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 Invitation that Brings Changes.

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Invitation that Brings Changes.  Empty
PostSubject: Invitation that Brings Changes.    Invitation that Brings Changes.  EmptySat Aug 15, 2015 10:29 pm

He had gone out that morning finding a contact point to the Association here in Gravity City and linked up to receive any current notices from the Association. He had pulled up and paid the surcharge to have the print off. Before returning as he hadn't said he'd be gone long. Once back though he was sitting on a chair in his room looking at the letter in his hand. The Crest Seal at the top. XX with a red filling in the point were the X's touched. It was the mark of the Hunters Association.

Kichona Kasai, XX Of the Hunters Association. Bounties Team.

We are writing to invite you to retake the Hunter's Exam.

According to our records, it has been two years since you took the exam. Over the years, we've found that it is wise to test our Hunters again every two years to see if their Rank has changed. Please keep in mind that if you decide not to come, you will remain at your current Rank pay and privileges.

However to retake the exam can be a double edged sword. If you take the exam and prove to be weaker than the new recruits, your rank will drop back down to the appropriate rank. However, this works the other way as well. Should you take the exam and show that you are of a much higher rank, you will moved up in the ranks the appropriate rank.

We hope you will accept our invitation and look forward to seeing you come. While there is always the risk of falling backwards, the benefit of climbing ranks is more achievable. Because you would be a returning Hunter, we would need you to register as such. Once registered, we will send you the new location of the exam.

You have only a few days to decide. You will need all of the time possible to get to the Exam site, but you already know that right?

Board of Directors,

PS. While we trim the fat, you are welcome (should someone ask) to bring along as many rookies as you like. Being a Hunter, you are more than capable of determining their strength yourself.

P.P.S. Don't forget, you can bring your weapons or anything else you like to the exam.

Kichona looked at the letter that printed off and then at the console before sighing and entering the abstract coding on the bottom of the letter the link code to gain the information he would be  fool to not return and take the exam again. There were things being a high rank would allot him. He once again paid the fee's and then the map, location and arrival date appeared or rather printed off. He lifted it and sighed. Before folding it up days his ass....if he waited a few days before printing it off he'd not make it in time from here. He had to make the choice now and that choice of course was to go.

He walked back to base and after speaking to Chronos walked back to his room and took off the the outer jacket and removed his top changing into a more durable tunic, and breeches then grabbed the black jacket and panel set and slipped them on, he made certain to have enough of the ointment, slipped his bokken behind his back and then looked in the mirror as he placed his important information in his pockets his wallet, his licence and then took the dog tags out of the inner pocket of the jacket he had been wearing and let them dangle a moment before him seeing the first which identified him and the second that denoted his rank. He picked up his cell phone while he made sure to have what he needed and booked a flight first class and then gave the number code, which suddenly made a first class seat available. he was aware that there was someone standing in the hall but it wasn't like he hide being a Hunter. And he wasn't a Mark but a Bounties so he could link up with whoever he wanted.

Turning his head he looked at the shadow just eclipsing the door to his room. "Did you need something?" he asked the figure and from what he was sensing of was Mugo. The letter was sitting folded on his dresser right now. Although he was curious as to what Mugo wanted it had been six months since he joined Route Troupe and true to word his treatment of Mugo had not changed at least not for the worst. Although he had come to learn that in meetings his place was seemed to be sitting in Chronos's lap. Heck any time he was around him Chronos had a hold of him as if he couldn't get enough of cuddling. So his leaving right now didn't amuse Chronos at all but he did promise to return.
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PostSubject: Re: Invitation that Brings Changes.    Invitation that Brings Changes.  EmptySun Aug 16, 2015 12:25 am

Mugo who had been hiding in the hall went a touch wide eyed as his fun was spoiled nearly as soon as he walked up to the door. In fact he just walked up and peeked in "Bu~" he said pouting as Kicha had noticed him right off....

Kichona didn't play nice with them at all in the beginning. He hide his true strength in folds. He hasn't mastered Emperor Time and although everyone tells him he wouldn't stand a chance it's just the opposite. He could.
He's just willing to learn and hear them out. And in the end joined them.

"You're no fair~"

Kichona would just chuckle as his back is still to the door. "I can feel your Aura Mu, Even if you try to hide it. It's very unique...."

He pushed the door open lazily and leaned against the door frame to stare at Kicha's back. "I can hide it if I want, but I'm still learning to hide the negative part...." he admitted, shrugging.

"That takes a lot of time." He said and turned to face him as he leaned on the door frame the outfit much different the jacket and panels black but the embossing was much more elaborate instead of simple. In his hand was his dog tags still. He lifted it up slipped them around his neck and then went to slide them under his jacket and tunic. "I'll be leaving there anything you needed before I go?"

Mugo chuckled and smiled at him as he leaned there. "I heard from Chrono that you're a hunter. How fun~" he mused as he stayed there, not offering to budge. "I came to tell you that I'm going to take the exam this time around and I hoped we could go together~"

"Yeah a Bounty Hunter Two years." He said shrugging. "I'm going for a re-evulation, which means taking the acceptance exam again." he shrugged. But at Mu's question he nodded. "I don't have a problem with that. He said as he text the airport and added a +1 to the tickets. It was easier then trying to get additional seating in couch or something. "Just you?" He asked curious since Mu had this thing with dragging Killian along on anything he thought might be fun.

Mugo smirked and moved over to wrap his arms around Kicha and nuzzled him. "You know I can't leave Kil~" he said in those deceptively light tones of his.

Kicha chuckled as he was being nuzzled affectionately by Mu. Since telling him six months ago that he considered him a friend and that would not change. It hadn't and it had tickled Mugo pink to find that out. That he would not loose his friendship with Kicha after he had joined Route. KIcha managed to balance them all of his friendships that is. "Yeah...thought as much" as they had sent back a pending confirm. He sent back +2 instead. Same date and time. Then his phone binged with the confirmation and he nodded. "Alright I have the tickets for going...." He said as Mu could see what he was doing easily and then he pulled up the paid for link with confirmation. He was still within the twenty four hour window...and sent through on his reservation of 'Bringing' part. +2.
But here Kicha paused and chuckled knowing Mugo's mischievous side...."So does Killian know he's going to be taking the Hunter's exam this year?" he asked. "Or is this one you random surprises for him?" Kicha asked but he was amused none the less as he reached up ruffled Mugo's hair like normal when the Ex-Monk got all clingy.

Mugo nuzzled him again and chuckled. "No Kil doesn't know it yet," he responded as he stayed there, clinging happily to Kicha. "This is going to be a surprise~"

Kichona looked at him in the mirror as Mu nuzzled away happily perhaps because Kicha didn't shove him off but let him cling as much as he wanted to. Having learned that Mu got pouty and depressed when his affections were rejected as if he was unwanted. "So I will we need to swing by and get him by surprise or are you going to call him and ask him to meet us at the airport?" He asked laughing as that nuzzling was starting to tickle. The only down side.

He smiled as he finally stopped nuzzling Kicha. "I'm going to call him~"

Kicha chuckled. "We have to be at the airport in a hour it's when the flight leaves." he said as Mugo said he was going to call him. 'It's half way between here and Yokohama." So it was enough time for Killian to get there.

Kicha couldn't help it he laughed again and shook his head. "Do you have everything packed you'll need Mu?" He asked as Mugo seemed in the mood to cuddle. He found when he wasn't with Chronos, Mugo was more then happy to hold him and cuddle like this especially if he wasn't with Killian.

Mugo chuckled as he stayed there, pressing his cheek up against the crook of Kicha's neck. "I just need to grab my staff and I'll be okay," he answered happily. "I've never needed to travel with anything else~"

"Alright...." He said as Mugo seemed so very happy and relaxed. Holding him like that everything Kicha needed for travel he had on him as it fit either in his pockets or tucked into the waist band at his back. "We should get going in a minute here Mu." He said lightly knowing that Mu might not be willing to let go yet.

Mugo pouted but let go of Kicha and walked over to the door. "Mett you in the meeting room~"
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Invitation that Brings Changes.  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Invitation that Brings Changes.    Invitation that Brings Changes.  EmptySun Aug 16, 2015 12:44 am

He hummed lightly as he all but skipped into the hall and down to his room. This was certainly going to be interesting. He'd be able to kill how ever many he wanted this way. It was so fun to hear that he had been right to keep Kicha alive when they first met.

Kicha sighed as he walked out of his room and closed the door behind him. He knew that in order to get the Hunter's exam site you had to have a guide. He knew also that you couldn't get the starting point unless you got a Hunter's backing. Wither or not they were taking the test that year they could register someone for the Test. It just so happened that Kichona was taking it again to re-evaluate his position. Closing the door behind him he walked down into the meeting room to await Mugo but paused and walked over to Chronos's throne. He had sat in in plenty of times when Chronos put him there, but right he knew he was leaving for a few months to take the exam he reached out and touched the arm of the chair. Closing his eyes....just when did Chrono become so very important to him?

"Remembering Chrono's scent for the road?" he asked as he stood there holding his staff. Making it apparent he had let Kicha know he was there earlier on purpose.

Kicha smiled as he dipped his head and then looked back at Mugo. "It's going to be at least three to four months before we return here Mu...." he said looking at him. "Just trying to figure out when...." When everyone here became so Important to him, knowing that he'd miss Chronos the most. Kicha shook his head and nodded. "We should go...I've been given use of one of the cars." He said since a taxi all the way into Gravity City was nearly unheard of. If you drove in here it was because you lived in here somewhere, most Taxi's avoided it.

Mugo chuckled as he shrugged. "I though the same thing you know..." he told Kicha as he stood there. "I don't know when or why...but everyone for as horrible as they are to me, somehow become important..."

Kicha smiled as he looked at Mu. "I think it's because you hard to figure out. You certainly aren't an open book Mu." He said looking at him as he nodded and then moved to lead the way down to the garage. "Are you going to call Killian from the car?"

He stuck his tongue out at Kicha's remark before he crossed his arms over his staff. "That's mean Ki..." he said pouting before perking up a little as he moved to follow behind kicha. "Yeah"

Kicha shook his head. "I wasn't being mean." he said chuckling. "You really aren't an open book Mu. But at the same token...that's fine because it means your never boring to be around." Kicha said as he pulled the keys to the car out of his pocket one of cars at least. Although the shortening of his name didn't past him. "Ki? A new nickname?" He asked glancing over at Mu. But his tone wasn't upset. He was rather used to Mugo and so far Mu hadn't seem to find a nickname he particularly liked when it came to Kicha.

He nodded as he happily walked along. "Do you like it? I thought it sounded cute~"

KIcha chuckled. "Yeah " he said Mu tried to find cute nicknames for the people he liked the fact that he was spending so much time trying to find one for Kicha he found amazing. Once they got to the car he unlocked it for them both and climbed in. Waiting for Mu to join him as he started the car.

When they got to the car, he slid into the back seat after having put his staff in the trunk. "Okay all ready~" he said as he shut the door and smiled at Kicha.
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PostSubject: Re: Invitation that Brings Changes.    Invitation that Brings Changes.  EmptySun Aug 16, 2015 1:13 am

Kicha looked up in the rearview mirror nodding as he put the car into drive and began down the road. "It's the Kanto Regional Airport Mu." he said to let him know which one they were going to. He just hoped that were-ever Killian was at the moment he wasn't somewhere he couldn't get there in time.

Mugo nodded and responded with a light, "Okay~" before he pulled out his cell phone and hit the number for Killian.

Kicha drove navigating the really bad roads of Gravity City and then out.
Killian looked at the guy who was face first in his bowl of soup long gone....honestly this had been far to easy. But he pulled out his phone and upon seeing who it was answered. "Hello?" He asked. "Mu is something wrong?" He said as he looked at Kirua who he had drug here with the promise he could leave once the job was done. But the job had called for them both and like it or not....Kirua was still a Satsujin with responsibilities he was trying a new approach. Letting Kirua have his life but making him own up to his job with the family as well. Kirua looked at him and scowled. "Are we through here? I told Bara I'd be back before dinner."

Killian ignored him holding up a finger as he waited for Mugo to answer.

Mugo perked up happily as he let out a happy, and "cute" "Kil~" when Killian answered with a 'Hello?'. He chuckled though when he asked if something was wrong. "No, nothing's wrong. I have a surprise~"

"Oh?" he asked as he heard the words I have a surprise and walked up behind Kirua holding him as he listened. "And what surprise would that be...." He said then paused. "Stay put Kirua we'll discuss wither or not we're done here in a moment." KIrua's voice cut in in the back ground. "Dam it all Kil! I'm not your toy to drag around on a whim!"

Mugo hummed as he heard Kirua in the background. "Still dragging Kirua around I see..." he said before he shrugged and chuckled as he smiled at Killian's question. "We're going to take the Hunter's Exam this year~"

"Yeah I'm still making him do his job." He said as he held Kirua. "And the Hunter's exam....they keep the location of the event a secret you need a Hunter to Aurthorize your going and then you have to pass through all the trials and tests just getting to the site is a test." he said as he held Kirua.
Kirua sighed though as he closed his eyes. "Tell him you ass that Bara and I say hi. And Bara's not at all thrilled with his disappear act last month. So it's good to know he's still kicking."

He paused for a second and then added, "Tell Kirua that I had to leave town to go home for Chrono and that I'm sorry. I'll make it up to him and Bara when I get back into town there, okay?"

Killian sighed. "I'll tell him." he said looking down at the top of his brothers white head of hair. "You've already gotten in touch with a Hunter? One that would actually listen to you? Most Hunters are only interested in wither or not your capable of fighting them and then the problem comes in with killing them before getting the invite." Killian said and Kirua snorted.
"That's because unlike Mu, you don't know the meaning of holding back." KIrua said and Killian paused tipping his head.
"I can't argue that." he said looking at his brother.

Mugo chuckled as he sat there seeming perfectly content. "Come meet us at Kanto Regional Airport and you'll get to see who I've found to help us okay?~"

"Alright." he said since a Hunters LIcense would make his life soo much easier. "I have to send Kirua home and then I'll be there."
KIrua snorted. "You don't have to send me anywhere damn it all I'm not going back there."
"I meant send you back to Bara's if I attempt to do the other no doubt Mu will find a way to detour here and make me let you go back to Bara...besides. I promised him I'd let you stay there."
"Good then let me go damn it." Kirua said and Killian sighed let his head rest against his brothers a minute. "Kanto Regional Airport huh? That's...not that far from here. I'll meet you there."

Mugo chuckled and closed his eyes. "It'll be easier if you let him go on home to Bara. That one has a hot's better to not make him upset..."

Killian sighed. "Too true. He'd probably be pissed if he found out I was the one who contacted Kir and asked him to meet me here. For work."
"He knows." Kirua retorted as Kilian let him go and Kirua walked away waving over his shoulder. 'I"ll be expecting the paycheck before morning." He called back and Killian nodded.
"It will be there." Then turned his full attention back to Mugo as he himself walked out a different way to go met with Mugo. "That's about half an hour out from where I am at."

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Invitation that Brings Changes.  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Invitation that Brings Changes.    Invitation that Brings Changes.  EmptySun Aug 16, 2015 5:10 am

Mugo smiled and chuckled as Killian and Kirua were such adorable siblings. "I'll meet you there~"

Killian chuckled. "of course." He said as he hung up the phone then called for a taxi to come get him and take him to Kanto Regional he'd be there probably before them....but he had to wonder who the Hunter was. And why this was so amusing and tickling Mugo pink so very much. He had no idea how he found.
KIcha glanced back in the rear-view mirror. "It sounded like chaos on the other end of the phone Mu." He said having no idea the oil and water relationship Killian had with his middle brother.

mugo chuckled as he put his phone in his pocket and looked up at Kicha. "Killan and his younger brother...they don't exactly see eye to eye..."

"So there fighting all the time?" he asked but he had no idea at all just how complex the relationship and family life was among the Satsujins. Or for that matter it was all part of the family that Chronos couldn't stand because of Suzuku.

Mugo chuckled. "Not all the time. When they're at home, they're generally well behaved because they don't want to be punished by their father," he explained lightly.

Mugo nodded. "If they so much as step a toe out of line...they're hung from the ceiling and whipped until they say that they're sorry~"

Kicha went a touch wide eyed. "And I thought the High Priests were rough back home..." He said only that was the tip of the iceberg Kirua was immune every posion out there because he had been made to ingest and build up an immunity to it. Among various other things Killian was no different. It was a wonder they came out of it all sane. As they pulled into Kanto and began down the roads to the airport Kicha sighed seeing Killian's familiar frame leaning against the building outside. "He had to have been close he beat us here."

"He had a job an hour away," he answered. He then smiled before he said lightly, "They're all trained from an early age to be assassins. Killian and Kirua both were made to ingest every kind of poison known to make them immune to it...they were also subjected to electricity to built their tolerance to it...they've had a lot of things done to make sure they wouldn't talk if they were caught by the police..."

"Ouch." he said glancing back as he pulled into the long stay parking area and flashed his license which granted access and then into the area that to touch the car was likely jail time. He looked back at Mugo as he shut it off. "I didn't know. I can't imaging being put through all of almost sounds nightmarish." he said as he climbed out and waiting for Mugo. His eyes sight was good but he could see Killian looking pissed and arguing with some Kid....about something or another. And he was actually arguing....from the looks of things.

Mugo perked up as he looked at the sight before them. "Oh? It seems he brought little Kirua anyway...." he mused as he walked along after getting his staff from the trunk of the car.

Kichona blinked seeing the white haired young man with googles on his head and a skateboard tucked under his arm and Killian well looking like Killian wild and dangerous and they were arguing. "So the white haired guy with him is Kirua?" he asked seeing them as he walked with Mugo.

Mugo nodded as he smiled happily. "The little one is Kirua. He's so adorable~"

Kicha blinked a bit to hear Mugo declare someone as adorable was interesting. It made him wonder about the guy. As they drew closer they could hear them clearly. "Blow it out yer ass Kil! I'm not turning around and I'm not going back. I didn't lie when I said Bara was expecting me for dinner. I didn't say when that was!" He shouted at his elder brother so angry at the moment. "And I have every right to be here."
" need to go back. This is not the place for you." He countered only to have Kirua pull out a legal invite seal and all and hold it before him.
"I told you. I have every right to catch that flight." Kirua said as Killian went wide eyed. An actual invitation.
"Kir....the exam isn't safe."
"I know that idiot! Why else do you think I want to do it?!? It sounds like fun!"

"Oh my~" he mused happily as he moved to put a gentle hand on Kirua's head. "It seems little Kirua has finally grown up on us huh Kil~"

Kirua stopped arguing as the hand landed on his head and glanced up at Mugo. "Hey Mu." he said relaxing as he shifted.
KIllian blinked and sighed. "Yes it would seem so." he said hearing that not only did he know it was dangerous but he wanted to do it because it sounded like fun. It was hard to argue that as Killian smiled. "Kirua."
"What now?" He said warily. "Make me proud."
Kirua snorted and looked away. "Huh? Whose the new guy?"
Killian rose and eyebrow and tipped his head. "MMm Mu...why is Kicha here? Will the Hunter be arriving soon?" he asked. Killian didn't believe that Kicha was or could be the Hunter he was far to soft and gentle as far as he knew....but Kicha was very deceptive that way....and his rank wasn't bottom but near the top.

Mugo smiled happily as he pointed at Kicha. "He's the hunter~"

Killian blinked and stared before shaking his head. "Kichona is the hunter? He's too soft...." He paused and sighed. "Ah perhaps a D class hunter then?" He said and Kicha sighed before pulling his tags loose and holding them up as they spun Killian went wide eyed. "A/3??" he looked over at Mugo. "He's been playing with us the whole time??"
Kirua looked at them and then started laughing. "He's smart enough to not put all his cards on the table when dealing with you Kil."

Mugo smiled happily as he moved over to wrap his arms around Kicha's neck again and nuzzled him. "I didn't want to say anything until I knew I was right. I'm sorry I was so mean Kil~"

Killian sighed as he looked at them as Mugo hugged Kicha nuzzling him and then paused. "When did you figure out he was an High A class hunter Mu?" he had no idea it wasn't in the way the kid moved no arrogance fact he tended to act in a new situation as if he was the weakest in the group. Not at that rank he wasn't.
Kirua chuckled as Mugo cuddled up to Kicha who didn't push him off. "Ah shit am I loving this." he said glancing at Kilian who was obviously flabbergasted.

Mugo stopped nuzzling Kicha and looked up at Killian. "Mm...Since the beginning I think..." he said, putting a finger to his lips in thought.

Killian looked. "Wait are you telling me when he first caught you in that 'Chain Jail' technique of his you knew then he was a Hunter? He just seemed like a kid with some skills and a bone to pick." he said shaking his head and looking at them.
Kirua glanced at his watch and then looked at them all. "It's time to check in for boarding the plane." He said turning and walking in. Kicha amazingly enough began walking with Mugo clinging to him like that as if it was normal.

Mugo followed happily, still clinging to Kicha. "Mm-hm...I knew then because no ordinary kid would get to capture me~"

Killian sighed as he walked with them. Mugo happily making Kicha into a teddy bear as they walked through the terminal. Once at the counter though Kicha sighed as Kirua would be sitting in coach. While they were up front. He pulled out his license to collect the tickets and snatched back Kirua's having a feeling Mu would pout if Kirua was at the back because Killian would be unbearable. And had it switched paying for without batting an eyelash it was really the only time he used the license to pay for anything so it was building up interest.
Then the four were shown through and boarded the plane they without batting an eyelash let Mugo keep his staff who where they to take the staff of a holy man away from him?

"This way Killian won't be grouchy during the flight." he said to Mu.

Kicha chuckled. "Yeah well..." He said sighing as he looked at the brothers who were both in first class and sitting right in front of where he and Mugo were going to be sitting. Two by two the seats were which made them more roomy. Luxury because of his license that he didn't have to ask for it just was. "It makes more sense this way." he said as they were all onboard and then the brothers were right back to bickering again.

Mugo turned to look back at Killian. "Kil~ Would you be nice and let Kirua switch seats with me?"

At that he smiled and nodded. "it's fine Mu. I'm sure Kirua would be happier one seat back anyways." he said seeing as how the brother looked ready to throttle each other. Killian was debating inserting more needles into the back of his brothers skull to make him obey having no idea that Mu was making arrangements to separate the bickering brothers.

At least this way he wouldn't be bickering with Mu the whole flight too.

Mugo smiled as he moved and lifted Kirua up and put him in the seat he had been sitting in beside Kicha before he moved to the row Killian was in and sat down in Kira's original seat before leaning over to rest his head on Killian's shoulder. "Now all better~"

Killian looked at the top of Mugo's head and chuckled. "You had two goals with this. One to keep me form doing anything to Kir....and we could spend the flight together." he said looking at him. But he lifted is arm careful to not dislodge Mugo and let it drop around him aware that just in front of him Kirua started talking to Kichona. And from the laughter it sounded like they were getting along. "Does everyone take to Kicha like that? Right away?"

Mugo smiled and snuggled up to Killian more. "Mm...more or less. If Chrono of all people can take to him so quickly, then I imagine anyone else can too..."

Killian looked at him and went a touch wide eyed. "What wait....your telling me Chronos who basically hates all that breaths outside of the Troupe took to him?" he said well that wasn't being fair. Chronos hated the entire Satsujin family thanks to Suzuku.

Mugo chuckled. "He doesn't hate everyone outside of the Troupe silly~" he mused as he looked up at Killian then. "Mm...but seems they had a lot"

Kilian blinked and looked at the back of Kichona's fiery red hair and then back down at Mugo. "Seriously? I always took Chronos for being a stick in the mud. Too closed off to let anyone in even as close as he keeps the troupe it's not that close." He mused. "Well perhaps for maybe Gokei but you said Kogai is attached to his hip." He said shaking his head then looked at his little brother and Kicha. "And  Kicha and he had fun..."
Kicha sighed as Mugo put it that way talking about Chronos was making him miss him. Kirua  chuckled and looked at him. "Don't feel too bad...My best friend hates my brother there more then I do." He said shrugging. Not saying that best friend was a polite detour from how close they really were.

Mugo chuckled. "He just doesn't like your family. I've tried to convince him that not everyone was like Zuku but he wouldn't listen..."

Killian chuckled. "No, if we were all like my father....we'd be this huge imposing cold man who if you twitched funny were dead around." He said shaking his head as he relaxed there. "Of course....he's unwilling to take that chance it's understandable. My father has made a 'attraction' out of our home at the large gates....We are the 'Legendary Satsujin family of Assassins there. It draws in a lot of money for the town." He said shrugging.

Mugo nodded at Killian's words. "At least everyone else likes you though. Sei really seems to like you the most~"

He nodded as he looked at him. "I get along with Seishin. He seems to accept people easily." he said thinking about it. "Kogai and I have an understanding, and Gokei well is Gokei, and that is to say I'm never sure if he actually likes talking to me or if we just can't manipulate each other."

Mugo chuckled at Killian's description of them. "Gokei likes you he's just hard to handle at first. Kogai though...well...he's harder to win over..."

"Mm I suppose so." He said shaking his head amused then glanced at Kichona. "Although if I even look to long in Kicha's direction and Kogai is around I swear he'd make my father out to be a lowly street thief the way his ire grows." He said shaking his head as they flew along several hours out into the air.

Mugo chuckled lightly. "He's worried that you're plotting something that will take Kicha from Chrono....he's worried that someone will steal him away now that Chrono has something so special to him..."

Killian looked at him. "And what about you?" He asked looking at him. "It's obvious that even you Mu are fond of that boy." he said but there was no ire or upset in his voice more a idle curiosity. He didn't mind his lover being fond of someone but he was curious about things now. "Has much changed for you?" He knew it bothered Mu to no end to be part of that group and then isolated like he didn't belong.

Mugo closed his eyes and smiled then. "Ah...Things have been interesting since he's come around..." he said before he opened his eyes to look at the back of Kicha's head. "The kid's become pretty important to me for home...Chrono has started to change a little and so it seems Kogai and Gokei are following...I don't know how long that will last though..."

Killilan looked at him. "Perhaps things will keep changing for the better Mu....for some reason they all seem to value his him, and if he's accepted you then it would be hard for them to keep denying you." he said. They never realized but there treatement of Mugo was a lot of the reason of his behavior there. Kicha though was here with him and Mugo was happy and bubbly and ironically enough he hadn't gotten bored with anyone in his circle since Kicha. "No one has seemed to bore you since his arrival Mu."

Mugo smiled up at Killian as he turned his attention back to him. "They're playing games with me still though~"

Killian looked at him and smiled. "Ah so that's it. They keep playing." he said and turned his head kissing the top of Mugo's head. "Then we had better pass the exam so you can go home and play some more when it's over." He said bemused. Knowing that Mugo wasn't likely going to like failing.

Mugo smiled and nodded. "Hai~"

Kicha was aware that those two were happily chatting away and then sighed as the plane was coming down on the coast line of a large landmass but that wasn't it...and he knew it. Having down this before the instructions said to go in mainland and travel for two weeks to reach the city were the first test was being held. Which was....wrong and he knew it. That city no matter how hard you tried could not be reached in two weeks by going inland. In fact you'd never get there. The city and map coordinates buried into the decorative edging around the map for phase one was two weeks out to sea. The plane landed on the tarmac as they all got up to get off.

"We need to get a boat.' he mused as others were rushing to go catch a bus.

Mugo smiled as he wrapped his arms around Killian's neck and looked at Kicha. "Where ever you want to go, lead the way~"

Kicha nodded and Killian blinked as he stared. They all got off and headed out but instead of following the crowd of rookies obviously going to take the exam too he turned his small group of four down the road towards the marina. Walking down the path with them in tow he reached the docks and looked at them before walking up to one burly looking captain. The man blinked and shook his head before laughing. "Aye me....I had not thought to see you again Kichona. "
"Mm true but I've been invited." he said pulling out his license and letter. "these three are with me."
"Alright that'll be enough to get them on the boat....but they have to pass the tests to make it to the next checkpoint." he said and Kichona chuckled.
"I'm not worried about them. If it was anyone but them I would not be supporting them."

Mugo smiled and waved happily. "Hi hi~"

The captain blinked. "He's mighty cheerful." He said and Kicha glanced back and smiled. "Yeah..." he said and then they were let on board and shown the were they would be sharing a huge hull or cabin with 899 other applicants that made it this far. But here was were things got crazy that night they had dinner and they said 'Everything on the plate can be eaten' and if one wasn't careful they'd eat what looked like a purple flower it was sweet to the taste almost addicting but oh did it mess up your stomach. Kirua had to spare Kicha plucked the poisonous flower off of his plate and Killian did the same to Mugo. And the brothers ate them. Having grown up on these flowers and a lot of other things. The next day had the captain declaring that they would for the next two weeks be holding a mini tournament on the deck here. If you won your fight you moved up from being dropped to being accepted. and That included he declared the Revalues. The captian smirked. As he also declared that there was no killing but you were allowed to do anything to win.

Mugo chuckled and licked his lips that dark aura seeping out. "Oh...this will be fun..."

Kicha chuckled. "Yeah this ship ride certainly isn't boring." He said as the Captain called up a big huge burly guy by the name of Yorick then called up Mugo. The guy was at least three times Mugo's weight and four his girth. "Ah which one of you is I know whose bones I will be crushing!"

Mugo chuckled as he slipped his arms off of Killian and moved over to where he was supposed to be fighting. "I'm Mugo~"

The man burst into laughter. "You? Your a twig your hardly worth waisting the exam on....don't worry I'll make this short." he said as he crackled his knuckles and moved swinging his fist as fast as he could or at least what he thought was fast.
Kirua looked and then looked at Killian. "Five says the big guy there looses his head."
KIllian snorted. "Just five? 10 says Big and burly ends up taking himself out before Her and looking for answers....

before he can lay a hand on Mu.' He said and here he was looking for so many answers.

Mugo dodged easily enough and sighed. "Bu~ This isn't going to be any fun..." he complained as he simply dodged.

The guy sneered and looked at him as he reached behind himself and pulled out two long heavy metal sticks. "Don't worry you won't be bored for long." he said as he started swinging both metal sticks really fast trying to take out Mugo still. Out of his league.

Mugo sighed and closed his eyes, still dodging. "Hey Kil, he said we can't kill them right?" he ask as he called out to Killian who was watching along with everyone else.

"Hai." he answered. "That was perhaps the only rule he put down Mu. No killing but you can play with him however you like as long as he lives can break him up." He said shrugging.

Mugo pouted though. "Oh Bu~ I wanted to see if he bleeds a different color..." he said as he complained but sighed and opened his eyes none the less. "Oh well...seems I won't be allowed to kill this time around..."

Yorick snorted and looked at him. "As if you could beat me. Your move around like a stick bug. About as smart too by the way you talk." He said sneering as he brought the metal rods around again and again. Kichona sighed. "He'll be lucky if Mu doesn't get annoyed and start dancing on his ass."

Mugo narrowed his eyes as he dodged again and again. Toying with people was easy, but holding back and not killing them? that was going to be tricky... "I can still use the Divine Family, right Kicha?" he asked as he glanced back at them.

Kicha looked up as Mugo was dodging the attacks effortlessly. "Yeah." He answered. "You can use anything in your arsenal to win the fight any weapons or skills that you have. You the only stipulation is that he has to still be alive after the fight is over." Kicha said nodding as he looked at Mugo. "You can use Divine family. Since he's using P.K. to add power to those rods...." Kicha said able to see Mugo's opponent and he was indeed using P.K. He was engulfing the pipes in a field of electricity. "If he hits you with them Mu, you'll get shocked, he's channeling electricity through them."

Mugo licked his lips and chuckled. "He'll be in for a surprise though...I'm not with Kil for nothing~" he mused happily as he dodged yet again, seemingly only narrowly.

Yorick pissed off swung full force with the pipes again increasing the amount of electricity going through them. "Seems your little friend is aware too bad that little 'cheat and help' isn't going to save your sorry ass." he said as the elecritiy was crackling all over the and jumping from the pipes now. Kirua snorted. "I'd say that's about 50watts...." he mused seeing what it was doing. Low....still very low.

Mugo chuckled as he looked at Yorick. "Only 50? Come now...I can withstand much more than that...." he mused as he just stood there, his hands coming up to grab the pies, stopping Yorick's swing. "It feels so nice to have it run through me again..."

Yorick went wide eyed. "Bastard!" He said as he jumped it up yet again more then doubling it as he forced even more through it. Laughing he shouted at Kirua to guess it now before it knocked out his buddy. Kirua looked at him and shrugged. "250watts." Kirua said as he shoved his hands in his pockets. "Really that's pathetic. With your skill level you can't get it possibly high enough to have a negative effect on him. If I remember correctly Mu there can handle up to 6000watts continuous current, and 5000 watts alternating. If you're sweating as much as you are at 250 can't generate a pulse high enough to make him feel it let alone tingle....if anything your just relaxing any kinks he has."

Yorick looked at Kirua "bastard how much can you handle then punk." Kirua blinked and tipped his head. "3.000,000 watts alternating but double that for continuous....but do that to me and I'll give it back because that hurts like a bitch."

Mugo smiled at him. "I can't stand as high a voltage because I stopped my training too early...Zuku was mad at me too..." he said as he stood there happily taking the voltage dealt to him.

"What....Zuku?" he sneered. "I don't know who this Zuku guy is but if you think you can hold out your wrong..." he said as he decided to start upping the watts going through the pipes. Trying to get to the point it did Mugo in...he kept it climbing but he wasn't Kirua he couldn't get it high enough. Kirua held that energy in his body enough to fry someone alive in a second. Where as this guy? Was breathing heavy and glaring at Mugo and he had only gotten it this point up to....
"400 watts...he'll black out before he gets to a thousand." Kirua called up to Mugo. Basically...the guy was pushing himself too hard for this attack and his body was suffering under the strain as he was wobbling.

Mugo smiled happily at him. "You're going to hurt yourself if you keep that up Yor~" he mused lightly as he just smiled at him, holding happily to the metal poles.

He licked his lips though as he suddenly got a dark expression on his face. "Only I can call him that the likes you, he is Suzuku Satsujin...."

Yorick glared and looked at Mugo. He had been about to yell about his name when he went wide eyed. "Suzuku Satsujin as In that Satsujin family? Shit...." He said even if it meant he was disqualified he shoved more power into the pipes his heart struggling to beat under the pressure. Kirua sighed. "Idiot...He just upped it to 800 Mu. But his heart's about to burst under the strain....I can see it's pulse in the current he's hitting you with." In other words....if it kept up he'd rupture his own heart. Kicha sighed. "Mu if you hit in him the chest at this point under that much strain he'll black out. All you'd have to do is knock him backwards." So that the idiot didn't die and get Mugo disqualified. The Captain was watching and not at all upset about the calling out to each other. Hunters assisted each other all the was about team work. Mugo was actually the one fighting they were offering advice and he had said they could use everything in there arsenal and in that one's? Friends who were skilled enough to back him.

Mugo smiled happily again as he nodded. "Mm-hm~ Zuku was my bos for a long time~" he said happily as he tilted his head to look back at Kirua. "Oh? He's not that strong after all then..." he said lowly.

"Nope." Kirua said shaking his head. "He's actually really weak in it. From the looks of it he's never really trained it and just figured he could take down anyone with a medium volt. Problem is your not jus anyone you survived that training, at basic level."

Yorick was teetering back and forth but trying to hold onto the attack trying to find the strength to up it again.

Mugo sighed and let go of the pipes finally and moved in to Yorick and winked at him before he gave him a little love tap in the chest, sending him flying back. Mugo drew back and tilted his head to the right. "Oh...seems I used too much was just a love tap too..."

Yorick bounced across the arena before coming to a stop the Referee checked him found a pulse weak and there but he was alive and very much out cold. A few cracked and broken ribs. He looked over at Mugo and walked up lifting his hand to indicate the win.
Kirua snorted. "yeah....that's what happens when we love tap someone Mu."

Killian chuckled. "You did incredibly well Mu. I'll have to play with you later." He said loving it when he got to watch Mugo fight even something like was arousing and thrilling.

Kicha looked at Killian and sighed. "Killia...." and blinked when Killian put his hand out finger up. "My father, mother and contractors call me Killian. me Kil."

Mugo looked bored as he was declared the winner. "I was trying so hard to be gentle too..." he said and rubbed his wrist when the ref. let go of his wrist.

As he walked back down to them all though he smiled and moved to once again cling to Killian. "Kil~ don't say such things in front of Kir~"

Killian chuckled and looked down at him. "Should I say instead that I'll have to reward you later for 'playing nice' with your opponent?" He asked amused as he looped his arms around him.  They stood there a bit as the captain called up and went through several people weeding it down to nearly half the next he called up was Killian as they had been waiting. Killian had sighed gone up and ended the fight in under a minute using his needles he didn't kill him and he didn't use the small ones but the large black bulbed needles which he then used to make the fool beat himself up. Before returning to Mugo and gathering him back up from his clinging to Kicha. Next was Kirua who as the guy charged held out his hand and pushed knocking the guy out of the ring and out cold...getting the more between all of them and then it was Kicha's his name was called and so too was. "Tank Markey?" Kicha breathed. "Great....this is going to be annoying."

Tank Markey like him was a returning Hunter...but..."Damn I can't remember his rank..." Kicha grumbled as he walked towards the fighting arena. They were down to seventy four accepted....they just needed one more. Out of one hundred and fifty.

Mugo puffed up at Killian's words and play tapped him, mocking a teenaged girl hitting her boyfriend because she was embarrassed. "Kil~ Not in front of everyone!"

Killian chuckled and kissed his forehead. "Ah but your so much fun to fluster." He said as Kicha walked up onto stage and faced off each showing there 'Dogtags' and Kicha went from looking annoyed to sighing. Tank was a C class hunter annoying? "Hey Mu...." Kicha called back over his shoulder. "Would you be willing to hold onto my Bokken for me? If I use them I'll kill him."

Mugo perked up at he heard Kicha ask him a favor. "Mm...okay~"

Kicha looked back and pulled the long wooden swords from behind his back and tossed them out of the ring to Mugo. Then shoved his hands in his pockets as he began dodging the attacks looking a lot like Mugo had as he seemed to walk backwards around the ring.
Kill looked on as the two wooden swords were tossed to Mugo. "Tank huh..he's built like one. If for any reason something happens to Kicha....Chronos will be unbearable won't he?"

Mugo caught the wooden swords and held them close as he leaned against Killian, watching happily as Kicha danced around the ring. "Mm...he'd blame me probably..."

Killilan rose an eyebrow. "Why would it be your fault? Kicha has chosen this path." he said watching as the young man back flipped and danced about the area making the guy Tank annoyed. "You haven't targeted him."

Mugo sighed and closed his eyes. "He'd blame me for not saving him..."

Killian looked down at Mugo. "That's why he agreed to let you come here to this....because he knew Kicha would insist on going no matter what and allowing you to come here....meant that if things became to dangerous for Kicha....he'd expect you to forgo everything and save him." He looked up at them. At the two moving about the ring and then Kicha moved behind Tank his hand going forward into the small of his back and connecting knocking Tank down and out. "That's why you've asked me here as case this is a trap against him..." He mused thinking of every angle to have Kichona fight another hunter what and realized if he had been an S Class hunter Kicha would have been in trouble.

Mugo smiled and opened his eyes to look at Kicha as he finished. "If something goes wrong...Chrono doesn't care if I finish the exam or not...he expects me to save him from danger..."

Mugo smiled and opened his eyes to look at Kicha as he finished. "If something goes wrong...Chrono doesn't care if I finish the exam or not...he expects me to save him from danger..."

Killian nodded. "Because there's always next year." He said looking at the young man. "We only need the Sponsor one year after that having been here we'll get an invite....but" He looked at Kichona as he walked back towards them. "There won't be a next year if he gets killed here."
Kichona looked at them both as he walked up in time to hear Killian say that. "I'm not going to die here Kil." he said then looked at Mugo. "Thanks for holding onto my Bokken." he said now that this round was over.

Mugo smiled happily and gave him his weapon back. "It's not that we're worried about you Ki, it's that Chrono is worried...that's all..." he said lightly

Kil nodded as he looked at him. "Very rarely does someone like you come along Kicha. And when they do everyone wants to keep them safe." KIcha looked at them and nodded as the captain announced they were free for the day. And that the count so far was seventy five. Kicha sighed. "There will be something else still to weed things down WE still have two weeks to go and Seventy five never get off the boat's more like 10 to twelve. By this time in two weeks....we're going to want to be in that 10 count. My position as Hunter doesn't guarantee I'll get to the test. Only that I have a right to walk through the 'trails again.' KIcha looked back at the seventy one others milling about. The others packed up on smaller boats to be sent back.

Mugo smiled at Kicha. "I'll be there~"

The Satsujn brothers nodded as well. Then the captain announced that dinner would be served shortly and Kicha sighed. "Oh joy more poisoned food." he mused. Kirua shook his head. "Not the whole meal, but if there's an element that would harm you my brother and I will let you know. Depending on what it is though Kil might just let Mu eat it anyways." Kicha went a touch wide eyed. "What why? I thought Mu was special to you."
Killian smiled. "He is. That's why depending on the type of poison I'll let him eat it."

Mugo smiled and chuckled. "I wasn't lying earlier when I said I trained with Zuku...he put through the same training as Kil and Kir~"

Kicha shook his head. "I didn't think you were....I just didn't think you'd been made to endure being poisoned." Kirua nodded. "When working with our family and hired on it's standard. If not our enemies would have killed him on the first mission." He said lowly. Kicha paused and nodded. "Okay." He said in understanding as he accepted back his Bokken and slipped them back behind his back.

"Last I checked, I'm immune to all known man made poisons and the most common natural ones..." he said, putting a finger up to his lips in thought again.

Kil looked at him. "1.5 pounds of pressure dear.' he said. "If I go past that I'm hurting you." he said as he could warp solid steal with his hands but then Kil could open the trail gates with ease and that was moving climbing upwards of 20tons. So for that matter could Kirua. "Kirua and I can withstand far more. In order to survive at our jobs." He said and Kicha nodded thinking about it. Then sighed. "At least now he's starting to make sense." Kicha grumbled thinking back to Binka when he first arrived here.

Mugo tilted his head for a second in thought before he looked at Killian. "10,342 Pascal right?" he asked, double checking before he looked back at Kicha. "Basically, I can survive leaving the inner most layers of our atmosphere without an oxygen mask~" he explained happily.

Kicha looked at him. "yeah well please don't try it." he said looking at Mugo. "Life would get boring if you did and something went terribly wrong.' he said looking at Mugo. Kil smiled. "Ahh he's fond of you too." Kil said speaking happily and like Mugo was this feisty kitten that Kicha was fond of.  Kirua looked over nodding. "Since my brother is spacing out and forgetting what you asked him, yeah Mu...that's would be right."
The dinner bells chimed then announcing end day meal and Kicha turned his head. "Here we go." he said as Kirua moved next to him. "I'll keep checking his food." Kirua said shrugging.

Mugo smiled happily as he nuzzled Killian. "Thanks Kirua~"

Kirua nodded. "No problem. if they use something stronger what your used too it'll mess you up..." he said turning as did Kicha and began walking back to the mess hall with them. He'd make sure Kciha's food was safe and so much for doing this alone somehow the timing of it made him have to deal with his brother and boyfriend on top of Kicha...."Not dull that was for sure.
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Kirua would have gone topside on the ship not liking being in the cabin for long it wasn't just the inclosed windowless room it was the swaying getting to him and needing some fresh air. But upon going topside he paused and turned fifteen minutes into relaxing there as he's surrounded by twenty five of the men and women here to take the hunters exam hearing them talk about bypassing the Exam if they arrested him.
Killian looked up noticing that Kirua had not returned as he paused in reading his book and that twenty five of the seventy five were gone. He glanced about and sighed. "Oh my it seems Kir is gone and having fun without us....I should go find him." He said looking at Mugo and Kicha, Mugo who was cuddling up to Kicha nuzzling him and holding him as if a teddy bear while Kicha read his book. Kicha paused and looked about. "He went topside to the deck looking a little pale as if he needed air about fifteen minutes ago."

Mugo stopped nuzzling Kicha and held out his staff to Killian. "If I take this...I'll kill them with it..." he said lowly as he stood up.

KIllian accepted the staff and looked at him. "Oh?" He said looking at him. "You'll go find Kir....I supposed that works better he's less likely to get angry with you." He said as he looked at Mugo. Kichona looked at him and looked at the door. "See you in a bit Mu." he said knowing that Mugo needed to let off some stress.

Mugo nodded as he moved to the door, not saying a word after. This was what he had been needing. He was so bored. Being cooped up int such a small space without being allowed to kill any of made for a very cranky man.

The duo watched him go exchanging a knowing look. Kicha sighed. "There gonna regret making him irritated."
KIrua sighed as he leaned against the rail looking at the group gathered before him and Kirua narrowed his eyes making a Tsking sound even if he let loose his own Bloodlust it wasn't enough his was different he killed when he was absolutely calm. If he became agitated it wasn't there. But this many there was simply no way for him to take them down without killing a few. "Dam it..." He said as his fingers started to change shape into the Satsujin claws.

"I've been really bored lately..." he mused, his voice cutting into the silence as he stepped onto the deck and looked at them all, a bored expression in place. "Maybe you people could help me with that?"

They turned from Kirua and looked at Mugo. "Go back bellow deck buddy this has nothing to do with you. I checked it out this guy is Kirua Satsusjin we arrest him where're guaranteed to be approved as a Hunter." Never mind none of them were thinking that to get on this boat he had to sign his name and they had to know he was coming.

Mugo sighed and closed his eyes. "This is getting annoying..." he grumbled before he opened his eyes and chuckled. "Oh well...I'll just have to try not to kill them..."

Kirua sighed. "So in otherwords if I don't go down there he'll come here." He said as he jumped up landed on the rail and then being a Satsujin born and breed he jumped again hands in his pockets and ran across the tops of there heads to land next to Mugo as they hollered about it. Kirua sighed as he looked at him. "So you'll clean this mess up for me Mu-Chama~?" he asked in a playful tone. One of the few times Kirua showed his more darker playful nature. Showing both endearment and respect at the same time. Mu was his senior and he did get along with him.

Mugo chuckled and licked his lips. "I did say I was bored after all..."

Kirua smirked. "Have fun then Mu-chama just try not to forget yourself it'd suck if you had to leave this soon....although." Kirua looked back. "You could introduce them to the Nine levels of punishment....they'll probably cry Uncle by level should be entertaining." he said shrugging. The Nine levels of punishment a torture that was not nice should they do something that needed more then a whipping. By level three they should all be whimpering mess of pain begging for it to end....but not die. That according to his father was the beauty of the Punishment system he developed.

Mugo chuckled and smiled at him. "Or I could just show them my other side. They haven't seen that yet remember?"

Kirua leaned against the wall to the door leaning down and nodded. "Mm too true Mu-chama." He said showing Mu respect in front of them well Mu was his senior after all. He kept his hand in his pockets and smirked. "I'm sure they'll be diving in the ocean the moment they find out what it means to irritate you."

Mugo chuckled as he smiled at Kirua. "Are you saying that I'm scary?" he asked lightly.

Kirua shrugged. "I'm saying that you up there with people you don't want to mess with when there bored." Kirua countered and it was true he had when he was young been drug along with them. He had taken out what he was supposed to and then a Beserker was there someone who tripped out on drugs to go wild. Totally out of Kirua's skill level at the time and before Killian could do anything Mugo cut loose on him. Standing between a stuck and frightened Kirua and the beserker. IN the end Mu had made short work of the fool before turning and giving Kirua a gentle smile telling him he did very well and it was fine now. The job was done. "I still remember what it's like watching you cut loose."

Mugo whistled at the fact that Kirau's memory was that strong. "That was from a long time ago. I was 19 then...I'm much stronger now..." he said, shrugging.

Kirua looked at him and nodded. "Yeah I know." he said shrugging. "Your presence is as strong as Kil's and Dad's. That's saying a lot." he said with his hands in his pockets. Of course they were looking between them and started laughing. One pointed. "Are you saying that him a Satsujin needs protecting? That's he's weak....then we had no need to hesitate." They were laughing and talking amongst each other. Kirua's eyebrow twitched wasn't that he was was that many before him Kirua would fall into bad habits and kill over half.

Simply because they had blocked his path and he needed to remove them.

Mugo chuckled at Kirua's words. "I'm not like Kil and know that Kirua..." he said before he turned and looked at them all. A cold, dark look on his face. "I'm saying that he's not able to control himself as easily as I can..."

"I know that Mu....I like you." he said meaning he'd fight his brother and father tooth and nail but got along with Mugo. The twenty five blinked and looked at Mugo. "Not able to control himself as easily as you can? What's that supposed to mean.?" one of the more gutsy ones said as the others seeing that Cold dark look on Mugo's face began backing up knocking a few closer to the rail over the side of the ship into the water below. Leaving the gutsy one to stand alone. Kirua looked over and lifted his hand pulling it loose from his pocket. "I tend to kill what's in my way is what he means....he's up here to remind me I'm not allowed."

Mugo waved happily, smiling once more. "Hi hi~"

In the end it was almost kinda comical. The twenty five dove over the rails and fell into the water figuring they'd take there chances to swim back and live. Despite the smile there was still this dark presence form him that bespelled death. "Ne-ne Baka-kun.....your buddies all left you." Kirua said in a mocking tone as the guy opened his mouth paused and looked back he realized he was standing there alone without backing facing Mu and Kir. And it was then he lost his spirit and started backing up....

Mugo's expression changed then, to a one that clearly spelled out his intentions. Killing intent, malice, darkness....all of it was there inside of Mugo. "Don't run away~ I want to give you a hug~" he said lowly, but his tone, for a sweet as the words were, was dark and intimidating.

The man went wide eyed as he stared backing up. When Mugo said that he wanted to give him a hug, Something about that was ominous dangerous and bespelled certain death. He continued to back up and turned running to follow his comrades over the side of the rail. Mugo's eyes his presence everything spelled death and they weren't supposed to die here. So going for a swim sounded better.
Kirua watched as the man jumped over the side what were you supposed to call when someone was in the water off a ship? Man Overboard....oh yeah. "Dead man floating...." He mused. Neither one of them killed them they chose to go for a swim in the dark. A simple backing off to the far end of the deck would have worked. Removing themselves from the roster would have been even better but hey. "How far do you think they'll make it swimming in the dark Mu-Chama?" he asked Chama being a cute mix of Chan and Sama. Both endearing and respectful. But more endearing then anything.

Mugo pouted when he ran away, but turned to smile at Kirua none the less. "Less than an hour~"

Kirua snorted. "Baka....they stood a better chance of appeasing you right now." He said shrugging and he turned and moved to walk below deck with Mugo. "Ah well I'm done getting fresh air stinks of cowards.' He said gesturing back towards the ocean. That and it was easier then dealing with Killian who would come searching him out soon. The reason he didn't was because Mugo had come for him instead. Kirua pulled out his cellphone and looked at it no messages. Bara had said he'd had a job with some friends that would tie him up for a bit....but it wasn't something Kirua had any sorta license to help with. Although this wasn't a Paranormal License he realized none of them were authorized to take down problem people.

Mugo chuckled and moved to go back down below deck with Kirua. "I juct wanted to give them a hug..." he said, pouting.

Kirua smiled as he looked at him. "I know." He said as he looked at him as they walked and he put away his cellphone. He looked down the hall. "Although I don't think he knew what to do with the idea of being hugged."

He pouted more though. "No one ever wants to give me a hug when I say it like that...." he complained.

Kirua chuckled. "I think there afraid of what comes with the hug." He said looking at Mugo. The sheer idea that that hug may be the death of them from the tone....was frightening to many.

He sighed as he followed along with Kirua. "If they don't move, all they get is a hug...." he said, puffing out his cheeks a little.

Kirua chuckled. "Something tells me he would have moved."

"Bu~" he said as he puffed out his cheeks more.

"None of these guys are any fun...." he complained lowly.

Kirua sighed as he walked with Mugo. "No...they aren't I was told this was tough from the's actually been rather dull so far....I was hoping for a bit of fun."

"If they don't let me kill something soon...I'm going to be disqualified...." he complained as he moved and wrapped his arms around Kirua and rested his chin on his shoulder, nuzzling him a little. "I can't take much more...." he groaned.

Kirua sighed as he walked with him bringing his hand up to rest Mu's arm as they walked down the hall like that Mugo nuzzling him. "Believe me I know....there all annoying. Although they just know out of the fifty left not counting us....there are a few who the old man received contracts for on this boat?" He said as they walked. "Ten of em...they each have a high ticket on there heads. I'm personally hoping tomorrow the kid's gloves come off.""

Mugo pouted though. "If you kill them all before I get to fight...I'll have to fight you..."

Kirua turned his head and kissed Mugo's cheek chuckling. "I think that would piss off Kil on this small boat that's not a lot of room to avoid his wrath.' he said but looked ahead. "But honestly Mu...I don't plan on killing them all off...I'll be happy with two or play with."

Mugo pouted even more when Kirua said two or three. "Kiru~a~ I want them all to myself..." he whined.

Kirua sighed. "One." he countered those ten had been pissing him off since he got on the boat and no doubt sent those fools after him. "Let me have one Mu-chama....I'll back off of the rest."

He sighed and put more of his weight on Kirua, going a bit deadweight on the younger Satsujin. "Fi~ne. But only one...."

Kirua cursed as he was suddenly supporting the taller man....annoyed he twisted around in Mugo's arms and then flipped him so that they both ended up on the floor. "Dam it Mu your too heavy to be dropping your weight suddenly on me like that!" He said annoyed as he sat on him. Pinning Mugo's shoulders to the floor. "The one I matter what is personal. I don't care about the rest."

When he ended up on the floor with Kirua on top of him, he blinked, confused as if he didn't understand how he got on the floor. "But you're so strong~" he teased as he laid there.

Kirua snorted. "Yeah? So...." he said as he looked at Mugo seeing the 'confused' look as if he was baffled about how he ended up there. "It's not easy dragging you around behind me on wooden floors." he countered as he moved standing up then stood Mugo up as well sighing. Mu let him get away with so much....sometime he didn't know if it was because he grew up around Mu for a long time while he worked for his father.Basically he didn't want to. He was in the mood to be lazy and dragging Mu's weight behind him sounded like to much work right now.

Mugo chuckled as he was helped up. "You're just lazy~"

Kirua snorted. "Okay fine....yes I can easily support your weight. Yes I could have carried/pulled you all the back to the cabin we're all crammed in.....But I didn't feel like it." He said shrugging. "I don't mind walking with you hugging me....but I don't feel like carrying you right now."

He chuckled and moved to cling to Kirua once more and nuzzled him. "You're so adorable Kirua~"

Kirua sighed shaking his head as he looked at him with a risen eyebrow. "Adorable?" he said looking at him. "Not many people would call me adorable." He said looking at him as he after a moment began walking again with Mugo getting closer to the room.

He chuckled. "I'm not many people though, am I?" he asked as he walked with Kirua.

"No Mu, your one of a kind." he answered as they made it back to the room that Killian and Kicha were in. Although now Kicha was no longer sitting near Killian but rather across the room on a stack of crates curled up with his book and Killian had....about a six black orbed needles sitting in the wood around his head. He had gotten bored and flicked them with no real intention to hit Kicha but his book. He had not been expecting the sudden chain that flung them back at him or the burning glare of cold anger from those eyes....before Kicha got up and walked across the room away from him.

Mugo sighed and released Kirua to go wrap his arms around Killian. "You messed up didn't you Kil?" he asked as he clung to Killian gently.

Killian sighed. "I was simply I thought to knock his book from his hands....I was not expecting the sudden chain that caught and flung them all back at my head at such a close distance....or was I expecting him to still be able to look so coldly at a person. It has been an interesting few moments." He answered. Kirua looked at his brother rolled his eyes and walked over to where Kicha was jumped up on a few crates just beside him and shifted so that he pushed Kicha's head up and it was resting against his leg instead of the wood behind him. Kirua figured Killian was Mu's problem now.

Mugo sighed and shook his head. "He's one of the family for a reason Kil..." he said as he leaned against Killian. "He's not just some kid...Chrono picked him out of everyone else..."

Killian looked at Mu. "That is why I was curious....what sorta of man could seem so innocent yet impressing Chrono enough to be picked by him out of everyone?" he said as he wrapped his arms around Mugo. "What sort of man is he that no matter what Chronos wants him returned home at the cost of everything else......such things...." he said pausing there was no blood relation like in his family for his father to command it. And yet....Chronos by the way Mugo talked treasured Kichona.
Kicha flipped the page in his book curled up the way he was then paused and suddenly moved dropping down. He had to go find a 'head' and reapply the ointment or he'd start bleeding soon. It was wearing off.

Mugo sat up to look at Kicha. "Ki~ Come here and let me do it. Chrono wouldn't want me to let you wander off without offering to help...."

Kicha paused on his way to the door before turning and walking over to Mugo as he reached into the inner pocket and pulled out the container with the Ointment he held it out as his other hand came up and undid the latches on his jacket. He had left his book with Kirua. "Alright Mu." he said knowing that if he did ignore Mu on this one Chrono would be livid with Mu.

Mugo let go of Killian, but didn't move away from him and pulled Kicha down to sit in front of him as he took the container from Kicha. "Kogai...used to get Chrono to do this when he was hurting..." he said lowly, almost seeming to become someone else as he remembered then.

Kicha nodded as he sat down with his back to Mugo. "It's...easier and hurts less if someone else does it." He agreed as he removed his jacket and then removed his white tunic not ashamed of the Monkey on his chest let them all go nuts they didn't understand it.
KIllian looked at him at the lattice work wounds that seemed to be collecting blood as if ready to open up and bleed. Kilian stared. "The way he was moving earlier with those wounds on his lower shouldn't be possible the pain he'd be in doing the back flips and bends...." Then he looked at Mugo who looked almost ready to cry...and back again. "There..."
"Nine years old." Kicha answered. "They will never heal."

"Kogai's were when he was 11...." Mugo said as he began to, surprisingly, gingerly apply to ointment to each individual wound.

"Yeah....we were given them when we both turned 11....his was five years before mine." he said nodding as he relaxed while Mugo very gently applied the Ointment. "It's called the 'Stroke of the Condemned.' There wounds given....back home for what the High Priests had considered 'Sin's' to never heal and carry our wrongs for the rest of our lives....." He said as he sat there. "That Ointment is called 'Penance''s the only thing that I knew of that was used to seal them up so that we could function."

Kicha listened to him speak about the drug he saw Kogai taking awhile back that he didn't know about. "Kereblis?" he asked as he sat there relaxed. "I know he's taking something different then Penance. He said as he sat there feeling the cooling effects of the Ointment. It still stung and hurt to have it applied by anyone even himself was better then the other.
Killian stared as he looked at the horrid mess...he didn't know what Kogai's back was even worse but to see the diamonds of good skin. "The good diamonds will constantly pull the damaged skin apart..." he said going wide eyed.
"Mm it's not so much that as the strikes pierced all the way down to deep tissue. And there whip was dipped in something before it was used soaked with it. The end result is what you see....wounds that will never no matter how much time passes close."

"Kereblis is a strong drug that is highly addictive. It shuts off pain receptors, allowing the user to feel no pain while the drug is in effect. It comes with a price though...people who use Kereblis can't feel the difference between something that's extremely hot or barely warm and they can't feel the difference between something below zero compared to something like cool also has nasty withdrawal symptoms...people who stop without properly downing the dosages could have a seizure or could cause organ failure..." he explained as he finished up helping Kicha.

Kicha closed his eyes nodding. "It sounds like a hard choice to make taking it...but the alternative..." he said lowly sadly. "Is gut wrenching pain." he sighed as he looked at his hands waiting while Mugo covered each of the cuts on his back. People looked at them an backed off completely giving them a large open circle as they were staring at the Monkey on Kicha's chest. "I can't say that I think badly of the choices made. He didn't have the indgredent list for the Ointment so he had to do what he could to handle the pain." he said in a understanding tone. "Thank you for telling me Mu."
Killian looked at the wounds he'd send off a message to his old man tonight. See if he knew of anything better then either Kereblis or Penance. Anything that would close those wounds and heal them....surely there had to be something...but the problem was there was no way to know what made the wounds like that to begin with.

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PostSubject: Re: Invitation that Brings Changes.    Invitation that Brings Changes.  EmptyMon Aug 17, 2015 5:05 am

They were still on the boat when the captain came in and informed them of what the test would be this year. In a game. IN teams of four, hunting down five unique items each while they had to work together to get through the dungeons only the intended player for the item could fight the main boss of that dungeon. The four looked at each other and signed up as a team.

Now they sat in the cabin discussing things and plans but the talk was making Mugo tense teaming up in twos was one thing.

"Mm not to override everyone. But...when we go into the game. I suggest subdiving our team into two groups. Mu, you'll take point with one other and I'll focus on reargaurd with the other member of our team. That being said who would you want beside you." Kicha asked as the others fell silent and Mugo actually brightened up.

"Kirua." Mugo said without hesitation pointing at him.

Which would Surprise Killilan. But he'd let it go thinking maybe he'll be a distraction and that when they work side by side Mu usually ends up trying to kill him.

Mugo would point at Killian then and tell him lowly, "You always try to make me work too close"

Killian would blink and sigh. "You've said that before Mu....but Kirua works better with you?" he would ask as Kirua would remain quiet hands in his pockets and shrug looking away. Kirua doesn't get all clinging on a battle field he'd even move to the far end of the front line and give Mugo space. was easier to fight that way.

Mugo nodded and pointed at Kirua. "He moves away from me instead of towards me..."

Killian pouted but sighed. "So you want me to watch over Kicha?" he said glancing at him and Kicha snorted looking away. "Watch over yourself....I don't need you getting close...not unless you want to get hit by my chains." He said and Killian sighed. They were different to work with. Kirua would roll his eyes and then look at Mugo. "According to the map we received our first dungeon is inside that cave over there. When your ready lead the way." Kinda thing like its all bothersome. Depending on the number of monsters they encounter Kirua will do nothing until there's too many for Mugo to handle.

Kir will let Mu play to his hearts content simply walk a half a step behind him until they fight and if it's not an overwhelming number he'll stand back and let Mu cut loose.

But first they'd have to get to the testing site

Mugo would just sigh and close his eyes. "That's why I always turn on you're so focused on everyone else that you get too close while they're fighting and make it hard to fight with a weapon..."

Killian would pause and blink while looking at them. He fought with needles. He hadn't thought about it. "Ah....I didn't intend to make it difficult." he said as he looked at them. For Kicha to put it so bluntly get close to me you're getting hit with my chains....had been very blunt from the start. "Kirua does not I take it get close."
Kirua shrugged. "Nope. He's there fighting he better know what the heck he's doing and I'm not diving in to save his ass..." Kirua said shrugging. "In fact I won't lift a finger until there's too many for him to handle and then I'm going to the opposite end. I don't are to get wacked by his staff maybe you do....but not me."

Mugo sighed again and closed his eyes. "Geeze...maybe I need to get a smaller weapon..."

Kicha chuckled. "Nah I think Kirua was just making a point of saying. That he was giving you space to fight and himself as well." And then a high speed whirling sound met all there ears and then Kirua caught it in his hand. A heavy 50Kilo yoyo made out of a special metal. "I don't want to get wacked by your staff....because these are getting in your way." He said holding it. The yoyo would crush bones if it hit. And it carried his electricity nicely  like a long distance high voltage punch.

Mugo shook his head. "It's not really just that...I get tired of carrying my staff a's metal and gets annoying if I forget it somewhere..." he said and shrugged. "I want something I can carrying in my pockets or at least something not as hard for me to remember..."

Kicha nodded. "Like what were you thinking about Mu?" He asked not sure if they made shorter staves. "In the mean time I have my Bokken. But....I'm not sure what you'd like to use."

He thought about it, putting his finger up to his lips again. " cards..."

Kirua looked at him and then tipped his head and shrugged as he reached into his back pocket they didn't mean much to him he brought them along to play solitare but he pulled out the hard case with the duel packs in it and held it out. "Like these?" he asked since he really wouldn't be needing them inside the game. The thing was what to do with his staff in the mean time unless he was just going to throw it away.

Mugo took a deck and opened them and smiled. "Yes~"

Kicha chuckled to see the delight in his eyes at the fact that Kirua had them on him. Kirua though looked at Mugo and shrugged. "Want the second deck as well? I'm not going to need them in here." He said having his yoyo's five per side on his hips. He was used to moving with the higher weight on his waist.

"Can I?" he asked, perking up at Kirua's suggestion of taking both decks.

Kirua nodded and handed him the second deck. "Yeah I don't need them." He said giving Mugo the other deck. Killian watched as Kirua easily gave over both decks like it was nothing and then there was his brothers choice in weapons. "Kir a yoyo is hardly a weapon." He said shaking his head. Kirua turned his head that look of ire clear on his face. "Shut up. You have no idea just what I can do with a simple Yoyo Kil. Or did you forget what the old man taught us? Anything can become a weapon in the right circumstances." He said waiting for Mu to take the second deck.

He took the second deck of cards and hugged Kirua, snuggling him before he put the other unopened deck into his pocket. "Wee~" he mused happily as he pulled out the joker from the deck and then sent it flying towards the wall with pinpoint, deadly accuracy and watched happily as it stuck into the wood.

"Oh~" he mused as he moved over to look at it in the wall. "It worked~" he mused happily

Kicha chuckled. "I think you found what works for you Mu." He said as he watched Mu fling the card into the wall. A close range weapon that could be used long range and as Killian and the others looked Kicha knew it was the application of Nen that made that card so hard.
Kirua smiled as he leaned back after returning the hug and cuddling Mugo was so very happy and consider the way things worked in this right now something to perk him up was better then him being depressed.

Mugo smiled happily and nodded. "Mm-hm~"

Killian was not at all thrilled with the arrangements but what was he to do? He glared balefully at the wall. His partner wanted his little brother not him....because he got in the way. So he was currently glaring at the wall of the ship as if he could bore a hole through it.

Mugo moved over to block Killian's view and crawled up to straddle him. "Kil~" he whined. "I wanna play~"

Killian looked at him as he said he wanted to play. He leaned in and kissed his cheek and moved leaning forward and knocked him down. Pinning him and putting his hands on his the floor on either side of his head. "Oh?" he mused easily distracted.

He looked up at him as he was pinned to the floor. "Ple~ase," he whined. Even if he wasn't aware of it, or if he didn't mean to, the way he was looking up at Killian right was a seductive, sexy look that clearly gave away his intentions.

Killian looked at him and smirked before leaning down and kissing him as his hands moved and gabbed his sides squeezing as he kissed him
Mugo returned the kiss, but gasped when Killian grabbed him like that. It wasn't that it hurt. More to the point, it felt good, but it had surprised him.

Mugo returned the kiss, but gasped when Killian grabbed him like that. It wasn't that it hurt. More to the point, it felt good, but it had surprised him.

Killian knew his lover all to well. if he was gentle with Mugo he'd get it alright. He devoured his mouth before moving his hands to the edge of his top and yanking pulling it loose roughly and over his head breaking the kiss only long enough to remove it before moving down to bite down on his collar bone. Mugo and playing...were nothing 'gentle'

When Killian took his shirt off, he took that moment to sit up off the floor. But the moment the kiss had been broken and Killian bit down on his collar bone, he gasped and closed his eyes. "Kil~" he breathed lowly.

The remaining applicants stared and backed up able to see the Monkey clearly on his back some whispering why is there two of them here? Another whispering we're doomed. Killian ignored them all as he let up off of Mugo's collar bone and smirked as leaned in and laid nipping biting kisses along his neck and jawline. Mu was so much fun his hands coming up to apply pressure to his hips....Gentle they were not.

He moaned as Killian continued with his onslaught. "Kil....Ple~ase" he pleaded lowly. He was bored, so he would compensate not being able to kill anyone by playing with Killian. However, he could here the whispers. He wasn't really that concerned about the hunters. They were too weak to be trying anything funny.

Killian smirked as his hand moved from Mu's hips to press against him where he knew his lover was begging for more. "Yes Mu?" he said lowly not caring they had an audience if they didn't like it they could leave the room. He moved his hand up and then slipped it between skin and material before paying attention to Mugo "Something like that?" He teased as began to run his hand along Mugo although he was firm about it keeping the pressure tight enough that he knew it would drive him crazy.
Kicha glanced over at them having walked up on that once before in Gravity City while they were in an alley. When Mu was in the mood anywhere would do. And Killian was more then willing to play where ever whenever. He walked back over to his crate hoped up and went to lean back but his head once again found Kirua's leg who leaned back as if to nap not overly interested in watching his big brother making out with his lover.

Mugo groaned as he closed his eyes. "Yes~" he breathed lowly as he laid back on his elbows to let Killian have his way with him. All he wanted was to enjoy himself.

Kiillian liberated the cloth so that he could do as Mugo needed the most and began moving his hand hard and fast applying pressure as he leaned in and kissed him again. The actual act no....although he was getting aroused himself most of the time it was this hot crazy and wild but the other was more of a...special occasion thing. Killian smirked as he continued to give Mugo just what he wanted but shifted his pace constantly so as to drag it out.

Mugo groaned as Killian worked on giving him what he needed, even if he got close, Killian switched it right before he found release. Even so, it felt nice to have someone who cared about him enough to humor his weird habits.

Killilan knew him well enough to know it wasn't so much as the full act as it was this. Normally going on a killing spree got him everything he needed especially if the guys he was fighting were tough and worthy. But the no killing order was taking it's toll on him and he knew Mu needed the release and so he kept it up...dragging it out longer and longer until Mu begged to be allowed to find that release until his lover his partner could not possibly take anymore this was what made them partners understanding each others odd needs and habits and being able to be the one to meet that need.

He continued on like that for a long time, too stressed out to ask for Killian to stop. But when he had finally had enough and he couldn't stand it any longer, he groaned before he breathed in a huff, "Kil Ple~ase I can't...."

Killian looked up at him and smirked before shifting to a hard fast pace, His hand tensing a bit more, quickening thing to make Mugo come. To find that release now that he couldn't take anymore. Before that it was pointless he might as well have not been doing anything. "As you wish." he breathed as he looked up watching Mugo's face. This was the best part as far as he was concerned. Getting to see that look of ecstasy from Mugo.

Mugo moaned and squirmed a little as he made such "cute" sounds for a man so full of darkness. When he finally felt the heat coiling, he groaned and closed his eyes. "Kil...coming...." he breathed, nearly breathless as he finally, after what seemed like forever, found release and fell back to lay there, staring up at the ceiling, smiling as he tried very hard to catch his breath. Like a content little kid after running around a jumping like an idiot, Mugo was smiling like an idiot as he panted.

Killian smirked as he looked at him bringing his hand up and watching Mugo lay there that was the look he liked to see at the end. The one that said Mugo was in bliss. He though sat there aroused but not minding it as he brought his hand up to his mouth and proceeded to clean of his fingers. He was watching him as he laid there panting.

When he had caught his breath, he sat up on his elbows again to look at Killian, still smiling. "Your turn~"

Killian smirked as he looked at him gestured towards himself. "Mmm have fun." he said looking at his partner who looked so blissfully happy the room had fallen silent staring as he had truly played with Mugo right there. And then Mugo's answer...your turn.

He was so happy as he moved then , switching from laying on his back to crawl back to Killian and moved, liberating Killian before he smiled at him. "You're always so cute~" he said happily as he began with his hands, but soon lay down on his stomach and replaced his hand with his mouth.

Unlike Mugo, Killian was different, and so he would often use this method to help.

Killian had smirked and shrugged before looking at him as he sat there and then groaned the hand at first stirred him up more but it was when Mugo decided to swallow him that his head fell back and he moaned closing his eyes as he braced his hands on the floor one coming back up to be laid instead in Mugo's hair not to stop him but a silent hint to Mugo that Killilan was enjoying it.

Mugo made sure to keep his attention focused, working with a lot of skill to bring Killian as much pleasure as possible. He swallowed Killian down, hilt deep as he worked his magic.

Killian before long was making his own 'adorable' sounds as his head fell back how long Mugo kept that up he wasn't sure but he when the same amount of time passed for him as it had Mugo....he groaned. "Mu....I...." he breathed. "Please..."

Mugo rolled his eyes up to look at Killian and smirked as he then changed his pace, much akin to Killian's when he had pleasured Mugo. He was anything but gentle though. Teeth, tongue- it didn't matter he would use it.

Killian made a sweet startled sound of pleasure as he groaned and leaned his head back feeling the heat coiling and poolng his stomach before sinking down lower eventually. "Mu I'm coming..." He breathed as it hit him in a wave of sheer pleasure a deep low groan leaving him as his head fell back.

Mugo took in everything Killian offered, unphased by the sensation of eyes on his back. When he was done, he released Killian with a 'pop' and licked his lips and sat up, smiling happily. "Do you love me now Kil?~" he asked lightly.

Killian fell backwards onto the wooden floor breathing heavily as he stared at the ceiling of the room but at Mu's words do you love me now? he looked at him and answered. "Of course I
[*]find you[/I]....." he said lowly.

Mugo smiled happily as he sat there for a few more minutes before standing up and stretching before he zipped his pants back up and turned to pick his shirt up only to be met with stares. He blinked though as they were all staring at him. He was obviously confused. It wasn't just because of the tattoo...their looks weren't just wary. "Why is everyone looking at me like that?" he asked as he stood back up, shirt in hand.

Kilian was to busy tryingto catch his breath to answer so it was Kicha who answered from across the room. "Because out side of Gravity City playing in the open like that is nearly unheard of." Kicha said as he blipped the page I his book again.

He looked over at Kicha. "Huh?" he asked. Not the usual thing for him to say, but he was actually confused this time. "Seriously?"

Anywho KIcha would actually pause in reading his book to look over at Mugo who was so utterly confused before nodding. "MMmn hm.' He said closing it and shifting so he was sitting face him and brought his hand up. "Most people would never dream of having a encounter like that in public, 2, those that do have a romantic relationship or even one built upon the concept of personal need will find away to get to a private room or location in order to statisfy that need. 3. They are often ashamed to kiss in public places let alone expose so much of themselves to the prying eye." Kichona said as he looked at Mugo. "To them what you did is nearly unheard of, but in Gravity City such an act is rather normal and no one cares."

Mugo was still confused, he didn't understand why no one else felt comfortable with their relationships. "Geeze...if people are so self conscious, why do they even have relationships?" he asked as he sat back down to look in the direction of everyone else. He didn't care if people heard him. For the time being, he left his shirt off, choosing instead to hold it in his hand.

KIchona looked at him. "It's not so much as they aren't comfortable I the relationship they aren't comfortable enough about there own physical body to be able to handle exposing it to the naked eyes. Many people even here are thinking checking out the weight room and attempting to harness even more of there potiental. Rumore is the new testing site is likely the most impossible one the Chairman Randool fight and fought well in.

Mugo pouted at that. "I don't see a reason to be so ashamed...everyone has mostly the same anatomy...even women are basically the same..." he said, shrugging.

KIcha nodded. "For the most part yes except when it comes down to weight. Not everyone is  skinny some people are heavier stockier and that bothers them seeing those who are very well built."
He looked over at them and sighed. "I don't see the problem...if everyone looked the same, it'd be so boring..." he said and laid on his side, propping his head up by his hand, elbow resting on the floor.

KIchona smiled. "But you see Mu, that is the problem many people can't stand it." he said shrugging as he laid the book down in his lap. "But in the end you are one of the few people who don't care. Mostly a lot of people do and would rather die of bitter loneliness rather then admitting defeat

"And by admitting 'defeat' is admitting to themselves that maybe there bodies are there idea of perfection but that's okay because whoever there partner is wants them for them." He said shrugging. "Your one of the few who has a very different take on things in the world. "

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He shrugged at Kicha's words. "I've always been this way..." he said as he looked at them all and then at Kicha. "Growing up as a kid with no real learn really quickly not to worry about things like that..."

Kicha looked up as Mu gave a little bit of information about himself. About the fact he grew up on the streets....with no real home to call his own that he had to learn really quick not to worry about such things. Kicha looked at him. "That's the first bit of information you've shared about yourself Mu...." he said surprised Mu had given up some information however vague about himself.

Just then the Captain came on. "Alright folks more information about the Exam for you." He said coming over the P.a. "As some of you returning Hunters know we don't normally give out any information about the Exam however this is much different this year so The Chairman wants you prepared for what is to come. For the Exam you will be split into teams of four, each team of for must collect twenty items. However only one member may collect a certain five against the dungeon's boss. Ergo they must fight alone. Your progress will be monitored how you work in a team and how you handle yourself in hard one on one battles this will in the end be added up to determine your rank among the Hunters. In that team of four you must choose a Team Captain who will be registered as such with the system that Captain however will suffer a slight handicap as in order for them to collect there first Item the three in his or her team must be able to gain there first items and so forth going down the line. However if your Team Captain is too weak to gain there item you can not move on either. During this portion of the test Killing is allowed. In fact it's encouraged because you won't get anywhere if you don't kill what's before you. They'll just keep coming back. Use this time wisely and figure out a plan one of my crew will be by with a clip board to fill out the your team and your chosen team captain for this."

Kirua looked up at the P.A. When the annoucement had originally come through earlier they had all started having issues but Kicha. Mugo had looked less then pleased even stressed at the idea of having to work in such a large team and the Kicha stepped in breaking up the tension and suggesting that they subdivide into two smaller units within the team. Saying that Mugo should take the front and choose his partner and that Kicha would take the back and he'd take the remaining member with him. It was then that Mu said he wanted Kirua at his side in the front. While he'd leave Killian with Kicha.

Killian wasn't all that thrilled with the arrangement and wanted to know why when Mugo said he was too clinging on the battle field and got in the way were as Kirua gave him the space needed to fight. Killian had started to sulk but Mu threw that off just now. Showing that he still wanted his brother they just didn't work well on the battle field together.

Kicha and Kirua jumped down and walked over to Mu and Killian. As they clustered together the crewman came around and handed them the clipboard as they were the only ones clustered into a group of four while the others still argued about who they were going to team up with. Kirua took the clipboard as he was standing closest and then Filled out the information In the first spot he wrote Kicha's name then Killian's Mugo and finally himself. Then asked them all to check and make sure they agreed. The number order he did in reference as to how they would subdivide. Even Mugo agreed and signed next to his name then handed it to Kicha who was slotted in the Team Captain spot.

"Um.." Kicha said and Kirua shrugged looking at him. "Your know the Hunters exam better then the three of us. On top of which when they said we had to work in a group of four you quickly routed any problems that might come up by subdividing the team into a frontal and back Unit putting Mu in front knowing that he'd do better in a forward position then bring in the rear with less action. While you took the back and said you'd take whoever he didn't choose to stay at his side up there. Honsetly you've already got things set up good Kicha. We've done well so far to follow your lead."

Killian stood up off of the wall and walked over to Mu and nodded. "Kir is lead us here if not for you we might have taken the inland route and not made it this far. You knew where to go and then on deck you advised us during the fights if we needed it. You'll do the most of us are solo fighters as you heard teaming us up doesn't always work well. Kirua though seems to handle it just fine."

Kirua looked over. "Yeah well when I returned it was after learning how to fight as a tangent team with Bara for years having left remember? So when I was 'called back for that case or they'd come and force me to come home' I meet up with the two of you then and watched Mu. He did far better fighting there if you weren't on top of him." Kirua shrugged and looked at those still bickering as the clipboard was passed around.
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