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 Please me Teacher.

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Please me Teacher.  Empty
PostSubject: Please me Teacher.    Please me Teacher.  EmptyTue Aug 18, 2015 4:20 am

Killian sighed as he leaned against the tree looking out at the distance knowing that Karin was going to be 'leading' the new recruits here soon how or why he let Mu talk him into being a proctor was beyond him but....he glanced down at the top of Mu's head who was sitting right next to him elbow on his knee and looking up at him. "Mm what do you think of the list of new recruits so far? Some of them are returns from last year who didn't make it but were wise enough to not...challenge us. Thankfully that old bat didn't put the 'game' back into play...I think our group was the only one to pass the final dungeon. They had to go in and save every single last player after that."

"Mm....I think some of them will be interesting..." he mused as he looked at Killian. "Maybe some of them will be as strong as me~" he said happily.

Killian looked at him and then out at the distance again. "As strong as you huh?" He said shaking his head. "That's a hard one Mu, I mean they'd have to be exceptional and short of someone like Ki or Kir....or any of the others in your family....talent like that would be hard to come by."

He pouted as he looked down and back out at the distance. "That's mean Kil~" he said lightly. "There are others out there I just know it," he said smiling, sounding very confident about his assumptions.

Killian looked at him as he was called mean and sighed. "I'm just saying don't get your hopes up." he said shaking his head and then paused amused. "Speaking of things....have has  Kicha kept his word to you all this time? Does he still view you after a year and a half the same or have the managed to drive a wedge between you two?" he asked curious having no idea that Kicha was indeed the same with Mugo to this day.

He smiled up at him as he was asked about Kicha. "He's still the same~"

Killian blinked going a bit wide eyed as he said that. "that boy is stubborn. He won't budge once he makes up his mind." He said but he smiled because that he knew made Mu happy. That he had a friend a true friend who could not be shaken by the views of others. Killian looked up and paused tipping his head. "oh would you look at comes Karin with the's thinned down from the list we received of course but....." There was this huge gap between her lead runners as if they were having a hard time keeping up or they weren't wasting too much energy on this

Mugo perked up and looked out at Karin and the new recruits. "Oh~ This will be so much fun!" he mused happily as he sat there in the grass.

Killian chuckled. "Yeah but remember we have to have them run the test....not fight us to the death Mu." He said chuckling.

Karin nodded to the two awaiting this group and then turned facing them as they after an hour and a half all caught up and looked at them. "Before you are the two proctors for Stage two of your exam. They will go over the terms of your exam and what you must meet in order to move onto stage three." Karin said and then turned and left them the whole group with a look that said to the duo all yours.
Once Karin was gone and up in a tree watching  Killian snorted. "Here's the deal. Stage two two parts. The first part is you have to grapple with Mu here for five mintues, in hand to hand combat, No killing and no weapons. Stage two should you pass grappling with him is rather simple after your down with him you have ten minutes each to figure out how to 'put a tag on me.' If you manage to do that you  win and move on, you will have a choice of wooden weapon to use. On which is the 'tag'" He said looking at them and one a big burly guy looked down at Mugo and started laughing doubling over as he did. "Your kidding me....I can see you being a hunter Blondie but chocolate there he doesn't have what it takes to be a high rank hunter just look at him...he's too freaking adorable." He said snickering. KIllian sighed.

Karin nodded to the two awaiting this group and then turned facing them as they after an hour and a half all caught up and looked at them. "Before you are the two proctors for Stage two of your exam. They will go over the terms of your exam and what you must meet in order to move onto stage three." Karin said and then turned and left them the whole group with a look that said to the duo all yours.
Once Karin was gone and up in a tree watching  Killian snorted. "Here's the deal. Stage two two parts. The first part is you have to grapple with Mu here for five mintues, in hand to hand combat, No killing and no weapons. Stage two should you pass grappling with him is rather simple after your down with him you have ten minutes each to figure out how to 'put a tag on me.' If you manage to do that you  win and move on, you will have a choice of wooden weapon to use. On which is the 'tag'" He said looking at them and one a big burly guy looked down at Mugo and started laughing doubling over as he did. "Your kidding me....I can see you being a hunter blondie but chocolate there he doesn't have what it takes to be a high rank hunter just look at him...he's too freaking adorable." He said snickering. KIllian sighed.
"Oh you really should not have done that." he said in his usual joy filled tones.

Mugo stood up and moved over to the guy. Fast- he was so fast if someone had blinked they would have missed him run. Grabbing the guy by the throat he lifted him and pulled him in close and pulled out his tags for him to see. "Before you go judging a Proctor based on looks...maybe you should know how to read your" he mused as he held onto the guy, letting his feet dangle off the ground. A/0 was his rank and he would happily show any who didn't believe him.

The guy blanched. A/0. The highest ranked A class Hunter out there. This guy.....which meant looks were deceiving. He gasped out an 'I'm sorry' as he was being held by his throat and breathing was nearly impossible. Killian was amused. In all actuality he was a rank below Mu. When they took that test he was the only one not to rate an A/0. Kicha, Mu and Kirua all ranked there. But then again there skill sets were much higher then his. "Mu. We're not supposed to kill them, his face is turning purple the poor fool can't breathe." Killian called out happily in a joy filled tone as if all was right with the world and as if his death really would not bother him at all but he knew because of what they were and what they did, Karin was somewhere hidden away watching what they did here.

He dropped the guy, letting him come crashing down on his ass. "You're right you're sorry..." he said as he looked down at him. "The first rule of this exam is to not judge others based on their looks...I'm sure they told you that when you started...." he mused as he stood there.

He coughed rubbing his throat and nodded staring at the ground his cocky attitude had nearly gotten him chocked to death. He had pissed off one of the two proctors here did that mean that stage three had three proctors? He looked up at them and sat there struggling to regain his breathing.
A young boy looked at him and then walked up looking at Mugo. "So let me get this straight....we're supposed to fight you hand to hand....for five minutes....are we supposed to try to touch you or what?" he asked wanting to know what it was. "Or are we supposed to try to avoid getting snagged by you?"

He smiled at the one who came up to him. "You just have to be brave enough to fight me in the ring..."

The kid nodded as he looked at him. "Kay...and where is the ring?" he asked since they were standing before a bunch of tree's. Killian chuckled. "Through the tree's here....if your brave enough to go up against him you'll step into the ring there." Out side under the sunshine. Mu loved it but he knew it would no doubt end up frustrating him because of the 'No kill' order passed down by that lunatic mad man Neo......Sometimes he really hated that man.

Mugo chuckled as he moved back over to wrap his arms around Killian. "Kil~ If I get too out of hand...please remind me of the problems Neo gave me last time, won't you?"

"I will." He said as he looked at him. "I'll be sure to since I'm certain neither one of us what that man showing up here and ruining our fun."

He nodded in agreement. "I'll get mad at him if he stops us..." he said. A warning to Killian that if he got out of hand and Neo showed up, he'd likely fight Neo instead.

Killian sighed as he looked at him and nodded. "Oh yes I know all to well...." He said as he looked at him and Mugo would. If Neo showed up and stopped them Mu would turn on Neo and go all out but the last time Mu and Neo fought Neo did the whole fight on one foot with one hand.....and won. It He had laid Mu up...but Neo was the only man who was ranked S/ be that powerful....Killian sighed as he slipped his arms around Mu. "Mu...don't do anything to purposely call him took me three months applying the Needles just right and waiting for Kicha to wake from his coma to heal you up properly." he said lowly to him so that the applicants weren't privy to the conversation between them.

He pouted at that though and sighed. "I know that...but I can't stand the thoughts of him ruining my fun...." he said as he leaned there, nuzzling Killian.

Killian sighed and leaned his head into Mugo's hodling him tight. "I know. We just have to make sure our fun doesn't warrant his coming to interrupt it." He said meaning his watching Mugo play and Kililans avoiding being tagged. But, he turned his head and kissed Mugo's forehead. "Let's get playing shall'll be interesting to see how many of the three hundred and ten are willing to step into the ring with you."

Neo's stunt with the game last year the final boss's turned out to be demons, a well laid trap for Kicha's boss had had them all hanging from cages but Kicha who was standing on a pillar, above and surrounded by lava and Efreet of all things to face him. Kicha's Emperor time had a fail safe built into it's rules....Efreet laughing told him he could not save them all...he had....and he had defeated Efreet solidifying the floor all seemingly two minutes but the cost had been great. Kicha had gotten his item then when he finally let go of Emperor Time fell....Mugo had been the one to catch him and was pissed because he was burning up with a high fever. They got out of the game and Neo bumped up his rank if he should ever wake up. That had pissed off Mu who had figured out that they weren't fighting computer generated monsters but real ones. They had been fighting demons and that lava had been real. Mugo had been a mess after his fight with Neo...but Neo sported a scar along his left cheek now a gift from Mugo....who went all out without hesitation. Kirua and Kil himself had had to get them both home. Chronos had been a bear....One Satsujins walked into his house two....they carried in a highly feverish Kicha and a badly injured Mugo.

Mugo smiled and nodded as he kissed Killian on the cheek. "Okay~" he said happily as he waved to all of the recruits. "Now is the fun part! Time for all of you to see an example from us~" he said, pointing to himself and Killian.

Killian snorted. "Your going to enjoy this." he said looking at him. Mu had figured the best way to show them was for them to do a round first. Killian despite being a lower rank moved and lifted Mu flipping him over his shoulder and then called back to everyone else. "This way." he said and walked through the circle of tree's to where the ring was just on the other side. The applicants filed in While he moved and jumped easily into the ring and looked at them. "You'll all if your brave enough be fighting him one on one in here." he said bemused. Only as Mu was flung over his shoulder he wondered how long his feisty lover/partner would allow that one.

Mugo had been relaxed at first, but as soon as Killian's feet hit the floor of the ring, he lifted Killian up by the arm, flipping himself to land on the ring standing. "Now now...don't be doing things like that when we're going to know it makes me want to kill you..."

Killian sighed softly. "Oh do I know it." he said looking at him and smirked. "And as much as I'm not in the mood to play duck duck goose with you right now. We do have a light sparing match to do.....and I'll make it up to you later." he side but his tone and implications were clear. Whatever Mu wanted however he wanted it. "Wherever." He finished.

Mugo licked his lips. Such incentive to behave himself. "Oh? Even right here?" he asked as he kept holding Killian up in the air by his arm.

Kil nodded. "Even right here." he said looking at him. "As much as you want." He said looking down and meeting Mugo's eyes. The fact that Mu was holding him in the air by his arm hardly bothered him the pressure wasn't enough to hurt. "However you want." he said meaning that if Mugo wanted Kil to use his mouth he would which was....funny because Killian very rarely used his mouth normally just his hand. Whatever he wanted wherever he wanted even right here in the ring.

Mugo smiled at him and kissed him on the mouth before he jumped back and away a little. "Okay~" he said lightly. "I'm ready now Kil~"

Mugo smiled at him. Deceptive as it was, he wasn't trying too hard to kill anyone. "Okay~" he said lightly before he moved at the ringing of the bell. His speed was, at times, scary. He threw a punch at Killian, aiming for his head.

Mugo smiled at him. Deceptive as it was, he wasn't trying too hard to kill anyone. "Okay~" he said lightly before he moved at the ringing of the bell. His speed was, at times, scary. He threw a punch at Killian, aiming for his head.

Killian easily dodged slipping down and around Mugo having been standing just before one of the heavy posts that held the ring up. He knew Mu's first shot was going to be for his head and so he easily dodged slipping down and around behind him....but in that moment he was certain he heard a loud booming clang and glanced back. "Oh my that one might have actually smarted a bit had you connected....."

Mugo smiled and chuckled as he drew back his fist, breaking the wooden pole into splinters. It had been as thick as one of the tree stumps around them. "Oh bu~ You dodged...." he complained, pouting as he turned to look at Killian.

Killlian smiled. "Of course." He said as he moved so suddenly seeming to disappear as he closed the distance his fist coming in with a returned favor of a head shot seeming to reeappar when his fist was mere moments before Mul's face.

He dunked just in time for the punch to miss is head. "Oh~ That was close Kil..." he said as he looked up at him from where he was crouching down.

Killian looked down as Mugo had simply squattered down. "Mmm ne? You sat down..." Kililan mused as he moved his hand back and tipped his head. "what ever are you doing on the floor Mu?"

He smiled and grabbed Killian's ankle. "This~" he said as he lifted Killian up to toss him out of the ring.

Kilin flipped through the air and caught the rope of the ring holding himself there a moment or two before before pushing down and twisting flipping back inot the ring. He set down landing and sighed. "Ne....Mu...." he said in a mock pout. "That wasn't very nice." he said tipping his head and then was gone reappearing with his left coming flying once again just appearing before him as if to kick his head off of his shoulder's.  IN all honesty Killian was moving at high speeds to Mugo and then stopping before moving to kick or punch but the fact it could be seen was because he going through the motions only. Slowly.

Mugo sighed and dodged again. "Hey yourself. you're pulling your punches Kil..." he said as he stood up from the crouching position to look annoyed at Killian. "Stop goofing off so much and be serious for at least a few minutes..." he whined.

Kiillian sighed. "You really want....oh all right." he said as he seemed to set his foot down and then disappeared only this time Mugo was flying hitting the ropes as Killian reappeared. Leg held out to the side In the air....."Mmm perhaps a bit too much?" He mused.

Mugo chuckled as he had been sent into the ropes only to flip himself around, sending his leg flying towards Killian. "No...that was just fine~" he said lightly as he tried once again to connect with Killian.

Killian sighed as he moved jumping up to step down on Mugo's leg and jump off his hand coming down to connect several times with Mugo's head several knocks as he repelled in the air twisted around and then the landed the heels of his hands coming together and connect with his lower back and send him into the ropes again. Killian got serious to the point he was making contact at his normal speeds at about half power without he use of needles. He wasn't going to kill Mugo.

Mugo though, seemed bored. Likely because he wasn't really defending himself. "You know Kil...this is going to get boring really fast if we keep this up for much longer than three more minutes..." he mused as he hit the ropes and turned himself to face Killian and sent himself flying towards Killian, but flipped in time to land on his head, giving him a few "taps" in the top of the head before he landed behind him smiling.

Kililan nodded. "Unfortunately neither one of us can truly cut loose like this or risk doing something that we can not later take back." he said meaning that they could end up killing although now Killian was once again standing with a post to his back.

Mugo smiled at him as he leaned down to look at Killian upside down, hair spilling down. "I'm not worried...unless you make me mad..." he said as he kissed Killian's forehead and jumped up, aiming to bring his fist down onto the top if Killian's head.

Mugo smiled at him as he leaned down to look at Killian upside down, hair spilling down. "I'm not worried...unless you make me mad..." he said as he kissed Killian's forehead and jumped up, aiming to bring his fist down onto the top if Killian's head.

Killian knowing what was coming as Mugo repelled off of the top of his head used that moment of jump before seeming contact with the fist to drop into an active full split on the tight pulled canvas. But as he sat there in a split he tried to think of how to do do this further.

He came down only a few inches away from Killian, crushing a crater into the arena before pulling his fist back out and shaking the rubble off of it. "Oh my...seems I might have been trying too hard...whoopsies~"

By that time though, the bell for them to end the display match and sounded and he pouted. "Oh bu~ I only got three hits in this time..." he said, complaining.

Killian smirked. "Only three is something to be proud of when faced with me Mu." he said as he moved drawing his legs together before his feet rested on the floor he moved then flipping up easily and walked over to Mugo. He smiled down at him and shook his head. "Three times is more then most there lucky if they can tag me once....when I'm being serious." He said looking down at him and smiling as he looked at Mugo. Then at the applicants it was there that things shifted among them there all cocky attitudes that if all they had to do was be brave enough to get in the ring with Mugo for five minutes was easy now there was a clear division. One group half the combatants were back in among the tree line while the other half was standing near the ring including the small kid who looked excited at the idea of either a trying to tag Mugo in the ring or b trying to dodge everything that he threw at him. "It would seem the division has begun." he said looking at the others. "None combatants will remain in the tree line we will collect your information after and turn it in. Congratulations on making it this far.....but now you'll need to retake the exam next year." He said gesturing to the group backing off.
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Please me Teacher.  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Please me Teacher.    Please me Teacher.  EmptyTue Aug 18, 2015 12:34 pm

The ones who were starting to back off would come back.yeah they would no doubt once Killian said that they would be able to take it next year and would fail this year.

Mugo though would be happily standing in the ring just beaming.

he'd be even more amused because of the mumbles of "He's insane!" and "They want us to fight that guy? He's a monster!"

Killian would move and jump out of the ring walking to the side to make it clear that it's about to start now too.

Mugo would make it a point to explain the rules once Killian got out of the ring though explaining them in a light tone telling them happily, "Okay~ Now that we've given you an example, let me explain the rules further so that everyone understands,"

"but first, let me introduce myself and my partner."

"My name is Mugo and I'm your head proctor for this portion of the exam. My partner there is Killian. He'll be the secondary proctor who will act as a judge of your skills and determine if you're able to go on to the next round~"

They looked at each other before looking at Mugo and then Killian. "He's going to be judging our skills?" One guy said blinking. "I mean you guys are fast and all but....what if he decides we all flunk?"

Mugo smiled and shook his head. "He can't decide that on his own. It's exam policy to be fair to each of the examees. Should a proctor fail every single person taking the exam, they'll warrant the appearance of the chairman who will then overturn the proctor's decision. And we both don't want that~"

They looked at each other. He wasn't deciding it alone. They decided it together and they didn't flunk everyone or it got the chairman to come. It wasn't something that they wanted. The kid looked. "Oh? So okay you and your partner judge us right? now we just have to figure out what your rules are."

Mugo chuckled as he held up a finger. "The rules are simple. You'll be allowed five minutes per person. Your goal is to last the given time without being knocked out or injured too severly to continue the exam. If you're tossed out of the ring, you'll be disqualified. If you try to use lethal tactics on me, you'll be instantly disqualified. However, if you can get a single clean hit on me before five minutes is up, your match with me will end right then and there and you will move on to face my partner. Should you not make a clean hit but still remain inside the ring, you'll be permitted to move on to the next phase. We're allowed to exchange blows, but lethal force is against the rules in all cases. Attacking any proctor will result in automatic failure in all portions of the exam."

He then pointed his finger at Killian. "In the second phase of this portion, you'll be trying to place a special tag marked with a number that matches up to your exam number. If you place a tag on him, you're free to exit the ring and wait for the other examees to finish their turn. If you attack him using lethal force, once again you'll be disqualified automatically. However, in his phase of the exam, a clean hit will not justify the end of your round. The tag must be placed on him for your round to end before the given time of 10 minutes. If you've not placed your tag on him by that point, you'll be asked to leave the exam and to retake the exam next year."

One guy stared. "Okay so say we get through your section of the exam." he said looking at Mugo. "But him? You were upset you barely managed to land three solid hits on him and we're supposed to be able to keep up with him?"
KIllian looked over amused. "Mm. Complaining before you even get to my part.....and your here why?"

Mugo chuckled at the guy's question. "We're in the same letter rank. We're not going to be using the same tactics on you guys."

The kid nodded as he looked at Mugo. "Yo, Proctor Mugo is there any particular order we have to come in the ring? Number wise or anything...." The kid asked wanting to see if he could do it. If he could land one solid blow in five minutes and be able to move on. A lot of the grown ups looked at him and one spoke. "Hey kid....far be it from me to question why your here....but....this exam is fatal. You could end our already short life."
The kid snorted and rolled his eyes. "I could say the same thing about you old man....your what in your sure your heart can handle it?" He said in a mocking tone before turning his attention back to Mugo.

Mugo chuckled and waved the guy's words off about Killian. "Both of us are in our twenties...." he said lightly.

The guy stared. "In your twenties....and your already judging the tests here?" He said stunned.
Killian snorted. "It's volunteer work really. Any Pro Hunter can do it if there willing to donate some time." He said gesturing. "Really Mu and I just wanted to be able to play with all of you this year and well the Crazy Chairman agreed....rather gleefully in fact."

Mugo nodded. "I'm only 24. Killian there is only a year older," he responded happily. "When we got the letter in the mail about the upcoming exam, we volunteered to be proctors. The chairman was actually quite delighted that we showed interest in it. He approved our applications to be proctors as soon as we submitted it~"

Killian snorted. "We barely hit enter. I don't think he even read them." He said shrugging. "He just figured it'd be fun." The kid looked between them and then tipped his head. "So in the end we either have to be able to land a clean 'hit' on you Mugo...and then place our Tag on Killian? Sounds like fun."
The bigger guy snorted as he looked at the kid. 'Yeah but if all we're doing is playing two different versions of tag it can't be that hard."

Mugo chuckled and smiled at the bigger guy. "Don't think it'll be a game of tag for me...I'll be really trying to hit you~" he mused happily.

The guy snorted. "Okay fine so you'll really be trying to hit me....and him he won't be we'll be trying to tag him. So what? We survive you and then chase him around the ring?"
KIllian blinked. "Oh no....the ring is only for Mu. It's designed with your safety in mind after all....if he throws you out of the ring your out. Myself? Well it's this wooded area actually...."

Mugo smiled at them all. "He's not just going to be running around like an idiot. He'll also be trying to hit you~"

Killian looked at the guy who blinked. "Okay fine so he'll be trying to hit us too. Granted ....what happens if he hits us." Killian laughed. "Ne-ne your getting ahead of yourself. Mu told you the basic rules of the exam and his rules for his part. We'll discuss what happens in mine with the remaining applicants. But.....your wasting time. Are you all sure you're up to it?" He asked and the kid blinked as Killian said they were wasting time and then moved jumping and catching the rope of the ring which had an auto repair fearture built in and landed there before Mugo. That had everyone else staring. The big burly guy looked. "Oh shit throw the kid out of the ring right now he has no idea what he's getting himself into!"

Mugo smiled at the one who got into the ring with him. "Oh my...seems I might get to have fun" he mused lightly. "Not just everyone will come into the ring with me~"

The kid tapped his foot and looked up at Mugo as his toes bounced off of the ring. "So if I got the jest of your part I have to either 1. land a clean hit, or 2. Last the whole five minutes and 3. Keep from getting knocked out of the ring by you right?"

He nodded happily. "Mm-hm~"

The kid bowed his head and then looked up at Mugo grinning at him like a nut. "Sounds like total fun!" The kid said and then blinked. "Do we gotta wait for a buzzer to sound or something?"

Mugo chuckled lightly. "Ne ne, Kil, doesn't he remind you of little Kirua?" he asked happily even as he moved to try and land his first punch on the kid.

Killian nodded. "Indeed. Kirua used to be that bright and excited." He said as that brought him back. The kid though moved sliding across the ring beneath Mugo from behind smirking and sticking his tongue out while he did.
"Not gonna be that easy!" The kid said as he pushed off and came back fast and low before jumping up to do an uppercut.

Mugo smiled as he caught the kid's fist and pulled him up to look at him, letting the kid's feet dangle. "I should say the same to you little one~"

The kid bowed his head as if chagrined and then brought his other hand up and his leg followed swiftly behind To knee Mugo using his holding his wrists. "This is great!" He said excited as he tried hit Mugo that way. Just had to land a clean hit, he'd keep going until the five minutes were up.

Mugo chuckled as the kid seemed to be having fun, dodging was simple enough. But tossed the kid, aiming to try and toss him out of the ring. "I must warn you little one, I'm not sure I can keep being so gentle with you...please don't stir me up too much...I promised not to kill anyone this time around..."

The kid looked at him as he was flung towards the outter edge of the ring he twisted and caught the ropes pulling himself back to squat there on them and looked at Mugo. "Hey....not trying to stir up anything....just having fun." He said as he looked at him sitting there on the heavy cord before he moved hitting the ground and running towards Mugo again. This time just running around him in a wide circle as he tried to think.

He closed his eyes and smiled. "Let me put it a better way then..." he said lowly as he opened his eyes to move, reaching for the kid's head. His eyes...they were indeed the cold, hateful look Killian was used to. "Don't keep using Killian's tactics on me..."

The kid ducked and rolled sliding and hitting the large pole behind him just dodging Mugo's reach as he stared. "Using Killian's tactic's? He said going a touch wide eyed. Killian looked over.....
"Oh? Such a dangerous game....." He said watching as the kid was playing like an assassin. The kid stared. he flipped up and looked at Mugo.
" how to land a hit..." he said tapping his foot. This wasn't easy....if he couldn't run around then how....

He stopped when the kid moved away from his grasp and lowered his hand and sighed. "Kil~ You almost let me go too far..."

Killian looked at him. "MMm look at your wrist." He said there was a needle there at the nerves He had started to open his mouth but Mu was moving to fast the needle there would keep him from being able to close his hand until removed. "And as a reminder. Neither one of us want to play with Neo. "

He looked down at his wrist and brought his hand up to look at it. "Mmm...seems I need to change my pain receptors..." he mused to himself as he pulled the needle out and worked his hand a little, closing it and opening it.

Killian sighed. "Indeed." he said as he looked at Mugo. "Although hiding a cluster of needles would make your hand go numb....not hurt." He said shrugging. The kid looked back at Killian and at Mugo....Mugo had said to stop using Killian's techniques on him and then Killian went and landed a hit when the kid had no choice but to dodge. " you with that needle all the way over there?" he said glancing over.

Mugo looked up at him as he tossed the needle back to Killian and nodded. "He's really skilled with them...however I have a friend who is....scary with them..." he mused as he worked his hand some more, making sure he had the full feeling back in it.

The kid leaned against the pole behind him and looked at Mugo. "He..."
"I stopped him for a moment. You'll be able to continue shortly." he said a he caught the needle out of the air, the kid looked unaware that the time was paused as Mugo had to rework his hand a moment.
The kid looked between them both and then at Mugo. "You know someone scary with them....and then he shut down your hand with it...." Killian could stop someone's heart with a simple needle in the right place but.....he glanced at the kid and at Mugo. The kid waiting for Mugo to be able to fight. "KId....Mu isn't handicapped."
The kid moved and ran right at Mugo while he was flexing his hand and stopped just before him so suddenly that looked like he had just rushed up and then reached out not sure if it would work....and attempted to touch Mugo's arm that he wasn't flexing the hand of.

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Mugo brought out his fist and punched the kid square in the face, only to look back up a little confused. "Oh...whoops...I should have been watching where I was punching..."

The kid rolled and bounced back against the post holding his face that hurt....his eyes watered. Just how could he possibly land a solid clean hit on Mugo? It didn't seem possible. He rushed right at him again and this time jumped up to punch him ignoring the throbbing in his jaw and cheek bone. Just one was all he needed. Meanwhile the crowd outside of the ring was staring shocked....surely....not. There was no way they could be Mugo the kid was showing some skill and wasn't a match for him.

Mugo tilted his head to the right in confusion. "You know...the most obvious of answers are staring you in the face right now..." he told the kid as he stood there, barely moving away to dodge the kid's blows. "I really don't want to hit you too hard...I'm not really good at holding back my strength..." he said as he brought his hand up, open palmed, to push the kid back. Only, it had more force behind it than he had meant to apply, and it would likely knock the wind out of the kid for a few seconds.

The kid hit the mat gasping for air as he knelt there trying to get his wind back. The most obvious answers are staring him in the face? He didn't get it. Didn't understand but looked at Mugo. As he got enough wind back to move again he rushed forwards but instead of going high he stayed low and lunged bear hugging like a small kid Mugo's leg in desperation. Heck if he knew it would work or was the only thing he could think of and time was ticking away and running out.
KIllian went wide eyed and burst into laughter as the kid bear hugged Mugo's leg.....

Mugo stopped moving and chuckled. "Oh my...seems I've been captured...." he mused lightly as he held his hand up for the timer to stop. "Okay~"

Everyone outside of the ring stared as Killian stopped the timer. The Kid just held on not sure what was going on. He looked up breathing hard as he was still trying to fully catch his breath and blinked. He didn't land a hit he just held on for dear life not sure what else to do. "Huh?"
KIllian chuckled and leaned against the tree. "1 minute to spar." he said looking at Mugo. Sure Mu would happily explain to the kid just what happened...since he seemed so confused.

He smiled down as he put a gentle hand on the kid's head and squatted down to his level. "You can go on to the next phase of this portion now..." he explained happily.

The kid stared. "But...I didn't hit you..." He said not realizing Mugo's point was to make physical contact and the kid had clung on like a bear holding on for dear life. He let go and landed on his bottom of the matt looking up at Mugo. "I passed?"

Killian chuckled. That was the most ironic way to get the actually reminded him of Kirua when he was little....trying to desperately land one hit on Mugo then....who had been dancing around Kirua and despite his skills then he hadn't been able to land a hit most of what Mu did was sheer instinct of threat. And then Kirua had glomped onto his leg and held on. Being a kid and running out of options he did the one thing that came to mind.

Mugo nodded. "Your goal is to be able to get a clean hit on me, but being smaller helps in your endeavor. You weren't able to touch me until you thought things through and used your head. You caught me off guard and was able to cleanly grapple me...had you been strong enough, you could have easily broken my leg just now...thus it's counted as a clean hit..."

He looked out at the others and held up his finger. "However, that doesn't mean that everyone will get away with simply being able to touch me or grab me," he told them before he turned back to the kid. "You passed because you did in fact get a clean hit in on me while you were grabbing my leg. You hit my knee hard enough to lock it while you were trying to cling to me..."

With that, he lifted his pants leg to reveal a stiffened and bruised knee cap. "See?"

The kid blinked. "Ah....with my head..." he said realizing what he meant when he saw the bruised and swollen knee cap his eyes going wide. "I hit your knee with my head.....' he said startled. Then reached up and touched his own blinking as he said. "Ouch." his head where it hit Mu's knee smarted. "Okay." he said as he looked at Mugo.

He smiled none the less. "It's ok. I don't feel it," he reassured him lightly as he bent down and popped the knee back into place before he began to move it around, making sure that it would work properly.

The kid blinked and nodded as he got up and wobbled a bit his head all dizzy and then walked over to where Killian was but as he teetered Killian reached out and caught the kid. "Relax kid the virture of going first? You have time to recover." he said as he leaned there and nodded to Mu. The men were staring men and some women. The kid had done it because the kid when he did it managed to land a clean blow on the knee. "Dam none of the rest of us are going be able to use that tactic. We'll have to figure something else out."

When he was all set, he began to jump up and down until he was high enough to do a flip. When he landed, he smiled happily. "All better~"

Killian chuckled. "He really locked your knee in place." He said bemused when the kid stopped trying to think like an adult and think like a kid he did it. A big burly guy looked and climbed into the ring next looking at Mugo. "If the kid can manage to hit you then I shouldn't have a problem."

Killian rolled his eyes usually the bigger they were the hard time they had getting even close.
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Mugo raised an eyebrow as he let out a bemused, "Oh?"

The guy snorted. "Yeah it shouldn't be all that hard at all. "He said as he moved wither or not the buzzer had rung and charged at Mugo from next to the ropes swinging down like he was trying to use Mu as a nail to hammer in boards or something. He was out to plaster him flat.

Mugo chuckled as he held up a single finger, stopping the guy in his tracks. "You didn't wait for time to start...if you try to cheat, you'll be disqualified...."

The guy froze and stared. "Seriously??" he said looking at Mugo his hand frozen in the air. "Your kidding me your saying you followed every rule when you took the test?"
KIllian snorted. "Sure as hell did I didn't want to piss off my sponsor." He said shrugging. "Since they can if you dishonor and discredit them deny you access every year there after."

He smiled as he lowered his hand to his side. "I followed the rules...hard as it was..." he admitted. Shrugging, he added, "Even if I wanted to kill the people I was fighting, I managed to keep myself held back..."

Killian chuckled. "I think disappointing him is what did it." he said looking at Mugo. The man looked between them and then looked at Mugo scowling. "Alright fine so you obeyed the rules ring the bell so I can land my hit and move on." He said figuring he'd have it done and over with in a matter of a few seconds.

Mugo looked over at Killian. "I don't like getting bored...but I also don't like over confidence..." he said before he looked back to the big guy before him. "You're a rather impatient one aren't you..." he mused lowly before he sighed. "All right...fine...have it your way, but don't get mad when I toss you out of the ring..."

The guy sneered as Killian rang the bell knowing that it was before Mugo wanted it to be rung. The guy once again when to pound Mugo into the ground to achieve instant victory. Killian sighed as he watched. "5....4..." he started counting down this guy? Already used up Mu's patience with him.

Mugo smiled at the guy and moved, grabbing hold of his fist and squeezing, hearing the cracking of bone as he no doubt fractured a few fingers before he lifted him up over his head and tossed him out of the ring. "You're done now...bye bye~"

The guy laying on his back outside of the ring stared up at the skyline between the blue sky green of trees he was trying to figure out how it happened. He had thought he had it. But as he brought his throbbing fist before him....looking at fractured fingers he realized he never fact....the kid should have lost but Mugo wasn't disqualifying them by proving how strong he was. He was figuring out there worth by seeing how strong and adaptable they were and he lost.

The next to enter the ring was a slender young man....who scratched his nose. He was being brave but he was pretty certain he'd crumble like a cookie if Mu hit him.

Mugo turned and smiled at the one who entered the ring next. "Hello..." he mused. though his tone was dark.

The lanky guy went a touch wide eyed as Mugo's tone wasn't the light playful that it had been before it was dark ominous and promising certain pain.
Killian sighed. "Mu~" He singsonged. "Let's not forget what happens if the guy circling our heads like a buzzard comes down here." He said meaning Neo was above them in the clouds in a blump watching the whole thing.

The lanky guy squeaked out a low. "He...hello"

Mugo frowned and turned to look at Killian. "You're so me~an," he whined, pouting.

Killian looked at him. "That tone of yours Mu indicates certain pain and death to those who dance with you at that point. I was simply reminding you....that if you do....the buzzard will come down."

"As you asked me to." Killian said a he would have the same thing in place for himself. Being an assassin meant if could just as easily forget himself and go for the 'kill'.

He pouted even more. "Ki~l" he whined. "You're ruining it!" he complained, talking about his "high".

Killian smirked "I know Mu. I know but...." He looked at him. "Remember for all of the ruined highs what my promise is after all this is said and done?"

He whined a little, puffing up at Killian's words. "I know...but..." he sighed. "I was so close too..." he complained.

Killian snorted. "I know that better then anyone.' He said meaning he darned well what came with that tone and then he was behind Mugo in the ring slipping his arm around his neck. "But this one would hardly be worth wasting that feeling on'll snap him like a twig in under a second." Killian whispered into his ear. "Just a while longer get through this and we'll pause while they recover and I'll be sure to give you a 'high' you'll never forget." However he wanted. And Killian would he'd make certain Mu got that final high he was looking for.

Mugo shivered at the promise whispered into his ear. "You'd better keep your promise Kil....I'm dying here..." he groaned as he nuzzled up against Killian.

Killian in answer turned his head and nipped Mugo's ear as he was nuzzled. "I don't break such promises to you." countered lowly looking at him. "I know this is the hardest thing for you....Neo was an ass when he laid out our rules...but...." He pulled Mu back against himself a bit more so Mu would know how hard it was for Killian to be watching him go through these 'tests' for the new comers. Killian was as aroused as he was.

He groaned when Killian pulled him close, feeling Killian's tension. "Damn you....teasing me before I know what that does to me..." he complained lowly.

Killian sighed lowly. "I know." He whispered in Mu's ear. "But....I'm not opposed to handling that high when it comes....although they might have to wait a bit between turns...." Killian said of course knowing his luck Mu would take him up on and want to continue at the same time. His partner just loved the high of it all. Which would mean Killian on his knees helping him while Mu played with the potential hunter. Or be frustrated with him even more for letting him know just how much Killian desired Mu right now.

He sighed as he pulled away from Killian. "You're killing me right now..." he groaned as he sat down in the middle of the ring. "I'm not going to last like this..." he complained lowly, grumbling about Killian getting him even more excited.

Killian sighed and looked down at him. "If I do something about it....can you continue?" He mused looking at him. "Or do we break for today and make them pick up tomorrow?"

He sighed as he leaned back on his hands to look up at Killian. "As long as you do something, I should be good..."

Killian nodded as he looked at the lanky kid. "Step out." he said pointing and the guy did not sure what was going on but figured listening to the proctors was better then not. Killian though knelt down then smirked and leaned in kissing Mu and when he broke the kiss moved down to bite his way down to Mu's collar bone even as he released him from the confines of his clothes. He didn't stop there didn't really care if they had an audience of one or a thousand. As he laid those biting kisses going down his hand playing with Mugo for a few moments before he did something he rarely if ever did. For was a rare treat....Killian took his partner into his mouth using tongue, and teeth to bring Mu about.

The Lanky guy stared as he realize in that moment what Killian meant by 'If I do something about it...." They got aroused when fighting. Kililan was all but laying down on his stomach which allowed him to take Mu to the 'hilt'.
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Mugo let his head fall back as he sat there, and groaned when he felt Killian take him into his mouth. "God yes...." he breathed. Finally. Finally he would get some relief.

Mu's voice was like music to his ears and gentle he was not he was rough with Mugo but continued what he was doing working on brining him about, giving him that relief that release he needed. It had started with him he knew then really heightened up with the little one and then big guy? Sent Mu even closer to the edge and finally it was either Killian or the Lanky guy and well Killian could give him what he needed. He continued to work him at a fast hard pace knowing his partner needed this right now.

He closed his eyes, all but melting into Killian's skillful touch. "Kil~" he groaned out. If he had went on to fight, he would have for sure went too far. That lanky kid wouldn't have been enough, he would have indeed had to spill blood.

Killian continued what he was doing hearing Mu's responses and that cued him in on when to shift things up when to drag his teeth when to everything. He continued although he seemed to be trying to finish Mugo quickly he wasn't he was listening for Mugo's cue's. As he seemed to be bent on 'torturing' him with his teeth and mouth. They crowd was watching as Mugo seemed to be melting and Killian without batting an eyelash was....A few looked each other and then at them. The lanky guy stared as Killian went at it. Having no idea that he had stepped in because Mugo was getting to the point he needed to kill and there were still so many more out there....4oo people, 100 backed off leaving three hundred and out of those...One pass one fail. So 298 to go. One girl was blushing bright red as she watched and turned her head some. "Oh wow....he really is..." she breathed stunned.

When he couldn't stand it anymore, he moved his right hand to tangle in Killian's hair. He was by no means gentle about it, tugging as he moaned before breathing in a husky tone, "Kil....ple~ase...."

Killian groaned as his hair was pulled the only clue that it felt....impossibly good. He rolled his eyes up and then shifted swallowing up Mugo as he moved harder faster with the sol purpose now of bringing him that intense pleasure and release all in one go. Kil continued what he was doing feeling the sharp pull of his hair even as he himself continued. In a moment here....he knew Mugo would find that very release he needed Kil wouldn't let up until he was done.

He moaned and dug into the mat a little, his nails scratching into the floor of the ring surprisingly easily. "Kil...can't..." he breathed, feeling the heat coiling before...sweet release.

Kilian kept at it until he felt the tension leaving Mugo's body, until he was certain every ounce of it he had taken from him. He continued until it was all said and done then shifted back releasing him with a solid audible 'popping' sound. Kil licked his lip as he looked at Mu. It was clear by that euphoric look that he had pushed him over the edge and Mu would no doubt be feeling much better for a while and since he wasn't fighting with Killian first that high would take a while longer to build unless he came across a skilled enough warrior to invoke it again.

He laid back as he worked to catch his breath. "Kil..." he panted as he lay there. "Do" he breathed, trying and failing to make much sense.

Killian sighed as he shifted up and then sat down leaning back on one elbow his legs bent as he rested there easily able to hold that position for hours and then as he sat there like that released his own growing problem and then wrapped bringing his hand down squeezed a moment groaning before he began to work with his own battle with the 'one eyed monster'. The entire crowd was staring wide eyed as Killian closed his eyes working his breathing sharp and heavy as Mugo worked on catching his own breath.

One guy stared slack jawed. "No way your kidding me both of them? But he seemed the less likely to be...." He said staring as Killian did as Mu had suggested and wanted....

He worked on catching his breath, sitting up to watch Killian as he ignored everyone else. Nothing else mattered right now. Even had he was still breathing a little heavy, he was licking his lips, fidgeting impatiently as he tried to catch his breath.

Killian continued what he was doing not going fast at all knew better as he looked at Mugo through his lashes seeing him as he started shaking and slowly down watching him easily enough and then for a moment let his hand fall away to rest on his leg catching his breath....he had gotten rather spoiled with Mugo always 'trading off' with him. He could have kept going sure....but....Killian had been about to find that release all to earlier and knew he'd feel cheated so he backed off to allow himself to come down just a bit of off of that point of release and go again. Of course there was no telling what Mu wanted as he was sitting there with this hungry look.

When he had finally caught his breath he moved, crawling over to Killian and pushed him down on his back and smirked down at him. "You're so naughty Kil~" he mused in a low, dark purr. "Making me wait so long and then teasing me..." he said before he kissed Killian and then moved down to take Killian into his mouth and began to work him, wasting no time in making it apparent that he wanted Killian to find release quicker than normal.

Killian drew in a sharp breath moaning and cursing as his shoulders bowed a bit. Mugo was getting even alright as he laid there...his fingers curling. "D...dam Mu..." he breathed as he could already feel that heat building and coiling up in his stomach and threatening to drop fast down to lower areas. "Mugo..." he gasped as his body began to tighten up teetering on the edge of release. That edge caught his voice as he let out an 'Angh' his breath catching...

He ignored the warnings, annoyed with Killian for playing around knowing how he was feeling. He kept going, wanting Killian to release so that he could get even.

Killian grit his teeth a moment or two before. "I'm..." was all the more he could get out before he came hard....and fast giving Mugo that quickened release after that. A sort of 'punishment' from Mugo he knew for spoiling his high, for so many things but he groaned and cried out his body trembling with the hard hitting release giving Mugo everything he had.

When Killian had given him everything he had to offer, he swallowed and released him with a 'pop' and licked his lips, looking up at him and smiled. "Now we're even~"

Killian laid there panting managing to just barely push up on his elbows to look at Mugo one eye closed as he panted hard. "Yeah..." he gasped out looking at Mugo. One guy blinked and stared. "Even....they have a complex relationship." He said lowly.

He stood up and fixed his clothes, zipping his pants and smiled down at Killian. "Next time...I won't let you finish..." he warned lowly as he stood over Killian.

Killian looked up at him before scowling and looking away. He brought his legs around and then fixed his own clothes zipping up his pants and standing up. "Punishing me for what you asked me to do Mu?"

He snorted and straightened back up. "I'm punishing you for taking too long..."

Killian sighed. "Noted." he said smirking one of those you drug it out too long.....moment's. "Then next time....I'll be sure to steal your ability to breathe."

He chuckled and smiled. "You'd better not take too long next time then~" he said before he turned to look at them all, smiling happily. "Okay~ Now we can continue!"

They all looked at each other as Killian walked out of the Ring and back to his place next to the tree. The Lanky guy swallowed hard and once again entered the ring having been about to challenge him last time. Seeing that and wondering if it was indeed safe. He climbed in and looked at Mugo. But it was his tone happy light and carefree.

He smiled at the lanky guy as he turned to look at him. "Hi hi~"

The lanky guy blinked as Mugo no longer sounded so dark and imposing but rather light and happy. "Hi?" he said blinking and looking at him as he walked forwards and up to the starting position. "Um...the rules are still the same right?" he asked nervous about what he just witnessed.

Mugo nodded. "Mm hm..." he responded lightly. "The rules are still the same. A clean hit and you can end your round early. Last the full five minutes and you can continue on. Get tossed out of the ring or try to kill me and you're disqualified~"

"O...okay..."he said having made it this far the others considered him a joke. He tipped his head and looked at Mugo. "You're feeling better now?"

Last time there had been this terrible coiling tension inside of Mugo he could almost feel it like an oppressive force crushing down on him. Now Mugo felt like as a feather....after something as simple as that.

Mugo nodded, smiling happily at him. "Yes~" he responded lightly. "I'm feeling much better now that Killian reminded me I'm not allowed to kill any of you~"

The guy nodded as he stood there and took a deep breath. Waiting for the buzzer to sound. Killian was in no hurry to ring the buzzer it wasn't a matter of throwing them in the ring and then throwing them out again. The guy looked at him and took a deep breath. "um....what made you decide to become a hunter?" he asked he had asked that of Karin too. Although her answer was scary to him. She could then use her talents to flay someone alive and not be arrested.

Mugo smiled happily. "So I can kill someone and not be punished for it~"

The lanky guy blinked. "So...its not to bring in criminals or anything like that?"

He chuckled and shook his head. "If only some of you knew..." he mused lowly.

He blinked and looked Mugo. "Huh?" he said thinking they were some sort of righteous group that protected everyone. Having no idea at all that It was mixed with criminals and 'good guys', But half of those good guys worked for the highest bidder. " guys aren't like an extension of the police?" He said raising an eyebrow. Killian leaned there and tipped his head waiting for Mu's cue to start the timer.

He shook his head. "Hunters are a mix between criminals who want to be able to kill without being punished and those like you who believe the Hunter's Association are people who care about the justice system..." he said and sighed. "Kid...I'm from Gravity City...there's no way I'll be any different..."

At his words the lanky guy took a deep breathe. "That's why you said....there's a no kill meant on both sides." he said looking at him. "You've been given the order to not kill us and why he did what he did...." He said to give him that release outside of killing someone. The Lanky guy stood there for a moment longer before backing up. Against a Pro Killer did he stand a chance to land a hit..."Your a Professional....." he breathed. And Killian chuckled. "No....he's not it's more like his hobby."

Killian piped up from where he stood next to the tree. "Compared to an actual Pro. He's still learning."

Mugo smiled though. "I'm a professional...murderer if you want to call me that," he said, shrugging at his own words. "As far as being a professional assassin....I'm no where near his level," he said, jabbing his thumb in Killian's direction.

The Lanky guy looked in the direction Mugo indicated and then went wide eyed and looked back at Mugo. "Wait....your a professional murderer...but he's a professional Assassin there's a difference?" The guy said shaking as he stood there to hit Mugo...."Um....your not keep tally of everyone who manages to land a blow against them to come after them later for it are you?" He asked suddenly concerned that standing here in this ring facing him if he did it and managed to hit Mugo cleanly would Mugo later hunt him down and kill him for it?

Mugo chuckled, highly amused. "No...he's going to be a good boy and go home~"

The Lanky guy nodded as he said that....that Killian would be a good boy and go home. "You wont' hold a grudge either Mugo?" he asked not sure this was all that wise maybe taking it again next year was better when there wasn't to professional killers standing there.
KIllian snorted. "We made the chairman behave this year and threatened to make him eat last years test just before opening of the exams. Next year we might or might not be here for this but if we aren' should know out of 450 applicants last year 76 dropped out and 250 died in stage two.....the test was insanely difficult. We're actually here to prevent that idiocy. So...."

He shook his head. "I'm not the type to hold grudges...normally I forgive things quite easily," he explained lightly.

The lanky guy nodded and took a deep breath as he relaxed a bit and faced him. "So...then I just have a clean blow....or survive for five minutes...." he said no longer shaking like a leaf. KIllian was pretty sure this guy going on through the rest of the exam would be a problem.

"I....I might be able to....maybe..." he mumbled.

He nodded. "Mm hm..." he responded lightly. But he tilted his head to the side. "Oh...I forgot to mention....I don't like to lose..."

The guy took a deep breath and nodded. " that impression.' he said looking at him and then taking up a very loose weak fighting stance. OH boy here they went soon he would hear the buzzer ring and then he'd have to somehow either land one clean hit on Mugo....or run away from him for five minutes.

He smiled as he stood there, crossing his arms. "I hope you don't take this too personally..." he said as he waiting for Killian to start the time.

Mugo's words of don't take this too personally....had Killian hit the buzzer indicating starting time was now. The Lanky guy went a touch wide eyed before he took a deep breath and backed up away from Mugo. "Survive...survive...I just have to survive." He mumbled how he wasn't sure but.....

Mugo stood there, arms crossed, not offering to move. "If you intend to survive, perhaps you should try to come towards me instead of moving away from me, no?" he mused lowly.

The Lanky guy looked at him as he had backed up and looked about the ring nothing lethal nothing that....but to land a hit he looked at him and then walked slowly along the cords looking at Mugo. Approaching? "Heh...." he said sweating like a nut as he walked along the edge trying to think trying to figure out how to do this. If he charged Mugo would swing and he'd crumble like a cookie but if he didn't charge and just walked around the ring then Mugo was likely going to come for him. He stood there after walking for a minute looking at Him as he held onto the ropes. "I will just trying to think...." He said to Mugo.

Killian looked and stared. "More like wasting time..." he said shaking his head. "And annoying Mu...not a healthy combination." The kid looked up at him and Killian pointed and said 'watch."

He sighed and jumped up and down a few times before he managed to make it into the air and stood there for a few seconds before letting himself fall back down. When he landed, the ring cracked a little beneath him. "If you don't come to me...I'll come to you~"

The Lanky guy looked at the now cracked ring beneath Mugo seeing the spiderweb cracks spreading out from beneath his feet and slowly walked forwards mumbling about funerals and trying to figure out how to get through this with little broken bones. He stopped again out of striking range and looked at Mugo....licked his lips before he stepped down and disappeared reappearing behind him his leg coming up to connect with the small of Mugo's back as if the whole bit earlier was nothing more then playing....trying to get his target to drop his guard.

Mugo sighed, having put his hand behind his back just in time to catch the lanky guy by the ankle. "Now you're really testing my patience...." he said lowly, coldly.

The lanky guy stared wide eyed at the back of Mugo's head. "Huh???" he said. "You...caught that...." he had thought he perfected it over the years the sudden disappearance and reappearance. He looked down at the hand holding his ankle as if it was nothing. And Mugo's words. "Eh...ha...." he attempted to pull back and away.

Killian sighed. And here he had just helped Mu unwind and this guy was going and pissing him off. Lovely.

He tilted his head back to look at the guy up side down. "You should have just fought me head on..." he said as he twisted the guy's ankle, listening to the sickening snap before he released it and jumped back, turning to face the guy.

The scream that pierced the air was enough to make some of them cringe as Lanky hit the mat holding his ankle. Broken it was broken and he should have just tried to fight him head on. Even if he got through this part now someone how he'd never get through the next and looked at Mugo before looking at the edges of the ring. He gave it a he moved trying to drag himself to the apron of the ring.

Mugo sighed and squatted down, grabbing hold of the guy's good ankle. "Now now...I'm not done with you..." he said as he pulled him back to him and lifted the guy up by his ankle and sent him flying towards a tree.
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Over half of the applicants have gone through with most of them on the rejected side and only a small handful on the passed to the second phase. Killian was worried about this now because so many had flunked but they were trying underhanded dirty tactics trying to snap Mu's spine or overly cocky.

The next to enter the ring was a 19 year old blonde he was tall about 6'3" and well built but unlike every other challenger he was different. He looked at Mugo unlike every other who has asked the same thing over and over again as if to make sure Mugo isn't going to change his mind...or to make sure they're set. He'd look at Mugo and ask something else entirely. "Your human completely 100% human right?"

To which he'd look up at the kid, having sat down on his butt, legs stretched out and answer, "Mm...yes?"

" if I don't hold back...I may break you..." He'd said tipping his head and placing his hand to his mouth thinking about that one.

Mugo tilted his head to the left and thought about it for a moment before he responded lightly, "Not really~"

He jumped up, landing on his feet. "I'm not that easily broken...but if you do break me...I might ask for more~"

He was looking down at the mat beneath his feet and then looked up at him tipping his head to the side. "Mm noted. So if I break you you might ask for more....I'll keep that in mind.' He said as he looked at him. "You asked for a good clean hit, which means face to face nothing from the back or underhanded." He said and the remaining people outside of the ring looked at those rejected as that had been what they had been doing and went flying in a matter of a second. Stunned. He looked at Mugo. "Range of area allowed to hit....Face, Torso, legs?"

Mugo smiled at this one. He was interesting. "All of them~"

"I see..." He said tipping his head as he looked at Mugo. "Is there anything not allowed besides 'Unclean Strikes' or Attacks of Cowardice to cripple the lower spine....Do you include the back of the throat in the range of off limits." He wanted to know where he was and was not allowed to move to. Not necessarily because he would hit him there he was not out to kill a human unnecessarily but at the same token if he needed a momentary hand hold during this fight what could and couldn't be touched?

"Anything on the back side of my body isn't permitted. It'll be considered as a threat and I'll take action accordingly. The top of the head as I displayed when giving an example with Killian is permitted as long as it's frontal...." he said, shrugging.

He looked nodding. "Then it is safe to presume under that train of thought you yourself will not be attacking the backside of the body of the person you are engaging either." he said looking at him as he did something no one else did established what it was that they were fighting. That they were doing. So many thrown out because they kept attacking the back. He reached up again touching his lower lip with his hand as he tipped his head wearing earrings feathered adornments and all sorts of odd clothing and yet he was the only one that verified where he was allowed to hit and no doubt be hit. "You have been using Champloo....but for this fight....yielding more towards balancing between JUho....and Muai Thai....depending on wither the person fights correctly or needs to be removed immediately."

Mugo smiled at him. "Oh? How amusing..." he mused as he stood there looking at this one. He was odd, but then again so was Mugo himself. "You're the first one to figure it out..." he said as he stood there. "I've only ever attacked the arms, legs face or stomach...nothing on the back area of the body..."

He nodded. "The back is often referred to the as the path of the coward. To strike from behind is to strike with fear and strength in self." He said looking at Mugo as he stood there his gaze taking him in. "The points that are struck, Legs, face, or stomach are called 'Points of Honor, Or Points of Courage. To strike head on face to face showing no fear of the one you are fighting. Those who lay on the ground currently have chosen to the 'Path of Cowardice'" He looked at Mugo. "I will not. But You have stated that I need not worry about breaking I will not but at that same token it is safe to say you will hit with the same force you are struck with?"

"Mm...I'm going to try to hold back...I'm not in the mood to have the chairman come down here..." he mused as he stood there looking at the one before him. "However, if I'm able to hit you without killing you...then I may use more of my strength..."

He looked at Mugo and then sighed as he moved his hand to the side hitting the post which exploded with just the back wards swing of his hand. He had his head bowed. "I will ask I need to worry about breaking you..." He asked...He was born and breed to fight one sort of creature his fighting style wasn't logged in any known or unknown martial arts. The wooden pool was dust on the ground the ropes falling as the ring raced to use the energies to reset itself. His head bowed as he stood there and brought his hand around. "If I will break you...I will hold back. But that being said....You look like a fun challenge which is why I asked....if you were 100% human."

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Mugo sighed and closed his eyes. "Kil...could you come here for me?" he asked as he looked over at Killian. "I need you to help me show him something..."

Killian sighed as he got up off of the tree and then walked into the ring something told him he wasn't going to like this in the next few seconds. "Yeah?" He asked.

He motioned for him to come there and turned his back to the guy, facing the rest of the examees. "Lift my shirt up for me so he can see..."

Killian nodded and then moved lifting up the back of Mugo's shirt until the monkey was exposed. Showing it to the nineteen year old who tipped his head and brought his hand up curling a finger against his lip as he looked at it. Seeing it and blinking a moment or two. A Monkey with the number three on its belly. He tipped his head looking at him he dealt in the world of was a bit puzzled about the Monkey not very associated with the world of man.

Mugo sighed and then peeled himself the rest of the way out of his shirt and turned his back to them. At this point it didn't matter. "Now...listen to them..." he said, pointing behind him at the other examees.

He looked over at them as instant fear rushed through them. They all seemed to back up whispering about Route troupe doomed now. Oh shit If I had known......All sorts or terror rushing through the remaining applicants. Once again he looked at him and then looked at Mugo. "Mm I take it to mean that your a very skilled enough to earn there fear and respect. However.....I will not fear you. Although if depending on the outcome of the match I will come to respect you." he said looking at him. "I am not going to fear you on the mere notion of an image alone."

He chuckled and shook his head. "That's not why they're afraid of me..." he explained as he stood there shirtless. "They're afraid of me because I'm number 3...." he said, shrugging. "I really don't understand it...I'm not even as strong as number 2 or 1...."

He shrugged. "It is foolishness." He said as he looked at Mugo. "They fear you because of a number? Not because of your skill?" he lowered his hand. "Neither the image of the monkey or the number upon his belly are enough to warrant such a reaction out of me. However Mugo. I will fight you with respect." He said looking at him. "There fear not withstanding, if I am to fight you fairly then I am to fight you without there fear clouding my judgement of you. If I were to go by them then it would denote you are a monster in human guise. However, I wish to meet you as an equal."

Mugo chuckled and closed his eyes as he burst out into laughter. When he calmed down though, he opened his eyes to look at the one who was before him. "Ne, ne...Kil," he said, nudging Killian a little. "Doesn't that sound familiar? A monster in human skin?"

Killian chuckled nodding. "It does." He said looking at him. "It does indeed. What an interesting way to put that." He said looking at the young man standing there. Although the young man remained stoic and unmoving as if humor was lost to him. Laughter gone. IN fact Killian noted it was as if the boy had had the ability to laugh and have fun stripped from him.

He tipped his head and looked at them. Failing to see the humor in the situation but he remained where he was standing never the less. Waiting for the moment for them decide to start the match.

He smiled as he goofed off a little bit with Killian before he grew a bit more serious. "I've been called a lot of things, but that one was my favorite~" he mused as he stood there and motioned for Killian to go on with his shirt. "I think the last time I was called something like that...." he paused, putting his finger up to his lips in thought before he took his finger away, raising it up in a sort of "ah ha" moment. "When I was murdering a group of teenagers...."

Killian nodded as he looked at Mugo. "Yeah." he said looking at him. "Although it was an interesting outcry as they weren't sure wither to run or cry." he said shaking his head.
He tipped his head still remaining as he was watching them the way they talked and interacted. The monkey on his back as he stood there meant something to those still outside of the ring. He remained painfully quiet watching them interact they were human through and through.

Mugo licked his lips at the memory though. "Oh...the sounds they made..." he said shivering a little before he looked back at the one who was waiting so patiently. "Okay~" he said happily as he moved back and away from him. "I hope you don't mind if I stay like this~"

"As you like." the boy said as Killian moved out of the ring again taking Mugo's shirt with him and leaned against the tree. The boy looked at Mugo. "It matters not to me how you wish to fight. However the lack of material provides less distraction of movement." he said stating it clearly when moving the flickering of contrasting colors could provide an advantage but here and now Mugo forwent that to stay as he was bare from the waist up.

He smiled and waved the guy's words off. "Okay~"

Killian at that moment sighed as he started the Buzzer and the five minute count down. He looked at Mugo and began to walk forwards not running not rushing he never did, he weighed who he was fighting as he approached and he walked towards him. Closing the distance as he approached Mugo.

Mugo just stood there, arms at his sides and feet in no real stance at all. "I do hope you won't be disappointed if you get hurt..." he said as he stood there waiting patiently.

"If you manage to actually hurt me....I will applaud you." He Said as he drew close and then stopped standing in striking range but this is where he paused, and the 'challenge' began he waited to see who would swing first him or Mugo.

He tilted his head to the side and smirked. "Careful now...don't bring the beast out in me..." he warned lowly.

"I'm afraid that is where you misunderstand me Mugo." He said as he himself reached and grabbed the edge of his shirt and pulled it off, once he did his torso was covered in wounds that could not have been made by anything human. Fang and claw of demon's tearing into his flesh as he fought them and won, A Class and S class and higher. He stood there as some of them were surfacing in restricted areas he needed the Hunter's license. Tossing his shirt out of the ring he looked at him again. "I am used to fighting Monster's Mugo. That being said....the question is....who will find the opening to strike first."
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Mugo shrugged as he stood there. "So you have scars..." he said in a "big deal" kind of tone. "I'm not going to lie and say that I don't have them...I just cover them up..." he said as he looked at the one before him. "I'm a different kind of monster...I'm man made...." he said as he tilted his head to look up at the sky for a mere second before he looked back down at his opponent.

He nodded as he looked at him. "Indeed." he said his emotions nearly gone. He looked at the one before him waiting as the time ticked away watching him the others outside of the ring stared as neither one was attacking just yet. He stood there looking at Mugo regarding him but as Mugo looked up at the sky he did not attack. But shifted his stance as if readying himself at that moment to be attacked.

Sighing, he put his hands in his pockets and moved into a low squatting stance. "Sometimes the scariest monsters are the men who stare you in the face..." he said as he stayed in that crouch, hands in his pockets.

He looked down at him as he squatted there saying that sometimes the scariest was sometimes the ones who stare you in the face. "I have no time for fear." he said looking at him as he watched Mugo kneel down hands in his pockets and squatting and yet he still did not attack. Even if this man was a killer a murder he was still a man and there for not a monster or beast and deserved respect in battle. He would not attack so long as he was in a position that did not warrant attacking. But that had the crowd was staring. The duo were in a stand off of sorts and the crowd stared they knew they could not pull the same thing many realized something about this blonde kid had caught Mugo's interest.

He chuckled and licked his lips. "Good....that means I won't scare you away..." he mused before he moved then, going down low and kicking up, aiming for the chest. It was an amazing sight really. No support at all, just a kick up like that in such a low position with his hands in his pockets.

He reacted on instinct the moment the leg came up he moved and grabbed it jwith tight crushing force, jerking him and flinging him but it was not a hit. He held tightly to Mugo's ankle as he lifted him up and pulled him by just that leg off of the ground....whipping him around as if a rag doll.... It was a recoil reaction a throw as he whipped Mugo around and threw him at the ropes his body following the motion as he turned and faced the direction that he threw him but he blinked and looked at his hand. That had been instinct on his part. The sudden upwards kick was not a demon attack method they came at you with claws and mouth but that....he had reacted. He had moved and now he looked at his hand a moment as it had moved with a mind of it's own.

" won't." He answered after a moment looking at his hand...Just what the heck was that?

He landed easily, sliding back a little, almost touching the ropes and let a smile only Killian would recognize spread across his face. "This is going to be fun...." he mused happily as he licked his lips once more and took his hands out of his pockets. This time he had to actually fight.

Killian knew that look and sighed. "Oh boy." He mused....the kid was a true warrior a true fighter just like Mu, and himself not like the others outside of the ring who were wantabe's.
He lowered his hand and looked at Mugo waiting as Mugo slide backwards coming to a stop just before the ropes but instead of looking upset or angry the man's eyes were glowing with....delight. A smile graced his features but the smile was unreadable. He watched him lick his lips and take his hands out of his pockets readying himself to fight and once again he faced him but this time he took a loose fighting stance watching the one before him as he stood there. "Fun?" he echoed. A fight that is fun and not necessary to live? Was such a thing even possible?

He smiled at him as he took up an unreadable stance once again, standing upright and hands down to his sides. A deceptive stance, and a fluid one. "Yes~" he mused as he brought up his hand for only one reason, to signal the one before him to come at him and attack him.

He looked at him and watched him signal to come and attack. He walked forwards again. which was flooring all outside of the ring. His fighting style was much different slower sure was designed to be move on instinct to changes and attacks. He approached easily and upon getting closer he moved despite it being so close to the ropes and once within striking range he suddenly shifted and paused before his hand moved although those outside of the ring would not see it, flying right for Mugo's chest. Mugo though was not a fighter on the level of the amateurs outside of the ring.

Mugo moved his hand, blocking the first strike. Though it was fast, he was no amateur or slacker. He knew what he was doing in a hand-to-hand combat setting.

They had been flying around the ring after the first hit too fast for those outside to see except for Killian the skill level of the kid was high. Killian could keep up but as he watched they where moving at such speeds there was no doubt that Mu was enjoying every minute of being able to actually fight. He watched.
For him though it wasn't like anything he had felt before the thrill the rush he had to be on the defense for over half the fight and offense on the other half but that didn't mean much as Mugo could easily block almost everything he had to throw at the last possible moment there was a loud crashing boom sound as he caught Mugo's fist just before his own chest and his fist just touched Mugo's chest. Energy expanded out around them at that moment knocking down those standing up outside of the ring although they had not been using any power it was just the sheer power of there fight. But it was here the 19 year old started laughing.....the cold dead feeling inside breaking as he started actually laughing.

But as he laughed it took him a moment to realize Mugo was laughing as well and looked at him as the buzzer signaled the end and dropped back landing on the mat behind him laughing. Staring up at the sky laughing. This feeling...the thrill the rush..." this?"
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When he calmed enough to speak, he looked at the kid and smiled. "Friendship~" he explained simply. "When you have so much fun just fighting or goofing off or even having so much fun being around one person, that's called friendship."

He tisked and shook his head. "You do now~"

Toshiro went a touch wide eyed then nodded as Mugo seemed to take offense to the idea that he said 'He hadn't had one.' He looked at Mugo and nodded. "Alright." he said having indeed bonded. "I amend that. I didn't use to have one until now. Now I do." he looked at him not capable of denying that.
KIllian chuckled as he leaned there against the tree looking at the two of them. Mugo and Toshiro the kid...had made friends with Mugo the best way possible exchanging blows. Mu learned so much about a person that way and the kid could go toe to toe with him. The rush for Mu had to have been insane. Just looking at his partner he had to smile Mugo was glowing he was so excited.

He held out his hand to the kid and smiled at him. "Come on and pass this exam kid...I could really use another friend among the Hunters..." he told him as he waited to be able to shake his hand.

Toshiro nodded as he took Mugo's offered hand. "I will pass it." He answered back to him as he took Mugo's hand firmly into his own. "and I look forward to it." To being friends with him, among the Hunters he knew so little people was close to almost no one to have someone insist on the 'friendship' title was nice.

He shook hands with the kid, but took it a step further and pulled him in to wrap his arm around his shoulders and embraced him, hugging him and nuzzling him a little. His personal display of feeling "safe" or close to someone.

Killian smiled as he watched the exchange and nodded as he looked at Mugo meaning he understood those who Mugo nuzzled were strictly off limits not many got that with him. Killian himself, Kirua, Kichona, now Toshiro. You had to really do something to stand out to him in your own way and for Toshiro it was showing Mugo there was more to the kid then the hollow impersonal young man who had been standing in the ring.
Toshiro blinked as he was nuzzled and laughed actually after a moment hugging Mugo back not sure what else to do with that situation but hug the Ex-monk who was nuzzling him affectionately. He closed his eyes accepting it....was it really alright to be close to people? But as Mugo held onto him refusing to let go at the moment he realized...that may just maybe it was.

When his affections were accepted, he put the other arm around Toshiro and nuzzled him even more, to the point that it sent them both down to the ground. He couldn't help but laugh as he was on top of Toshiro for only a few moments before standing up to help the kid back up. "You'll go far kid...just remember that its okay...everything isn't black and white. Sometimes, the world is full of vivid colors and vivid personalities...chaning the color of yours isn't healthy."

Toshiro looked at him and laughed as well as they had fallen over with Mugo nuzzling him like and over grown puppy or kitten before helping him back up. Once standing he looked at him listening. He nodded. "I'll remember it Mugo." he said looking at him as he was given the advice. For the first time in his life he felt alive. He looked at him he had not thought to come here today and make a friend but that was just what he did.

He smiled at him and nodded. "I knew I was right about today..." he said as he looked over at Killian. "I had predicted it just right~"

Killian nodded. "Yeah you did.' He said looking at him. "You had a feeling about today and you weren't wrong about it." he said looking at him as he spoke to Mugo. "Now let him come over here so we can finish up with the remaining hundred over there. And then move on to phase two." He said looking at Mu. "And then we can watch over his progress from main base."

He pouted but let Toshiro go. "Yeah yeah..."

Killian chuckled as he looked at Mugo. "Mu, don't forget a talent like doubt he'll make it through to the end and get his liscense you can be there waiting to congratulate him first in person." he said knowing Mu got excited whenever he actually met someone who truly qualified as a friend for him.

Several weeks had passed after that, Mugo having finished up with the others half of the remaining one hundred out and the other half able to meet up with Killian and out of them 15 failed to make it through. Toshiro had tagged Killian in the first three minutes of the chase once figured out Killian's rhythm Killian wasn't attacking them at all but kicking and knocking the long stick out of the way at the end of which was the tag and when he looked at the tag there was a needle. No wonder he was. That would no doubt hurt once he was tagged with it. And then he got him and Killian smirked and said. "Buh-bye go find Mu." He said pointing and then went to playing with the others. Mu went but to cuddling and nuzzling as soon as he walked up and showed him the empty tagger.

Now several weeks later having passed the last phase he was sitting in his room at the main base rolling achy shoulders that last challenge had been a pain. But he passed he had to wait to find out his rank.

He had been given the folder containing the card and tags to give to Toshiro by Neo himself. He had been a little stunned at first, but happily accepted and went almost skipping down the hall to go find Toshiro. When he found him, he didn't bother to knock, too happy and...well...excited to remember to do so. "Toshi~" he called happily as he held up the folder. "Guess what I've got~"

Toshiro looked up not at all surprised by the nickname Mu he learned had this thing with finding cute nicknames for his friends. He blinked and went a touch wide eyed though at what he was holding the binder in his hand. "Is that my?" he asked surprised.

"My Hunter's license?" Toshiro finished after a moment remembering what he was here for surprised he had done it....he had actually really cleared all six tests.

Mugo smiled as he handed him the folder. "You made it to the top of this years recruits~"

Toshiro blinked when he took it and opened the binder then set it down on his lap staring at the card that had clearly in bold print marked on it A/ well as the Dog-tags. He looked up at Mugo. "Really...." he looked down. "I hadn't thought I'd rank so high..."

He chuckled and poked Tohsiro in the forehead. "You went toe to toe against me and landed a clean's not an easy feat. Plus, your survived the rest of the exam. You earned that rank~"

Toshiro looked up at Mugo. "Going toe to toe with you Mu was fun." he said admitting it. Then nodded. "The rest of the exam after that was crazy. I'd swear the Chairman is a demon himself....had I not met him and seen he was just a man.....a crazy man but a man."

He chuckled at that and nodded in agreement. "I could have swore he was trying to kill us with our exam...luckily I had my other techniques..."

"So that feeling wasn't just with my exam then? The Five and sixth exams felt like death battles." he said shaking his head. "If not for my natural techniques I'm almost certain it would have ended badly." He said as he sat there and then pulled the card out of the binder and put it in his wallet then pulled out the dog tags and slipped those around his neck. "I mean I'm used to fighting fiends from the underworld but those have predictable habits depending on there rank they don't get dangerous until you hit A rank and above." he said sighing and looking at Mugo. "However that's nothing compared to the madness of the imagination of a man whose bored and wants to see what happens when he pushes you." he said shaking his head. "If not for my water arts....I'd have a hole through my stomach right now."

"The final exam...I had no other choice pull out my final technique too."

Mugo sighed and closed his eyes. "He made me use mine too...I hate using that's not fun if it's strong enough to end the entire fight in minutes..."

He nodded. "I know...I don't like using my final technique for that. I tend to use her more for a second set of eyes then for battle. I'd rather handle the fighting myself." he said sighing. "So the fact that I had to not only summon her but give the command and shift her to 'fight' was annoying."

"Yama isn't any fun because he ends everything so quickly..." he said pouting. "I would rather use Shiva or Natraja..."

He nodded. "Yeah....I hear ya, it's like fighting once I summon Aimee and give the order to fight...Once a huge dragon starts on a war path you're better off staying out of her way."

"Everyone keeps telling me to steer clear of you because your a part of Route Troupe...." He said looking at Mugo. "Honestly that doesn't bother me....but it does have me curious just what is Route Troupe that those who passed are so wary of it?"

Mugo sighed as he moved to sit down in the floor, crossing his legs. "Route an organization of six members...Myself and five others. We're supposedly notorious for being horrible murderers....but I'm a member, so I don't really see what I do as horrible...especially not when you've grown up like most of the members of the Troupe..."

He listened as he looked at him. "So basically your calling it a Organization but it sounds more like a small family unit." he said looking at him. "I can't really see you as this horrible being Mu. People always have a reason for there actions. Even if others can't understand them. I am part of the Yudaai family my family has been trained since birth to guard the Seven Demon gates spread throughout Japan. My birth was considered unwanted an accidental and also the only one that is able to inherit the family legacy or curse." he said shrugging. "But what that means is that I'm to travel the country side all over and find and send back the demons who surface and should the Master Gate ever open....defeat the High Demon that attempts to come out thrust the twin keys into the gate close it and in that exact moment....forfeit my life to become the new seal." he looked at Mugo. "it's why at first when you insisted on friendship you surprised me. Many say they can sense my 'doomed' presence."

Mugo tilted his head a little though. "Mm...I can't really say I had ever had friends up until I met Killian and his family...Zuku took me in for a while and gave me a place with the Satsujins...."
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