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 To save a lost lamb

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To save a lost lamb Empty
PostSubject: To save a lost lamb   To save a lost lamb EmptySun Aug 09, 2015 11:36 am

It had been a couple of days since the incident at the abandoned amusement park. And Mugo had gotten in contact with him telling him that Kōgai the second was coming for him and so he went back to the abandoned amusement park and waited. He didn't hide but stood there in the open ready and waiting for the fight. He was getting the point he didn't care of if he threw his life away.

Kogai walked into the abandoned amusement park where Seishin had said he had the run in with the Chain wielder. He had agreed to go because he needed to know which one it was. Which one of the Kasai clan had survived the massacre. He needed to know who it was....if it was one of his of the ones who made his life miserable and threw him out of the Island. He had his regrets about five years ago. But he had been young and hot headed. He was older now and he had a place to belong. Gokei was always at his side anymore. And Gokei's presence was soothing to him. But he walked in and paused standing there was a young man, he was wearing a white tunic set with a deep hunter green waist jacket over it the sleeves stopped at his mid bicep. Delicate golden scroll work danced through the green material blending Japanese and main land cultures together. Hanging down around his waist was long dark hunter green panels with the same design work. He wore black flats. Kogai was in jeans that hugged his frame, a T-shirt that had been all but cut to ribbons and a black leather jacket over it. He wore black combat boots steel toed and heeled. His hands were in his pockets. White hair messy and his scarlet eyes landed on him. He wore scarlet contacts over his eyes in order to make the 'gemstone' facets smooth out. But this one....

But he knew him. His fiery red orange hair that looked so natural with the long forelocks that framed a soft gentle face, black contacts hide what he knew to be scarlet and gold eyes. He could see the five rings on his right hand and the chains going back to wrap around his wrist. This was the chain wielder this was the young man who wiped the floor with Seishin and nearly killed him? This one....should never be like this. He knew this one very very well five years ago he had been but a child then. Quiet gentle soft spoken and polite to everyone. He was always studying having been born with a soul compatible with the scriptures. So he had survived it....they had not found him where ever he was. No he realized she hadn't gone in far enough to search for him. She had only searched the outlaying areas around the village but didn't go deep into the woods. But because of that perhaps just perhaps he could stop him now from falling and crossing a line that he should not cross becoming something that he was not meant to be. And maybe just gain a small bit of redemption with there with himself.

"Kichona Kasai....." he said showing that he did know him although they had not met. "Now you're becoming just like me! It's no wonder you're chasing after us!" Osen said as he looked at him.

Kichona turned and looked at him they stood there and he could see the burning glow of Kicha's eyes the golden scarlet flame of his emotions right there, so much hate, malice, anger.....and pain. He was hurting inside and he didn't even realize it. AS he stood there narrowing his eyes Osen let his own eyes glow, showing him what only one other knew about. And he kept his mouth shut.

Kichona looked at him pausing as his hand held still. He stared the hate in his eyes making them glow and he said. "Just like you?"

"You're trying to murder a group of people because of your own selfish reason, just like me"

Kicha looked at him. "My own selfish reason? You came....and destroyed everything my family my sister....everything....for what our eyes? The scrolls.....I came to take back everything and give them rest in peace. Don't tell me....I'm just like you!" But the anger malice hate and pain would be there.

Osen would snort and look at him coldly. "You think murdering us for your selfish revenge will help them rest in peace? You really have become like us then," he said. "I didn't murder them for those reasons. I murdered them because of the way they treated me."

"They? My sister my family? They never did anything to you." He said his hand clenching. "They never hurt you. You killed off an entire race of people....OUR people because of the actions of a few? And you're yelling at me about it why! Why the hell do you care if end up the same as you?" He said meaning a murder a killer.....someone who killed those who wronged there people....what did he care?

"They all did the same thing, you just were too young to realize it..." he said and sighed. "Because Chronos will kill you...and I'd hate to see you die..." Kicha had just been a little boy at the time. A soft spoken gentle child....

"Why out of everybody you care if I live or die?" He said his hands were clenched he was trembling where he stood eyes closed. He had never hurt this man before him. Never even met him before now. AT least not that he could remember. He had always been a quiet child reading books under trees. Studying....

"Because you were the only one who never said or did anything to me," he answered simply.

Kicha reached up and put his hand over his face. Confusion danced inside of him now as the glow died down. He stepped back with how he was feeling right now he could not fight. "And what's to keep this Chronos from coming after" He said looking over at him."If I was to back you say..."

Osen sighed and closed his eyes. "Gokei and I are his closets members...if we tell him not to follow after you for some reason or another, he'll do as we ask."

Kicha closed his eyes and lowered his hand. It was closed into a fist but relaxed. He could easily change the limiters on the chain that gave it it's strength. He looked at him and turned. His heart danced in confusion. Defeated without fighting....the moment he arrived he refused to fight Kicha. "I don't know what to think." You're becoming me. But the words were sad not it was the last thing this man before him wanted.

"Then don't..." he told Kicha lowly. "Don't think about any of us, just remember the good times you had with your family..."

Kicha closed his eyes. His life had been studying with the temple priests to become a guardian. Then his sister would hug him and tell him how proud she was but that was about it....Kichona reached up and placed his hand over his heart. Before turning to leave. Too much confusion danced through his heart right now. "Its easy for you to remember the good times with my family? This is all I have left."

Osen frowned. "At least you have that..." he remarked lowly. "I'm not as lucky."

"Nothing?" Kichona looked at him. "I have nothing left in this world......except for what I had set out to do....and now....I...."

Osen shook his head. "That's not true and you know it." He looked at Kicha and sighed. "I joined the Troupe because I had no where else to go. They kicked me out of my home, told me never to come back to the island, tore me away from my You can go anywhere and belong..."

"Not anymore." Kicha said looking back at him. "I've thrown everything away for this. I am Kenji Bura's captian of his bodyguards." Everything Kicha had believed in he had thrown away. He had walked into the criminal underground without hesitating or looking back once. Not until now....when that rage dancing inside of him had cooled because he was talking to someone else from his clan.....

"You can go back. Your hands are clean...mine aren't..." he told Kicha as he stood there. "You didn't throw anything away, you just let your emotions get the better of's a good thing Chrono sent me out here...if he'd have come out here'd not be living right now..."

Kicha sighed softly as he looked down at the chains wrapped around his hand. Your hands are...."Wait...he's alive?" Kicha said he hadn't been able to check having been called and having to return to 'work' now. He had undone the chains and left Seishin there....on the ground...a bloody beaten mess...broken.

Osen nodded. "Barely...but he survived..."

Kicha actually staggered a bit moving backwards until he sat down. If it was Osen's goal to off set his balance to take him out he'd done it. Kicha closed his eyes his hand went over his mouth as he sat there. He had always been a quiet gentle soul but the rage...and he had thought he killed him. "Alive....but barely...." He said lowly eyes closed.

He sighed and nodded. "If you had hit him anymore, you'd have killed him...but the gentleness in you miraculously kept that from becoming a reality..."

He looked up at him. But the gentleness in him...he blinked. "Your saying...." he said not realizing having of the things one of the principles they are taught. You can not truly go against the core of your being. No one can. Despite all of his rage he had stopped. Beat the living daylights out of him to the point of death...but he stopped. "He...just kept pissing me off...." He said looking at the rings and chains. "He kept demanding I come with him....that I'd be alive but fetch a pretty just...." He closed his eyes. "Hit every raw nerve inside. I was already so angry that as he said that....something inside just....snapped...and I wanted to make him shut up..."

He nodded. "It's how he is. He's a snob, but at heart a pretty gentle guy. He doesn't like to fight and if you hadn't have attacked him first, he would have just walked away or done whatever you asked him to..."

That just got Kicha to stare at him.....with a look that clearly said 'huh??' "Your.....serious." he said when he realized that Orsen was one hundred percent serious about this....that Sei was a snob but, a gentle guy and had he walked up..."Your saying....if I had just walked up to him and spoke....he would have answered me...without fighting back?" He said not realizing that Seishin hated fighting. His power was insanely messy to deal with and if he wasn't careful what he grabbed the end result wasn't always favorable.

He nodded. "He doesn't like to use his abilities. He prefers reading and book keeping over fighting."

Kicha took a deep breath. "And I forced his hand....when he recovers..." Would it start the cycle all over again? Would Seishin come after him since he made a mess out of him? Not likely Sei was back at base propped up on pillows sulking and complaining to Gokei who was peeling an orange for him since his fingers were a bit raw, while waiting for Orsen to return.

Osen chuckled. "He's pretty pissed off you didn't just try to talk to him first, but he's not going to come after you."

"Your kidding?" he said blinking and trying to understand this....they were supposed to be the bad guys....the ones who everyone feared and slaughtered thousands and here was one of there number gripping about the fact he didn't try talking first. "So he doesn't hold a grudge? He's.....a better man then me." He said thinking about it....he had spent five years training everything but he could not train his heart to be cold and emotionless.

Osen chuckled. "The only one of us who does likely is me...Chrono only holds a grudge against one man, and that's Suzuku Satsujin..."

"Oh." he said as he looked up at him and sighed. But he was still under contract to the Bura family and that might mean they sent him against the troupe again. But if they did that could he fight them? The state he was in he didn't think so that rage and conviction wasn't there right now. His heart had quieted as if Orsen's refusal to let him follow in his footsteps stopped Kicha. "Alright.....I have to get headed back soon...I'm still under contract...." Still with the Bura's and the scary thing was...the daughter collected everything from mummies to hair to anything used by people and she was always looking for rare treasures....."You've a lot to think about...I can't decide anything until I've had time to think." But going back to the Bura's wasn't safe. The daughter wanted the new fade on the market the crystal spheres that looks like eyes...that were human eyes at one time....and the only thing keeping him safe was the contacts. If he lost his cool. "You've once again turned my world upside down and inside out....but....this doesn't hurt."

Osen nodded. "I'm a bad man, its true, but I'm not going to lie and say that I don't have regrets..." he admitted lowly.

Kicha nodded. "I think....we all have things we end up regretting." He said and paused as his phone buzzed, he opened it seeing the text. "Tsk....seriously so much for an afternoon off..." he closed his eyes...."Bura...." He said shaking his head and then looked at Osen. "I'll think about it....everything you've said so far....I won't make a move until I can think clearly...." Until he can figure out....just what his truth was.

He nodded. "I'll tell Chronos to back off. He'll listen if I ask him..."

Kichona looked back at him. "Thank you....." He said taking a deep breath. "I have a lot to figure out now...." He nodded bowing slightly a polite goodbye something he did even as a child to everyone probably even to Osen. Such a move was 'good day, or good journey' When he wasn't flying on rage filled autopilot he was a respectable young man. He turned and started walking.

Osen returned the bow, knowing full well what it meant. "Don't thank the bad guy..."

"Not even when the 'bad guy' is the one who stopped me from doing something I could never take back?" He asked turning his head stopped him before he collapsed to the rage inside. But Kicha smiled faintly. He put his hand in his pocket and began to walk back to work. As dangerous as it was....that was the sort of thing...if he stopped to think about it...that Kicha was trying to stop. But stopping it didn't mean killing them.
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To save a lost lamb
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