ball... he wasn't sure how well it would work. Once he had a full smoke screen in the air so thick it was like chocolate pea soup he focused one breath two and then moved coming up beside Mugo from the front his fingers brushing the surface of the ball....

Mugo's hand came out, grabbing for the kid's face. Intent to crush his skull clear. If the kid hadn't moved a fraction of an inch just before his hand barely brushed his face, the kid's skull would have been crushed. "Oh...seems I missed...." he mused, pouting a little.

He sighed though as he tipped his head as the dust began to clear. "Ah...much I can see again," he mused happily, smiling.

The kid was back a bit breathing heavy that hadn't worked Mugo hadn't looked at him but his hand come up which meant he hadn't seen him but rather reacted to nearly loosing the ball tapping his foot on the ground again he tipped his head that didn't work although he did have faint marks on his head from where he pulled back just in the knick of time.

Mugo looked down at his empty hand, playing with its movement as if something was wrong. "Mm...usually I can at least take an eye...." he mused as he looked at it unhappily.

The kid shook his head. "Sorry I'm rather fond of having both my eyes can't let you have one today Mugo." he said politely bowing a bit as he set his foot down. "Although you are hard to out manevour for almost did get it.' He said tapping the side of his left eye were there was a nice size gouge. "I was sure I had it that time but you....sensed the minute movement of the ball shifting just by my's been a while since I've had this much fun."

Mugo smiled happily and brought his empty hand up to lick the blood off of it. "Well...Neo finally let me have the right rank~"

The kid chuckled. "My old man was an ex-hunter went and lost both his legs in a bad hunt....he said he'd train me up to be able to handle almost any A rank out there so your way above and A for sure." He said grinning, he started tapping his foot again it wasn't part of his movements just a nervous twitch on his part. And then he was gone but this time he pulled out this long leather whip flinging it at the ball as he flipped over head attempting to yank it out from him that way.

Mugo smiled as he jumped back, barely letting the whip miss the ball. "Oh...that was close..." he mused, sounding genuinely surprised.

He pulled out his tags with his free hand and held them up. "Neo gave me a new rank, see?~"

The kid landed sliding back a bit and looked at it before whistling and grinning. "Wow I'm playing with an S/5? Sweet I'll have to be careful or I really will loose something." he said looking at him. He tipped his head as he started to tap his foot again thinking about how to do this and then was gone again once again coming on from the front his father had told him that Hunters had only one violent reaction to rear attacks so the best way to do things was head on ironically enough. So he was....he was once again jumping over Mugo flicking out that whip to try to get the ball....he'd try it once or twice more perhaps if it didn't work.

But he pulled the whip back the last second and landed that wasn't going to work it didn't work the first time same trick pony and he was aware of it. Tapping his chin he paused to think he would not attack Mugo from behind too easy to trigger 'kill the threat' that way. It was a natural response out of hunters of any type. He looked at the lanky Monk.....How to get the ball and then he rushed around wide to get back in front of Mugo again. "Your a hard one to puzzle out Mugo!" he said happily. "It took me a moment to realize the same trick won't work if it didn't work the first time."

Mugo smiled happily. "I'd have used that whip against you that time~" he mused happily, in a light tone. Always those happy notes, as if nothing in the world was wrong.

The kid nodded. "Yeah thought as much." He said as he stood there and put the whip away. Not about to use it for anything else. He tapped his foot and then shrugged what the heck why not he moved again disappearing and flickering forward but this time when he was in range almost in striking range he threw a bolo at Mugo's ankles and jumped up as the duel weighted cord swung around to take out his legs as he once again jumped up for the this rate...he'd have to sacrifice something to get the ball and if he be it.

Mugo though, made a confused face as he was seemingly caught off guard and then was falling. Of course, he was just playing and let the kid get him this time, but it wasn't that big of a deal to him.

The kid went wide eyed as he actually got the ball as Mugo fell....he fell.....he went rolling with the ball tucked into his chest and stared as he looked down at the ball. "Huh that worked?" he said startled and looked back at Mugo who was laying on the ground having fallen over the the heck did that....he managed he was certain he'd miss...."I got you?" He said startled. Sitting there with the ball now in his lap.

Mugo sat up and smiled as he held out his hand for the ball. "Mm...well...I was just playing...but you deserved a break for the abilities you showed..." he mused as he sat there.

The kid looked at him and then tossed him back the ball nodding. "Thanks..." he said surprised and happy at the same time as he walked up and then looked at the bolo reaching down he triggered the release and the ropes pulled into the center ball releasing Mugo before it got broken. He walked back Mugo was playing but he still got the win because of his skills. Mugo let him go on. That was cool it meant he proved himself. He walked back to the others. At this point though Naru was looking and took a deep breath Gungen hadn't come back yet....if he was going to do this....he closed his eyes he knew he had to be careful when playing with Mugo but still....he pulled away from Lin and walked out before Lin realized just what it was he was doing. "Narumi your hands..."

"Are not the only means with which to grab a ball...nor am I foolish enough to take Mu lightly I am fully aware of what he can do." he said looking at his friend, if he dared to call him that. The worst of the burns were gone but his hands for this were ruined.

Neo sighed and glanced a Mugo. "It's your call Mu....will you let him proceed in his condition?"

Mugo stood there, tipping his head. " you have an idea of how to get the ball from me without having too many problems?" he mused as he stood up and dusted himself off.

Naru nodded. "I do." He said looking at him. He stood there was several ways in which to take the ball without too many problems but he wasn't known for fighting he could if he had to....but fighting wasn't his strength.

Gungen finally surfaced from the woods only to frown at the sight before him. Narumi and Mugo facing off. Sighing, he closed his eyes. He'd let Narumi continue, just because he knew Mugo was more sympathetic towards Narumi right now.

Mugo though smiled and nodded. "O~kay...if you think you can get the ball, then I'll let you continue...if you show to be having problems...I'll stop the game and fail you..."

Narumi nodded. "Fair enough." He said looking at him. He knew of several ways in which to gain the ball without fighting. There was one in which involved trickery and illusions but Mugo was certainly skilled enough to see through that. Another was to use a fraction however small of his P.K to telekentically bring the ball to himself which would be revealing a bit of his true nature and no doubt piss of both Lin and Gungen and the last....was one that if he did it now, no other would be able to do later making it harder on others.....Narumi prided himself on being able to think and reason when faced with obstacles and this one was Mugo and taking the ball the most fundamentally simple one was one in which one other employed in the past that he didn't know about....and that simply hold out one of his wounded hands and ask for it. "I'm aware of my limitations Mugo and if I am having too much of a problem I myself will withdraw."

Mugo smiled happily as he stood there holding the ball. "If you say so Naru~" he said as he signaled for the time to start.

Killian sighed worried about this outcome and rang the buzzer to signal start of the round. Watching just what was Naru thinking his hands....
Narumi though walked up to close the distance down to half without fighting without indicating any desire to fight Mugo he was entirely calm and then reached up holding out a hand when half way away from him and spoke. "Mu, the ball please." He said simply.

The entire crowd went silent and wide eyed not a single one of them had thought it would work and a few whispered is he nuts that won't work....

Mugo smiled and tipped his head to the side and reach the ball out to Narumi. "Sure Naru~"

Narumi walked up an easily took the ball from him letting it roll down to rest in the crook of his arm. Killian blinked and started laughing within mere moments Narumi had come to the same conclusion that Chronos had only months  prior.....he asked for it. And Mugo gave it to him.

The entire crowed went silent one standing near Gungen stared. "That worked? That actually worked he just asked for it and it was given to him??"

Mugo smiled and held out his hand for the ball back now that time was stopped as soon as it was started. "Mm...A wise choice for you Naru~"

Naru nodded. "I have had to spend more time thinking around obstacles then fighting them. I have not Lin's abilities or Gungen's strength. So  " He said smiling as he handed the ball back to Mugo. "I have had to out think my problems since I was little I've only survived this long until meeting staying one step mentally ahead. IN this case it was accepting that I am physically no match for you. Power wise....I may last a few minutes but the cost isn't worth it...and so that left the most obvious choice before me. You had stated to take the ball by any means avalible. That would logically dictate that simply asking for it was a viable option so long as no other had already used that option knowing was wiser to step up and face you then later."

Lin blinked and bowed his head. "So that was what he was thinking....and here I was worried he was suddenly going to actually do something totally stupid."

"For once...." Lin said pinching his nose. "I'm going to go old and grey looking after him."

Mugo took the ball back and held it in his right hand again, smiling away. "I'm not really into planning out my attacks...but it doesn't mean I won't..." he mused happily.

Gungen though, sighed a sigh of relief and relaxed a little. "At least Mugo was nice to him this time..."

Lin nodded. "I'm pretty sure they've worked together in the past.....and I'm almost certain something happened that Naru almost used his gifts...and Mugo stopped him then too tapping his nose and telling him 'No No, you'll ruin my fun if you do that'...." Lin said looking at the two of them. "If this is the same man he was talking about it certainly looks like it...back at that Mansion...." Lin took a deep breath. "I'm pretty sure I got the impression that he was fond of Naru back then."

Naru nodded and turned to walk back to Gungen almost certain he was going to get a scolding look once he got there. He walked up and looked at him. "Gungen?" He said lightly lowly.

Neo chuckled shaking his head. "That brings back memories..."

Gungen looked at Narumi and sighed. "At least you passed...." he said lowly.

Narumi sighed softly. "Your not at all amused I'm continuing to go through this....if it becomes dangerous to the point I can't walk through it safely. I will forfeit and go home." He said looking up at him. "It's merely a curiosity thing at this far can I go on wits at this point....before I can go no further."

Killian had stopped the time and looked at Mugo as he chuckled walking up to him as he looked at him. "That's far although you went easy on Narumi didn't you." He asked as he stood there a moment looking across the arena to were Narumi was looking up at Gungen.

Mugo pouted as he looked at Killian. "He's hurt. I didn't want to make him suffer too much~"

Killian looked at him and smiled. "More like your fond of him and he no doubt reminds you of Kir." He said looking at the young man. "Struggling to define his place when everyone around him has there own ideas of where he belongs." He said admitting for the first time that he could be a bit too controlling when it came to Kirua. Who Mugo would defend in a heartbeat.

But Killian smiled speaking lowly for Mugo's ears form the start. "But....then again so am I....besides he's going to have it rough once he gets to that round out thinking his opponent won't be nearly as easy then...hopefully by that point he's ready to yield."

Mugo sighed and closed his eyes. "I'm fond of him yes...but I didn't go easy on him because of that," he admitted lowly and opened his eyes to look at them all over there. "I went easy on him because he was hurt. I'm only hoping Chrono will be gentle with him..."

Killian nodded. "He might....if he see's his hands." he said lowly looking at the young man. "he has the talent for this but his hands are going to take time to heal." Killian put his hand on Mugo's shoulder and walked back over and then after a moment at Mugo's indication started the next round it went on for quiet a while and there were three left with one of the three currently up and then buzzer-ed out leaving only Lin and one other since Gungen didn't have to prove himself this round.
The burly guy stepped in and looked at Mugo none being stupid this year and challenging Mugo as he could fight and kill....he looked at him and smirked. "You cut the numbers in half....but from here I"ll get that ball from you." He said looking at him. Certain of himself. Which would put Lin last.....Lin had spent that entire time simply watching and learning Mugo who he learned was very unpredictable.

Mugo tipped his head at the guy's words. "Oh? How amusing..." he mused as he stood there holding the ball, switching it back and forth between his hands.

The guy looked at him. "I'll do it...I know I will, your a lot smaller and leaner sure....but I know I can." He said repeating it as if a mantra to himself.
Lin sighed....he was going to wasn't about his size alone...his skill was too weak. He'd never get the ball from Mugo unless Mugo took pity on him and so far tonight the only one he showed any mercy to was Narumi who was once again resting against Gungen.

Mugo chuckled as he stopped switching the ball back and forth and just held it in his right hand once more. "I might be small...but I'm sure you'll come to find that I pack a mean punch..."

The guy nodded. "I'm prepared for that....but I didn't come this far just to fail without trying.' he said looking at him as he stood there.
Killian looked at Mugo waiting for the signal he was ready for time to start.

Lin sighed as the guy....thinking Killian was about to ring the bell tensed up ready to move to get it assuming a fighting stance but not moving....not yet he couldn't win against Mugo and he would certainly die none here were S rank except perhaps Gungen who was relaxed holding Narumi.

Mugo licked his lips as he moved back, shifting to put a hand in his pocket. "All right...if you insist..." he mused as he signaled for the time to start.

Killian started the buzzer and then guy at that moment moved rushing although that was slow right towards Mugo compared to a lot of the others and especially compared to the kid who lead off. But as he surged his hand forwards the sheer force of his hand movement packed wind and power with it the sort that the pressure between his palm and a rock would shatter the rock before his hand hit.....and he wasn't holding back as he reached for that ball. He may not be fast but he was powerful.

And since he wasn't holding back....he was using far to much force when facing Mugo....forgetting that Mugo could return the favor.

Mugo smiled happily as he moved, jumping up and landing behind the guy. "Oh seem to have forgotten the rules..." he mused as he stood there. "Lethal force begets lethal force..." he mused lowly as he turned to face the guy and licked his lips.

The guy looked at him and tipped his head. "I'm only trying to get the ball....and if that means making you drop it so be it." He said as he moved swinging his leg with that same force....fully prepared to impact with Mugo. Never once thinking that the warning meant he could very well loose that leg in the next moment here.

Mugo licked his lips again as this time, he caught the guy's leg, a solid boom resounding as Mugo didn't even budge. "I said....lethal force begets lethal force..." he mused lightly as he twisted his wrist, listening to the bone crunch.

The guy went wide eyed a moment before he screamed in pain bringing his hand around first closed and without thinking punched Mugo in the head think about the fact that he went and caught his leg heck no....he was trying to break Mugo's grip on his leg not once dawning on him that hitting this man was that hard might one be ineffective and two...only serve to get him more 'excited' about what was to come.

Killian's answer was to stop the clock...that attack qualified as a fight as he was trying to crush Mugo now...the solid sound of the clock 'clicking' could be heard as the guy kept swinging at Mugo trying to break his hold on that broken leg....

The guy not realizing why not stopping just kept pounding on Mugo. The hits packed enough force that a dust cloud was expelling out around them as he hit him over and over again in a wild rage. "I'll crush you!" The guy shouted as he kept hitting Mugo with crushing force never mind....that Mugo was thrilled excited and asking for more....the guy wasn't listening if he had...he might have stopped.
As it was Killian rested his chin on his palm and smirked while Neo chuckled shaking his head. "Ah he's been waiting for this all afternoon..." Neo mused.

Mugo shivered, his body was starting to hum as he was continuously hit. "Oh..." he moaned lowly. "Don't stop..." he breathed as he just took everything.

The guy went from hitting him with one fist to hitting him with two slamming both of his fists into Mugo as he was holding his leg on some level aware that Mugo was begging for the hits  but surely they were hurting him that he was going to have to let go soon as he pounded on him over and over again. Not sparing any of his strength.

Killian smiled bemused. Oh Mu was going to be in such a good mood for his final bout with that last young man. This one was giving him everything in one go.....and the ending? Well one can't say he wasn't warned. Twice.

The guy mustered all of his strength into one last hit and hit Mugo with so much force he con-caved the ground beneath him a bit and here he stopped breathing heavy....shaking and yet...Mugo still held to his leg...."How can you take all that and still be standing?"

Mugo had moaned when he was hit with the last blow, his body thrumming with all of the excitement. "Oh please don't stop now....I was so close...." he pouted.

The guy hearing him angered by his words screamed in rage so close....he was so close he  hit him again finding strength raw strength to keep on going getting a second wind after catching his breath for a moment and started hitting Mugo again with all that force only now he kept hitting him down into the ground breaking the ground more and more beneath Mugo's feet not thinking about the fact that the man wasn't letting go for one and shivered with each harsh blow for the if he thrilled in the sheer brutal violence of it.

He gasped, not a sound of pain, but of pleasure. "Oh yes!" he cried out. "More! Give me more!"

The guy who had not been using his P.K. now began to as he hit Mugo now....using something akin to what a Psy-nen user could do with enhancing his strength even further screaming in rage as he hit Mugo fast and hard enhancing his fists and strength the moment of impact....."I'll crush you..." He screamed as he hit him again and again the ground breaking could be heard dust was starting to build up and yet his leg was still not being released....."I'll break you!" He screamed as he hit him with everything he had.....
Killian shook his head. "Fool...he's not the one whose going to be broken as soon as he's over..." he mused lowly to himself as he tipped his head. He could see Mu so clearly and oh was he thrilling in it all...

Even now the PSI per square inch wasn't enough to crush Mugo....but enough to make him feel....great.

His features were twisted in pleasure, as he was floating somewhere between bliss and excitement. So close, yet not just yet. "More! More! More!" he cried over and over again. "Break me! Crush me! Give me more~"

The guy did....oh did he encouraged to rage on Mugo as he kept hitting him and started driving even more force into each hit drawing it up using everything he had as was pounding down on him. His fists were now glowing as he was hitting him with enough force to punch through a block of solid steel and he didn't care now....he was going to shatter him blow him a part with his hits surely he could not survive. Each hit was sounding with a booming echo through the fighting arena....sounding like something massive like a comet was connecting to the ground over and over again...

When he finally cried out the last time, it was with his release, feeling his body hum as he finally felt the ecstasy run through him. " finally gave it to me..." he breathed as he finally held up a hand, stopping the fist with a single hand. "Now...I'm don't need to give me anymore...."

The guy blinked looking at him as he was stopped breathing heavy shaking and Mugo stopped his fist with but one hand glowing hitting him with so much force....Sweat was dripping down his face his shoulders and back his whole body trembled as he looked at Mugo trying to breathe struggling to breathe...."Wha...what..." he said as Mugo stopped his fist and had his leg...what now? He had only been trying to get his leg free and Mugo seemed so....happy at the moment.

Mugo smiled happily as his body hummed with ecstasy. "You gave me my first of the felt great...." he said, pointing with his free hand to his crotch, his pants now obviously showing the signs of what had really been taking place.

He went wide eyed staring as he looked at what Mugo pointed at...."you got....that out of my pounding you?" He said and instead of being disgusted he started laughing low before laughing loudly. A hearty sound as he did despite his awkward position. "I yield....I am no match for you not for one whose lover is first and for most the battle field."

Mugo tipped his head to the side as he let go of the guy's fist and leg. "Mm...I don't know what you're talking about...The only thing I love about killing...." he mused lowly.

The man looked at him as he balanced on his good leg keeping the bad one off of the ground as he looked at Mugo. "Not you personally your body." He said looking at him. "It's been trained to adore the battle field, to love it to crave it the thrill of it...the rush, the pain the infinite end that comes with the fight and that final high just at the point when the body is about to break and breaks past it." He said looking at him. "It is as if you are touched by Mars, Ares, Athena....the old legendary deities of war and battle...." he shook his head as he closed his eyes. "And to that I am no match. No matter how much more I pour into my fists I will break from sheer exhaustion before you break. Instead your body thrums and craves it gains strength from it. No....fighting you is a loosing battle and since this has turned into a fight....I loose."

Mugo closed his eyes and turned his head away. That...was something he didn't like being brought up. "My ugly because of my past....." he whispered lowly in a hushed tone.

The man looked at him down at the top of his head. "No. A body that can handle the battle field is rare. Most would break after one hit from me, maybe two. But are a warrior who dances on it." He said bowing his head. He began to hobble his way off of the arena grounds. "As I said I loose to are not one I can fight...although now I leave you craving no doubt more to the last one will have a hard time. I should have let him go what you want what you crave...will no doubt cost him."

"You are a warrior who comes alive on a battle field. who dances upon it."

Mugo shook his head. "No..." he breathed as he kept his head turned. "I'm not originally made for this...I was...forced to be this..."

The man turned his head. "Then My heart goes out to you Mugo because it is not something that one can ever come back from." he said looking at him. "But....just know you are one who even if it pains you shines on a battle field like a star." He said as he hobbled away admitting defeat as he walked over to the failures.
Lin only closed his eyes and reached up pulling his glasses off and waited. Somehow he was certain this was not going to fair well for him but he had to move on to protect foolish Naru who seemed intent on going forward. And Gugen wasn't all that interested in participating but he had this feeling...he would be needed soon to keep Naru safe.

The man turned his head. "Then My heart goes out to you Mugo because it is not something that one can ever come back from." he said looking at him. "But....just know you are one who even if it pains you shines on a battle field like a star." He said as he hobbled away admitting defeat as he walked over to the failures.
Lin only closed his eyes and reached up pulling his glasses off and waited. Somehow he was certain this was not going to fair well for him but he had to move on to protect foolish Naru who seemed intent on going forward. And Gugen wasn't all that interested in participating but he had this feeling...he would be needed soon to keep Naru safe.
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Lin took a deep breathe as he looked at the man before him at Mugo. It was now his turn and he had to do this just right. He was considered by many a magician. Looking at the spot before him he simply stood there having worked out exactly what he was going to do. Fighting hand to hand was not his thing he was an Onmyoji. He stood there as Mugo smiled tossing the ball up and down a moment or two looking like he was in a really really good mood at the moment and then Mugo nodded to Killian who ran the buzzer.

Lin sighed and here it went. He threw his hand up as it went up thousands of talisman's went up into the air before seeming to flash and down came thousands upon thousands of balls around them bouncing and hitting the ground going back up but as the downfall of raining balls fell his hand had come down creating the second Shikigami one that looked like him standing there in among the raining balls. Lin was moving through them using his powers still to bend his presense his awareness and movements into nature and dropped a talisman onto the ball even as his other hand moved tapping one of the Shikigami balls into the place of the true ball instantaneously adjusting the weight of the ball to match so that it was still there and then he was back to where the the Shikigami was placing his foot on the paper talisman in order to end that one and yet the storm of balls continued endlessly bouncing around and not away as if held in a certain range by a barrier or a control spell and it was an 'control' spell the balls were all different sorts of colors some identical to the ball itself others different sizes and shapes a raining bouncing display of endless color.

And then the buzzer rang and the balls snapped and popped each one of them until falling to the ground around them was the thousands and thousands of Talisman. The end result had both Mugo and Lin holding a ball and everyone staring for no one knew who was holding the real ball. Lin bowed his head slightly as he used his free hand to pull out his glasses and put them back on pushing them up his nose with one finger and looked at Mugo bringing one hand up and snapping his finger's the last ball snapped and popped and falling from Mugo's hand was the last of the Talisman as that Shikigami broke.

Mugo went a bit wide eyed as his eyes danced with delight and amusement as he looked at the talisman's falling to the ground everyone else was staring slack jawed at the display...they had not seen him do it. As they all stood there some saying he had to have cheated somehow. And yet Lin did nothing but wait.

Mugo thought was delighted, he graced Lin's ears with a resounding clap. "Well done~" He said smiling brightly. "You pa~ss"

Lin nodded and tossed the ball back to Mugo and upon doing so the last talisman fell off of the ball returning it to it's true weight. Lin turned and walked up to where the others were.

Mugo was highly amused and happy as he said goodbye to those who did not pass and someone would be here to collect them soon and take them from the testing grounds the others were to follow them. And follow they did. They traveled for a good day and a half to reach the new testing site camping over night and setting out the next morning and by the time they got there they were surprised to see a single solitary young man sitting on a stone leaning back and reading a book.

Mugo chuckled....Kichona had started that book when the contestants arrived he was over half done. They had taken a while. Mugo smiled as he looked at the remaining 250 applicants seeing Neo and Sena off to the side as with him as Killian was at his side.

"Mmm welcome everyone to stage Three.~" He said looking at them. "This is were the third stage will take place and here Kil~ and I are only observing." He said as he walked over and sat down at the rock with Killian.

Everyone started making noise all at once sitting near them was a table with a heavy closed book. Inside that book and adjusted for was 250 sheets of paper with a list of five items that each must collect and they were different for each member.

Kichona dropped down and looked at them. "As Mugo said welcome to stage three....I am Kichona and I will be your proctor today. In a moment I will pass out to each of you a sheet of paper with a list of five items that you must search this island to find. The paper will give you the name of the item and were it is exactly or rather a description like small cliff at river. But it won't tell you which cliff were on the cliff or how to get it. In order to progress further you have to gain all five items, and then follow the directions you will get at that time."

Kichona looked at them. "There is to be no killing. Don't bother stealing as we know what items you are supposed to have and the others items will not help you." Kichona said looking at them and narrowed his eyes. "Your allowed to use whatever you have to get the item however keep in mind....if you fail to find and collect even one item you flunk."

One of the guys sighed. "Your so set up a test like this you have no idea how dangerous this really...." Kichona moved his hand back and hit the rock lightly which burst dust falling after a moment and in the center was what looked like a lounge chair carved out of stone.

"Do not judge me or anything you see here by the 'cover' or you could end up like that rock." he said as he looked at them. "You do not have forever to get all five. You must find and collect all five items by this time tomorrow and bring them to the specified location failure to do so means you have failed and will be taking the exam again next year."

Kicha then walked up and picked up the book and flipped it open pulling out the first page and before he could say anything Mugo was suddenly there hugging and Nuzzling him.

"Num~ber 12." He called as he held to Kichona not willing to let little Kicha talk himself hoarse Kicha didn't talk all that much he was quiet. And Kicha rested against him lightly. Number 12 came up and took the paper. "Num~ber 23" he said and the same thing going down through the list and when it came to Gungen Mugo handed it to Narumi.

"Naru this will not be easy without use of your hands and they haven't recovered all that much have they?"

"No." he answered looking at Mugo as he reached up and gingerly bent his fingers to take both his paper and Gungen's but Mu pulled his hand back.

"Na~ This is going to be hard for those who have there hands your going to be doing this with a severe handicap."

Narumi smiled at Mugo's concern stepped forwards his hands too sensitive to touch then leaned forward and let his head come to rest against Mugo's. "I know...I'll be alright. It's not the first time I've damaged my hands. It's just a bit worse then it was then.....but i'll figure it out."

Mugo sighed. "Alrihgt." He said and then looked over Gungen as Narumi walked back and then Lin was called up and after that the rest.

"As I said if by nightfall tomorrow night you do not show with all five items you fail. If you show and you do not have the correct items you fail." he said looking at them and one guy went wide eyed.

"Are you mad? The first item on my list is 'Yellow, in five directions, green to the ground. dusted by stars in dark it can be found.' And then it "In the middle of thick black tree's. What is that supposed to mean?"

Kicha looked at him. "Figure it out. If I tell you you loose that first item and it does not get replaced. Kicha looked up as the clouds shifted. "It's about 9AM right now, you have until 9pm tomorrow night to show or fail....your exam starts now." Kicha said and then they all turned leaving them there.

Narumi sighed as everyone went off running through the woods to search out there items. "Many are we, mostly in shades of vibrant violet glee....but among our luster you'll find a touch of green and orange gathering closer." Naru looked at it and sighed. "And In a cave were the sun does not breech but it does reach."

He sighed as he turned and Gungen moved with him. "My location is the same as yours...but the description different....."

Lin shook his head. "My first item is much different then the both of yours." But as they compared lists the last one brought them all close to each other if they compared the descriptions. Lin looked at them. "We'll meet around the last one then head over....take care."

Naru nodded. "Yeah you too."

And they parted ways.
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They arrived walked well into the afternoon until they came to a river or rather a cliff face going down to a river. With sturdy banks on either side. Down below they could see a cave illuminated by the sun but the entrance was pitch black. Gungen sighed he was right normally Naru could scale this cliff side easily he had done such things in the past but....his hands were in no condition to be doing such a thing. He moved scooping up his lover and then dropped landing on the bottom with ease and then looked about and saw his. A tree that grew where sun does not go glittering in gold, as if a gift from above. A Goldleaf tree. He walked over setting Narumi down and reached up carefully taking a small branch full of the golden leaves in such a way he didn't damage such a rare tree. Then carefully wrapped it up as Narumi pulled a canvas napsak from his robes and unfolded it, Slipping the strap over his shoulder carefully Gungen pulled out one of the inner bags and carefully placed it inside before scooping up Naru again.

Gungen lifted him and then moved jumping the river easily and walked along the embankment not wanting to set Naru down because he knew how ill he was feeling even if he hid it well. The demon burns were not easy to deal with. They made it to the cave and entered upon entering he had even less reason to set him down human eyes could not see in this but he could. He walked through the cavern careful of where he stepped but inside once they got a few feet past the entrance it lit up and glowed with light. The Amethyst here shown with light soft purple light and didn't match. They walked in further or rather he did letting Narumi rest and sleep lightly a nap as he recovered some strength. It was about an hour in that Gungen found them....the Amythest that shown as if back light with green gold flames inside. Clever. The riddle told you exactly what it was they were looking for which mean that young Proctor had himself gone deep into the cavern looking. He had taken great care in finding each thing. Setting Naru down gently he walked over to them looking at each one and then found on that was well shaped faceted and showing not sign's of imperfections it wasn't large but it wasn't tiny either. Big enough to fit comfortably in the palm of his hand and he grasped it and carefully moved it back an forth wiggling it slowly in the stone wall seeing the wall around it crack and then finally let go. It wasn't much larger then he thought and walked back kneeling down he opened the Napsack and took the second small bag white where his was black and carefully put Naru's inside. That was one each. He sighed as he looked at him.

He once again lifted him up and then looked at both there lists they weren't right next to each other by the descriptions but close enough even if they weren't....he'd make it work. Gungen began walking and looked down at him. Naru rose an eyebrow. "I should be doing this on my own...."

"Don't say stupid things." Gungen said. "They never said we couldn't work together, only that we needed all five items." He said as he walked. "We have a while before we get to the next ones so rest. Your still suffering from those burns." he said gruffly and Narumi sighed knowing he lost this one and let his head rest against Gungen's shoulder.

Gungen followed river for a while and then found a bend going up if he had to think like the red head then this was the way he went....and went up the path walking along until he found a large grove full of animal bones and tusks....white ivory tusks but he needed one with veins of gold and black. Gungen set Narumi down carefully and began to walk through it. The boy had seen it.....So it had to be here and then he heard an angry snort and roar turning his head as huge beast of a boar came charging at him. It didn't amuse him in the least as he fought it in the end having no choice but to kill the animal as the animal kept trying to eat his head but when it spotted Narumi and made to charge that was where it actually pissed him off no one touched Naru. Narumi belonged to him. He had killed the beast and then broke off the tusks.

"Gungen....we need to bring it." Naru he said looking at him as Gungen paused. "What you seek plumes at the end, defended with rows of spikes born to rend." He said looking at him. "Whatever it is....Plumes indicate like this one an animal....but rows of spikes born to rend...could mean."

"Rows of teeth meant to feed." Gungen said nodding as he brought the boar over and dropped it down before kneeling down and putting the tusks in the second smaller bag shifting things around so that the branch laid on top of them. He then looked at the boar. "But..."

He could not both carry the boar in this state and Naru.

"I'm feeling better I can walk a bit." Naru said looking at him. "But if I start to feel even a bit fatigued I'll tell you at once."

Gungen nodded. "As long as you tell me right away.' he said looking at him and then lifted the boar. Together they walked along following along the hill going up Naru's insistence something about his made him want to seek higher ground. They walked along and then found it....hard to miss a large nest with a giant black bird long necked and it threw out it's wings beak opened and inside the beak were row of long jagged teeth. Gungen looked at Narumi and nodded as he threw the huge boar to land just before the nest and the beast of a bird went from screaming to pausing and lowered it's head as it began to feed. Watching them.

"Gungen we need to look around the nest for a fallen tall feather with a large plume." Naru said and then held up his damaged hand. "I know what you would say....and normally you would be right it would be simpler but but she's a mother and her eggs will soon hatch. They will need I'd rather look for a fallen tail feather then take her from this world and cause her babies deaths." Naru said lightly.

Gungen sighed. "You do enjoy making my life difficult." He said shaking his head. 'But this is your item, so if you want to try to collect it without harming the bird then that's what we'll do."

Before either could move though the giant of a bird had already finished the board and brought it's head up looking at them both before bringing its giant head back and then a moment later forward and in it's great beak was a huge tail feather, longer then Narumi was tall the black feather held rainbow tones to it and the large peacock plume on the end was spiraling in color. Narumi held out his arms as it dropped the feather into them. This time when it made sound it wasn't just a scream but bird song and Gungen went a touch wide eyed for only a moment this was a Makai dark belonged to his fathers world so he understood the bird. And then smiled.

"She says thank you for the meal, it has been a long time since she had Goldenvien Wild boar. It's her favorite.." He said chuckling. "You could have looked for a month and not found a loose or fallen tail feather but since you thought of not just her but her unhatched eggs she is giving you the feather. As it was asked of her because you were weighed and judged worthy."

Narumi blinked and bowed his head. "I thank you." He said and she shifted the great bird looking back as a much larger black bird landed looking at them her mate no doubt. She made sounds and the male looked at them and then lowered a wing to them.

Narumi blinked and then looked at his item list...the next item on his list was..."Beyond the clouds..." He said looking up. The male nodded and Gungen sighed as his was something similar. It was becoming clear to him that Kichona had made his last perhaps while they were coming and made it so that it linked to Narumi's.

Together they climbed onto the back of the bird and then after a moment once they were settled the bird took flight into the air and his wing beats covered great distance the highest point above the clouds was miles and miles far to make it on there own. It wasn't long before they arrived there and climbed off and looked at him. Strapped Gungen's back as if he was carrying his staff there was the feather for Naru.

Once safely on the mountain the great bird flew off. Leaving them there and it was here that they began searching for both Gungen's and Narumi's items. The riddle didn't make a lot of sense. The sun was beginning to set and the air getting cold. They were looking for the third item. Gungen pulled Naru to him and then walked into a enclave on the mountain were the winds would be blocked more and sat down after taking the delicate feather from his back and then securing it the bag and finally managing to get that from Naru.

He set it down and then pulled him into his arms taking off his vest and drapping it over Narumi's back there was nothing here to burn.

"Gungen you'll get cold..."

"I'm not built as delicate as a human idiot." he said shaking his head.

The sun had set and it got cold and Naru was grateful to snuggle up to Gungen for his warmth as he was held. He realized Gungen was spiking his aura to keep the chill off of him. But then Narumi saw it a large flower opening up in the moon light missed in the daylight because it had been closed. The stalk only produced one flower and it was the only one there if they plucked it this flower would no doubt be lost forever and if they didn't....he didn't finish right?

Gungen lifted him and set him down gently then walked over with him as they looked at the glowing dark blue flower. Gungen looked at the center then looked at Naru's list again it didn't say to take the flower....but rather. He reached out and cupped his hands about the glowing seed in the center and long delicate pistols holding it up let go opening up to shimmering and spill forth a dust and Naru at first held his breath but Gungen shook his head.

"It's alright you can breathe it in." he said holding the seed and then looking at him. "This flower is a Solnox a beautiful flower of the Maikai....I'm surprised it's growing here but it's not dangerous." he said looking at him. "It's different during the sun of the demon realm but at night fall here or there it's the same....the pollen it's letting off isn't dangerous at all in fact...." Gungen pointed at Narumi'ls hands. "Move them."

Narumi was breathing and looked down at his hands they were still burned really well but now his fingers could move, as burned and ragid as they looked they could move.....

"Solnox is a flower often used to help with healing. If you take it's seed gently it will 'thank you' by spraying it's pollen which has healing properties on injured flesh. Your hands which would have taken months still to heal....will take weeks." He said lowly. "He must have chosen this one to help you."

Narumi looked at him and nodded. "But why would such a large beauitful flower thank us for taking it's seed?"

"Because....normally one one of our kind takes the seed it is to plant it in another place so that the Solnox continues to bloom and grow spreading out further and further. Although....this one is week so it's pollen isn't healing you instantly.'s still happy." Gungen had no idea Kicha had come here and at Neo's suggestion asked Solnox to let them have the seed which it was hesitant to let go of here in the human realm because it would be taken to one who had a green thumb with Demon realm plants and it would find a new home one in which it would bask in moonlight and a heat akin to the sun it was missing.

Gungen put the seed gently carefully into the bag and sighed as he looked about he needed to find his yet but he'd worry about that later it was getting late. And colder. But Solnox was putting off a natural warmth in the night and so he moved Naru and himself closer to the flower. He himself had to find something that looked like small white stars upon the ground. Upon the top of the mountains ground.

Morning came and they both woke but Naru was no longer suffering under a slight fever having slept in the pollen of the Solnox all night, but Naru was looking at the great bit flower which was wilted it had given the last of it's energy to spread it's healing pollen all night to help him....

"It's gone." He said lowly. Gungen sighed. "No, it's not we got here in time to save it's seed. Hopefully they plan on replanting her somewhere else."

Narumi nodded as he looked up at Gungen to see him looking so sadly at the large flower he knew it was one he liked. Together they looked and saw the other way out of the enclave and after Gungen gathered the bag and large feather they walked through and Gungen went to keep going but Naru stopped him. "Gun look at those plants there....glittering in the sun...the berries look like shinning little stars...."

Gungen smiled and walked over carefully uprooting one whole small plant and added that to his collection he was doing it because he was already collecting for Narumi and if this got any harder he could not let him go on alone. That was three a piece.

They continued walking and found a winding path down the mountain and one way down they both found there fourth item. For Narumi it was a bough off of a tree that looked as if it was a ghost the leaves an odd burgundy red. Where Gungen's was found under a ledge black crystals that shown with a soft light.

They made there way down and went to continue on one more each and to meet up with Lin...then make there way out. They got down to the ground and kept on going. They found Narumi's next having made there way through the woods they came to a glen of beautiful dark purple almost black lilies with fiery orange tips and a blood red center. Desert Lilies. Gungen would not let him touch them at all and carefully collected the flower wrapping it up in cloth and putting it in Narumi's bag. Walking through the desert they found his a rock with glowing teal green stone mixed in. Tanzanite. A rare but precious stone in there world and the rocks were only sporting small amounts mixed in. Gungen managed to collect all that was there on one rock.

"Now we meet up with Lin and head to the next site...with everything in tow." Gungen said and Narumi nodded. "If I remember Lin's list we need to head that way towards those silver leaved tree's." Gungen looked in the distance and then lifted Narumi up and began walking the heat of the desert would wear him down......~

Yesterday after speaking and parting ways with Gungen and Narumi Lin walked for quiet a while before he finally found his first one. He had not wanted to tell Narumi all his list knowing that he would worry and found the den of the foxbear's. He had to gain the fangs of a foxbear cub. Talk about dangerous....if done wrong. He looked at them most were out but one cub laid there on the ground crying and pawing at the ground it's long fox tail thrashing as it whimpered so weak.

Lin sighed and walked over not seeing the mother had it been left behind to die? He knelt down see it and as it opened it's mouth crying he frowned the fangs that should be falling out were twisted in the cubs mouth what looked like Caba Nut pieces jammed between the baby fang and it's teeth it had gotten ahold of the wrong thing and it was costing this cub. He brought his hand up chanting softly and then down and ran it along the side of the cubs face as the cub stopped crying the soothing aura of water....cleansing the wounded gums and easing the pain it was feeling and then he as he chanted pulled a talisman out and it changed into a thick gummy substance and got the small guy to bite down on it. Once the cub pulled back not only were the bad fangs in the gummy substance soo two was the Caba Nut pieces. He paused as he heard a deafening roar behind him....Moma foxbear was there and was ready to cleave him in two but the cub moved then and came up on it's back paws dropping it's front on his shoulders and nuzzling him making a yipping sound as it's tail wagged and the roar behind him stopped. Lin closed his eyes as he brought his hand up.

"That's a good go on to your momma she's worried and no more eating hard caba nuts they will do this every time." he said as the foxbear cub rushed off to the momma bear. He looked over and saw piles of tiny baby cub teeth no doubt from loosing them and realized all he would have had to do was collect that and leave but he couldn't leave that cub that way.

Leaving the den with the cub fangs he paused aware that he was being one followed and two watched. "Who goes there."

" interesting one most would not have risked tangling with the mother foxbear." He said not caring much for humans they were selfish greedy.

"It wasn't about tangling with the mother. It was about that cub dying because it's fangs were twisted and infected." Lin said as he looked over at him. "Even if it was the end of me here I could not leave him that way."

The man looked at him and shrugged. "I already collected my five....but I think I'll tag along with you....your interesting." he said and in truth it would allow him to catch up to Neo again...

Lin shrugged and looked at his list and the man chuckled. "That way." he said pointing. Lin looked at him and then paused before sighing and going in that direction it took them a while to get there but sure enough....the odd crystal roses were all over the place there. He had to somehow pick one and they were very sharp. He walked up and touched the petal but as his hand moved he pricked his finger and upon doing so the stem seemed to snap. Fair exchange.

That was two.....and then the list and sighed as he began making his way far in the opposite direction and the man who he didn't bother to get the name of continued following him amused having watched the others and they were struggling something tough. Some were figuring it out others were being stupid and not using there heads. Kicha's 'Let's make them think and not just react' was working to weed out those who could not reason.

Lin walked along and as night approached he paused seeing the glowing stones in the river bed but didn't step in he knelt down as something seemed to be moving in the water. Keeping a safe distance he lifted a stick and swished it through the water upon doing so a snake whose scales looked like the water reared it's head and snapped at the stick breaking it. Lin sat down a distance back he needed the stones but the river water snakes were too dangerous they were highly posionous and there was no way he was going to get past them without thinking surely there had to be a way right?

He pulled his talismans out and looked at them....perhaps that ploy might work it was worth a shot and so he began focusing on the talisman's and soon it took the form of a creature with hands to lift with and a body to move with and move it did making it's way into the river were it gathered up two of the stones all the more the list said he needed and then came back to him. But as it did so too did the snakes come out of the water. Did the proctor not know about the snakes? No he realized the warning was in the description.

They were angry hissing he had taken from there river. As they approached him hissing and rearing there heads as if to lunge in and attack him he looked at them and then sighed and began singing it was too late at night to run aimlessly through the woods, and running from snakes was very hard. They went from going to strike to laying down the stones in his hand he continued well into the night and then they turned moving back to the river.....he had traded the songs the sounds were ones they liked lucky for him.

That left two....he found the next one and thought more carefully about it for filling what was needed and then the last was the bough of a silver tree. And he gained that as well with this highly pierced blonde not a step behind him. Lin met up with Narumi and Gungen but went wide eyed. "Is he alright?"

"He's fine but the heat of the desert is a bit much for him so I carried him allowing him to conserve energy." Gungen said and Lin nodded. Gungen looked at Lin and then at the man with him figuring it might be someone he worked with to get his items. And in a sense he had or rather....Nerve had calmed down the snakes as the boy sang a pretty song or two he had tossed Markey mice down before them which they ate and ate to there hearts content......the song wasn't enough but he'd let this young man have it.

The four moved making it out of the exam sight to the path they would be taking and it was early only about one in the afternoon. Standing there waiting for them as he leaned against a tree was Neo.

"Your the first out of the Forest of Trails. We'll wait until three anyone who does not make it here by then must find there own way to the next site." he said seeing Nerve and all but smiling he knew very well who that was hidden behind the hood and face mask.

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Nerve dropped the hood and facemask to look at Neo and sigh before he moved to flip him off.

Neo would move instantly being there and catch that hand tugging him close. "Causing me problems already are you?" he'd tease him.

He'd sigh and look away. "You're so annoying...stop playing around..."

"You want me to take them to the next phase now are you really that impatient you'll still have a while to wait before the end you know." he said although those gathered had absolutely no idea at all what was going on.

Nerve sighed closed his eyes. "I want you to stop teasing me...stupid..."

Neo just sighed and brought that captured hand up to his mouth kissing the piercings that danced along his hand there. "Teasing you isn't my intention." He answered him and looked at Nerve. "But I have to finish what I started here with them...."

Lin looked did that guy enter this exam because he was trying to get Neo to go out with him? All of this just to get his attention? Before Neo was kissing what looked like a wound on the side of his hand from the event no doubt. An Lin sighed as he looked at Gungen and Naru then glanced back as a few others approached. It almost felt like they were interrupting something private.

Nerve just sighed and looked back at Neo. "You're always so bad at telling me lies..." he mused lowly but smiled. "I'm not sorry though..." he said lowly. "I'll never be sorry for becoming your kid..."

Those gathered just stared. He had kissed what looked like the wound on the side of his kid's hand? But that fell into place the rumors that although Neo looked 26 he was really much older.

Neo chuckled. "Am I really that transparent?" He asked looking at Nerve....ten years ago those kids...those he had gathered beneath him refused to let him go. To seal himself inside of the tower and await his death alongside the Kraken....the refused and they held on. Neo let go of his hand to drape his arm about Nerve's shoulders pulling him close not caring if anyone understood and then kissed his forehead something he always did with Nerve before looking out those gathered. "I suppose your all utterly confused....very soon everything will make sense in a moment we'll be leaving anyone left behind....has to try to make it on time.' he said shrugging.

Nerve chuckled lowly and shook his head. "Of course you are've always been like that..." he said lowly.

Neo smiled as he looked at him then looked at those gathered seventy five men and women had come and he nodded. "Alright if you'll all follow us to the next is there that will be determined if you have all of your items.' He said looking at them. Although what had Neo curious was the fact that Nerve had come here with Lin. He lead the Seventy five to an hot air blimp since the next site was a and a half away....if they were to a make it by nine they needed the blimp or they'd never get there. Once he made certain the seventy five were on and then he lead himself and Nerve on telling them they were free to rest in rooms and a late lunch would be served when they heard the time he walked with Nerve to his 'office' on the blimp it was just a large lounge and looked at him as it lifted up and began to make it's way there. "What is really troubling you? He asked as he walked over and poured himself that drink having them open so long for the past ten years to close his Chakra even a little now made him sick to his stomach.

He had walked back to Neo's office with him and sighed when Neo asked him what was bothering him. "You've been gone longer than usual...I was worried that something had happened to you..." he said as he sat down.

Neo shook his head no as he walked over and sat down with the tonic for himself and set down a glass with Nerve's favorite drink in it. He actually kept the fridge stocked with everything his 'children' liked. "I'm alright....but I don't feel any deadly pull towards the tower anymore." he said softly looking at the tonic. "A while back I took Mugo down to the fifth subfloor and he heard and felt the Kraken.....and upon hearing him....wished to go down. When he did he faced it and took it's blows while injecting poison from the Desert Lily into it....he put it into the sleep of death...." Neo held the glass and yet he...even now didn't look overly happy with the outcome even though he closed his eyes he was free now. No longer a prisoner in a cage of his own creation. "But....the outcome was due to failure on my part. In the end I could not find a way to send that creature back home to where it belonged, so it was given the sleep of death to end it's suffering here."

"I am no longer connected to it." He finished lowly closing his eyes. "I had not meant to worry you Kan." He said addressing him by name not nickname. Kan was aware every time he left the tower. He hadn't thought about the length of time.

He has sat down and taken the shockingly toxic green looking drink and sipped it as he listened to Neo. "This Mugo...he shows great promise, yet at the same time...he worries me..." he mused lowly as he sat there, glass in hand. "I don't know if he's to be trusted or if he's to be considered an enemy...he's a great mystery to me..."

Neo nodded. "He worries me too. He swears up and down that he has no desire to climb any higher." He said looking at the red drink taking a drink himself as he paused then looked at Kan. "But at the same token he is going through a change I believe he himself doesn't fully understand he's aware he's changing. He among his original group won't challenge Chronos because it would mean hurting his first real true friend there. Kichona holds great meaning to least for the moment.' He said sighing and then looked at his glass. "As to us? Mugo is Kagera's older brother and he's desperate to bring back Kagera's much I know we all want to see him healed his desperation for such a thing has me concerned what memories lay in Kagera's past that for whatever reason Kagera doesn't remember them or perhaps somewhere deep down....doesn't want to."

Nerve sighed and took another sip of the dangerously bright green drink. "I believe his intentions won't change...not now that he's seemed to have found what he's been searching for...." he mused lowly. "It seems to me that Mugo was not only searching for his brother, but for something else....friendship perhaps...but maybe I'm reading him wrong...and maybe he's really been broken too far to be understood anymore..."

"No...I don't think he's been broken too far to be understood.' he said looking at his drink. "At least....Senaste seemed to understand him perfectly." he said and looked over at him. "Sena walked up after Blaise started nudging him he was feverish at the time. I believe the Video feed in the lobby has it all recorded if you want to view what happened I can give you the date and time." he said looking at him. "But Sena kept ruffling his hair as he would Blaise when Blaise is upset and then Mugo collapsed into him....shortly after almost upon physical contact Sena opened up his Aura and Mugo snuggled up to him and went to sleep as if a small child....." Neo looked at his drink then took a drink of it closing his eyes. "If I were to go by Sena's interaction with Mugo....then Mugo's not so much as broken but rather he's a young man who has been changed to respond to instinctive nature without logical kickback or that 'little voice' we're all taught since we're young that we're doing something wrong. To him he responds on things on the most basic of levels as would anything in nature that which treats him well is 'friend' and wanted and kept, loved and perhaps even treasured. He cuddles up and nuzzles as if a lost pup seeking affections. However turn that and strike him and he will bare fang and claw cutting down whoever is in his way, attempt to leash him and he is as if a feral mad dog ready to chew the head form his master."

He sighed and closed his eyes. "It would seem that this man...who ever he may be, is a very different breed...perhaps we shouldn't call him a Bounty Hunter at all...but perhaps...a Blood Hound..." he mused as he opened his eyes to look at Neo.

He sighed and closed his eyes. "It would seem that this man...who ever he may be, is a very different breed...perhaps we shouldn't call him a Bounty Hunter at all...but perhaps...a Blood Hound..." he mused as he opened his eyes to look at Neo.

Neo looked at him and nodded. "It is a title and position I have been seriously debating but that removes him from the safety of the Ranking system and places him in a whole other category." Neo said pausing as he looked at the eerie red drink in his hand. "Honestly he would fit the criteria for blood Hound and as such.....there is only one man that has any and all direct influence on him powerful enough to be calming at all times." He said looking at the fluid. "At the present he's ranked A/3 Among the bounty Hunters while Mugo himself is Ranked S/5. Which by all rights should mean that he has no desire at all to listen to one who is so far beneath him most who would fall into Blood Hound wouldn't we'd have to find a match in the S/5 or S/4 to get him to listen....however such is not the case with them." Neo took a deep breath. "Were you there during Mugo's game Kan? With all the commotion I could not tell if you were hanging back or if you arrived after....but either way Mugo's 'break' or 'Handler' is Killian Satsujin......Zuku's eldest son."

Nerve nodded. "I was watching from a distance. His aura, even for me, was very oppressive..." he admitted lowly. "Like a beast who had lost its mind..." he mused before he took another drink and looked at Neo once more. "I don't suggest taking away his privileges...that might cause a backlash from him that we don't want," he said and looked down at the green drink again. "However, putting him simply as a will end up as a problem later...something tells I suggest adding the warning to his tags...issue him a new set that will have that others will know..."

Neo looked at him in the history of the Association there was only one other who had a duel ranked tag. But this was different. These tags would have on them....Neo set down his glass and then got up walking over to the long table of drawers against the wall opening a draw and walked back holding a box in his hand. He sat down and then opened the box pulling out the blank red metal tags holding the three in his hand...."It has been a very long time since I've had to use these tags. Last time was four years ago with Trask....he died a year before Mugo took the exam. A loose cannon not even his Handler could handle him very well..." He said and then picked up a set of Black tinted tags the Handler's set before leaning back and sighing. "I won't remove his rights. That would be akin to scolding him for something he did wrong. You don't train someone to kill on command make them thrill in it then later on punish them for doing what you've made come natural to them. Your right on that account Mugo will lash out in fury at being scolded for being nothing more then himself. He's not disobey in fact if asked to obey something for a short time he will do as asked of him. But for a short time before it starts to cause him issues."
Neo held both chains in his hand letting the tags fall to dangle in the light the empty tags sitting there. "One set will be issued new to Mugo and his old tags made obsolete the other set will be made for Killian. He will also be reassigned to stay by Mugo's side when working."

Nerve nodded and took the last drink before looking up at Neo. "We've only ever had three Blood Hounds...Mugo will make the fourth...I wonder just what in our world is making these Hunters turn out this way..."

Neo shook his head. "I'm not sure." He said looking at him. "But that is something I want investigated. Being issued as a Blood Hound is not something to take lightly at all. It was meant to be reserved for those who had a 'beserker' spirit something that was hard for even them to handle and be rare and far between. We've been established for going on 12 years now. Our tenth year Mugo joined us, last year he proctor'd an exam and this year he wished to do it again but because of issues I told him I would be present from beginning to end and if he was threatened an a way that was non combative I would determine the threat and let him know. I've already had to give him that permission that kill order the other day as a Demon Summoner had slipped through the system and had stolen a young man's contract...." at that Neo actually paused and closed his eyes. "Speaking this moment in time a Half breed demon and his Retainer are currently taking the Hunters exam. I can not turn them away as they have not broken any of the rules set out. And the exam boasts being open to everyone..." He took a deep breathe and looked at Nerve. "The young man with silver white hair and the white birth mark looking like a pupil-less eye in the center of his forehead. And the blonde man in a vest who is holding him...." Neo sighed. "Mu knows them both but the white haired boys hands are ruined at the moment which makes his going forward dangerous but the young man insists he can continue without the use of his hands."

Nerve rose an eyebrow at that one as he sat the empty glass down. "A half demon and his retainer....that's a first," he said lowly as he leaned back to look at Neo. "I don't see the problem right now...but I can already don't like where this half demon is going to place..." he mused lowly.

Neo looked at him. "I already know even if he doesn't fully exert himself it will be rank S/4. To place any higher would be to confine him to the tower and that....would be dangerous. He's really not that interested in taking the exam and is solely because his Contractor is. Although here's the thing...the contractor is delicate almost easily broken lucky if he'd place in the High D's to Low C's by physical strength alone. His mind is incredible he had rationalized an answer to Mugo's game in under twelve minutes."
Neo picked up the glass and looked at the liquid. "I know what you would tell me Kan....that this half demon could easily hold the same rank as me."

But Naru was skilled highly skilled suppressing his P.K having to because of what it did to him otherwise he'd rank as easily at an S/5 being a poltergeist....without them even realizing it.

Nerve sighed and closed his eyes. "There's something you're not seeing in the retainer...if he's with half demon of that rank...among the demons...he'd be no less than an A rank..." he said lowly as he brought out his phone, an expensive, high tech one that was almost like having a mini tablet in your hand. "If I'm guessing right...that little one you believe to be so holding back by order or request of the half demon...he's no less than an S/5..."

"Your suggesting....that unlike most situations the half demon has some sort of equal partnership completely with his Retainer?" He said blinking. "Although during the incident they implied something like that. Stating that they were contracted because they were lovers not because of any other normal means." he said leaning back. "But if the half demon was truly speaking the truth....then it would make sense for his Retainer to hold back if it was asked of him. No less then an S/5 and that would not be by physical it would be One of the Physic families....." He said thinking about it Neo himself was Poltergeist and Psy-Nen...on top of being since a child brought up with the old Chakra arts where they opened all of his 'chakra' points and refused to let them close until they got 'stuck' that way. But this one...."But without using his power there's no way to tell if S/5 is too low."

Nerve stood up, having been looking at his phone and moved over to turn his phone's screen to let Neo look at a paused surveillance image of Gungen and Narumi. Both hand their palms facing so that the crests were visible. "That's an Asura crest on them both...there's no way a normal human could survive the contract without him being strong...that little one there...he's no less than S/5 for sure..."

Neo went a touch wide eyed before letting out a low whistle nodding. "Indeed...anything less then an S/5 would have broken the moment the first stroke was started. An crest of that sort cuts deep down to the soul..." he said shaking his head. "And that kid....when the demon summoner created the problem that brought them here his hands had been turning pitch black without batting an eyelash he stood there showing no indication of pain or discomfort I had thought it was simply shock but I had not looked deeper I was more concerned at that point with keeping an eye on Mu and making sure no one pushed him too far." he said pinching his nose which was how that got past him. Neo took a drink and then blinked when things on the blimp started flickering....the electronics on the entire thing where frizzing out...Nerve's expensive phone was going to white noise static which was unusual. But it wasn't that Naru was listening to them he wasn't....he and Lin were standing in a hall and arguing....and Lin was annoying and frustrating Naru who the present due to exhaustion and pain loosing control of his temper....and with it...his P.K but in the hall the lights dimmed a bit not showing enough signs of his loss of control.

Neo stood up and looked up at the lights. "That's high static emissions...." He said lowly....

Nerve sighed and turned his phone off before the circuits were fried. "I warned you...that little just as dangerous as the half demon...if not more..." he grumbled lowly, not at all amused about having to turn his phone off.

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Narumi and Lin were arguging to the point that Narumi got so angry the lights started frizzing around him and he glared at Lin too much this was too much Lin would lock him up in a room away from everything if he had his way and turned. "I want to be alone Lin....just don't follow me." he said glaring.

He walked along coming upon a room with an open door and monitors displaying everything from world news to gaming topics he stepped in as no one else was there closed his eyes and just focused on the sounds attempting to calm down.

Nerve had left Neo making it back to his room in a rush only to find the very man who was endangering his tech in the room....and....was less then amused. He narrowed his eyes at him and moved over looking over his systems and found one fried completely and totally fried and it was....

"Probably complaining, saying, "Damn...that was my favorite computer to play Rowdy on too..." Nerve said lowly it was why it was here and not in the tower.

Naru would flinch knowing that would be his fault and sigh. "I should not have lost control of my much do I owe you." He'd ask in those painfully neutral tones the ones that made him sound like he's a totally Narc. While looking at the guy who seems less then thrilled at the idea one of his computers is fired.

He'd just look up at Narumi and sigh before he looked back down at the computer. "That was a custom can't just go out and buy a new one..."

Narumi sighed softly. "Which company?" he asked looking back at him. It seemed like such an odd question really but....being a custom build he wanted to know who built it..."It doesn't change the fact....that I let my emotions get the best of me and damaged something of yours. If it is at all possible to replace, or repair...." He said seeming stubborn on the subject.

Nerve sighed and stood up out of the floor and turned to look at Narumi. "I built it...there was no company..."

Narumi nodded. "I see." he said looking at him quietly a moment. "What would you need then to fix it?" He knew how he sounded either stubborn or desperate but in truth he had always spent his life fixing things of others that he had broken in one of his 'tantrums' that he was just used to it.

"I'm not going to fix was outdated anyway. I just liked playing Rowdy on it..." he said as he looked at Narumi.

"It sounds like something you enjoy doing though. And the system you did it on is broken because I lost my temper with a friend of mine." Naru said shaking his head feeling bad about that.

Nerve sighed and closed his eyes. "I'm the national champion of Rowdy...I don't play it because it's fun to me anymore..." he told Narumi and opened his eyes to look at him again before moving to the door and took it apart and began to fix the electronic lock. But half way through he sighed and unwrapped the bandages on his hands to reveal the four hand piercings close to his thumbs.

"I'm a competitive player for the game...I was playing the prelims for the international tournament this year...I have other systems to play it on now..." he explained as he began to work on the lock once more.

Narumi looked at the piercings in his hands blinking but he felt bad it would seem not only did he fritz out the equipment in here but he caused him problems and entered into his room. Narumi nodded. "To be that far long....I'd never make it past the first level....for obvious reasons." if he lost control even a little the electronics would fry.

Narumi looked at him. "I was the child that was born as they said 'dead'....I was told I was born alive in the since that I was looking at everyone and my heart did not start beating until a few minutes after." He looked at the back of the young man's head. "I must maintain control or create constant problems for all around me like you....because I am a living breathing poltergeist." he sighed as he looked up at the screen. "The bodyguard the Proffessors hired tends to wish to lock me up in a room in order to as he puts it protect me." he said closing his eyes although wither that was protecting Narumi...."Although at times I can't help but wonder if it's too keep the world safe from me."

The professor's were his parents...his mother and father they were not and have never allowed themselves to be called by mom and dad.

Nerve sighed as he finished fixing the lock and closed the door before turning to look at Narumi. "I don't know who my family is...nor do I know my origins. I'm just here because of Neo...." he admitted lowly as he moved back over to the wall of monitors and took his shirt off to feel more comfortable in his own room.

Narumi listened to him speaking and then sighed having waited for him to finish fixing the lock on the door. "This is you room isn't it? I can go..." he said realizing that he was more or less intruding and Nerve amazingly enough wasn't yelling about his trespassing.

He stretched a little before he turned his head to look at Narumi. "This is my room...but I'm not going to make you leave..."

Narumi shifted looking at him. "Although I've already caused you so much trouble?" he said surprised at that one. To be allowed to stay after accidentally breaking a few things. Although  Narumi's gaze was drawn again to his piercings not because he was disgusted but rather because he was curious.

Nerve chuckled lowly. "No more trouble than Natsu or Mugo..."

"Mu I know, but Natsu I don't so I'll take your word for it." he said looking about. "Honestly I came in here...not realizing it was your room because of the current...." he said the hum the feel despite being full of tech....the hum of it had been relaxing at least it had calmed him as he approached but not before the computer met an end.

Nerve sat down in the floor and began to take apart the fried computer. "This is my favorite's the only place I'd rather be..." he said as he worked.

Nerve sat down in the floor and began to take apart the fried computer. "This is my favorite's the only place I'd rather be..." he said as he worked.

Narumi nodded as he looked at him once he sat down and then began to take apart the computer saying that he'd rather be here then anywhere else. "I've never walked into anywhere where the feel was so calming so instantly..." he said his way of saying the room was incredible. But along his back just seeing them the two at the nape, and then running down on either side of his spine as if between the vertebrae were studs on either side. "Did they hurt?" He asked seeing the ones around his spine.

He looked up at Narumi, confused for a moment only to realize he was asking about the piercings. "Oh...I can't feel pain..." he responded lowly as if it didn't matter and went back to working.

Narumi nodded as he looked about then felt something off a painful jolt in his chest and pushed his hand there looking up at the TV's his own fault it was jumping. Delayed as he had still been calming down and now that he was was thudding. He built it up fast....faster then his heart could handle only now there would be no power output. Just a painful thudding until it settled down. He fell silent. With Nerve working on his computer and Narumi simply. "Ah I feel it....I can just handle large amounts..." He said thinking about the marks of Asura that had hurt like a bear.

He sighed and stood up to turn his arm over to let Narumi see. Needle scars. "I'm not proud of who I was...but this is the result of tampering with things I shouldn't have..." he said lowly. "'s a nasty drug really...took away most of my ability to feel pain- hot or cold...I'm a danger to myself every time I want to drink hot chocolate or take a bath..."

He opened his eyes and looked at the needle marks. A danger to himself. "A terrible price to pay for that drug." he said letting his hand drop and ignoring the second harsh thud in his chest and nothing as if his heart was playing the do I or don't I beat game. He was rather opting for the 'do I' end of things but for now. "Many didn't know when it first came out and even now there are those who still take it. Need it because of circumstances in there life...a lot of what occurs today in the world is because of that one single solitary event." He said the Nuclear explosion and the fall had blanketed so much of the world in that mushroom cloud people had thought it was the end. No...people survived, powers surfaced the face of the world changed. And to deal with the poisoning of the fall out in the beginning Kereblis had been made. And the price of it....was high.

Nerve smiled though and closed his eyes. "I asked for this price...I wanted to be this way...but I didn't plan on having to be treated like a child when I had to eat hot foods, take a bath, drink hot drinks, or to go outside in the winter..."

That made Neo blink as it slammed again taking his breath away only the time between pulses was too long....if he thought about it the size blimp and if he had affected the whole had been dispersed what he saw hen he realized he was loosing control and that meant....he had lost control of lot. He just had to stay calm and wait for it to settle down. "Forgive me but I don't understand why would anyone wish to do this to themselves?" He asked concerned.

But after a moment he shook is head. "No it's alright you need not explain it.' he said realizing he was prying. "There was a reason you felt the need to do this. That reason is your own."

Nerve just sighed and closed his eyes. "I didn't want to live anymore...I was tired of being alone," he began and opened his eyes to look at Narumi once again. "I was abandoned at birth and didn't know my parents or even my home town. I was bitter and complacent. I started overdosing on Kereblis...but I have a high tolerance for the drug...instead of dying from it, it just gave me the normal side affects. I was furious, but was found by Neo...he helped me get my life on track. He got the government to give me my freedom at the cost of my record. I'm forever labeled a federal criminal for hacking the government's computers...but Neo gave me a life..."

He looked at him as sweat gathered at his brow it hurt but he was dealing. He did look at him though when he said that he didn't want to live anymore that he started overdosing in order to try to end his life but he had a naturally high tolerance to it. It didn't kill him like he was hoping. Instead Neo found him and gave him a life in exchange for....for his record he would forever hold that title but he had his life. "You have a place to belong now?" he asked looking at him. Having no idea that Neo considered him family, that he was precious just like the rest were to him and Neo would not him....go back down that road.

Nerve chuckled. "I have a family now. Even if they're not biological, they're my family..." he said lowly and pointed at Narumi. "You'll be my family too. All hunters are my family. I'm a founding member of this organization...I created all of the systems for ranking and the technology...I created the network for hunters, and gave it life...I helped make Neo's dream a reality..."

Narumi nodded and regretted it as his head swam as his heart thudded....and finally forced him to drop although he managed to keep it graceful to the ground his breathing a bit harsher then it should be a bit deeper. "A founding member so everything we see that makes it all run was something you created. It's amazing." he said "A family?" he mused by the way Nerve said it, it meant a place to be wanted perhaps?

But once he was sitting the harsh thudding was starting to calm down. He wasn't having a heart attack and it wasn't killing him he had managed to weather another storm of his powers.

Nerve looked down at Narumi, going down to sit on the floor once again with him, crossing his legs. "Neo rescued four of us...the S ranks are composed mainly of the people Neo rescued from their bad lives...or even no lives at all," he explained as he sat there. "To Neo, we're all his children no matter the age...even if we're only a few years apart in our age, it doesn't matter to him. To Neo, I'm his son...but his favorite? Well. That would be Natsu..." he said as he sat there looking at Narumi.

Naru looked at him. "But it doesn't bother any of you if he seems to play favorites?" come from where they were from to know that he had a favorite among them. He wasn't trying to cause a rift and as he shifted he sat back as it caused a jolt in his chest too soon and closed his eyes. That was his down side he could not regulate it once he started using it, could not disperse it unless he went poltergeist but once he did that it started a vicious cycle. 'A power according to the professors that should not exist..... just like him.' He looked up at Nerve. " have brothers here?" He said even though they aren't blood related. Natsu, Toki, Sena and Kagera plus Nerve made up the original five that Neo kept closest to him.

But Natsu was the first to have joined him....the child that started him taking in orphans.

Nerve shook his head. "I don't mind it...I don't think the other mind either. Natsu likes to get away with a lot with Neo because Neo feels guilty about his eyesight..." he said, pointing to a picture on the screen of a very young Natsu, the scar there over his eye and down his cheek.

"We don't push too much to change Neo's mind...we don't really see the point in trying..." he said, shrugging a little.

Naru looked over at the screen at the image of the boy with the nasty scar on the side of his face listening to Nerve. "He looks to be full of spirit and spunk." He said seeing the picture and getting this feeling. And yet Nerve made no motion to seem upset with his company at all. Naru looked back at him and tipped his head. "Because even though Natsu is his 'favorite' he still treasures the rest of you." Naru said realizing it. Neo although he allowed Natsu to get away with so much did treasure the others....

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PostSubject: Re: Welcome to the Hunter's exam.    Welcome to the Hunter's exam.  EmptyMon Aug 31, 2015 10:13 pm

Nerve chuckled though. "More like Neo's so stubborn that he won't listen to any of us," he said lowly. "Natsu there was the first of us to join Neo. Natsu was only 12 when he got that scar, but he fought just as fierce as we did. We were all young back then, but Natsu is just as reckless as he's always been..."

Narumi nodded as he looked at him. "But he feels responsible for the wound." he said realizing it. Not at all surprised if Natsu had been entrusted to him and he had felt he messed up when he got hurt. So Natsu used it to his advantage. He was still just a kid. And Neo indulged him. "He must still worry Neo endlessly then." He said realizing it as he looked at Nerve. "Just at the rest of you no doubt concern him. When he saw you he smiled and it met his eyes it's obvious he cares deeply for all of you but worries for Natsu and his reckless behavior worried he's going to get hurt again and worse."

"Natsu will always be hot blooded. He's not going to change the way he is just to please Neo. We're all aware that someday his crazy antics might get him killed, but Natsu knows it better than anyone and doesn't care. He won't be afraid of something that's unavoidable..." he explained as he sat there. "Neo may feel responsible for Natsu's eye, but he's not stupid. He knows he can try to tell Natsu what to do and how to live his life...but he knows its a fruitless effort. He'll always worry about us, but he knows he can't prevent us from living our lives..."

Narumi nodded. "So he's there if you need him." he said realizing it as he sat there looking at Nerve. "You said that I will be part of your family that's saying that I can make it through the next to phases..." he said as he looked down at his hands he could move then now but still...."I know there's one more and then not how many before the final was what Lin and I were arguing about....he wanted me to forfeit and drop out because of the state of my hands. Stating that we don't know what's coming but....that...I'm already handicapped and by all rights Neo should have disqualified me when the injury originally happened instead he allows me to continue." Naru said looking at his hands but Neo knew better then anyone a truly skilled Hunter of the Association didn't rely solely on his hands to get the job done. Nerve, Natsu, Sena, Re, Toki it didn't matter wound there hands there arms there legs they'd keep on going and fighting they'd work around the injury...hell even Neo himself was not to be stopped by such an injury and He had left it to Mugo and Mugo allowed him to pass. Neo would accept that.

Nerve nodded. "I'm assuming things at this point...but normally I'm right. I'm assuming you'll be allowed to pass on to the final phase and will pass..." he said, admitting that he was just speculating on if Narumi would really pass or not. "Neo left that choice up to Mugo and won't go back on a call made by a proctor unless he sees a reason to...Neo let you continue on the judgment of a proctor and will stick to his word. If you don't think you can continue, you can of course, step down and return to take the exam next year, but I don't think it'll be needed..."

Narumi looked at Nerve. "But that's the thing I do believe I can continue I know they look back but they don't hurt and I can move them." he said looking at the computer monitors before looking back at Nerve. "But I don't understand what you mean by it might not be needed." He had no idea how there judgements worked here or when exactly you proved yourself to be passing. Naru looked at him as he looked down at his hand and then an alarm sounded blaring. Naru looked up confused what was happening? The alarm was going off because they were trying to get ready to land the blimp at the next site....and it was not working. Or rather there was a hole small in the balloon in a spot that wasn't causing massive issues yet but it was keeping them from being able to control the altitude of the blimp.

It was the rough landing alarm as they were struggling to control the descent.

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Narumi would stare wide eyed as a door to Nerve's room opens and in walks Chaos who would in and sit down on the floor against the wall looking as if he's about to nap but Nerve is relaxed sitting there talking to Naru so he's not going to do anything.

Naru would be going. "Um..."

Nerve would just look over at Chaos and sigh before getting up to move over to him and sit back down, leaning against his shoulder.

Narumi would just look over at them as Nerve got up to walk over and lean against him the moment he walked in but he had sighed first. Chaos though just looked at Naru before looking at Nerve. "A friend of yours?" He'd ask lowly speaking to Nerve but barely sparing Narumi a glance. The gesture clear. 'Do not touch him.'

Nerve would smile and nod. "A new found one...but a friend none the less."

Chaos sighed. "As you wish." He'd answer in other words no touch him no kill. Nerve seemed to find those that he wasn't allowed to touch. He looked over and Narumi shifted uneasy something about those silver white eyes was unsettling to him. "Relax boy.....I will not touch you....Nerve will not allow me." He said closing his eyes and relaxing.
Naru took a deep breathe and looked at them. "I'm not causing you any trouble am I?" he asked concerned.

Nerve sighed and shook his head. "He's going to be good or he won't get any reward at all..." he said as he looked at Narumi. "As for being a problem...the only problem is that he's a beast who wants to act on instincts alone..."

Chaos just sighed and closed his eyes. "Fine fine...." He said grumbled and closed his eyes leaning back and relaxing against the wall and Nerve. His hands resting on his lap he would not make a move to frighten the boy let alone hurt him.
Narumi blinked. "A beast that who wants to act on instinct alone....."
Chaos smirked and opened an eye to look at him. Reaching up he lifted the red chain around his neck the three tags glittering all three blood red Hunter tags but it was the last one he showed with the odd marking on it. "I suppose you could say I'm his 'dog' but.....I won't do anything to you that Nerve won't allow." He said lowly.
Narumi blinked. "HIs dog??" He said startled at the reference.

Nerve chuckled and nodded. "He's a Blood Hound...a special title we give hunters who are too dangerous to be allowed to roam freely without a master or a handler...leave them alone and they'll kill anyone and anything in their paths..."

That made Narumi blink and sit down. A special title to those to dangerous to be left without a Handler or Master....because if he was left alone he'd kill anyone and anything in his path. "Too dangerous to be left on his own....then he's never far from your side?" he asked and paused as he looked at the door that Chaos had walked out of. Chaos rose an eyebrow and chuckled. "My room.' He retorted. "Is through that door...." His room was off of this one and he hadn't been roaming the halls. Although the alarm was annoying him. "Dam'd hard landing alarm...why the hell does this thing have it anyways?" He grumbled as annoying and he came into the room because he wanted to leave it and go deal with the alarm but upon seeing Nerve simply sat down knowing he'd never make it to the door without his partner throwing the 'No kill or not reward' out there.

Nerve nodded. "He's always on a leash. Leave him by himself and he'll get off his leash sooner or later..."

Narumi nodded looking at him then glanced at Chaos who had tipped is head as if to go to sleep while sitting there but something told him that he wasn't actually sleeping. Narumi took a deep breath and tried to relax as Nerve seemed to think he was safe right now. That this guy wasn't going to do anything. He just hoped there was never a time Chaos went against him....the alarm finally shut off and they felt a soft thump as the blimp landed.
"You should collect your things...." Chaos said opening one eye. "Your next phase is....about to start."

Nerve smiled and shifted a little. "We should probably get ready to move ourselves..." he said lowly even though he made no real effort to move.

"We?" he questioned as Narumi nodded and left to go collect his things for the next round. Chaos looked at him. "Your in charge of the last and final test instead of your old man." he said looking at Nerve as Narumi politely thanked Nerve for his company and left. He had spent time talking with him and even helped him clean the piercings on his back. But now...he was making his way back to the room.
Chaos looked at Nerve bemused.

Nerve smirked and looked at Chaos. "I've decided to come out and play a little with the newbies..."

Chaos snorted. "You just want to see the looks on there faces." he said looking down at him actually speaking now that Naru wasn't in the room more then short clipped responses. "So what exactly do you intend to do to them?"

Nerve sighed and closed his eyes. "You're always assuming the worst from me...don't you believe that I just want to have some fun?" he asked and smiled. "If you must know about the exam...I plan to play a game with them is all..."

Chaos snorted chuckling. "A game huh? It should be entertaining at least." He said chuckling. "I don't assume the worst of you...I just know your love of games Kan." He retorted looking at his partner. "I wonder how many will make it through phase three to play your game?"

"At least 50..." he responded. "But, that's just an estimation..."

He chuckled as he looked at Kan. "At least 50." he said bemused as he closed his eyes. "We have a while yet if I remember that Chronos was having them 'tag hunt' for Phase three.....unless you planned on watching."

Nerve chuckled and moved to stand. "I'm going to wait a little the mean time...would you humor me and get new piercings with me?"

Chaos looked at him and shrugged. "Sure." he said not really caring as watched him stand and then stood up himself. He looked at him nodding. "why not....what are you planning?"

Nerve smirked and pointed to his bare chest. "Nipples this time..."

Chaos nodded and looked at him. "Fine." he said shaking his head. "Your tastes can be a bit exotic but....those I will agree to." He said bemused.

Nerve smiled and moved towards the door after having got up out of the floor. "Yes I know they're not your favorite ones...but I like them and you never seem to complain when you're getting treats..."

Chaos chuckled. "Of course not." he said to the complaining when he got 'treats'. He shoved his hands in his pockets wearing just his jacket and several heavy chains, jeans and boots he moved to follow Nerve. "I'm not going to complain......." He said walking along with him as he stepped out. "I just don't want them..."

Nerve nodded. "Which is fair enough. I'm aware of your distaste for the idea of getting I just got them done on myself and didn't ask you to get them done too.."

Chaos nodded as he walked along. "It's not so much distaste..." He said as he unlike Nerve he still felt pain in some places and much to his annoyance that was a place that was hyper sensitive. So.....he wasn't even going to humor it going down to his knees for a piercing.

Nerve sighed and looked at Chaos. "I's because you can still feel some pain in certain places..."

Chaos looked at him and nodded. "It was not a complete procedure." He said lowly as he walked with him on the way to get the piercings. It was the one time someone could come at him with something to pierce his body and not get retaliated against the one doing the piercing. But....the drugs he had been made to take since young routed his sensations to certain places. He looked at Nerve. "If not for would not be the only one." Chaos denied him very little. But then Nerve didn't demand anything only asked.

Nerve smiled at Chaos' words. "Yes, well...I wouldn't wish the inability to feel even the sensation of hot and cold on anyone...having to be treated like a child isn't my idea of living an adult life..." he said as he walked along.

Chaos looked over at him. "No" He said in agreement that would not be and was not the ideal adult life. He looked ahead as he walked. "It may not be the same token it is what makes you unlike them....precious."

He smiled and sighed. "Maybe to you...but to the rest of them? I'm a freak..." he said as he came to a stop at the piercing shop he frequently visited. So much so in fact, that he was a favorite customer and knew all of the names of the technicians.

Chaos listened to him as he said that he came here with Nerve often but he didn't know the tech's. And he made the tech's nervous. "Then....they are blind" he answered. And they were it wasn't something that made him freakish at all. "That new one of yours....he does not look at you the same, more curious." He mused then looked at Nerve quietly. "If there was a way to prevent what was done to me from bringing me to my knees....and making me go against your wishes..." He said looking at him. 'I would humor the idea."

Nerve sighed and closed his eyes. "I could always make a version of Kereblis that wouldn't have such nasty side effects...and allow you to keep the sensation of hot and cold...but I'd have to work on the mixture for a while..." he said lowly as he looked at Chaos.

Chaos looked at him and then caught his chin. "If you do, it is because I am willing if only for you to get it done. But what was done to me prior was designed to punish and reward by routing all sensation to there."

Nerve smiled at him. "I'd be happy to please you Nek, you know that. I wouldn't hinder your ability to feel the reward part of the system...but I'd hinder the punishment part..."

Nek looked at him and smiled leaning in and letting his forehead come to a rest against Kan's. "Hinder the punishment and I will do as you have done." He said before kissing him, when he broke the kiss having stolen a treat he chuckled. "This, would be my gift to you for putting up with me." He said chuckling knowing that he could be a handful and challenge to Nerve.

Nerve had returned the kiss, unafraid of the Blood Hound before him. This was his dog, his beast. He knew how to soothe it and how to gain affection from it. Nek was his one and only other important person outside of his family circle. "Then I guess I should get to work soon..."

Chaos looked at him and smiled. "But first the piercings now and your would be shame if you didn't get to play your game Kan....." He said stroking his cheek a moment before letting go. Nek belonged to this man as much as many would not understand it. Nekkyo was a man who had never thought he'd be mastered by anyone that he would kill without remorse without stopping yet the day this one stood before him was the day he found the one person he was unwilling to kill. Unless Kan betrayed him and actually intentionally hurt him. He knew this man never would it was in his eyes.

Nerve smiled, nodding in agreement. "Yes. I'd be quite upset if I couldn't play my game..."

Chaos chuckled as he looked at him. "I will not deny you your games.....however should one overstep there line.....if will forego my 'reward'." making it clear one other year Nerve proctored and some fool got pissed and went to kill Nerve. Chaos ripped the man apart right before the other Recruits, he would have kept on going but Nerve's 'Chaos you'll loose all your rewards if you keep going.' back then stopped him and he looked back righting up. "They can not take what is mine."

Sighing, he shook his head. "If one of them tries to take me, you're allowed that one, but no more, understand?" he asked as he looked at Chaos.

Chaos looked at him. "Far enough." He said looking at him. "I will take only the one who dares to try to take from me." He said looking at him. "You just focus on having fun with your game. I know the way you reward and punish your hound....I will not push you for 'punish'"

He nodded and smiled at Chaos all the same. "It's agreed on then. Step out of line, and I'll punish you..."

Chaos looked at him. "Agreed." He said knowing that Nerve would punish him if he disobeyed. But that being said he was also allowed to go after the one who broke the rules and came after Nerve. He let his forehead rest against Kan's a moment before tipping his head and kissing him again. "As you wish." he said stating he would listen to these rules and then righted. "I believe you wished for a matching set before we go?"

He returned the kiss and nodded. "Matching nipple piercings. Yes," he confirmed lowly, but obviously happily.

"Then....let me not keep you waiting." He said as he righted and stepped back a bit to once again stand beside Nerve. He would go in with and have it done. "You can choose the rings...or dermal depending on the look you wish for." He said wither it's the traditional hoops at the nipples or the more risky one with the dermal dead center of the nipple. He had seen it recently and it looked painful at least to the ones who had it done.

He smiled, but pushed open the door to the shop and waved, saying hi to the desk clerk who had waved cheerily. When he told her they were there for matching basic nipple piercings, she nodded and moved to lead them to an empty room.

Nek followed seeing one of the tech's going wide eyed as he walked in with Nerve. Nerve loved these things the piercings it was a hobby of his it seemed. But Nek would not deny him one moment of it. If getting matching piercings was all it took to make him happy then it was easy to do.

Nerve waved at the tech, smiling happily as he pointed to his exposed chest, having left his shirt off and in his room. "We're matching nipple rings this time Zane."

Nek looked at Zane as he walked in and stood to the side. Zane looked at him and began to set up the piercing set. "That right well then pick your style of hoops there Nerve....and tell your guy there to relax, piercing him is like piercing a brick wall."

Nerve chuckled and closed his eyes. "He's not nervous. He's trying to control'll have to be patient with him or else he'll remove your head from your shoulders I'm afraid..." he said as he opened his eyes to look at Zane.

He was obviously serious. "If you want him to behave at all, you'd be better off not to complain about how hard it is to pierce him..."

Zane looked back at the tall walking wall of muscles and then at Nerve his tone was absolutely serious. He took a deep breath. "Trying to not kill me......I'll keep that in mind and not complain.' He said looking at him then took a deep breath and pointed to the case with ton's of different style hoops. Some he had four of some two. It all depended on if Nerve wanted all four hoops matching or if he wanted them mismatched. The look he was going for. He knew better then to ask the guy with the blood red tags he'd never speak.
Nek looked at the glass case as he stood there and didn't take off his jacket yet he would the moment Nerve indicated it was his turn.

But Nerve was right to warn him and Nek knew it....if he was relaxed he'd move the moment the device pierced his skin and pop his head like a children's toy doll.

Nerve barely glanced at the hoops in the case before pointing at the set of four black hoops. "Those are the ones we want..."

Zane looked at the four black hoops before nodding. He got up walked over and opened the case pulling out the two sets of black hoops and walked back to the seat looking at Nerve. "So which one of you am I piercing first today?" he asked looking at them. Normally if he did Chaos there Nerve had contact with him in some sense as if Chaos would not move if it meant risking harming Nerve. And it kept Zane in one piece but he had no idea how dangerous Chaos was....that without Nerve holding his leash....everyone in this small shop would be dead.

Nerve jabbed a thumb and Chaos. "He's going first...I'll need to hold his leash or he'll bite the hand that's tending him..." he said, making a joke of it, but it was in fact a much darker truth than many realized.

Zane nodded. "Alright big guy....I need the jacket and that heavy chain off....." He said and Chaos looking at him moved taking off the heavy black jacket dropping it on a chair and then reached up removing the heavy towing chain that wrapped around his shoulders hanging down several times dropping that onto his jacket before sitting down. He was relaxed at the moment and that was when he was his most dangerous his pale silver-white eyes watching him the tools still covered as Zane sat there prepping two of the black rings.
Zane knew better then to start Chaos's piercings until Nerve said it was okay....he had just went to do as he would anyone else and only by some twist of fate the cords of computer tangled around his stool yanking him down out of the way.....Chaos had not been amused when he went to 'knife him suddenly' the first time he was ever pierced. Now everything that happened with Chaos went by when Nerve said it was 'Okay'

Nerve motioned for Chaos to sit in the chair, and moved to sit beside him, his arm moving to wrap around Chaos' left arm and rested his head against the solid wall of muscle's shoulder. "All right Zane, you can go ahead and start working now...remember, sudden movements make him want to pounce, so work slowly and be patient..."

Zane looked at Chaos sat down and looked at him. Those eyes focused on him and it always made him feel like predator vs prey and he was the prey. He picked up the cleaning solutions a cloth as he moved slowly carefully forward. "Just the two for you today Nerve?" he asked knowing that Nerve always had plans for what he wanted done. Once he disinfected he picked up the piercing rod and moved putting his hand against the left peck and frowned. "This is gonna hurt if he's this tense."
Chaos looked down at the top of the piercer's head....he had tensed like that the instant he was touched by Zane....because instinctively he had been about to kill him. Physical contact by anyone but Kan....was dangerous.

Nerve shook his head. "He doesn't feel pain'll be fine Zane. Just slow movements and patience. He's a beast, so remember you're the wrong move around him and he'll attack..."

He smiled though. "Just the nipple rings for today Zane. I'll be paying you another visit soon enough. Chaos has promised to match my...more exotic piercings soon, so we'll be returning."

Zane looked over pausing before pushing the gauging needle through and stared. "Promised you....shit I'm gonna have work on having nerves of steel." He said looking at him. "To handle him....." He glanced up and froze a moment those eyes where watching him. Slow careful movements nothing quick nothing that said he was trying to do something underhanded and then he pushed the needle through. No pain came across in those eyes once the needle was half way he attached the hoop and finished inserting the piercing once through he hooked it and then picked up the cloth and cleaning solution.
Zane though nodded. "I'll prep for it....are they going to be matching as well Nerve? If so I'll need to order a few of the rings now." He said glancing at him as he slowly and carefully cleaned the first piercing. Nerve always said the same thing....over again stressing that this man was a beast.

Nerve smiled happily as he nodded. "Yes. He'll have to start out with the Prince first though...since I upgraded to the Dolphin a year ago..." he reminded Zane happily.

Zane nodded as he set down the cleaning stuff and picked up the second needle looking at him. "That's right....and the Prince will have to heal before he can have the Dolphin." He said looking at him and then at the placement for the second hoop. He reached slowly and put his hands there and repeated the process. As the needle went through and he hooked it he once again picked up the cleaning solution and cleaned it moving the ring like before to make sure it was a clean entry. Once finished he happened to glance down at his arms sitting on the chair but the lighting and angle caused Zane to pause. "A barcode and serial number?" he said seeing it on the inside of his left arm were it was sitting with Nerve holding him. "I...missed that tattoo since it was done in white ink it blends in."
Chaos went from being tense to bring rigid his eyes focused on Zane's every twitch. As Zane said. "Wicked tat....that's a popular style too....Bryan's done a dozen or so Barcodes for people over the last two months although they've done blue, pink and orange...don't know if he did a white..." He had no idea he was treading in very dangerous waters the only reason he had his life Nerve had Chaos's arm.

"He's all set your next Nerve....." Although Zane paused he realized....Chaos was rigid. His whole body coiled as if to strike.

Nerve sighed and moved to kiss Chaos on the cheek, pulling his giant beast's head to look at him. " want a reward, right? If you hurt him, you know I'll have to punish you...don't make me sad right now lovely beastie...please?"

Chaos's gaze moved from Zane to Nerve he looked at him and that rigidness loosened back up to tense. "Alright." he spoke for the first time around Zane not moving his hands let go of the arm of the chair which was crushed in his palms. He looked at Nerve. "I won't." he said in agreement.
Zane paused staring....He had just moved to shush Chaos, to remind him of a reward and that he didn't want to make Nerve sad and have to punish him...Zane took a deep breathe and looked between them falling silent and waiting. He crossed a line? Shit....Nerve warned him about crossing or doing things to upset this man. But he called him a lovely beastie.
Chaos rolled one eye to look at him. Look at Zane. "He has his life." he finished laying his arms back down on the chair....."But only because it is you doing the asking."

Nerve smiled and rested his forehead against Chaos'. "Thank you my lovely beast...thank you for not making me sad before I could even get my piercings..."

"Your welcome......" He said lowly as he reached up and ran his hand through the blonde hair of Nerves head closing his eyes. "Warn him.....I know he is your favorite." he said meaning Zane was his favorite Piercing Artist if Nerve could make a request of which one it was always Zane. But Zane had trespassed on something dangerous wither or not he meant to and Chaos's instinct was to kill the threat. To him...and to Nerve. If Zane spoke on it, it threatened both him and Nerve. For various reasons. Him he could handle easily Nerve no. Nothing was allowed to touch him that could take him from this world. "I do not want to take that happiness from you. He threatens to trespass my domain, the domain of your beast."

Zane blinked....' Warn him I know he is your favorite....' he knew it meant artist but....Chaos's whole frame now that Zane wasn't touching him or near him had relaxed being an artist that pierced the bodies of others he knew the signs just touching Nerve he relaxed. And he was 'petting' Nerve's hair but Nerve called Chaos his beast and Chaos never took offense to it.

Zane looked at Nerve and Chaos. "I crossed a line with him didn't I?" he asked having only been impressed with the line work of the white tattoo....only he had no idea it was more then a tattoo, that there was small chips and coding in that white ink. It was a real barcode.....

Nerve sighed and rolled his eyes to look at Zane. "You did," he answered simply. "He's very...protective of that'd be wise to keep what you've noticed to yourself. He'll kill you over that one...even if I tell him not to, there's no promise he won't break his leash..."

Zane looked at them and then took a deep breath. "No problem Client, Artist confidentiality." He said looking at them. "I won't talk about it. I won't say a word to anyone." Chaos looked back at him and said nothing as he was held by Nerve. "I won't speak on it to anyone."
Chaos looked at him weighing him and then closed his eyes the man was being honest. He would not speak. Good.....he would kill him if he even thought to utter it.

Zane looked he had pushed Chaos without meaning to but...."How did you want to do this Nerve? I can do your piercings while your sitting there if you like...."

Nerve shook his head and say up out of Chaos' arms after a moment or two. "That's fine. I'll trade him seats now. He's relaxed and has considered you I'm allowed to sit in the chair now..." he explained and motioned for Chaos to trade him spots.

Chaos got up and moved trading seats with Nerve he sat down in the chair next to him as Nerve was going to sit down and get his done. Zane took a deep breath and nodded.
"Alright." He said looking at them. "Should I still go slow?" he asked not wanting to do anything to upset this man again....Nerve had reacted instantly and stopped him but Chaos had been....that body had been coiled tightly like a wild beast about to pounce and devour it's prey the only thing holding it back? The collar and leash around it's neck. And Nerve held that leash but he was about to put things in a position that was not 'safe' for him if he moved wrong he'd have a guage needle in his hand and piercing Nerve. When in the middle of that he could not stop his man....who Nerve called a beast.

Nerve nodded as he sat down and looked at Chaos, willing him to come sit beside him and behave. "It would be for the best. We both know I don't feel anything please, be as slow as you can..."

Chaos moved close to him and then for Nerve he brought his arm up and slipped it between Nerve's arm and torso sliding it down to link hands with Nerve. It wasn't that he was holding his hand to give comfort he was holding it to say he was willingly restraining himself. Then let his head drop to his shoulder lightly closing his eyes a moment before opening them and watching Zane.
Zane nodded. "Alright." he said figuring he had to ear levels of trust with Chaos not realizing there was no earning trust only gauging his danger...wither or not he was allowed to live a while longer or was a dead man. Very few got close to him. Zane cleaned the first nipple picked up the piercing rod going slow but the rod hit his hand. "Not that one." Was all he'd say as Zane stared at the needle point just touching Chaos's right hand.
"It's barbed." Chaos spoke lowly, "Several small at the tip it will rip him apart....."
Puzzled Zane moved and brought the needle under the scoop and then looked back at Chaos. "There are four....barbs but there tiny how on earth..." He said throwing away that needle and pulling a new one. "That's incredible eye sight..."

Nek had not hurt the man....such a problem was with the needle not that man. He had not lifted it with the intention of doing damage to Nerve.
Zane looked at Nerve. "Sorry about that I don't usually have to double check the needles from this company there usually top notch I pay big money for them so I don't run the risk of hurting my Clients more then the piercing hole." He said as he checked that needle then held it up slowly for Chaos to see. "It's good right big guy? No threat to Nerve."
Chaos looked at Zane quietly for a few moments. "The needle is good." He confirmed and then Zane slowly and carefully gave Nerve the first piercing attaching the hoop and locking it then worked on cleaning the site.
He was only half aware Chaos had set his head down on Nerve's shoulder again....closing his eyes and lowered his right hand from the arm of his his lap. That was a 'safe no harm' move....Zane had disarmed willingly showing him the gauge needle before using it on Nerve....
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Welcome to the Hunter's exam.  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Welcome to the Hunter's exam.    Welcome to the Hunter's exam.  EmptyFri Sep 04, 2015 3:03 am

Nerve sighed and closed his eyes, relaxing into the needle. "Mm...been a while since I've gotten any new ones...feels nice..."

Zane looked at him as he lifted the second needle. "Hey big guy okay to proceed with this one?"
Chaos opened one eye and then spoke. "Yes." before closing it again. He'd gone docile the man was not threatening Nerve...but at this point perhaps Zane was in a more dangerous position if he did anything to threaten Nerve now....there was no saving him.
Zane chuckled. "You always did relax like this during piercings most people tense up as I'm pushing the needle through you relax like your in bliss." he said as he finished up the second hoop throwing away that needle and cleaning the site. Once finished he sat back. "All done." he said relaxing.

Nerve chuckled and closed his eyes. "Once a needle junkie, always a needle matter the needle...

Zane shook his head. "So this is a way of getting the needles without any nasty side effects." He said nodding not the first time he heard it. He looked at them. "Oh Ryan no longer works here I fired him after that incident last time." Zane said as he was the 'boss' of the shop and he had said he'd do what Nerve requested and any special instructions and Nerve's instructions? Move slowly very slowly. Ryan had listened when he did Chaos's ear piercings last time but when he went to do Nerve's Spinal he had moved fast pinched skin wrong and caused a slight problem when he pulled his hand back to fix the insertion Chaos had according to the report gone ballistic instantly grabbing the man by his throat nearly crushing it if Nerve hadn't stopped him Ryan would be dead. The piercing had been corrected and a special solution given to keep from infections but still....

"I fired him because he failed to listen to your instructions. I was told you had as you did with me instructed him to move slowly with you too and he rushed it....and nearly messed up your last Spinal. Speaking of which Nerve how are they healing?"

Nerve hadn't felt it go in painfully wrong but he had reacted instantly when Chaos had moved to kill Ryan.....Zane knew they said he was a beast, Nerve called him in front of everyone 'his beastie' but....he was still a man wasn't he?

Nerve turned to show Zane the now almost fully healed spinals. "They're almost completely healed...less time than predicted, but still..." he said, unbothered by the news of Ryan. "He messed up the pretty part...but it's almost healed now...a shame too...I kind of liked Ryan..."

Zane sighed. "Yeah a lot of people did but he didn't listen and from what I was told you told him several times not to speed through it or upset Chaos." he said shaking his head. "And Ryan wouldn't let it go either he was ranting that he'd get even with Chaos next time...." Zane shook his head. "I kept telling him to let it go too....since he was such a popular artist but. he messed up and couldn't accept it." he said seeing the pretty part. "The pretty part is actually lined up really well and healing well...all of your Spinal's are." He said then chuckled. "Are we going to match up Spinals for Chaos one of these days?"

Chaos looked at him warily as he sat allow someone behind pierce his back where he could not see them?

Nerve sighed and shook his head. "No. Chaos doesn't let anyone but me get around his back..." he said lowly as he looked at Zane.

Zane sighed. "A shame....the Spinal would be cool on you both." he said shaking his head as he looked at them. "I hear the Hunter's exam is going on right now....and that Neo isn't heading the final exam like normal." He said shrugging as he looked at them while he worked on cleaning up. "Your heading it this year instead." He said looking at them. "Last update I got out of the one hundred taking Chronos's third exam forty five have come back with there 'tag' so far. Among them are some very talented possible S Ranks. IN fact they tagged out early on the first was this young man they all thought would fail due to injures in phase two....some kid named Narumi....he took out and gained his 'tag' in the first ten minutes, his partner five minutes after because he was traveling with Narumi."

Nerve smiled at that. "I told him he'd pass..." he mused as he looked at Zane. "To answer you, yes. I'm heading the final exam this year. Its only the second time... since its been created..."

Zane nodded. "Knowing you, you have some game planned out....makes me curious and I want to watch it was interesting the last time you headed the final." he said chuckling as he looked at him. "But I'll be staying safely here I'm not match for Hunter Applicatants if they get crazy. Going there with that many potential loose cannons I know your like one of the highest ranks Nerve but that's a lot to handle...." He said amazed at his ability to deal with it all...
Chaos snorted....and closed his eyes it wasn't that many forty five was not a that many at all it barely counted as a warm up...barely more like a tease.

"Mm...I've got a fun game planned, but I'm a bit disappointed..." he said as he stood up to stretch. "There's less than I thought there would be. Less than 50 is nothing but playing for me..."

Zane shook his head. "They still have twenty minutes to fall in...Chronos is waiting the last twenty from what I hear in hopes that a least a few more stumble through." He looked at him. "But the update on the numbers was an half an hour ago so I'm not sure if it's changed."
Chaos tipped his head as he got up walked over and grabbed his jacket slipping it on then proceeded to drop his chains back around his shoulders. A slight weight to remind him to slow down. But he reached out slightly and snorted. "55" He retorted....the one hundred and ten applicants had been split soundly in half. Zane looked at him confused. "55?" He echoed.

Nerve chuckled and closed his eyes. "This should be amusing..." he said lowly as he moved to walk towards the door. "Thanks for the pretty rings Zane...we'll pay you when the next job comes around..." he said as he waved over his shoulder.

Zane chuckled. "Of course.' He said having worked out that arrangement a long time ago. Hunter's worked and gained money differently but they were good for it. "Try to not scare them off too badly Nerve." he said finding it all amusing.
Chaos walked out with him following him as the group was being moved to where Nerve would be holding the Final exam. Neo was out there with them watching them all no doubt. He had no idea at all that there was about to be another bloodhound but one thing was sure....he had better not cross that line and threaten Nerve. Nerve belonged to him and he didn't take that lightly.

Nerve chuckled and waved again. "I'm just ding my job...if they run away with their tails between their legs, its not my problem..." he said as he walked out, moving towards his room to grab something to cover some of himself up with.

Chaos followed him out as Zane chuckled and watched them go. Chaos walked with him and headed back to his room. Chaos's was gained through going thru Nerves and he could only exit the same way it was a means of keeping him on 'leash' and he knew it. But....Nerve was such a pretty leash he didn't mind. As they walked along he looked ahead. "What do you want me to do as the exam is going on Nerve?" he asked killing was out so he was curious as to what Nerve wished him to do even if that was simply standing by.

Nerve walked to his room, taking his time, never in a hurry when it came to the newbies. "Mm...I suppose you should be playing Rowdy with me..." he said as he walked along. "Since I can monitor the entire exam through camera, it would be fun to advance in the internationals, no?"

Chaos chuckled. "Yes." he said as he looked at him never minding playing Rowdy it was a means of escape for him and he enjoyed playing the game with Nerve although it wasn't real fighting and killing it was still a lot of fun.

He smiled a little as he made it back to his room and punched in the code to open the lock for the minute it stayed unlocked.

"Well, we'll play while we wait for the exam to finish then," he told Chaos as he opened the door and walked in, moving over to the closet off to the side and grabbed a black vest with chains hanging down on the sides and back before putting it on.

Chaos had stepped in with him and nodded. "They will be a while." he said since he knew Nerve well enough to know that he never made things simple. If he did it wasn't any fun for him and the game ended entirely too soon.

"Certainly. If a game is too easy to beat, then there are too many winners..." he said as he took off his lime green sneakers and put on his favorite black combat boots. "Now the fun begins..." he mused as he motioned for Chaos to come on so that they wouldn't be late for the last arrivals.

Chaos smirked and looked at him as he walked out with him following. "How many do you think will be skilled enough to win your game? Looking at these Recruits this year.....I'm thinking at the most ten will have the skill to pass easily and five more with some effort...." he said walking with him. "The others....are debatable.....they hardly have the strength to be any fun...."

"Mm...I agree for the most part. Though I believe around twelve will pass easily..." he mused as he walked along, hands in his pockets. "The others...I don't really care if they pass with difficulty or ease..."

He nodded. "There are more for the fun of watching them try..." he said as he walked with him. "twelve should prove interesting to see them advance." he said as he walked along. He knew pretty much were they were headed....Nerve had built it and it was in fact where the entire exam once took place an entire virtual area that he could make become anything he wished. And this year he was having them play a game there for the final exam. "That little one of the twelve your counting on to pass." He mused the white haired boy who had impressed Nerve enough to become friends.

Nerve nodded happily as he walked along. "Indeed he is..." he responded. "I look forward to that one and the two he's with will make my life much more interesting...well...more than it already is..." he said.

Chaos looked up as they approached the room knowing that the group was waiting inside confused and no doubt excited. He stepped back just a half a step but it put Nerve at the lead. He chuckled though. "Its a small group but they show great skill....and there alive." He said which..........Chaos did not say lightly. Most he complained about talking to 'dead people' meaning they were a waste of his time but to call someone alive was rare. He had done that with Nerve, Neo and those of the 'family' that Nerve was in.....but he didn't do it often. It meant.....they were thrilling and powerful and were not simply a toy for him to break and throw away.

He smiled, chuckling as he paused at the door, to look back at Chaos. "Which is all the more reason to keep them that way," he reminded Chaos lowly before he opened the door and stepped in, walking up to the front of the room.

Chaos blinked and bowed his head. "I will not kill them." he said in response to that. As he was reminded again not to kill most would take offense but not him....because he knew without the constant 'do not kill' or 'keep them alive' he would do just that he would kill. Chaos though followed him into the room and upon entering shoved his hands into his pockets a means of keeping the urge to rip into something or someone at much as possible that is.
Narumi, Lin and several others looked over and Narumi blinked as Neo chuckled and walked towards the door himself.
"Ah good your here I take it to mean your all set and I'm clear to go back to my paperwork?" Neo said amused. "I'll receive your report as to how this exam ends." He said lightly as he walked up to Neo and nodded he was done for now. But all those gathered went wide eyed...
"What the heck Neo isn't giving the final?" And Neo shook his head no.

Another guy looked between Nerve and Chaos. Wondering if this was another partner thing.

Nerve shook his head, sighing in an almost exasperated tone before he put his hand back into his pocket. "You're sure? Is it really that boring for you old man?" he asked lowly as he stood there.

Neo chuckled. "Of course not." he said looking at him. I've decided based on the exams you can use that  version of your exam....." He said that version being....the roughest most dangerous one. One in which the no doubt people like Gungen and Narumi would pass....and even there friend Lin but the others either dropped out because they were to weak or couldn't finish the game and were disqualified. The other's were milder. "But if you want me to stay and watch the exam I will it makes no difference to me....things are just getting.....slow and boring..." He said meaning they were pretty much doing the same thing over and over again no near failures and pulling out wins just effortless waltzing through....
Chaos looked over at Neo....that man and his games. He enjoyed his games as much as Nerve did.

"All right, listen up you bunch of little maggots..." he began lowly, coldly. "I'm the proctor for the final exam. The rules are very simple in this exam. Don't make me repeat myself, so if you have useless chatter, you'd better get it over with now," he said as he looked around at them, making sure to let his elbow barely touch Chaos's arm, to remind him he was still very much aware of his beasts movements.

Chaos felt the slight connection and stayed stationary. So many in the room and they were holding an position of 'challenge' they all felt they were superior except for the three Narumi, Lin and Gungen they weren't challenging just waiting.
One guy looked and snorted. "Maggot? Where do you get off you punk we're not some little weaklings...I should kick your ass for that..." He said but his words caused the room to take an almost violent rollercoast ride into something to induce enough fear the guy who spoke wet himself....his eyes wide as he was quaking blood lust. Blood lust that wasn't like Mugo's directed controlled only in the sense that he thrilled in it as something he desired. This was different this was the sheer desire to kill EVERYTHING before him. Chaos was looking at the one who threatened Nerve but he had not moved because the fool had only been speaking that aura that blood lust held no rage, no anger nothing but sheer desire. He licked his lips as he looked at him and spoke one single solitary word pulling his right hand out of his pocket and pointed at the one who threatened Nerve with words. " I can kill you please..." He said in a low tone but it wasn't cold....or even happy it sounded like....raw desire.

The guy shook his head no. "What the heck is he?? I could handle Mugo's bloodlust it had a goal a reason behind it....but this....this is different..." he guy said shaking.

Nerve sighed and moved to wrap his arms around Chaos' waist, "Shh...easy now my lovely beastie...the exam hasn't even started yet..." he said, soothing Chaos as he turned his gaze back to the one who had so foolishly spoken up. "To me you're exactly that. I'm Nerve, and this here is Chaos...he's one of only two Blood Hounds...can you guess who the other one is?" he asked lowly, but happily.

Chaos looked down at Nerve and instantly the bloodlust was 'gone' but not really it was rolled back up into him waiting to strike. He lowered his right hand to come down and rest lightly around Nerve seeking that contact at the moment and Neo sighed lowly that was too close...if that idiot had twitched....Chaos would start moving and then it would take a bit more on Nerve's part to restrain him.

The guy looked at him as he stood there a solid mess and blinked. "Nerve....he's Chaos and only one of two mean that hidden rank isn't a rumor? It really exists." he said then paused. "Wait one of only two....if he's one and that kind of bloodlust....then the other is...he paused pondering and shook his head but Narumi sighed.

"He's referring to Mugo." Naru said looking over at him. "Mugo like him desires the kill. When he fights its not so much the fighting as it is the killing. They crave it."

Chaos smiled as he looked at Narumi but in his current didn't look nice. "Now I know why you like that one he has a head on his shoulders that works."

The guy who soiled himself paused though and pointed. "Yeah right he calls that man his beastie and the man doesn't even get upset."

Chaos sneered. "Because I am you fool....his beast."

Nerve smiled up at Chaos and nodded. "That's part of the reason...there's more to it though..." he admitted before he looked back out at the idiot who soiled himself. "Mm...They're not hidden, just rare. There used to be another...but Chaos killed him...sad too...the guy would have went far with the right master..." he said, shrugging it off though. "Mugo is the other Blood Hound indeed. He's much more dangerous than my beastie though...he just fools everyone, right old man?" he asked as he looked over at Neo.

Neo snorted. " a Bloodhound onto himself. He's far more dangerous where your Hound will listen to you if you ask it of him Mugo listens to no one." he said shrugging. "You can ask things of him and even make suggestions if he likes them he'll listen but....don't dare to order him you'll die." He said shrugging. "But on that note your Chaos different there. No one but you can have any sort of control over him. If anyone else even remotely tries to ask anything of him or 'suggest' something he'll kill them....heck if you are there with him he'd have killed everyone in the room by now. Mugo is different in the aspect he likes to play and drag out his kills. Chaos goes straight for the kill the more blood he's saturated in the happier he is..."

Chaos remained quiet as he brought his hand up to play with Nerve's hair a idle gesture this was nothing for him to talk about he honestly didn't care which one of them was stronger or weaker. Him or Mugo or who was more dangerous. They were both bloodhounds as long as Mugo respected the boundary and didn't touch Nerve there wouldn't be a problem.

The guy paused and looked at Nerve who spoke so calmly. "Wait...he killed the other Bloodhound and your not upset with him for it? You said he had potential had he had the right master.....that's like saying Chaos there is nothing more then an what to lay claim to him you go and get matching piercings or something to make him aware that he's yours." he said and Chaos rolled his eyes up.

"You have that wrong.' Chaos said lowly. "Nerve is mine." He said looking at man. Then made a tsking sound. "I hate talking to dead people...."

Nerve sighed and looked back at the one who was annoying Chaos. "He's my beastie, my dog...but he's also my partner. If you dare to try to insult him, I'll disqualify you or kill you...which ever is easier at the time..." he said lowly, coldly. "As for the matching piercings...that's because he wants them..."

The guy stared. "Your talk about me insulting him and yet your calling him a beastie and a dog can it be more insulting...." He paused as Chaos looked at him and licked his lips.

Neo sighed. "If you were wise you would shut up now. There is only so long he'll listen to Nerve and stay there. If you keep pushing him he will disobey Nerve's request of him and go after you." He said shaking his head.

Chaos tipped his head as the guy pointed. "But I'm not the one treating him like an animal....that punk of a kid running the exam is."
"Ni....." He said lowly he insulted Nerve and only one threatened him.....if he reached three....Nerve would have to punish him.

Nerve sighed and tightened his grip on Chaos' waist. "Down will have to be punished if you keep this don't want to make me mad, do you?" he asked lowly, coldly as he stayed put, but his gaze was fixated on the one who was testing Chaos. "If you are wise maggot, you'll shut your mouth now...I don't like having to punish him for trying to kill someone...its not my nature to punish a natural reaction...but I'll have no choice if he comes after you..."

The guy opened his mouth again but shut it as he saw his eyes....the eyes of a predator wanting off his leash to hunt but more then that to kill. He fell silent clamping his mouth shut and not uttering another sound as Nerve said he'd have to punish him but....he didn't like having to punish him for obeying his instincts. He didn't utter a word now....those eyes weren't healthy for the guy who had been speaking they promised in no uncertain terms death.
Chaos pulled his gaze away from the guy and looked down at Nerve he hungered for it now wanted it the kill. But be closed his eyes as he felt Nerve's grip on him tighten. So long as Nerve had ahold of him he would not move. Instead he lowered his right hand to around his waist and lowered his head until it was resting against Nerve's a 'submissive posture' on his part only for Nerve though and he was pouting. "I won't do anything unless he physically moves to threaten you....." He said lowly. "But oh do I want to.....I want to feel the heat of his bad..." He said lowly being blunt about it....he wanted that kill that one moment of heat when the blood released from the body...."I hear that fool scream." He breathed and turned his nose into Nerve's hair. "Ni....NI....Ni...." he whispered he could hold on until one more more insult and then he would disobey Nerve's wish and he knew it. As he chanted '2' for a moment.
Neo drew in a sharp breathe. "I strongly suggest if anyone else wishes to be so stupid you keep it to yourself. Make no Mistake you do not have to be allowed to take the final exam. If you cause him problems Nerve can kick you out right here right now....and if he does you better thank him because he just gave you your life."
The entire room fell silent as Neo spoke harshly to them all. The only thing holding Chaos in place right now was Nerve's touch and the promise of being punished if he killed that man. But that man had come dangerously close.

Nerve sighed and closed his eyes. "I know my good and I'll reward can do anything but break my arms...I need those to play Rowdy with you...ok?" he said, soothing Chaos at least a little.
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PostSubject: Re: Welcome to the Hunter's exam.    Welcome to the Hunter's exam.  EmptySat Sep 05, 2015 3:38 am

Chaos looked down at the top of Nerve's head as he spoke...that he could do anything to him later...but break his arms. He needed those to play Rowdy with him..."Baka.." he said lowly although it wasn't cold or cruel and who it was directed to....was unclear but, with his head resting against Nerve's he removed his arms from him and put his hands in his pockets. "Not happening." He said lowly meaning he would not break Nerve....anyone absolutely anyone else in the room sure. Easily in less then a heartbeat. Nerve....never.

Nerve chuckled and shook his head. "Aho..." he responded lowly. "You know I can't feel it anyway..."

"That is not the point." He said lowly. "Once I start.....the problem is stopping and you are not one I wish to kill." He said looking down at Nerve. "I desire it way to much to trust myself if I harm you even a little."

Sighing, he closed his eyes as he moved closer to Chaos, as if snuggling him. "Sometimes...I crave it though...I'm not completely better you know..."

Chaos looked down at him narrowing his eyes and rolling them to the side away from him. "And if I can't stop.....If I cross that line....I loose you."

He opened his eyes to look up at Chaos. "I wouldn't ask you to if I didn't think you could do it..." he said lowly, smiling.

Chaos looked at him his body was still thrumming desiring the kill, to kill the one who had spoken out who had challenged him not once but twice. A shudder rippled through him as he closed his eyes bowing his head. He drew in a sharp breath. "You are a wicked temptation....." He answered lowly darkly in those tones that promised he was about to kill he was about to cut was so hard to keep what little fragile control he had right now.

The guy although not speaking out snorted and rolled his eyes and Chaos's own flew open looking at him even as he stood there unmoving in Nerve's embrace. "Especially when....I desire it so badly."

He brought his right hand out of his pocket again and up before dragging it down against the spinal piercings beneath the black vest knowing where they were by heart. His fingers pressing lightly against each one before stopping at the last. "Don't tempt me not now....your voice still reaches me....if you desire it so badly then wait....until my desire for that corpses blood....has settled."

Nerve shivered and closed his eyes again, moving into the touch instead of away from it. " shouldn't tease me then..." he mused lowly, his voice low and dark.

He flattened his hand before he did something here and now that he would regret especially since Nerve was so fond of his piercings. He brought it back around and caught his chin. "After....if you still believe I can control the beast inside of me....I will give you what you want." Chaos looked into his eyes. "Tease you haven't done anything at the moment...I can if you like....but....that would postpone your game."

Neo chuckled. "By all means if you two wish to play a bit before the game starts go right ahead." He said by now they were no doubt used to that 'wind down' thanks to Mugo. But....that man had caused this by challenging Chaos several times.

The guy looked and rolled his eyes "Oh lovely so he's going to what roll around and what do they call it 'play' with this guy who thinks of himself as a beast an animal? Can we just get going I've been insulted enough for one day." He said narrowing his eyes at them. "You hear me over there I don't really get why everyone is so afraid of a blind man. Especially one who is more like a tame dog." He said in reference to Chaos's natural silverwhite eyes.

Chaos looked over at him and narrowed his eyes as he let his hand rest against Nerve's back but it spasmed twitched the impact thrust Nerve into him so hard and the sound of things cracking under his hand as he in less then a hairs-breath of space....smacked Nerve in the back on impulse. "San....if he does not shut up now you will have no other choice but to punish me.....I tire of the deadman." He ground out then looked at Nerve pausing..."Shit..." he breathed having hit...him having smacked him in the back like that right over the spinal piercings....the sound of something cracking so high up on his back.....Chaos looked at Nerve....if he did the damage he thought he did.....he was going to make that man pay.

Nerve hadn't reacted, not a single expression of pain. "Hm...perhaps you've cracked a disk or two..." he mused lowly. "Luckily, I think I can still move..."

Chaos grit his teeth. "Damn." He said lowly not liking the sound of that. He looked over at the man. He had hurt him....had possibly cracked a disc or two, and now he was pissed....angry and wanting blood. To without control turn even a small amount of his strength against Nerve pissed him off as his light golden hair bled out to silver white matching his eyes his hand moved pointing at the man who kept pushing he moved his hand away though he flung it like a flick of his wrist and once again the sound of cracking entered the room but were as Nerve had not....made a single expression of pain the man screamed as his shoulders bowed back....hitting the ground as his back seemed to 'break' there. Chaos tipped his head. " was the vertebrae that cracked....I shattered the discs. I may be willing to give you what you want but....I will not cripple breaking your back....especially since it would mean no longer being able to play Rowdy." He said watching the man writhe in the pain....
Another looked at the sight before him and for the first time spoke. "Um....what just happened it was like he flung it to the that guy the damage done....." Choas wasn't his name it was what he was....rules...didn't normally apply to him.

Nerve sighed and shook his head, his arm moving to shove his lower palm up, connecting soundly with Chaos' chin, sending him up off the ground a little. "I won't repeat myself much more my beastie..."

Chaos went up and back hitting the ground sliding as he looked up at Nerve quietly his hair staying that silvery white. He didn't grab his jaw it didn't hurt but the point was made. He hadn't killed the man but he had given him the damage. He stood his hands once again going in his pockets as he looked away the dog-tags bouncing and glittering in the light as he turned walked away and moved to lean against the wall looking at Nerve. "San." he repeated.....looking at him and then closed his eyes.
Neo looked at the guy who was on the ground beads of sweat rolling down his face and shaking in pain. Then over at Choas and Nerve.........he would not tell Nerve to go easy on Chaos....he knew how he had to handle him. To interfere in that was too dangerous.
The guy looked up unable to move his arms back and forth for the pain was too great. "Dam it....that asshole what did he do to me?"

Chaos had not planted his weight against Nerve. He never would.....and as such like any normal human such a blow knocked him backwards. But he wasn't happy desiring the kill wanting to kill that loud mouth more then anything.....and now to be struck once by Nerve  today......he was seething.......and leaning against the wall.....for being punished for it didn't make him happy at all now all he wanted was to end this.....and not in a good way.

He closed his eyes and sighed. "I'll kill you the next open your mouth..." he said as he looked at that idiot writhing on the ground. "I hate having to use brute force..."

The guy looked up at Nerve staring as he was told he was going to be killed if he spoke again. And yet he just looked at him kneeling there unable to lift his arms. He was done.
Chaos stood there he wasn't glaring anger didn't come to him in the same fashion it came to many others. A cold dead hateful hungry light burned in his silver eyes and it made Neo less then pleased. He was wound up like a bomb ready to go off....
Chaos looked at them all his eyes moving from one to another locking on pulse points locking on how fast or slow there hearts were beating his eyes able to focus on such details trained that way to achieve instant kills.....and his gaze was making many in the room nervous.
Narumi looked at them and had the sinking feeling....Nerve was pissed now very much so because that one made him punish Chaos. Because Chaos had inflicted damage on the one who opened his mouth. It wasn't a good cycle....not right now because he was punished for no doubt Chaos wanted to kill the man himself and glancing at him Naru knew for certain that was a truth...Chaos looked the part of a caged feral beast straining on his leash and it was about to snap....there was a darkness almost bordering on insanity for the kill shinning in his eyes.....and they were all simply prey to him. To far he had been pushed too far. One more wrong move and it was going to turn into a blood bath in here....

Nerve, after a while, opened his eyes to look coldly, hatefully at the guy again. "You're not staying here one more moment...Neo...I'm done with that one...have him removed..."

Neo looked over at the man and then spoke. "Sena could you come and remove this one please? He's managed to disqualify himself and put his name and all other information in the Ban won't you?" He asked looking behind him to the hall and in walked Sena with Blaise. Senaste was not known for being overly nice as he walked up grabbed the man by the back of his shirt and then bodily drug him out without a word.
Narumi looked at Nerve Proctors he knew reserved the right to disqualify anyone and anything they wished. For whatever reason they wished, he knew that and that man had provoked a situation after being told to stop. His gaze moved from Nerve back to Chaos who he realized had watched him being taken out of the room. An almost feral look graced Chaos's features as the man disappeared through the door.
Chaos watched him being taken out of the room his shoulders didn't relax his posture didn't loosen up.....but nor did he look in Nerve's direction. His gaze moved back around the room. Focusing on the rest of them. Nerve wasn't touching him and right now.....Neo was worried that Chaos would move about the room keeping distance between himself and Nerve....furious and wanting the kill...he'd avoid his retainer waiting for one of them to
"All of you do not until further notice move or speak if you value your lives....Not....until   Nerve lets you know it's safe to do otherwise." Neo said and Chaos's gaze moved instantly to him and Neo met his gaze not challenging but not backing down just calm and he looked away he wasn't stupid....Nerve would go for the worst punishments if he threatened Neo.

Nerve moved over to put his arms around Chaos once more, leaning in to kiss him on the cheek. "Easy now my pretty beastie...I'm sorry for making you mad...please return the favor later, won't you?"

Chaos looked at him as he was kissed on the cheek and scowled before looking away from him. He had not avoided Nerve could of but didn't. But he didn't speak merely turned his head away as he looked out at the distance. He still wanted that could taste it. Challenged.....taunted so many times and it took everything he had to hold himself back when everything inside screamed kill. Then to loose to his temper because of the last taunt and hurt Nerve....he gave it back to the one and sorry for making him mad? For once he actually stiffened in Nerve's he stared off to the side.

Nerve pouted and looked down sadly. "I want to kill...but my screams of agony won't come..."

He looked back at him and narrowed his eyes. "San." He said suddenly as he moved and actually grabbed Nerve's chin and face in his hand making him look up. He spoke low his voice thick with the desire the need for what he was denied. "Three times that bastard challenged me. Three times....and on the third his challenge provoked a response that was meant for him out of me against you....and then you side with him...if even briefly...." He narrowed his eyes. "If I give you what you want from me so badly it will not be because some corpse spits words from it's grave...." He moved reaching down and carefully but firmly untangled himself from Nerve...."Go play your game with them....before another speaks and I loose what little control you wish me to have left....." He looked at him. "But if another picks up his challenge.....Makes it Yon....not even you will be able to stop me from killing the one who spoke. Not now."

He frowned as he was forced away from his partner. "I'm not going to do this right now..." he said lowly, coldly. He was already done. "I'm sick of this now....Hey old man, explain this shit so I can leave..."

Neo looked between them and leaned against the wall. "No." he said simply as he looked at Chaos and at Nerve.

Chaos looked over at him and glared as he oved for the door Neo stepped to lean against  it getting a very stiff very rigid angry glare out of Chaos.
"You wished to do this Nerve and so you will as much as I can attempt to explain your game only you know exactly what it is you have set for them to happen. AS to what's happening between you and Chaos at the moment?" Neo looked at him and sighed. "They've been warned to be quiet but the question is......are you willing to be quiet and let this fall between your fingers?" Neo couldn't explain it but he was certain if Nerve let Chaos go like this he'd loose him....Chaos's was for the first time in his life hurting because he had hurt someone precious to him due to being provoked.....if he walked out now.....if they continued down this path........

"Are you willing to hit 'delete' Nerve...." The wording was on purpose on everything he had with Chaos was he willing to let it go...or would he stop him....get him to settle down and listen....he would...if Nerve himself wasn't also upset. But he needed to get his precious son thinking again. Nerve was brilliant but when angered all logic seemed to go out the window.

Especially since.......Chaos was hurting at the moment in a way he didn't understand. It had nothing to do with fighting and killing......but everything to do with that metaphoric 'heart' inside of him...the one that treasured Nerve.

He tisked, glaring daggers at Neo. "Damn you, you old asshole..." he ground out. "I'm not in the mood for this shit..." he said lowly, coldly. So much anger, and it showed in his aura as it spiked. Nerve, for as smart and powerful as he was, lacked the ability to understand pain in almost all forms. This concept...was difficult for him.

Neo looked at him and sighed. "Nerve...." He said in a stern 'father tone' as he looked at him. "For the first time since meeting you he struck you because another kept provoking him, and then when he removed it because it would hinder your arms ability to move and gave it to the one it was meant who he treasures most in this world.....punished him for it." He looked at Nerve and right there in front of everyone. "Punished him for striking not killing but striking....the man who made him hurt the one person in this world Chaos loves and cherishes even if you don't feel pain from the blow it doesn't change the fact he hit you." Neo looked at him at Nerve. "Or the fact....that you in that moment rejected his anger at that man for making him strike you. For getting under his skin to the point he forgot himself and you became the outlet for his who mean the most to him front of everyone shoved him he's hurting in his heart." He looked at his son. "If you weren't rejecting him then he needs to hear it....because if I move and let Chaos walk out this door.....he'll never hear your voice again. Not like he does now."

Neo then looked at Chaos. "And you...will stand there and listen. No raging no anger nothing....if you wish to fully understand you will go no further." Chaos narrowed his eyes. "NO. I will not let this continue this way not between you two because some fool could not keep his mouth shut. If you can not understand what happened then you will stay still and listen to why and what Nerve's reasoning I clear."

"Crystal." Chaos said bowing his head not liking this as he was ready to tear his way through Neo if he had to....he didn't want to be in this room right now. ON that he could agree with Nerve.

Nerve looked down and away. "It...wasn't rejection. I'm..." he closed his eyes and sighed. "I'm sorry...I wasn't punishing you for the sake of some maggot..." he sighed again. "I'm sensitive to everything but was an instinctive reaction to the anger I felt around me..."

Chaos had stopped he listened and closed his eyes as Nerve spoke. He wasn't being rejected. Such simple words and that tight constricting pain in his chest that he didn't understand was gone. Oh he still wanted to kill, he always wanted that and he wanted to kill that maggot so bad he could scream. But....
After a moment he turned and walked back over to Nerve as he said 'I'm sorry' and looked away Chaos reached up and caught his chin made him look back to look into his eyes. He stared at them a moment as they were at arms length before his hand moved and he pulled Nerve in to him against himself. It wasn't rejection.....that was the part that meant the most to him and the I'm sorry was clearly accepted as his right arm wrapped around Nerve and his head moved to rest against Nerve's.

Neo sighed better....much better. He knew it would break Nerve's heart to loose Chaos and Chaos.....was fragile the only one in this entire world he treasured was Nerve if he thought he was being rejected by him....he'd become a lost cause an endless killing machine with no coming back. Nerve was very important to him.

"Human emotion is a lot like static electricity in the air when it gets high enough Chaos. Nerve is highly sensitive to such things which is how he got his 'nickname'. I could tell you all of this before but it's meaningless unless your willing to hear him. For that I will stand as a wall....because no matter what happens he's not out to betray or reject you."

"Like I give a damn what you have to say." Chaos retorted as his cheek rested against Nerve's hair his eyes closed as he just focused on breathing in his scent. "Your words mean nothing to me." He told Neo coldly flatly.

Nerve sighed as he was once again in the safety of a familiar embrace. "I compensate for my lack of response to pain with my response to emotions..." he admitted lowly. "The loss of pain...heightened my sensitivity to emotions..."

Chaos nodded as he kept his one arm around him cheek resting there. "Alright." he said lowly as he did something he rarely if ever did in a public setting usually preferring to keep one arm free he wrapped his left arm around him as if to clearly state your mine and I'm not letting go period he fully hugged Nerve and closed his eyes he could block out all others right now with his eyes closed and breathing in Nerve's scent but if one of them spoke the illusion would be shattered. "I am not sensitive to them.....I have never felt what I felt before." That pain he had not understood it how to explain it how to even question Nerve about it he just knew it hurt....and he had suddenly felt backed into a corner but none of those applied and so he was here holding him again.

"Unfortunately...I am..." he said as he stayed there. "I'm sorry my pretty beastie...I still love you...even if no one else will..."

The last of the tension left him as he sighed softly. " you." He answered it was something he was recently saying in return instead of looking at him confused at such a concept and in the past he had always simply answered with 'You are mine.' when Nerve said he loved him or looked upset what the words were not spoken. Until one day Chaos had looked at him and said. That Nerve was his and no other could have him or touch him he'd kill them no matter what Nerve said. He was unwilling to allow another to have him at all...that had seemed to delight him and it was later he learned....that was 'love'. At this moment in time though he finished up with stating. "You are mine, and mine alone." Sounding possessive heck yeah....but he had said that often enough.

Nerve smiled happily. "Yes...I know my're mine, and mine alone..."

At his words Chaos relaxed and sighed he'd ignore the others so long as no one else did something so stupid as to challenge him. Chaos's frame relaxed back to the familiar easy stance he usually held as the last of the faint tension left him. He was once again content and happy relaxed when he was with Nerve that misunderstanding cleared up.
The others were quiet they had spent some time under the gaze of a true predator....Chaos for a while there had looked like he was on the hunt and they were his prey. And Neo's words to not move and not speak went heeded no one challenged or spoke simply remained quiet and watching as if some instinct inside of them told them that challenging him now....would be suicidal. Nerve for whatever reason was his 'balance' his quiet or safe point and none of them were willing to upset that balance a second time.

He stayed still, opening his eyes to look contently out at the crowd. "It's safe to move now..." he said simply. "The threat of my lovely beastie breaking his leash has passed..."

They all seemed to slump as one a few even letting out soft sighs of relief at the words it was alight to move. That the threat of him breaking his leash was over.
Chaos was quiet not paying them any mind as he simply held onto Nerve as long as none challenged him directly or got hostile to Nerve he would remain like this. And none seemed willing to provoke a dangerous situation a second time. Although the kid known for his speed looked and deciding to be daring looked at Nerve and asked. "You said his class is a Bloodhound...and that there are only two who hold that class..." he said hedging into it carefully but he was curious. "Does that mean that you two work as a Unit when on assignments? And what type of Hunter class are you?" he asked curious about there proctor and his partner now that things didn't feel so hostile and when Chaos showed no signs of being upset at his speaking and asking....the kid took it to mean he didn't offend either of them by asking.
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Welcome to the Hunter's exam.  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Welcome to the Hunter's exam.    Welcome to the Hunter's exam.  EmptyMon Sep 07, 2015 11:52 pm

Everyone was staring at Nerve when he talking about 'Leader boards' and getting high scores. Which was when Cyber spoke up as everyone is getting 'Rowdy' in the room and start laughing.
"Ah shit....this giving them any sort of help when log in happens? In game coins start out at fifty so that's nothing to even begin to get a base weapon and armor with....and it's not like they have months to get worthy enough to play with you right........Nerve?"

He'd likely chuckle and shake his head. "I had planned on giving them 1,000 each but...if you want to explain the all means...go ahead..."

Cyber chuckled and they all looked at him. "Welcome to Rowdy 101. At a thousand cred's you'll have to go to a base shop and buy a standard weapon and leather armor, you will also need healing tonics don't worry about your magic right's too low to have impact anyways and auto's up as you level up." Cyber walked forward and looked back at them all. "In game there are two battle forums. The one you need to worry about and focus on to get on the Leader board is Battle Dome. Go after the quests you'll level up slower but also won't get on the leader board. PVP is the only way to level quickly in Rowdy."
They looked at him. "When you get in game DO NOT leave the city.....everyone and I mean everyone who plays Rowdy starts out in base dome to level up against other players. Once you reach a certain level you are auto kicked out and made to get to the next dome. There are 250 Levels. On each level is seventeen battle domes. To get to the next level you have to beat the previous battle dome you can not climb levels without doing that first."

"Oh and one more have to do the battle domes to get on the Leader board and the only Domes that start counting for the Leader board on are on level 87....once you breech the first three levels of 'Hero' Battles....anything below that you don't rank."

One guy looked at him and snorted. "Oh and what world are you on?"
Cyber snorted. "I'm a Worlder not a Battler so I'm shifting forums to play here. But I've already beat the boss on level 99....this is a detour for me and a bit of fun....not to invitation to see if I can....catch up."

"And when I say Boss kiddies I'm talking the Master Boss, and by myself I'm not much of a team me in game and if I feel like it I might humor you. Might."

Nerve sighed and looked boredly at the people around them. "Mm...I should have made a new player to play this...." he mused lowly.

Nerve looked so bored. Cyber rose an eyebrow and snorted. "You'd be bored fighting again in the lower levels. You dominate the Leaders...." He said the Hall of Warriors was decorated with Nerve's log. "There cannon fotter to you even If you go back the system would auto convert stats and all you'd have to do is flick your wrist. And if you managed to avoid that you know how the battle system works and how to get the most Agni points in one go to level up quickly."

Nerve sighed and smirked. "I know how to avoid my stats being kicked over..." he mused as he looked at Cyber. "I'm a hacker...its what I do..." he said, shrugging though. "However, I have to agree. I'd be very bored...since I play in the Champion levels..."

Cyber nodded. "I know I've seen the hall of Warriors you dominate it." He said then paused. "You intend on Full Diving everyone so that they actually feel what there doing as the partial dive blocks over 75% of the system pain and responses don't you?" He said looking at them. "How many can you full dive at a time?"

There was at least 55 people here, not counting Nerve, Chaos and Neo, add them in that was 58 if Neo was diving as well.

Although he was competing if Nerve would like some of the stress off of himself he'd help full dive the Rookies.

Nerve tipped his head. "I can Full Dive at least 30..." he mused lowly.

Cyber nodded. "I can easily handle the rest that would leave up to twenty eight that still needed to be full dived including myself."

"Mm...if you want..." he said, shrugging as if he didn't care.

Cyber chuckled. "No problem I just need to know if you've auto logged the starting city or if I need to route them and the coins to start."

Nerve pointed to the door he'd be going through. "I've already logged the starting city and coins...I simply need to press the button.

Cyber nodded. "When I feel the kick over starting I'll move the remaining twenty seven with myself into the game server." He said looking at him as he put his hand in his pocket. He looked at him and relaxed at ease as he looked at Nerve. "It's been a very long time since I've battled in the domes this should prove interesting."

Cyber seemed to pause a moment though and then looked at the Rookies again. "OH One more thing....full dive has it's hazards....your really going into the system so...if you die you die. If you get wounded well...." He pulled his shirt off showing the battle scars. "You really get hurt and you'll feel it. So if you have guts stay here if you wanna back out...better do it now cause once in game I'm certain neither Nerve nor myself will log you out until the end of the tournaments."

Cyber said showing how much a Hero he wasn't or rather was a Dark Only if it benefited him some how....he was kind but he wasn't stupid.

Nerve smirked. "I'm not sending anyone back until the exam has ended..." he said lowly, showing how cold he truly could be.

One guy looked between them. "But....he's not one of the proctors he's here taking the final exam with us so we should be able to pay him off to get us out if it's too much giving him whatever loot we gain or what..." he said and at that Cyber started laughing.
"I told you already....I'm not logging you out until the end. And you can't log out in full dive without the one who logged you in doing it. So....last chance assholes if you wanna run you can see the door right?"
Everyone exchanged looks as Cyber pulled back on his shirt and one moved for the door as the one who protested fell silent. Having made it this far.

"Ah heck it's just a game how hard can it be?" he asked and at that Cyber's eyes went slightly wide before he started laughing doubled over and started laughing hard, tears coming to his eyes that was how very hard he was laughing.

Nerve chuckled lowly, darkly. "I play solo. Only one in every six solo players will make it past the first few levels..."

They looked at him...."But in order to pass the final we have to get on the leader board." One guy said looking at them as he stood there and then pointed. "He said he's beat Level 99 can't be that hard can it?" He said but another paused and looked at them. " saw him appearing and disappearing around Mugo..."
Cyber straightened up and ran his hand through his hair. " many rookies entering into Rowdy even with the Easter Egg of a 1000 creds....your all gonna do something stupid....Might I suggest you find out how long the final is?" They all looked at Nerve curious about how long they had to get to the Hero levels.

"Six hours..." he responded lowly. "That's how long you have to make it to Hero level..."

One guy went wide eyed. "That's impossible."
Cyber shook his head. "No it's doable." He countered looking at them. "I just said earlier that if you get High enough Agni you can climb fast. The right kill combo plus weapon skill and end time of the match equals higher Agni or Experience, Magi, and Sword/Weapon arts skill." He said looking at them. "Max Agni that can be gained in a battle is 10,000 points Which is then broken up over all your stats 5 Battles you just hit level ten and are moving on from the first dome to dome seventeen. To receive max Agni you fight should take no more then a minute a piece. If it takes longer then that the Agni drops drastically. In six hours it's highly possible to reach level 87 and enter the Hero arena there the battles unless you Score a Prefect kill in less then three seconds will take longer. I say perfect kill because then you get the chance in the Arena to battle for a Champion weapon. If you win you get the weapon and the status boosts that come with it. IN battle dome the Weapons are called Champion Weapons in the World map there is Legendary Weapons there are no duplicates."
The guy paused. "So your saying it's possible to get to the higher levels quickly...." He said sounding excited.
"Indeed.....however it's also possible to die quickly in this game."

One guy pointed at Cyber. "And where will you be starting out?" Cyber looked at him and sighed. "I'm level 96 so unless I'm mistaken that defaults me to the level 86 battle dome."

Nerve nodded. "You'll be correct...." he confirmed lowly, smiling at him.

They wall went wide eyed. "That means he only has one level to go before he gets to the Hero levels...." The guy said as he looked between them. "Why can't you give us a level bonus too based on our Real Life skills...."
Cyber turned and pointed at the guy. "Because there your RL skills mean jack shit. You body will naturally obey the weapons and skill arts system. It's easy to jack your level around and make it higher but that will only get everyone killed in an short order less then ten minutes if I do the math. But the point of this isn't to kill everyone but see how many of you have what it takes to be true hunters and make it far in short order....."
"Yeah but your coming in with a bonus."
"Bonus? Doubtful. If I understand his itentions correctly I have to get to his level in the next six hours.....and as close to facing him if not facing fools only have to make it to the first dome of level 87 to hit the Leader board. And that's lowest level."

He chuckled as he stood there. "You, Cyber, have six hours to make it to the Champion level..."

Cyber snorted. "Of's not going to be easy....."
The guy blinked. "So what Hero then Champion..."
"No." Cyber looked at him. "It goes Hero, Legendary, and then finally Champion....."

"We in the Fighter circuit call it Boss level..." Nerve added lowly. "I'm starting at Champion level to play competitively for a while before I join you all..."

They all stared and then looked at each other. The guy who had been protesting and asking all the questions sighed. "Alright so we have to make it to Hero, but don't leave the city before we reach at least level ten...."
"MM that is correct. Each level has a port world which will take you to the next level, but in order to get to the next world you have to be able to handle fighting the random 'Rowdies' that show up....monsters and people that crop up from time to time there not super high in level but they appear in gangs and can wear you down fast."

Nerve chuckled lowly. "My Rowdies...will be your primary worry..." he mused lowly as he pulled down his shirt collar to reveal the Ruff Rabbit tattoo. "I'm the leader of a Rowdies crew..."

They all looked at each other and at the sight of that tattoo Cyber sighed. "There annoying." He said looking at him. "The amount of times they come after me just after I finish a Master Boss...." He said sighing and how many times he kicked there asses and yet they kept coming back they never went after his inventory not after the first time now it was just a matter of beating him he was certain of it.

"My Rowdies..." he began as he was smirking. "They're a bit of a difficult bunch..." he mused as he stood there.

"They like to go after strong solo players who have legendary weapons..."

"Tsk...I noticed." He said shaking his head. The guy blinked. "He has an Legendary Weapon?"
Cyber shrugged. "Yeah you could say that....although I don't use it often. But one doesn't battle all the way through Asgard to clear Thrym's dungeon battling rogue Frost giants to let a bunch of Rowdie Rabbits steal it shortly after." He said looking at Nerve shaking his head. "I haven't really humored talking to them since there first attempt on level fifty....."

"Of course I don't need to....I usually know there without using any skills. As soon as I step out of the dungeon they're yelling give us the 'Legendary Sword or die'

"They're just pissed off because I got the only legendary weapon in the Rabbits..."

"And I'm the only Solo Worlder who has a Legendary so they think they can wear me down." he said shrugging. "Do they realize they can fight in the Hero ranks and try to battle for one of there own? There are still several left."

"They're thieves...." he countered lowly. "They don't exactly thrive on doing things the right way..."

"I noticed." Cyber said chuckling. "Just as long as you don't hold it against me when I send them back in stitches."

"Go for it..." he said, shrugging. "They're just random players who wanted to join.

Cyber nodded. "Then I'll stop holding back. I went to Gravolt City and looked into the leader of the Rabbits." He said shrugging. "I didn't feel like getting into a Multi forum rift over taking down your team members but if it doesn't bother you.....then the next time they challenge me outside of a dungeon I'll be sure they get the point...."Cyber said chuckling and then stretched and looked over at them before looking at Nerve. "Give the word and I'll move them....I'm curious to see how close to you I can come in six hours Nerve. I'm at level Ninety six now to clear floor 86 I have to reach 100, after that I can jump....depending on the Agni kill to other domes and even floors....I know it won't be easy but that's half the thrill right?"

He chuckled and closed his eyes. "I'm level 150...good luck getting to me in the Champion circuits in six hours..."

"If I'm to make it.....then I have no choice but to use that skill set all the way...." He said meaning his dual wield a unique fighting style that's all his many believed it weakened the attack power because it wasn't a two handed stroke.....which was funny cause he did just fine cutting a boss in half with it.

"Amusing..." he said as he opened his eyes to look at Cyber. "If you're planning to make it in time...keep in mind...I'll be using God's Hammer...."

"And I'll meet you with Excaliber." He said looking at him and nodding. "It should be fun....hmmm." He tipped his head and then looked at his right shoulder. "It would seem big brother has noticed I'm not with 'Father' would seem there on the way here.....I've routed them but....Big Brother is certainly determined.
Neo sighed and reached over hitting the intercom. "Damn interfering jackass's. Sena, go collect Natsu and Toki and might as well get Mugo as well I'm sure he'd like some play time....'Big Brother' is coming to once again interrupt us....if they can't be sent know what to do."
All he got in return was an 'of course'
Nerve wanted this set up this whole final just so he could hopefully play with Cyber in the game....met him and play Neo would give him that.

Nerve's expression changed for only a moment, to a dark, hateful expression. "If they interfere...I'm not responsible old man..." he warned Neo lowly, coldly.

Neo looked at him. "They will not....if they can not be turned away....Sena will make sure nothing comes to this place. He knows you want this as much as I do." He said nodding and they would not. "But you're going to need to full dive sooner then the time you wanted if your to make certain your special guest is outside of there reach."

Cyber shook his head. "It's not so much as they won't risk it as Father won't allow it." He said shrugging. "Although there coming here is annoying....I'm allowed to come here. There was nothing in 'Father's' rules that said I could not leave."

Nerve narrowed his eyes as he turned to look at Neo. "I will end them...." he said lowly, coldly as he gave Neo and only Neo that look. The look of a rabid dog waiting for someone to put their hand near its bowl.

Neo looked at Nerve. "You won't have to." He said as he stood up off the wall. "I will go personally and make certain nothing interrupts this for you....." He said obviously spoiling his son.
Chaos sighed. "Don't worry....there not even within a mile of the complex." If they were they would crash no doubt there in a holding pattern...I'm still emitting my aura."

Nerve looked at Neo for a few moments longer, unable to calm himself right away. "I want him old man..." he said after a few moments. "I want him t be part of us...find a way to make it so...."

Cyber sighed. "Access." He said into thin air and then tipped his head. "Oberon....I need more time....would you....and I need a full link for Full dive. Counting myself? Seventeen possibly Eighteen....Oh? Sure I will...." He chuckled having the ear cuffs in and able to hear the master system easily. He then looked at Nerve. "Father says hello Nerve and says 'Have fun both of you.'" He said chuckling about the computer. He then pulled needle out of his pocket full of a liquid that many there went wide eyed over and inserted it directly into his neck.....pushed the plunger after making sure no air bubbles were in the needle. Once the plunger was depressed he pulled the needle out and bowed his head. As he seemed to almost 'trip' on it before lifting his head and his eyes looked data was running through the Irisis.
Neo looked at Nerve and smiled. "Then you shall have it.....I'll go personally and make certain....not a single rat scurries near this building. You will have him." He said knowing that Nerve wanted Cyber. He wanted Cyber really bad. In this whole world Cyber was the only one like him in any shape or fashion. Although his tripping on Kereblis was something Neo would have to work with. Neo left the room.
Had he stuck around he'd see it....all of Cyber's nerves lit up in his body looking like fiber optics lighting him from the inside out. Kereblis over accelerated his abilities with tech.....allowing him to do things for days that he should not be able to do.

Nerve sighed as he closed his eyes and nodded, relaxing a little. "Yes father..." he mused lowly. Knowing that look. Neo wanted to make sure he had fun, but Neo knew Nerve...was teetering on the edge now. Sanity was a thin line for Nerve.

Neo walked out of the complex himself and made his way there before looking up at the fist hovering blimp form the government and then jumped making to the blimp and in...they would listen to him or....die.
Cyber looked at him and then sighed as he walked back to the wall and touched it with his hands feeling the digital circuits in the room. The frequency was different then he was used to....but he turned and as he did the cords he usually used to jack into Oberon appeared and connected to wall, he shuddered as the system registered forgien presence and virus and after two minutes of countermeasures it calmed and accepted him. Some of the wires were hooked to his piercings some went directly into his skin along his upper spine as he didn't have the piercings there like Nerve. Just at his nape. The guy went wide eyed and looked at Cyber.
"What the hell is he doing? He just....he's hotwired himself directly into the computer...."
"Would you shut up?" Cyber grit out it was no longer rejecting him the same token the system and him were having an compatibility issue and then it was over...."Ouch.....your safe guards are beyond formidable. I had to convince it I wasn't hacking into it....her actually....and merely wanted to borrow a link with her for a bit. After she was certain I wasn't threatening her she stopped trying to trash my neuro pathways....I asked if she spoke with you would that change? She said no it was her job to protect you and everyone here. Sheesh is she aggressive."

"She only calmed down when I said it was to play Rowdy with you and bring others along"

Nerve chuckled and turned to move towards the door behind him. "She's been informed of you...but I hadn't got to inform you of the firewalls..."

He opened the door though and moved into the room before he sat down in the floor and called out to the people in the other room. "Those of you wanting to come with me...had better get in here or be disqualified..."

Chaos moved with him automatically. And the 29 people moved into the room with him leaving behind the amount that Cyber would be moving over into the game. As the thirty walked into the room and left behind twenty seven (I goofed at Seventeen blah I wasn't thinking about the right count) with Cyber. "I suggest you all lay down or get into a comfortable relaxed position for this.....otherwise you'll feel like your falling and slamming into the ground. The moment he jacks in and starts the system.....I'm piggybacking and dragging you all along. So you better be quick."
The remaining twenty seven all quickly got on the floor and laid down along the digital computer pathways on the ground as they did....they noticed a light scanning everything about them....within a moment Cyber had scanned them learned them everything about them....body wise and would be able to move them easily into the game. He himself sat down on the floor Indian style and closed his eyes letting his arms rest on his legs. 'Whenever your ready....I have them.' He sent along the digital current to Nerve but hard-jacked in....talking to Nerve this way felt like he was talking to a part of himself....was it just the computer link?

Nerve moved to his personal computer and sat down on the floor and grabbed the link cables and plugged the largest into his nape piercings and then one into the piercings in his spine, and then two small ones into the piercings on his hands. "Linking in 3....2...1...0...Link..."

In the next room at nearly the same moment Cyber spoke. In unision. Linking in 3....2...1...0...Link..." He spoke and then his eyes took in the familiar corridors of the link corridor as he easily pulled and moved all of the players still in the room with him into the game.....when it was done......they were all gone. No one in either room........full diving meant something else all together with these two. Once there the main group was dumped in Linx City the starting point....and they had everything they needed to know as well as the starting guide on how to pull up there menu's.
The Link put him on World floor 86 and as he looked down he had to smile all of his gear was there the weight of his swords his battle gear and he stretched as if waking up form a long dream. "Ah to be back..." he breathed happily then looked in the distance from Gravolt to see the first battle dome. Smirking he walked into the General court and registered. The others were already no doubt doing what they needed to do and getting information from the information booths......but him? He had only six precious few hours to make it to Champion.

Chaos relaxed as he smelled the air and looked at he qualifiers. "We still have thirty minutes before your up...." he said to Nerve. "Did you wanna jump down to floor 86 and see how Cyber does?'

He stood there, hood pulled up and face covered as God's Hammer was slung over his left shoulder. "Mm...perhaps we should go watch some rookies..." he mused lowly.

Chaos chuckled and linked a start crystal so that they'd be notified five minutes before battle start and be able to make it back in time before nodding. "Whereever you want to go floor one or floor 86. I have a time link set up to go off when we get close to your match"

Once registered he made his way to the first dome and in........he'd be fighting soon and soon.....the fun began.
Naru and the others went and got starter armor weapons a scythe for Gungen it was amazing they had such weapons here and then after learning the submenu's changed and went to the battle arena they were all there....and waiting. Naru and the others had a bit of a wait ahead of them.

Nerve chuckled and tipped his head to look up at the cybernetic generated sky. "We'll go play around on the first for a while..." he mused lowly and looked back down at Chaos.

Chaos chuckled. "THen we have all the time in the world." He said amused as he walked with him to the port in town and triggered the first floor indicator...and then Linx. Once it activated they were taken there and looked about......the newbies weren't in sight which meant they took Cyber's warning perhaps and was doing as he had said to do. Gear up and go to the first war dome.

He chuckled and turned towards the first dome. "Let's go watch them....I want to amuse myself for a bit..."

Chaos nodded as the went there. Upon entering they joined the spectors in the arena seats and looked down to see the fights. And the fighting was done by what looked like ametuers they were loosing there asses.....not making it past the first fight of the battle was actually kind of funny to watch so certain of there real life skills they weren't using the battle system but fighting it to use there outside style.

Nerve hadn't sat in a spectator seat, instead, he had moved to sit atop the arena wall in front of Chaos, God's Hammer slung over his shoulder as he swung his legs a little. "Mm...seems no one wants to use the system..."

Naru took a deep breathe he was so nervous as he was called up next fighting? Sure he could fight he had been trained in it application of fighting no...he had never been allowed. But didn't Cyber and Nerve talk about Weapon Skills and didn't that mean....the system itself had a battle system. He walked out with his rapier in his hand and looked at the guy before him much higher and probably more skilled then him but.....Naru took a deep breath and as the fight started he dodged and countered but Upon being knocked back he slide but it landed him in a position....that....his sword vibrated and glowed the guy brought his sword up and Naru leaned into it moving the end result the guy shattered at the end of his sword as it pierced his chest. The guy having left himself wide open...."Huh?" Naru said as the match was awarded to him...."That was sheer accident..." he breathed looking at the blade trying to figure out what the heck that was.

Nerve, from atop the arena wall, began to clap slowly. "For once, someone has started out using the battle system..."

Chaos chuckled. "Isn't that Naru? Perhaps he actually practiced and learned the battle system." he said as the arena burst into applause and the he looked back at them having heard them first. Once standing upright he walked out and others walked in finding there battle system attacks. By the time ten battles passed four more won and six lost there first fight. But only Naru got nearly max Agni so far....for grace and style of attack.
The next up was Lin who used the battle system and .....lost his first fight but not his life so he could fight again....and after him another. But that was upsetting to Lin to loose his first match were Naru won it.

Nerve watched as many lost their first fight. " Narumi didn't practice one that inexperienced can practice that...." he mused lowly as he watched Gungen win his first fight as flawlessly as Narumi.

"No? Then how on earth did he pull it off that was a flawless Horizontal Rush." he said shaking his head. "It was like it came natural to the kid."

"It does..." he mused lowly. "He's linked to Gungen...what comes Naturally to Gungen is also possible for Narumi...."
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Welcome to the Hunter's exam.
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