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 The Gilded Cage

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PostSubject: The Gilded Cage   The Gilded Cage EmptyThu Aug 27, 2015 7:48 pm

Neo was currently reading documents in his office always there and anyone who was looking for him could find him there. However it was the long suffering sigh and a voice breaking into his train of thought, mind you he wasn't really focusing on the document he had been trying to read for he past hour he got past the first three lines and then his mind wandered. But a voice he was all to familiar with lately spoke up.

"Oh Bu~" Mugo's voice broke the silence in his office. "Neo is a being mean~" Mugo almost whined with a pout.

Neo would look at him and smirk as he'd answer Mugo with an "Oh~?"Sorta teasing him a bit and asking without words 'whatever do you mean?'

Mugo would pout at him even more and tell Neo "You're not playing fair Neo~ You're keeping me in the lower levels when I'm not supposed to be here.."

Neo looked up at him and tipped his head, setting down the documents he wasn't really reading anyways.. "I keep many in the lower levels who could and should be ranked higher....whatever is your point?" He'd ask. "Do you even understand why I'm keeping you exactly where you are?"

Neo would look at him and then sigh. "I'm not saying you don't have the power and skill for the rank Mugo. But there is a reason I hesitate to give you anymore 'power' then then already have."

Mugo would be un-amused and close his eyes and chuckle, a dark sound that reflected his true personality. "Oh I know exactly why you're keeping me...but you don't need to worry...."

Neo himself would open his eyes and look at Mugo tipping his head. "Oh and what reason could you give me to allow you to climb to the rank that you want and I know you could easily hold."

He'd open his eyes to look at Neo. "I don't have a reason to give you...your assumptions would likely be mostly correct...I'm into power and blood...I thrill in killing and don't play very well with others...I'm dangerous to be given even more power than I already have..." he said before he chuckled and shrugged. "But...I don't care about being the leader of anything...that's no fun at all..."

Neo sat back laughing, his eyes closed as he seemed to be laughing at Mugo but he wasn't. When he opened his eyes the mismatched depths were glowing he was so highly amused glowing...more like burned with inner light. He stood up and walked over to were Mugo was. "Into? You thrill in the hunt the thrill of the kill. You thirst for it in such a way it is both arousing and for-filling."He said looking at him. "Power? Is like a dark rich fine wine to you, you can't get enough of it and you don't even try to curb your appetite for it." He said looking at him. "That blood lust triggered Hell's gate in your exam and nearly cost Kichona his life, he who is a skilled hunter used a technique he was not ready to use full bore yet." He looked at Mugo. "So tell me Mugo....honestly what will change once I allow you into the S ranks? What will be so different? I dare not 'leash' you by putting you into the First three. You would go 'mad' and go on a killing spree in the tower simply because your being chocked out. And to place you Ranks S/4 or S5? You say I need not worry about giving a power drunk man more power? What reason could you give me?"

Neo spoke as a man who knew that lust too well, who was as many had once said long ago. 'Lover of Bloodlust' But he changed had to....he became a father.

Mugo tilted his head to the side and smiled happily at Neo. "I'm changing...even you know that Neo~"

Neo looked at him quietly. "You are a man who knows that lust too well I know what I see in you....The old you would have hurt Re, Lost control and hurt him even though he can remember your voice and is familiar with your face he knew not your preference's to be called by. You kept control of your anger and hate and asked him to not call you that but call you 'Mu'" Neo looked at Mugo. "But you showed your first sign of change when little Kichona fell into a coma it was your first time loosing it because someone you loved and cared about was hurting and you couldn't help him wasn't it?"

Mugo tipped his head, putting a finger to his lips in thought. "Mm...I wouldn't say it was the first time...but it was the first time in a long time....the last time was when I was 19 and still worked for Zuku..."

He looked. "That man....holds very little value in many people's lives even those of his children. If you want a prime example of the horrors of bloodlust you need look only there. He would kill his own children if he believed they would betray him and call it an act of love." He said as he looked at Mugo. "But something occurred while working under him that made you snap for the sake of a loved one?"

Mugo nodded. "I protected Kil from was the first time Zuku accepted me as one of them..."

Neo looked at him quietly a moment then sighed and walked towards the elevator. "Come with me Mugo....and I will show you something....that only five others know about.....the five who helped me create this place and the system...." He said as he walked towards the elevator. "And know that I do decided to let you take the secret exam...we both will be dealing with a very pissed off Toki."

Mugo smiled and nodded. "That's okay~ I really like To~"

Neo paused and looked back at him. "Toki doesn't seem to share that sentiment. In fact he's probably the most laid back member here....but when your around he's instantly fired up and hostile. For whatever reason he goes from cool and calm to irate in less then three seconds. It has his partner a bit concerned." He said shrugging as he stepped onto the elevator and gestured for Mugo to join him.

Mugo chuckled and followed Neo. "Ah...well...he disapproves of my preferences of location and who is around..." He said, shrugging as he stood with Neo in the elevator. "I think he somewhat likes me~ and he gets mad at himself because he does~" he mused happily.

Neo chuckled as he commanded the Elevator to descend to the 'forbidden room' Or Sub-level six. Seven could not be entered. Although some might say he was a fool for showing this to Mugo, at the same token....he needed to verify something about the man. The elevator went down as he looked out the glass. "Toki is as complex as they come....but...yes I suppose in a way he does like you and hates himself for it." He said shrugging. "He's not an easy one to understand." The elevator made it to that floor and Neo stepped out walking into the room and kept going until he stood dead center and on one of the 'chakra' points in the ground the room lit up was not a nice place to be in the stone looked as if it was burned daily....and in here they could hear and inhuman scream and roaring. The room shaking and more of those burns eating it's way through the stone....those burns were also upon Neo's back to hold that thing down here....beneath this floor....was not easy. With a sudden burst of power he forced the Kraken back down back into submission but that was the reason for those drinks to keep his Chakra clear....and to numb the pain. But in this room was a blood lust and hunger that made Even Mugo's look like that of a child a beast of a monster that knew only the lust for blood and death.

But he needed to see....what Mugo a man who became soo aroused by those very things did when faced with a demon who very existence was that.

Mugo stood there, not really moving much at first, only tipping his head to listen and feel the kraken and its intentions. "Mm...I see..." he mused as he finally moved to stand before Neo and looked at him seriously for the first time. "Let me go to's ready to tell its secrets..."

Neo looked at him quietly a moment. "Ready to tell it's secerts. I let you go Mugo it could no doubt be the end of you." He said looking at him over half his power was used to contain the Kraken and yet here was Mugo wanting to go see it and face it....

Mugo smiled at him. "Wouldn't that be doing the world a great service?" He asked lightly as he looked at Neo.

"Personally I think it would be a waste." he retorted. "Your lust for blood aside. There is much more to you if you but allowed it to show through more often then hiding it." He looked at him. "Karega is finally showing signs of his memory that is lost to him. Remembering fragments it would be cruel to wake them only to tell him I sent you to your death against the very thing he helped me seal.' He looked down at the floor. "Although he was the only one....who could manhandle the Kraken."

Mugo smiled and chuckled at Neo's words. "I will be the one to kill it...just for Neo...okay?~"

Neo looked at him quietly a moment. Then sighed. "It would seem there's no stopping you. I could deny you over and over again and you will insist on my 'being mean' and that you could do it....' Neo sighed. Once upon a time he could have as well....if he had not had to make a choice between saving Natsu or killing the Kraken. IN the end he choose to save Natsu. And scraficed half his power to seal it up. There was no sign of the stairs anymore. And yet Neo walked over to them over to the wall an put his hand against the stone which began to shift the sound of the stone grinding as he sealed off the floor above them so that it could not escape but nor could they....and then the stairs formed leading down. "This is what you want right? "

Mugo moved over to stand before Neo before he leaned in and wrapped his arms around the other man's neck, hugging him loosely. "This is what you I will give it to you as a present...only for Neo..."

Neo went a bit wide eyed as Mugo hugged him. "Why?" he asked ten years of being trapped in a prison of his own creation and along comes Mugo who he shows it to once and he insists he will give it to a present.

"Because no one likes to be kept in a cage...not even the most loyal of little birds..." He said as he let go of Neo and moved back to look at him. "You said you wanted to see another side of me...this is the side that was almost killed once long ago...I will let you see it now so that you can see the stories that only this side of me can tell..."

Neo looked at him. Mugo had figured it out....This tower was not so much Neo's home but his cage. His and the Kraken's but if the Kraken was set free it would devour endlessly. "alright.....but if it becomes the same as it did ten years ago....I'm yanking your ass and resealing it....I have lived in this cage of my own creation. I will so no more lives lost to that beast."

Mugo shook his head. "The real me died when I was 4...this man was born then..." He said before he turned to begin his leisurely stroll down the stairs to the beast below.

Neo looked at the back of his head. "Be that as it may Mugo. The man you are now is one that holds great meaning to a great many people." he said and yet he followed as well. To see perhaps? To watch as Mugo battled the Kraken and what almost threw his life away? To....Neo did not know but he did follow. Had he simply become to accustom to living in this cage that he became complacent with the world? Or did some part of him long for a life outside of these stone and metal walls.

He hummed a happy little tune as he walked the stairs. When he finally came to the bottom, he moved to stand before the giant flailing tentacles. "Such an unhappy beastie...crying in pain all the time..." He mused as he looked truly saddened as he held out his hand towards the giant monster. "Come here...give daddy your hand and let me make it better..."

Neo stood on the stairs half way down watching. And looked at Mugo said it was an unhappy beast crying in pain all the time and wanted it to give its hand to make itself better to him...and the tentacle flew at him the hooked claws coming in to rend and tear at what it sought to be a meal for the first time in a long time it's roars could be heard as it reached for Mugo.

Mugo smiled happily as he grabbed hold of the massive tentacle and held it in his hand. He brought his free hand up to pet it, shushing the giant beast. "'s ok...pretty soon, the hurt will go away and you'll be able to sleep..." He said, soothing the beast as he brought out a needle with a dark red liquid and inserted it into the kraken's tentacle, injecting it all as he continued to shush and soothe the giant beast. "It'll be okay...pretty soon you'll get to see the sky again..." he said as he petted the massive creature.

Neo watched as he sat there on the steps that red fluid....there was something about that fluid that told him instinctively it was dangerous but such a thing was not something that Kraken would know. And Mugo spook in soothing tones to it. The Kraken screamed again in then after a few minutes with Mugo petting it's tenticales they fell to the ground around him...twitching a few times before laying motionless the beast no longer screaming that immense pressure burning at Neo was not there anymore it was gone. He looked at the sight before him. Was that it? WAs it truly over?

Mugo silently put the last of the giant tentacles to the ground, lowering gingerly to the floor before he looked up at Neo and held up the now empty syringe. "The most deadly poison on the planet...extract from the Sand Lily. The toxin from the nectar is enough to kill an entire country...a concentration of the toxins from the bulb is enough to wipe out an entire race of people...I was trained by the monks and by Zuku...I don't favor poisons, but they're useful for times like these.."

Neo nodded. "When dealing something that is more aggressive the more you attack it." He said looking at him as he sat there. "It's hard to believe after ten years it's finally over."

He looked so sad though. "That creature is what I am...a reflection of myself and thus I thought I would do it justice by ending its suffering..." He nodded though. "The creature you sought to kill is dead, and will not be able to be a threat to you or Natsu anymore..." He said as he stood there though, he could feel the blood dripping down his arm. One of the claws of the tentacles had caught his arm. "Mm...I should heal that before Kil gets mad..."

Neo looked at him. "And yet you look as if you didn't want to kill it." Neo got up and walked down the stairs to where he was to where it was. Looking into the pit like hole were the Kraken had been. He stood next to one of the tentacles before looking at Mugo's arm. He moved his hand and the wound....was gone. As easily as it had come. "I sought to stop the old man who was trying to summon the Kraken into this world where it didn't belong. I failed to get here in time......and for suffered trapped down here after hurting Natsu....while I remained above...." He didn't finish that sentence like a father dealing with a child who could not speak....he took every blow the Kraken gave and only pushed it back down. Not allowing any of them down here again.

"Killing it was like killing part of myself..." He said but smiled at Neo. "In the end, I never had anyone save me like I just did for that creature...and now you know the real Mugo...the one who hates his own name..."

He did know unlike Narumi who only learned by touch he could learn otherwise one's past and he knew Mugo his past his life everything. Yet Neo walked up and looked into the pit were the body of the beast laid it was dying, it's eyes glassy as it's breathing slowed and it was starting to loose it's hold on life. He had healed Mugo but he knelt down now placing his hand on the long tentacle laying on the ground. Neo closed his eyes wanted it dead? No....not really it was just that he had come to learn he had no other choice. There was no sending it back to where it belonged and if it got free it would suffer even more then down here. Burned by the light hunted and picked apart slowly. Down here it was feeding on his Chakra every day a sentence he had given himself.

The low weakening cry from the creature as it tried to move breathing it's last and Neo sighed. "The Irony is? Originally I intended to stop the old man who ran the original Hunter's guild from summoning this creature knowing that it was not a creature of the light and it would become more and more enraged the more the light burned at it. I failed to get here in time. And then no doubt in fear and pain being in a world it didn't understand it lashed out as we sought to stop the old man hurting Natsu." He looked at the Kraken. "And yet despite all of my endless research I could not find a means in which to send it back to the world it belonged in....the world where it would not hurt but be free and much as he was trapped here." So was Neo....and Neo had been feeding it his energy it cried out when it hungered pounding against the upper ceiling and when Neo had sent his energy down he had always been able to feel it quieting curling back up in the pit as if content to sleep. But it was suffering a different pain unable to move about freely unable to be free and Neo knew that pain all to well.
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