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 Kereblis Guide

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Kereblis (けれバリス Kereburis) is a drug that was originally created under the medical name Dainōburisu (大脳ブリス). It was created to help ease the suffering of the victims of a nuclear weapon induced illness. When the illness had been obliterated, many believed the drug to have stopped production. However, that was a lie. The drug's production moved to Gravity City, the crime capital of the nation where it began its new distribution there among the junkies after the original medical name had been changed to project the slang term used by many on the streets. The original marketing slogan was "Bliss for the mind." The original Kereblis was meant to be "Cerebral Bliss" and it is indeed.

Despite its potency, Kereblis is highly addictive and toxic in large doses. However, that hasn't stopped many from using large doses. In large quantities, it enhances strength, speed and agility. However, because it was not made with overdoses in mind, if one deliberately overdosed on them, their state would become extremely unstable, it would be impossible for them to gain the same amount of power every time.

When taken normally, the drug is still very potent and works by suppressing the pain receptors in a person's body, allowing the user to feel no pain while the drug is in effect. However, the lasting side effects are nasty. Those who use Kereblis lose the ability to feel the difference between something that's extremely hot or barely warm and they can't feel the difference between something below zero compared to something like cool water, causing them to have to be constantly monitored by someone when eating or drinking, bathing, or going outside during the summer or winter.

Kereblis also has nasty withdrawal symptoms. People who stop taking Kereblis without properly downing the dosages could have seizures, hallucinations, vomiting, stomach cramps, violent mood swings, or could cause organ failure and eventual death.

There are two typess of Kereblis: Upper and Downer.

  • Uppers act as stimulants, increasing the physical well being of the user and blocking pain receptors, allowing for normal and efficient movement. When overdosed on, Uppers cause the user to have increased capabilities, such as enhanced strength, speed and agility.

  • Downers are used as a depressant or tranquilizer, slowing the senses and movement. If taken after Upper, it can help with sleep and overall jitters or hyperactivity. When overdosed on, Downers can cause loss of consciousness, risk of organ damage and extreme fatigue.

They are usually not taken together to prevent them from neutralizing the effects of one another. Their symptoms are generally visible only when overdosed on. However, if a user has a lower tolerance, the normal symptoms of the drug will be visible.

Kereblis can be administered via two methods: Pills or Injections.

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Emergency Auto-injector
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Kereblis Guide
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