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 Fenghuang Scripture Guard.

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Fenghuang Scripture Guard.  Empty
PostSubject: Fenghuang Scripture Guard.    Fenghuang Scripture Guard.  EmptyWed Aug 12, 2015 3:56 pm

Basic Information
Name: Fenghuang Scripture Guard.
Ranks: 1-5
Chosen Leader: Kichona Kasai

Leader Information
-Leaders Rank: 1
-Leaders Character Link: Kichona Kasai

Leader Information:
Name: Kichona Kasai
Name Meaning: "Precious Flame"
Rank: 1
Status: Living, Only Guardian left alive.
Scripture: Scriptures of Conjure
Scripture Location:
Character Link:
Crest Image:The first crest seen is located between his shoulder blades on his back.
Fenghuang Scripture Guard.  Crest_10
This crest the one that denotes his primary skill set is located on his inner left thigh were not many would find it or see it.
Fenghuang Scripture Guard.  Comple10

Member Information:
Name: RiRi
Name Meaning:
Rank: 2
Status: Deceased
Scripture: Scripture of Manipulation
Scripture Location: Stolen
Character Link: N/A
Crest Image:
Fenghuang Scripture Guard.  Crest_11

Name: Linka
Name Meaning: N/a
Rank: 3
Status: Deceased
Scripture: Scripture of Emission
Scripture Location: Stolen
Character Link: N/A
Crest Image:Fenghuang Scripture Guard.  Crest_12

Name: Arlune
Name Meaning: N/a
Rank: 4
Status: deceased
Scripture: Scriptures of Transmission.
Scripture Location: Stolen
Character Link: N/a
Crest Image:Fenghuang Scripture Guard.  Crest_13

Name: Lirin
Name Meaning: N/a
Rank: 5
Status: Deceased
Scripture: Scriptures of Enhancement.
Scripture Location: Stolen
Character Link: N/A
Crest Image:Fenghuang Scripture Guard.  Seal_o10

History, Intentions, Description
History: Since the beginning of there Clan the High priests have always chosen five of the most skilled Children in Psy-Nen to pass down the Five Scriptures teaching there secret arts. These children like all children On Fenghuang Island are taught about Psy-Nen at the same time they learn how to speak, and are not always gathered at the same age and same time.

The most recent number of guardian's were gathered the oldest four ages 9 and up when they were tested and showed that they had Perfect resonance with a specific field of Psy-nen, the youngest at the age of four. They would say to have such a power is an honor and that to be the one chosen even greater. But each child's parents received a lump some of money enough to live there lives happily on and the children were given over to the temple were they began rigorous training in order to master there element and to study all five scriptures. Because of the nature of things it is not the order according to Hatsu that denotes the leader but rather the skill level. AS such the youngest Priest Guardian acolyte to Ever hold the title of High Guardian was Kichona Kasai. He gained such a title at the young age of nine when the others were originally starting to learn there gifts fully. Kichona not only memorized his own Scriptures that he was charged to be guarded with but the other five as well. Learning there was a hidden secert to the scriptures that many didn't know about the sixth seal.

In order to properly guard the scriptures one must master there own and then go through the incredibly painful process of absorbing it and bonding with it. It's painful because the scripture must be infused with the Guardian's Psy-Nen and then communed into energy before being absorbed into the Guardian's body. The first to do so was Kichona. Upon doing it the Crest of Conjure, or the Conjurer appeared on his slender frame. Gaining him high status at a young age. The others held great disdain for that and still struggled to master there fields to the point that Kichona had.

At the age of Fifteen and still without the other Guardian's being able to absorb and thus properly protect there scriptures. He during peaceful times went deep into the woods in order to further his bond and learn how to help them by reflecting on the problems. Screams greated him several hours later and he stood running abck to the village only to find them all dead, there eyes taken and the scriptures gone. Kichona left alone with no one to offer even a hint of solace and comfort fell into a fit of rage swearing to get back the scriptures and the 'souls' of his people.

Intentions: Each of the five are chosen to guard one section of the five scriptures. There is no sixth scripture as Specialist is a unique form of Psy-nen that has no set rules or boundaries. One either is or isn't a Specialist. Kichona is a Conjurer by birth but when he lets his Aura spike and his eyes glow his entire Aura changes to an almost 'rainbow' and he becomes a Specialist. Because of this he has both crests on his body. The Crest of the Conjurer is located hidden on his inner left thigh, and the mark of the specialist is on his back between his shoulder blades. There purpose and now his alone had been protecting the scriptures and now it's up to him to find them and bring them back to where they belong before the secerts come out and Psy-nen becomes something lethal in the world at large.

Description:Five children are chosen and go through grueling training in order to protect five scriptures showing how to master Aura arts that if fallen into the wrong hands could do great harm on the world at large.
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Fenghuang Scripture Guard.
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