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 Nearing the end.

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PostSubject: Nearing the end.    Nearing the end.  EmptyMon Aug 17, 2015 9:07 pm

They had been traveling through the game having gone through the first trial to get to the game logged into it. It had only been about four days since they logged into the game server. The first day they had taken down Dungeons one and two. The second day they had taken down dungeon three and and the third day Dungeon four. Now they were walking through 'Breakpoint City' on there way to go to there fifth and final Dungeon. Each of them holding there first four items, it wasn't like they were huge. But the last dungeon was were there last four bosses were and the ring would glow to indicate like normal which one was to fight which boss.

The other groups were staring at them slack jawed and some reaching for there weapons as they were beyond pissed, One other team was past the first dungeon but they were just now entering the second dungeon. "You had to have cheated!" One guy said pulling his weapon and looking like he wanted to fight them. Kicha only sighed. "Seriously? You think that's even possible a barrier goes up between the boss and the correct 'player' hunter. There's no way to cheat." Kirua rolled his eyes. "Don't bother according to the rules we can kill....and so if they really want to mess with us...I'm sure it'd Make Mu's day to start the ball rolling here."

Mugo licked his lips at the thought of a fight. He was finally able to kill, and so he wouldn't hold anything back. If he got the chance to fight the other players...he'd take it, no matter the reason.

The group of four pulled there weapons and moved to surround them. Although truthfully they only ended up surrounding Mugo who had they had moved to separate him from the rest of there team. Even Kirua stepped back and they all watched the items were small enough to fit in a pouch to hang off of the waist. Each one was like a small crest. But that wasn't the point here. Here it was the fools who thought they could attack them. The leader of that group sneered. "Lookie there your team mates backed off leaving you all by yourself. They don't think much of you." he said smirking as he held the massive bastard sword before him figuring he'd have fun cutting down Mugo. Another held a set of sai's. The third a set of brass knuckles and the last held two short staves.

Kicha and Kirua exchanged a look and Killian shrugged. "Actually....we're just not in the mood to ruin his fun."

Mugo chuckled and licked his lips as he tossed his items back to Kirua. "Holds these for me Kirua...I don't want to get them dirty..." he mused before he tilted his head to the left to look at them all. "Actually...they moved back so I wouldn't accidentally kill them..."

Kirua caught them with incredible speed out of the air having tucked his own away to the pouch at his side. He watched the four men exchange looks. The leader laughing. "Let me get this straight.....they have left you on your own against us, with out any back up....because you might kill them by accident?" He started laughing as he looked at Mugo. "Not likely more like they don't care if you die and leaving you to us to pick apart.' he said having no idea just how very wrong he was.
Kicha tipped his head. "Intellegence is not your leaders strong suit is it?" Kicha asked the remaining members who were quiet and standing at the ready. "Take a long good look at his eyes and then try telling me we're worried about any of you being able to do him in....I think you'll find excitement there not fear."
They listened to him and paused....there was not an ounce of fear in Mugo's fact there wasn't an ounce of fear anywhere in his stance just the opposite it was like Kicha had said he appeared to be....excited. The leader not wanting to give Mugo a chance to defend himself or do anything rushed forward swinging the massive bastard sword right at him planning to cut him in half with one swing.

Kirua though looked at the four crests in his hand that belonged to Mugo and shrugged. "Sure thing. But don't blame me if the they splatter back towards us."

Mugo sighed as he looked boredly at the man trying to cut him down with a sword. "You know...swinging that big of a weapon around...isn't going to do you much good..." he mused as he stopped the sword with two playing cards.

The guy stared and blinked as what was stopping his blade wasn't another blade or weapon like that heck it wasn't even a shield of some sort....they were 2 of 52 playing cards. He stared as he pushed on his sword trying to cut through the light playing cards. Looking back at his team. "What the heck are you idiots doing!! Attack him already!" Seemingly on cue the guy with the sai's moved in making a forwards stabbing motion while the other two hung back figuring they'd switch out when the first two were pulled back. Kicha sighed....such a technique wouldn't work against Mugo all they were doing was making it more fun for him.

Mugo smiled as he jumped up and dodged easily before he flipped back a little and chuckled. "Oh my~" he mused lightly.

They watched as he jumped up and dodged and yet still didn't look all that upset. The one with the brass knuckles moved running and jumping off of the short staves to fly at Mugo ready to punch him with the assist of the metal covering his knuckles figuring he'd land a blow and turn things around. The one with the Staves rushed in low after that as the one with the Sai's came at Mugo....and yet it was all futile.
Kirua rose and eyebrow and sighed. "Idiots....head on isn't the way to go with him." Kirua mumbled next to Kicha and Kicha snorted.

"Actually Kir....attacking Mu in any fashion isn't the way to go, you better have immense strength to go at him. Depending on those weapons isn't enough."

"Oh my I think I broke one of my toys...." he mused calmly, lightly as he still smiled at them and moved, kicking the two who were coming in at a lower stance, sending them flying back a little. "Oh They fly~"

Kirua couldn't help it he tipped is head shielding his eyes with his hand as they went flying.....and flying they did as they ended up slamming into a building a distance away. The way there bodies snapped upon impact looked ....well painful. It wasn't that the building was miles away it was just across the street. "Wow...I've seen a lot of things in my time but that's a first." Kirua mused. Killian chuckled. "Ah eyes....they shouldn't have come in low it made them akin to a football. Mu's good at kicking." The leader pissed moved and jumped up swinging the sword around and then bringing it down as if to Cleve Mugo in two perfectly. While the one with the brass knuckles was on the ground screaming the bones broken and the metal on his hand....mushed into the broken mess of his hand....he was holding his wrist it was killing him as he backed up eyes watering. That hand was done.

Mugo was all smiles as he jumped around and dodged, prancing like a dancer. "Oh I'm having so much fun~" he mused happily as he once again caught the sword with his cards, smiling at the big one. "You know...I think you've already tried that trick before...." he said and got a dark look on his face. "Now it's my turn...let me show you one of my tricks~"

With that, he pushed the big guy back a little and put his cards away, tucking them quickly into his shirt and stretched out his hands. "What's red and sticky?" he asked happily.

The big guy stared at him. "What is this some sort of joke?" He snarled angry as he was once again stopped by playing cards and then Mugo went and put them away. "Red and Sticky? Blood what else would it be!?" He sneered as he looked at him bringing his sword around to attack again. He was the last one capable of fighting...the other two were still out of commission he had no idea what state they were in and his last team mate was sitting there holding his hand which was a mangled mess.

Mugo smiled and nodded. "Bingo~" he said as the blood started to form between his hands. It wasn't sticky like it had been when he used it as a net, rather it was almost like normal blood, however it seemed a little different. "When fighting, it's always fun to use blood for blood tactics..."

The guy stopped and then stood there holding his sword before him. "I don't know what your up to....but your gonna loose." he said as he held the bastard sword before him in a defensive position worried about what may come.

Mugo chuckled at that thought. "Maybe one day...but not to the likes of you..." he mused coldly as he stood there. He did however, move all of the blood to one hand to allow for a free hand to defend himself with. "You see...I'm just playing right now...but when I get'll die...."

"Nice trick by my sword will cut it to ribbons." he said as he glared at him narrowing his eyes and glaring at Mugo. He braced himself ready for anything.
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Posts : 397
Yen : 14570
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Join date : 2015-08-02
Age : 39

Character sheet
Name: Kichona 'Kicha' Kasai
Age: 20
Occupation: Bounty Hunter/Being scouted by Route Troupe

Nearing the end.  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Nearing the end.    Nearing the end.  EmptyMon Aug 17, 2015 11:29 pm

Mugo smirked at the big guy's words. "Not likely...this blood is very me show you..." he mused as he swung his hand down and a sword formed, the blood hardening into red crystal. "When I harden it, it becomes as hard as diamond...when in a liquid, its dense and like glue...I can even form it into a rubber like substance so things will bounce off of it...even combining the rubber and glue qualities to make it like gum...." he mused as he held out his free hand. "Don't you see? I've already won..."

The guy stared and started backing up if he was bluffing it was one heck of a good bluff. He lowered his sword alone...he was fighting this guy alone and this guy's companions had left him to fight them. It was then he realized as two were talking quietly between each other while watching and the other simply watched....that they even since the beginning had never been concerned. He backed up dropping his sword meaning to escape with his life and leave his companions to there fate...a fate he started by challenging Mugo. They were merely playing follow the leader.

He tisked as he moved his hand, sending the liquefied blood to slice off the man's leg. "Now now...running away isn't going to save you..." he mused lowly as he moved slowly, walking at a nice leisurely pace to stand in front of the guy. "You started this we're going to finish it..."

The guy was screaming in pain and then then looked back at Kicha, Kirua and Killian screaming at them to call off Mugo, To do something he yielded. Kirua sighed and rung out his ear. "Damn'd annoying bugs." he said as he went back to speaking with Kicha talking about what was to come in this next dungeon. Going over stratagies while they let Mu have his fun.

Mugo smiled happily as he looked at the guy. "One by one I'll make you my size okay?~" he said as he once again flicked his wrist, sending the blood out and cutting off an arm.

The guy screeched as he rolled and grabbed where that arm had been he was being picked apart. Cut apart as he lost a leg and then an arm and the three with him....didn't even bat an eyelash. In desperation he looked over at Kichona. He was....he was a hunter right he heard rumors that he was a Pro Hunter taking this as his reevaluation. "Hey! Help me! Your, your a Pro Hunter right? I....I'll pay you to stop him just please help me."
Kichona actually paused in his conversation with Kirua and tipped his head. "Oh that's amusing...." He said looking at him. "Just how much do you think you could possibly offer me to stop Mu?" He asked amused.
"5 hundred thousand...."

Kichona started laughing shaking his head. "Ah geeze might want to enlighten him about how much it costs to hire a Bounty Hunter as a body guard."

Mugo chuckled and nodded as he squatted down to look at the one who was trying to buy Kicha. "It costs at least a million to hire one low rank hunter..." he said and pointed up at Kicha. "Now tell much do you think he's worth?"

The guy pale and breathing heavy looked at Mugo. "A least a MIllion for a low rank...then he's what two million." he said thinking he wasn't all that much. After all he was here testing again he couldn't be that good right? And he was standing back not wanting to interfere with Mugo. So Maybe just above a low rank?

Kicha snorted....that wasn't even enough to get him through the front door. That much was a waste of his time.

Mugo chuckled and wagged his finger, tisking at him. "Wrong. He's worth at least four million....and that's lowballing...."

"Lowballing?? Four Million is low balling?" he said gasping. Staring at Mugo who wagged his finger. KIcha shrugged. "Four Million is enough to get me to entertain what you have to say....but I won't make any promises." Kicha said. The guy was thinking desperately. "What if I could come up with the money..."
KIcha burst into laughter. "What if? Give me a break...." He said pulling his tags out and letting them catch light. "4 Mill is standard base for anyone in A rank. I'm currently at Third level. So....I don't take 'What if." Kicha said tucking it away again.

Mugo chuckled and smiled at the guy. "Now you see why those guys are my team...everyone on that team is estimated to be at least A/3 to A/0," he explained as he stayed there in that squatting position.

The guy stared. "Everyone on your rank a level three or higher?" He gapsed. Looking at them as he was bleeding out. "Look I'll come up with the money so..."
Kicha sighed. "You know it's sad but....I don't waste my time getting hired by a dead man. Look, even if you say you could come up with the money I wasn't clear enough for you. Before I take any job there's a 'fee' before hand. 4 Million is enough to get me to hear you, afterwards we discuss how much your life is worth. You don't have the beginning cost and have another problem." Kicha turned and reached up and grabbed the front of his shirt moving it to show off the monkey. "I don't betray allies, and friends. Mu and I haven't lost that friendship, better start thinking of another means of begging your life because I won't save it."

Mugo smiled up at Kicha. "Ki~ would you come help me show him mine?" he asked lightly as he stood up and turned his back to them and tugged at his shirt a little. "I'm not very good at just lifting it...I'd take it all the way off..."

Kicha smiled and walked up to Mugo. "Sure." he said as he walked over to him while he had his back to the man who was down an arm and leg. He lifted up the back of Mugo's shirt high enough that the Monkey was clearly seen and the guy went wide eyed as he looked between them. As the horror settled into his face as he realized just who he was tangling with Kicha lowered the Shirt.
"Route....shit your both Members of Route....and he a pro hunter is the weakest member?"
KIcha snorted. "The number doesn't denote my strength idiot. Just the place I hold." He said as he stood there with Mu. But as I couldn't pay me enough to turn against him."

Mugo turned around and wrapped his arms around Kicha and nuzzled him. "My little brother is so nice to me~" he said happily. "Big brother would be so proud~" he said as he stayed there for a few more minutes before he once again squatted down to look at the guy. "In a way, the numbers are a sign of how dangerous we are..." he explained as he stayed there. "The lower the number, the more forgiving you are..."

He went wide eyed. "So...he's the most forgiving.....then if I say sorry he'll ask you spare me." He said breathing heavy as he was bleeding out badly. Not sure how much longer he'd make it without medical attention.
KIcha rolled his eyes as he looked at him and then shook his head. "When did Mu say I was going to forgive you? And why would I forgive you for anything? I'm not the one you swung at and insulted."
"Insulted......why did you put that second...." He gasped.
Kicha snorted. "Because your at best a D/5 Ranked hunter and you severely wasted Mu's time by attacking him. Let alone accusing us all of cheating...seriously....When you attacked him you would have been better served to be at least an A/5 or higher....But you? You barely qualify as a play thing...."

Kicha reached up as Mu nuzzled him though and 'side hugged' him back by placing his hand in Mugo's hair sort of an affectionate return of his own.

Mugo chuckled as he looked at the guy who was slowly dying. "You let me play around, but you're still insulting...especially by saying you'll beat me when I'm so many ranks above you..." he explained. Even if his tone was light, his words were harsh and just as unforgiving as his actions.

The guy gasped as the blood flow was slowing down not closing up but rather running out as he dropped back his eyes glazing over. He had come here thinking he would finish it out and then become a Hunter. But he was not in there league. Kichona sighed as he looked at the fool on the ground. "Darn....and here we were hoping to have this done before lunch..." he sighed as he leaned slightly against Mugo who was nuzzling him while he had been holding him before Righting up as Mu let go and squatted down. "But now we'll be lucky if we clear before dinner....damn'd fools held us up."
Kirua chuckled. "Yeah but Mu's in a really good mood now so we' should clear the first two floors in no time and reach the first Boss floor or 'Third Floor' in about an hour."

Mugo pouted when they guy was finally dead. "Aw~" he whined as he stood up. "He died before I could even finish playing..." he said as he pouted.

Kicha looked at him. "Cheer up Mu. From everything I've managed to pull up on the Final Dungeon it's auto logged to take everything we've done in the previous four and make it four times harder then before." He said looking at him. "In other words according to the map and stats for that dungeon the monsters we'll be fighting due to our performance indicators will at lowest be S/5 with and up before each of the five bosses being ranked as S/1.....Although we're about somewhere in the High A/s... it's the Dungeon that we sink or swim." He said looking at them. "Hunter logic dictates that although your fighting someone so vastly more powerful then you....being a Hunter you'll be able to use everything at your disposal to pull out the win."

"In essence from the moment we enter the Dungeon we'll be fighting till we drop."

Mugo perked up at that and spun around a little. "Wee~ I get to kill all kinds of things!"

As Mugo perked up a bit at that one Kicha nodded. "Yeah we'll be killing from the moment we open the door." he said looking at him. KIrua held out Mugo's items and smirked. "Something tells me we're gonna have a blast...." Kirua said looking at them. "Sounds like fun." he said already excited about this he didn't want to be told he had no choice but to be an Assassin but at the same token....the thrill of the rush in something like this was great.

Mugo took his items back and tucked them away in his own pouch. "Oh it's so exciting~"

Kicha smirked. as he held up the long tub that when extended had the world map they were 'on' and indicated where there final dungeon was. "Well shall we get going? We have a dungeon to clear and a game to win." He said looking at them and Killian chuckled. "Yeah now that you went and put Mu in high spirits it'd be mean of us to take that away from him."

He nodded. "Ple~ase" he whined. "I wanna go and fight~"

Kicha nodded as he turned flicking his wrist and opening up the world map. Then headed in that direction with Mugo who was all excited. They left Breakpoint City and after an forty five minute walk made it to there final dungeon the door opened before them ready for them to enter as they had all of the other items. As soon as the door opened the sound of Roaring monsters could be heard and as Kirua walked up next to Mugo to take his place he rose an eyebrow....they didn't come into the sunlight but they could see just on the other side of the shadows....hundreds of eyes and several large nasty clawed hands pushing there way into the light to reach for them as they climbed on each other to get to them. was like the sunlight was pushing them back. Kirua looked at Mu...." Geeze there either packed in there like sardines in a can....or those things have many eyes and multiple arms...."

Mugo licked his lips as he stood there though. There it was...that aura of his. "Oh...." he groaned as he stood there. It was very obvious he was "excited" for this.

Kicha and Killian were a few steps back as this set up just worked for them. And then Kirua looked at Mugo and saw that look of sheer ecstasy. The 'Aroused' high he got when it came to fighting and that smile. His aura coming out to play as he was no doubt feeling the violent intent from the creatures pawing at the front door. Kirua looked at his partner in the front line and smirked as he turned his head and looked at the monsters ahead. "Hey Mu....after you."

Mugo didn't really hear Kirua, he was already in his own bliss-filled world. He moved, walking into the dungeon as hi body all but throbbed with the beating of his own heart as it pumped the adrenaline through his body, sending him higher and higher into the world of ecstasy.

Kirua walked in just behind Mu not in any real hurry as he shoved his hands in his pockets following him into the Dungeon and a moment after him was the other two. Kirua walked behind Mu as he walked up and the first thing they came across was a monster of a beast that held twelve arms six on a side. Three eyes and the more they saw was heads on a necklace with there eyes frozen open in terror. The light glinting off of those. The creature roared and grasped two hands together bringing them down ontop of Mugo's head the other arms moving one on each side pulling chunks out of the wall and the others still grabbing for Mugo....and this was a beginning level boss....for this dungeon.

Mugo though, in an instant had held up his arm to stop the beast, keeping it from crushing him. "Oh...that was close..." he mused as he stood there his arm being gripped tightly by the beast as it tried to grab him.

It roared as it brought chunks of wall around and down to 'clap' Mu and anyone else it could get between the thick heavy slate and crush them. It brought kept pushing down and kept trying to get at him even as it try to play 'patty cake' with Mugo the sandwich piece between. Roaring and echoing in the hall before them. Kirua stayed back watching as the doors sealed shut behind them. No escape until they got the five items and cleared the Dungeon. It had begun.

Mugo's other arm came out to the side to stop the beast from squishing him. "Oh my...that's not very nice..." he mused lowly as he stood there, still holding the monster still.

It roared again and kept trying to apply pressure as if to test Mugo's strength against it's own bringing it's other hands to the slate as it pushed trying to put it's hands together. The angry roar it kept letting out didn't sound all that nice and yet Kirua wasn't concerned or worried about Mu yet.

Sighing, he tossed the beast back, sending it slamming into a wall. When he was free, he rubbed his wrist a little, inspecting it to make sure no bones were broken. "Mm...good thing I enhanced my arms and legs..." he mused to himself lowly.

It crashed into the wall and came surging back towards Mugo as if to not give him time to reflect long about the state of his arms. Kirua looked at him as it charged bringing down all six sets hands clasped together as if to pound Mugo like a nail into the ground having been thrown it was not a happy monster. Kirua watched as it surged at him and still kept his hands in his pockets not in any hurry to help Mugo just yet. It was only one....He would be fine.

Sighing, he looked up at the monster, seeming like he hadn't even moved as the whips of blood shot out and sliced off some of the arms. "Quit fussing...I didn't hurt you that bad..."

It screamed in rage and pain as it lost some of the arms staggering backwards as Kirua snickered. "Mu you just countered yourself." He said as the creature was down to half the mass of arms it had before. It screamed throwing it's head back and then summoning an axe and hammer for each hand. Alternating as it looked at him....but it was less then it should be and then started hitting the walls making them crumble down on them and towards them to smoosh them....Kirua sighed as it was creating quiet a bit of dust. But it was not enough to hamper Mu.

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Nearing the end.
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