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 Kichōna Kasai (貴重な 火災)

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Character sheet
Name: Kichona 'Kicha' Kasai
Age: 20
Occupation: Bounty Hunter/Being scouted by Route Troupe

Kichōna Kasai (貴重な 火災) Empty
PostSubject: Kichōna Kasai (貴重な 火災)   Kichōna Kasai (貴重な 火災) EmptyFri Aug 07, 2015 11:11 pm

Full Name: Kichōna  Kasai (貴重な 火災)
Meaning of Name: Precious Fire
*Nickname: Kicha
Sex: Male
Job Class: P.K. /Bounty Hunter./6th Member of Route Troupe

Organization Affiliation
Organization Name: "Michisuji no ichidan" Aka Route Troupe.
Rank: 6

Organization Affiliation
Organization Name: Hunter's Association.
Breed Bounty Hunter
Rank: A/0
License and Tags:
Kichōna Kasai (貴重な 火災) Kichac10

Kichōna Kasai (貴重な 火災) Kichac11

Kichōna Kasai (貴重な 火災) Kichta10

Human Appearance
Age: 20
Eye Color: His eyes are Unique the upper part curve of his eyes are deep ruby red fading down into an intense golden hue. When relaxed the pupil of his eye is like everyone else's. When Kicha gets upset the pupil constricts down to slits and when he uses his gifts....his eyes glow. But because of how very unique how much they stand out in a crowd Kicha wears pitch black contacts to darken out and hide his 'gemstone' eyes.
Hair Color: Deep reddish orange it doesn't look wrong more like his hair is the natural color of flames.
Type of Build/Body: Kicha isn't super tall in fact he's of a smaller more petite build but don't let that fool you....that build hides a very agile body capable of handling most things fluidly. Due to growing up on an island, climbing tree's swinging from branches and climbing cliffs. He is already far more agile and skilled then anyone that grew up in a city.
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 129lbs
Distinguishing Marks: His eyes and hair make him stand out the most, in his right ear is a ruby stud with a short chain hanging down with a second ruby stone hanging off of that. On his right hand is a series of chained rings that he uses to fight with. He can control them easily with his energy.

Kichona though for a man full of hate for them found himself breaking under there attentions which were none hostile. In the end with constant dealings with the man who he had sworn he'd hate no matter what Chronos he instead fell in love with him and thus joined Route Troupe loose against his hate. Upon joining he is the only member of Route to have the tattoo of the Monkey on his chest. More to the point above his heart. The Monkey "Kokoromotsuzaru" the sixth and not well known Monkey meaning 'Don't have heart' the Monkey is shown with it's hands on it's knees and a hollow spot in the shape of a heart on his chest. The Monkey symbolizes many things for Kicha among them the loss of his heart full of hate, his defeat and 'surrender' to Chronos becoming his and his alone, and an unspoken oath that he has not the heart capable of betraying them to anyone. The marking is sort of a joining and a 'slap in the face' a way of making him see and remember his defeat at there hands forever. The moment he yielded to Chronos and joined was the moment Kokoromotsuzaru became his 'mark of shame' and his statement of place all at once. And the placement on his chest had been absolutely painful despite his high tolerance for Pain. Chronos had held him still the entire time the tattoo had been put there. Once again showing a 'darker side to his nature' but not hurting him while holding him either. But to Chronos the Monkey has a much different meaning, and he will state as much to any who see it. Kichona no longer has his heart because upon joining he gave up his hate and gave his heart his love to all of the Troupe instead therefor he no longer has his heart to keep, they Troupe has it to keep safe....and there is not a member in the Troupe who would let him come to harm if he's with them....

Kichōna Kasai (貴重な 火災) Havenoheart_zps5lce1xnz

Attitude/Personality: Vastly intelligent quiet and full of a pride that is quiet different. He holds life above everything else and yet he will throw it all away to hunt down the members of Route. Always a quiet child one who studied hard followed his masters teachings and did as he was told he grew up learning. While others played video games not only did he not know of them he spent his time in books learning his knowledge is vast.

He was one of six Children to be given a scroll to study. The first scroll that was given to the eldest at the time was Scroll of Enchancement- a scroll that taught how to use one's psi to Strengthen and reinforce ones' own natural abilities. Not only did he watch as the master say to that student to learn the scroll but to keep it safe. Another was given the Scroll of Emissions- A scroll that taught how to harness the different energies easier the closer they were with an energy and use it to fight with as a projectile weapon. As each was given out by the Aura tests. The next he had watched then and felt irritation as he was dropping lower and lower among the ranks was the Scroll of Transmission- the scroll that taught not only how to change the aura of the user but the things the aura affected.

Next was the Scroll of Manipulation- A dangerous scroll in the wrong hands it taught how to use the arua to bend and control all life around them. And Kicha watched as each was handed out down to the last scroll. The scroll of the Conjurer. The weakest of them all for the last secret art of there people there was no scroll you either learned it or didn't. Each of the Five students including himself had been chosen to be the new guardians of the scrolls of there people each one to take it and learn it then hide the scroll someplace safe. It was a task he took seriously.

But as he learned it and then with it learned that the others could be learned and spent time trying to harness and get his own Psi and aura to bend he heard choas and noise back. It was upon his return that he found them all dead. Every single last one of them...and the homes torn apart. Four of the five scrolls taken the last one the scroll of the Conjurer which spoke of how to learn the other four plus hinted at opening up to the specialist under the right terms.....was safe....because Kicha had learned it then....absorbed the scroll into his own body. It was gone....just like his people. There eyes forever shut and the ancient scrolls that taught how to harness an inner power....lost. All but the last one. Kicha now has a hard time making friends because he's outside of the hidden village on one of the small islands stretching between Japan and the mainland......Kicha is the last of his kind.

Kicha has a deep burning hate for the  Route Troupe wanting to hunt down and search out all of them making them pay and bringing them in to justice as well as anyone who dares to buy anything stolen from his village on the black market. Never mind he's the last one alive. This hate runs so deep that he's thrown away everything, any possible friends he could make because they will slow him down, his own morals and his pride. Kichona has in order to track down the scrolls and anything else they took as well as the Members of Route Troupe responsible thrown away his pride, his morals his scruples and first became a Bounty Hunter with a Licsense to hunt and kill without punishment for his actions and the second? He has moved from the 'light' to the shadows and dark to move about the Underground and Black Markets in order to hunt down every single last one of them. As the last of his people he has sworn a vendetta that will not let up the rage dances in his heart like a dark swan song. This master who taught him and helped him develop his strength further and further had told him that he was going to drown in this monsterous storm of hate inside of him and that it will in the end destroy him. Kicha's answer had been that's fine as long as that dark storm in his heart and soul swallows up all who had a part in the deaths of all 250 people of his clan, his mother, father, sister's and brothers, Aunts, Uncles friends.....everyone. There screams consume his dreams.....

In the picture below is Kichona and his sister....they had been close sharing a bond as if twins and he lost her and everyone else because he had gone to the hidden grove that day to practice his Psy-nen alone....only to hear there screams echoing in the air and as he ran closer.....and closer he got there to late to help anyone and in time to see the backs of five people leaving one with there shirt off and a Monkey tattooed on there back....with a number in it. He never saw there faces, but he would never forget the sight of the monkey....he has sworn to find them all.....and anyone affiliated with them....that caused the massacre of his entire people making him the sol survivor of the Fenghuang Kasai clans....the children of the Phoenix his eyes....burn with rage of the great bird wronged.

Images For character:
Kichōna Kasai (貴重な 火災) Unchai10

Kichōna Kasai (貴重な 火災) 00717f10

Kichōna Kasai (貴重な 火災) Bilal-10

Kichōna Kasai (貴重な 火災) Kurapi10

Special Abilities

  • Fenghuang (simplified Chinese: 凤凰; traditional Chinese: 鳳凰; pinyin: fènghuáng) are mythological birds of East Asia that reign over all other birds. The males were originally called feng and the females huang but such a distinction of gender is often no longer made and they are blurred into a single feminine entity so that the bird can be paired with the Chinese dragon, which is deemed male.

    The fenghuang is also called the "August Rooster" (simplified Chinese: 鹍鸡; traditional Chinese: 鶤雞; pinyin: kūnjī) since it sometimes takes the place of the Rooster in the Chinese zodiac.[citation needed] In the West, it is commonly referred to as the Chinese phoenix or simply Phoenix, although mythological similarities between the two birds are no more than superficial.

    Its body symbolizes the six celestial bodies. The head is the sky, the eyes are the sun, the back is the moon, the wings are the wind, the feet are the earth, and the tail is the planets. Its feathers contain the five fundamental colors: black, white, red, blue and yellow. It is sometimes depicted as having three legs.[citation needed] It is believed that the bird only appears in areas or places that are blessed with utmost peace and prosperity or happiness.

    Also during this period, the fenghuang was used as a symbol representing the direction south. This was portrayed through a male and female facing each other. Their feathers were of the five fundamental colors: black, white, red, green, and yellow. These colors are said to represent Confucius' five virtues:

  • Ren: the virtue of benevolence, charity, and humanity;
  • Yi: honesty and uprightness; Yì may be broken down into zhong, doing one's best, conscientiousness, loyalty and shù: the virtue of reciprocity, altruism, consideration for others
  • Zhi: knowledge

  • Xin: faithfulness and integrity;
  • Li: correct behavior, propriety, good manners, politeness, ceremony, worship

    They the children of the Phoenix as they are called have jewel like eyes that glow.....

  • Eyes of Scarlet Flame: When a member of the Kasai clan becomes enraged, their eyes seem to burn and ignite from inside looking as if back lit with flame the more vivid the eye color the more intense the effect. Wither they are blue, green, black or in Kicha's case....Scarlet for which the gift is named for. Not only do the Kasai clan have eyes that glow what sets them apart the most is the fact that there eyes look like gemstones...the iris's are set like crystals. When this happens, their physical strength increases dramatically, to the point that even a child can gain the upper hand in terms of speed and strength against three adults, and easily overpower them. In Kicha's case, when his eyes glow, his aura also increases and he becomes a Specialist, which allows him to activate Emperor Time.

  • Enhanced Strength: After the loose of his entire clan and family he found a place with which to train. The master there was considered insane but had him using weighted objects everything from cups to clothing until he could easily lift and move up to ten tons. The master he trained under was an ex guard for the Satsujin family and upon hearing his comments decided to give him a hand, he trained with him for half a year to gain that strength.When he becomes enraged and his eyes glow it causes a 'spike' in his natural gifts and powers augmenting them and tripling his strength allowing him to harm others who would otherwise be untouchable.

  • Enhanced Speed and Reflexes: He can catch bullets with his chain, which he himself stated can entrap a target at a distance of 26 meters in 0.5 seconds. His speed and reflexes were honed in desperation to learn how to battle and find the one who ruined everything that he loved and held dear.....vengeance was a strong motivator.

  • Enhanced Agility: Kicha can jump several meters in the air and hit his opponents from various angles with acrobatic moves without losing his balance. Able to run along walls for a short time up the length of a tree or even jump gracefully from small perch to small perch.

  • Immense Tolerance to Pain: Possibly due to the loathing he harbors toward the Route Troupe and the absolute determination to win the fight. he will ignore vast immense levels of pain even one one is breaking his arm he will not make a sound and simply stand there looking at them before continuing as if that arm was never broken. Although a strong enough opponent can cause him to feel pain.

  • Enhanced Perception: Even prior to learning Psy-Nen, he was one of the few candidates of the Hunter Exam to notice being followed by a proctor during the third phase. While working to acquire his Bounty Hunting license and freedom to go and protection to do what he needs to do underground to take them all down. He's always on guard and watching everything around him. Firguring he has a standing target on his back as whoever was after the first four scrolls will be searching for the final and fifth scroll infused with his body.

  • Genius-Level Intellect: Kichona is perhaps one of the smartest people you will ever meet.  He outmaneuvered minds of some of the most perfect generals and Leaders....his perfect strategies and his predictions have rarely turned out to be wrong.  He can formulate accurate plans even in combat to exploit his opponent's weaknesses to the fullest. His intuition is matched by his logical thinking and meticulous preparations. He also has an immense deal of knowledge about nearly everything, ranging from psychology to other cultures, from history to forensic, a quality that surprised his brethren when he was only a child. Thanks to his bottomless long for new notions, he is a fast learner with an impressive memory. Kicha's analytical skills are so outstanding they have led to the spreading of the rumor, among Satsujin's assassins, that he is able to read minds. Although he can retain his cool in desperate situations, he can barely stick to his own plan when it concerns the Route Troupe, to the extent he might even snap and endanger not only himself, but his friends as well.

  • Proficient Hand to Hand Combatant: While it is unclear if he has ever received proper training in martial arts, street fighting or any other style of combat, he is able to go toe to toe with skilled professional fighters trained in there arts with barely getting a scratch. Wither that is due to his ability to learn and grasp things quickly or adept in a mere moment is unknown.

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Character sheet
Name: Kichona 'Kicha' Kasai
Age: 20
Occupation: Bounty Hunter/Being scouted by Route Troupe

Kichōna Kasai (貴重な 火災) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Kichōna Kasai (貴重な 火災)   Kichōna Kasai (貴重な 火災) EmptySat Aug 08, 2015 12:27 am

  • Master Weapon Specialist: With the full extent of his abilities in the field being unclear, Kicha used a pair of bokken swords linked by a thread before learning P.K, and could wield them also as a nunchaku. In truth hidden under the heavy wooden sheaths are twin titanium blades, He usually leaves the wooden sheathes on them but in some cases like against a member of Route he will remove the wooden cover as he is not out for mercy against them..  However, the weapon Kicha specializes in currently are his chains, which he learned to use in battle with great skill in a rather short amount of time. He can move them with such mastery that they act as natural extensions of his limbs, being even able to entangle targets at a distance of almost 30 meters in less than a second. The chains are suited for both offensive and defensive purposes (usually the Dowsing Chain), as well as immobilizing the opponent (Chain Jail). Imbued with his P.K, they gain an abnormal destructive power, which allows them to break through rock.

  • Tychokinesis- The ability to mentally and alter stochastic fields, which affect the chance of one event or another, thus generating good or bad luck.

  • Aura Reading- The ability to see/feel the energy field that surrounds all living things. His crystalline eyes have always been able to see the 'Aura' or life energy of others. His ability to read Aura's is so accute that he can tell when one is hiding or hiding something on them cloaked with psi.

  • Clairaudience- Any type of "knowing" that involved the hearing, without physically hearing. In other words, the subject(s) involved in creating the sounds could be on the other side of the earth from the person "hearing" the communication.

  • Divination- An umbrella term under which all types of "knowing" past, present or future events are housed.

  • Dowsing- The use of pendulums, rods or sticks to locate water or lost objects.

  • E.S.P (Linked to his Psy-Nen ability) .- Often used as an umbrella term to cover many forms of psychic abilities.

  • Psychometry- The ability to sense, read or interpret the energy signal left on an item by someone that has dealt with the item in the past.

  • A Unique form of Psy among his clan....due to specialized training.

  • Psy~Nen~  Psy-Nen, Ki, Reiatsu, matter what you call The ability to control his own 'lifeforce' shaping and using it as a weapon to fight back against others. He is able to manifest his P.K in ways that are normally unheard of and those gifts are strengthened when his glow with inner flame or the light of his soul. He is able to create 'Life force chains' controlling them and using them to bind his enemies without them seeing until it is to late. He has one on each finger.....of his right hand. The chains are his specialty. Psy-nen is a unique form of P.k. manifestation among his people due to a unique form of training in P.K. upon testing a child and once discovered they begin learning how to fully open up there minds and bodies to the power. Kicha unlike many of his brethren could wield all aspects of his Soul....when his eyes began to glow.

  • Soul Chain- Kicha can manifest a unique weapon, five chains with rings around each finger the chains wrap back around his wrist without tangling with each other, each chain as a unique purpose and attribute to it. Several of the chains have been infused with so much P.K. energy that it's a wonder he has any left all in order to be able to take down the Route troupe. The Soul Chain embodies in its own way the five virtues.

  • Holy Cross ホーリークロス〜神の癒しの親指チェーンThe Divine Healing Thumb Chain ~ The first of the five chains with the ring around his thumb is infused with light energy allowing it to heal injuries wither they are his own or an others. At the end of the chain hangs a divine cross with a shimmering stone in the center of it. Whatever it touches is healed, however if the creature is a demon or creature of pure evil the cross will burn it when it comes into contact with it. The cross embodies, the concept of Ren- Virtute of Benevolence, charity and humanity.

  • Guiding Chain チェーンガイド〜の制御人差し指チェーンThe Controlling Pointer Finger Chain- The restricting pointer finger chain. The chain around his pointer finger is imbued with the power to once hooked in guide and control the other person able to make them attack what was once allies, change there course and even make them question there own position. This seeming to become instantly loyal to Kicha while the chain is hooked into the person. On the end of the chain is what looks like a small sword, which sinks in deep and is not easily removed by anyone but Kicha himself. It is not a chain he uses often if ever as it means making a slave out of whoever the chain happens to hook into. This Chain is Xin; Faithfulness and integrity.

  • Chain Jail (束縛する中指の鎖チェーンジェイル The Restraining Middle Finger Chain)
    Chain jaill Shaped like a hook, around his victims restricts their movement.[50] It also forcefully causes its prisoners to enter Soul-bind (The shut down and binding of Life force, Psy P.K....shutting it off and cutting it off from it's user...., shutting off their aura and preventing the use of Psy-Nen abilities.  AS well as causing paralying the person it ensnares. . It is only possible to escape from the Chain Jail through brute force.One would have to have the immense strength of the Satsujin family without P.K. in order to break the chains....Kicha had made certain that no matter what they will hold even the most skilled of P.K. users and powerhouses... Kicha imposed a Limitation onto this chain, so that it can only be used to deal people whose souls are soaked in sin and or of the Route Troupe. If this condition is violated,Kicha will die. This Limitation was needed in order to increase the strength of the ability a hundred percent to the point that it can not be broken by anything but brute strength alone. The Chain Jail is linked to Li, correct behavior, propriety, good manners politeness, ceremony and worship. In a sense the beginning of it more then anything....For those who are not doing what is correct or right are the only ones the chain can be used against.

  • Dowsing Chain (導く薬指の鎖ダウジングチェーン The Guiding Ring Finger Chain)
    Shaped like a ball and chain, Kicha uses this frequently under normal situations, for defensive and offensive purposes. IN fact one might say it's his main weapon of choice. It is also useful for other investigative activities, like determining the location of missing individuals. He also uses this chain to identify if someone is lying. It has a small ball-like weight at the end which moves in the direction of whatever he is dowsing for. This Dowsing chain is linked to Zhi, the virtue of knowledge.

  • Guiding Light: At the most basic, the Guiding light is a straight-forward attack where the chains rapidly slice and wrap themselves around the enemy. This attack can be improved by using the Emperor Time Release where as all of his strength and skills are pushed to there max..

  • Rolling Defense: A simple defensive technique that utilizes Kichona's chains in one of three ways: he will either twirl the chains around himself to create a barrier, or set them on the ground to mimic a circular web; this was later named the nicknamed 'Circle Defense'. In web mode, the chains construct a distance between himself and the opponent, and will discharge energy volts or simply slash the enemy if they attempt to enter the field. The third Defense technique deals with the chains in the air whirling before him at high speeds capable of catching flying bullets and anything else coming towards him.

  • Judgment Chain (律する小指の鎖ジャッジメントチェーン The Arbiter Little Finger Chain)
    JudgmentChain ​The Stake of Retribution, a blade on the end of the Judgment Chain, enters the victim's body and wraps around the heart. Kicha sets two conditions and if the victim violates either one, the chain crushes their heart, killing them. It can only be used while Kicha's eyes are glowing.  Kicha himself has a blade wrapped around his heart, which he used to set the Limitations for the use Chain Jail ability.
    This Chain is linked to the Virtue of Yi, Honesty and uprightness, Yi of course may be broken down into Zhong doing one's best, conscientiousness, loyality and Shu: the virtue of reciprocity, altruism and consideration for others.

  • Specialization Emperor Time (絶対時間エンペラータイム Absolute Time)
    EmperorTime When Kicha's eyes begin to glow, he changes from a Conjurer to a Specialist. This ability allows him to utilize all the types of Nen to 100% efficiency.  Outside of Emperor Time, his Force and Accuracy in Emission would at most be only be 40%

    Emperor Time Aion Cycle of Chains.

  • Aion (Greek: Αἰών) is a Hellenistic deity associated with time, the orb or circle encompassing the universe, and the zodiac. The "time" represented by Aion is unbounded, in contrast to Chronos as empirical time divided into past, present, and future. He is thus a god of eternity, associated with mystery religions concerned with the afterlife, such as the mysteries of Cybele, Dionysus, Orpheus, and Mithras. In Latin the concept of the deity may appear as Aevum or Saeculum. He is typically in the company of an earth or mother goddess such as Tellus or Cybele, as on the Parabiago plate.

    Aion is usually identified as the nude or seminude youth within a circle representing the zodiac, or eternal and cyclical time. Examples include two Roman mosaics from Sentinum (modern–day Sassoferrato) and Hippo Regius in Roman Africa, and the Parabiago plate. But because he represents time as a cycle, he may also be imagined as an old man. In the Dionysiaca, Nonnus associates Aion with the Horae and says that he:

    changes the burden of old age like a snake who sloughs off the coils of the useless old scales, rejuvenescing while washing in the swells of the laws [of time].

    The imagery of the twining serpent is connected to the hoop or wheel through the ouroboros, a ring formed by a snake holding the tip of its tail in its mouth. The 4th-century AD Latin commentator Servius notes that the image of a snake biting its tail represents the cyclical nature of the year. In his 5th-century work on hieroglyphics, Horapollo makes a further distinction between a serpent that hides its tail under the rest of its body, which represents Aion, and the ouroboros that represents the kosmos, which is the serpent devouring its tail.

    Kichona with the mastery of Emperor Time appears to have a Ouroboros behind him and moves as if he himself is not within the flow of Time anymore. His eyes glowing his how body radiating with energy glittering as he moves, all of his skills are are heightened incredibly. It's like taking them to 100% Times 2. When Emperor time is active the princples of his Guiding chain change and it becomes a bladed weapon. His Chain Jail and his Judgement Chain become even more powerful. It's as if he can see all things moving in time and as if they are moving slow motion. Able to dodge and recover when it's a mere inch before his face because even the it's crawling. However this Technique is not without consequences. Because of the immense power of moving outside of time Kichona can maintain it effortlessly inside Emperor Time without feeling the effects however it he can not get the job down quickly and draws it out too long he will suffer for it on the other end. Falling into a high fever pitched coma lasting two to three days while his body attempts to recover. It's important to know that these listed below can only be used while he's using Emperor Time.

  • Divine Cross- The chain linked to his thumb still holds the ability to heal although now it's the moment it touches. In fact it holds nearly all the same abilities however it when in use radiates a divine holy light. It remains holding true to the prior healing Chain however the most notable ability is it's ability to put up a Divine barrier around him to shield him from darker demonic elements.

  • Chained Justice- The ring around his pointer finger is linked to the chain at which seems to be a Blade. When he uses this Chain the blade enlarges taking on all of the properties of the Hatsu, the blade is Enchaned capable of releasing energy, It can change shape and depending on wither or not Kicha wants it to or rather if the blade is glowing in the color of Manipulation anything it 'cuts' will obey Kichona. It is capable of conjouring most things through the blade to attack and The blade itself can cut through anything and shift to defense.

  • Confines of Time Chains-When Kichona made the stipulations of this chain he was not expecting it to become so very severe in While in Emperor Time. The Chain hooks into the enemy as it did in Chain Jail, but now it forms an endless looping seal a Jail unlike any other on the enemy. The Chain forces the soul into Soul Bind permanently rending them forever as long as time flows without there P.K, or Psy-Nen making someone who was once super powered into a normal person. The Chains while wrapped around the person also cause a state of semi-immobility. Rendering them unable to move as well as slowing down the bodies response down to the mental thoughts. The Chains are nearly impossible to break even with brute forces. The cruelty  of  chains is that even should Kicha release them from the chain the 'Jail' does not end as the Hooked 'key' that enters into the body remains in the body deep set and enforces the prison state the person is in. Because of the Severe pentalties behind this chain There are even stricter limits on the Chain.

  • The person the chain is used against must be a creature of Sin or Evil in heart.
  • The Chain can not ever be used on an innocent being.
  • Confines of Time can not be used unless Chain Jail has been used and fails to hold.
  • Confines of Time can only be used against someone if the chain changes from silver to gold in there presence indicating that they can be confined by it.
  • The person must not be innocent.
  • The person must be a murderer, or serial killer.
  • The person must be bathed in the blood of others with no remorse.
  • Should he come across a creature a Demon cloaked in human skin all prior limits become forfeit and fore-filled allowing him to Utilize Confines of Time, due to the instant glowing of the chain and ring to gold..
  • Should he violate these limits and use the chain against an innocent his life is there by forfeit.

  • Erosion of Time Chains- The dowsing Chain doesn't change form however it becomes a chain defense capable of blocking almost everything that Comes at Kichona where It is like saying that time is his shield. The chain's three defense techniques are the same as it is in Dowsing chain but far heightened as now when the chain makes a web on the ground it emits a barrier with which Kichona shields himself. The ring is on his ring finger still.

  • Times Judgement- Off of his pinkie finger is the Judgement chain but unlike before Kichona need not say a thing, when the chain pierces the chest it glows and weighs the person against the flow of endless time there sins everything if it tips the scales towards darkness and death they die having been judged guilty in a mere moment.

    Kicha though can back this down as he can still use the original Judgement chain in this state and often does not allow the chain to be as Times Judgement. The finality of it seems too cruel without them having a chance to defend themselves by answering truthfully.

  • Absolute Time- Aion's Dancing Chains- While the golden ring floats behind him Kichona moved as if he's dancing through the cycle of endless time. Untouched by anything as he can take someone down. But he must go further into opening Emperor time to use this skill the golden ring must form behind him and he must be glowing. But in order to give it it's power he had to set limits to enter Aion's dance.

  • He must have his eyes glowing and body glowing.
  • His life must be in mortal danger of dying.
  • All of his Chain techniques for battle must fail to do the job.
  • There can not be any other means to keep himself form dying.
  • If there is no time to save a life other then to enter Aion's dance....the previous four become for-filled instantly bypassing the four conditions and allowing him to fight at Ultimate strength instantly.

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Character sheet
Name: Kichona 'Kicha' Kasai
Age: 20
Occupation: Bounty Hunter/Being scouted by Route Troupe

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History: Kicha doesn't really talk about the deaths of his entire village other then he's looking for Route Troupe will stop at nothing to find them and wants them all gone. He wants to recover the lost manuscripts and scrolls of his people and take  them back home. Some one stole the eyes of his people having killed them at an emotional high when there eyes glowed no doubt because they would shine and glow forever in that horrid fluid with the crystal iris's.....but more then that....some people whispered in the underground circles that in order to learn the secret art of the psi from Fenghuang must have the blood line from there in some way shape or form. That they needed the source of the power to gain the power. He's searching out the troupe members but since it's a small's taking time. His only luck had been he hadn't been in the village but far out deep in the woods when they were Now he was going to pay them back. the deaths of his people had been five years ago, now an adult and with a Hunting license Bounty Hunting....he searching them by one. His weapons of choice are the chains on his fingers of his right hand....and hidden behind his back the chained bokken sword with the hidden metal blades......Yet traveling through the underground markets he's learned that the 'eyeless' that he had buried back home wasn't because they were stolen rather whoever it was that came and stole four of the five scrolls must have been freaked out by their glowing eyes because they as the saying goes be careful or you'll poke someone's eye out....they did that. They aren't being sold on any black market but rather whoever it was had poked them out to extinguish the glowing light in there eyes even after death from such extreme pain an emotion. No doubt thinking they were still alive even after death because the glow had not faded yet, at least that's the information he has found so one seems to want to say if they have acquired the glowing eyes of human being even on the black market......

If he did talk about it he is the Oldest Son of Jun Kasai and his wife Fei. The Chieftains of the hidden Village. Many would say that makes him a 'Prince' and some who are more cruel with it 'Princess' of his village. However he was born with such a high resonance to the Scriptures or incredible aptitude for learning there secret art of Psy-Nen that the Temple paid the Chieftain a handsome amount to let go of all ties to his son and give him over to the Temple for the well being of the people. Jun had looked down at him hesitating only a brief moment before he pushed Kichona forward and took the offered sum. Saying that the well being of the entire village comes before his wanting his 'boy' Kichona looked up at his father. 'I can always have another child.' Had been his final statement a shocking statement that would linger in the back of Kicha's mind for a long time.

Upon entering the temple the first thing the high Priests did was remove the birthmark he had denoting his place among the people. For that was not his place anymore. Kichona Sarubia Kasai Prince of the hidden village simply became Kichona Kasai future guardian. He cried and cried the first day after they removed the birthmark it had been so utterly painful to have it taken from him cut out and sealed up. And he was beaten for crying...for showing signs of weakness a Temple guardian did not cry. Did not hold attachments to anyone or anything. And he was kept alone for the first six months as they drilled into him every day the seven Tabboo's. IN a room with no windows a door that was bolted shut save for when they opened it and gave him food and water or new books to read. Or when an instructor came in to 'lecture' him about what is.

After six months when he was finally allowed back out into the sun he could see the others much older then him as the Priest pointed to where he was to go isolated and alone to study. He was younger he had no business going near the older boys. They were in a sea brown and black and blonde hair and then one shimmering white head. He was sitting alone away from the clustered group and why they were failing at even beginning to show signs of mastery over there scriptures he was walking through them with ease. Kicha had watched him manipulate something moving it making it do things it normally did not do.....nothing harmful he watched him he learned and then he went back to studying the scriptures in his lap learning it all over again.

He began molding his life his training after the other who had this look of for the Scritpures for what he was doing and time passed, but the boy one day was sitting outside in the rain having been denied entry into the hall as they said he had done something wrong and was not allowed to eat. Kichona had not seen him although he always sat at the small table in the back seeing the white haired boy alone across the room....he walked out and found him after the Priests declared that he would know Abstinence by not being aloud anything but a cup of water at each meal time. Kicha unable to get up the courage to say hi after the priests walked away from him walked up with the treat he had hidden away in his Tabard he walked up and looked at him and then slipped the cloth covered fruit filled pastry in next to the boy but hearing the priests he looked up and heard a low voice say one word. 'Go' an he did rushing off without a word to go hide behind a tree like he always did and since it was not all that unsual for him the Priests ignored him as they looked at the figure on the ground. Then they walked away as the boy huddled up and remained where he was but when they told him to return to the room....the cloth wrapped treat was no where to be found on the ground. Kicha did it more then once he'd always tuck his treat away not wanting to eat it then and there and then if he found the white haired boy like that he'd give it to him instead.

At the age of six he came across the white haired boy being beaten with the Sounding Whip. The Stroke of the Condemned being ripped into the boys lower back over and over again and Kicha opened his mouth went to rush forwards only to have a Priest grab him from behind covering his mouth with his hand and drag him back to his cell and tossed him inside closing the door and locking it securing the bolt. He spoke telling him that he would learn Obedience to the High Priests that he would not be allowed to leave his chamber until he did. When he dared to speak up and ask what could that boy have done to deserve that he was told....he sinned and tried to take the was not his by force. Not him....they could not lie...if they lied they were soundly beat. But.....not him there was no way he could believe that that boy had done anything wrong.

Six months passed in that room as he sat there working with his scriptures with a renewed vigor determined more then ever to master them. His fiery red hair hung now down about his waist and his eyes burned with a desire to learn it to try to change what he knew in his heart was a wrong. A few years passed before he mastered the last part now 11 and took the scriptures into himself. The High Priest watched him do so and then walked up and removed his tabard and tunic making him turn expecting to see the mark of the Conjure on his back instead....what he did find only enraged the high Priest as he screamed at him that he was a Thief and how dare he steal what was hidden.

It made no sense to him...none at all as he was yanked into the same room chained up and then they brought in a box and opened it lifting the Sounding Whip out of the box the whip looked wet with something and along the leather were what looked like sewn in teeth. The Head High priest lifted the whip and snapped it down the look of rage on his face was one that Kicha no matter the time would never forget. The screaming he heard was not his own but the whip slicing and chewing it's way through air before connecting with his back and there pain....burning insane burning pain unlike anything as he jerked holding onto the leather shackles the feel of the whip going deep into skin. And then the High Priest spoke....if he made one sound...just one he was guilty of the sign...he was admitting and if he admitted....they would stop. And then they would take measures to remove it from him.

And then it began over and over again and he held on feeling heat rolling down his back as they tore him apart by the end leaving nothing more then small one inch diamonds of undamaged skin. They walked out taking the sounding whip with them as he spoke to another and the man nodded walking in. He walked in with a bowl and something wicked smelling fluid....and then took a cloth soaked it in it, with a pair of gloves on himself and then shoved the cloth into the wounds he jerked as the man dug at each wound each cut with the wicked smelling fluid but didn't scream didn't make a sound as he hung there much pain and yet....'If he made one sound it was an admittance of guilt that he did something wrong.....' The man was gone as the sun was setting and then they came back in and started again whipping him again and again for three days and during that time he heard the real reason that boy had been kicked away he did what they feared the other one would have done.

Every time they paused to go clean the Sounding whip the other would come in and push more of that wicked fluid in one to clean the wounds...the other to bind they open at the same time. By the end of the third day he had not broken and the High Priest determined that he was not lying. Let him down and had him taken to his cell again where he was to spend the time until called upon reflecting upon his wrongs. They dropped him face down and he laid there unable to move the pain was so great.

After a time a young priest came in at the High priests orders and with clean water rinsed off his back then gingerly applied an ointment. Telling him that he would need this ointment in the mornings and nightfall now for the rest of his life or suffer the crippling pain of his sins. The Ointment was called 'Penance' and it was the only thing that stopped the blood leaking out, calmed the pain and would allow him to move sealing them up until it wore off again.

Once it was applied he took the small container and looked at it in the palm of his hand....he had not sinned. Then he was told to dress in the new clothes as he was to come before the High Priest...and he did upon arriving there he was spoken to at length and asked if he had anything to say. He simply closed his eyes and bowed his head. The High priest said good he had learned from his sins and that he may go but know that he is a Temple Guardian and belongs to the temple.

When he turned fifteen he had met a girl that he grew close to but not romantically and she brought him before his parents who separated them and told him he had no family they had no Son never did. That he did not belong to them or anyone but the Temple....and do not insult the honor of your blood. Before walking away.

Several months later he had gone with the Permission of the Priests deep into the cleansing woods to meditate and hours into it he heard there screams and stood Running rushing back through the woods having gone into the waterfall deep inland he raced as fast as his legs could carry him and upon arriving a nightmarish sight befell him. The people were all dead, all of them there eyes some open some closed but gone....the sockets empty....The temple was torn apart and the other four scriptures were gone. His safe and sound because he had communed it to energy and then absorbed it. Racing through the village he made it to the other side in time to hear someone say that no one survived and that they should go now. They left and he could see a Monkey near one's neck with the number three on it.....That group had come threw and destroyed everything....and now they were gone.

He left the island and upon making it to the main land met up with a man by the name of Binka who took him under his wing refusing to let him go and sought to train him for the next three years. Then he left and took the Hunter's exam....and passed then searched and went to work for Kenji Bura because his daughter had a sickening hobby....she collected human artifacts. Mummies, name it and the eyes of the Feunghuang Village were high on her list. He hid among them wearing contacts and bidding his time until circumstances changed and he learned he was not the only one left that white haired boy he looked up to lived still and that Route Troupe the group who did that did regretted it. But a regret as sad as it was could not be taken back, In the end he joined them....and became closest to Chronos the leader who he should hate most of all and want dead.
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