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 Hunter's Association

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Basic Information
Name: Hunter's Association.
Ranks: S/0-D/5.
Chosen Leader: Neo.

Leader Information
-Leaders Rank: S/0.
-Leaders Character Link:

Rank S Members
S/0- Neo
S/1- Senaste Trädgård
S/2- Karega Mugo (Hanran or Re)
S/3- Kanpekina Gijutsu (Nerve), Nekkyō Ryōken (Chaos),
S/4- Toki Kurayami, Chronos, Ran Niwa (Cyber),
S/5- Natsu Akuryō, Kohaku-ko Masaru, Mugo

Rank A Members
A/0- Avalon Valor
A/1- Hone Funsai-ki (Pal), Kirua Satsujin,
A/3- Kirian Satsujin (Killian)

Rank B Members

Rank C Members

Rank D Members

Description: The Hunter's Association is a legal hunter unit governed and sanctioned by the government. What makes this group so unique is that the Licenses grants immunity and a paycheck. Immunity as in anyone with a Legal Hunter's license can kill and not be arrested for it if they show there License. They also can gain access from any place be it a police station, government location or the special website designed to keep them up to date on everything called 'Watchdog'.

Intentions: The Hunters are an elite group sanctioned by the government to patrol monitor and keep control of the criminal factions. Each Hunter is given a id card and a set of dog tags. Both indicate there status but the tags are used as a quick means of identifying Hunters to each other giving there name, sometimes date of birth, blood time and area of expertise in the Hunters. The second tag denotes rank. Hunters wither they are Bounty Hunters or Mark Hunters take care of the crime that the Police and other government agencies can't handle. Those criminal's who are so powerful that normal officers don't stand a chance against them.

History:The Hunters were established a long time ago when P.K users who had vast power started abusing that power. In order to try to reign it in and bring a feeling of safety to the people the Hunters Association was created. However due to the means in which they have to work to get the job down certain liberties were taken with the group that gives them immunities and a plush life. Because of this millions of people go after a hunting license every year and every year they are weeded down. But not only to 'good' citizens go after it but criminal elements as well as long as they play by the rules and make it to the end they pass. Once they pass they can kill off everyone in the room without fearing being arrested because of the License issued in there name.

Some go after it for more personal reasons as it gives them a vast well spring of limitless knowledge, links and the ability to move about the criminal underground freely since most Mafia and many other criminal factions go after the Bounty hunters because they will work for anyone as long as your willing to pay there price. A mark hunter is a bit different they are inactive until the Association contacts them with a contract hit capture or bring in. Upon receiving such and order they become active and go hunting.
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Hunter's Association
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