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 The dangerous control.....

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The dangerous control..... Empty
PostSubject: The dangerous control.....   The dangerous control..... EmptyFri Aug 07, 2015 3:18 am

Kirian had been waiting, watching in the distance and waiting and finally after weeks of seeing Bara almost glued up his little brothers ass.....Kirua was alone. All alone standing there drinking a can of juice....and then froze as Kirian was before him. Holding out his hand as Kirua's eyes went wide. "Come now Kir, you were born of darkness, belong in darkness. Surely you can feel it, the displacement since coming here to him? Momma misses's time to come home." But it would be his words. 'Born of darkness belonging to darkness. "You can only find true inner peace and happiness when your killing Kirua.....go home it's were you belong. Forget everything else out here it's not important." He said careful to avoid saying Bara's name or anything about him but he watched as the needles held firm as always as the 'light' dimmed in his baby brothers eyes and then he tossed the can and walked past him. "Kirua where ever are you going?"
"Home." came the dull answer.
"Good boy....hurry up now. Mother is expecting you." Kirian would say as he'd turn and watch him walk off down the road and keep going heading towards the airport to book a flight home...

Mugo have been lurking close by, making sure he stayed hidden form Killian who would put a hand on Kirua's head and tell him lowly, "Be a good boy now and go back home to Bara. He's worried sick about you after you left without telling him..."

Kirua would sorta stagger only slightly and bring his hand up he had only gone to the corner to get a his favorite juice from the vendor something that should have taken two minutes. Before blinking and looking at Mugo. "Yeah..." he answered with a bit more life to him. Holding his head and turning it hurt....felt hazy like he had been half asleep and hit it or something..."I'll head back..." He said out of it.

But he turned to go back to Bara's four bedroom apartment and started walking that way instead of the airport.

Mugo chuckled and smile slyly, waving at him, telling him lightly, "Bye bye~"

"Oh! Kirua, make sure you tell Bara that Mugo said hello and that I hope he will call me soon~"

Kirua turned his head and blinked as if waking up a bit more and looked at Mugo. 'Yeah yeah....I'll relay the message." He said waving back wondering when he ran into Mugo. And why he didn't remember running into him. It seemed to be a tale end of a conversation though...."Ugh..." He grumbled his head felt like sludge at the moment.

Killian, Kirian depending on how one wished to say it turned his head and blinked as he saw Kirua walking down the road towards the apartment he shared with Bara.....and not the airport. His eyebrow rose. He should not have shaken that off....In fact he couldn't until Killian himself released him so....he looked about. then spotted him. "Why the hell did you do that?" He asked as he approached the monk.

Mugo shrugged as he tilted his head to the left. "I don't know what you're talking about're so mean- yelling at me like that when you've not seen me in so long..." he said, his expression changing to one of mock pouting as he spoke his last words.

Killian sighed. "That....Mugo was changing what I told Kir to do. It was for his own good." He said and looked at him. "I'm not being mean. I'm trying to send him home." He walked up and leaned against the wall beside him. "And you sent him the other way.....your the only one who could. Kir would have walked home without further issue form here."

Mugo turned his attention back to Kirua's back, who was already almost out of sight. "I have no idea what you're talking about. I didn't do anything to him," he said, denying that he did anything as he always would.

Killian sighed he knew Mugo would take measures to distract him and keep him here as they both watched the white hair of his younger brother as he rounded the corner and then headed towards the apartment having bought several cans of that juice....and now going to Bara. "I have no choice but to wait for him to come out of that place again." He said looking at him. "Was there something you needed Mugo?"

Mugo smiled a sly smile at Killian's question. "Of course there is..." he said as he looked back at Killian. "You promised me you'd give me a job to do...don't tell me you're already forgotten?"

Killian looked at him as he said that. Promised he would give him a job to do....then looked ahead. He could always give Mugo the job of killing off that annoying brat in the way of his brother. "I have not forgotten. But I haven't found anything that you would find....entertaining. Unless you want to handle the problem of the virus trying to infect Kirua." he said referring to Bara as if he was some sort of nasty disease to be gotten rid of.

Mugo looked at Killian and closed his eyes. "You want me to kill Bara? My...seems you've forgotten my attachment to him Killian..." he mused as he smiled at mentioning Bara's name.

Killian sighed. "Then become attached." He said gesturing faintly. "But in the end, Kirua has an entire family and estate that he is to be responsible for. His time to play with what your so fond of is over. He is belongs at home and home is were he needs to not it."

Mugo chuckled and moved to slip his arms around Killian. "Now, good to me Killian..." he mused as he stood there, so freely willing to touch the man so many were afraid of. "Don't take away my toys...I'll get mad..."

Killian sighed looking at him. "Your toys? By toys you mean solely that you not...." He said looking at him. "You don't mean to lay a finger on Kirua?" There it was that twisted dark protective streak of his...he would kill anyone who endangered Kirua. Even as he his voice remained joyville and happy go lucky. He himself slipped his arms around Mugo...."You don't intend to count Kir as one of your 'playthings."

Mugo smiled and shook his head no. "Of course not. I know you're very protective of little Kirua," he answered as he held his embrace very loosely around Killian's neck. "I just don't want you to end my fun just understand, don't you Kil?"

Killian sighed as he looked at him. "Yes." he said when it came to his wanting to play with Bara. But...."Just be sure to keep Kirua out of your games." He said looking at him. And he meant harm was to come to him. Even as he lightly and loosely held Mugo.

Mugo pouted at that though. "Fine, I won't make Kirua fight me or hurt him in anyway...but he is allowed to watch...right?" he mused as he looked at Killian. Such an odd relationship they had. Both were very dangerous, yet they had such an odd dynamic where, at times, people would swear they're lovers. Other times, people would swear that they only associate with one another because they worked well as partners.

"That is acceptable." He said that if KIrua watched of course what Killian could not count on was his younger brothers will to fight....or if he ever turned those cold dead eyes on Mugo.  Which he had not done yet. "He's allowed to watch." he agreed as he looked at him wondering why he was even allowing Mugo this much perhaps because Kirua needed to get bored of being out here to come back too. Then perhaps everything would just work better. Kirua got tired of things that became dull to him. "I want this to be dull to him, to become tiresome lonesome and boring. He needs to remember who he is...and come home. But you are free to play with Bara as much as you like."

Nor was Killian thinking about or catching the words. 'I won't make him.' that didn't mean...'if he challenges me I won't deny him.'

Mugo smiled and nuzzled Killian. "Thank you Kil. I'll make sure to be you'll show me even more love~"

"It would seem I allow you entirely too much." He said shaking his head as Mugo was all but beaming he could fight Bara all he liked and all Kirua could do was watch but that was good enough for him. Killian held onto him, and had no idea at all the under current of that entire conversation he was missing...or that Mugo may very well entice that darker side out of Kirua just to get his brother to challenge him an play....after all Killian never said...Kirua couldn't be the one doing the challenging. It never occurred to him the needles should make it him want to run away from someone like Mugo not run to him....Only thing was....Mugo kept weakening them every time he released Killian's hold and Killian was unaware of it. Of how much weaker those fine needles he had inserted into his brothers brain were....or that he'd have to replace them sooner then later.

Mugo smiled as he happily nuzzled against Killian's chest. "But you love me, don't you Kil?" he asked as he looked up at Killian with sad eyes. A good actor, Mugo would fool even some of the pros. "You know that I love you~"

Killian looked at him and sighed. "Yeah." Although by what person's term of love that was, was anyone's guess. These two had such a strong love hate relationship it wasn't funny and Mugo? Well....Mugo was attention starved. If you ignored him look out. And yet Killian induldged him every time since the first time they were partnered up. "Love me or what you can get out of me?" He said looking at him.

Only too late did he realize his distraction with Kirua this morning and frustration at loosing him again had him saying something that Mugo could if he was so inclined have fun with.

Mugo tilted his head to the left at Killian's question. "Oh? What exactly could I get out of you Kil? Are you interested in giving me more things?" he asked as he looked at him, easily switching from sad to confused.

Killian looked at him as he said that....and saw the 'confusion' dancing there. This is were it got dangerous. Fast Mugo's emotions flickered about like an screen play and different scenes coming into focus depending on the answers. "That depends on the situation at hand. Right now I have an Inner mission assigned to me.....and until it's completed I'm stuck here...." He said then looked at Mugo. "Of course I could have had more free time....but for some reason....Kir woke up from his nice dream." Nice was loose to...murder, death assassinations all by his hand swimming in a sea of make him remember as if they were his own throughts. Yeah.....a real nice dream indeed.

Mugo pouted as he was told that Killian wouldn't be able to leave. "But Kil! I want to play- more, more!"

Killian looked at him. "I can't play until I complete my assignment." he said pointing in the direction that his white haired brother went. "My orders were clear....Mother wants him home...I'm not to deviate at all until he is. She is worried about him. He is after all the Heir to the Satsujin empire. If anything happens to him we're all in trouble."

"Mother doesn't like it when he leaves the you can just imagine her fretting with him so far form home. She's a wreck." Killian said looking at Mugo.

Killian though was trying to not let his body get  distracted by the hum and desires of Mugo...which was entirely too easy to do. It was like there bodies spoke volumes to each other. Both craving perfectly what the other could do.

Mugo pouted and whined as he nuzzled Killian's chest. "But Kil~ I want to play~" he stressed lowly, making his voice "cute" to attract Killian's attention even more.

Killian move his hands and caught Mugo's arms the force of which as that had sent this sensation right through him a bit tighter then he meant to causing bones to creak and bruise under his hands as he shifted and inhaled Not able to hide that. "You....are distracting me....." he breathed looking at him.

Mugo let out a 'cute' "Humph!" and pulled his arms away from Killian's grasp. "You're not fun Kil," he whined as he rubbed his wrists. "I want to play and you're the only one who will satisfy me today...but you won't play..."

Killian looked at him as Mugo got that exasperated tone as complained about playing. He looked off and then sighed before standing up off of the wall. Kirua wasn't going anywhere. Then looked at him nodded. "Lets go." he said as he turned and began walking due to circumstances he had an apartment close by. "You want to play right?

Mugo perked up as Killian gave in and he smiled, nodding. "Plea~se Kil..."

"Yeah yeah..." Killian said as he reached back and grabbed the crazy monks wrist again this time not so tight and began walking pulling him along. Once they got to his place though he turned and yanked him closer not caring were they were at really just knowing that if for any reason Kirua came out in the middle of this and he saw it...he'd have one pissed off Monk to deal with.
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The dangerous control..... Empty
PostSubject: Re: The dangerous control.....   The dangerous control..... EmptyFri Aug 07, 2015 6:35 pm

The monk was a pain at times. Seriously....he had a job to do and here he was....demanding play time. But in order to not irritate an already unstable man he had done as he wished for and played his game so now....

Killian was laying in his room looking at the ceiling he'd raise an eyebrow. Mugo beside him spent....after there 'play time'....Then ask. "How long?" meaning now that they ended up finding each other long did Mugo intend on sticking around, and how long before he's dodging and playing the other game with him.

Mugo rolled over and look at Killian and smile before saying, "Until I get bored and decide I want to try to kill you~"

Killian turned his head and looked down at him. "For a while then." He answered looking at the top of his red hair and then back up at the ceiling again. "It takes a while before you get bored." Ironcally enough Mugo....only attacked Killian when he got to the point he wasn't entertained or happy anymore and then after left for a while to come back again.

Mugo chuckled, a surprisingly light sound from a man who had just threatened to try and kill Killian when he got bored. "You might get lucky this time Kil. I may not get bored with you," he remarked as he moved to wrap his arms around Killian's waist, having moved down in the bed a little so that he could fit perfectly in Killian's arms. "You love me, right Kil?"

Killian looked down at him again as he snuggled up to him and said that he may get lucky this time and not get bored. Then there was the second question....the same one. "Yeah  Mugo I love you." He answered in the same tones he always spoke in. Although what Mugo was looking for he wasn't sure.

Mugo moved his head to hide his face in Killian's chest. Even if he was only playing around, somehow, everytime Killian answered like that, he felt a twinge of pain deep in his heart. "You're so mean Kil..." he breathed lowly.

Killian looked down at the top of his head. HIs brown hair that at times held pinkish tones to it laying on his chest. "Mean?" He asked blinking owlishly just what did he do to earn that one. He looked at him his arms coming to rest around the slender frame laying on him. He had yet to figure out the oddities of Mugo's moods.

Mugo stayed nestled there, face hidden away as his features reflected the true emotions he wore behind his mask of joyful 'bliss.' "You always say it the same...when you say it like that...I know you don't mean it..."

Killian sighed as he let his head drop back into the pillows. Ah that again....He closed his eyes as he laid there. He spoke as if on autopilot always the same tone same pitch. He looked down at the top of Mugo's head. "Mugo....." He answered. "All joking aside....I'd kill anyone else who dared to even think they could touch me." but it as there his tone and pitch changed....became darker. Colder that of a man born and breed to kill. Even as his arms continued to rest lightly about Mugo.

Mugo shook his head as he kept it hidden, not at all bothered by the killing intent. "Even if you keep saying that," he said and finally moved his head to reveal his face, which was still sad, but not looking like he had just been punched in the gut. "I can't make myself believe you really love me. I do believe you like me being around...but not love...never love...."

Killian looked at him as he laid there beneath him. Hearing his words seeing the sad face. He reached up and touched the side of his face, touching his cheek. "Then why keep coming around?" He asked his voice on the quieter side. Cold flat....quiet so much conditioning unlike Kirua who had ran away when he was thirteen. Killian had never. He reached up and grabbed Mugo's chin looking at him. "Why do you think I'll allow you to keep touching me? Anyone else would be dead and I would not be having this conversation......" He said lowly.

He sounded so much like Suzuku and yet he wasn't trying to. He didn't know how to else to show he really did want the crazy man around.

Mugo smiled, there it was- the mask. "Because I like to play with you~" he answered in those false warm tones of his. "If I didn't have fun with you Kil, you'd get mad at me wouldn't you?" he asked as he looked up at Killian as he was forced to do so. "If I left you telling you that I hated you, you'd be mad and try to make me explain, wouldn't you?"

Killian's eyes darkened ever so slightly there it was that damn mask. He moved dumping Mugo onto his bed and then reached over and grabbed his glasses as he stood up and walked towards the desk chair and computer. Naked as the day he was born but he didn't care at the moment as he flicked the mouse to turn on the monitor. AS if to pull up this point....he was in the mood to kill something and he'd prefer it not being Mugo. "Right...." he breathed. "You and that damn mask."

Mugo sat up after being left there on Killian's bed, pouting at his friend. "Ki~l I didn't make you mad on purpose. Please come back," he said, pouting as he held out his hands towards Killian's back making grabbing motions. "I want to cuddle more~"

Killian's fingers paused as he was logging into the site that would allow him to see the contracts currently issued to his family. His hand hovered over the mouse as Mugo said he hadn't done it on purpose. That he wanted to cuddle more. Killian turned his head and looked at him as he sat there reaching out. Then got up and walked back towards the bed before climbing back in without a word at first. "Just how many people do you think I allow this close to me?" He asked the ex-monk as he sat there looking at him.

Mugo's expression changed, a frown replacing his smile. "I'm the only one," he answered lowly, before smiling again. "I'm more special than even your family~"

Killian looked at him and tsked. "Your just now figuring that out?" He said lowly looking at him. Then sighed as he dropped back on the bed his head hitting the pillow easily as he looked up at the ceiling but he held up one hand in a come here gesture. "I'd never put up with half the shit out of anyone else." he answered him...the I love you for days before he'd suddenly get bored and try to lobe off his head or something seriously Mugo had so many mood swings especially when he got bored......and yet it didn't bother Killian at all.

"Even Kirua knows better then to try to touch me." He said looking at Mugo. "Your the only one."

Mugo moved without hesitation back to cuddle up to Killian once more, arms around his waist. "Then you should tell me more often that you love me~"

He rose an eyebrow. "I tell you all the time." He retorted. "Your the one who never believes me."

Mugo puffed out his cheeks and responded with a low "Bu~" He looked over to the window at the foot of the bed then. "You're the one who never says it like you mean it....I don't like having to ask you either..."

Killian looked at the top of his head as he blew out his cheeks like that before narrowing his eyes and sighing reaching up to lightly knock him in the head. "Idiot." he said lowly as he held Mugo but the word held no bite to it. He looked up at the ceiling and sighed. "I was brought up to never accept love because it is a weakness Mugo." he said looking at the tiles above them. "But let me make something perfectly matter how many times you say it, if I do not feel or agree I will not answer you in kind."

"Showing it and expressing it.....are not so easy a thing for me."
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The dangerous control..... Empty
PostSubject: Re: The dangerous control.....   The dangerous control..... EmptySat Aug 08, 2015 12:57 am

Killian looking down at Mugo who is determined to spend hours cuddling which he likes to cuddle and be the center of attention but he seems to be even more clingly right now as if bothered by something and then wanting to know if he was really loved. "Something is bothering you."

Mugo would shake his head and bury his face into Killian's chest. "Uh-uh...I just want you to love me~"

Killian sighed as he put his hand on his head. "I do love you otherwise I wouldn't be here with you." He retorted as Mugo seemed determined to bury his face in Killian's chest. Killian though played with his hair watching him.

He relaxed into the older man's touch as he lay there tangled up in the blanket, his arms wrapped around Killian's waist. Even if this wasn't a real relationship to Mugo or Killian, Mugo had a deep fondness for Killian that was on the verge of infatuation. He adored Killian, however, he also disliked the way he treated people as if they were objects. He was a hypocrite in that sense, but at least he was willing to bend a little and not be so selfish. "I know..."

Killian sighed as he laid there holding him it amazed him at times that this man who could flip back and forth so quickly could be so needy and fragile when it came down to his emotions. He ran his fingers through his soft brown hair. He had little regard for his targets or anyone who got in the way of his targets and yet....any time Mugo was around and he used his needles the ex-monk showing lingering training perhaps? Went and undid it always and then played the innocent.

"what am I going to do with you?

Mugo looked up at Killian when he heard that question. "What do you mean Kil?" he asked as he looked at him, blinking owlishly, legitimately confused.

Killian looked down at him seeing raw open emotion not that playful rollercoaster that Mugo usually tossed around from one end to the other. He sighed again as he reached up and took off his glasses setting them down on the nightstand. He brought his hand up and placed it on the top of Mugo's head almost guiding him to lay back down. "You don't belong in my father's empire.....but if Kirua has his way that empire will the mean time...." He looked. 'I'd swear your trying to find something inside of me....I'm not sure is there to find."

Mugo did as Killian gestured for him to do and put his head back down against the taller man's chest. "Mm...I'd surprise you I think...I'm not really that nice..." he said as he closed his eyes and relaxed again. "I found it already~"

Killian snorted. "I never said you were nice Mu." He countered as he laid there toying with his hair as he couldn't help it he laughed not that joyville fake one but a real one. Nice and Mugo.....that depended solely on his mood and how he wanted to play with you. Nice wasn't always nice with him. "I said you would not necessarily fit into my fathers empire. He is after all the one who created who I am..." He said shaking his head and looking down. "Although doesn't bother me if you don't. It just means I don't have to share."
Killian though looked at him and tipped his head. "Have you now? You would be the first....what ever are you going to do with what you found Mu?"

Mugo chuckled as he rested there. "I could fit rather well...after all, it seems little Kirua has spilled forth from his mold and become something very interesting..." he mused as he lay there. He smiled at Killian's question though. "Keep it forever of course..."

"Kirua?" he said and sighed. "Kirua mother worries has forgotten all that he is, and will no longer do what must be done.' He said having no idea at all how far from the truth that was. Always beneath the surface coiling ready to spring was the assassin in him. Kirua just refused to be told he had no other choice but to be that alone. "He is more interested these days in playing docile house wife then being Head of the family. Which irritates father." He said then looked down at Mugo. "Hold onto it forever? Just be careful not to loose it....when someone like me gives something...we only give it once."

Mugo chuckled lightly at the fears of Killian's parents. "If only they knew how untrue that was..." he mused lightly as he snuggled closer to Killian so he could feel his warmth. "That, my dear Kil, would require killing you...If I wanted to keep from loosing it, I'd have to kill you so I could preserve it forever..."

Killian looked down at Mugo as he said that. If only they knew how untrue that was..."I take it you've seen a different side of Kirua lately?" he said not knowing at all that Mugo had seen his little brother still being very much the cold ruthless assassin....when he needed to be. He just unlike the rest of them....learned how to turn it off.  Although Killian looked at him and sighed. "I'd rather you leave it where it is...." he said catching the meaning kill him to preserve it forever. His heart. He reached down and hooked Mugo's chin. "Escpecially since you can be a handful...." He said as he moved and kissed the man snuggled up on him. Did he love him? Seriously....Mugo got to be this close to him. Of course he did even if it came out flat. He did.

Mugo returned the kiss even if this was just play, part of him was attracted to Killian, and so he could never seriously kill him. When he broke the kiss though, he smiled and nodded. "I've seen quite the interesting sight Kil. Your precious little Kirua is still indeed quite the skilled little assassin...but only when he's given a job to do or needs to use those skills for some purpose...he's become very skilled indeed...he can turn it all off at the single sight of someone he wants to protect..." he explained and chuckled at Killian's remark. "Mm...but you wouldn't like me if I wasn't this way~"

Killian looked at him. "Are you telling me he refined the art further then any of us could have imagined because he ran away from home all those years ago?" He said trying to grasp that one. That Kirua was perhaps if not for the needles in the back of his brain more dangerous then Killian as he could at a moment's notice flip that switch on and go form sweet looking kid to less then a second. He did look at Mugo though and snorted. "If you were any other way you would not be my partner."

Mugo nodded happily. "He's as you've predicted, but he's not like you or the rest of your a way, he's much like me...." he mused and smiled.

At that Killian rose an eyebrow then sighed. "Which is why you like meddling when it comes to him...." he said shaking his head. "So is it Bara you wish to play with or Kirua?" He asked looking at him not at all amused if it was Kirua but at the same token. "Honestly."he said meaning he wanted to threats to kill. He already got the promise that Mugo would leave Kirua alone.

Mugo nodded happily. "He's as you've predicted, but he's not like you or the rest of your a way, he's much like me...." he mused and smiled.

At that Killian rose an eyebrow then sighed. "Which is why you like meddling when it comes to him...." he said shaking his head. "So is it Bara you wish to play with or Kirua?" He asked lohe said meaning he wanted to threats to kill. He already got the promise that Mugo would leave Kirua alone.oking at him not at all amused if it was Kirua but at the same token. "Honestly."he said meaning he wanted to threats to kill. He already got the promise that Mugo would leave Kirua alone.

Mugo put a finger to his lips as if thinking in a "cute" way before he smiled and lowered his finger. "Both~"

He sighed as he looked at him. "Even if I tell you not to....your going to find a way to play with Kirua aren't you?" He said as he messed with his hair laying there right now Killian was at 'rest' so ironically he wasn't dangerous. it was perhaps the safest time to be talking to him.

Mugo pouted at Killian's words. "I can't make him do anything. I already promised," he responded as he rested there. "But..." he continued, "That doesn't mean that I won't play a little if he attacks me first...but it doesn't seem he'll be doing that."

Killian sighed. "Piss him off once." He said laying protective as he much as he didn't want Kirua fighting with Mugo....he knew better then anyone that if Mugo found a way to get under Kirua's skin....he would fight him.

Mugo chuckled at that one. "I know an easy way to do it, but I'm not trying to fight him~"

Killian looked at him and rose an eyebrow. "An easy way to piss off Kirua? You mean threaten Bara.' he said less then amused yeah....Kirua had this 'I'll Kill you' and he meant it if anyone in his family came after Bara. But he looked at Mugo and sighed as he slide his arms down to rest about his shoulders and back. "Good." he said to the I'm not trying to fight him.

Mugo nodded. "That one~" he confirmed as he rested there. He might act like a little kid when he was comfortable with someone or with a situation, but he was by no means stupid. "If he does fight me, I probably won't even move from the spot I'm standing in..."

"You mean you'll let him hit you?" Killian asked looking at him as if he had gone nuts. 'You are aware that Kir has the ability to rip out a heart....with his bare if he's pissed holding still might not be your best option."

Mugo chuckled and shook his head. "I'm not going to let him hit me...I'll be sure to dodge..."

"Good I said not to fight him. I never said to let him kill you." Killian said looking down at him. "Honestly.....but you'll have your hands full dodging. Since the more he misses the more pissed he'll become. He doesn't like being mocked or messed with. Never has." he mused shaking his head and then looked at Mugo. "Of course....that may make you want to play with him that much more."

Mugo licked his lips and chuckled. "Oh...just talking about it has me excited..."

Killian looked at him. "I'd tell you to do something about it....but knowing my'll go pester him just to see if you can get him to blow a fuse." he said shaking his head as he looked at him...."Your getting seriously turned on just thinking about messing with my brother?"

Mugo looked at Killian as he asked that question and furrowed his brow. "Not when you say it like that..."

Killian looked at the look on his face and couldn't help it he started laughing. Closed his eyes and laughing. That look that said...'ew that went my turn on' as his brows furrowed. Killian kissed his forehead then let his own head drop back to the pillow. "Well at least I know how to detour you from Kirua if you get to wound up...." He said bemused and chuckling. "Good to know no one else is touching you."

Mugo pouted as Killian laughed at him. "Ki~l," he whined, drawing out the "Ki" in "Kil" as he pouted at the blond. "That's no fun! You made me lose it!" he complained, saying that he lost his "excitement" in an oddly polite way.

Killian could not help but chuckle as Mugo whined about loosing it. He looked at him and caught his chin. "Good, your here with me now. It's where your focus should be. Not on Kirua and what he may or may not do to you."

He pouted even still. It wasn't no fun when Killian did that to him. "You're no fun Kil," he complained.

Killian looked at him as he was pouting because his excitement was gone. "If I had left you'd what get up and go searching him out just to answer that hum? And here I thought you wanted to cuddle."

He puffed out his cheeks before he stuck out his tongue at Killian. "No, I would have played with you because being excited like's not for Kirua..."

He sighed as he leaned in and whispered. "So what? You can't now?" he said in a low tone into Mugo's ear. Really if all it took was that little bit.....and now Mugo was all bummed...."I'm certainly not stopping you."

Mugo perked up at that and shivered before he turned, rolling them over so that he was hovering above Killian on his hands and knees, pinning the blond to the bed as he stared down at him. "Don't tease me Kil...."

"Who is teasing?" Killian asked looking up at him. "I said I wouldn't stop you." He said and he wouldn't. Mugo could do what he wanted Killian didn't mind in fact when it came to this one he tended to welcome it.

Mugo licked his lips at that. " spoil me Kil..." he breathed lowly.
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The dangerous control.....
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