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 Hunters and Prey

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PostSubject: Hunters and Prey   Hunters and Prey EmptyThu Aug 20, 2015 11:56 am

It really is a small world. To small sometimes but then again who was he to complain. Sighing he looked up at the large mansion impossibly large really that he had been called to. Normally he would have ignored the call from his family for a job because he would get it through to them soundly that he quit being an Assassin and was a Pro Bounty Hunter now. But eh....this time well it was on the house. Although truthfully his reason for coming and there reason for sending him weren't the same thing. Akira and Nanami Bura had contacted his family hiring professional 'hitmen' to hunt down and take out one man. As he walked in and looked at them he kept his hands in is pockets as Nanami looked up and sighed.

"Mmm this is the skilled Professional they sent?" She asked. "He's around my age...."

"Be nice Nana, that family fucntions much differently then any other out there." Akira countered and then held out the envelope and the information about pay.

Nothing crossed his face no sign of ire on his part at the image in the photos. The Photos themselves didn't warrant it. The man in them was lovely fiery red hair in all the pictures but one....he was sitting in this very office against the wall and looking up his eyes burning in that image a surreal scarlet gold flame.

"Mmm there pretty aren't they?" Nanami said clasping her hands. "It's entirely not fair that he's keeping them for the world enjoying them all to himself. No one can do anything with them that way.....of course we'll pay you handsomely."

He barely glanced up.

"The money has been forwarded as per your fathers orders to your account he said that in order for you to take the job it had to all be there you can check." Akira said looking at him and then turned the screen the transfer went through and was completed before he walked through the door. 7.9 Billion dollars.....seriously? He looked over with the standard blank look. "Your job is simple we need to you kill him....but when you do make sure that his emotions are at there highest point and take extra care to bring back his eyes as proof of the kill."

"Mmm just his eyes?" He said as he folded the picture Akira nodded.

"That's an awful high price for something like that."

"That's because those gemstones are absolutely priceless in the whole world there's not another set of matching stones like them." She said speaking like they weren't a part of him at all like.....

"Mmm...Oh~kay..." He said tipping his head he had what they had wanted him for....what they sent for him for and then he moved, they didn't even get the chance to scream....The sound of there bodies hitting the floor all those gathered in the room....Akira, Nanami....and he lifted his hand looking at the blood that covered his fingers and sighed as he looked down at the last of the Bura clan. "Ba~ka!" he said looking at the dead bodies. "This is the first time I've ever been paid to kill the contractor....." Cleaning off his hand and shoving it in his pocket he began walking out of the building The dead bodies in the halls standing or sitting looking like they were still doing there job guarding....he paused looking at the one who gave him the most grief when he arrived.

"Mmm Bu~So...keep up the good work eh?" He said and paused before the door as he realized his head bowed and chuckled. "Ah so he's rubbing off on me a bit....that's scary." he said in reference to one chocolate haired man who had a very distinct way of speaking. He smirked a bit and shook his head as he walked out and up to where the figure was leaning against a car waiting for him.

"Hey Bara." he said walking up and looking back.

" what are you taking the damn Assassin job?"

"mmm fact there all dead....There's no job to be had." Kirua said as he looked at his best friend. Looking back at the mansion. "Every single last one of them it was like some sort of....epidemic...." He said closing his eyes....

"Riight. Your not going to tell me the truth for anything are you Kir?" Bara said annoyed and angry as he looked at him he didn't want to keep going through this.

"Mm Bara...don't get to angry with me..." He said turning his head. "The 'Epidemic they faced was there own disgrard for life in general....they wanted me to kill someone I know and harvest his eyes for them....I''m not nor have I ever been such a disgusting creature." he said and Bara paused looking at him. "I'm an Assassin....but I'm not something like that....besides the man they wanted me to kill? Is a friend of Mu's. And they wanted me to kill him and rip out his eyes so they could collect them....there....sick....they collect human...."

Bara looked at him and sighed now he understood Epidemic they had gotten so greedy so dark so twisted so sick they had to be put down. Sighing he stepped forwards looked at the mansion and then narrowed his eyes as the building began to smolder and heat up bits and pieces began to smoke before the entire place went up in flames burning brightly to the ground as Bara pulled Kirua to his side.

His arm looped around Kirua's waist as he held his friend close watching the place burn. "It's fine it's being cleansed out of here....washed away in flames that burn away all traces of it....leaving nothing behind Kirua."

Kirua nodded as he sighed and closed his eyes letting his head rest against Bara's chest before opening his phone and calling his father. "The job is done....but don't you ever call me for something so vile again."

"You dare to tell me what to call you for?" Suzuku said into the phone angered by his middle child's flippant answer.

"Damn straight I am....when you call me to play broker for body parts for a couple of sick twisted depraved spoiled brats....." Kirua said and he was met with silence.

"Did you?"

"No." Killua said in disgust. "I am not nor will I ever be a someone to call to track down and kill someone to collect a piece of them. I am an Satsujin we may be Assassin's but we don't do that shit...."

"What of the one's who called you to harvest a person...."

"There dead old man." Kirua said closing his eyes.

There was a few minutes of dead silence....before a warm laugh greeted Kirua. "Good boy. I would have to punish you if you stooped so low.....I may send you out for a job Kir....but you must determine if its a good one or a made the right choice." He said into the phone. "I'm proud of despite calling me are not going to come home are you?"


"Is that one that Bara there with you.....?" Suzuku asked as he sat there in his 'study' and looked out at the distance of the room he was going to loose Kirua at this rate.....his boy was rejecting him further and further....

"Yes." Kirua said glancing up at Bara who was maintaining a controlled flame and nearly had the entire place ashed.

"Put him on the line Kir." Suzuku said in a tone of command. "I will not ask you twice."

Sighing he reached up and placed the phone to Bara's ear. "What the hell do you want?"

"Only one thing boy...." Suzuku said as he shifted and looked at the distance before closing his eyes. "Don't let go of him....don't loose sight of him....take care of him....Kirua...will disappear on you before you know it."

"I'm not you. I actually took the time to know should have tired it...he's more then a tool for you people. He's my best friend." Bara said angry.

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Hunters and Prey
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