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 Too hot to handle.

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Too hot to handle.  Empty
PostSubject: Too hot to handle.    Too hot to handle.  EmptyThu Aug 13, 2015 10:57 pm

Gokei walked into the room in time to see Kogai doing what he was known for doing and rushed over to him grabbing his wrist before he could take even one sip of that boiling hot coffee.'Dam it you'll scorch your throat out again...' as he held Kogai's wrist and looked at him pleadingly.

Kogai just sighed and looked away with a cold, distant look on his face before handing Gokei the mug.

Gokei took the mug of course and closed his eyes. Knowing that that bothered him to no end.

Kogai was technically punishing himself. He knew he can't feel the pain of it, but at times does the damage anyway...just because he knows he can but just apologize hollowly, saying, "Right...sorry..."

Which would always get Gokei to sigh softly and say. "You know none of this is your fault right? That you don't have to keep doing this stuff to yourself."

Kogai would just look away and stay silent. The Kasai in him coming out then.

Gokei would sigh as he'd know that at that point he's not answering because to answer would be a lie. "I can't force you....all I can do is ask." he'd tell him. "But...." But if Kichona forgave him...could he forgive himself? It was something Gokei could not bring himself to finish asking. For fear of more silence from Kogai or worse an honest answer of no.

Kogai would just sigh and close his eyes. "You and I both know the answer's not even worth asking at this point."

Gokei would simply sigh. "I know.' he answer and look out. "But that doesn't mean....I'll like it when you hurt yourself." He'd answer shoving his hand in his pocket and looked at the boiling cup of coffee. "Even you have the right to be happy...."

Kogai would laugh a bitter laugh before he'd look up at Gokei and smile at him. "In my own sick way...I am happy..."

Gokei would sigh and then sit down beside him holding the cup in his hand and then use just a touch of his Cryokensis to take the boiling heat down to hot drinking temp before handing it back to Kogai. "I know." He would answer looking at him. "I just wish I could do something more for don't smile often..." He said as he held the cup out and then looked ahead again. " it when you have a reason to smile Kogai."

Kogai smiled at him before taking the offered mug and held it in his hands, looking down to stare at his faint reflection in the mug. "I'll be all right. I've got you and Sei and Chronos...Even as much as he pisses me off...I even have Mugo..."

Gokei would of course smile. "Of course you do....we're family here Kogai." He answered then looked ahead. "If he accepts....will you be okay with it?" He asked meaning Kichona. Kichona was the survivor of the people who hurt him. There people. If Kichona said yes finally to being in there group would Kogai be alright?

Kogai chuckled, a warm sound compared to what had been coming out of him up until now. "Of course I will be," he answered before taking a drink from the mug. "I want him to be here with us...I can't imagine him being anywhere else now..."

Gokei smiled. "Then I hope he says yes soon. Something is making him hesitate." He said looking ahead. "He gets painfully quiet whenever Mugo is in the room....I know Mu can be a handful but...."

"He's afraid of him...and for good reason..." he said as he sat there. "Mugo is a difficult man to handle, and if you're not prepared to play his games, he'll throw you off big time..."

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Too hot to handle.
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