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 When truths come to pass.....

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When truths come to pass..... Empty
PostSubject: When truths come to pass.....   When truths come to pass..... EmptyThu Aug 06, 2015 1:26 am

A job….in two years he had not been allowed out of ear shot of the family. Although all things given he supposed after his disappearing act for so many years they had a right to believe he’d do it again. Problem was….he couldn’t go back to the life he had before. They had made sure of it. What was he supposed to do? He pondered as he drifted along on the sidewalk on the back of his skateboard. Hands in his pockets as he did. Really? He’d been skateboarding since he was 7, doing the other thing since the day he was born more or less conditioned for it. Yet here he was in Yokohama far away from the family alone? Yes and no. Yes in the aspect that his brothers and sisters weren’t babysitting him this time. Lovely, no in the fact that unless he went and got something to carefully unscrew the back of the earring in his ear they could track him where ever he went. He agreed to it…..otherwise he’d still be stuck in his room bored to death. Now there was a bad thought….dead…death. That made him think of the look on one man’s face as ‘he’ died two years ago. Cursing he moved stepping down on the back of the board and flipped it up spinning it through the air… his hand and under his arm. Something that very few people could do you had to hit the side of the board right with your foot and it was something Hiro Yuki was highly skilled at before he fact he was the one who could do it perfectly just like Kirua did....because Hiro invented the side flip up with the board.....

“Damn’t….” He breathed the sooner he got down the sooner he headed back to Satsujin mountain…..headed back home and the sooner he didn’t have to let his mind wander to A fiery redhead the only one in his life who insisted on being friends. He had thought he ran away from this life once locked it up in a trunk and threw away the key funny thing was his family found the damn key and opened the trunk….killing off Hiro Yuki absolutely and making certain that nothing of ‘Hiro’ remained inside of Kirua. They need not worry….had they kept it up any longer he would have shown them….he was still very much there perfect little assassin. Why was he thinking about him here and now? Of all places….for crying out loud he was on an island miles away, this was Yokohama….there was no way none…he’d be running into the one person he could not afford to find. Putting his hand to his face he sighed before lowering it he had a job a hit....and started walking...the sooner he got it done the sooner he could go home...not that he wanted to go there....but so lost in thoughts of the past and about the job he had to do now, he wasn't paying attention fully to those around him more then 'non' threat. He had changed just about everything about himself but his voice....and the bone structure of his face.....

Bara saw him...knew him upon sight despite the hair the eyes....everything he would know Hiro Yuki, his best friends face, his voice anywhere no matter what color his hair and eyes were now. Bara looked at him and shoved his hand in his pocket turning around to walk away as if to say. 'This is what you wanted right? Here you go.'

Kirua felt it all go through him. All of Bara's feelings thanks to his empathy. But he closed his eyes not shutting out his pain- not this ones. Not when he was the one who was the cause of it. "Gomen Ne." Kirua said to his back as went to go, to step down as if he'd bumped him or something in public board still tucked under his arm....heart aching.

To walk away head bowed knowing now that he had no right. What came around the Satsujin House, the family was ruined by them. He had been the source of enough of Bara's pain.

Bara stopped mid stride and turned to glare coldly, hatefully at Kirua. "Sorry? You couldn't just tell me to my face that you didn't want to be my friend anymore and you make me tear my whole life apart because I thought you were dead and the only thing you can say to me after two years is that you're sorry?!" he asked, angry as his amber eyes glared hatefully back at the man who was- his best friend.

"Bullshit! All of that's bullshit!" he exclaimed as he shook his head. Anger in troves. Bara was so angry.

Kirua looked out over the distance. "It was my 'death' or yours....." He answered hand still in his pocket. "They.....after all that time found me.  I was foolish enough to think there was an out. They would not accept my telling you not to come around me anymore....they said if you came to argue for any reason they'd kill you." Kirua laughed as he looked at Bara. "My real name...Is Kirua Satsujin....I'm of the that Assassin family.....and it was my mistake to think I could have something.....besides death. And that mistake cost you."

But the laughter wasn't warm it was hollow empty and self hating as he looked away. "I had spent so many years lying to you....But that final act? Nothing they did hurt worse than that."

Bara clenched his fists and grit his teeth. His mistake? It was Kirua's mistake to want friends? "They should have just killed me...I might as well have died that day..." he said lowly, half-heartedly. "Everything you knew about me died right then. Nothing is the same...and it never will be..."

"I know.....I can feel your soul screaming in agony Bara...." Kirua said lowly closing his eyes. "Born to a family of assassin's and I end up being the one to develop P.K and not just any....I'm don't have to tell me what I've done to you....I can feel it as you stand there. What you don't say...." Kirua pulled his hand out of his pocket and then his fingers changed the very structure becoming designed to 'kill'. "I seem to be very good at it though....I've been doing it perfectly since I was four...killing everything with my own two hands..." Kirua tipped his head and looked at Bara sadly. "And now you? Your alive....because I agreed to come long as they spared you. An assassin needs no other friend but is the first rule.....'

"Rules are for idiots who don't know how to do anything for themselves," he retorted lowly, coldly. "Lives are for those who deserve to live them, and friends are for those who have a heart....if you didn't have one, you'd not have been worth my friendship..."

Kirua looked at him as he relaxed his hand and then slipped it back into his pocket closing his eyes. "And it's that heart....that ripped apart your world, trying to keep you out of mine.....trying to keep you alive." Kirua sighed. "I'm not very good at it...." He was alive but his life had been all but destroyed...."Bara....I can't give back what was taken from you.....but I can tell stay don't belong in my world of death."

"Too late for that..." he remarked as he closed his eyes and pulled out his right hand to look down at it. "I said I changed for a reason...killing? Killing is easy for me...I can burn someone from the inside out- turn them to nothing but ashes in a few minutes..."

He turned his head and looked at him as he said that, that killing came entirely too easy to him now burning them from the inside out to nothing but ashes in a few minutes. Kirua went slightly wide eyed before he closed them pulled his hand out and covered his face laughing......but the sound could not be cold and hateful.....more...bitter and empty. "A life time of torture and abuse and the one pure thing in my life....and I have a hand in killing it." He closed his eyes as he pulled his hand away from his face and then flipped and twirled his board around the back end hitting the ground and his foot coming down on the back end as he looked at Bara. "Your right though....I"ve ruined enough of your life....I have someplace to be Bara....."

But he wasn't looking 'at' Bara but rather the tall lanky man standing in the alley across the street. A man...who wasn't supposed to be here. And then there was here and the hand was reaching out for his chin and he jumped back sliding across the sidewalk not a normal response to someone....but one simply didn't like Killian touch them. "Oh? you've held still for so long Kir. Mother is worried you have taken ill.....why else would you fail to do as your told?" Killian mused as he walked forwards but Kirua was backpedaling and Killian was ignoring far as he was concerned they were done. Bara wanted nothing to do with Kirua as it should be.

Bara didn't make much of a move, but he was already pissed and the appearance of one of the people who took away his former life...was standing in his way. His hand only moved ever so slightly, barely even twitching as a piece of metal pipe went flying towards the one who was speaking to Kirua.

"I don't know what makes you so brave to reappear in front of me...but you're in my way..." he told Killian lowly, coldly. "I was talking to your brother...stay out of the way...or fight me...I could care less which..."

"Oh? This is the one who you came home for is it Kir?" Killian turned to face Bara. "In your way?  Kirua has no place with you. We have made certain of that. HIs place his only place is with the family." He said having moved and dodged the piece of pipe. But Kirua was standing there frozen he could handle any of them....any of them but Killian. Killian was leaps and bounds above him and could kill him. "You know the rules now don't you Kirua? What happens now..." He said turning his head slightly. "If I reach him?"

"Don't......" Kirua said lowly. "Damn't Killian don't do it....."
Killian looked over at Bara. "Leave now...and keep the life that Kirua gave you.   It was a nice parting gift for an assassin. You should have died he should have killed you then.....shall you do it now Kir? Will you put him out of his misery or shall I?" Killian asked as he began to walk slowly lazily towards Bara.
"Stop it!" Kirua yelled at Killian...."Dam it all I have done everything you've asked Killian leave him be."

Bara didn't give Killian time to come to him. Instead, Bara began to walk towards Killian. "My life? Didn't you hear me earlier? You did end my life...the Bara everyone knew then died..."

"Only you would associate change as death, your heart still beats within your chest although I can remedy that now." He said and when Kirua moved stepped down Killian was there before him fingers manipulated and hovering above his chest above his heart with him pinned to the wall.....too fast faster then Kirua himself. "You do not have the right to move anymore Kir. One more move and you will die. One more sound of disobedience and you will die. You shall not speak unless it is to yield and go home. You are not ready to be out side you yield Kirua?" Killian asked as his fingers moved pushing against his chest just the tips. "Yield before I break skin Kirua or it is too late." KIllian looked back at Bara. 'You may continue to walk as you are dead if you wish to be so. But any further interference with our family will not be tolerated on your part."

Bara snorted and brought out his other hand from his pocket. "Tolerated by who? Your brother? Your mother? Your sister? Your father? Even if they're all strong...if they're in my way...Torinozoku..."

"But is as your said. Kir has no friends and needs no friends. So walk away now."

Killian did not consider Bara a threat. He was not trained like them was not had not spent the years being fashioned into a perfect killing machine and out of them all Kirua was the best. But he had forgotten so much thanks to him. "Perhaps I shall kill him before he reaches me? What do you think Kirua? Yield go home and his life is spared.....but if he reaches me....He shall die." Killian said as he pushed in Kirua could feel the sharp pin pricks his brother was still threatening him....Killian's eyes hadn't gone from cold and empty to killer yet. He looked at Bara. "You will Elimante us? Our family squabble no longer has any concern to you. You are a P.K user which only make your death more entertaining for me." He said as he looked at relaxed but ready to fight and yet not moving his clawed fingers from there forcefully pinning place on Kirua's chest.

Bara tilted his head to the side at Killian's words. "I'm warning're highly underestimating my abilities...Killian..." he warned lowly as he walked slowly towards Killian. "You want a fight? Come fight want me dead...come find a way to kill me..."

Killian shook his head. "My only goal here is Kir. You're merely an obstacle." He said pressed in a bit more feeling skin begin to break beneath his fingers. "And I will say again this is of no concern to you. You no longer have to worry about  anything concerning the manor and those inside.

He had one eye closed his hands down resisting the urge of touch....he if  touched Killian he was dead. Killian looked at Bara and went to push his nails in further still. "You shall stay where you are and let this conversation continue about his coming home.

"And if I decline? You'll kill him? Not want him to come home too badly for that..." he said lowly as he chuckled and moved his right hand so that his palm was facing towards Killian. They were all in the way. "You don't seem to realize just how much of his life does involve me...not a single one of you know his favorite color or his favorite movie...I bet you don't even know what his laugh sounds like...That person more special to me than family...and you're in the way of me getting him back..."

"Back?" Killian repeated looking at him. "You mean to take Kirua for yourself?" He said as he looked at Bara. But actually paused and pulled his hand back and free blood spilling forth showing how far he had pushed his fingers into Kirua's chest. "Favorite color? Favorite Movie? The sound of his laugh is cold bitter and mocking as it should be. He is an assassin. Such things as favorites are beneath him and hold no value." He said as he turned to face Bara. "Special to you? YOu can not have him. He has a place among the family and he will take it. He has merely forgotten  where he belongs. Such an error can be fixed upon bringing him home although if he can not be brought home, then we shall  send him on." He said bringing his fingers up covered in Kirua's blood. Kill him....oh yeah mercy was not something his family was known for. Kirua though was looking at Bara.....after all of this time....special to him then family and in the way of getting him back. "Why after all of this would you take me back?" He asked as he leaned there against the wall ignoring the dull ache in his chest.

Bara narrowed his eyes. "Maybe that's how you feel, but your personal feelings are your own. You can't push your thoughts and feelings on someone else. They're not you and don't think or act like you I'll say this one last time...Fight me...or get out of my way...if you refuse either of those...I'll kill you..."

He held up his hand and caught the earring that worked as a transmitter and then looked at it before looking at him. "Once again you break mothers heart. She has such high hopes for you too. She cried when you ran away at the age of thirteen such happy joyous tears when you turned your blade against her. Her baby boy was finally growing up....only to run away an hide." He said shaking his head. "And now you are running and hiding again."

"I'm doing neither. I made my mistake then. I thought I could hide and start over with a different name but you found me anyways and then made me destroy his world. I'm not running Killian. But I'm not can tell Mother that I will choose my own road to follow."

KIllian nodded. 'I will relay the message to her but know do not and have not ever belonged in his world." Killian said and then glanced at the spot he had been digging. "I concede defeat today only because you refused to yield and it is not yet time to determine wither all of you or just your heart returns home to mother."

Bara narrowed his eyes as Kirua was now the force between him and Killian. "Damn..." he mumbled lowly, but extinguished his fire and put his hands back into his pockets. If it meant hurting Kirua, he'd rather not fight right now. "Remember my words Killian...if you want to remove have to make sure I can't come back as something stronger..."

Killian looked back at him and nodded. "Indeed when next I deal with you it may very well be to the death.' He said looking at them jumped up on buildings an was gone. Leaving Kirua and Bara to stand there only keeping each other company.

Sighing, he closed his eyes. " I'd die even if you did come after me..."

HIs brother did go fully this time....he would go home and inform them...all of them. That he had defied them all yet again. Telling Killian he would not return home. Telling him......and because of that Kuria knew despair and knew it would not be so easy to get rid of.

Bara opened his eyes again and looked back at Kirua. "I'm going to be open about this Kirua...I knew for a long time who you were...but I didn't say anything, not even when you went behind my back to fight my battles for me....but I'll say it now. Don't fight my battles. I'm not weak enough that I need you to fight for me...fight for yourself or don't fight at all..."He moved again, pulling his hand out of his pocket and ran it through his hair, revealing the earring he was wearing in his left ear. Kirua's earring. "If you weren't my friend...I'd not even worry about you...""

"There isn't home and it never will be." He replied as he watched Killian wander off leaving them to this place in sudden silence. Kirua looked at him quietly. "Why take me back.....why be willing to face off against Kililan there's never any telling what mood he's in"

Bara sighed and put his hand back into his pocket, covering Kirua's earring back up. "Why be willing to risk me hating you if you really believed you had no other options?"

"I was given a choice.....and it seemed like the only options.....I didn't want you to die. To become another victim of the family." He said. 'Because I can handle anyone and anything else.....them hating me everyone....But my attempt to spare you ended up being just what my family needed to hurt you in a way that can not ever heal.

Bara shook his head. "I don't hate you. I'm angry with you, but that's to be expected...after lied to me for so many years even after I gave you chance after chance to tell the still lied...even though somewhere deep down, you knew that I knew..."

Kirua leaned against the wall and nodded. "It''s as you say.....deep down somewhere ...I knew...but it meant facing a past I had thought long dead and buried. " He closed his eyes. "I was wrong."

Bara's expression softened then, finally he was not as angry as he once was. "Stupid...if you have friends...they're there for the long haul...don't go trying to do everything yourself..."

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When truths come to pass..... Empty
PostSubject: Re: When truths come to pass.....   When truths come to pass..... EmptyThu Aug 06, 2015 11:28 am

He hadn't missed it though....when Bara pushed back his hair he was wearing Kirua's earring. He had always worn it. It was something he never switched out never took out....not until the day Hiro died and the earring had been lost, being 'shot' out of his earlobe when they shot him. That was something he had been less then amused about. They had shot him in the head. If he hadn't been trained how to manipulate every inch of his body he really would be dead right now. "That earring....I thought it gone forever when....they shot me. Assholes...."He sighed. "I still remember when I got it...." Kirua said as he walked over and looked down at his board before flipping it up. "All over a stupid was the first time I had lost to anyone...." He said as he held the board but he wasn't looking at Bara although he wasn't being crushed under so much relentless anger directed towards him. "We were both sixteen....the same age...of all the things you bet me to a race on the back of dirt bikes.....and then won....that bet turned into a dare when we were passing that shop....." he closed his eyes remember? There was not a moment of that time as Hiro that he had forgotten. "We walked in and you dared me to do it....that that was the price of the bet. So I shrugged and did....I lost after all. Fair was fair. I barely felt the post go in, and after I never took it out not until that day.....I was pissed when it turned up missing after I woke up back on the mountain...." Kirua looked back at him finally a sad smile in place. "I"m glad it wasn't missing all this time....that you've had it."

Kirua looked at him and then took a deep breathe before closing his eyes. "Is there a cafe or something around here you like Bara? You want the truth....I'll give it to you's a story that will take a while and standing here....out in the open isn't where I want to be while telling it." Where anyone like police could hear him. Kirua had high hits under his belt....government people, rich famous people.....some unknowns, gang members. And if an police officer came up he'd be doing jail time for beyond life perhaps? Perhaps not he didn't know but he also didn't want to find out his father had connections there if he would get him out just to drag him home and into isolation again. Isolation that was a joke...more like drag him home to that room where  his brothers and sisters took turns coming in to knock him around until they were either A. bored, B. Grandfather or father said it was enough because mother would not until he broke and yielded. or C.....he got past the point of tolerating and boredom and got himself down without permission at all...."Somewhere quiet....and I'll answer all of your questions truthfully, there's no point in trying to bury it now....." Kirua said as he looked at him walking over stepped down on his seemingly forgotten skateboard and flipped it back up again so that he was holding it in his hand. "I owe you the full story." He said as he turned around to face him. All of the heart ache and pain Bara went through was his fault.

They were walking now, heading towards the address that Bara had given Kirua of course he had no idea that Bara was done with being outside and figured on just going on home....and that he was taking Kirua home. He had him and he wasn't about to let him go. Kirua started walking and Bara after a moment fell a step behind there was some distance between them but when Kirua started to look back. Bara had said gruffly to just keep going. He had had his reasons. Sighing that was what Kirua did.

Killian will start to move out to grab Kirua, only to spot Bara walking with his hands in his pocket a distance behind Kirua and freeze on the spot and Bara's gaze would travel to the exact spot Killian would be hiding, giving him that cold, deadly glare-even Killian would know that look- the look of someone ready to kill

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When truths come to pass.....
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