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 Burakkurisuto (ブラックリスト)

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Burakkurisuto (ブラックリスト)  Empty
PostSubject: Burakkurisuto (ブラックリスト)    Burakkurisuto (ブラックリスト)  EmptySun Aug 09, 2015 3:40 am

Basic Information
Known Name: The black dogs.
Name: Burakkurisuto (ブラックリスト).
Name Meaning: Blacklist.
Ranks: 1-6.
Chosen Leader: Kichōna Kasai (貴重な 火災).

Leader Information
Name: Kichona Kasai.
Name meaning: Precious Flame.
-Leaders Rank: 1 (Chief).
Status: Living, Current Member.
-Leaders Character Link: Kichona

History, Intentions, Description
History: The Burakkurisuto is part of the Ten Mafia families around the world. Kenji Bura is the head of Family wealthy powerful and an eccentric man. He goes through personal bodyguards like there's no tomorrow. The group that protects him is called Burakkurisuto (Black List). There job is to see to the welfare of him, his son and daughter and anything that he has going on. Currently the Burakkurisuto has six members to it. Six highly skilled bodyguards.

Normally he lists all of his Bodyguards and they end up on the 'Watchdog' system. A powerful network online that covers every single Hunter, Bodyguard, hitman out there and who they are working for....normally. Among the six that work for him they are mostly street thugs who he hired on because they are expandable, and he often replaces one or two of the six a week. He has one that has been with him for over half a year now. Kichona Kasai. He does not at Kicha's request list him in any system or server and pays him for his work under the table. Kicha's loyality has been put to the test in the past and he passed with flying colors.

Intentions: There intentions are protecting one of the Ten Don's whenever he is traveling, he or his family. AS well as making any buys for him and doing anything else he wishes for. His children though are listed through 'Watchdog' which makes things a touch more difficult. His daughter has the gift of divination and can see into the future, and his son has this knack for finding lost things which he has used to to make a fortune. The guards intend on protecting them with there lives and out of them only there 'boss' has managed to survive the longest.

Description:The Burakkurisuto protect the Bura family during all of there illegal and underhanded transactions. From the daugthers desire to collect pieces of humanity wither that be samples of hair mummies or anything else that has belonged to a person. The sons desire to collect anything that shines from gemstones to precious metals or the fathers gambling does not matter. If they get the order they move. At the present there are six counting the leader and out of them three are new every week. Not from failure on the leader's part but rather the fact that the Burakkurisuto in a world where P.K. is normal are often normal humans without the gift. Among them at this only Kicha.....the others tend to be a living shield for the family.
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Burakkurisuto (ブラックリスト)
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